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SNT 0494 Burial of Jesus

Burial of Jesus

March 21, 1971

Teaching from the Gospels concerning the burial of Jesus.
SNT – 494

Topic: DRAFT, Joseph, Jesus, spices, wrapped, separator, lord Jesus Christ, Passover, linen clothes, sabbath, hewn, wrappings, Pilate, buried, body
Format: audio
Publication Date: 03-21-1971

Victor Paul Wierwille was a Bible scholar and teacher for over four decades.

By means of Dr. Wierwille's dynamic teaching of the accuracy and integrity of God's Word, foundational class and advanced class graduates of Power for Abundant Living have learned that the one great requirement for every student of the Bible is to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Thus, his presentation of the Word of God was designed for students who desire the in-depth-accuracy of God’s Word.

In his many years of research, Dr. Wierwille studied with such men as Karl Barth, E. Stanley Jones, Glenn Clark, Bishop K.C. Pillai, and George M. Lamsa. His formal training included Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Mission House (Lakeland) College and Seminary. He studied at the University of Chicago and at Princeton Theological Seminary from which he received a Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. Later he completed his work for the Doctor of Theology degree.

Dr. Wierwille taught the first class on Power for Abundant Living in 1953.

Books by Dr. Wierwille include: Are the Dead Alive Now? published in 1971; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today published in 1972; five volumes of Studies in Abundant Living— The Bible Tells Me So (1971), The New, Dynamic Church (1971), The Word's Way (1971), God's Magnified Word (1977), Order My Steps in Thy Word (1985); Jesus Christ Is Not God (1975); Jesus Christ Our Passover (1980); and Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed (1982).

Dr. Wierwille researched God's Word, taught, wrote, and traveled worldwide, holding forth the accuracy of God's "wonderful, matchless" Word.

Mat 27:57-60; Joh 18:28; Mar 14:51

Mat 27:60, 61; Joh 20:9; 19:31; Mar 15:42

Mar 15:43-47; 14:49, 50; 15:40, 41; Luk 23:50-56

Joh 19:38, 39; (Joh 3, 7); Joh 19:39, 40; Joh 20:5-7; Joh 19:41, 42




Snt-0494_burial-of-jesus(vpw)(3-21-1971) DRAFT


Joseph, Jesus, spices, wrapped, separator, lord Jesus Christ, Passover, linen clothes, sabbath, hewn, wrappings, Pilate, buried, body

This set I'm going to be teaching and sharing with you tonight in essence was published in the March, April issue of the way magazine. I do not know if this is in booklet form or not. Maybe someone in here can tell me is the burial of Jesus in a booklet form. Emogene, is it in the bookstore? Well, we'll find out. If you if you want to, in all the depth of the knowledge of God's word, to review it and get into it, if they have it in the bookstore, it'd be a good piece of research to pick up and this week to study, she does have it. This is the time of the year when the great accuracy of God's word needs to be studied regarding the death, the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, about 85% or more of what people believe regarding the last week of Jesus life is erroneous, if the Bible's right, things that we as Christians have just accepted by word of mouth from one generation to another, and thought was accurate on God's word and was really true, is not true. If the word of God is right. Regarding the subject that I'm going to be working with you tonight from God's word, I to believe for many, many years, and you can't believe beyond what you're taught. And I was taught this from the time I was a little boy, all the way through my theological seminaries. That when Jesus Christ died, two men, Joseph of era mithya and Nick Kadima, deemas took him and they buried him. Tonight, we go to God's word again, to find out exactly what it teaches regarding this subject. Because if it is true, that Joseph Aviram, a Thea Nikka, Demas took Jesus down from the cross, and they buried him, then the Word of God contradicts itself and it does not fit. And if it's God's word class, it has to fit it has to work. Now, I'm sure all of you who are knowledgeable in this field who know the answer before I teach it will be again blessed as I get into the Word. Because no matter how many times you go over something in God's word, it'll always bless God's people because it deepens it. And it shows the greatness of it. In Matthew 27, we begin now, and specifically tonight, the burial of Jesus Joseph of era mithya, Nicodemus records with verse 57. When they even was come, they're coming came a rich man of era mithya named Joseph, who also himself was, Jesus says, disciple, don't worry even has a two fold usage in God's word and from context. You must always recognize which one of the two it is. The word even is used between 3pm and Sunday. And it's also used regarding even is used regarding the period after sundown before nightfall. The word rich man in verse 57, the word rich man means a man abounding in well. He was just not a man with well, he was a man who was a bounding in Well, that's the word that used who also himself was Jesus's disciple. You're going to be seeing in God's word here as we work it. That he was just not a Jesus disciple of follower because the multitudes followed. But he was a disciple by by conviction, by staying his mind and making a decision that Jesus Christ was absolutely right.


