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SNT 0519 Stewards of the Mysteries

Stewards of the Mysteries

August 29, 1971

SNT 519

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Topic: DRAFT, ministers, temple, lord, believers, mysteries, world, judging, Christ, foundation, Corinthians, Paul
Format: audio
Publication Date: 08-29-1971

Victor Paul Wierwille was a Bible scholar and teacher for over four decades.

By means of Dr. Wierwille's dynamic teaching of the accuracy and integrity of God's Word, foundational class and advanced class graduates of Power for Abundant Living have learned that the one great requirement for every student of the Bible is to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Thus, his presentation of the Word of God was designed for students who desire the in-depth-accuracy of God’s Word.

In his many years of research, Dr. Wierwille studied with such men as Karl Barth, E. Stanley Jones, Glenn Clark, Bishop K.C. Pillai, and George M. Lamsa. His formal training included Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Mission House (Lakeland) College and Seminary. He studied at the University of Chicago and at Princeton Theological Seminary from which he received a Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. Later he completed his work for the Doctor of Theology degree.

Dr. Wierwille taught the first class on Power for Abundant Living in 1953.

Books by Dr. Wierwille include: Are the Dead Alive Now? published in 1971; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today published in 1972; five volumes of Studies in Abundant Living— The Bible Tells Me So (1971), The New, Dynamic Church (1971), The Word's Way (1971), God's Magnified Word (1977), Order My Steps in Thy Word (1985); Jesus Christ Is Not God (1975); Jesus Christ Our Passover (1980); and Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed (1982).

Dr. Wierwille researched God's Word, taught, wrote, and traveled worldwide, holding forth the accuracy of God's "wonderful, matchless" Word.

1Co 1:2; 2:15, 16; 3:1-6

1Co 3:6-10

1Co 3:11-16; 2Pe 1:13, 14

1Co 3:16-21; 2:14

1Co 3:21-23; 4:1-4;

1Co 4:4-17



snt-0519_stewards-of-the-mysteries(vpw)(8-29-1971) DRAFT

SUMMARY KEYWORDS: ministers, temple, lord, believers, mysteries, world, judging, Christ, foundation, Corinthians, Paul


Take your Bibles and turn the Corinthians First Corinthians to nicely. All of our people who are grabbed at the foundation or class on power for abundant living, are knowledgeable of some of these great basic truths. Or those of you that are visitors in here, we'll have to build the things in your life, you can never build them unless somebody who says it to you and shares it with you. But the book of Corinthians really begins to unfold when you understand some basic truths regarding it, namely, that the book of Corinthians is primarily in the Bible corrects the practical error that crept into the church, because of the failure of adherence to the revelation given the Book row. And the book of Galatians, correct, the doctrinal error that crept into the church, because they practice the wrong things for a while, because they fail to adhere to the book, the revelation given in the book arose. When you begin to understand the the ego, this is just one of them, among many others. But if you begin to understand some of these truths, then these books become more living and real and they communicate in a dynamic way. And First Corinthians Chapter One informs us in verse two, that this book is addressed under the Church of God, the church of God, which is that card. And there's another remarkable truth in that statement there that is seldom recognized or understood by hardly any Bible scholars that I know of, or theologians because they just don't get this far. But the epistle when it was addressed to the church at Corinne, that's the first place it went. After that, it was taken from current to the next, believers group, then to the next believers group, and just carried around all over the world there, whereas the gospel was on the move. And therefore, whenever he says, it's addressed to the Church of God, then you already know it's addressed to the born again, believers, those blocks of Church of God, the only way you can belong to the church is to be born again. You know, God trail, it's the only way you're gonna make it. And, therefore, it's just not to the people in Korean, it's to all believers, as it says in the rest of the phrase, or the scriptures, that those are sanctified in Christ Jesus, called to be saved. With all that in every place, call upon the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, both layers and lots. So we know if everyone was addressed. And if a letter, if you receive a letter addressed to you, you know what to do with it, you give it to your neighbor. No, you don't tear it open, and you read it, right? Because it's got your name on it. It's got my name on it, I read. So here's an epistle addressed to the Church of God. And it's addressed to the church, the body of believers. Well, then we wash out our ears, and we clean up our eyes, and we take an honest look at it. And we pay attention because it's addressed to us. It becomes dynamically and singularly important, tremendously, because it has our name on it. Want to get rid of doctrine away or you get rid of practical error. And finally, to get rid of doctrine, you don't change doctrine by picking on doctrine. You change the doctrine by changing the the era that the practices and Corinthians is just loaded with great tools of God's word to help us along these lines. I'd like to take a section in Corinthians tonight and just begin to hold it with you and share it with you and begin the second chapter. We'll start with the 15th. But he that is spiritual judgeth all things that he himself is judged about. Right. We'll see later on why this is true. Very 64, who has known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? The words instruct him up those interchanging.


