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SNT 0463 Diabolos

August 2, 1970 and September 6, 1970

SNT 463

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Topic: DRAFT, devil, spirits, satan, possessed, lucifer, mind, fell
Format: audio
Publication Date: 08-02-1970

Victor Paul Wierwille was a Bible scholar and teacher for over four decades.

By means of Dr. Wierwille's dynamic teaching of the accuracy and integrity of God's Word, foundational class and advanced class graduates of Power for Abundant Living have learned that the one great requirement for every student of the Bible is to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Thus, his presentation of the Word of God was designed for students who desire the in-depth-accuracy of God’s Word.

In his many years of research, Dr. Wierwille studied with such men as Karl Barth, E. Stanley Jones, Glenn Clark, Bishop K.C. Pillai, and George M. Lamsa. His formal training included Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Mission House (Lakeland) College and Seminary. He studied at the University of Chicago and at Princeton Theological Seminary from which he received a Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. Later he completed his work for the Doctor of Theology degree.

Dr. Wierwille taught the first class on Power for Abundant Living in 1953.

Books by Dr. Wierwille include: Are the Dead Alive Now? published in 1971; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today published in 1972; five volumes of Studies in Abundant Living— The Bible Tells Me So (1971), The New, Dynamic Church (1971), The Word's Way (1971), God's Magnified Word (1977), Order My Steps in Thy Word (1985); Jesus Christ Is Not God (1975); Jesus Christ Our Passover (1980); and Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed (1982).

Dr. Wierwille researched God's Word, taught, wrote, and traveled worldwide, holding forth the accuracy of God's "wonderful, matchless" Word.

Joh 4:24

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snt-0463_diabolos-satan-part1-diabolos_satan-part2(vpw) DRAFT

SUMMARY KEYWORDS: devil, spirits, satan, possessed, lucifer, mind, fell

Take your Bibles tonight and turn to Isaiah chapter 14. There is a so called teaching ministry, moving across our country in which some of our people of the way ministries, have to a degree at least become involved. This Holy Spirit teaching ministry is under the direction of a man called Derek Prince almost a year ago or a little over. I personally made a trip to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to be in one of their Holy Spirit teaching missions. That's not mission. I tried my best to get in contact with him, and to have some rapport with him. But they informed me that they already had my book on the Holy Spirit. And there was no possible way whereby I could even get to sit down and talk about the Word of God. At that meeting, I saw people slain in the spirit and laid in the eye. That alone would tell those of us who know God's word, that there's something radically wrong someplace. A number of weeks ago, I had the joy of going through one of his tapes on the devil for you. The very field that I want to begin teaching in tonight, I first of all want to handle something regarding Derek prince, and his statements regarding this particular field. And then I'll forget about Derek Prince and get you in the greatness of God's Word. And you just make up your own mind whether the Word of God is right, or whether it is Derek Prince is an Englishman. And one of the reasons I believe that so many people in America like him is because they like his broke. They'd like to think that a foreigner is over here, and they liked the way he speaks. And he is a very highly academically trained individual uses a beautiful language, beautiful vocabulary, and has a tremendous personal appeal and presentation. I feel about foreign people like I teach in the way ministry at God wanted me full time to minister the greatness that God's read in Africa, I would have been born there. I was born in the United States of America, because I believe this is where my ministry is. When I travel abroad, it is only for a period of a few weeks here, there and yonder. That's all because I believe that God raises up a man in a nation to a ministry in that area in which he raises him up primarily. And that his outreach is only like the apostle Paul's where he would go for a period of time and then come back in his own country. I think Dr. Derek Prince really infatuated the minds of men, by his statements of, for instance, that he had studied Greek ever since he was 10 years of age, then using the famous cliche phrase, that doesn't mean our know it all, but leaving the impression that there is very little he does not know. Furthermore, that he taught Greek at a university. Now, I am not a Greek scholar. I have never portrayed myself as a Greek scholar. And I have never taught at Oxford or Cambridge. But I happen to know enough Greek and we happen to have enough people in the way ministry like the Reverend Mr. Walter coming who are able to check out anything and everything in any word in the Greek language. Dr. Derek Prince says, and I'm reading from script, that Satan is not a demon. That is true. Satan is not a demon. He is the devil. Secondly, he said he is a fallen angel. And fallen angels have wings chapter and verse an angel is a spirit. And when they say angels have wings, and angels are spirits, I want to tell you there's something wrong someplace because there happens to be a grammatical law of figures of speech. And if angels have wings, and the Bible says so it can't be a physical, literal wing, it has to be the figure of speech, which in the true realm is called Conde Sensio or Anthro papouasie. If you prefer that. Satan, he says, and his fallen angels do not move habitually on an earth plate. This is true, because as we will see from God's word, they are not earth bound, but then what spirit is Furthermore, he says, they do not desire to occupy a body, they are spirits, who are persons. Now this is absolutely in air if the Bible is right. Now he says that he works his statements from the Word of God. And I have just said, somebody is not working democracy then it's these are in that particular ministry of his are over here at the way headquarters. They are spirits who are persons. Now a spirit is not a person by semantic usage of words. A person is a person of spirits of spirits soup is soup, an apple butter is apple butter, and Cracker Jack is Cracker Jack. But do you know how they get the idea that a spirit is a person because of the figure of speech called candy since you were there are attributed to the spirit realm, human characteristics, and therefore because the operation of the Spirit manifests in the census world, certain types of human characteristics. Therefore they read into the spirit and say that the spirit is a person. God is not a person. The Bible says in John 424, that God is what had God meant person, he would have said person because God wasn't stupid as the author of The Word of God to have said what he wanted said, and to say it the way in which it was to be. Furthermore, Dr. Derek princep Demons are evil spirits. Now Satan is not a demon. He says, Satan is only a fallen angel. Demons are not fallen angels, they are evil spirits and they dwell only on an earthly plane. In other words, they are earth bound, and have a desire to occupy a body. Now he uses the Greek word Diablo, Walter, he writes it on the board. And he says this word, Diablo applies to Satan hollow and is never applied to any other dime Satan, and is always used in the singular. This is the statement of Dr. Derek Prince. I would like to challenge that statement by the word of God. Because there are three places in the Scriptures where this word diabolos is used in the plural. And he said that it is never used in any other way than in the singular. Tonight I will give you those three verses of scripture where I definitely know that they are used in the plural in every critical Greek texts in extend. Second Timothy, chapter three, verse three. Walter, Will you hand it to me please? Second Timothy three three now this word in the plural is Daya belie Bly and Walter put the plural ending on it Diabolo is the plural of diabolos and in second Timothy three three without natural affection, truth breaker, truth breakers, false accusers. The word false accusers is this plural word, die out bully, Diablo. That is the word in Titus chapter two and in verse three, we have another portal usage of this word. The aged women likewise that they be in behavior has become become holiness not false accusers. The word false accusers again, is the portal of Diablo Diablo line. And in First Timothy chapter three verse one this is a true saying, First Timothy three one if a man desire, the office of a bishop is not easy. It's in the next verse Walder. A bishop verse to then must be blameless the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober of good behavior given to hospitality up to date, Miss that there? Yeah, I missed the mark behind the one it's 311 got to be the word slanderers it in 311. That's what the word is. Kindly erased the one and add another one behind. 311 even so much their wives be grave, not slanderers. The word slanderers is the portal of Diablo, namely Diablo. And it's used metaphorically here in all three use ages, but it is still in the power. Now, the word another word is the word diammonium. But this on the board Walter. relating to this word diammonium. Dr. Eric prince said it's used in the plural only and only of demons. We challenge that statement. Because in the text of the critical Greek texts, it is used 18 places in the singular and I will give you all 18 places if you care to note. Matthew 930-311-1817 18 Mark chapter seven. Verse 2629 30. Look for verse 3335. Chapter Seven. Verse 33, chapter eight, verse 29, chapter nine, verse 42, Chapter 11 Verse 14 In the Gospel of John on chapter seven, verse 20 chapter eight, verse 4849 52, Chapter 10, verse 20, and verse 21. Regarding the word possess, as used in the King James version, which Dr. Prince takes tremendous exception, because he says that it should never have been translated possessed, it should have been translated demonized. The Greek word is diamonique. So, my What are on the board Walter diamond eats. So, my is the Greek word. The reason he does not understand this word or care to understand it and wants to utilize a transliteration of this word into the English called demonized is because Dr. Prince couples complete ownership with the word possess. In other words, he believes that when the word possess is used, it means complete ownership. Therefore, he wants to use the word demonize the word possess in, in every English dictionary has a very accurate presentation, I will give you what Webster says the word possess is it means to control to occupy or to dominate, to control automatically does not mean total control for example, and army can possess a country go in and take over possess the country. But they never completely control everybody in there, because there could be an underground movement against their occupation of that country. There would be people within the confines of that possession, who would still be free, therefore, to possess does not mean total absolute control. Like the human mind, when the Word of God talks about possessed this word diamond, it's so my it does not mean automatically, total possession and evil spirit can possess one segment of the human mind. And having possessed that segment, the word possession would be an accurate translation of that Greek word. It simply means to control that one segment or to occupy that one portion, or to dominate that individual at that one point, the rest of his mind is still the same as it was. As we get into the Word tonight. We perhaps will be in like where a person had a deaf and dumb spirit. This spirit controls that part of the mind that makes that person deaf and dumb. The rest of that mind is clear as a bail. That's the meaning and the usage of those words. Now, all the men and women in the armed forces of our government are American. But only one American is the commander in chief. All the devil spirits in the armed forces of the evil spirit government are devils. But only one Devil is the commander in chief. Now the word that we have put up here on the board for you All of these words dealing with the devil or devil spirits. The reason they want to take the word like Diablo, or like diammonium are like die money. So why? The reason they want to take this word or die Mode isn't the reason they want to take those Greek words and translate them demon is one of the smartest tricks of Satan that he can pole. Those are Greek words. Why not use an English translation if you're an English speaking person? If you want to speak Greek, let's talk Greek. But if you want to talk English, let's talk English. And the translation of the word Dymo, or any of these words basically is devil, or Devil spirits. That's the translation of the word Dymo. Diamond is Greek. transliterated by them into a word called demon. And among all the so called people who think they know what they're talking about in the Holy Spirit field that I've met with, they all speak about it as demon possession, or demon control, or demon this or demon that was they want to talk Greek. Let's talk Greek all the way through. If you want to talk English, let's translate the word like it's supposed to be devils, fowl de VI, Al. But the devil doesn't want you to translate the word demon devil, because the Greek word demon in English sounds tender and soft compared to the word devil. And he is so he is so slight, he is so tricky, that he does the best he can with God's children, to not even allow them to say what the word really says. That is that he is the devil. And his little old birds working under him are devil spirits, they'd rather call it demon.