Verse 58, he Joseph Aveiro mithya went to Pilate and begged the body of Jesus. Then Pilate commanded the body to be delivered. Joseph of irama, Thea was a Jew, by religion, Pilate was a Gentile. Therefore, for Joseph of era mithya, a Jew, by religion can beg the body of a Gentile would mean that Joseph of EREMA, Thea would be totally unclean. He couldn't partake of the Passover, or be engaged in any of the religious services, which were imminent at that moment that year, the Passover, namely, you know, if you keep your finger here and look at the Gospel of John Chapter 18.


And in verse 28, it says, then led de Jesus from Caiaphas, onto the Hall of judgment. And it was early and they themselves, the Jewish religious leaders, they themselves went not into pilots or campus judgment whole. Why? Last, last, they should be what? For that they might eat the Passover. You see if they would have defiled themselves with this criminal would have walked into the Gentile area. They would have been contaminated and could not have partaken of the Passover and the activities that were going on. So it's tremendous in verse 58, when you see that, he went to pilot and he begged the body. He said, pilot, please allow me to take this body. He knew he'd be contaminated. But he made that decision, because he was a disciple, one who had absolute li renewed his mind and told himself that what Jesus said was true, was true. And I just know from God's word, that Joseph avera mithya was the only one who believed that he would rise in three days time. He was not convinced. That's why he went to Pilate, and he begged, he begged for the body of the Lord Jesus Christ. And Pilate commanded that the body be given to him, Joseph, verse 59. And when Joseph had taken the body, he wrapped it in a clean linen cloth. It says Joseph took the body and he Joseph wrapped it, Joseph did it. Nick edemas is not mentioned at all. Joseph of EREMA Thea wrap the body, the word wrapped. The word wrapped simply means he rolled it up. The best illustration that I can give you which will cement this in your mind is like you would take a sheet and just wrap this around the dead body. That's the word wrapped it. The word linen. In verse 59, linen cloth. This word you really have to be careful with because this word is the word Sindo. Spelled si n d o n this is the Greek word you've sinned down. The word sin down does not mean the regular grave clothes wrappings.


You know, this is also used in Mark chapter 14. If you look at it, keep your finger in Matthew in Mark 14 And in verse 51, and there followed him A certain young man having a linen cloth cast about his naked body, the word linen cloth in Mark 1451 is the word sin don't. He just had it wrapped around himself. Maybe like a like you think of a bathrobe or something. Same route back to Matthew. Joseph took the body he wrapped it in a clean linen cloth. The words had taken in verse 59 are in the active voice, which literally tells me that Joseph himself personally took the body. He Himself did it. He was a very wealthy man. Remember, he had servants. He had all kinds of workers. But when it came to the body of the Lord Jesus Christ, none other servants took him not to be his employees. He himself personally took the body of the Lord Jesus Christ. What a tremendous thing. He wrapped it in a sin dough. Verse 60, and laid it in his own new tube, which he had hewn out in the rock. And he rolled a great stone to the door of the sucker, and they had what they parted. Now, this is a tremendous verse here. He laid it in his own new tube. Which he had Whew. This was a memorial set Booker. Joseph of EREMA, Thea, specifically, on his own initiative, had this particular tool or set Booker, huge hewn out of the rock, for one specific purpose only, and that is for the body of the Lord Jesus Christ. Because the word had hewn ha de HGWN is in the passive voice indicating that Joseph had it hewn out by someone else. He didn't do it himself. He didn't have his employees his workers to specially he went out. It was a special job. It's a special set poker like a memorial set poker. What do you call these things they put above the ground. mausoleum. This was a specially huge out Sepak or like a mausoleum but it was hewn out in the stones on the hillside very near to where the Lord Jesus Christ was crucified. And he rolled a great stone to the door of the sucker. He himself did not do this again. It's in the essence of he had his employees his workers to roll this stone and the stone that stone was not rolled like this to the donor the SAP occur. They didn't roll it like this and close the door that sub Booker. They rolled it like this and put it on top. That's how it was done. All the pictures you've ever seen of the sapsucker they show that stone road like this.


