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SNT 0458 Genesis 1:1, 2

June 28, 1970

SNT 458

Topic: DRAFT, God, word, earth, man, Genesis, spirit, called, created, heaven, Lucifer, heavens, life, seed
Format: audio
Publication Date: 06-28-1970

Victor Paul Wierwille was a Bible scholar and teacher for over four decades.

By means of Dr. Wierwille's dynamic teaching of the accuracy and integrity of God's Word, foundational class and advanced class graduates of Power for Abundant Living have learned that the one great requirement for every student of the Bible is to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Thus, his presentation of the Word of God was designed for students who desire the in-depth-accuracy of God’s Word.

In his many years of research, Dr. Wierwille studied with such men as Karl Barth, E. Stanley Jones, Glenn Clark, Bishop K.C. Pillai, and George M. Lamsa. His formal training included Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Mission House (Lakeland) College and Seminary. He studied at the University of Chicago and at Princeton Theological Seminary from which he received a Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. Later he completed his work for the Doctor of Theology degree.

Dr. Wierwille taught the first class on Power for Abundant Living in 1953.

Books by Dr. Wierwille include: Are the Dead Alive Now? published in 1971; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today published in 1972; five volumes of Studies in Abundant Living— The Bible Tells Me So (1971), The New, Dynamic Church (1971), The Word's Way (1971), God's Magnified Word (1977), Order My Steps in Thy Word (1985); Jesus Christ Is Not God (1975); Jesus Christ Our Passover (1980); and Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed (1982).

Dr. Wierwille researched God's Word, taught, wrote, and traveled worldwide, holding forth the accuracy of God's "wonderful, matchless" Word.

Psa 138:2; Joh 4:24; Gen 1:1

Gen 1:1, 2; 2:1; Psa 121:1, 2

Isa 45:18; Gen 1:2

(Isa 14:12; Eze 28:15-19; Rom 8:22; 1Ti 3:6; Rev 12:4; Gen 1:1); Eph 6:12; Gen 1:2

2Pe 3:5-7, 13; Gen 1:1-3

Gen 1:3-5; Track G: Gen 1:3, 6-11

Gen 1:11, 21, 22, 28




Snt-0458_genesis1_1-2(vpw) DRAFT

SUMMARY KEYWORDS: God, word, earth, man, Genesis, spirit, called, created, heaven, Lucifer, heavens, life, seed

So for you people are in the class and have your syllabuses, I'd like for you to turn to page 31 in your syllabus tonight. And you will be wanting to use your pencils and pens tonight. Because I'm going to unfold Genesis chapter one tonight. And I'm going to put a lot of things in, which are not in your syllabus. Therefore, some of the things that I will be teaching tonight, which are not in your syllabus, you'll just have to make notes of as you go along, and put them in at those places where you would like to help them. The 138 Psalm says that God said his word above all his name, a magnified his word above is named, of all of God's works. The greatest of his works is His Word. And it is the one that people have the least respect for. You have not found any great scientists concerned about digging out the integrity of the word, we are concerned about landing a man on the moon, and going beyond this man is concerned about the work in our universe. But very, very few people are concerned about the greatest of God's work, which is His Word. Now we believe that the stars in their courses are magnanimous that everything God has done is just terrific. Well, if that is true, and we believe it's true, how about his words? If the Bible is what it is, and if it declares what it declares, then certainly of all of God's words, the greatest of his works, is his word. And it seems to me by sheer logic, that God the Creator, ought to know more about what he created, how he created than any ignorant man. It seems to me that God who did the creating ought to be able to tell us more about how he did it, than any ignorant person. Now when I say ignorant, I'm talking about the intellectual stupidity of ignorance. I taught you in the class. Last time we met, that in the beginning, God formed the body of man. And the word is Yat Sar. And this word is used numbers of times through the Bible, and it's always the same as I gave it to you. And it always means the same and it always fits the same. He formed a body of man, he made the soul of man and the word is ourselves. But then in man, he created something and the thing he created within him was Spirit and the Word create is brought up. The word create is used in the Bible only in relationship of God's bringing into existence, not which has never been people. Once it's in existence, God no longer needs to create.


