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Put Your Trust in God

It was the early 1990s.  Lisa's husband had recently gone through a career change and was in the process of building another business, regularly working 60+ hour weeks.  Lisa was cleaning houses, 2 per day usually.  They had made the decision that they would not use daycare, so one of them was home at all times.  One car, little money, no "down-time" - that is when this song was written.  As the song was being prepared for recording and release, Dan Moran suggested changing the title and the hook-line lyric from "Just Trust God" to "Put Your Trust in God".  Lisa agreed with him that it made for a better song and the suggestion was taken.  After all, trusting God is something that a person actively decides to do, it doesn't just happen.  The song was recorded in CA and released as a part of Paths Leading Home.

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