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SNT 0485 Acts 10

January 17, 1971

SNT 485

Topic: DRAFT, Peter, Cornelius, Gentiles, poured, spirit, Simon, Joppa, born, fell, baptized, speaking, heard, tongues, Pentecost
Format: audio
Publication Date: 01-17-1971

Victor Paul Wierwille was a Bible scholar and teacher for over four decades.

By means of Dr. Wierwille's dynamic teaching of the accuracy and integrity of God's Word, foundational class and advanced class graduates of Power for Abundant Living have learned that the one great requirement for every student of the Bible is to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Thus, his presentation of the Word of God was designed for students who desire the in-depth-accuracy of God’s Word.

In his many years of research, Dr. Wierwille studied with such men as Karl Barth, E. Stanley Jones, Glenn Clark, Bishop K.C. Pillai, and George M. Lamsa. His formal training included Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Mission House (Lakeland) College and Seminary. He studied at the University of Chicago and at Princeton Theological Seminary from which he received a Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. Later he completed his work for the Doctor of Theology degree.

Dr. Wierwille taught the first class on Power for Abundant Living in 1953.

Books by Dr. Wierwille include: Are the Dead Alive Now? published in 1971; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today published in 1972; five volumes of Studies in Abundant Living— The Bible Tells Me So (1971), The New, Dynamic Church (1971), The Word's Way (1971), God's Magnified Word (1977), Order My Steps in Thy Word (1985); Jesus Christ Is Not God (1975); Jesus Christ Our Passover (1980); and Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed (1982).

Dr. Wierwille researched God's Word, taught, wrote, and traveled worldwide, holding forth the accuracy of God's "wonderful, matchless" Word.

(Act 8; 9; 19 - overview); Act 10:1-6

Act 10:6-20

Act 10:21-30, 33; 11:12

Act 10:33-45; Rom 10:17

Act 10:46; 11:12-16; (Act 8:14-17)

Act 11:16, 17; 1:5; 21:20; 10:47, 48; 2:1-4



snt-0485_acts10(vpw) DRAFT


Peter, Cornelius, Gentiles, poured, spirit, Simon, Joppa, born, fell, baptized, speaking, heard, tongues, Pentecost


Did the 10th chapter of the book of Acts. This particular class, midwinter class that was taught here with 20 students in the class was done on film, the film we made a couple years ago 13 and a half miles of film, 33 hours of on 16 millimeter sound color. This was my first opportunity to see the class, I had not seen the film before. And I didn't get to see all of it because I had to be gone a couple of evenings. But what I saw was tremendous.


It is a beautiful teaching method, and anybody who wants to learn and learn it communicate. And it's just terrific. Now being the kind of class it was here at headquarters, there were some things that were not accomplished that are accomplished many times in other areas. But there's something about headquarters that isn't true in many other areas. And that is that you can get down here on weekend on Sunday night. And a lot of the things that you questioned about didn't fully understand maybe or it's still gelling in your mind will become clearer and clearer and more knowledgeable to you. I'll for you, people who are guests in here in the auditorium for the first time tonight, you're just going to have to enjoy the Scripture with me. Because I'm sure I'm going to be saying some things which may not be knowledgeable to you at all. But to those of you who have just finished the clock. Until of course the many grads that are in here tonight, it will be a night of rephrasing on the greatness of God's magnificent words. The reason I've chosen x 10 Tonight, because there are only five records in the book of Acts that tell about the early church when it was born and what they did. And you cannot go to secular literate story to find out about the early church. You've got to go to God's word if you want to know the truth. The church started on the day of Pentecost. And there on that day only Jews by religion received a number of years later, according to the record in noxee, a persecution had ensued in the city of Jerusalem. And the Christian believers were spread abroad and they got down to Somalia. And that was the first time that Samaritans heard. Now, the thing I want you to see is that it wasn't God's will for the persecution. It was God's will for the word to move, but they like to sit together in Jerusalem. That's why they never moved out. Else. The Gentiles in X 10 would have had the word of God long before. Just like tonight. It isn't that God doesn't want everybody in the world to hear the word. It's just we haven't got enough people wrapping the word that it is God's will for everybody to hear the word heart as God is concerned. But God can only act when men know that we didn't take it out. That's why they sat in Jerusalem so long. And finally, there's the third record is in x nine of a single man. And he was a dime. He was a murderer. I did never let him in the Lair headquarters. I locked the door, put me a policeman at every door and said don't let that guy in here. His name was Paul. And lo and behold, he started on a trip to Damascus. That was quite a trip. And something happened to him on the road to Damascus he got born again. And he went into the city of Damascus. And a simple little disciple named apology. I mean Ananias went in ministry to healing joints and the fullness of the Holy Spirit. And he says in Corinthians Paul that I speak in tongues more than you. Then we get to the fourth record in the book of Acts, which is this record in Acts chapter 10. And this is to the Gentiles. 1215 18 years after the original outpouring nobody knows exactly what year but many years after the original outpouring in Jerusalem, it finally now gets to the Gentiles, and that's the record in X Camp, Pam. And the reason I've chosen it tonight is because most of the people to whom I minister are in this category of being Gentiles in the past.


