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SNT 0508 Joshua 1:1ff

Joshua 1:1ff

June 13, 1971

SNT 508

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Topic: DRAFT, Joshua, people, Moses, Jordan, Israel, lord, spirit, courageous, Egypt, possess, dead, flood, life, command
Format: audio
Publication Date: 06-13-1971

Victor Paul Wierwille was a Bible scholar and teacher for over four decades.

By means of Dr. Wierwille's dynamic teaching of the accuracy and integrity of God's Word, foundational class and advanced class graduates of Power for Abundant Living have learned that the one great requirement for every student of the Bible is to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Thus, his presentation of the Word of God was designed for students who desire the in-depth-accuracy of God’s Word.

In his many years of research, Dr. Wierwille studied with such men as Karl Barth, E. Stanley Jones, Glenn Clark, Bishop K.C. Pillai, and George M. Lamsa. His formal training included Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Mission House (Lakeland) College and Seminary. He studied at the University of Chicago and at Princeton Theological Seminary from which he received a Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. Later he completed his work for the Doctor of Theology degree.

Dr. Wierwille taught the first class on Power for Abundant Living in 1953.

Books by Dr. Wierwille include: Are the Dead Alive Now? published in 1971; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today published in 1972; five volumes of Studies in Abundant Living— The Bible Tells Me So (1971), The New, Dynamic Church (1971), The Word's Way (1971), God's Magnified Word (1977), Order My Steps in Thy Word (1985); Jesus Christ Is Not God (1975); Jesus Christ Our Passover (1980); and Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed (1982).

Dr. Wierwille researched God's Word, taught, wrote, and traveled worldwide, holding forth the accuracy of God's "wonderful, matchless" Word.

(Psa 103:7); Jos 1:1-3

Jos 1:2, 3, 5-10

Jos 1:10, 11; Act 7:57-60; 8:1-6

Act 8:6-8



snt-0508_joshua1_1ff(vpw)(6-13-1971) DRAFT

SUMMARY KEYWORDS: Joshua, people, Moses, Jordan, Israel, lord, spirit, courageous, Egypt, possess, dead, flood, life, command


your bibles returning to the Old Testament. And you imagine starting a summer school in the Old Testament? Well, that's a good way to get to the new, I guess, the book of Joshua. I think you'll all be tremendously blessed. As you see what I've seen in here. And especially tonight, it's very apropos to the occasion of the opening of summer school 1971. In order to get into the depth of this first chapter, in some of the great truths that are said, Here, let me let me remind you that there was a man by the name of Moses, who perhaps had a about as difficult a time as any man who ever lived. For 40 years, he lived in the court of the queen and king of Egypt. You were trained in the finest schools of that day. And I believe those schools of that day, in many respects, were perhaps even beyond schools that we have today. At least, we have not quite learned how to build those things that God in Egypt yet or something. And some of the other things that they did. So this man, Moses was not an income booth. He was not an uneducated person, he was trained in all the fine arts. He understood this ethics business, we're talking about protocol. He understood philosophy, history, math, sciences, everything he had been taught. Then one day had a few little opportunity. And for about 40 years, he had to leave the country, he couldn't go back to California, you know, or Kentucky or a few other places, because of something that had occurred in the land of Egypt. Then asked when he was 80 years old, God said to him one day, I want you to leave that toughest people that have ever lived there stiff neck. They're hard to get to. You'll tell them one thing, and next morning, they've already forgotten me. But he said, You're the best man I've got. And I want you, Moses to lead the children of Israel. And I think Moses had a little opportunity with himself because you said, you know, Lord, I'm sort of sick tongue. I don't speak to well, if you don't mind, I'd like to have a little assistance from my brother Aaron. And then we'll just carry a farce. And there is a remarkable statement in God's Word that few people have ever really seen and understood, where it said he made no his ways unto Moses is x under the children of Israel. That tells us that he told Moses the whys and the wherefores, but never the children of Israel, if the children of Israel ever heard the whys and wherefores, because Moses told them, God never told the children of Israel why he did so and so and so He only told Moses, he may know his ways on the Moses. All that the children of Israel saw was the result, the manifestation, the evidence, the act, that's all. And for 40 years, this man led those children of Israel, He led them out of Egypt, toward the promised land. They would have entered into the promised land very quickly after they left Egypt, but they kept tripping out on God. And the reason they it took them 40 years to wander around in the wilderness was because of their lack of positive believing. And so for 40 years, they just messed around. Basically, because they hadn't arrived at the place where everybody could believe that in order to move, everybody had to be of all that group that left Egypt. There were only two Joshua and Caleb that ever entered in the Promised Land. All the rest were youngsters who came up under the Ministry of Moses.