And only God can create. Now, not only did I teach you that, but I also brought you up on some tremendous truth from the Gospel of John chapter four, verse 24, where it distinctly and specifically says, that God is Spirit. And when God formed the body, and he made the soul with a man, He created man, and in Genesis, we read the other evening, that He created man in His own image. And the image of God is spirit, John 424, he says, So, therefore, that which he created within man was spirit, which put man into God's category when God could speak to him, because God can't speak to your brains. to your mind, to your reason, God can only speak to what he is, which is spirit. And therefore man being body, so am spirit, God was able to speak demand, because man had that spirit, that image which God created with it. In this part of man, you have the physical the place, this part of man is ruled by the mind, by his head. That's where your brain cells are, they're not here. So this part of man is distinct from this. Now, after I took you all through that in the scriptures and showed this to you, we just got started Friday night, in the book of Genesis. And therefore, tonight, I'd like to return to the first chapter of Genesis, because unless unless you rightly divide and understand the first two chapters of Genesis, the rest of the Bible will be a guessing game and a closed book for you. Before we begin into depth to this, let me just give you a few truths regarding what we're going to be dealing with. The word Genesis is a Greek word, which means generation, or creation. There is no such word in the original word. The original word for this book is one word that means sheep. And the word Valley sheep, translated simply is in the beginning. That is the title of the book. And those are the first three words in verse one of chapter one. It's one word in the Hebrew and Aramaic, that ECT, which simply is the title of what God wanted to say, in the beginning. Then comes the first word, and the Word is God. Then it's followed by a few words, namely, created the heavens and the earth. I'd like to picture it for you in your mind, if you'll look up here. If you had written across the top here in the beginning, that would be the title. Then underneath it, there is one word God. Then comes, the next phrase, created the heavens and the earth. That's the way it says, is the original text. And it's remarkable the way it says. Because you cannot put God in the same line with anything else. He stands for par excellence, totally by himself above everything. That's why the word God stands first, in the words, and it does not. It does not stand in the other line at all. It stands by itself, the title of the book, and then God right at the top of the first word, in the word is the word God.


And he stands above everything. And the word God is the Hebrew word Elohim. It's a plural word. A plural word Elohim. Now most of the words, or at least one of the words you have heard is the word Jehovah. Your whole bomb is another Hebrew, Aramaic word, which is translated God. There are a number of different titles for of divine names in the Word. And all of them are significant. But this is the first one. And this one just stands out beyond everything, because it's the word Elohim, meaning in the plural number one in the plural, and secondly, because it's always used regarding God to create taller whenever the word God is used in the word in relationship to what he has created. It's never Elohim it's always Jehovah, Jehovah, Jehovah is God in relationship to his creation. Wow. Elohim is God as the supreme creator. In Genesis one one in the beginning, God. And God is never a figure, God is God. And he sets par excellence, he sits right at the top, nothing above him, not one thing he is. That's why there is never a figure, you only have the word of God, when God comes into concretion in some form or other, is it ever? Does it ever become a figure? Remember that. Because when you get into the depths of the word, at other places, you'll find the same truth.


God created God created the heavens and the earth. When was it? I don't know. But let's say it was 300 million years ago, it's still in the luck. knots, right. And as I said, I believe that God ought to know more about what he accomplished, that he had grit man. And I'm absolutely confident that if the geologists would ever agree upon when it was, it still have to be in the beginning. The second great word is the word created. The word is by law, to create is to bring into existence, that which has never been before. Once it's created, God never recreate, never has to recreate. Because it is an extent, the simplest illustration, I know, at least it fits my mind is hydrogen and oxygen. If you had no hydrogen or oxygen, then you could not have water. Because you're going to have to have two parts of hydrogen and one part of oxygen put together to produce water. The reason he does not have to create it is because it's already in extent, all I need to do is compounded, so to speak, put it together. And when we put two parts a hydrogen, one part oxygen together, we'll get water. And I don't care whether you pray or don't pray, you're still going to get what not know. So that trust right, are super Apple books. And you're going to get it on Sunday night, as well as on Monday morning, as well as on Thursday. Because God's laws, they're not thriller, as well as the spiritual are all immutable. And when man applies the laws that are both in the natural and in the spiritual, he'll always come up with the same results over and over and over and over again, they never fluctuate, they never vary, you'll always get the same results. Now God created the heavens and the earth. No worried Heaven is in the plural, in every text, except King James. King James is not a text. It's a version it's a translation. There is only one place that heaven does not plural and that's in Genesis chapter two verse one. And their King James has at home in the floor Genesis one one is set in contrast with Genesis two, one because of putting the word heaven in the singular into one. If it was in portable dining freely or Bible, all the pieces, you couldn't handle it. You couldn't put it together into one in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Then comes verse two, and the earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. Now here, first of all, you have the word and and if your work down further, well, as a matter of fact, you have a three times in that verse, If I would have put the verses in which I didn't, I'd have all of these different verses starting with and because they literally should be. I'll show it to you in a moment why this is true. Here we go, and the earth and darkness and the spirit, you see those three in verse two? Now, verse three, and God said, verse four, and God said, very five, and God called verse six, and God said, in the first 34 verses in your Bible, there are 102 separate acts of God. And all of them begin with the word and. And the word and use like it is here is a figure of speech called poly Sanditon.