In in outside of Jerusalem there where they take you to show you this, that they they've even got a stone trough in front of it, where it rolled in. Like this didn't do that at all.


It was rolled like this and placed over the top of this epoch. That's the word you see later on at the time of the resurrection.


Joseph didn't get back to uncased the self occur, the angels came down and they roll it away and they sat on it, it says and the the words rolled away that are used at the time of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. That's tremendous. I wasn't gonna teach you this, but just flips up in my mind. So I guess good for us. Let's say this was this teaching platform here represented the CEP occur, that stone was on it like this. Now, if the angels rolled in a way, this far, it would be off the sucker right? But that's not the word that's used. When they rolled it away. They rolled it away. Boy, that's something because had there just been a little bit of dude that could have just rolled it over here. But when God moved in the resurrection, and those angels rolled the stone away, they really rolled it away. Now Nick Kadima has had his men after, I mean, Joseph of aramith, Iya. Joseph of EREMA, Thea had his men to hear this out. Now you couldn't have hewn that out in a day's time. But remember, if you know the Word of God, some time before this, Jesus had already said he was going to do up. Di Joseph Amera Muthiah believe that he also had studied Raz the third day Joseph Allameh Thea believe that so he got he's worked men. And he said fellas, start hammer. Let's build a place for him during that three day period, that he can be in that separator that's why that tremendous verse 60 Verse 60, and he laid it in his own new tube, which he had his Ben to Hue out and he had his men to row a like kind of a stone and it wasn't just some little old thing on top it was a great stone that not one person was capable of moving it tip more than that to the door, or the mouth, the opening of the separator and he departed. Now class if you put this together so far, Jojo Bergamot the went to pilot bag for the body pilot said you can have it. He takes this body of Jesus down from the cross. And He wraps it like in a sheet, takes it over puts it in the separator How much time did that take? There was no embalming. There were no spices. There were no Sam Modi's connected with it. This could all be done. From the time Pilate gave him permission, until the time the body of Jesus Christ was laid in a separate pillar of Joseph Obama to you in 15 minutes it could be done, or 20


nothing to do except to wrap him Why put spices on him? Why embalming? Why go through all of that because God's gonna get him up the third day. This was what Joseph had in his mind, he knew this. That's why they've never been able to put these records together.


We're gonna put them together if we have this, bring our lunch bless your heart. Every 61 And there was Mary who? Magdalene and the other Mary sitting over against the lot said pucker bow. Sitting over against is in the same essence, that if if I said to you, Mrs. Oil and I and you sat in front of our fireplace that's sitting over here Kids. Look, here's the set Booker. Here's the set, Booker. The entranceway is down in this way, where they put his body. The woman was sitting over there against. And if I put, if I put my Bible down in here now can you all see it? Sure you okay? That's exactly what the women saw. What did they see? They saw Joseph a barrel mithya bring this body along with his men that were there. They saw that he was only wrapped in a sin dough quickly taken off of the cross, brought down in wrapped in a sin down and placed in the CIPPEC. That's what they saw. This becomes very important. Later on in the word, this verse, You see, every set worker may be a two. But not every tomb is a separate worker. A Sep occur is a memorial to understand. If a person is just buried someplace, that's a two. But if it's specially prepared as a memorial, I forget again what you call that thing. Mycelium type. It has the name even on the outside because we want people to remember even in death who we work. So we put the name out just in case the Lord comes in a hurry and forgotten we want to be surely recognized. Or some. So in verse 60, here, the words Sep occur, you must either write down or put your mind or remember because the two youth ages of two different words are used here in 60 and 61. A separate color, which is a memorial monument in verse 60, is the word spelled MNEMEION. Then Emiel, the verse 61, and there was Mary Magdalene and the other Mary's sitting over against the sepal occur. The word sepal Corrine, verse 61, is the word TOP both ta P H. O S, which is two. A place where someone is buried two entirely different words. As I said to you a few moments ago, these women sitting over against a tube, you know, this was other people were buried in that place. Joseph era mithya had had this sucker. The women were sitting over again, the two against the tacos. They were not sitting next to this one that Joseph of EREMA Thea had done. They were sitting over here, like sitting in a cemetery if that gives you a better picture. We're here at the open grave, and they were sitting a distance away at a top post, and another place where where someone had been buried, and they observed and they watched what Joseph of Burma Thea did. And of course, they noted that Joseph of Burma Thea did not bury him properly.