In that 40 years. And this Moses led those people, you went up on Mount Sinai and came down with the 10 commandments. And by the time he came down this brother in whom he had trusted, his brother Aaron, had gotten tossed into it by the children of Israel, that they ought to build some golden cams like the rest of the neighbors had, so they could look at something that they could worship An old Moses came down from the mount Sinai. And I imagine he felt like breaking those slabs of stone over everybody's head. But he's dead. He just pumped him down on the ground and busted him went back up and got himself a new sense. And time and time again, when the children of Israel were about at the place where they all died, Moses would intercede. And he said, Lord, you said they were your people. I was to lead them, I was to bring them to the your knowledge. And then God would move in and spare them again. They cause a one man Moses who stood. And there came a day in Moses life that he died. How would you like to have been the selection? To walk in his shoes and to leave that bunch of people? No thanks. I wouldn't have that outfit. Dry. 40 years he led them. Now he's dead. Direct reading Joshua tells us something. It says. Now after the death of Moses, that serve another Lord. It came to pass that the Lord spoke on Joshua, the son of new Moses is under study Moses as minister, one who ministered under Moses. God said to Joshua, Moses, my servant is dead. I wish you could read this in the original. It's, it's the hardest phrase that I know in the Word.


In the Hebrew text, old Aramaic text, it would read in essence, like this, Moses, my servant, is dead. Quite some words. You know what this tells us. When a man's life is over with, as great as Moses was, when Moses his life is over with, it has terminated. People have to come to the place of recognizing that Moses, my servant is dead. life must go on. The words must move ahead. The things are God have to move on. This is why God says here in the book of Joshua, to Joshua, immediately, Moses, my servant is dead. They have could have gone through all the memorial services, and all those things. But God said, that's enough. Moses is dead. We've got to move on. Therefore, he said, arrived, therefore arrived. Don't sit around. Don't wait any longer. Moses is dead arrived. And you and I can't ever move for God until we get to Kraken for him. We've got to stand up and be counted. We've got to rise we got to move. I don't care how dead the society is around you. I don't care how dead your church is, or the preacher or anybody else. Now is the day now is the hour. This is a time because today is the day of salvation. Now's the acceptable time the Lord says we God's people have to in our day and time arise. That means we got to quit sleeping. We got to get to Kraken for God. We got a move. He said arrived...arrived and go over this Jordan. Man that's quite an order. Jordans had flood stage. wouldn't have been so bad have been last part August with a quick drive.


