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SNT 0500 Boldness without Fear

Boldness without Fear

April 25, 1971

SNT 500

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Topic: DRAFT, God, Simon, Philip, received, born, Jerusalem, speak, spirit, Peter, tongues, preaching, manifestation
Format: audio
Publication Date: 04-25-1971

Victor Paul Wierwille was a Bible scholar and teacher for over four decades.

By means of Dr. Wierwille's dynamic teaching of the accuracy and integrity of God's Word, foundational class and advanced class graduates of Power for Abundant Living have learned that the one great requirement for every student of the Bible is to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Thus, his presentation of the Word of God was designed for students who desire the in-depth-accuracy of God’s Word.

In his many years of research, Dr. Wierwille studied with such men as Karl Barth, E. Stanley Jones, Glenn Clark, Bishop K.C. Pillai, and George M. Lamsa. His formal training included Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Mission House (Lakeland) College and Seminary. He studied at the University of Chicago and at Princeton Theological Seminary from which he received a Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. Later he completed his work for the Doctor of Theology degree.

Dr. Wierwille taught the first class on Power for Abundant Living in 1953.

Books by Dr. Wierwille include: Are the Dead Alive Now? published in 1971; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today published in 1972; five volumes of Studies in Abundant Living— The Bible Tells Me So (1971), The New, Dynamic Church (1971), The Word's Way (1971), God's Magnified Word (1977), Order My Steps in Thy Word (1985); Jesus Christ Is Not God (1975); Jesus Christ Our Passover (1980); and Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed (1982).

Dr. Wierwille researched God's Word, taught, wrote, and traveled worldwide, holding forth the accuracy of God's "wonderful, matchless" Word.

Act 7:51-55

Act 7:55-60; 8:1-3

Act 8:4-10; (Act 8:26ff)

Act 8:10-15; Rom 10:9, 10

Act 8:15-20; Rom 8:16; Act 2:4

Act 8:20-25



snt-0500_boldness-without-fear(vpw)(4-25-1971) DRAFT

SUMMARY KEYWORDS: God, Simon, Philip, received, born, Jerusalem, speak, spirit, Peter, tongues, preaching, manifestation


You know we can do, we cannot do less than our utmost for his highest. Because whenever we settle for less, we're settling for God's best and God's God's goodness and God's goodness is not his best. And you and I have been called to do our best, not just good. A lot of people do a lot of good to go in the hospital occasionally for somebody, and they leave their money to their kids to fight over. They do a lot of good, beautiful, wonderful things. But is it the best? You and I have been called to a ministry of our utmost for his highest and that is to put the best and shoot for the best work towards that this. There was a man in the early days of Christianity, who really had a rough time going because he was doing his best, his utmost for God's highest. And it was at a time when the church was receiving persecution. And I can promise you this, whenever you start holding forth the accuracy of God's word, it isn't going to be a trip where everybody's going to pat you on the back and just tell you how beautiful you are. They are most likely Pat's on the back with one hand and kick you with both feet, if they can get away with it. Because Satan hasn't died, he is still in operation, and he does his best to keep people away from the great accuracy and power of God's word. Because once you know God's word, you know God's will, and you're a real threat to him. You're a real danger. As long as you just say, Well, I love the Lord Jesus Christ, I don't bother him one lousy being taken doesn't get keyed off at all that people who simply say I love the Lord Jesus Christ, because all they're doing is yakking. When they start acting on that love, when they walk, when they witness when they talk, when you hit the neighbor with the Word of God, that have an act, when you talk to the person working in the shop and factory about the Lord Jesus Christ, when you're not hospitals, witnessing, wherever you go, when you buy five gallon of gasoline, you talk to the guy while he put it in about the Lord Jesus Christ. Then Satan goes to work. Until that time, he started has a good time laughing up his sleeve. Because he knows you're a Christian without power. And you're not moving ahead with the greatness of it. Why should he be concerned? Well done man by the name of Steve and like this. And one day, he told it like it was in the seventh chapter of X. It looks a great religious leader of his leaders have his day and time, right in their eyeballs. And he spoke to them the word of God. And I want to tell you, it must have taken tremendous courage to say what this man said. He said to them in verse 30, and 51 He said, You stiff necked and uncircumcised in art. Man oh man, you could just see the guillotine fallen right place. Who in the world dares talk to the religious leaders like that? These were men of position and authority. They wield the power they had the money and money in that day bought power like advise power today. And yet, he told me he looked at him and he said you stiff neck birds. You on circumcised good or not? In art? Not only were the uncircumcised hearts they were on circumcised were that means their balls were closed. They couldn't hear a thing of the great truth of God's word. All they could see was tradition. And all the old way of doing things we've done it this way it didn't work then but we'll keep right on doing it. That's right. He said you do always not just once in a while but he said you do always resist the Holy Spirit. In other words, they were men in religious positions who are really resisting God and the power of God. You wouldn't think so what yet they weren't used said as your father's did so do you? Which are the prophets have not your father's persecuted and they have flame them which showed before of the coming of the Just One of whom ye have been now the betrayers and murderers.