Because he did not anoint him with the proper spices, or wrap him with the proper grave clothes.


This word disciple that we discussed a little bit earlier, does not mean that he was simply a pupil or a student of Jesus. But he was a great believer, a great follower. He was not just one who took the words of Jesus sporadically but he literally believed he believed God's Word that even the DIS the apostles who had been followers and been so intimately associated with Jesus for three years didn't be like Joseph ever. Amma Thea dead. Keep your finger here and look at John 20.


Look at verse nine. John 20 verse nine. For as yet they knew not what that He must want. rise again from the dead, his own apostles who had been with him for three years. They didn't know they did no to the end up believing that script. They had heard it but it gone clean clear through. But Joseph avera mithya believed it. That's why that record in Matthew stands par excellence. It is just fantastic. It's just beautiful. Because there was one man who really believed that what Jesus said Jesus meant and that what he had reported he would do he would do. And so he built him a memorial. He had the finances, he was a man of great wealth. He had the labor and he had a spatially hewn out a memorial separator for the body of the Lord Jesus Christ. And when Jesus Christ was crucified, he went to pilot and you just don't walk in on the governor. Unless you're known, he walked in the pilot and he said, pilot I'd like to have the body of Jesus and pilot Grant had that requests. He was a man of prestige, Amanda of renown, Amanda of respect in the echelon of government of that day. That's the record in money. Trying to the Gospel of Mark, chapter 15. Hearing begins with verse 42. And now, when they even was come, because it was the lot, preparation. That is the day before the Sabbath. The day of preparation was the 14th of nice on


the night of the Passover, open the feast of the Passover, which was next day, or that following sunlight date, daylight hours. And that day was a Sabbath. The word Sabbath means holy day. It's like if our Christmas comes on Wednesday, it's a holy day. If our Christmas comes on a Sunday, that celebration of Christmas takes precedence over the weekly Sunday. This day before the day of the Sabbath, was the 14th of nice Psalm because on the 15th is the Passover which began at sunset. And that's why John 19 must always be understood and read in light with these great truths. John 19 In verse 31. The Jews therefore, because it was the lot, preparation, which would be the day before the Passover, which is the 14th dice on that the body should not remain upon the cross on the what? Sabbath day which would be the 15th of Nisa. Then it tells us in a parentheses by way of explanation, which is a figure of speech, something very important for that Sabbath, that Sabbath was and what hi today, it wasn't the weekly Sabbath. It was a special Sabbath, because three feasts Passover Tabernacles and other one forget weeks, I think, all began with a Sabbath day, a holy day. Because all of these feasts lasted seven days. The first day of the feast was a Sabbath day and the Last Day was a Sabbath day. If they came on the weekly Sabbath, which would be Saturday, they would take precedent over the weekly Sabbath understand, if they came on Tuesday, they still would be what kind of a day Sabbath day. We call them holidays, holy day holla. Holy Day. This was an holy day in Mark 14 Now in verse 4315 43. That is the day before the Sabbath, verse 43. Joseph of Emma Thea and honorable what? That add something that Matthew didn't tell us. He was an honorable lot. Consular which means he was a member of the Jewish top echelon ruling group called the console.


