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Walk With Him

It was a great privilege for Lisa to be joined by Skip Mesquite on one of her songs with his beautiful saxophone work. This was recorded in CA with Dan Moran as the producer/arranger and released on the Emmaus album. Skip’s life and ministry were very meaningful to her during her brief ... Read more

Together We Will Be

In the mid-1990s, a young mother that we knew was tragically killed.  Lisa and her husband tried to help the surviving family as best they could.  The children received counseling through the school system and as a part of that, the counselor m ... Read more

Thou That Hearest Prayer

A beautiful a song about prayer, the title for this song comes from Psalm 65:2 . Almost all of the lyrics come from the Psalms. One of the great levers of power in prayer is to come to our Father with the words of His Word. It was written in about 2000 and appeared on the Emmaus album ... Read more

Looking Forward

Recorded and released as a part of the Emmaus album, this may very well be Lisa’s favorite of all her songs (at least it is very near the top of the list).  When she first played it for Dan Moran, he knew right away what arrangement could be done to make this song so good.  It was re ... Read more

It's Time

This song was inspired in part by the teaching in Session 3 of the University of Life series on Thessalonians as well as some other teachings done by Dr. Wierwille.  The arrangement was beautifully done by Dan Moran and the song was recorded and released as a part of the 2003 album Emmaus.  We ... Read more


This is the title song to the album which was released in 2003.  Lisa sat on a kitchen stool working on this song at night while waiting for one or more of her kids to get home.  Of course, you will want to re-read the record from Luke 24:13ff.  This was recorded at Cloverland Recording Studi ... Read more

Happy To Be Here

This song is the first one on the album “Emmaus” which was released in 2003. For this album, Lisa was actually in a studio with other musicians and much of the recording was done as a group. Most of the recording was done at Cloverland Recording Studio in North Hollywood, California with Bil ... Read more


Redeemed! We have been bought with a price. The price was paid on our behalf and now we no longer live for ourselves. We are redeemed! Knowing the great reality of what God did in Christ for us and in us makes life sing! This song was written in the late 1990s and recorded in CA with Dan Moran as ... Read more