But it was springtime, the whole Jordan was flooded. And God said to Moses, get going cross the Jordan, Dow and all this was PayPal until the lamb which I do give them even to the children of Israel. Then this great third verse, every place, every place that the soul of your foot shall tread upon that have I given past tense onto as I said on the Moses. They haven't even started out towards the promised land that Jordan is at flood stage. When God says move, and God says, I have past hands already given it to you every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon. I have past hands given to you and they haven't even started walking. I tell you, that's a big God. Boy, that song. Where's my Debbie? Video? Debbie? Hold up, Jeff, your daddy like to hear that word. You know why these real estate? The pose sometimes the pose somebody in real estate. Somebody said to him Well, every place that the sole of your foot treads on this day I give to you, you don't have to buy it. I just give it to you, man. They'd be hot putting it all over their territory when God said to Joshua that day regarding the children of Israel, every place that the soul of your foot shall tread upon that I have passed and already given to you. All you have to do is arise go over that Jordan. Ladies and gentlemen, to my mind that speaks to our day and time. We're at flood stage. Everybody's drowning. Lots of things are happening. It just looks like it's impossible to get the word of God taller day and time an hour. It just looks like an impossibility. Because we have I don't know how many people in United States 200 million. Why don't we have I don't know. But boy have we only had 100 million. That's a lot of people. Now we're, if we're going to get God's word to God's people, somebody's got to get up, get cracking. It looks like it's flood stage. But it was flood state for Joshua to let God said to Joshua arise, that's the first thing you got to do get up. Secondly, God said, Every place has a soul your foot shall try to find I have past tense already given to you. Every promising God's word that's addressed to the body of believers is already ours. He has accomplished everything in Christ Jesus. When God raised somebody, all his promises are yea and amen. The word says he's already put it in the past hands all God's waiting for for somebody to get up and arise and start moving over that Jordan. If he's at flood stage, we move anyways. Mega debris. Because if God said, you get over that Jordan and it's at flood stage, and every place is sold here, foot shelf tread upon, he wasn't talking water he was talking land. He's got to get that water down that Jordan or he's got to float us over the top in his own way, the moment we start moving.


You know, Moses had a similar experience when he had to leave the children of Israel out. He was told across that little river and it was at flood stage. And the Bible said that when the priests who carried the Ark of the Covenant when their feet their little old tip to touch the the brink of the water's edge, the water started receding, not before. When men start walking on God's Word, the barriers start moving out of the way. Boy, he said to Joshua that day, Moses my servant is dead now get up a rock. You are not children of Israel, every place that are solely your foot shall tread upon. I've given you judge Crossfield, Jordan. Dr. Bull. He said in verse five, there shall not any man be able to stand before the old days of Iowa. I tell you, that's all wonderful promise. Moses, my servant is dead. Now Joshua has to fill his shoes so to speak. And God says to Joshua, don't pay any attention to the flood stage, or anything else. I've already given you all that? Nothing. No, man, not one man shall stand against you. That makes Joshua more than a conqueror right? Oh, as I was with Moses, so I will be with the I will not say oh the number one nor for safety. That means he won't fail on any of his promises. And God never Blitz the coop. He never comes out. He never trips out. He never walks away from us. And in verse six, he says Be strong. The want and a good one. Right? Not discouraged. roadwatch When you look at the when you only look at the flood stage of the Jordan, you could get what you're when you look at all the problems with which we are confronted in our day and time an hour, you could get a lot. We don't look at the problems we look at the Lord the solver of the problems. We look at God's word, because we are what the Word of God says we are we have what the Word of God says we have. And we look at God's word, not as a problem. Peter looked at the Lord once he did all right, the moment he looked at the problem, and he went under, you know, tripping over the seat Galilee, remember, shows, you see the moment you look at the problem and you go down. The moment the lungs, you look at the promises of God's Word and know who you are and what you are and where your head is, with God, you just walk over the top. It stones in the brook next makes the book to sing the poets write about. If there were no stones in the book, wouldn't be singing. Right? And that water is brilliant. Because you put a stone there, you know what the water does is why decide to come back up the other way? No, it just goes around the obstacle. Right? You put a put a big enough stone there with the world referred to as a dam, you know, the water does, takes a look at it and says, I'm getting over you. So it just keeps building up, all at once goes over the top. Well, that's water. That's what makes the book to sing. And people in the midst of the culture in which we live, you and I can make our lives to sing if we keep our eyes on the Word of God, and not all the problems. Because you can become so problem oriented, that you lose the sight of God. Joshua had a few problems. Moses had a view, why the old devil seen through it all the years that everybody has problems. But it's problems are not what we looked at. We looked at the solution which is God's answers to meeting man's needs. Not a man shall stand against you. Not one. And he said, be a good curry. Don't be discouraged. Be a good curry. If you've got an obstacle, if there's a stone, so to speak, in the brook in your life, well just praise the Lord.