He was a member of the console. The word is Senator ID. You know, spelled sh N ag I think dri N senator in


the Senate drehen was composed of 70 men. These 70 ruled the religious life of all Judy ism. Now, Joseph EREMA, Thea was one of those 70 He was a member of the concert. He was in the pretty top echelon wasn't he? Which also waited for the kingdom of God came and went in boldly unto whom and craved the body of Jesus. The word craved is the same word as the word begged was in Matthew. But he came in boldly. You just don't come in boldly to a man's place unless you've got the respect of that man. But he came in bold ladies had Pilate, I'd like to have that body of Jesus. Verse 44, and pilot Marvel. The word Marvel means pilot question with surprise. marveled if he Jesus were already dead. You say it's something because he just didn't expect anybody to die that rapidly. So when Joseph Aviram idea comes fire, an enemy says, Hey, pilot, may I have the body of Jesus? Pilate said, Was He dead? He said, Yes, he's dead. And Pilate marveled. He marveled that he was already dead. But he still checked Joseph Aviram at the out, because He called the centurion, the one who had been in charge of the execution. And he asked him that Centurion whether he had been any wild dead. And when verse 45 He knew when Pilate knew from the Centurion that Jesus was dead he gave the body Joseph of Amethi


You know, in the 14 chapter hearing mark, in that various 50 He's talking to His disciples, His apostles. And it says, I was daily with you in the temple teaching, then various 50 and they all suck him and what that word Oh, it cannot mean all without exception, but it must be all without distinction, because I know one man who did not forsake Him and flee, and that's Joseph of Arimathea. Various 46 And he, and he, Joseph of era mithya. Bought fine linen, not any second rate stuff, he bought the best. The word bought means he deliberately purchased with with a, with a view in mind of who is going to put in. He bought fine linen, and took him down Jesus, and wrapped him in the linen and laid him in a separate cooker, which was hewn out of Iraq. And he rolled a stone under the door of Bob, same truth as we had in Matthew and Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother Josias be held where he was, what, again, the women saw it, and when they saw it, of course, they saw that he was just wrapped in a beautiful linen cloth, but not properly buried, according to Jewish law of the spices and the treatments to the body and the grave clothes. But they saw all this, while Joseph Aveiro mithya laid him in that separator which he had you now that's all there is in the Gospel of Mark now we go to Luke. Luke chapter 23. Boy, isn't this tremendous that you can see all of this again in Mark, you had no record of Nick edemas you have no record of spices being used for special treatments for the body. You have no record of any grave clothes being put on him. And only Joseph Avira Matthias mentioned in Luke 23. And in verse 50. And behold, there was a man named Joseph, a consular and he was a good man and what the word good man is added here, beyond what we had previously in Matthew or mark, and that means one, worthy to be admired, worthy to be admired, one worthy to be looked up to verse 51. The St. Joseph Aveiro mithya, had not consented to the console and the deed of them. There may have been 69 in favor of the death of the Lord Jesus Christ, but one of the members of the Senator and Joseph obey your aroma Thea didn't go along with him. He didn't vote for Jesus Christ death, he didn't consent. He was an aroma Thea city of the Jews who also himself waited for the kingdom of God. He really was a convinced believer. Verse 52, this man went under Pilate begged the body of Jesus was 53. And he took it down, wrapped it in linen, laid it in a separate group that was hewn into stone, wearing never man before was what and that day was the preparation and the Sabbath drew on or it got close to the Sabbath, verse 55.


And the women also, which came with him from Galilee with Jesus from Galilee followed after in beheld a SEP occur. And here you watch it and how h o w, how his body was what they saw that he was not properly prepared according to Jewish customs, no spices, no I meant no grave. They saw all of this, you know in the Gospel of Mark,


go back there to CHAPTER 15 A mark look at very sporty. There were also women looking on a fire off among whom was Mary Magdalene, and Mary, the mother of James, the last son of Joseph in a salami. Verse 41, who also when he was in Galilee, followed him and ministered unto him, and many other women which came up with him unto Jerusalem. Going back to the Gospel of Luke. And in verse 56, of this 23rd chapter we read, And they they who the woman returned, and did what repaired spices and ointments. Why do you think they returned to prepare spices and because they had envisioned they had seen that he had not been buried, how properly they had sat there, watch Joseph, a Bama Thea do this thing. Then they went back, and they prepared spices and ointments and risks to the Sabbath day, according to the commandment.