lt o Li, vitamin POLYSYN, ed, D to use, I know, probably send us the word poly means many, and send it in means and it's one of those 212 figures of speech used in the Bible. Every every act of God begins with an end, and ties it all together cloud, because at the top, who stands at the top, God never repeated. Because God, and God and God and God and God, and 102 times, that's why it's why God stands at the top and the end, make that tremendous a feat of figure of speech, tying together to create toward God with all those acts that I recorded there in Genesis chapter one through and Chapter Two through verse three, or whatever 34 verses. Now, verse two, and the earth, those three words put together and the earth are another figure of speech. You will notice that there is no figure of speech in the first verse, it is literally literal. Figures only begin after the first verse, They cause a mess upon the earth. If everything would be perfect all the way through God would need any figure, the figure and the earth those three words. The figure is called on a D opolis. And it is failed a n a Dipl. All as is. And it simply means that the next thought or the next act begins with words previously employed. The last three words of Genesis one, verse one and the earth, are repeated as the first three words of verse two. That's the biggest it is to call our attention, not to the heavens, but to us. There are ducks wives to figure so that nobody can miss it to shake you up. Blow Your Mind wake you up, and the earth and the earth and the earth. There are numbers like this figure through the Bible, but there is none more beautiful than Psalm 121. Who can create May the first verse of Psalm 121 Well, you better look it up Oh, that's your in your seat. You'll know it. King James says, I will do what? Lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my what? My help verse to my outcome. You think that's your same figure? I'm King James. It's all wrong on the verse. But it's all right on the big. The 123rd Psalm says, I will lift up thine eyes until up. I can't be. That can't be because on the hills are the pagan temples. On the hills, are the places where people go to worship, pagan god. And the original text does it read it all? What three, King James? original text says, Shall I lift up my eyes onto the hill? The question from whence, cometh my help? Question. My help doesn't come from the hills where the pagan gods are worship, My help cometh from the LORD who made heaven and love. That's what Psalm 121 Literally.


That's why when you read in Genesis, verse two, and the earth, it's got to hit you right now. And the earth there. In the beginning God, God created the heavens and the earth, everything that's ever been needed, with the exception of two things were all created back in the time of Genesis one one, which God says was at the beginning. Then is the word the verb was in verse two. And the earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the date. That second was, is I italicized. The first was, is in regular set type. Now this tells us something namely that the translators supplied, the second was, so the I palletized it to tell us that they added it. But this tells us something more. Verse two, as it's written here in King James what make God the author of The without form and void, it would make God responsible for the mess. The tremendous cataclysmic blow up if you leave the was, if the was was in the text, there is no was in any text, any place. Why? Because first of all, there is no verb to be in Aramaic, or Hebrew. And was, is a form of the verb to be. The word is the word became. And the earth became, it was not once the earth was not created like this. The earth and the earth became without form and void without form and void. This are these three words form and void. Another figure of speech and the figure is cold. Hello, no my Sia. Now, P ar ONOMAS ia this word simply means words which are similar in sound, but never incense. similar in sound, they sound similar, but they're never similar in same. Now you can't see that in English because form and void don't even sound similar in anything. But the words in the Hebrew and Aramaic Are you can write these down. The words are two VA boots. And the first word is spelled t o h u. The second is VA and the other word is blue. The O H yoo hoo boo boo. I like you're scared name something out yet. But those are the words without form and void. And the earth became too hoo, boo boo. It became this way. Get God created this way. No. But it became that way. The reason I know God didn't create it this length is because these same words are used in Isaiah. And I want you to look it up


Isaiah 45 Verse 84, dot set the LORD that created the heaven, God Himself that formed the earth and made it he has established it he created it not invade, not invade, he didn't create it. Not invade, does not invade. Is that word do boo. He didn't create it without form and void. He didn't create it with it the message was gonna go back to gym and the earth became without form and void. And darkness was upon the faces of the deep. The word faith is in the plural faces of that. And the Spirit of God Mode.


The word move is the word booted. booted is like a hand bruise. I guess over the top of the eggs are the tip.