Just say well bless God, I'm going to overcome that. Be of good courage. oranda this people shall bow divide for an inheritance the land which I sware unto their fathers to give them only be strong. And here he says in verse seven love. So let's second time he tells them to be of good courage. Only here he said, be very courageous. That thou mayest observed to do according to all the law which Moses, my servant commanded the turn not from it to the right hand or a kilowatt. And to him that day or to Moses, in his day, that word was what we today can refer to as the word of God. It was God's word. And God said to Joshua, don't move on. My Word has to stand. Don't turn to the right or to the left means stay put on God's word. Boy, and everything else you can afford to give. But you're never give on God's word. God's word just stands if nobody believes it is that word that has to stay in that you don't budge on. If somebody wants to wear lipstick on the end of their nose, I don't give a hoot. But boy, when you're handled God's word, you can't handle a deceit fully after rightly divided and that word is what adds the stain. Therefore, he said, be very courageous about this. Don't be discouraged, but be courageous, very courageous. Not only beets have courage, but you know, courage with courageousness with enthusiasm was an effervescence where the glue if you want to communicate measles get a good case on Well, I guess that's pretty good. Why sure if you want to communicate God's word, get a good case of it. Get the word of God so deeply within you that you eat and sleep and drink and even three minutes when you start dreaming and the word of God you're starting to pattern some of the words you know when you could dream and all those beautiful other trips. Not only be have great time But be very courageous in doing it. Why Ptolemaeus prosper. There is no prosperity when we get off of God's Word. Prosper whether soever dog go is a promise whether it's her, Oh, when he went to the back 40 He would prosper. When he went out to this place he would prosper. Whether it's wherever you went, he's prosper. As long as he held that word Central and walked on that word. This book on the Lord shall not depart out of thy mouth. In other words, he told Joshua, whenever you wrap this talk the word but thou shalt meditate there in day and night, means you're in it all the time. That's your what you eat your sleep, your drink. That Tom as absurd to do according to all that's written there in four, then thou shalt make thy way prosperous. If the way is going to be prosperous, we got to stay put on God's word. And then thou shalt have good success. People say to me once success will probably the right dividing and award living is not success. If anybody ever Pat's you on the back, not success.


Success is what the Word says it is. And when you're born again of God, spirits overpower the Holy Spirit, and you write the divine that whether you are a success. I have not I commanded the verse nine. Be strong and have good luck. Be not loved. Ah, first class is precisely the foundational class deals with man's greatest enemy, which is what, and when you have no fear, you'll be very courageous. Wherever you have fear, you won't have courage. He said, Be strong, and a good courage third time. Be not afraid, neither be dismayed. Or the Lord thy God is with see whether it's alive or not, though is already our man not true. If God's with us, have we got power? Oh, go. When God is with us, and we know God's will us who we get a few prayers answered. Will we be able to change a few people's lives? We'll be able to help. Will we be able to give up a few little things on which we picked out before? No problem. The word Door Door drive. That was the end of it. You know what Joshua did? He said, Well, I'll go down to church and see what the boys think about this report. I'll send it through the committee to see if they all concur. Joshua commanded, you didn't give him a possibility regarding it. He commanded it. Joshua went to the people of Israel. And he said, Look, this is what we're going to do. And I'm sure somebody said well, balada thority or we got Dewey. Know when Joshua the man or God spoke that was it. Like Moses when he spoke that was it. Joshua commanded the officer, the people saying, pass through the hose, going all the children of Israel and command the people. Just command them and that command the command. Like in First Corinthians 14 where it said, our Joel speak in tongues, it says this is in verse 37. This is a command but avadh and quit arguing with it, though it jar Joshua's said to the captain's lieutenants, hit everybody in the children of Israel and command them. And they said the prayer your lunch basket, your rebuttals ready to go pack your sandwiches, but draft Boyd? For within three days, we shall pass over this Jordan to go in to possess the land which the Lord your God, give it to you took us a while I want a glorious record that must have been to those people that day. Everybody had died in all those years in the wilderness with the exception of Joshua and Kim. And here came the message from God get over the Jordan. He said three days from now we're going over. And ladies and gentlemen, if you ever read history or history, it's in the Bible about the enemies with which they were confronted. That is about Thank God the enemies with which they were confronted, had the best armament. They had all the atom bombs at all. Whatever you do to shoot them up Tony's kind of things, you know, they just had everything the fastest jets, they had everything. Oh, Joshua says, Get out of the way we're common. For the Lord had said, be courageous, very courageous, be very strong. Wherever you go, I'll be with you and that one man shall stand against you. And if you ever read this book of Joshua, we know what happened. They crossed over. They got inside that old Promised Land, the first great city they had was the city of Jericho, and Jericho and all those fortifications. And God had given them the scope of this little job. He said, just trotting around that city once a day for seven days. Just take yourself a trip around the walls every day, really no exercise.