In some the text should read teacher who has known the mind of the Lord that he may teach it.


But we have the mind of Christ. The weed is dropped in some text and it would read that have the mind of Christ. And then there is an ellipsis that ellipsis is a big Repeat the design, mathematical exactness, usage of language. And the words that are not supplied with you must supply from the context is, so you can teach it. Or who has known the mind of the Lord, that He may teach it, but have the mind of Christ so you can feel it is the will of the Lord. And I, brethren, could not speak unto you as under spiritual, but as under carnal, even as under babes in Christ. Why? Because they did not have the mind of art, so that they could teach it. They didn't have the mind of Christ, if they had the mind of Christ. He would not have had to speak to them in this life where your carnal babes in Christ. Man can be 70 years old and still be a babe in one carnal is a babe in Christ. Well, praise God, he's still in Christ. But he still carnal and that is not the God one. He never wants us to stay in the baby stage he wants us to grow up is a full manhood full womanhood, that you just radiate to just grow you're just ever best with the greatness of the power of God. That's why he says in verse two are fed you with milk and no state not with me. Or whoever to you were not able. You were not able to receive it the buried it has been James. Neither yet now are you able because there was no carnal they just baby and you can see the baby state. But it's a pretty full plane. If a baby never grew up, you know, I hear you know, I guess we've all been this way. We say well, Huskies have babies. But if that baby was 20 years old, would you be able to say how cute it is? Be a hopeful witness. Because they may be cute as babies, but you'd like to see them grow up. virtually the same thing. Suppose you suppose you have been a Christian for 20 3040 years, he is still just a baby. It's painful. It's terrible. Why not grow up? Well, he says, reason you're still carnal. Verse three, there is among you envy and strife and division. Are you not carnal? And walk? There's a lot, right? And the reason they get this envy, strife and divisions among them is because they're judging each other. That's why he said he does search or judges all things that he himself is dregs of us. No man. And the reason they were in fill of envy and strife and division, because they were walking as men, and when you walk as men, thanks, knowledge raija always judging something or even yourself. Or while one says, I am a Paul, and another says, I am a verb. Right? Are you not what they were judging sense knowledge was. One group said, Well, I like Paul, but somebody else said I like to Palestine is not a question of whether you're like one fellow better than the other. It's it's like the integrity and accuracy of God's word. It's, it's not the best rule that's important. It's delayed. That's important. Whether it be we'll fix that or Johnny jump up, or Henry Bosko doesn't make a lousy bit of difference in the world. The way that's important, the word. Hello, Paul, who is the policy but ministers, ministers, by whom? You believe they taught you the word you believe the word? That's all. They were just ministering the word. Even as the Lord gave to every man he gave the Paul the knowledge he gave to polish the minister the words


I have planted are talking about car now. A policy came along and what did he do? watered it by but it takes God together. And that's the important thing. The increase but without men are the ministries have God, the increase can't come. Because God is a Spirit God has to have a body to live in to get something done. You can pray till you're blue in the face and say oh God move on maybe mother's heart and God sits up in heaven and says, Well why don't you learn the words and talk to us? That looks so religious you know, to pray or to go to a prayer. Most prayer meetings are a waste of a large diamond mine and yours too. That's why I never go to one except one a run and our people run because we expect our people that if you're gonna pray for rain, what do you do? Bring your umbrella that back but it looks so scary and on people are taken in with sincerity, you know, always boasting. I'm not going against sincerity except the guys that are hoodwinked do a lifetime of being fake. And they're real sincere. But sincerity is no guarantee for truth. The truth is the truth. The Word of God is through nothing wrong by being sincere. And I think we in the lay ministry are real sincere do but our sincerity does not replace or displace the integrity and accuracy of God's word.


