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I'm Thankful

First released on Last Night in Galilee, Lisa later re-recorded the song for the album Emmaus. There may be no more important quality to develop in life than thankfulness: thankful for all our Father has done, thankful for brothers and sisters in Christ. When we're thankful, there is no way to be ... Read more

Believing's the Key

This is another early song of Lisa's, written in the mid-1970s. The song was featured in the film Changed and this was the first introduction to Lisa's music for many believers. This recording was done in Norman OK and included on the album Last Night in Galilee, which was released in mid-1982. I ... Read more

Song of Life

Lisa is mostly a self-taught guitarist, but when the opportunity has presented itself she took advantage of the knowledge that other musicians could share. This song is one that she worked on with a member of the group Joyful Noise during her interim year of The Way Corps training. (She spent the ... Read more

What Can't You Do?

This is a song that Lisa wrote in the late 1970s and released on the “Last Night in Galilee” album in 1982. This song concludes the Last Night in Galilee album. For the album, they were recorded together as one song. On this song, Lisa uses a single drop D tuning. The entire album was recorde ... Read more

God's Calling Card

A calling card (or visiting card) was a small paper card used as a method of introduction. The card would be used to "announce" the arrival of the person whose name was on the card. This song was written in Oklahoma after our minister had done a series of teachings out of the Book of Acts. The ma ... Read more

How Can We Not Believe

In 1980, the book Jesus Christ Our Passover was released. This book covers in great detail the records in the four Gospels dealing with the week of Jesus Christ's life leading up to his death and resurrection. Lisa was inspired by the book and being inspired, Lisa did what Lisa does so well - she ... Read more

Now and Forever

When a person confesses with their mouth the Lord Jesus and believes in their heart that God has raised him from the dead, they are saved (Romans 10:9). At that point, the miracle of all miracles takes place and spirit, the gift from God, is born within. That person's life is changed right now an ... Read more

A Change of Heart

Nothing compares to what God does in the life of a man or woman at the new birth. The unlimited possibilities of Christ in you are now available. We can walk and live in newness of life, we can reign in life, we can live as more than conquerors. Old things pass away and all things can become new ... Read more

We're a Family

The year 1976 was the Bi-Centennial for the United States and during that year, Lisa was a Word Over the World Ambassador in Arlington, VA. It was during that W.O.W. year that this song was written and it quickly became a favorite of many believers. It was a song that she was often asked to perfo ... Read more