Boy, that he said, the seventh day, what I want you to do is walk around the walls of that city seven times. And at the time of the seventh time around when I tell you to blow I want you to borrow, you know, those little New Year's things you get when you blow that go out there or something, whatever they had from the carrier dish pan gold and pound them at the seventh time, and God said if you do it, the walls come down. And those people were just stupid enough to believe God. The Lord coffin maybe. Boy, they left. They left that land walked over around Jericho seven times. And when God said blow, or when God told Joshua, Joshua said blow everybody that was in that gang blue, and the great walls of the city of Jericho just crumble. Why? Because men dare to believe God, man, they're the walk. People, it's God. It is worth, we got to arrive and start rocking. The obstacles may be great, but God is our shield and our buckler. He is our weapon. We don't have to fight he does the fighting. If there's going to be any, we just hold for it. The word the word needs no defense. It just needs witnesses. When you've got error, then you've got to get a defense attorney. But word has no error in it. All it needs is witnesses. And you and I are the witnesses for our time. You know, in Chapter Eight of X talk about obstacles. We read just something. It says in verse 57, regarding Steven, that that whole gang cried out with a loud voice and stop their ears. They didn't want to hear anything. They just went after owed Steven. They ran upon him with one accord that kept him out of the city. they stoned him. And the witnesses laid down their clothes at a young man's feet, whose name was Saul. His Greek name was Paul. And they stoned Steven to death while he was calling upon God and saying Lord Jesus received my spirit. And he Stephen kneeled down and cried with a loud voice, Lord lay not they seem to their chart. And what he had said this, he fell asleep, which means he died. And Saul, Paul was consenting on to his death. And at that time, there was a great persecution against the church, which was at Jerusalem, and they were scattered. Their believers were all scattered abroad throughout the regions of Judea and Samaria, except the lot. That's right. The Jordan had flood stage again. The top religious Echelon in which Paul or Saul served was persecuting the Christian. They were beheading them, they were bringing them into present change must be bloodstains. And yet, what happened? Because of the great persecution the people split out, they started moving out with God's word to possess the land again. And it says in verse two development, carried Steven made great lemons as So verse three he made have aka the church entering into every house and hailing men and women he committed them to a lot. Therefore they that when they that word scattered abroad went everywhere doing lots, preaching the word go right, whoa, they didn't scare those birds any. They're great persecution didn't stop these men from speaking the Word. The flood didn't stop Joshua from going across, didn't stop Moses. Why? Because Joshua looked at the promises of the Lord. Moses looked at the promises the Lord. And these people looked at the promises of the Lord. And when the persecution was started from the top echelon, and that's where all persecution comes from they inaugurated, the devil sees to it. And it's usually religious when it's really tough. That's right, the most, the most serious type of persecution is always religious. Second is government.