But he's looked into you know, praying about God is a Spirit people. God will move when men and women move. God has moved in Christ Jesus, can you think of anything bigger than that? He said, his only begotten son, he moved in Christ Jesus, he's waiting for 2000 years for somebody else to get cracking for it. On the moon, he's waiting. Much longer take the rest all the time. Got bow that very much action down here. So God doesn't have to move again. But God is Spirit. And when that spirit of God lives in a believer, and that he gets the knowledge of the words that we have the mind are the Lord so we can teach it. Then we hold forth that word, and God goes into action to give us input. And without man's action, there will not be any increase. God's not going to take the world around the world. By us praying about it here at headquarters. You'll take the world around the world, when we got men and women who are holding the port, and we pray for them as they carry forth. That's how you got it your community. Somebody thought, we prayed them to back them up to help them. And we thank God for the doors being open. But that's the only way it ever moves. Right? There take God to do up, you're the increase. It's like a broken arm, the doctor can set it, he can heal it will take God to heal it. I can hold forth God's word, but I can't give me in Greece, like God to give the loss. That's right. So then, the other is he that kind of anything. Neither he that water. It's not his god given for us. That's the one we hold for. That doesn't mean that you don't amount to anything. That just means as far as the increase is concerned, it takes God Almighty, I can give the increase the Polish can give the increased power can give the increase it takes off to give the increase. He that planteth and he that water is our one and every man, every minister, everyone who holds Sports Awards, shall receive His own reward. You don't get rewarded for me and I don't get rewarded for you. Every person gets rewarded according to what he does. salvation is by grace, but the reward is a merit. You are in it. I know when you're born again a god ferrets are going to be inside that oh, god bless God.


I'm just not satisfied getting inside of the door. I went to the living room. And for some of you people I'm sure knowing you'll you'll want to get to the kitchen


the beautiful why just be satisfied being again, and just be a very big Christ, why not appropriate unto yourself all that God has made available and you're capable of receiving and marching on with it. Everybody's going to get his reward according to his own labor, his own work. Very nice. And we are Labor's together with whom that makes it a good trip. We've got a tremendous manager Remember, always when I read this very pier about Dr. Waves, you know, went up here in the basement by I forget a couple $1,000 worth of stuff to make the foundational class on the 16 millimeter college film. And he was telling them over in there, they asked him what he was buying all that stuff for, because even the colleges and universities and schools never buy that much stuff. And he said, Well, what are you going to use all he said, we're making a film 33 hours long. And that's how I said 33 hours. Who's ever gone to sit and watch a film 33 hours we've ever got to pay to come to that? Well, I think Dr. Wade told him he just didn't know.


We haven't had any trouble people come on. That's why we're laborers together with whom in a beautiful we're working together with God. You see, unless we work, God can't go and operate. It's a deal. That's what it says. So I didn't write the book. We're laborers together with God. If we want to see God has been done, we've got to get started doing it. In our shops, in our factories, our business places in our home, in our schools. We've got the whole territory where God has been great as your husband the word husband reads the word deals where God feels where God there we are God building and the only one never get anything barely somebody's got to put a board on what we're Labor's together with him we put a board on or we put a cement block in or something, whatever you're building. And that's how the whole building is fitted together. With every person in that building, spiritually just as important as every any other person. You take one block out of a building and it's no longer a beautiful building. I think someplace in Corinthians he says the I can't say to the hand, no need for you. Remember that point? I think mail, it says we're gonna build a new sale. Now look at verse 10. According to the good work of my what? Know, according God's grace, grace of God and you know what grace is? It's great. Not to work. If it's worth, it's earned. If it's grace, it's by divine favor. And we belong to God, Burling, by divine favor. Grace of God, that grace of God and dose whoever produced because if any of you are walking, if you're getting any prayers answered, if you're witnessing, don't forget that you have what you've got, because of the grace of God, for God so loved that He gave His only begotten Son, and not because you and I are so doggone smart, that God had to move over in heaven so we have a place for us to work on so below. We've got her by grace.