We read a while ago that nobody believed they all for sucking, they didn't believe he'd rise the third day. Therefore, did they have anything ready for the burial? No, nothing had been prepared. He had told him he was gonna die, but they didn't believe it. So there was nothing prepared. And Joseph of Amma Thea wrapped him put him in there because the day of preparation was about over with on the Passover it started. The women went back to Jerusalem and prepared spices and what now we have read one thing into that you got to get out of your mind that they went back that day, and prepared the spices No, I do not believe it. Because to prepare and compound this which is required for a Jewish burial, which you can read about new Jewish Encyclopedia, you just don't walk down to the corner drugstore and buy 50 Bam. That's true. It was something they had to go by, then they had to put it together. And this could not be done that day because the Passover started at sunset. They did this on the day after the Sabbath before the weekly sound, which means in my mind, they did it on Friday.


Jesus Christ was crucified on Wednesday. Therefore, Thursday was the high day which was a lot Sabbath. On Friday, they worked all of this stuff together. They couldn't come that day or the day following with it, because of the feast requirement. Then there came another Sabbath day, which was the weekly Sabbath. So the first opportunity the women would have would be on what we refer to as Easter Sunday. You see how this is all gonna put together when you work this thing? That's why verse 56 says they returned and prepared spice spices and oil much and rest of the Sabbath day, according to the lot. Now the Gospel of John, this again is just spend test after night tea Verse 38 And after this, Joseph of Amma Thea, being a disciple of whom, but secretly for fear of lat be sought pilot, that he might take away the body of Jesus. And Pilate gave him leave. He came therefore, and took the body of Jesus.


Hear in essence in verse 38, I have the record of what's told us in Matthew, Mark and Luke, only it's not in greater detail. But there is a record in here that is in detail in verse 38, that you must understand secretly for fear of the Jews we believe and have been taught that he was a disciple of Jesus secretly because he was afraid of the Jews. I do not believe this. The word secretly is the is the word crypto KR up to crypto, which is transliterated into English as crypt a burial place and during the period of the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ,


Joseph of Emma Thea was secret, secret secret getaway. Where was he? In the crypt in the set poker that he had prepared for the body of the Lord Jesus Christ. And he was their secret and away for fear of odd. Was he afraid of being killed? No, but he was afraid that they might kill him before he had the chance to bury the Lord Jesus Christ. That's why he was sacred at away. He didn't care what happened to him after he had had the privilege of wrapping the body of the Lord Jesus and putting them in a separate group. So all the while the crucifixion was on he was hiding in that little clip days and watching it all go on. And when it went on over there, as soon as he saw Jesus was dead he hotfooted it over the pilot he said pilot give me the body give it about a pilot pilot said okay, gaming body, he goes over against the body brings it in. He was not afraid to die, but he wanted to be sure that nobody killed him until after he had buried the Lord Jesus Christ. Oh Paul that's the word secret he wasn't hiding because he's scared if he was scary when you go into pilot just didn't want anybody to killing before he had the joy of placing the body of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in that special Memorial separator which he had huge, not the rock for the body of the Lord Jesus Christ. That's why he was secret it away. Oh, boy. Verse 39 And there came also what? Nicotine edemas does it say that he came with Joseph Aviram a thief? No, it just says there came also up and Nikka Demas didn't know a thing that had happened. He hadn't seen Joseph of Amma Thea going to pilot he hadn't seen Joseph Avaya my Thea do all this stuff. He hadn't helped him Not after Joseph Alabama theater rap the body of Jesus rolled the stone over, the women returned to prepare spices and Joseph of irama. Thea left and there came nicotine, which at the first came to Jesus by night, and this documented from John three and John seven where this nicotine was a rumor the Jews came by night. And Jesus talked to him about the new birth nicotine. I couldn't quite understand what this is that nicotine is. And When Nick edemas came, he brought a mixture of myrrh and aloes, about 100 pound swap. Here was a man who previously had come to Jesus by knife asking master what must demand do to be saved. Here was a man who anticipated the death of the Lord Jesus Christ because He had already prepared the spices and the Eichmann's, and it amounted to 100 pounds the weight. Now when you relate this to what the women went back to do, you can see why it couldn't all be done by the women before the Passover would start. But Nick Kadima says a wonderful man, to the end that he anticipated. He was a ruler of the Jews. And he anticipated this opportunity. He came. He brought up the the mixture of myrrh and aloes. Then it says verse 40, then took day the body of Jesus the Word day is the word he in the Aramaic. They have related the word day to Joseph aroma Thea, Nikka. Demon. No know. Joseph of irama Thea had completed his work he had gone away, then NICUs Demas came, brought the embalming material and then took heed the body of Jesus and wound it in linen clothes. With the spices here it is, as the manner of the Jews is to bury the word wound. Yo Yo Andy is wrapped. linen clothes is not sin down. It's an entirely different word. It is the word o Tonio o th Oh n i o n. Its grave clothes Nikka Demas came with the embalming material. And coming with that he would have proper galet grave clothes. Joseph of EREMA Thea had simply wrapped him in a sin dough, a sheep like linen type of thing. But when Nick edemas comes he brings the aloes, dumber, all the ointments about 100 pound weight and he brings the special wrappings grave clothes wrappings like this in width.