And when the government represents religion, it's WWE. They were scattered abroad, went everywhere preaching one thing, what's the word, the word and nothing but the word. Meditate on it day and night. Don't ever let it leave your mind. He had told Joshua, well, here that same truth, the word daughter, daughter, they preach the Word. The very thing that got them into trouble in Jerusalem, they now go out in these other cities New. And that's stupid. No, that's just believing God's words. Your stupidity is on the other side. Because without men of God, there would be no cohesive element in the world to hold the world gallery blue sky wide and without a atom bomb or a hydrogen bomb. The thing that makes life livable yet today are the men and women who believe God walked on his word. That's what makes it possible for you to live. So a point down the city of Sumeria. And what did he preach on to them? And Christ is that word. That's Americans were disliked by the Jews. They were hated. And yet when they Yeah, they the believers were scattered abroad, Philip went down to the city of Sumeria. And he preached the word he preached Christ until the end, he says in verse six, the people with one accord gave heed under those things, which Philips face, hearing and seeing the miracles which God dead. No. Fell up dead. Is that what the Word says? That's what it means. It's a beautiful trick of the old devil today, that palms it off, and it's always under love and humidity. You know, they say, Well, I can do anything got to do it. Boy, that's a cop out. That's a lie from hell. But that's what the devil is propounding.


He wants people to say, it's God who has to do it, you can do it. And boy, if he gets you to believe that you can do it, Satan knows God's not going to get anything done. Sorry for pounding this hair and as for a century all over our country. So the most sincere religious people will always say, Well, I don't do it. God works. Me or God possesses me. It's God through me. No, no, God said the word. It said Philip did the lot. That's right. And he had said to Joshua, don't let that word depart out of your mind, meditate on a day or night, keep the word sent while ladies you know, what about our day and time that's addressed to the Church of the body to what you and I belong? This is after the day of Pentecost.


Right? They gave heed under those things which Phillips fake this they listen to his rapping. They listen to his talk.


They caught it says hearing and seeing the miracles which he did. They believed what he was saying because they saw and heard the miracles which he did. Ladies and gentlemen, this requirement today in the pulpits across our country would pretty well empty them because it's cheap to talk. Anybody can talk there's older people ever do anyway just wrap it up remember it's not in the talk. It's in a science miracles wonders. Yeah, believer man's ministry they call All these other signs miracles wonders. The people in my classes never received the fullness of the Holy Spirit in a manifestation. It just the talk what they believe they believe the talk in the class because of the signs miracles alive because people are born again filled with the Spirit. They do speak in tongues interpreting prophesy. for you not to be here in the advanced class, you'll operate where the knowledge or wisdom discerning of spirits, faith, miracles and healing why it's God's word. And God's faithful to His promises. He said that all Jordan they cross. They believed in Phillips preaching, because they heard and saw the miracles which he did God did. You and I have to carry the word for God, His Spirit, he has no body except the body in which he lives when he's born again in you and me. Then to the end, we put on the mind of God, the mind of Christ, the Word up here, rightly divided. Then we can hold it forth. And as we hold it forth, men and women are blessed. Because it's His Word. We are the ones that have to hold it for. If there's going to be signs, miracles and wonders, we have to do it by the power of God that's in us which he gave us it His Son, Jesus Christ. That's why you're here in summer school. This is a joy trip in one sense. What in the other sense? You've only got three weeks some of you to do in your lifetime what most people would have to have 20 years for? We haven't got that time. We've only got three weeks. How far are you going to move? How fast are you going to go? That's dependent upon you. That stuff is here. My teachers are ready to go, don't worry, it is here. How far will you move depends on you. How fast do you want to move depends on you. And I'd like to say to you students to not odd make up my mind across the job. You Bet Your Life what stage or no flood stage, you've come from a certain community, I'd make up my mind, I'd take that community, hook, line and sinker with God's word, Shore. I drill myself these next three weeks to eat and sleep and drink everything you can get here. By I'd be open to the right of God, like the Earth is open to the right. I just hunger and thirst and I'd say Poron boil at home. Just be open. If you want a great class, you be a great student, you get a great plus. Because the students are the ones who turned the teacher on. Because if you're hungry, the teacher will spiritually know he goes every teacher on this platform or any other place is born again of God's Spirit. So the Holy Spirit and operating manifestation. And when they stand here to teach or any place they stand, they've got their heart and soul in what they're doing. Now pour it out, you get hungry enough to just keep pouring, pouring, pouring. You've only got three weeks, some of you and your whole future depends on what you do with those three weeks. How you build the word in your life so you can hold it for a bit he Philips preaching because they saw and heard the miracles which he did. And what happens it says unclean spirits, devils spirits, crying with a loud voice came out of many that were watts. There it is playing a date. Whenever it's the wrong spirit. It's always possession. Whenever it's God's true spirit, it's always the man who has to do with who has to receive under spiritualistic controls, or Devil spirits take over people and they get all the info. They're not doing it by the freedom of their will. They are possessed their control, they lose their own freedom of the will. Not under the true God. It's always the freedom of the will of man that makes possible the receiving. whosoever will may want if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and you believe God raised him thou shalt be possessed. No save because you buy the freedom of your will. That was people someday we got to see that again, the tremendous sharp line between the two loot, and the counterfeits and people seem to think it's so humble. It's so such love. When they say what the devil spirit world wants to said, I'm a channel. I'm an instrument for the Lord. I am totally relinquished for him to possess me. No 1000 times no, we are not channels, we are not instruments, we are not possessed. We are sons of God and daughters of God, by our will. And by our confession of him. Oh go. God sets it out. And by the freedom of will, whoever wants it comes and takes. We have built ourselves and the word so enough for this summer school, that we just want to hold it forth. And whosoever will may come. You just eat it you just take it you just believe to receive its abundance by the freedom of your will.