You see The believers in the early church tried their best to witness to the top ah alone. They did everything they could to win Israel, to the Messiah, to the Lord Jesus Christ. The early church did everything to win Israel and show them that Jesus was the Messiah, that son of God. Verse 53, says, Whoever received the law, by disposition of angels God Himself had to send angels and, you know, tell them the truth wants love, they saw had this great revelation, everything else. And yet, he said, You have not lot kept it. For 54, when they heard these things, when those religious leaders heard these things, they were cut to the heart. And they nursed with our teeth. nursed on him with their teeth. Doesn't mean they chewed on. You know what it means they said, Boy, that's what that's what nation with the desus huh. They got so angry.


Too bad that input their tongue between man Oh, man. And he, Steven Burt 55. being full of a new Maha Gill. Now it tells you why his boldness came from.


It's like you're reading in Acts. And you know, when Jesus Christ died, rose again, there were behind closed doors for fear of the Jews. I told you in the foundation of class, those of you have just finished it. The only thing I've ever seen that takes fear out of people is when they really get filled with God and the power of God with all the fullness of a new moggill the Holy Spirit and know what your god you can be failed and not know it, then you're still scared today. Air was old Steven. And it gives us the great truth that he was full of a new Maha goo. And he looked up steadfastly, that means he said his eyes toward heaven. And when he said his eyes toward heaven, what did he see? The glow right of the Lord. Man oh man, I've never seen it. He must have seen something that was just fantastically fantastic. Can you imagine seeing the glory of the Lord? In my old testament years to it says that the glory of the Lord was so glorious that Moses can look on him. They're in all of his brilliance God in all of his glory, Moses couldn't stand to see the blu ray. And yet it says Steven looked up steadfastly toward heaven, and he saw that glow riello And what have you. When he stood up, look and look steadfastly toward heaven. Not only did he see the glory of the Lord, but he saw what Jesus standing on the left hand to God, no standing were on the right hand of God as beauty, they cause the left hands always a hand to cursing. biblically speaking, the right hands always a hand of blessing. And in oriental culture, biblical culture, no person ever receives a gift out of the left hand. If I would give a gift to Dell Donkin, Dell would hold on to his right hand and would receive it in his right hand. And I'd have to give it in my right hand with my right hand. If I gave it with my left hand, he would draw his right hand back, he never takes the gift. That's why there's a record in the Old Testament about a bunch of boys that the king got ready for war. They were all left handed Boseman call them. That's right. They were all left handed. And it said they could hit the bull's eye. I don't know how many feet it was. It's a tremendous distance, every one of them and the reason eat the reason that got them because they were going to put the curse on the enemy and that's why they use the left handed guy. Oh, the Bible is really exciting when you know some of these things. Well, when he looked up, he saw the glory of the Lord. And Jesus didn't say Jesus standing on The right hand of God Jesus was doing what? You know why we're standing. Most of the time he's sitting down and guy thing to do right now it's been happening down here to try no reason stand to try no reason to stand if young guy thing to do. You're coming to work at the way headquarters tomorrow you guys need to do you might as well do up the down if you don't like that do it horizontally. They lie that the Bible says that when Jesus Christ ascended up into heaven, on the day of the ascension, what does it say? He sat down, the work was finished. That's why the word SAT is used. Here, it says he stood up. Oh, man, when this thing really hits you, you're jealous. Like, it turns you on. Because Jesus Christ had to take a look down here. Oh, my goodness, look around Jerusalem. Something happened. I got one believer. It's got the guts, the courage, the intestinal fortitude, you intellectuals to set it before people and tell it like and that's why I said he stood up. And whenever Jesus Christ stands up, that means he's battling for his people. It is God's who is our shield and buckler. I don't fight the battle of you for him. I don't fight the battle of getting people born again. All I do is declare God's word and whosoever will come who serve or don't will doesn't have come.