Don't you ever use that word. You call him by law, he is an English name, late devil. Now to get to this subject of who he is, what he is how we operate.


We go, first of all to Isaiah. Now I trust that you are cognizant of the Word of God, that you realize that where I put these great truths are from God's word that I'm going to set for you tonight. fit somewhere between Genesis one one and Genesis one to now back in Genesis one one in the beginning when God created the heavens and the earth he also created some supernatural spirits these supernatural created spirits in the beginning maybe before I go to Isaiah to go deep Don't worry, I'll be around their water if you'd help me find some of these tonight to help our people because you may use my Bible use your own and just keep me supplies so I can give these people the benefit of all this time we spent working this word you think you're 28? Verse 17 He zekiel 2817 This is talking about a supernatural created spirit called Lucifer


dinehart was lifted up because of dice beauty. Now has corrupted by wisdom by reason of dice brightness. This supernatural created spirit in the beginning was the beauty one And that's the thing I want you to note. Take a look at Colossians one, by the way, I'll find it here. Colossians chapter one, you have it. Verse 16, here is a verse of Scripture. Not in that book, dealing with the devil by whoever wrote love it entirely out of order. But I'll read it with you, because it fits into our pattern here of dealing with this Lucifer, for verse 16, For by him by God, were all things created, that are in heaven, that are on earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers. All things were created by God and for God, by him, and for him, not by Jesus Christ as love, it says then for Jesus Christ, but by God, because verse 16, and the first in verse 17, are a parentheses within the body between 15 and 18. Now, turning to odd sail 1412, we will check out exactly some of the great truths regarding this particular subject. In Isaiah, chapter 14, verse 12, how are style fallen from heaven? Oh, Lucifer, son of the morning. How are cut down to the ground, which did weaken the nation? How are Tao fallen from heaven. He couldn't fall from that lofty position had he never been there. His fall from heaven, keeping your finger here in Isaiah for a moment. His fall from heaven. And his first manifestation upon Earth is recorded in Genesis chapter three. And in verse one, he who has fallen from heaven, is here called in verse one. Now that serpent was more subtle. The reason I know this to be true, is because in Revelation chapter 12, of Revelation. And in verse nine, don't worry that God says, And the great dragon was cast out. That old walk. The reason he's called old serpent is because he was old from Genesis three one. And here we're reading in the book of Revelation, which is still future in coming to pass. He's had a long time as the serpent. That's why it's called the old serpent. The dragon, that old serpent, called the lot. Devil is called the devil and he is called one who would you see the beholder? He was cast out into the earth and His angels, His spirits were cast out was with him back to Isaiah. How are our fallen from heaven? That is the record which we have just read the words Oh Lucifer, sunnah morning. The text literally reads Oh Lucifer, oh, Morning Star. According to zekiel Chapter 28 And verse 14. It says, Thou art the anointed cherub. The word anointed cherub. The word tab means covering. Thou art the anointed cherub, the covering. And I have set the Dow was a bomb The Holy mouth of God. He sat at the top echelon Lucifer did. He was the morning star.


There was only one above this supernatural created spirit and that was done. Only God was above Lucifer. That is why he is called the anointed Chad that covered. That is why it says he was a Fonda holy MOUTH of God, he was as high up as God could put him, like holy. This put Lucifer, next to God in authority and power and everything else. Now, he is called, Dawn morning, what? You just watch this thing by in Revelation chapter 22. Revelation chapter 22. I think in verse 16, I, Jesus have sent my angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of home. And the bride and morning what was that? The Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord Jesus Christ, the offspring of David. He is the bright and morning plot. But in the beginning, who was the bright and morning star, first in command under God, he blew it. He made a big boo boo. He tripped out. But who now is next to God, the Lord Jesus Christ.


He is the morning star. He is the morning star. God first, who's second, His Son Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.