And there's only one other record that's x 19. in Ephesus, and they're of course, in that record is those are those tremendous proves that all Asia Minor hurts the Word of God in two years and three months under the Ministry of one man, namely the apostle Paul, and the people who worked with him, a feat which has not been duplicated in our day and time in one generation, with our multi millions in mission. All the best denominations, we have all the periodicals, all the publications, all the television, all the radio, we have never in one generation gotten the word to Asia Minor. Paul did it in two years and three months. Although it's comprised of five records, and of course, x 10. Could be very interesting to any person who has a concern about the greatness of God's Word. There was a certain man in century have called Cornelius, a centurion of the band called The itallian. Bank. The itallian band was to the Romans what the Swiss Guards are to the Pope in Rome. They were in the itallian band was the was the top soldier gangs in the Roman Empire. They were the top brass. And here was this Centurion he was a leader of 100 of them. The word century and a 100. He was the head over 100 of those men of the itallian group. It was a devout man, and one who reverence God, the word feared his reverence, odd respected God with all his house. He gave much alms to the people. And he prayed to God, oh, he saw in a vision. The word vision is like you looking at a TV screen? He got it in the form of a picture. And I guarantee it was colored God God's not a piker in black and white.


So the word the word evidently is the word clearly, openly. He saw in a vision clearly openly. A bike bout the ninth hour, the day is, corresponds our three o'clock in the afternoon. An angel of God coming into him and saying onto him, or an alias. And when he current De Leus looked on him the angel he was afraid and said, What is it Lord? And he the angel said unto him by prayers and dine arms or come up for a memorial before done very far. And now send men to Java and call for one Simon, whose surname is Peter. And if you know his historical background here, diamond Peter, in fact, grounded been a Jew. Remember, he was converted on the day of Pentecost, he was one of the 12 will receive. Now already, I know we're going to have a real opportunity. They call it no do whatever. Go to a Gentile you wouldn't do any of these things. And the message was to Cornelia to send a Java or diamond theater. Now Joppa is about 35 to 40 miles south of accessories. Both of these cities are located along the seacoast the Mediterranean in lot in biblical times, was the province of some area.


He told him in verse six he lives with one Simon a tanner, whose houses by the seaside he shall tell the what's out others to do. Really interesting. Then for Simon Peter and Simon Peter was lodged with a fella by the name of Simon the tanner.