Because it is God who has to fight. It's his word that builds in people's lives. It is His word. This is like the armor of the Lord. It is his strength. And when that word is rightly divided, and you teach it with all the enthusiasm, exuberance, love, everything, you've got your utmost for his highest, Ill touch people. Because God will be in that word, and he is our shield and buckler. It is He Who has to win men and women, it is to us to draw them and bring them to the knowledge of the truth. There is only one way I know that. And that way, can only be home from his word. That's why Jesus Christ was standing on the right hand of God. And when you declare God's Word, Jesus Christ is standing standing there battling for you taking that word and making it real and concrete in a living reality. This Bible is not an antiquated book. We had a quite good people are antiquated. It says alive tonight as it just got written five minutes ago. It's right there. Speak demands hearts and times and hours. Well, what else? Very 56 says he saw heavens open on a god standing on the right hand of God. And then they that had gnash their teeth on him, you know, they cried out with a loud voice. And it wasn't a revival meeting either. And they stopped barriers. And they ran up on him upon Steve on with one accord, they couldn't stand demand to tell it like it. They just could not hear it. And knowing the accuracy of God's word in the background, you remember, some of those religious leaders were born at a seed of the serpent era born of the dateable, as the Word declares in John nine. So here, there were others around there, however, not all born, but those who hated the accuracy of God's word, rushed upon Stephen with one accord. This one a chord, by the way, is the sixth time This is used in the book of Acts. And every time one accord is used, it means you to be a purpose. just taught you that this week. Some of you just last night night for your again your habit and cast him out other city. They cast him they let her lay picked him up and took him out of the city. And they threw him down and they stoned. And all the wild Stephen says boys I recant. I'm sorry, I called you stiff neck, uncircumcised in heart and ears. I'm really sorry for all the trouble of course, you know, he had made up his mind to give his utmost for his highest and your persecution would come that he had to lose his life. He wasn't gonna renounce it, he wasn't going to recant. He was going to back up. And it was he who had made that commitment who saw the glory of the Lord and Jesus Christ standing on the right hand. Well, and the witnesses, all those who witness, you know, all this stuff, laid down their clothes, their clothes off so they could have a real good stoning party, you know, so they wouldn't get overheated doing your soul. These are athletes of stoning. At a young man's feet, whose name was what? Ah, he was there, that soul fella was there. This is his Hebrew name. His Greek name was Paul. Saul was his Hebrew name. He was a member of the Sanhedrin, the ruling body those who were referred to as stiff neck, uncircumcised in heart and ears.


He had cast his book again, Stephen also. And when they rushed out with one accord, he went along to the stoning territory. And the people laid down their clothes at the feet of this young man, young man meaning over 30 Because in order to be a member of the Sanhedrin, you had to be over 30 You had to be 30 years of age, you had to be married and the father of a child. They laid it down at this man who was really vehement in His disposition against Christian believers. They said they stone Stephen, verse 59, as he was calling upon God, and what was he saying? Lord, Jesus received my lot. Not much, oh, the soul doesn't go to heaven. But what go was he born again? The Bible said he was full a lot. That spirit and that spirit has to go back to God who gave it you got your soul from your Daddy and Mummy. Not from while you talk about the accuracy of the word. And he Stephen kneel down and cried with a loud voice. Lord lay not the center of their chart. They are trying to intercede for the children of Israel. And I want to tell you, they had their ears so stopped up. A man could lay down his life, allow himself to be stoned to death. Yet they refused. When he had said this, he fell asleep. That means he died. And Saul was consenting under his death. He voted for it. And at that time, there was a what great persecution against the church. It just wasn't a persecution. It was a walk, great persecution. And when the Bible says great, it means what? Right. And they are not believers, the leading believers, were all scattered abroad throughout the regions of Judea and Samaria, accept a lot. They continue to stay in Jerusalem. And devout men, religious men, carried Steven to his burial made great lamentation over him as for Saul, verse three, he made Hopko the church. He just rocked and ruined the body of believers wherever he could. He was a man in authority. He had power. He had money. He had the judges on his side, the attorneys, he had everybody on his side. So there he was just getting the Christian entering into every house. Is like church didn't start in a beautiful brick old building with a thing like that on the top of it. The church began in the home. The home is still a place for the church. And if you want to get a job done, you got to do it according to God's word. You entered into every house and he brought out Hayling men and women and committed them to us. Therefore, they that were scattered abroad, with everywhere with their tail between their legs. frightened to death, scared recanted. Nope. When the persecution Setting, they left the city of Jerusalem and they started finding out. And as they found out, they carried with them the one thing that meant the most to them. And that was the reality and presence of the living word in there. And they went everywhere, preaching what? The very thing that caused the persecution is what they preach. When the man said will kill you, they said, okay, but here's the word before you do. When they said, well throw you to the lions. They said, that's okay. But here's the word to you before the line. Then Philip, went down to the city of Sumeria, Samaritans were, you know, long haired guys, it didn't touch him. In their day, that's right. That's Americans were like dogs. You didn't give them a job. When they no matter how many jobs you had, you wouldn't give it to them. But all Phillips took the word to people who were not in the top echelon, socially speaking. They never made the who's who of the upper social 500