He is my morning star in the book of Revelation. Or in the beginning, Lucifer was that morning star. First Corinthians. That same truth in chapter 15, or that stuff just makes chills glove down your spine. The greatness of God's wonderful, much less word. First Corinthians 15, verse 27,


for he has put all things under his feet. But when he says, All things are put under him, it is manifest, that he is acceptance, which did put all things under him. And when all things shall be subjected or subdued, subjected onto him, then then then shall the sun also himself be subject unto Him, who put all things under him, that God may want? Not proof again, that he will be second. God first, Jesus Christ, the bright 10 morning stars that second. That second of the angels, the supernatural created spirits which God created. His name in the Bible is called my field. He is the only one of these three, supernatural created leading spirits who is called in the Bible and Archangel, he's the only one into chapter nine. Do chapter nine verse one chapter. I'm trying my best to keep my mind state on the logic and the simplicity of this to make it living and real for you. Because I know there are tremendous things in here if we can get them taught to you, yet might kill the Ark Angel When contending with the Diab he disputed about the body of Moses dirt not bring against him a railing accusation but said the Lord rebuke might feel the archangel when contending with her that it is the archangel Michael's major assignment to find that out, that's why he is an archangel. It is he who fights that in Revelation, chapter 12 Verse seven, and there was war in what? Heaven? Mike yo and his angels fought against Whoa, that dragon. And the dragon is the serpent is the old devil. He's Satan. Mike yo, and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon thought, and here's what Uh huh. So we got some devil spirits as well as the down. But Mike girls job is to fight the devil and devil spirits. That's why he is an archangel. And what's one of the three originally supernaturally created spirit leaders in Daniel chapter 12. Daniel chapter 12. And birth one. And at that time, John Michael stand up. The great prince who stand up for the children of DI water. What do you see Mike, y'all the archangel is always fighting the devil and fighting the devil he is always fighting or standing for the children of God, people. The other angel supernaturally created spirit. It's called Gabriel in the bank. Gabriel is God's national messenger carrier.


Luke chapter one. Verse 19. And the angel answering said unto him, this is not Darius.


I am Juan Gabriel, who would stand in the presence of Love of God. I am Gabriel who stands in the presence of God. It was the same Gabriel who brought the message to marry the mother of the Lord Jesus Christ. Now that said for you, in order the teaching of God's words, regarding these three, supernaturally created spirits, namely, Lucifer, my kill, and Gabriel. Now we want to trace this Lucifer spirits right down the line. He killed 28 again please. And now we begin with verse 11. Moreover, the word of the LORD came unto me, says, He DQ 2811 done a man take up a lamentation against the King of Pirates and Sandy him not said, The Lord does. Thou sealer sila stop that some follow up wisdom and perfect interview. This is a description of Lucifer at the time of His creation. He sealed up the sum of wisdom anywhere perfect in beauty. Thou has been in Eden the garden of God He was in Eden because of what God farms made and created. Every precious stone was like covering the heart of Topaz. And the diamond bow, the onyx, the Jasper, Sapphire, the Emerald, the carbuncle, and gold, and workmanship or dye tabouret dye pipes were prepared in the in the date that style was created. These are used to indicate is beauty.


His likeness,


because later on in the word you will find, perhaps not in tonight's station, but tomorrow night. No worry that God says that Satan portrays himself as an angel of light. Originally he was all of this and all of his plays and brewery has loosened. Now aren't very 14 the anointed champ the coverage and I've set the so thou was upon the Holy mother of God now has to walk up and down in the midst of the stones of fire now was perfect in thy ways from the day that Tao was created. Until iniquity was found in me. By the multitude of di merchandise, they have failed the midst of the with violence, and Tao have been, therefore, I will cast thee as profane out of the mouths of God. And I will destroy the old covering child from the midst of the stones of fun. My heart was lifted up because of die beauty. Don't have has corrupted thy wisdom, by reason of die brightness, I will cast thee to the ground, I will lay the before King, that they may be hold the Dow has defiled by sanctuary by the multitude of dying iniquity by the multitude of died traffic. Therefore, when I bring forth a fire from the midst of the and it failed in our day, and I will bring the to ashes upon the earth, in the sight of all them not beholding all day that nosy among the people shall be astonished that these thou shalt be a terror and never shall not be anymore in Isaiah 14 We will show you some more aspects of this Lucifer. Isaiah 14 And in verse 12. How are Tao fallen from heaven, oh Lucifer, son of the morning how I got cut down to the ground, which this weekend, the nation's highest explained to you how he was falling from heaven. How this Lucifer was the son of the morning. Second in command, how Jesus Christ, God's only begotten son is now second in command and will be in the book of Revelation is well, when I did not cover the word cut down to the ground. When he was high up, his name was what? Lucifer? When he was cut down, his name became take the old serpent, the dragon, that's why he was cut down to the ground.


Perhaps I'll show you more of this in a few minutes.


Or Tao have set in Beinhart verse 30 I will ascend into heaven and I will exalt my throne above the stars of Oh, that is beautiful. If you just take the s office stars or there is only one true God, one great spirits that would read, I will exalt my throne above the star, God who is the star? The star? Ah, he's toast on, you know, nobody stars above him. God is topstar Walter and I were discussing this being in the genitive case. It puts the emphasis on God and not on the storing of it. That's why it's genitive. And if you were reading it, in that capacity, you would read it, I will exalt my throne above God saw. Notice the I will. In these verses that I'm reading, Satan's I will ferrets have a will. Top spirit, Satan says I will. First he said it in verse 13. I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my name. I will set upon the amount of the congregation meaning he's going to set on top of all the people in the sizes, I will vary 14, ascend above da heights to the cloud, I will be the most top one God said to him, you have now shall be brought down to hell. Outside the pep they that CD shall now with deep and eyeballs you know closed a narrowleaf look upon these. And consider the saying is this the man that made the earth to tremble? Is this the one who made the earth to shake and tremble? That did shake kingdom that made the world as a wilderness and destroyed the cities around that openness. House of his prisoners


Look at Romans eight Romans eight, verse 22. Are we No. Not a whole creation. Grown up enter bailiff in pain together until one because of this cataclysmic occurrence.


When Lucifer, this one in second command, wanted to take over top control or want to do occupies God Almighty seat and because of that cataclysmic fight that terrible disaster, the whole earth bonus. And for Bayliss, the gathering pays on Gildan. This is the reason that Genesis Chapter Two chapter one, verse two, they said like it states it and I'll read it again to you. Genesis one, two. And the earth became without form and void and darkness was upon the faces of the day. In the beginning of Genesis one one when God created the heavens and the earth. He did not create them to booboo without form and void. God created it perfectly up to that perfect creation. Lucifer trying to usurp the throne of God. You could literally call it mutiny. You could call it war in heaven because that's exactly what it was. It's a war. It's a fight. And because of that tremendous fight, the earth became it wasn't created to go below, but it became to move Who which means without porn and without boys, it became that way. Because of what occurred between Lucifer, that second in command and God, the Creator of heaven and earth, the most time Revelation Chapter 12 And verse four please add his tale as to be the figure Tandy Sensio again, but I'm not going to cover all the figures, I'm after the great truth tonight, for people to lumps in their life, see who Satan's really is. And his tale drew the third part of the stars of heaven and did cast them down to earth. The third part of the stars from heaven, are spirits. And when Lucifer got tossed out, so to speak now, that's the big one he was, in all this trouble trying to make himself God, when he got together with 1/3 of the angels of heaven, but they couldn't push God off of his throne. And when God got finished with him, he Lucifer and 1/3 of the angels of heaven, were cast down, and Lucifer is the devil. Though 1/3 of the angels that were cast out with him are a devil or devil spirits. There is only one commander in chief and that is the devil but all those others are devil in verse seven of chapter 12 It says a know what's wrong and what's not right. Everybody wants to talk peace all the time. And all that other baloney God talks roar. It is a beautiful trick of the devil today. Everybody want to talk peace? You know why it's such a beautiful thing? Because then you're never gonna fight the devil. You're gonna be so peaceful. The devil will beat the hell out of you. That's right. Because we think it's, it's terrible to have to fight. Well, I want to tell you, you're in one, whether you know it, or whether you don't know it. And if you don't know if you've been born, God's man had been sucked in get you these years. You better be finding out what it is. The Bible says it's the devil and devil spirits and it's a fight that the Lord. That's why the Scripture says we are to resist the devil. Most people want to pray about it. Quit praying and fight. Yeah, you have prayed way too long. You're you look way too religious. But he just beat nine out of God's people. Because you're not fighting. You're not resisting him. You're just praying about. You're memorizing Scripture, but you're not talking him into kisser with him. Right? What is the Scripture and everybody else except the one that you've got to direct your fire Satan words? What what do you got that spiritual hold strong for loaded? Pull out your six guns give it to him. Right. As long as they're in the pocket, you don't scare him. He doesn't care how many scriptures you know, he doesn't care whether you while you're in your earrings on the top of your toes. He doesn't care to go around quoting scripture every Tom, Dick and Harry, you have never heard anyone bid on to start directing authority. And the Word of God says there was war in heaven that swatted me. And it says that this war in heaven was between Michael and his lot angels who fought against the dragon and the dragon thought and here's what and therefore because he was kicked out Lucifer. He became called What's the Bible says? yours,


