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TREE - Definition

TREE: 1. δένδρον [(dendron) Strongs No. 1186], a tree, a living, growing tree;            2.  ξύλον [(xulon) Strongs No. 3586], woo ... Read more

CROSS - Definition

CROSS: σταυρός, [(stauros) Strongs No. 4716] an upright pale or stake; i.e. a stake on which malefactors were nailed for execution or crucified, (non occ.) See under "TREE."Strongs numbering system. E.W. Bullinger definition. Read more

Gothram - Definition

This is a word used by the Brahman caste in India.  Each person traces his ancestry in five ways: 1) the family name, 2) the village the family belongs to, 3) the original ancestral family, 4) the religion followed by the family, and 5) the gothram.  Every Brahman family believes ... Read more

Literal Translations According to Usage

"Dr. Wierwille asked me to share with you the definitions of different translations. For example a literal translation. You all know what it is. If not, I'll give it to you. A literal translation is a word-for-word translation. You have it in your interlinear with a very literal translation. But ... Read more