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Be Thou My Vision

This is the first of two songs on the Paths Leading Home album that Lisa did not write.  Be Thou My Vision is a hymn derived from an Irish folk song.  It expresses the desire for God's Hand in our lives and a longing to be in His Presence.  This folk song actually got its start around 433 A.D. and was translated into English in 1905.  The current verse structure was done in 1912.  Lisa first heard while attending a Girl Scout meeting with our daughter at a local church.  Moved by the song, during the meeting she copied the words and the music from the hymnal.  (There are some verses from the original that were not in the hymnal and did not get recorded).  All of the recording, arranging and production was done by Dan Moran (1997).

Format: mp3
Publication Date: 1997