that serpent diable


and those other names we get. Now there are two basic words I want to cover with you, Joseph. I want to set these two words with a minute accuracy in your mind. And on your piece of paper if you've got the word is the word Diablo. This word up here the other word is the word Satan. The word satan in English is in the Aramaic and Hebrew spelled the same way. It is pronounced in Hebrew or in Aramaic, not time. In English, it is pronounced Satan so that when people respond to those situations or those circumstances, they will be manifesting the priority in Job chapter one. Job chapter one. And in verse 10 verse nine, it says, Then stop times Satan, answered the Lord and said, duck job fair God for not have has not now made an hej about him and about his house, and about all that he has on every side now has left the work of his hands and he has substance is increased in the land. What for sale in hand now in touch all that he has, and he wrote curtsy to thy face. And the LORD said unto Sabaton, or psyche, behold, all that he has is in my power only upon himself, but not for diamonds. Hear in job he is. Satan is the great accuser of God's believers.


He is the indirect cause of peace people problems I'll show you another in first Peter one, then I will synthesize it for you


First Peter, chapter five verse eight, Be sober, be vigilant, because your luck, adversary sought time translated into English here the devil as a roaring lion walketh about seeking whom he may divide. He is simply the adversary is the accuser and is the indirect cause of Man's problem when this Satan what when when this spirit, the same Spirit deals directly with people. He is called Diavolo. Translated thermal meaning direct dealings with People First John chapter three first John is the one named Peter of course was Diablo this one in first Peter five eight. The word is Diablo. Walter says what what did I miss there? Walter, come up here. What did I miss? Like Diablo


to deal directly with people? In other words, talking, referring your adversary the devil as a roaring lion lion dealing directly with people not going through channels. causes something that causes something else and causes something to happen.


But the wanting job indirect Yeah, because he's called Satan. Oh, Miss marks. Sorry.


Thank you Well, I told him watch over me tonight so I get this thing all lined up. Beautiful, you got that correction? Do I go over it again, I think I bet there are two major use ages. One is the word Satan. And as Satan, he is the indirect cause of people's problems, via situations, circumstances, and so forth. And as such, he is the accuser


while as the devil, the word devil being the word Dr. billows. He deals directly with people as the adversary of First Peter five, eight. And as we shall see here in First John chapter three. And in verse 10. In this the children of God I manifested and the children of the dyeable directly children of the demo, because he's dealing directly with people as the de Abalos.


In the Gospel of John Chapter Eight John chapter eight, verse 44, Ye are of your father, di D, Abalos, Diavel, direct


dealings with people. These two major names of that top spirit, that commander in chief, sometimes, or Satan, and the devil are manifested in the Bible in various ways, but always emphasizing one of the characteristics of that spirit. You in the advanced class who put all of those names together, contributed this information to my present knowledge. And there'll be more coming when I get it correlated, all the things that you supply.


But I want you to notice again in that in Genesis three, one he is called the serpent and just look at that verse once more tonight.


Now the serpent was more subtle, the word subtle is wise, truth. Therefore, whenever the Bible speaks of the devil, as the serpent, it emphasizes his wisdom. A serpent Martin, dryness, his wisdom, that's why the word is certainly in Revelation 12. And in verse seven it says, and there was war in heaven, Mike, you and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon fought with and his angels. Here it's the word dragon. And the word dragon emphasizes the wickedness of Satan or the de emphasizes his wickedness, his viciousness. His bigness, the dragon were with the clobbers people that attitude nail


in the Gospel of John in chapter 13 in chapter 13 Now we better take Luke with there will be there Luke 22


Got it We decided, as we were correlating all of this later this afternoon that this scripture should precede the one in John simply from a logical remembering point of view. Because in Luke 22 And in verse 33 Missed it here Walter, where am I missing here? Is the indirect Satan 31 Oh yeah, okay. Luke 2231 And the Lord said, Simon Simon behold Satan have decided to have you that he may sift you as we this is the indirect use a job Satan remember that I defined low while ago he simply desired to have him in an indirect way via circumstances people something else in Luke 22 Where's this Peter business? Walden? We got an accurate here, but that's the one we just did. We need that x reference, don't we? At five.


You check this out.


Okay, we'll show you another couple of them here. You check that? No, we'll bypass that till we get to the duet.


Okay. In Acts chapter five people chapter five, verse three. But Peter said, Ananias, why has Satan failed by and heart to lie to the Holy Ghost? Again, the word satan, meaning in an indirect way, via circumstances or something else, he tripped up and a knife in First Corinthians chapter seven. Chapter Seven, in verse five, the pride the not one the other. This is talking about sex between the husband and wife, accepted, be with consent for a time that you may give yourself to fasting in prayer and come together again, that Satan tempt you not for your incontinence. That Satan, by his indirect approach, remember his indirect cause of people's problems does not came to in second Corinthians chapter 12. And in verse seven, and less I should be exalted about major through the abundance of the Revelation, there was given to me a thorn in the lot, the Messenger of hope, that otter ring a bell? Did Satan directly do it? No, but indirectly through Home Depot, circumstances, people. That's the indirect method. That's why the word Satan is used in First Thessalonians. That wonderful, First Thessalonians chapter two verse 18, Wherefore we would have come on to you, even I, Paul, one cent again, time and time again but us, Satan hindered us. Say you via the circumstances, or people or something else he obstructed they're going that's why the word Satan is used, because it's the indirect cause of people's problems. The words say. Now in the Gospel of John Chapter 13 is the direct cause




And we need to read three. Okay. Oh, yeah. Right. Right. Thank you, Walter. You got John 13? What get Luke 22 to get Luke 22? Also, how's that? For that one, verse three and not to


GW Oh, Luke 22. Now, this is where we had that one behind the three little while ago. Because Walter and I checked all of these out today. Loop 22 verse three, then entered Sabaton, Satan into Judas. This is the indirect one. This is the first one that we gave you earlier, when we finally decided we were going to read Luke 2231. But we had first should have read Luke 222 verse three, Satan, and then entered Satan into Judas. And directly so that's why the word Satan is used via the indirect cause with which Satan causes people to trip up while in John 13. John 13 is the direct one, verse two, and suffer being ended the devil, not Satan, but the devil. The direct dealings with people the devil having now put into the hearts of Judas, plus, a scary if you could just remember Luke 22 Three and John 13 Two you would see the difference between Satan and the devil and you see the word for the devil is this word the envelopes up here thought sort in John chapter six this word is used again metaphorically in John chapter six and in verse 70.