The only way given to me as a wise master builder, not a stupid one. Right. I have laid the foundation this is what happened in Corinth. He lays about whoever talks with God's word and turns you on laid the foundation. Others may develop their their own. But let every man that builds Take heed how he builds on the truth on that foundation, or other foundation that no man laid down that is laid with his boots. Ladies and gentlemen, that's the only Foundation The foundation is laid in Jesus Christ. That's the foundation. I don't care how intellectual you may be, or how philosophical or anything else that you tell me, all of those beautiful trip. That's a bunch of baloney. That trust that foundation is laid in Jesus Christ. And if you want a good structure, you've got to get a good foundation. We know that sense knowledge wise, but spiritually, we get talked out of it almost a lifetime, because they think they're too late. There's no way you're though, just so you got a good heart. Don't do too much wrong. And hope someday you're gonna get better only if you were a bad, stupid in the sense as well, you know, I'll be in the poorhouse. We have more time to sit and get ready to talk about things that people the foundation is not aware of Minister unless the way ministry cared for that. God's word, and God's Word in Revelation was Jesus Christ, and He is the foundation of it.


Now, if any man I mean birth Well, tremendous chapter people terrific life. Now, if any man and the word man is the word body, now if anybody if anybody, and they anybody, would it include the Apostle Paul? Would it include a part of what it in 30 years, anybody build on this foundation, built on this foundation, my foundation, not Jesus Christ, but built on a foundation of gold, silver, precious stones were the hay stubble everybody's work that's built on that foundation, and the one that's built on the foundation of Jesus Christ is going to be made up, right? Manifest revealed so forth, for the day shall declare it because it shall be revealed by fire. And the fire shall try every man's work, or what sort it is. And if anybody's work, any man's work, abide, which he has said, there aren't, that man's going to receive what's tried, if it doesn't abide, it's not going to receive. And the only the only work that abides is the work that's laid on the foundation of those. That's what he said, that's what he made.


simple, so simple. That's gotta be absolutely stupid. I was gonna say, but you got to just be smart enough and simple enough. Just study God's word.


That's all. Well, look, we've tried everything else. We know it doesn't work. Why not just try God's word for change.


And we built on power, prestige, techniques, money. What happened? We tried everything but Gods are when it's like, oh, well, we are in the way ministries, exactly. We just say Lord, you said it. We believe it was done on it. There we go.


That's as simple as that. Now people say we're on it. Have you ever stopped to think maybe the people who say we're off are the ones that are what could be just because somebody says to you you're off doesn't mean you're offering it to God says it to you could be one.


And the reason that fire is huge is because it's a figure of speech. And it's a tremendous truth. Because fire purifies. And it's a tremendous proof. Now, in verse 15, it is also something if anybody's work or any man's work shall be burned. He's going to lose suffer loss because he loses a lot. reward, but he himself is still going to be up. Why? Because when you're born again, you've got Rob, that tried to God eternal life, but you've just lost the reward. You're just get inside of heaven. And that's all I'll make it praise God, because it's by up. Great. I could miss that. Because you just miss gorilla. Nail, very 60 No he not that ye are the temple of God. And that's the spirit of God dwell address. Yay. I love that. Because basically all theological teaching is that the individual is the temple of God. So he adults to come on Monday for a period of file the temple. Drunk. Just play a few other things you don't do. So good. You file the pamphlet. And they love this, because especially the fundamentalist, and you know, the conservative, constructive unbelieving Christianity, they shove it down people's throats, unless you aren't like I want you to add your following up.


