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The Four Reactions to God’s Word

Every time you teach or speak God’s Word, you get a reaction. You will get a reaction because every action produces a reaction. God’s Word goes so far as to tell you the four possible categories into which reactions fall. This is found in the fourth chapter of Mark in the form of a parable wh ... Read more

He Sent His Word and Healed Them

It says in God’s Word that God sent His Word and healed people. For many years I didn’t understand what that meant: “God sent His Word and healed people.” Then as I got deeper and deeper in the working of the Bible I began to see that literally God’s Word is healing. When we put on His ... Read more

Grace Bliss Tribute

“Our bodies are a gift from God – a very precious gift. … Living as healthfully as you can is a vital part of being a Christian.” Abounding in health and vitality, Grace Bliss spoke those words when she was eighty-five years young, and she remained her own best example of stewardship of t ... Read more