And we have zoning today in our in our city and we are going to take all the junk yards and put pretty fences around them. And we're going to get rid of all the garbage. Well, they had that problems because they had zoning I am called Simon the tanner lived where? by the seaside. That's the only place they were allowed to have their tanneries. They had to have their tanneries outside of the city limits. And it had to be in the direction where the wind would blow the stink away from the rest of the city. That's where Simon Peter was saying. That's what that verse is telling. Now he, Simon Peter shall tell thee what thou autists to do. Why didn't God give it directly to Cordelia to say Korea's This is the deal. God Almighty could have if he wanted to, he apparently didn't want to. That's why I went to Simon Thetis Why should God give it to you directly? If he's given it to me or anybody else to teach it to you? If you can't find anybody to teach it to you, and you're hungry, God's gonna have to do something. Because the word says they got hunger and thirst after righteousness gonna starve to death. Now they shall be water filled. So all you have to do is get hungry and thirsty, and God's gonna do what fill you He'll either send you to someone or someone to you, or you'll have to give it to you directly. There's no same thing God given it to you directly if there's somebody available who can teach it to you. And Simon Peter was that someone he taught Simon a few things as you shall see. Very seven. And when the angel which spake under Cornelius was departed, he Cornelius called Two of his household servants, and a devout soldier them that waited on him continually. And when he had declared all these things under them, he sent them to New York. White House Comey sent them to Joppa the Word of God is what it means what it says and a lot that Cornelius may not have been born again. But he's smarter than most born again, people I've met. So many are born again people I meet they say, oh god, does it mean God? When God said dope, Cornelius, then for Simon Peter down in Joppa. What did he mean? Then for Simon theatre down in Joplin, not in New York. And Cornelius, who wasn't born again, he loved the these words. You know the love the true God, but he had not been born again. He was filled with a spirit, none of that stuff. But he literally believed and people many times criticized my ministry because they say I'm a literalist. Well bless God, what are you when you sit down at the dinner table?


When you walk up to a cashier's window with $100 check, what are you? Why why do people want to be literal in every other field, but the word somebody has been trying to trip you up. I want to tell you something. When you can trust your banker more than you can trust God's word, you're flipping. You're being tripped up. When you can trust anything else more than God's word, we're being shortchanged. And when God says go to job but that's what he means. If you will apply the principles of God's Word as efficaciously and as logically as you apply the principles with your banker or with the guy who buy your groceries from you go and get some answers people read the Bible a lifetime to I don't think that's what it means. Understand it doesn't fit anyway. Beautiful. Go the bank with us well, and very safe get declared all these T sentiment Jhapa verse nine on the morrow next day as they went on their journey and drew nigh under the city. Peter went up on the house top to pray about the six hour which is 12 o'clock our time and he became very lot hungry. And would it be like Howard out we never need a clock when Howard's around his stomach always tells. You know, we were we were out in the woods the other day last Tuesday. I guess it was all everybody went to lunch. They brought dinner out there and everything else and how our clock or watch or something happened to it. Then we finally looked at it which half hour before 12 o'clock but Howard knew all the time was 12 o'clock when he got checked out it was the right time 12 o'clock if someone told him it's Peter I guess maybe it's Howard Peter Allen I don't know. But we've got other men have the same opportunity and he would have beaten but while they made ready he fell into a trance and my how my ESP gang like that one, you know? NyQuil a crystal ball tramp, like it just read a while ago it was a lot of days had should. And over in the 90s verse, it tells you again while Peter thought on what, that's right, so a trance biblically, is a lot Bayesian, it's not where you're possessed or controlled and not in your right mind that you know, something takes over the channel. It's worth just like you sit in front of TV maybe you lose your mind in front of that thing once a while No, but at least you can see the picture right now very elaborate. Here's what he saw have an open certain death for descending on him. This is finger as it had been a great cheat and at the four corners let down to the earth we're in all men are forefoot beasts of the earth and wild beasts and creeping things falling and there came a boys to him, rise Peter killing lots. And Peter said not so Lord. Nanay. For I Peter have never eaten anything that's common in the word common is the way defiled or unclean. Why? Because what he had he been in background, a Jew, he wouldn't have eaten any of that stuff. He the only eaten the kosher, right? He just wouldn't have done. And he said I will do it. This was done three times, thrice, very 60 and the vessel was received up into heaven. Now while Peter doubted the word doubted is considered deeply no doubt has an entirely different connotation in the American mind today, but that's not the word that you hear at all. It means what he considered deeply this vision. He had seen something Peter said I won't do it, but he had seen it he couldn't deny the reality of that he'd seen it. While he considered deeply and himself what this vision which he had seems to me the whole demand which were sent from what had made inquiry for Simon's house and stood before the US. I want to tell you God Fenris is on time