The temple is not the individual, that temple is the whole body of the born again, believers they make up again


the Old Testament in the Old Testament, it took 12 believers 12 men to institute or an inauguration a religious community in their city, which was called a synagogue, or a tabernacle, for the individual believers. But all Judaism, all the male representatives of Judaism were embodied in what is called in the Old Testament, the temple. And if I remember correctly, on three occasions, every year, the Passover Feast of Tabernacles,


they have to appear at the temple in Jerusalem. As the body the whole body. Now the Church of God, the born again believers, the Church of God, make up the temple of the believers. You are an individual member in the temple. Look, go to Second Peter, chapter one chapter one ready Second Peter chapter one. Yay, I think it means as long as I am in this left tabernacle, Army, second Peters in the Old Testament, remember? chapter one verse, something 13 As long as I am in the block, tabernacle, Goddess, verse 14, knowing that certainly I must put up this my what Taberna the individual believer is a lot. But the all the believers together make up that's what the Word says. That's what it means. Oh, go back to First Corinthians. No, he not the GR is the temple of God. And the reason is put in the genitive case. And boy, you have to watch the genitive. I don't always teach everything I know on this stuff. But I see a deer again. You see it, put God in the genitive case to emphasize put the emphasis on God and not on a temple. And that will have to agree because that earlier that were saved by grace and God does the trip. God gives the increase, right? How that thing all has to fit together. It's it's in the genitive case temple of God, to put the emphasis on God and not on the temple. If the word said if the word literally read, er is God's temple, the emphasis would be on the temple and not on God. But putting it in the genitive case puts the emphasis on God and not on the Temple Law you talk about integrity or worried inaccuracy or worried what to do about it? I just accept it and believe it it turns me on. Does it make sense to me nothing else makes you see when I Look at this word if it said God's temple, I couldn't put the word together. But when I read temple of God, he picked like your hand in the glove, because backed up third says God gave the increase. It says, We are God's building, with guarded by grace. Then it all fits. And pious if it's truth, it has the best


you know that we're Temple is that Greek word and OAS which means the holy places where the Divine Presence is manifest.


Beauty. That's where the Divine Presence is manifested. Because God believers are there. Tonight yourself someone speaking tongues, and you're hurting. And interpreting is all prophecy, that divine presence in manifestation. You're hurting? Well, 70 to 70. If any man if anybody defile the Temple of us, God damn Michelle, God destroyed. Now wait a minute, he just told us a while ago, the reward would be lost but the individual would be lost. And how can it be destroyed? If it proves God can contradict himself, right? He can say one thing, one verse and turn right around and say something else. Right? Okay, then you'll work the word you know, what's your theological stupidity or work the word? The word Him. The word him in verse 17. Is the word who told eight oh you DLs which means this work? Not him. If any man you file the word you file is also the word corrupt, contaminate. You're in the center reference of your Bible, the King James will have in the margin destroyed. Right? If any man corrupt or defile the temple of God, this word, this word that corrupts the temple, God show up. That's just what he told us. Right? Or the temple of God is was rough. He can't have any bologna stuffy, which temple, ye the whole body of believers are. Let no man deceive themselves. And boy, that's exactly what they're doing when on there. They're on that gold trip and all the rest of that stuff. They're only deceiving themselves. If any man among you seems to be wise in this world, let him become a lot more. Regarding worldly things, he can smarten up get wise. Or the wisdom of this world is absolute that neither God's word is right or it's wrong. The wisdom of this world war games has the wisdom of this really thankful devils, all the risks of remembering the wisdom of this world is was fairly rough, right? The wisdom of this world is locked. Barely, right. So our real sharp cookie or no sense knowledge like I've marked God, you know, graduated from all the higher or lower schools of learning. It comes along and he says you me to come to you believe the Bible. You aren't worthy. After all, nobody believes it. And secondly, King James Version. Oh, Lord, get women get modern


