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The Fountain Of Living Waters (TOM)

Format: mp3
Publication Date: 06-07-1981

Opening, Prayer

He Touched Me; I Come to the Garden

My Jesus, I Love Thee

His Name is Wonderful

Prayers and Manifestations

Thanks from VPW and the Board of Trustees

The spiritual significance of the Garden and Fountain of Living Waters - Christopher Watkins

Gen 2:8, 15; Joh 19:41; Psa 1:1-3; 36:7-9; Jer 2:13; Joh 4:13, 14; Rev 21:3-6;

Dedication of the Fountain of Living Waters; (Joe 2:28, 29; 1Co 12:10)

Piano music

My God and I

Gift of Holy Spirit

Blessing, Closing, Chamber music