That's the word that use booted upon the faces of the waters. There's your usage of the word face again.


This word face is another figure. It's used twice here real quickly. And the figure is play on NASM are pleonasm spelled Bl E on a sm


and other English word for it is redundancy. It simply means that an other word is put in immediately which is just to call our attention to the opposite things of that which have been done. It is ready to wake us up. In other words to put in an other or opposite word to help us to see the greatness of it Now it says, And the earth became. I'll show you after a bit, a little bit of how it became and what happened. But I just want to handle every word first before I fit in the truth of God's word between Genesis one in Genesis one, two, and darkness upon the faces of the deep, and the Spirit of God, Spirit of God, the word spirit is the Hebrew word Rula. Now, are you a CH


the word spirit is used 382 times in the Old Testament. 272 times it's the Hebrew or Aramaic word Arua. The other 152 times, there are 22 different words to use to translate.


When people talk to me about research, you see they, they haven't even worked the other 22 words.


If you're going to know the word, you have to work them all. But this word that's used here is the word grew up. And I told you choose 272 times in the Old Testament, the other 152 times. 150 times I guess it is, there are 22 different Hebrew, Aramaic words, use for the word spirit. But in the New Testament, there's only one word use. And that's the word for NUMA. The word per NUMA of the New Testament is the same word, as the word Aruba of the oldest nail and the Spirit of God. Can't think of the figure had it my mind is flipped on me from moment to now. Oh, now in the the Guillem or regimen, the spirit and the word God. To put the emphasis on God, they put it in a genitive case. That's like Spirit of God in effort. It's not the emphasis on the spirit, the emphasis is on God. God is what spirit, but God is other things too. He is eternal, right? He is omnipotent, is omnipresent, is omniscient. All of these things you can find in the word many things about him. But one thing God is He is what Spirit sees it's difficult for people to understand because they've never been taught about body, soul and spirit. When it says, If God in Christ in you, that's the fullness of God is in the believer. Does that make me God? No, but it makes me what God says I am and what I have everything that God is spirit. Whatever is involved in that word, is exactly what is in the born again believers when the scripture says it's Christ in you the hope for globally. But God is more than spirits. But God's the greatest thing God is is still spirit. That is his basic image. And God fearing rooted, that's why it's in the genitive case to put the emphasis on God. Now there are the two great opening verses of the book of Genesis. And now you could just spend the rest of four hours digging the greatness of these things. And I don't think you could do it in four hours. But you can please get started maybe because you would have to have a lot of time to fail in all the matters that are involved here. Number Number One On, how much time is there between Genesis one one? And Genesis? One, two? How much time is there from the in the beginning to the position of birth to where the earth became? To who? The Who? I don't know. Neither do you. Neither does any geologist or paleontologist or any other ologists have if of some time, nobody knows. Because I want to tell you something they weren't there. And the carbon method, you intellectuals, just don't go back that far. You know it. You know it. As a matter of fact, on this carbon method, you can so defeat the thing by introducing extraneous materials that can be relatively new, and it'll throw you off on your dating life. But somehow or other man is always working to elevate himself and to degrade God. That's why how much time is there between Genesis chapter one, verse one and verse two? I don't know.


You'll want a million here. One 2 million habit. There is no time given between Genesis one one and Genesis one, two. If you want prehistoric animals, you want all of those fossils that they talk about? God's got lots of time between Genesis one one and Genesis one, two, you can have all your wants. And all the time. Now, how did the earth get into the mess? That is described in Genesis one two, where the earth became too hoo, boo boo. How did it get that way so that God had to finally again go into operation to refashion it, to reform it, to remake it so that it would be habitable for man. Time. There is very little in God's word to tell you about. I believe there are only five or six verses throughout the entire Bible that give you any inkling whatsoever as to what happened. But all that can be no about what happened has to be within those verses. Everything else is speculation, guesswork, and projection. I will give you the verses and we will not look them up now at least not at the moment. I feel like it after a bit we may do it but right now, no guidance to do with Isaiah 1412 He zekiel 2815 to 19. Romans 822 First Timothy three six revelation 12 For now basically I'll tell you what the Scriptures say. And then you can work it out some time. In the beginning, when God created God created angels, angels are spirits, beings who weren't created by God in the beginning. Over the top of all of these spirit beings called Angel, God put tree in the top echelon of authority, Michael, Gabriel, and Lucifer. These three are called in the Bible Archangels Their capacity was all they aren't because they were higher angels in authority they were still angels, but they were in authority.