It says there was great joy in that city. And people tonight here at the way headquarters, there's great joy.


This is the world in my mind tonight. I'm not just seeing little old Timbuktu, new Knoxville out here, or old age. That's right. In my mind, tonight, I see the need of the world. And ladies and gentlemen, I am convinced to the uttermost part of my being. There's only one thing that's ever going to bring anything to the world that's worth bringing anymore. And that's the accurate knowledge of God's word rightly divided. This word of God held forth in all of its beauty and all of its simplicity but that it will fit like a hand in a glove from Genesis to Revelation. And it's that word that will set people free. Like it says He sent His word and healed them. He sent his Word and save them because without the knowledge of that word, you can't have it. Faith cometh by hearing and hearing come up a lot. So we're not Reader's Digest, live look or timer or government report or a ministerial report come inside the word. And the greatest thing that can happen in your life and mine is to get that word out the only reason we teach Greek and Aramaic and all these other things so we can get more of the word that's all because the center of this ministry here and around the world is the word the word I nothing but that word glory be big tears to my that we have a time to live right now that we can still do it. There are many nations across this world you can do it. But here in these our United States with all of its shortcomings, it's still the greatest nation in the world to quit Gripen. Thank God for the Jordans we have to cross cause he is with us. No man shall touch us nothing shall stop with be very courageous, very strong. There was great joy in that city. joy in my heart tonight joy in your heart joy here at the way headquarters. They taught us a lot God is doing right now what he has prepared for those are loving remember, you've heard me say it some of you time and time again. But it needs repetition the art of remembrance so you'll get it within your soul that finally some time you'll wake up to really believe it. God has no hands but my hands with which to give people bread. He has no feet but my feet with which to move among the almost dead. We say that we are His and He is our deeds are the proof of that not words that these are the proving hours ladies, gentlemen, this is it. It's now or never for you. You're here not by accident. But by province. You're here because by the freedom of your Will you made a choice. And God will back up that choice. And he will bring out of your life. The greatest ability that you have to manifest it forth. If you've got this much and you believe God you'll produce that much. If you've got that much in you, you'll produce that. That's why the scripture says some of them brought forth 30 other 60 others 100 fold, they brought a quarter into their capacity of production. Some people when they produce 30% are producing 100% because there are 30 is as far as they can go. The 60% Gang produces their maximum, that's all they can produce. The 100% Gang produces their maximum. God just wants you to give your utmost for his highest. That's all. He wants you to let it all hang out, it still says, to turn on the greatness of God's Word and just hold it forth. Ladies and gentlemen, this is God's day. This is God's time. This is God's. The move is hard. Because God's people are believing and they're moving. That's one of the moves of God.


You are God's people, you're here for a purpose. Take advantage of that opportunity. And you just eat sleep. Drink everything the word while you're here because there's a lot of worried abatement