on Gene What else to his timetable is always synchronized, it measures it pips. Can you imagine these fellas from sensory have gone all the way down to Joppa and getting down there just at the time when Peter is up on the house top they're having a tremendous season. They're just arrived right at the time that visions over with just when he is deeply considering what he's saying. These men who have come down from sesor reata Joppa are standing outside of the house and verse 18 says and cold and cold they said hey sign up. Hey Simon, because you don't knock on the door cuz the house has no door knock on you know, oriental Eastern house. Right? Like windows don't have any windows opening. I go knock on a door if no door there and no fail. The Oriental custom is if you go visit someone you know him by name before you arrive. Good day alternate. And you call him by name when you get there because you have to know who you're visiting and you call him by name, the beautiful or they stood outside of the house. And they called and asked whether Simon who was surname Peter was lodged there. Verse 19, while Peter thought on division or back to Peter again. While he was thinking of division does spirit set on to him that spirit set onto him the whole tree man what arise their point get the down and go with them doubting nothing for I have us first he has a vision. He sees it like on a colored TV set. And then while he's deeply thinking about it that spirit by word of knowledge says him Peter gone down there and don't do dollar to you go with them. I want to tell you a God's really putting hold Peter through the meal is getting him ready for something. Because Peter, it says first time he has never touched anything which is common, you know defiled and unplayed. Then Peter went down to the men, verse 21, which were sent on to him from Canadians and said, Behold, I am he whom you take, what is the cause? Were for your come. And they said, Cornelius the Centurion adjustment and one that love it, or reverence God and up good report among all the nations who was warned from God by a holy angel to send for the end of this house to hear words of the verse 23, then called he these three minions, and lodged with him. And on the morrow, next day, Peter went away with them. And certain brother and from job a lot. Ooh, that's good. You know, like, God, they told him that their master was a centurion, a Gentile. And God had said, you go with these men doubt nothing. But he knew he was headed towards some Gentiles. And just to make sure, he took some man with him as a testimony, a witness that which I know from my knowledge of the word God told him to do, because he, I follow that I've been a Jew, going down to visit a Gentile, when he gets back to Jerusalem, what do you think's going to happen? Those elders are really going to pull his ears they're gonna get him and they're going to shake him, they're gonna bring the deacons and they're going to Geek on Him or do some point where they find out now just Why did you do? So Peter takes himself some witnesses along. Reason I know how many took it because in chapter 11, when they finally call him on the carpet, in verse 12, where he reports it, look what he failed, and the spirit Badme go with them, nothing doubting Moreover, these ones. Aha, how many of you take with him? That's what it says. That's what it well, we're headed toward Java. And tomorrow, verse 24, after they entered in assessor Maria Cornelius waited for them. And he had called together his kinsmen, and near what