Jesus answered them have not I chosen you and one of you is a lot devil who did he speak this up? Judas was Judas a devil know the word Dr. Bellows is used metaphorically because Judas really isn't the devil but the devil in his direct way Diablo was going to influence him


okay, now Oh, yes. So, what a little quick timeline thank you all I have regarding Judas was timewise much before the time when it really occurred right.


He got him involved and then later on, he really entered into a very good now, we want to handle this second word up here diammonium which is another noun. These, this demonios is Debold or devil spirits one or one who possess this is the word that they always translate into English called demons. When they say about casting out demons, instead of using the word devil, this is the word, they translate demons. And as I told you earlier, that's the trick of the devil to translate a demon.


In Luke, chapter eight, verse 29. There are many more than what we are going to give you tonight, but we will give you enough so that the scripture will be meaningful to you. You can find all of these in your Young's analytical control. Luke chapter eight, verse 29, for He has commanded the unclean spirits, to come out of demand. For off times, it the unclean spirits had caught him, the man and he the man was kept bound with chains and in feathers, and he breaks the bands, and was driven of the devil into the wilderness. He was driven of the devil, while there was this word, the devil here. That's the word Dymo. That's right. That's the next word. And we got that up there. Yes. There are two words in this verse. Put the word Dymo up there. Now this word di mon Walter is not the devil. Right? It is, it is worth. One big devil is a five star general. That's not commander in chief. But under the commander in chief as a five star general. Then under him Come on the whole rank and to get down to Buck Privates, spiritually speaking. Now, this unclean spirits. He came out of the man. And he breaks the band, and was driven of the devil. One of the big five star boys into the wilderness, not to droving me. You see how it would be possible for a large evil spirits and influential a five star general to take over to possess a person's mind along with other little art smaller and important devil spirits. Whatsoever verse is talking about in Matthew 17 Verse 18,


I'll find it here.


Matthew 17. And in verse 18, and Jesus rebuked the devil, the diammonium This is a devil spirit. He did not rebuke the devil, but he rebuked the devil.


You know? Am I being read? Right wallet. Okay. And he departed out here him and the child was cured. From that up, you see to the end that this devil was in there. At that segment of that person's life he was possessed, controlled. Satan had dominion. I feel like a quarterback to gusta signals to induce water Walter was supposed to sing in the glory of His presence. And I forgot all of it. But the night isn't over with Yes, you know that. He could just pick it up the clothes of the teaching, but maybe I was so excited to get the play off that I forgot some of the reps will say my number of weeks ago, I think it was during the advanced class. One evening we spent the whole evening setting some of the greatest truth in the entire Bible or perhaps in the entire world is well before our people in relationship to the devil and devil spirits and how they operate. And most of you know that I am preparing to add to the present syllabus of the advanced class. And to have all of this work ready by February of 1971, when they are anticipating an advanced class in California. So I am working every segment again of the Word of God that deals with the subject of the devil devil spirits. And tonight I have chosen to share with you what I believe is again the accuracy of the words. I'd like for you to take that which I'm going to share tonight and you worked at yourself, since we put every ounce of ability you have into it, try to master it try to understand if you see any additions that ought to be made, I would like to be informed if you see any added lights. Anything further that ought to be said, I would very much appreciate having that information. What I'm going to be sharing with you tonight as we get into it later on, is something that is entirely contrary to what any commentary, or any can cardan sales, about this section of Scripture that we're going to deal with. Therefore, I'm willing to have my minutes free and the teaching of the Word open to anyone. And they do logically evaluate from the text from the accuracy of the words, to see whether what we are saying is really the word or whether what they are saying is the words, because we couldn't both be right, we could both be wrong, but we couldn't both are us. We could both be wrong on some things. Right on others. I know all those little arguments. But what we're after is the greatness of this wonderful matchless word. Now, before we we get into the latter part of this chapter where the great problems late, I want to be greeting, begin reading with verse one of chapter eight. It came to pass afterward that he Jesus went throughout every city and village preaching and showing the glad tidings of the kingdom of God. And the 12 were with him. This is how they learned. Those apostles accompanied him, they lived with him, they ate with him. They watched him work, they watched how he operated and in that process, they were taught and certain women which had been healed up evil spirits. New new monster, plural, spirits, evil spirits, and all evil spirits are devil spirits. All healed up evil spirits and infirmities.




these evil spirits here had cause weaknesses in people, they always do. And this, these women, which had been healed of evil spirits, when they were healed of the evil spirits, they were also healed of their weaknesses. One of the weaknesses in the evil spirit operations is that people just open themselves to devil spirits to occupies them. They don't keep the trap doors shut as I call it. This is that kind of usage. And Joanna, the wife of Kusa, Herod's steward, and Susanna, and many others, which ministered unto him of the substance, we missed that Mary called Magdalene, out of whom when Siva diables, the latter part of these two there were quite a few there weren't, they're not. And some of them were very prominent, think knowledge wise. Male very forward, and when much people would gather together and what comes to him out of me recipie effect by a parable. The sower went out to sow his seed. And as he sowed, some fell by the wayside, and it was problem down in the fowls of the air devoured it. And some telephone are rockin as soon as it was sprung up, it withered away because it lacks moisture. And some fell among thorns. And the thorns sprang up with it and choked it. And other fell on good ground and sprang up and bear fruit 100 votes. And when he had said these things, he cried, Jesus said, and he said to the people, he that have ears to hear, let him walk here. And his disciples, I asked him saying, what might this parable be? You may have ears to hear, but you only hear if you know what the parable is. When the word is rightly divided, you may hear have ears to hear, but only if the words rightly divided where you hear it. This is what he's talking about. He that hath ears to hear, let him hear. Everybody there had ears maybe by but only some of them were willing to hear. The rest of most likely had already gone to town for a hamburger or something by this time. And the disciples were very brilliant. They were spiritually sharp. They asked him saying, what might this parable be? They didn't guess they didn't conjecture. They didn't raise a number of hypotheses regarding it. They asked for the meaning of it. And Jesus said unto them, you know Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God. But to others will have no ears to hear. It's just luck, parables, nice story, beautiful Miss beautiful interpolations. But for those who have ears to really hear to them, it is given to know not questions not veiled, but to know K and O W. The others they see that they might not once they got eyes, but they never see the greatness of the words. And they hear but they never do a lot. Right? Goes clean player through. Now the parable is this, this seed is the Word of God.


Those by the way side are they that here? Then Thomas, the devil. The word devil is the word Diablo Walter put it on the board again.


There are two basic words you must recognize, understand and really work in your Bibles. If you want to cover this subject adequately. The first word is the word Diablo. Which is translated devil. Then there is another word in the King James. It is the Hebrew word.


Taking our stop time. Put that up there, Walter please. This is transliterated over into Greek as well. Walder. Thoughts are not as at the end of it, but kind of their Hebrew INNOPOLIS stuff and not a ton of behind.


