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SNT 0809 Ambassadors for Christ

Ambassadors for ChristShows what God tells us believers’ responsibilities are in life – to be ministers, soldiers, stewards, witnesses, slaves, fellow workers and ambassadors – and the importance and benefits of being the best in these responsibilities.SNT – 809 Read more

SNT 0807 Follow Me

Follow MeGod’s great love for all is exemplified in a resurrection appearance of Christ to Peter; we need to love people, because love is the greatest way to win them to the Word.SNT – 807 Read more

SNT 0797 Stones of Witness

Stones of WitnessShows how Jesus Christ was the stone of witness rejected by the builders, but became the head; we also are the stones of witness as we speak in tongues and worship only the one true God.SNT – 797 Read more

SNT 0790 Redemptive Living

Redemptive LivingThe legal side of redemption (what God did for us) and the experiential side of redemption (what we do with what God did for us) must be realized if we are going to clearly understand our abundant life.SNT – 790 Read more

SNT 0785 - Carnal vs. Spiritual

Carnal vs. SpiritualShows the need to have spirit to understand oneself and God; as we renew our minds to God’s Word, we have unlimited potential for success because God’s Spirit can talk to our spirit.[November 30, 1975]SNT – 785 Read more

SNT 0774 The Mystery Of God

The Mystery Of GodShows how people have been blind to the Mystery because they haven’t known the difference between what is written to us or for us; once we know the Mystery, we can manifest the greatness of Christ in us.SNT – 774 Read more