He went to the city of Sumeria. And what did he preach unto them? He preached Christ unto their men, Christ is the word and the people in Sumeria with one accord, there is the seventh time it used unity of purpose. The people with one accord gave heed under those things which Philip Speight hearing and seeing miracles which he set up did not God. Philip didn't know what he says, Well, that's why me It says Philip did them. And the people believed what he preached, because they are heard and saw the miracles Philip did. Philip did it by the power of God was it him because the word earlier it says in the book X city was filled with a spirit. He spoke in tongues he interpreted he prophesied some of operators a manifestation of the word of knowledge where the wisdom is starting to spread faith miracles, and here he operated these things. Yes. Any by the power of God that was in him, he did the miracles in scenario and the people are hurting talk the word saw the miracles which he did. And then they believe the proof of the ministry of the accuracy of God's word in the life of any man or woman are the signs, miracles and wonders that are brought under their hand. If there are no signs, miracles and wonders, it's just hot air they're blowing. Those Samaritans would never believe the Yak and Philip had there not been signs, miracles and wonders to go along with it. Well, if you remember the record in these scriptures, Jesus had said to the apostles, that they would go forth and wherever they went, he would confirm their word. He would confirm the word that they spoke by signs, miracles and wonders. And the word is still confirmed by science miracles and wonders. You young people who stood up tonight have just finished the class, you are approved of this scripture. Because the miracle of the new birth is evident in your life. You're speaking in tongues is the external manifestation in the census world of the internal reality and presence of Christ with Aidan. These are signs, miracles wonders, they cause the word was there and you believe the word and you receive well versed or unclean spirits, double spirits, crying with a loud voice came out of many that were possessed. A night when we spoke in tongues and interpreted we're not possessed.