that's what I tell them. But they're very smart lying to gun and we just believe God's word. And the Word says that this fellow that post smart in the world, he's absolutely right. For the wisdom of the world is foolishness with one. That's right now that doesn't mean that there's a lot of worldly wisdom that isn't good wisdom. But when it comes to spiritual things, when it comes to search, all the political things I have to say in a lot of categories, amen. If you're going to build a building, you better be an architect with sometimes a better one. Other things well, oh, I know this group back in verse 14 a chapter to read this one, not tonight. But it says the natural man receiveth not what that things are the spirit as well as the natural man, he's wise he served in the world he has a lot of wisdom. But as far as that worldly wisdom he can't receive the things along that drive because things in the natural world may be known by the five senses but you can't know the things that God by your five senses because the things that God our third book and things are the third out to be known by the third like things in the natural world after we know about the five senses the law you can take these microphones into a laboratory you can analyze them but you can't take the love of God I have in my heart and the love I have for you in the laboratory an analyzer Are you going to get me in a test that's good even if you put a Bunsen burner on and off the love you still don't get hot love. So you gotta have a body whatever the way you know, that's where my enemies see that not a lot.


Then why do we get all food and all still? Because here's some smart guy, some natural fellas and man, he says, Look, the way it's supposed to be. He can No he can now apply, says you cannot worry about it as a spiritual leading with a 12 Verse 14 says so in a way that Allah, amen. But generally most critical things I get first on those circles want to learn math, you add one plus one come up with three but by the math. The third things you don't do that 1/3 So things have to be ascertained spiritually, like things in the natural world have to be ascertained by the basics. Back to where we were in. 40 Brittany, take it the wives in their own last crappy. He catches them in their own prep. And again, the Lord knows the thought of belies he knows that what they're thinking is just wait a lot. Therefore, left no one no man growing up. Boy, that's terrific. You can't go in man, you got to go in there. It says in the Old Testament, we're not gonna lean on what the RMM man. And yet Boy, that's basically where most so called believers have just been leaving. We just had the right person. And if all Maggie McGinn who is so influential in the community, but now he died, if God would just heal her, that whole community gets paid off and God doesn't heal Maggie Muslims because he goes all blessitt important in a kidney God delivery therapy when he does because God so one loves a man. God no respecter of persons. But no man glory and men for All things are yours. All things are yours. In home in Christ Jesus. Everything Christ Jesus did for us belong inside. Even if you don't know what it belongs to you. That's right. When a baby's born, you know one minute old, how much legally of the property of that family bond for that baby? Oh boy, when you're born again a God 30 But if you don't know everything that God made available in Christ Jesus belongs to you. Well bless God Why don't some of us get out of the baby stage grow up and find out what God made available in Christ Jesus and just praise the Lord don't walk. We're doing and it's happening, because the word is All things are yours when the power of powerlessness effects the world or life or death or things present things. All the are up and price down. What is the price down by belongs A man and God is in Christ and Christ is the yo


well black fellow are we going to have a week are we going to have a week?


Has to be good because that's what the Lord says. And ladies and gentlemen if you can't trust the Lord who you better trust can't trust man because one guy says the other one contradicts equally intelligent fellow but the world because even with good men like Thomas Paine one Oh, all the brains have gone the way to God live up in a byte of dialogue. And it's fun to be here if the Lord carries after you and I are gone his words going to say and if nobody believes that it's still God words it's going to stain that's why a man let a man full account of us as ministers right? We're not ministers of a denomination. What did you ever get that trip? Well, somebody got it. He didn't read it. Then somebody said why we got to have a denomination to get the Oh come on. That's why you're not getting anything done. That's where the waves of God are needed as a nomination either set one up. One I don't get mad at me complain to management if you don't like the work. That God I didn't write the book. And I didn't say that were ministers of art. I know what they say, Oh, you belong to dominate your syllabus. That's not what the Lord says belongs the denomination. The minister cries Well, if you want to go on to one Gordon, global public building, you don't have bond. Way to be ministers of whom, again, in the genitive case with the emphasis on hoo. Boy, his emphasis on Christ. And stewards of the mysteries of us. A story. We hold the mysteries in our possession, we are still in substance. Well, what kind of stories are the ministries about? It, they're not have a word. It gets cut. It's a piece that if your heart is depleted, if you're telling me that Christ is not coming back, what kind of ministry if you're telling me nobody can get here? What kind of Minister are you? If you're telling me speaking in tongues died with the apostles what kind of a ministry you're allowed. Allow your time pray that God loves a man that makes a turn anybody where ministers have the mystery? That makes it a tremendous responsibility. It's it's an awesome responsibility it's it's like somebody's given you a paper bag with a million dollars and they take it down to people slaving bank in New York.