Now Lucifer was one of the top echelon boys. He was the angel of light. He was the angel of beauty. He was everything par excellence as far as spirit is concerned. And God being spirit, Michael Gabriel, Lucifer being spirit along with all the other angels.


Lucifer decided to you usurp the throne of the true gods. And they had what I refer to, for lack of a better term mutiny and hail. And Lucifer got the boot, he got kicked out, passed down. And with him 1/3 of the angels of heaven, who, by the way, are called stars in the book of Revelation, because the spirits shining this kind of thing. There's more to it. But that's why Lucifer, the angel of light, one of the archangels, cast down along with 1/3 of the angels of heaven, Lucifer got his name changed to the devil, the old serpent, and Satan. Of course, nobody believes in that today because anybody has to be an old fogy to believe there's a satan. Well, they look old, the people who say there isn't any aging the fastest. Now, the devil and 1/3 of the angels of heaven, make up the devil spirit world. That's where you get your ESP information. That's where you get your astrology information from Mr. Curtis. And the rest of you people in here that have had your nose in it. You're very lucky you have your nose and that you're not possessed by Devil spirits are some very quick ways to get the devil Spirit inside of you to possess you all the days of your life. One is astrology. The next is a believers meeting of unbelievers. I trust the kind you were to this week can start with your own eyes. They align Garner and Gail doesn't get fooled. Top notch business may not have Columbus getting involved in the ministry. He has seen a lot of this stuff, but they're they open themselves to the Spirit and they pray oh, God, please possess them. Even when I say the word possessed, I get chills running up to down my spine. You know why? Because the true God never possesses. Satan always possesses. And the moment you pray, Lord possessed me all your weight in prayer. You hear this thing? Wait on the Lord. Holy smokes since when is God late? Why do you have to wait on the Lord? It seems to me he's been waiting on us. But they talk about and they open themselves. And our prayer meeting is a beautiful place to get controlled by diables theory. That's why nobody sits around this place and waits on the Lord because our budem spirits are try man you want to wait you wait on your girlfriend but you don't wait on the Lord. He's not late and every time you put yourself in that position and you wait you can get something but it's always wrong. That's why the devil and 1/3 of the angels of heaven make up the devil spirit world and that's the only thing spiritually we're wrestling against. As Ephesians says We route so not against what okay but principalities, powers, spiritual wickedness from on high all devils. The whole site is devil spirit site. and devil spirits can only operate when they live in people. The true God can only operate when he lives in a believer. And where are the believers? Born Again i God Spirit, yes, but they don't know what they have. And if you do not know what you have, you can spend, you got $1,000 in your pocket, and you do not know you got it, you can spend it rot, you die of starvation. That's why we need classes on power for abundant living and we need people are start digging in order to find out what they have in Christ, that we're not possessed, that we're not controlled. We are not channels. We are sons of God, who are what the Word says we are will have what the Word says we have and who will manifest by believing what the Word says.


So when all Lucifer got kicked out, who wrote that glory in heaven business, Milton or Donte or somebody? Paradise Lost Paradise regain? That's right. The old boy free throws on what really happened. All it really happened is when that cataclysmic fight took place in a spiritual realm, the true God when he booted Lucifer in one started the he left, it was such a cataclysmic thing, that that moment, everything that's recorded in Genesis chapter one, verse two occurred, and the earth became it wasn't it wasn't created to booboo. Everything God creates is very good. It's always not good. It's very good. It's not perfect, it's very perfect. But it didn't stay that way, because of authority that had been delegated to spiritual realm. And Lucifer took advantage of it. And therefore, when he got tossed out the whole earth became, without form and void to who booboo. and darkness was upon the faces of the deep. And the Spirit of God booted upon the faces of the largest. Now there are in the Bible, three heavens in three years. I wrote this someplace in a piece of research. Maybe somebody knows the title of it, you know, Ken, the third heaven, okay? Now, what I'm going to say now is not new to any of you, in the foundational classes if you've read this material, but it's all it always bears repetition, because you never get to great an understanding of the simplicity and greatness of God's words, no money, no matter how many times somebody teaches it to you, or how many times you hear the first heaven and the first earth is the first one in Genesis one, one. That's the first heaven. And the first one, the second heaven, and the second Earth is the one we are in now. The third heaven and the third Earth is the one that future when there will be a new heaven and a new earth, where in the dwelleth, righteous Heavens are not this way. Heavens and Earth. The heavens and the earth periods are like this 123 And they're not at all what people talk about seven tables. That's the only trip you get when the right girl kisses you to go. It hasn't got anything to do with a word that's for sure. Cause happens aren't this way, heavens are 123 us kissing nine kids in later. Now, in the book of Peter, it says this And tonight I'm going to show it to you. So that you see, again, the greatness of this when Paul according to Corinthian was caught up. It says in King James to the third was heaven. It's the word is not up. The word is awake. He wasn't caught this way. He was caught this way. He was caught away to the third heaven, which is a heaven and the earth which is still future and God by revelation showed him what was going to happen. but not only John was allowed to write it. That's why he wrote the book of Revelation rather than Paul. But Paul knew all about it. But God told him shut up. John's going to write it. That's right. You know why he showed it to Paul, so that Paul could endorse those signs in the place that we read about. Because of the abundance of the Revelation, there was given me authority, and Gods it is love and mercy and grace, showed Paul, the future of Revelation. So that Paul, as a man of God would know why, and how he was the minister. That's why people, he made known his ways under Moses, his acts under the children of Israel.


