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Together We Will Be

In the mid-1990s, a young mother that we knew was tragically killed.  Lisa and her husband tried to help the surviving family as best they could.  The children received counseling through the school system and as a part of that, the counselor met with the surviving husband.  This man witnessed to the counselor, giving her a reason for the hope that was in him.  About two years later, they married and asked Lisa to sing at their wedding.  Lisa wrote this song for the event.  It was recorded and released on the album Emmaus.
This recording was initially done with Lisa playing guitar but in the mixing/mastering process, a buzz was discovered on the guitar track.  The buzz could not be eliminated, so Dan Moran recorded the piano track for the song as a substitute.  Dan also provided the backing vocals.  When Lisa plays this song live, it is on the guitar.


Format: mp3