We operate this by the freedom of our will. We are in absolute control. It is decent and in order. Wherever there is possession, you are not in control of your mental faculties. You have lost your freedom of oil. Like when a spiritualist gives himself or herself over to the Spirit. Many times they lose complete consciousness of what's happening People that that's the counterfeit well unclean spirits came out because of his ministry. Many taken with policies that were labor was. And there was great joy in that city of cemetery. They cause the word had been taken from Jerusalem deceit of religion, the seat where you would have expected to go to get real help from God. Ladies and gentlemen, you could go to Jerusalem then and you can still go to the spiritual Jerusalem today you can find out in fine a lot of talk about religion, about theology about what they think God ought to do. But you can't see God doing. Just talk, why are the signs the miracle, the wonders? You know, little later on, Philip gets a free trip down to close to Jerusalem. Airborne quickly. And I had to come out of Jerusalem, we've just been at one of the great festivals of the year. He's riding in his chariot. And he's not a note body, since knowledge wise, because he is in constant attendance upon the queen, the Queen's right hand guy. And he's sitting in his chair that he's reading from the book of Isaiah. And Philip joins him in that chariot. He said, Do you understand what you're reading? And he reciprocates with the reply, saying how can I accept some man teach me? Well, he just been at the place the center of all image. How come they didn't teach you just don't cop out. And other record in God's word that just slips up. A man had a withered hand foundation of class. He went into the synagogue. He was a constant. He was constantly in attendance in the synagogue he was a member of that particular synagogue. He had a wizard How did he get help there? No. Because when Jesus Christ came in the people there looked upon Jesus Christ with anger. Ladies and gentlemen, it says in my Bible, that Philip went to the city of Samarian I want to tell you something the National Council of Churches didn't embody nor did your particular denomination invite him over to scenario he went and when he went he preached Christ. He there were signs miracles and wonders devil spirits came out. And there was great joy you're not city because one man of God dared go that town apart with God's word. I'd happen there was a certain man in that town verse nine his name was signed. Which before a time before the time of the coming of Philips, in that same city of some area use sorcery. Sorcery as hokey pokey as a black art spiritual ism. That's what sorcery is. And you know, we'd be bored, out of whole beautiful, beautiful and B which the people of Sumeria giving out that himself was the great one. Wow. Whoa, verse 10. They all gave heat from the least to the greatest, saying, This man is the great power of God. This man Simon is a great power of Gods because he used sorcery. He read their GD Dixon reports. They he did all of this from the Edgar Casey trips, that dream specialist he was everything to him, you know? And they all gave he didn't say he's a great fan of God. He just forgot to say which God. There are two gods. The Bible says once a God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the other is the god of this world.


Which league they play any? Where they didn't care? Oh, you bet your life and therapies. No, Gary Do you have proof?


The devil is just as serious. As I've told people time and time again, the man who tells you a toothbrush with one bristle, it's got to be sincere if you're going to brush your eyebrows. That's right. You've got to have a little difficult time brushing it with one bristle. But if he can sell it to you, he's got to be sincerity if he's gonna sell you a place to build your house, it's got 10 feet of water unless you want a water house then you won't need a water bed. So you see this good I tell you this place is fabulous. We were setting a load group meeting back there this morning.


And I was telling them about a little wedding that we were going to have here this afternoon on toward 530. And I said after we were going through this I said well this is going to be a short trip and nobody called me until finally it dawned on him because he was best man that it was a Mr. Short that was getting married. So I just don't know what I'm gonna do with the weepy whenever you lose your sense of humor, I don't know Lord will have to return or something because we just can't live with us. Well, to him they had regard birth 11 Why? Because that have a long time. A lot. A lot long time. He had bewitched them with sorceries with a black art, the light art to Green Art


you know, isn't that something how people can be taken in like this for weeks and days and months and years. And think they really got it when all along they got the wrong stuff. Verse 12 is a beautiful things but when they believe Philip, when they want doesn't say they stood on the chairs and emotionally Yale. It said that one thing what Ted Ted sang and I Romans 10 Nine if thou confess with your mouth, the Lord Jesus and believe in the heart that God has raised Him from the dead thou shalt be wha that's right For with the heart man believeth on the righteous with the mouth confession made undersell the beauty. In this city, they believe Simon Phillips preaching the things concerning the kingdom of God in the name of Jesus Christ. And there were baptized not in water. We had water y'all wet. You can't know it. They were baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, whatever that name represents both man and was. Then Simon verse 13. Then Simon himself though he boot guard he does spiritually. The palm reader the one who counted is these every Sunday morning looking east. That sigh But himself believes those might have happened to Paul Simon. He got saved. On all that's not so bad is it? After all of those years of hoodwinking so many people he hears Philips preaching and like Gemini, he believes that preaching and when he believes he got saved, he had to get saved because when you believe you receive because all receiving equals believing and all believing equals receiving, you'll never receive I think from God until you believe from the devil. He puts it on its possession. He dogs deal with it. But the true God lays it out like a beauty for chicken or steak dinner and he said whosoever will make Philip preach the Word. Simon the Home Depot garden believed it and he got saved. That was wonderful. There's just nobody that ever gets below the Odyssey the everlasting loving arms of Christ. There's no one who has done so many things that God can see. Where he is able to save to the uttermost story who saw ever come. You can't get underneath the loving arms of God. You can't get outside of it you can't get above it is always there to me man's need when they will to believe and they can't believe until they hear the word and they're not gonna hear the word until you and I telling you We got to talk to you, man you can buy on a Bible, lay it in, lay it on the desk. You can give it to them in their hand. But that doesn't help them any because they don't know how to understand it when they read it. You can buy him a Bible, you can't make them read it. Even if you can't, couldn't make them read it, they still couldn't understand it.