That's why men of God, many times are given revelation beyond the line of duty. Not because they need that, but because God loves that man. And God has to keep feeding that man God's got to tell him the whys and wherefores LC couldn't stand the pressure. It is for the uplifting of the man of God. What was I telling you till I got fired on this field? Oh, I'm going to show you a good boy. There's just so much in here that sometimes I don't know where to start and stuff Second Peter. So I just do that Second Peter, chapter three verse five, verses five and six, are Genesis one one. Verse seven is after Genesis one, two. But it's fine. For this they willingly are ignorant of that by the word of God, thy heavens world old, and the earth, standing out of the water in the midst of the water, whereby the world that then was being overflowed with water did was not the first one of Genesis one one, but very seven, the heavens and the earth, which are what? Now the heavens and the earth, which are now by the same word of God are kept in store, research on the fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly what? Someday God's going to burn this place. I give permission, that earth on which we live that the Earth name them. Verse 13, is the third one. Nevertheless we according to his promise, look for a new heaven and a new earth. We're in dwell aquat air in one chapter of all three heavens enter one of Genesis one one, verses five and six. Genesis one, two and following verse seven, and the new heavens and the new earth, which are future only after the return of Christ is that 13


back to the first nine verses of Genesis, Earth refers to planet after that to dry land. And let me remind you that scientifically on biblically, matter is always antecedent to physical life, not like to matter. Now, there is scientific evidence to show that at one time there was just one continent. But something happened that divided that thing, Something blew it apart. And that, of course, we know to be the result of divan judge the record that I just told you Even to this day in 19 170, if you're loud for the erosion and all the other stuff that has taken place through the many, many years, the continents could still be put together and they just fit like a jigsaw puzzle.


All. Now, in verse three, God simply begins to put together the earth, and whatever is needed here to make it so that man can exist. Now people say to me, and they said it to you, and one of the beautiful fields of science for the past five or 10 years has been the quest for man on other planets. If I understand the word of God, I do not believe there are any other men on other planets. I do believe that are devil spirits. I believe that they could do a lot of those ship businesses, you're talking about what they call those things they see. Flying saucers, lot of other stuff that I can explain will handle some of the advanced plus. But as far as man time existing on any other planet, that is entirely out of place.


far as I remember a couple of years ago, tie in here tonight, my friend Ty, I saw here isn't here. Hi, Mrs. Fourth, Eshleman chi and fourth, a Sherman phoresis. Brother, Dr. Eric Coleman is head of the research department at Palo Alto times to the university. And I've been there with him. That's where I went to know when I was interested in heart transplants. And that's where they first busted genetic to where they said they could produce new life. That's when I went down to see where God had disappeared. And I figured I might be down same. Dr. RASHOMON is a brilliant scientist, a very brilliant scientist. It is, it is He Who designed and had built that big dish that intercepts these radio things where they send them out, and they finally come back. And then they log all that information. And he was He who first blew the theory, that minute propounded up other people being up there on Mars, because of the terrific heat. I forget what it is now, Fahrenheit or something 369 degrees or something. All of that information. And it was he who wrote the article, which was syndicated in all the newspapers in the United States. But it got about that much through simply saying that as far as he understood science, and the outreach of science, it was impossible for man, as mankind to inhabit any other area or place in the universe except fear. And you know, that like usually, usually, the higher you go on the totem pole of success, the sooner you go to the cemetery. And the only person who lives to enjoy a man's going that way can be his wife. That's all if he's got enough enjoy. And I'm just plain stupid enough to believe that there has to be something bigger and better and more for man than that quest. But you see, when you're brought up, you can't go beyond what you're taught. And if you're taught this is our society and your dog toy that all your life well, what do you do? You're following the same old footsteps. Somebody said to me wonderful. What would you do if you didn't move out for politics? Very simple. I'd send two year old kids up to run Washington. Think that was good, did you? Well, I want to tell you something. They couldn't make any more mistakes. If my if your two year old child made as many mistakes, I think you'd Spanky but you see, we never think of it we Think you have to be 40 5060 7080 years old to run the place. If we could get God's word back to God's people, and the people quit talking about it, and doing it, instead of using a nice springboards to get votes and power and everything else literally living it we're gonna do some Oh, if we can't get it back to him, at least you can do it your life and I can do it mind.