And he wound him verse 41. Well, maybe we better look at John 20 Verse five first here before I read your 41 Because later when John, the apostle and Peter come down when on the day of the resurrection of parents of the Lord Jesus Easter Sunday, right he's five he John stooping down and when he looked in the separate worker, he saw the linen clothes lying yet when he not in the way linen clothes is not syndrome, but the word. Oh Tonio saw on the day of the resurrection when John came there, and he looked in, he didn't just see what Joseph Baramati had wrapped him. He didn't see that but he saw the special wrappings.


Very sick says Simon Peter, following him, went into the SIP sapsucker and seeing what the linen clothes lie on the napkin there was about his head not lying with the linen clothes, but wrapped together in a place by itself. Again, that's not the word sin don't it's what they saw were the grave wrappings, the burial wrappings. And what a great revelation that that's why it said John and Peter believed when they walked in on that place on what we refer to as Easter Sunday morning, there ladies wrappings. The nap napkin, which was ordinarily placed over the face, which they did not wrap, they wrapped it here, and then around, then around here and all the way to the bottom of the toes. They laid a napkin over the face like this. And when John and Peter enter the sepal occur on Easter Sunday morning, there was anybody in there the grave clothes were there. The napkin was folded and laid up beautifully. In a little old niche in the corner, the separator the wrappings were perfect but no body inside. And ladies and gentlemen, no man up 200 pounds gets up through a little hole that be without disturbing the rep. Unless God raised glow. Boy, that's what convinced Peter and John what convinced and these wrappings were put on these wrappings were put on Jesus, not by Joseph Aveiro, my Thea, but by home What does the word say? Nick God, amen. Sure. Look at verse 41. Now in the place where he was crucified, there was a garden and in the garden, a new Sep occur, were in was never man laid, yet laid. Verse 42, they're laid day and the word day in Hebrew again, Aramaic is heat. They're laid he Nick edemas Jesus therefore because of the Jews preparation day for the SEP occur was nine when Joseph Aveiro mithya comes does what we read in Matthew, Mark and Luke. Then the record in John Nick edemas comes he takes that body of Jesus out from where it is and he prepares it with the puts the murder the aloes the anointment on it, grave use the grave clothes wraps it and puts it right back in the to the separator there lady Jesus therefore because of Jewish preparation, because the word because is the word Greek word dia, dia which means that Nikka deemas Did it quickly. Why that word is use that preposition because deal, DIA. Why? Because sunset was upon him. That's why it's the word because here's the deal without any contradiction, or without any fear. That's why the word of God is the will of God. It fits like a hand in a glove. That's the great of this wonderful record. and how grateful I am tonight. That a man like Joseph Aviram, the wasn't afraid to die. But boy, he secret it himself away, just to make sure that nobody touched him under any condition until he had done what he felt he wanted to do for Jesus Christ. And ladies and gentlemen, he was not a man who had been with Jesus for three years, like Peter and Andrew and James and John. But he was convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that what Jesus had said was going to happen was going to happen. And he just got ready for that man, I stand in great amazement of like other men in the Scriptures when God said something they believe Mary believes. Whenever God's Word speaks, you and I have only one obligation. Believe. We don't argue. We don't try to reason it out. We just act rich, God's wonderful maximalists when he said whosoever confesses him with his mouth believe God raised Him from the dead he saved right. So people want to get saved, they got to do what? Confess with their mouth the Lord Jesus believed God raised Him from the dead in their sight. You want to argue about it. Just believe the greatness of this record just blesses a man's....