Because the word of God says that Satan has blinded man's eyes. It's the spirit of slumbers the devil spirit that clovers eyeballs and you can read that word to your blue in the face and ever see the trees. Well, Lisa, I praise the Lord Simon gutsy. And when he was baptized, he continued with Philip. Wondering, he wondered, he scratched his head, the holding the miracles and the signs which were done. This is what BT, because Simon knew that he had done signs, miracles and wonders, but here was Philip doing, you know, really, without any protection without any control over him. He was doing and Simon went along with follow Philip around Ethan boaboa. When I could do Oh, by that makes me a little CIF. you're newer to verse 14. I'll add the apostles which were still left back were in Jerusalem, heard that the Mary I had received deco my spiritually receive the Word of God they sent under them Peter and lots, right. Why? They cause ladies and gentlemen, this is the first time in the history of the Christian Church is the day of Pentecost. This is the first time that when a group of people are born again, I've received remission asleep. When they're born again, this is the first time in the history of the Christian church that didn't manifest anything. And that's why word got back to Jerusalem. That they had the early church were the apostles where it got back to the top echelon there in the in after the day of Pentecost, Peter and John gang and Andrew and Philip and the rest of them got back there that something had happened in scenario but something hadn't happened. The thing that hasn't happened is then seen any manifestation, no evidence. The people say well, we believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, we believe God raised Him from the dead. They believe that but no evidence, no proof in the census world. That's why that word received there is the word deco mine is dynamically important. You understand? They had spiritually received that's all no evidence, no senses manifestation. So what did they do? Well, after they got worried down there in Jerusalem they sent under them Peter and was right. That top two men in Christianity Peter and John. They sent them immediately. And I bet you they took the first jet auditable. Boy is it God going rock nail verse 15, who when they weren't come paid for them that they might Lombardo entirely different word received a new Maha jail. They weren't born again. But they they had received spiritually but they hadn't won bottled anything yet manifested anything. First time in the history of the Christian Church. Today, this is a common practice in the so called Christian church where they teach salvation you know, to be born again. But that's all they know. There's no lumbar knowing. And wherever the lumbar knowing is they think there's a clear game or something. Right? In the in the first days of the Christian church, just the opposite was true. I know some of you people know how I'm used I've been through the years by all the committees that investigate God the pop every denomination sets up a committee investigate God you know the matter, the Presbyterians did a complete report on God or the spirit. I want to tell you the Presbyterians such a poor shape they couldn't even get a delegation together to go up there if they really are interviewing are the lower thirds did not say everybody they want to investigate speaking in tongues for instance, interpretation they want to investigate God. Oil boil water, calm and carry on life. Can you imagine somebody investigating God is God who does the investigating? Sure, he ought to be down here through your life and 90 Why aren't you speaking in tongues? You tell me you're a Christian man sit in that same view for 40 years you don't speak done my way you trust your 14 years old you don't speak in tongues you've been born again. 10 years? What's the matter with you? It's just the opposite. Peter and John got information that they had spiritually received, but no long binary. So Peter and John went down to the city of Savannah and prayed that they might learn by no Lombardo manifest for NUMA Akio verse 16 Or as yet key not the Holy Spirit no no Trinity boys like this 116 whenever they jump I just turned to Romans eight you better look at it because it's really interesting Romans 816 The Spirit lock yes sale well if he is a he he just lost his he and got up to be an errand Roman


you know he has a third person that's all it is is grammar that's all I've got anything to do with male or female he she the three sorry purchasing far as I'm concerned if it said CI I'd know the N


four as yet she was falling upon me the same third person thing you know for is yes. They had received but it had not fallen on them to the overflowing state.