Start there anyway. Doesn't start 30 No date with Congress. Break free. And God, what did He create? Outcome he didn't have to create


whatever whatever light is, and there isn't a person in here knows what light isn't there isn't a scientist who knows what light is. They can only use live, they can only approximate they do not know what light is. The word says God's light. So I get some days somebody a believable. He generates the whole outfit. God would disappear out of the situation just wouldn't be in life. I don't know how they ever get around electricity, but somebody figured it out. But they still can't explain it but we utilize it we can enjoy it. The reason God did not have to create whatever light is had already been created when in the beginning, all he had to do is put it together. And the beautiful word of God says, And God says and God says it's real interesting. That the word and is that figure which takes God all the way through. So you get a double God in this verse. You see where it says And God said the word and it ties together the God at the beginning all the way through. So literally I picture in my mind.


God God said like waiting. He simply spoke it into existence, or into being or whatever he simply spoke it into manifestation would be perhaps a better usage of words. Symantec


has no problem in my thinking, I understand you don't understand God, but I understand I could be done. Because I did something here tonight Walter did something and you maybe did it to where you spoke something into existence into being or into manifestation is the best word I can think of. Any freely give me your Bible. Hold it. I spoke into being is moving from here over to here. Take it back, please. I said to you, would you please sing with me number 62 Before I start teaching, and you know what happened, Fred sang 14 And he just sang 28 Rubin sang 34 bow back there decided to sing Beethoven's 20th Symphony and FC minor. Ah, no, why not? Why, why did you all say number 62? Because I said so. Well, if I can speak into being into manifestation, him number 62. If there is a God Almighty, Who created the heavens and the earth, do you think maybe he could do a little bit? Where's your logic? If I can do it, what about God Almighty. All it is, and God said, Let there be light. There was God. It doesn't say and God created. That's all Sunday school teachers. Were God created on the first day so until the second day, he didn't do anything like he does not in Sunday School quarterly. In the word, it says And God what? That's what it means. Let there be light and there was one and God saw the light It was good. And God divided the light from us. I told you he ought to know more about how he set this thing up than geologists or anybody else. God he was there. And I can tell you a lot more about what happened at the way headquarters today. Not all but scientists in the world will be able to tell you 100 years from now what happened at the way headquarters today? I was there. So were you and you people are can tell more than all of us scientists will be able to tell us 1000 years from now that happened today at the headquarters. Well, what about God's God created I haven't done Dr. T what that he ought to know how he did it.