God had told turns out he is to send to Java and assignment Peter, who was living with Simon, the tanner would come down and tell him what to do. And you know what Cornelius did? He said, what I'll wait and see if God's really going to do this thing. And when Peter gets here has plenty of time yet to call in everybody. That's the way most people think about God's word. God's word says something they say, Well, if I ever saw a miracle, I believe you're never going to see a miracle you wouldn't believe you saw 100 The Bible says if one rose again from the dead, they wouldn't believe God doesn't do miracles for your benefit. I guarantee you to get you to believe or anybody else. He does miracles because of His grace and mercy and because of his love, and not because somebody in a community needs to be one for the Lord. They go straight to hell. Trust they will anyway. I don't believe in God because of the signs miracles wonders, I believe, because God is the only answer a new the new birth is the only reality that changed my life. That's all I know. Then I've seen signs, miracles and wonders. It's like a dog. The tail comes along whether you like it or the adult life with the dog. When you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, the rest of the things happen to most people waiting around, Cornelius didn't wait around. Soon as he had sent him up there he said all these invitations that folks I want you over here we're going to have a meeting called Simon's coming down. And when he gets here I don't want to have to put on my advertising campaign and get on the radio and get all the churches of the community to cooperate with me so that we can have a your night that rebound well true. And as Peter was coming in, Cornelius met him and fell down at his feet and worshipped him. And this is what some of my Pentecostal enemies called slain in the Spirit says Cornelia spelled Amen. The other week when I saw some of you on the ice especially some of you have never had skates on before you look sort of anemic to letter something very sweaty, sick. Peter took Him up saying stand up by myself. Oh, so Mmm. And as he talked with him with Cornelius, Peter went in. And he found what many that were what? Gathered he, Peter didn't have to wait for Cornelius to go out now and get the people to put it in that newspaper. We're going to have a meeting. Cornelius had already gathered the people in that's what I call believing. You get exactly what you believe. And he said unto them, verse 28, we know how that unlawful and unlawful thing for a man that to do to keep company or to come unto one of another nation, Gentile, but God has loved glory. I told you, he wouldn't have gone if God hadn't shown. First he gave him a vision, then he by way of the Spirit told him again. Peter would no more have made this trip that you can check up a barrel a monkey's backwards, he just wouldn't have done it. But God had shown him that he went down. God has showed me that I should not call any man defiled or unclean. Therefore it came I unto you without gainsay without loafing around. As soon as I was simple, I asked therefore for what intensity of scent for me. Peter went without knowing what he was supposed to do. Would you go without knowing? Very few people would they say, Well, look, God, what do you want me to go there for? What do you want me to do? If the Lord says go you go. You don't ask why you want me to do he'll tell you that on the next place. That's right. That's what I mean when I say if the Lord said jump I never asked how high I just started jumping. That's what I mean when I use sprays like this that's where I get this from. The Lord said to Peter by way of the business spirit, go with those men. He doubted nothing you went with him when he got to Cordelia says place now he said What am I here for? Are you people get the idea that they always have to know everything a year or two or five or 10 ahead from their unbelief it's really good to know the old Jordan was at flood stage Old Testament remember God told those Israelites start across I will tell you something it was high what God has said start to cause you to think God you at least they got to put the waters back he didn't. The Bible says when the feet when the feet of the pre cuts the water water receded plenty of time. If the stupid water to come up to you will be time for you don't drown at this level. Most people stand back say Okay, Lord, take her apart and I'll go across that right? When you find God's Word, the thing you have to do, just start stepping on then you'll find out whether it works what I come over here for Peter said to turn the lights up very sturdy. And Cornelia said four days ago was fasting you know when he goes through the whole ritual he just told before. Therefore we get down to verse 33. Immediately therefore it kurnia said I sent to me and thou hast well done that's how I come now therefore we are we all here present before whom to hear all things that are commanded the from Reader's Digest life rough time playable. What else you want to know? You gotta have illustrations that are current don't you? Know preacher could stand in a pulpit unless he at least has two illustrations or three out of Shakespeare. Real intellectuals out of comp. Oh, we got to have that. Dig on. Get back to I want to tell you, sir, we empty the poll for today you asked that same thing that. He said, I only want to know what God's got to say. Man, would we clear him out today? I don't want to hear a late news report. Or bring please the best or something. All I want to hear is what God's got to say. I don't even care what you think. I don't want to hear what you think. I want to hear what God says.


Is that what he said? Cornelius was a smart one was, oh, boy bow. All things that are commanded they have a bow. And Peter opened his luck. That's a good thing. How is Cornelius going to hear what God has for him? Unless Peter starts Yak, darts talk.