Look h2o If that was to this point, the glass would be was full. But it had not fallen over yet. had not fallen on them to the end that it was overflowing. That's why the the Greek word if I remember correctly, tiptoe which means pulled over flowing. Now if I had this and I kept pouring water in here, what would happen? Okay, that's the manifestation. When you're born again you're full up to here. When you speak in tongues you're manifesting you're overflowing when you interpret you're overflowing when you prophesy you're overflowing it's bubbling out effervescence Alpha filter


that's what he says. That's what it means falling upon none of them only there was baptized in the name of us. And that verse 16 is a parentheses which is a legitimate grammatical finger space. parentheses. So you read on from verse 15 to 17 to get the great impact and not yet lumbar node but that they might llamando a numa howgill Then lay day Peter and John hands on them and they lumbar node received in manifestation not deck on my dad already deco my dad on borrowed anything, then received de la Banos for new ba Poggio and class and acts to Chapter Four when they receive a new myhockey own and line by node What does the word say that is a focus on what you can't get out of it. If you want to believe God's word. And if you don't want to believe God's word, you'll never get it. As simple as that. It's either God's Word or it is The only way you can receive I believe he laid hands on them. The laying on of hands is not basically to communicate. the laying on of hands is indicative for revelation manifestation, if you go back earlier tonight we read there, he had bewitched them a lot a long time, there were a lot of devil spirits present in that community. Now the old devil can't stop you from getting born again. But he can surely stop you from speaking in tongues or going further with the Lord. And he'll work overtime because salvation is built on absolute legal grounds. Your redemption is so legalistic legally, that even the legal is don't know how legal it is. It's not legal, your redemption is so absolutely sure that any man can come and confess with his mouth Lord Jesus leave God any site doesn't make any difference what he's done in the past, I always lay up to he's been how he's copped out trips out or anything else doesn't make how much Cindy is committed, whosoever will make him but now he's born again. That is of mercy and of God's grace. But now speaking in tongues, the manifestation, the alarm by knowing of Christ in you, the hope of glory is a renewed mind believing this is something you have to do and if Satan has blinded your mind, if he controls certain segments of your life, you will not speak in tongues until somebody delivers keep you away from the great power of God stop you from getting saved. But he can stop people from utilizing their cell they that's exactly what he's doing. That's why they laid hands on them. When they laid hands on Revelation. And Revelation Peter and John did the job took out the cause the cause is removed what happens to the disappearance? Once the cause is removed, the symptoms disappear. You have a splinter under your fingernail. It hurts like prediction. If you remove the cause, what happens to the hurt will disappear. They laid hands on them. And they learn by no they manifested Sonoma argues. Or they think that and when Simon s a w. Keti. Could Simon see spirit? He could only see lon bottling manifestation. When Simon s a w. What did Simon see? That's the honest and logical question. You can't see spirits he must have the manifestation. When Simon saw that through the laying on of the apostles hand, the Panama hog yo Holy Spirit was given. He offered them CIF money, cash in fist. He wanted to buy it. But Peter said unto him, verse 20, well, 19 Amir wouldn't want to do that. He wanted to buy it because he said, Give me also the power that whomsoever I lay hands, he may long been open NUMA How was he born again? How do you receive remission of sin? Had he renewed mind? On the lock? You're tripping out? Feel sinning? Because he thought he could buy this stuff you can buy things from God


Oh, Peter, I to be real truthful. And Peter says, die money. Perish the word perish is the word rock with you. With the well when old? What old? Simon's gonna die. What's gonna happen to his body? It's going to decay. It's going to rot. Oh, Peter just says like, that's the way I want to be on your own money rot with you. Because I'll have thought. Thoughts and thoughts are in the mind, now have thought that that's a gift of God may be purchased with money. This is where the problem is above the year. That's why we need the renewed mind. We need to renew our minds according to revelation of God's Word. Simon was sincere. He was born again. At all Peter not straighten him out. Now he had been a real problem. To the early church. But Peter and John worked with him to help him to straighten him out.