This word, sorry, this was taught to knollys or something always. And sometimes in Hebrew. These are just literally transliterated into English. They're spelled just like taking itself as APA. And that's the only word that the Nazis, spelled sh t, a n in English. Those are the two words that will appear in your Bible. Now every time you read the word devil, you've got to look it up to find out what word it is. Because there are a number of different words but if it's the word, the envelopes, if it's this word, translated the dyeable it always means that direct dealings, not direct dealings of safety with people directly. If it's the right time, or taking, it's always an indirect dealing, not secure We explained this to you a number of weeks ago, but it doesn't hurt to reiterate. Now, this is the word. The Abalos, here in verse 12, though is by the wayside, are they that here, then come up the devil in a direct way directly. And take us away the word out of their hearts, the seat of their personal life. If you were to translate this today, you would say, directly comes and what's directly and gets it out on their mind. The words he does that less they should believe and be what was his own heart.


Verse 13, they on the rock, are they which when they hear, receive the word with joy, but these have no root, which for a while believe. And in the time of temptation, when the pressure is on, they don't want to fall away, they trip out, they freak out, they flip,


they don't stay put. And that which fell among thorns are they with when they have heard, or they are dealing with having heard, go forth, and are choked with cares and riches and pleasures of this life.


And bring no fruit to perfect. But that on the good grounds are they which in an honest and good heart, with three new mind believing, having heard the word, they keep it. And in the keeping of it, they work on it. And this is what produces fruit, with lots, patience. Having done all the one thing one thing, it produces fruit with patience. Now don't use patients as an excuse for no fruit. But on the other hand, once we have done the will of God as the Word says, then we just stand now, right 16 No man when he light up a candle, a lamp, put it that covers it with a vessel or put it under a band. But he sets it on a candlestick he elevates it, that they will enter into the room, that they may see the light. For nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest, neither anything good that shall not be known and come abroad. Take heed therefore how you hear. For whosoever hath, if he hears the word and believes the word whosoever hath, to him shall be was given. And whosoever has not, who does not hear that word from Him shall be taken even that with t think he's got rehab, FEMA. Right 19 And came to him his mother and his brothers. And they couldn't get to him immediately for the press. That's not the newspapers that me daily. It's the crowd so many people. And he was told him Jesus, by some of the people might start with said, thy mother and thy brother in stand without desiring to see me. And he answered and said unto them, my mother and my brother and RDS which here the right of God, and what, as a tremendous thing, are always concerned about who has money. Who is my brother, who are my sisters, who is my mother, who is my father. The word says those who do the little. It is wonderful to have a mother and father and we ought to have an earthly mother and father who would stand for the word and teach it. Share it, but if you don't, what are you gonna do about it? then you will have others who will mother and father you spiritually and be closer to your maybe even then your own family. We have many people in the way ministry, whose brothers and sisters in a census round are not as near and dear to them as other brothers and sisters in the spirit field. This is what Jesus is talking about. I came to pass on a certain date, right 22 That he Jesus went into a ship with His disciples. And he said unto them, let us go over onto the other side of the lake. And they launched for what as they say, old he fell asleep. And that came down a storm of wind on the lake. And they, his disciples were filled. No, and they were filled with water and read Jeopardy. Maybe they were too I don't know. I was anticipating the problems they already had. Coming up, verse 24. And they came to him and they woke him saying, Master, Master, we perish. Then he arose and rebuked the wind and the raging of the waters and fear always pauses was unbelief. Jesus said, Where is your believing? They being afraid. Wondered saying one to another. Well, what man or a man is this? Right? He commanded even the wind and the waters and they all bacon.


Now verse 26, they arrived at the country of the Gadarene, which is over against Galilee, the sea on the other side. And in when he went forth to land, there may be an out of the city, a certain man with had dabbled a long time and wore no clothing, no clothes, neither or neither abode in a house. But he always lived were among the two in the cemetery. What a dead HomeNet would be. Now, the word devils here is the word demonia. Please put this on the board Walter. This is the plural form that Walter is putting on the board. Put in the parentheses here IOM. Now, this word, di Mon, this far, we know is the root. That's the base root. This just happens to be the form that you in the birth in the portal that is a portal. That face the root is demonios di di m o n di o n, that's the route. I'm going to give you the form that's in the word there then give you the root for all of them. We didn't do this perhaps a week, a number of weeks ago, in detail like I'm going to do it tonight. And some of the people wrote to me and told me that these were not the words that were used here. Well, I'm cognizant of that I was cognizant of it. That I know the word demonio is not the word that you dear, I know the word is Danone. All which is plural. But the word demoniac comes from the word Danone own and I wanted to take you back to the roots


this is something we'd like for you to check out now. That's the word diammonium. Are this word in the plural demonio translated Bibles that that word demonia include and other words and the word Walter is the word die mon I want you to put on there right behind here, less authority what a check mark here like that. And right side So that means five star general


what we are beginning to work and what we're beginning to see is that these five star generals may at times be included in the word demonia or demonios. But when this word is used alone, these are never included. Now, that's what you've got to wrap down and understand. In the word die moaning own. The die moan may be included. But when the word die mode is you the demonios are never invaded. Okay, now, verse 27. And when he went forth to land there met him out of the city, a certain man which had devils. The word devils is the word demonia, root word demonios i o n. Nail. Verse 28. When he saw Jesus, he cried out, and fell down before him. And with a loud voice said, What have I to do with the Jesus out Son of God? Most times, I beseech the torment may not. Nail To whom does the pronoun he refer in verse 28. The commentary say it refers to Jesus, to the man to the man. I do not believe that it refers to the main I believe that it refers to a five star general, with this controlling, possessing and operating this man, plus all the other devil spirits that were in this man for a long time. You'll notice in verse 27, that this man had lots dabbled a long time. We're not close, neither vote in any house, but in the tube. Why did he not work? Wear clothes? Why didn't he abide in a house because of the possession of the devil spirits. That's why when he when he this major di mode, this di mode was included in the demonia of birth. 27 when this guy knows, God, Jesus, he cried out, this guy mode, working through the mouth, the lips possessing the man cause this man to cry out and caused him to fall down before him before Jesus. And with a loud voice. said this. Five star general, with a loud voice said using the vocal cords the lips, the mouth of the man. He said, This is what the devil spirit says. What have I to do with the Jesus thou Son of God most time? I beseech the time as me No no, that's what I believe verse 28. Now turn it around look at it from another angle. When he the man saw Jesus, he demand cried out and he demand fell down before him. And he's a man with a loud voice said What have I to do with the Jesus sow Son of God most high IBCC Tomek may not. This is the way they read it the commentaries and stuff. The reason I question that is because it wasn't the man it's the possession as you We'll see later on. He is Dymo Nipsco might it says later on possess