Then Peter open his mouth instead of a truth I perceived God's no respecter of persons and that was a shock. Only God could have totally missed the gods Peter was a Jew, yet the Bayesian, the spirit you see that? Now it comes down to Cordelia says household he finds his great, wonderful Gentile. And the first thing when he opens his mouth, he says, Well, it's a tremendous truth. God's no respecter of what God is a respecter of condition. Not person. Whenever people fulfill the conditions, they get the results. When they do not fulfill the conditions, they only take the consequences. God's no respecter of persons. This is something we still ought to learn today, in most of Christendom as so called, right. But in every nation, He that loveth him or fear of him, and work as righteousness is accepted with Him. The word which God sent unto the children of Israel, preaching peace by Jesus Christ, He, Jesus Christ is Lord of us. That word I say, you know, which was published throughout all Judea, and began from Galilee, after the baptism, which John preached, are 38 How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with a new Maha do Holy Spirit, and with power, who went about doing what? and healing all that were oppressed of us. So all oppression is from Oh, diatribe and God's in business to heal all that are oppressed. For God was with me, verse 39, and we're witnesses of all things which he did, both in the land of the Jews in Jerusalem, whom they flew home day slew and hanged on a walk across was a tree. The Bible says so and that's all it ever was. It's got to be this. You know, the stupid thing after it got after the church got institutionalized, you know, enrollment, some of the rest, and they got that cross like that. No deal. The cross was a tree, that's all. Now, him God raised up one day, and showed him openly where everybody could see not to all the people, but under what chosen before of God, even to us, Peter and the rest, who did eat and drink with him after he was come up at tells you something about a resurrected body. Now, and he commanded us verse 42, to preach unto the people and to testify that it is he which was ordained of God, to be the judge of the quick the living in the dead. To him give all the prophets witness that through his name, whosoever believeth in him shall receive readmission up. Yes, sir. Man and appear just get warmed up. He's getting all excited about the greatness of God's Word. God's Cornelius and his people want to hear the word. There's nothing that's so turns on a man than people hungry for God's grace, if he's got to give, because he'll just pour out His heart. And Peter had come down from accessory to Java on the orders of the Lord and he just poured out His heart just getting into this thing. And just about the time he was getting ready really moving on God's word wild Peter yet steak these words the Panama the hog yo da Holy Spirit fell on them which heard stories as the Minister never got to finish his sermon you never got to say amen pronounce the benediction go the back door and shake hands and wish him well. While Peter yet was preaching, while he was yet preaching, the Spirit, Holy Spirit tell came on them which heard the word. The word heard here is heard to the end of believing. Romans 1017 says faith come about by hearing but hearing one thing what the words tornadoes had said to Peter we thank God you're here we want to hear only what God has to say and what God has to say much be the word


wild Peter yet while he was talking the word there it was. The Spirit fell on them which hurt they were born again. That's what happened to him. They just accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal ardency


now things really get good. And they have the circumcision which believed who are those fellas? Those six who accompanied him you know those six dudes that have come? They were believers. They were born again but they were still fellas for what? Because of their Jewish background those six who came with Peter those men which believes were what? Astonished flabbergasted they were shocked their eyeballs flip right that's what the word astonished really means. You know they were really flabbergasted as many as came with Peter well what were they flabbergasted because that on the Gentiles Oh, so on the Gentiles. Oh, so Oh, was poured out the gift of a numa howgill. That's why because some 15 or 18 years ago on these men back in Jerusalem the Jews in background the Spirit was poured out now on the Gentiles luck. Oh, and they were key word is the word also was poured out the gift not to give her the gift of the new moggill Holy Spirit. Tremendous thing the porn out word the word poured out is poured out to this extent like this. Florida poured out as long as it isn't poured out right? That's the word and the poured out dry. One of our kids had a little kitten years ago and he had him under water. You know, had him in a tub all the way under. He must have been a Baptist at the time. This is where we'll said to him. Really reprimanded him quickly and asked him what he was doing that Ford. He didn't say anything but he brought it up and he said I would of course actually that's the word poured out you see it? Now I happen to know something from other knowledge of God's Word. If it's poured out, there has to be an evidence. Because if that whole cup was full, that whole glass was full, it had not yet been one that all the Gentiles out so not just failed. The word failing verse 44. Is the word happy picto which means filled to capacity.


That word fell in verse 44. Class look here is when that glass would be totally full. That fell, fell to the bone. The next verse says It was luck that you can't pour it out spiritually until its first full that's how I know they were born again and pour it out that's what floored them it port was poured out. It was the pouring out that forward those believers who came with theater and what was it that shocked those six men? Boy it just really shocked them read the next verse For they heard them sing Yankee ah no four they saw them get on their knees and fold their hands and pray. No, they saw them go to church and sit in the front pew and sing glory hallelujah, just as a standard on the promises. No. Psalm read the Bible No. last there has to be something indisputable and undeniable that would be possible for these men who were zealous for the law, these Jews to be convinced that on the Gentiles also had been poured out the gift the Holy Spirit. You could have taken those Gentiles down to the river and drowned. That was not convinced those Jews that all the Gentiles Oh was poured out to gifts. No sir. You could have baptize them frontwards backwards and forwards that wouldn't have convinced them. You could have dry clean them you could done anything to him. There has to be one thing and there is only one thing which is absolutely indisputable and undeniable that once you do that white one thing not even the most legalistic Legalist can deny the reality that it's been poured out. And it says what they heard them speak with what are you like go around town around the country and say speaking in tongues no good to talk and you better be careful because you're saying contrary to what the Word of God says in Sunday you can stand before God not before the neighbors I guarantee you are they heard them a lot? And what were they doing? That's what my Bible says and if you can find me another Bible says anything else I'll leave the book it was there speaking in tongues magnifying God while they were speaking that's what convinced those Jews that the on the Gentiles out had been poured out to gift people it just takes you a little while to gel this thing the greatness of it. Did anybody lay hands on I tell you God did pretty good in getting Peter to go without laying his hands on those Gentiles he had to work hard to get Peter even out of Java Dominator accessory had to give him a beige and he had to give him the spirit to had to send men up to call at the same time