Because Simon was the leader, he had led people for years, and bewitched. Now Peter and John took the time to minister to him, the greatness of truth. And the first thing Peter did is tell him the truth. He said, If you think you combine this with money, you have money rock with you. That's how it drives. People just auditorium and listening to this tape this week. We're gonna build that dumb thing I'm thinking about pay for it and have $100 left over to buy ice cream cones for all of you with natural food boys wouldn't want to see ice cream. I don't know what we're gonna buy honey circles seem to keep y'all sweet. You know, people, if they don't want to share it with a word of God in the ministry that's doing the things that God and out moving. If you want to share it, where the excitement is, you go to Jerusalem. I know that's where all the people are taken with you and let it rot with you. Oh, that's exactly what I tell you. Some, you aren't going to take it. They may put it in the casket. But always want to do the delivery. The only thing money is ever good for expensive. It's always good. It can buy your health class, it can buy you happiness. It cannot buy a peace of mind. It cannot buy you to live you're spiritually within your soul and it can't buy you that but it can sure help a lot of people to get born again and get a knowledge of God's word we in the way ministry I'm not against the new birth they were mightily in favor of it but what we are in favor that people just don't stop with a new birth that church has been loaded with new birth people that don't do anything at all on vinyl anything they don't manifest anything why you can work right next to him for 20 years and not know he's a creep he never talks about Jesus on the job for free might offend somebody. Oh come on. That's just boy if you got the cure for ingrown backwards toenail teeth, whatever that is. Man people talk almost every week you're reading the newspaper about some new idea that somebody has found out they're gonna cure cancer they always talk a lot about us as we have the greatest cure for all diseases the new birth Christ and then the whole for Goat Man if you're born again and you don't talk I know it's rare we use you need to come away headquarters Listen to me teach or something maybe that'll fire you up but if not don't fire up your whole shoot because it kind of it teaches you how to charter but I can't and that's it well Boy, talk about he said don't like your old money rock with you boy because I always thought you know verse $21 neither part nor lot in this matter in the word matters ministry you haven't got a place in this ministry Do you think you buy your way for thy heart the seat of your personal life is not right in the sight of love is spiritual heart was okay cuz he was born again had he died either gone where I tried but in this state if he lived much longer he had a miserable trip going to happen. You know there's some people God is going to happen with the most miserable people you've ever seen. And you get miserable being with them because they're so miserable they're so negative you get negatively and they're so out of fellowship with God they pull you out when you're with them that God's when you put a rotten apple somebody once said in a bushel of good apples some our other the whole bushel gets contaminated. Well he really told him didn't. His personal life not right. And the word verse 22. The word repent is the word for that. You can't repent twice, only repent. One thought, if you get out of alignment harmony you can forsake of this eyewitness and what's the wickedness that he thought he could buy a gift ministry with a money? Just ministries are God given this way down, you're not educated spatially. You're not buying anything, God by His mercy and grace. And they said, Pray God, if perhaps oh my goodness, what a terrible hip perhaps no, if or perhaps above. Worried says in John, If we confess our sin, our broken fellowship, He is faithful and just to forgive us of our broken fellowship, and to cleanse us of all unrighteousness know if about. Simply read and pray God, that DH at the thought of dying hearts, or the thoughts of your mind, may be forgiven, the not repented are but forgiveness. And verse 23, beautiful, or I perceive, I perceive to perceive as deceit. Peter had revelation. And he saw that this boy, Simon was in the gall of lots, bitterness, and that's pretty bitter. And that he was being held in the bond tied up in the bond of art inequity. I told you this was a trip of the day about tying him up. And after Peter, look, I honestly he laid it out to me. Then answered Simon, instead, fellows, I'm going to quit. I'm going to take my ball and back and go back to the old leave no time and listen to the man of God. Peter was in John where those men have gone. This is one of the great shortcomings in many people's lives. A man of God can speak today and tell it just like it is, and they simply cop out. They simply won't accept it. Simon was a better man than that. He said, you pray for me. Pray to the Lord for me that none of these things which you have spoken, come lot unto me. And when they had testified and preached the word of the Lord, they returned to Jerusalem and preach the gospel in many villages of the Samaritans as they headed back toward Jerusalem. That's how I knew they came. Get this way and went on foot by point. Justifying preaching the greatness of God's wonderful knights, which were, you know, class.


It speaks dynamically to hard time doesn't mean you are the people that are going to have to carry them.


The way biblical Research Center like in our great stations, like tonight, summer school coming up, we can bleed our hearts out, work that word day or night, get it into God's faithful, but only the people can carry the word. I can't be with all the people you're going to be with this week in your school, your businesses, your shops, your factories wherever you go. But you're going to be there. And wherever you are, God is there. If you're born again of God's spirits, so to speak, God's word. They'll never hear it like you. You've just got to give your utmost for his highest. You have to give up your best to the masses. That's it.