Or somebody just giving you a button say go to eight off and blow it. I bet you if you had a million dollars in a paper bag, you'd feel a little more obligated. Secure my eyes, totally insecure. You'll be scared to death where the mysteries are held in our hands. We're stewards of the beauty. And if we don't teach it, the mysteries will never be made. God void is never made him. The ministers are stewards of the mysteries. Sure, I know what they seek in theological terms of the mysteries are involved in Holy Communion. No mystery and not simply. If you go back in the earlier part of the chapter, the mystery is the mystery that was hidden God from before the foundation of the world and was placed made known to the apostle Paul, which is that he cried in the hope of glory and that the Gentiles are February's and obtained by them. Right in you imagine it practically you know galore, right. Pricing you right and we're stewards of that and you know it says in very fluid required of a steward that he's was found safe if nobody believes that that story still has to be one that we all know start burn the boat when God says start build the neighbors Thomas a no he wants to do it no man did you fall out of bed on your head but above that a man be found what's going on just a real beautiful thing today because there's so many people born again a god spirit but they're just not one week they're hot for the Lord and the next week that coding. One week they're turned on and then the next week that puts out again Oh come off. Make up your mind a bit sad word Take a Stand come hell or high water take a stand and save sure you're gonna believe in the devil ball out for the day of faithful. But if you're gonna believe God's word, then do us turn on the god words and stay on God's word. If we have ministers that must there is criteria is Are we faithful?


Free To me, it's a very small thing that I could be judged to be the worst judge of course, so it examines people examining. I have man. Examination man day is the tech man days. This examining today is done by up man. Man brings into court man lambaste your man credit digest man's day to day. What the Bible says in Revelation is the day of the Lord. That's a different job. Different days. entirely different. This is man's day to day man does the judging but there's a time coming when who's going to do the judging the Lord a number of hours is going to be that word day in there in verse three is a tremendous truth. I can't take any more time the night don't want to take any more. It's pretty tough. Because all night he said move on to work. Man, baby. That's all I can tell you about it's fantastic truth in this. And in the foundation of class I handle this I think my notes like we someplace along the line, man and I said it so there's just no doubt in your mind. It'll answer 100 questions why all the baloney trips today? Because it's man gloves. Man does the judging. Yay. He says I don't even judge my own one. You don't even judge yourself because you've been judged or examined in who in Christ Jesus. We all have to learn as we are we have exams we have will be what the Word says will be. So you don't go by man's judgment. You don't even judge yourself you know what to do. You make yourself track with laboratory tests. You say I don't feel like a lot of thing I feel like people say I rely on the other guy though I'm going to do in the lie and I am adored says I am even if I don't feel like because the Lord has nothing to do with my work. It has everything to do with my god. Well, Jesus Christ. Oh, come on. I don't even judge myself. Because I've been judging him and I accept what His Word says. But it's sort of an you know, it's just everybody gets the judges. Everybody loves you know, neighbors. Everybody wants to judge I know nothing by myself. When all bets are real. The words by myself and the text read? For I know nothing of which I am guessing. Yet Am I not here by testified that he that examines or judges me as well. The Lord I pray that he was therefore God nothing before the time. What time until the Lord was some that do both will bring the light they didn't things of darkness and will make manifest. The word manifest means show openly the console the purpose client of the heart and then tell every man has praise of God because of the reward reward. And these things Brevard I have in a figure it isn't a bigger thing, if you put the word in your mind application here for figure it will communicate these things brothers, I have an application transferred to my sales and to apologize for your sake, that you might learn in us not the thing above that which is love. Boy and I haven't had many people have any trouble with that my life that they think above that which is written, they always think below what they always live less than what the Word says they live below par even when they're not on a golf course. Right? No one of you be propped up for one against another you know, who make up the to differ from another the word difference the word deserved for who make us do Who are you to try to figure out why it couldn't be better apple butter in our back room.