well what about this teaching then for people to receive the Holy Spirit somebody has to lay hands on him. But God just forgot to do the rules you know. It's like the bishop you know, he comes down and when he confirms the children, he lays hands on them. It says received the Holy Spirit's nothing ever happens if did most likely the bishop god


it's still a teaching today in the Episcopal Anglican Church as well as Roman Catholic. Only the bishop can confirm and it carries back to X eight where Peter and John were brought from Jerusalem over the Sumeria and they laid hands on them to receive all the prayers and they maintain that Peter was the first Pope or they were the big boys in droves one top three tips and only those couldn't minister.


How do you explain this? Nobody you laid hands on it. And they were filled with Holy Spirit I got so blessed with our friend Vic apply. He was a good Bishop forgotten to clap on power for about a living. He spoke in tongues you know, a good Bishop should and he is the one that used to always tell the story out. He was always lay hands at time of confirmation on the children and he prayed received the Holy Spirit nothing ever happened. Any recognize. But we go through the ritual. People you got to get the place. It's a quick play on around. Quit messing. It's either God's Word or it isn't God's Word. The power of God is immediately accessible artists. And if God's Word is true, why don't we clip? Let if God's Word is true, why don't we make people come back to God's word? Why don't we ask that our puppets have the word not just a scripture verse and then somebody dilly dally is a few illustrations and use it as a springboard tripping all over the country on the world and he comes back folks to Scripture again and we go home. It's the word that has to live. While Peter was yet speaking. A new Maha Dion fell on them. They were filled they were born again. And then it was poured out the pouring out his alarm borrowing for a day heard them speak in love. That's the proof in the census world of the real McCoy on the inside which is Christ to you the hope of glory until you speak in tongues. You have no proof in the census world that Christ is on the inside. You take good work God doesn't have good work without Christ.


Like you can't be born in the working world while Peter yes they are they heard them speak with tongues and magnify God.


And now we're at the next verse. Were some of my lottery friends always enjoy getting here is where the compensate very are where will you see when you're really born again, even filled with a spirit even speak in tongues, you ought to be immersed. So Peter said Can any man forbid water that these should not be baptized? Which have or who have long been owed the Panama Hadi own as well as wait. Beautiful, real wonderful understanding Jewish background law, everything else. These men were astonished. It says it came with Peter right.


What do you think about Peter? He was a little shocked, too. And the first thing Peter thought about after this whole thing was rolling.


We better make real sure. At least give them water can any man for good water? Try it you know it's like going back to that what is the defeat of a crime? Returning to that we've all done this holding in different categories where we've been bound by legalism and then we get set free and then we're just not quite sure.


