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SNT-0714- Know That You Know - (LCM)

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L. Craig Martindale was born and raised in Oklahoma and graduated from the University of Kansas in 1971 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology. He took the class on Power for Abundant Living for the first time in 1971 in his senior year in college. He entered The Way Corps in 1971, graduating in 1973 with a Bachelor of Theology degree. He was ordained to the Christian ministry in August of 1974.

During his time in the Corps training, Craig Martindale coordinated the International WOW Ambassador program, then he coordinated the Second Way Corps. His first assignment was as the State coordinator of Oklahoma, and WOW Roving Ambassador for Oklahoma and Texas. He then returned to The Way International Headquarters to coordinate The Way Corps program in 1974 - 1975. In 1975 he became the Director of The Way Corps and worked to establish The Way Corps at The Way College of Emporia, Emporia, Kansas, becoming Vice-President there.

In 1980, Craig Martindale and his wife Donna moved to The Way International to  direct the work of training locations and other diversified aspects of The Way Corps program. In October of 1982, Rev. Martindale assumes the presidency of The Way International.