So, if you don't fully understand it yet you just hold on till I get through all the verses and then I'll like to ask all the questions you want to ask. Tonight. I do not believe that this latter thing, which I have said to you that regarding what they say when he is a man saw Jesus he the man cried. He's a man fell down. The man fell down because the devil spirit threw him down. He cried out because the devil spirit crowd out through him. This is not difficult to understand if you know men like Arthur Ford, other top brass who get possessed and the devil spirits just use their vocal cords. They don't even know what's going on after it's all over with the fellow New York City binds his eyes you know closing so they can't see anything that he gets on his bicycle and ride down Fifth Avenue in and among the traffic blind poses. You want to try it? You got to see from someplace. Like the reality of not knowing how devil spirits operates. We have just been totally in the bind regarding how these things use people. Now, verse 29, is a parentheses Do you see? Parentheses is a figure of speech, simply to elucidate to clarify to augment, to show more. And it is set in there for that purpose. You could read from verse 28 to 30 and get the impact. Let's do it for a moment. This devil spirit in the man said I beseech thee said this to Jesus taught me a lot. Not. And Jesus asked him. Ask him Ibu demands No, not five star general. The demonios the him saying what is die made. And he said, Legion, why? Because he has a five star general had lots of others of lesser rank devil spirits under his control. And it said that this man in verse 27, had dabbled along lots had demonios plurality of the many of them for a long time you see all the fit. Nails. Going to this parentheses are very 29. And it has to fit here and it fits perfectly. The parentheses. For ie Jesus had commanded the unclean spirits to come out of demand. For all times it had taught him and he was kept bound with chains and incentives. And he breaks the band and was driven out of the devil. The word devil there is the word diamond into the wilderness. Now the word commanded is a very, very significant word in here. And while drew just shared this with me before we came into the service tonight, because I'm not that smart in some of these fields, but in the Greek this is in the indicative mood. The word commanded in the imperfect tense and the indicative mood and the imperfect tense is where something is in the process of being done. It's in the process of being accomplished. If in the process of commanding them to come out, he has not yet taken them out. Because if you've taken them out how could they be talking about To eat through the Man Boy that fabulous up but was written in the area of camp, it would have been an accomplished reality. But it isn't. It's in the imperfect tense indicating that it is being accomplished. It's in the process of becoming homeless he hasn't taken out the unclean spirit. And that unclean spirit here is this dynamos for all times it is through the DI mode. That's how I know that in the demonios of verse 27, the DI mode is included the five star general well off times it that the Dymo the five star general cost demand.


Now they bound him and changed fetters. But the man did was break them. And the man was driven up the table. The man didn't have his free will go he was locked, driven, and to be driven by something you must be possessed, controlled, taken over you must become a medium I channel. Now, verse 30. And Jesus asked him, the man know the dynamo, the five star general, saying what is thy name? And he that five star general said, Please judge because many devils demonios were entered into the hands. This man this devil said dinos was in control of the whole bunch of them. You see, if this is not true, then your grammar is off. Then it would have to read and Jesus asked them all the devil spirits saying what's your name? And they said not he said trill because of the word IP in verse 29, to also E double O Now, verse 31.


And they


demonios the devil the thought him die mode the five star generals don't devil spirits with less authorities under the control of this authoritative Ferris devil for the devil spirits because Jesus was there in the process of the death all being tossed out cast out the lesser authority of devil spirits as the die rose the five star general that he would not command them to go out into the deep which simply means to go out there you know in the air do not think deep doesn't mean water you know it's deep that way from here to Dayton is deep it's deeper to Florida that's what it's you know people this is just fantastic if we're accurate on it because the commentary say and they the devil spirits we saw him Jesus that Jesus would not command them the devil spirits to go out into the deep not I do not believe I believe it's the devil spirits talking and the lesser authority of one's asking the DI mon who controls them not to just toss them out into the deep


right 32 And there was there and heard of many swine feeding on the mountain. Not right in the cemetery they weren't mowing the grass in the same way Terry, but in that area, feeding on the mountain side, feeding on the mountain, and they, the demonios they thought him that die mode that he would suffer them, allow them permit them to enter into them that slime. And he demonios that five star general said Go suffered them, boil, boil, boil it for no other reason, I picked up what I'm teaching tonight because that takes the blame off of Jesus Christ for the first time since the first century. Everybody has taught down through the centuries that it was Jesus Christ, who took the devil spirits out put them in the hog and kill the hog. And then they come up with leaked little arguments that he was a Jew didn't like


and they come up with love. Look how beautiful this becomes, then Jesus is no longer responsible for killing something in this world. Man if that don't turn you on somebody ought to set a maximum under your do something. Because you just are going to great. Just look, look at our Lord and Savior is no longer responsible for killing those hogs that they've always accused him of. Now you can back that up with a word further if you like. Because God doesn't go around killing people in Jesus Christ always did the little boom. Therefore he couldn't do it


by who killed him? Devil devil.


Man I think that verse 32 is just center. It sets me totally you know the greatness of the word and the wonderfulness of it once more. And there was an heard of many swine feeding on the mountain. And they demonios the little devil with lesser authority be saw him that die mode, that one with a greater authority of five star general that he Dymo would suffer them would allow them to enter into them the flying and he the die modes, suffered them deep. Adamu said, Alright, get out there and get him or something. Why do you guys disagree because the scripture in that parentheses had already told us that Jesus Christ was in the process of casting them up. Then once the diables Demonios, including di mon out of the mind, and entered into the time, and the herd ran violently. Because the devil spirits were in them down a deep place from the mountain side into the lake. And they were what Then who killed them? Jesus Christ, all the diamonds that Jesus had nothing to do with it. He only kept them out how come they went into flying and why the flying was there and why they entered into those? I don't know. But they did. But Jesus had nothing to do with it. That's what I want you to see was all this lifting of this whole five star general pushing everything around those under him with less authority. And he operated the whole business. Because as we have seen in the Word of God, a devil spirit can only operate if it has a body. And if it can possess a human body, it likes body of animals rather than to just be out there doing nothing yet, you'll notice that when these double strips got into the animals, they didn't have very long delivering those bodies because the animals just down the cliff. Even those dumb hogs do better than the devil Spirit in them. I knew it was better that drown and to be possessed and control bedevils food, I guess. And they were without a body again, no civil rights 34 When they that fed Damn, man is in italics, you know, said the hog. So what was done what had happened? They fled. They left that territory right now. And went and told it naturally, in new Knoxville. And in the whole territory roundabout, in the city and in the country. And they, the people in the city and the country went out to the mountainside and down there to the lake, just the walk was done. And they came to home. And they found the man, I was, boom, that devolves that demonios demonios Florida, ammonia and the devil's work department. Now, the whole thing has, is coming into combination directly. The devil is already parked. And the man was sitting at the feet of lots close, close and in his watch board, as accurate as you can write it in his right mind. Before this, he didn't have a right mind because he was one thing was possessed controlled by a five star general plus a lot of others under that command of the five star general. That's why took off Ali's group


ran naked among the total lived among the two one the cause is removed, want to happen to the effect but the group disappears. When the cars in a double spirits effect, when the cause is removed, immediately that person is back to his or her right mind and the symptoms just apply. Now he put on some clothes, he was running around in the among the two. He put on some clothes at he was in his right mind. And then comes this tremendous record. The people were watching. They'd rather have the man in his wrong mind and he's right. That's just unbelievable to me. But I believe it goes away. But that people understand people tripping out. And I'm sure that as long as that fellow was possessed, with his clothes off running among the toes, everybody prays, oh, Lord, please feel Lord, we feel sorry for his family. His dad mom must be so embarrassed because he's naked running among the tube. And dad must just be so hurt because he's smoking pot behind tombstone number 14. I'm sure they print. When it really happened. They were afraid. They were not afraid as long as the man was not in his right mind. While when he had his right mind, sitting at the feet of Jesus, they were scared to death. That same thing is true tonight across our nation. Everybody talks about getting people delivered at top punch a hog log. They don't want them delivered. They just want you to feel that they have that they that you feel they got sympathy, which they don't really have cards if they want them delivered. They come to the light of God and study the word learn the word and start to deliverance. But it's a lot easier to get my cat with a hypodermic needle or get my pill because one sure thing you know they'll still stay in there wrong mind and you can control the situation Galatians and Vine. Don't let the world kids you and for Lord's sake don't do kids yourself. I like think that all these great things that are set up in your community are set up that are the deliverance of those not set up their own for their delivery. So they all got delivered they just be like these people and they just be sorry that it happened


that's why you just read your community and read your little cane that the man was close and in his right mind and anytime you get possessed or anybody is possessed by a devil spirits or poor or devil spirits doesn't make any difference whether it's one little one or one five star general or oodles of them at that point where you aren't where they are possessing people they are not in their watch. Right mind right 36 They also wait saw Oh, it told them by what means. He key that was possessed of the devil was healed. You know, while this thing was going on, Jesus was there in this man and the devil spirits were yacon while all this was going on, you know the neighbors were Santa Garcon with their mouth wide open. And after this all happened, they reported on it occurred. They told by what means he that was possessed of the devils was healed. And the word possessed of the devil is the word diamond, it's one word your opponent versus diamond is beauty. This is a deep ponent verb but it's an active verb. And when somebody is Dymo Nipsco might. He is always present in the German Bible. It does not use the word devil at all at this point.