It's like it's eternal life but they heard them speak in tongues but an amen for good water we better give him that he should not be baptized. What Peter want to do take them right out to the to the Mediterranean and give them the old John Baptist treatment they use this scripture to prove water baptism. You know Peter never did it at all. In the 11th chapter you know very 12 we read and the spirit Badme watts. Go with them. I'm 11 Verse 12 Nothing doubting Moreover, these six brothers accompany me and we entered the man's hails. And he showed us how he had seen an angel in this house which couldn't set a segment a job a call for time and who shall tell the words whereby bow and all thy house shall be safe. And as I began or as I had been speaking as the old tech deepened on my behalf, I do fail on them as on us. I thought And when it fell on them at the beginning and Acts chapter one and chapter two verse four, what is it say? They all faced with love, God fell on us. Then remembered I was back in Jerusalem long time ago reporting, then remembered i The word of the Lord was how that he said, John baptized indeed baptized with one but he shall be baptized with luck. Yeah. What he wanted to give them water and just about the time he wanted to give him water, then remembered i The word of the Lord how he said John baptized with luck. But these shall absolute pants, be baptized with a new Maha do not water. Pour as much then verse 17. Look at it, as God gave them the light gift as he did unto us. At the time of Pentecost, who believed on the Lord Jesus Christ, who was I, that I could walk? Who was I that I can withstand God, God had said, John the Baptist one do the fullness of the spirit of bigger ones, no water necessary. You know, I know that route says so in Acts chapter one, verse five says, For John x one five for John truly baptized with lots, but you shall absolute 10 Be baptized with or in for new Maha do not many days. And with the coming of the greater what happens to the list? Right. The reason class, the reason that water baptism continued in the early church for a number of years was because they were still zealous for what he said. So in x 21. Read it to you. The reason we have water baptism today is because people are zealous for what? X 21 Verse 20. Right. And when they heard it, they glorified the Lord instead of Celsius Brother, how many 1000s of Jews there are which two watts? Were they born again? Sure, because they want but they are all zealous of the lot.


And you can't get out of anything, until you're taught something bigger, something better. The revelation of what the church was, was not given on the day of Pentecost, it came later. And once the revelation chronologically in the Bible, once the revelation was given as to what it was that occurred on the day of Pentecost, you never read about water baptism in the Bible again. Peter here was at the householder Cornelius. He heard them speaking with tongues, but he was still zealous for the law in background. So he said, We better have a water baptize, but while he thought on these things, then remembered i The word of the Lord that John baptized with water as the Jesus had told him before he attended, but he shall be baptized with what? Holy Spirit? And who was it with same God if God did this thing? Why give on water? He never watered him at all. In fact, he didn't give him any water. He wanted to but he never got around to it. Very 48 And he commanded them I mean, 1048 And he commanded them to be what? baptized in the name of us. Then pray they him to Terry certain one. That's how the Gentiles receive. Anybody lay your hands on. They just Peter went in there and started teaching the accuracy of God's Word. And while they heard this word, they believe that and while they believe that they were born again of God's Spirit, and it was poured out because they did the speaking in tongues, or they heard them speaking what? They weren't possessed. weren't controlled. You talk about the greatness of speaking in tongues. You can't be that one. That's the proof in the census world of the internal reality and presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. There are no ifs no ands, or buts about it. In Acts chapter two it says when the day of Pentecost verse one was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place, and suddenly there came a sound from heaven. as of a rushing mighty wind, heavy breathing, it filled all the house where they were sitting there period under them cloven tongues like in the fire side upon each of them, and very furies. And they were all filled with a new Maha Kyo, and began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave them a lot. That's where the church started. In chapter 10, when the church moved down into assessories, they were Gentiles. And no Gentile had ever been born again before the record. And whenever a Gentile wanted to have the blessings of God that came under and received the oracles of God that had been handed down through Judaism, so to speak. But here without becoming a proselyte at all. Cornelius just accepted the Lord Jesus Christ was filled with a Spirit spoke in tongues. And that was the proof. Ladies and gentlemen, you could never have proven it any other way. There was nothing that would have proven to Peter and the other six brothers who came with him that these Gentiles were Christian, unless there was a manifestation in the census round that could be seen. Which is indisputable and undeniable. And there is only one manifestation like, and that's the manifestation of speaking income. That's your proof. I think that I 10 is a fantastic record. And it certainly speaks to our day and our time for men and women who really want to know the end. And we are interested in helping men and women who really want to the end.


They just want to trip out that service. Our ministry is for people who want to know the words.


And it's the word that sets men and women free. Do you know that? It's the word that answers questions? It's the word that makes life cohere in gel. It's that word that God has said above all his name. It's like Mrs. Wilson told me. She said, You just don't teach that big enough. You know, I think and she is right, because I use the phrase that God sets the word above his name. It doesn't say that. It says he magnified it above his name. That's bigger than setting it above. He magnified his word above his name. He not only said it, but he magnified it. It's the word that has to live again, like Cordelia said to Peter, we want to hear what God's got to say. That's what you ought to be saying. In your churches in your community. When people want to rap about spiritual things, you ought to say look what God's saying. We want to hear what God has to say.