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Loving God's Way

There are some recurring themes in Lisa's songs - believing, hope, love - and this song fits right in.  Written in about 1994, the song speaks to the need for keeping our priorities in line with God's priorities.  You will never lose by "Loving God's Way".  This song was recorded in CA with Da ... Read more

Put Your Trust in God

It was the early 1990s.  Lisa's husband had recently gone through a career change and was in the process of building another business, regularly working 60+ hour weeks.  Lisa was cleaning houses, 2 per day usually.  They had made the decision that they would not use daycare, so one of them was ... Read more

While We Wait

The lyrics of While We Wait describe what God has done in Christ for every believer and point toward the great hope of the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.  For believers, waiting is not a passive state - it involves walking with God now and keeping our eyes upon the imminent return of ... Read more

I Will Sing Praise

 This is the second of two songs on the Paths Leading Home album that Lisa did not write.  This song was written by the great Skip Mesquite in 1981.   When Lisa joined the group Joyful Noise Read more

Something for Everyone

This is a really fun song - Lisa imagines a young toddler dancing happily to this song. (Even if you aren't a toddler, let yourself dance. We won't look or tell.) Thanks to Dan Moran for the lead guitar and Bruce Galluci for the saxophone. Like all of the songs on the Paths Leading Home album, ... Read more


This is the final song on the album Paths Leading Home.  Lisa first took the Power For Abundant Living foundational class in Winston-Salem, NC, where she was in college.  At the time (1974), she was already playing guitar and singing and in fact she was already a Christian.  As it did for so m ... Read more

Paths Leading Home

It is the title song for Lisa's third album.   This song was inspired by a teaching at a Women's Advance in about 1995.  She came home from that event and began to look at the different paths in God's Word.  The res ... Read more

Be Thou My Vision

This is the first of two songs on the Paths Leading Home album that Lisa did not write.  Be Thou My Vision is a hymn derived from an Irish folk song.  It expresses the desire for God's Hand in our lives and a longing to be in His Presence.  This folk song actually got its ... Read more

My Yoke Is Easy

In addition to playing guitar, which she does on most of her songs, Lisa also plays piano. This is one of the few songs that Lisa wrote on piano rather than on guitar and that shows in the flavor of the song. As is often the case, Lisa is not shy about including the words of The Word in her songs ... Read more