I got myself doubting is my job to be up here? Wasn't this what we checked out with a lady from Germany this summer?


Well, it's true. We checked it and you can go home Lydian the rest of your people got German Bibles. It's the word it reads like this in the German Bible. And all they also would so I told them by what means he that was possessed, was healed. It's all it's in the German Bible. Because when a man is possessed, he has to be possessed with love. That's why it's us diamond is so mind whenever someone is possessed, he is controlled at that point that's why you technically wouldn't have to stay possessed with devils because if you're possessed you're automatically possessed power that's why the German never had that word doesn't have a very accurate very good this is all right to diamond, it's all mine possess controls taken over the pose that a devil spirits got into my mind in that segment of my mind that controls the movement of this some there must be something up here controls someplace. Now suppose there is and a demo script got into that segment of the mind that controls the moment of accompany people obsess that part of the mind then I could not want move my watch. But when he wanted it to move anything moving parts he controls he possesses that part. I want to move it no no. I don't want to move Alright, suppose you had an arm. And the devil said control bad part of the brain that controls the whole arm. Then in no wise could he move into scripts But when the cause is removed, when that devil spirit, or those spirits that are controlling are removed, the man is back in his lap, then he could move his hand but he wanted to move his finger when everyone should put moving and when you do


that wonderful


diamond is surmised verse 38, now the main, out of whom the devils the Demonios, all of them worthy pardon. They thought him, Jesus, that He might be with Him, Jesus. But Jesus sent him away, they, verse 39. Return to my own house. And so how great things God has done unto thee. And he went his way, and he blew it all over town, he published it throughout the whole city of great things Jesus had done unto Him. And it came to pass that when Jesus was retiring, that people received him for they were all waiting for him at the end of the record, and one of the great deliverances and healings in the Bible, and as far as I'm concerned, wonderful record taking out all the errors that has crept in through the years, making Jesus responsible for killing the slime, and all the other things that they have laid at the feet of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Not to want to ask any questions on any phase of the usage of the word spirit in verse two in verse 12 or beginning with verse 26 of this chapter right to die diamond not yet we don't have the pork or the identity die ammonia is just the route that always Genesis 3029 was going on yeah of the devil Genitive Case. This is the farm you this is the route Alright, John, verse 29. That is right. He was better than me.


Yeah, because they saw this demo Korea didn't you know they just thought tie him up. The people did but who caused the people to do it? The devil next like when you read this you got to remember what you're reading Corinthians about Paul being shipwrecked and all those things that were the devil did all those things to him make you know five times they whipped him with lashes when you're five men three times that people that did it but in the foundation of class I tell you that it's the devil in people that causes people to beat people. Isn't the true God that's why you'll have to see that great Mr. John do you see that? This the devil spirits that was in this man causing the man to act like this. The influence got to other people and they said well we better put some chains on heavy ropes for some Yeah, stop. Okay me free. Yeah man that was wild. And all that comes out. No. No wouldn't have been natural if he would have been how would he have? What have I been doing? All right now. Okay, I see your point. And that's, that's but that's the very point that we would do not accept. We think, and I, what I thought now your rebuttal here and I'm not the only one that knows they are the only one that they knew. Right? Oh, you're collaborating? Okay. Okay. Because the thing that slipped up in my mind if somebody wants to rippable this thing, immediately. You've got other records in the word where it says, The devil knew him. As a record like that in the word it says the devil view Jesus. And the woman, the woman that followed him around video, now was Lydia Jesus dollar a person. Some woman in the kissel's, remember, follow Paul around for days. And he said, Thou art a great son of God that teaches $1 to manager that teaches his way of salvation. Remember, finally he revealed to spirit. So if anybody wants to rebuttal, we got lots of other scriptures we could bring up I think he's added a point here to the strengths of it. Did you hear what he said? And do you understand Say it one more Mr. Pretty well, here was a man that was that and the man would not have known the name of the man himself would not have would not have known it could have though couldn't the man could have known could very hostile, but I can't do that. But he was out in the wild. Right.


And what if I didn't want him?


I think that wouldn't be possible, but highly improbable. That the only one who would know that this was Jesus, that son of God would be a devil spirit. I think that's funny saying good luck. Okay. That's wonderful. Anyone else? Where are we? Yes. I just wanted to bring up some of the letters before hitting verse 31 The correct move before it and they saw him invading force.


Yep. I have a note on that. I didn't give you 31 Some of the manuscripts all all the manuscripts at Lachlan trick jealous Alford and Luisa kitchen door. Those Ford's Laughlin kitchens are for delicate outbreaks, given their critical breach test date. The other manuscripts give gifts and in a previous session this summer or some other times, I said I thought perhaps that word bass should be yet well I've changed my mind


I didn't know a little less letter writing was Yeah, Dell don't want you to people get the tape to rock me later. Because of what I said, sometime this summer, that's to say, it could be it. Well, I've changed my mind. But this is a privilege to research my iMac twice. I think the way is the greatest thing in the world. Only thing I have to do is admit that I think I've learned something and We've checked this out in the different manuscripts, the Greek manuscripts and since since we have four of them that use today and five of them that recommend it we have a choice of either F or a day whichever will fit the words and this is the first time I began working on I shared wasn't with the color this week one time I taped this thing gels in me by the weekend so I I've been trying all these months ever since summer so I've never forgotten this section one minute, you know, in my thinking my brain cells in summer because I knew it was a very difficult Scripture but I never was able to get the whole thing to jail but I saw it the other day or to go and then I kept working away at it till I finally get clear enough on it that I think we've got it but I'm submitting it to you can check it out. You can work it because if we're wrong one of worried or anything else will change. Thank you, Dale. That's a good addition it'll save us a little misunderstanding on our people and surely we don't want that we haven't got enough understanding let alone getting any missing.


Like friends can't afford losing Jim Gardner. Alright, anyone else? You people who are in here for the first time tonight?


certainly welcome you. It isn't always it isn't always this type of thing on a Sunday night. Usually a deep, sometimes it's easier awake. So. And I don't expect all of our people to know all the Greek and all the rest of stuff. The only reason we put these things on the board is this so that I could cement the logic of the English in your mind. That's all. And then of course for you people who are reading, teaching and working they're worried that this is the kind of stuff that we're definitely going to have to know because what do you think's going to happen when disappears in writing someday and the theologians and the fellows who write the commentaries get a hold of sales yell bloody murder, like they've done ever since I've been in research. But yelling bloody murder, don't give any blood and no murder. The word is story that has to stand the test not the yellow. Probably the to the yellow No. But when he got that he added rocked by. Well, isn't it wonderful that we have the privilege of working the word and then we have a place like the way ministry headquarters here where we can just keep working away and as we get licensed. And if we find out we were wrong, some places just admitted. It's great to be wrong to say stay that way when I always feel like to hear the glory of the present.