And what has that have you got? That bow did not receive and when you received it to receive the category that I bought that was said earlier? Now if thou did please see by Grace Why does sound goes as if you didn't receive it how? By grace that's what was wrong in calling sounds like the modern Christian and here's what the people were saying and all the people said they were poor your rip your brain to things and they said we've done this without to him he said I would be glad you did read and if you're really rains and we'd rain with you for I think that God has set forth up the apostles land as it was appointed the death the text literally read just devoted for I think that God has set for us the apostles last there is this is true because the men with the ministries have to take all the people below me that's why being an apostle like Paul was and all this stuff you think because it just like being last because well they said your poll they were really good reindeer kings and if they did help that'd be wonderful but bad. Somehow or other we must be wrong someplace because all we've been is just devoted to die but we are made a spectacle under the words. People laugh angels demand we are fools for Christ's sake but you know WHY DIDN'T guys really get drawn your your honorable were despised. You know what they were saying? They were saying he's a fool for burning himself out for people like that. And then he said about that you must be wise not to burn yourself out. What do we pay? No. You're burning yourself out for them? Well, that's why he said we're fools for Christ's sake. Secure wise, they love Christ. They said you're burning yourself out for those many compounds. We never do it. Therefore he says that you must be the smart ones in Christ. We must be the ones that pod fit. We apparently been our worst week that you're the strong one. If the opposite is true, you're the honorable one. That we are the despised one because we make fools of ourselves burning ourselves out for you. Well, what's below? Even on the present hour, he said for the Corinthian. The homie was writing at that moment, he said In the present hours for you Corinthians we have suffered hunger we burn thirsty we haven't bought a new heart chapter and not know that the island and St Mary's that don't align things and I was abducted and have no certain luck Amen no second dwelling place avoid travel fast and far but does it cover length I try to can't be burdened down with a lot of material things except to really move or the loan impossible to get out really it doesn't mean you can't have a house but I guarantee you not everybody working for the Lord's gonna have one. You do have to own it, you have to pay for it. You have to worry about all the time be concerned about it. You can do a lot of things. But the greatest spiritual burden it is sin. People pay a lifetime on him, burdened down, defeated, frustrated, holds them back more than anything else. It's a real burden to try to carry somebody else's business and not feel the pain your own. Learning to let go so to sum the word says where to cast all our burdens on him. He's tried for he wants to he does different. Well, he says in labor working with our own lab, oh but Lord,


you come to court peace. God never gave his word to lazy or lazy woman. If you want God's word you start digging you start working. And I'm not thinking of burning Midnight Oil I'm thinking of burning for am oils. He says we were reviled. But while we live in Bali we fill up right? They were being persecuted they discovered a one right on being detained. The word detained is blaspheme. The word in three is comfort. Being blasphemed we still did was comforted. We are made as the sweeping of the world. The filth, the sweeping, you have to be an Oreo person understanding the manure, cow manure on the street and this kind of stuff. That's what the towering is in the latter part of the great thing.


I like not these things to train you. But as my beloved Son, I warn you for though you have 10,000 words, you may go to 10,000 different meanings and 10,000 different people in Do you still have only one word, Father, or in crises that I have up for up the good news, Paul the godson because the only way he can to get them is through the way he fathered them because he had taught them up there. And when they heard the word they believed when they believed they were born again to be born again. It could be father's. Wherefore I beseech you, the followers of us, though that's why they've gotten all off in color and they followed other gospels than the true gospel. And for this cause have I sent unto you, Timothy? Who is my beloved wife, right? Because Paul warned him to the Lord. He fathered him. That's why he was his beloved and faithful role while ago we read that to hold forth the mystery. The primary requirement is that the minister be fouled up. Timothy was lots. He didn't blow hot on Paul one day and told the next