I love you But Bo. And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called what? And the evening and the morning. Were the first day. Evening and morning is another figure at the NEC your case failed FY NECD. Oh, VAT where the beginning and the end are put for the whole wh o le. And the evening and the morning were the first love. Whenever the Bible says like three days and three nights. It's always a literal statement of truth, a period of 24 hours, three days and three nights. When the Bible says For days, 100 days, it can be any person of a day, one minute, one hour. But whenever it says day and night, or evening, and morning, it's always a period of 24 hours. And the reason the word evening comes through is because the night is the first part of the day. When do we start the day, in our reckoning of time at midnight now isn't that through whoever figured that out, had to have a PhD to try because he would have known better in third grade than to start the day in the middle of the night. Now that's just about the stupidest time to start a day, right. For some of you kids that are to start at three in the morning before Julie day starts with sunsets. That's why the evening is always the first part of the day. The Egyptians started their day with Sunrise. And the book of Esther is written any Gipson time that's like the commentary slip on the time of that. Or the book. Now people say to me, do you mean 24 hours? What can't you hear? That's exactly what I mean. If you can get more than 24 hours out of a day and night put together you build yourself you know math and psychiatry and all the rest of that stuff you'll need it. Just like God is faithful. But the only problem you have are the non biblical, non knowledgeable men of the word who think they want you to think that they have learned something that it took God so many years to spin this old earth off with some other outer planets. Isn't a beautiful that man would rather believe what they said and they can't prove they're just theories. And a theory is the lowest thing on the totem pole in math. I'm on you just stay put. You tell me your logical your colleagues grip a theory is not a truth. It's only a theory. Like evolution. What was Darwin? Why did he call it a theory? But it was a wonderful opportunity for the unbelievers to accept it as truth. And today, you're still teaching your public schools, high schools and colleges as truth when all it is, is I think you're right. But it's so much easier for unbelieving man to propound error and believe it as truth than to go to God's word and say what God's say if you're so brilliant, as a science, that you can explain man, by having him developed from nothing to something, you got to build laws of logic that nobody has ever heard of or seen. Which is even bypass God the Creator. Because if you can evolve a man from basically nothing into something, you are overstepping every law of genius. And if you can overstep the law of detail, then I can overstep it, then everybody could overstep it, and it'd be nothing but great confused. I don't have a watch on maybe be good if I did you think I'd quit sooner, but I can't tell time anyway, he still wouldn't. But just take a look at that. Watch. You're good. You got one on? How many trillions upon trillions of years do you think that it would take to produce that watch if it just came by evolution? How many years would it take for it to evolve? So you finally have a second hand on isn't a tremendous how we have accepted theories as truth. Anybody with an ounce of brains knows that that wants us to have an intelligence behind it. Somebody somewhere thought somebody manufactured machinery. Somebody figured out the jewels that had to go in it and where they had to go, there has to be an intelligence behind even that. I'm gonna say stupid little thing you wear on your wrist a lot. Everything has to have intelligence, that suit or clothing that tie those shoes, those glasses. Everything. Well, what about the heavens and the earth? There has to be intelligence behind the stars in their courses, the Milky Way. How many are in that galaxy, the Milky Way I even forget nail. They just approximated millions, I think, Man Oh, man, just think that that's just all at once happened. I have a drawing in my foundational class syllabus of antiquity. One years ago, I've figured out something. But it's the scientific evolvement of man. And one of the first stages He looks just like a warning of you REM almost that you go patient drunk. And he's got a sort of a pretty little big head, that word. And then he evolved from this worm into something else. And finally, it gets into the guild stage. And then he loses his Guild and he gets lung you got to be stupider than stupid to accept that. Because nobody with a real logical intelligence could accept it. But if they propound it in your schools, in your colleges in your cemeteries and seminaries, they propound all of this. Why why is the youngster going to be and we live in a great society. When they send you to college you got to pass if you don't Dad Mom don't like when they send you to high school. You got to hand the professor back to the teacher back slot he wants or you don't get a lot promoted and dad mom are more interested in promotion than they are in truth. They're more interested in getting it through seventh grade. Therefore, we have to agree with what the teacher says, the heck we do. Only because society says we have to. We've got kids in a way ministry, who will absolutely tell their teachers to stick it when it comes to their teaching on evolution. That's right. They only flunk that's all they can do. And you can't Flunk our students over three or four years, because you're going to get tired to have them in your classes.


And what difference does it make if we stay in fourth grade three years, because you're gonna go to college, some of you, and you're gonna spend all your time there, learn another


Oh, and we talk about mankind being intelligent. As the only intelligent man ever manifest yourself, which destroys any body I'll say it again. Logically, anybody who pounds and teaches the theory of evolution as truth is alive. Because even he didn't get here that voice is, it's a whole lot all the laws break up. Now, let me remind remind you that Darwin, when he propounded the theory of evolution simply offered it to students for an opportunity to evaluate it, thinking that when they did look at it, they'd see it and say, well see how foolish it is. But instead of people getting back reaction, they accepted his theory as fast and as truth and it has been prepended down through the thing.


God said, Let there be light and there was what God made the firmament divided the water, gone above the permit, below it very safe. And God called the firmament the word firmament is the word expand exp.


Heaven and the word heaven means lofty or high. Any place above Earth is lofty and high. That's why any place above Earth biblically is what happened that got your head the evening in the morning, we're what? Right? And God said, verse nine, verse 10, and God calls the dryer the gathering guard Kali sees God solid with verse 11. And God said, Let the earth bring forth what? The Earth yielding seed and the fruit trees yielding first after it's time, it's time. Now people, the word kind there is the word gay note. Which is transliterated into an English word called genus. You're biologists after its plot, after its genius, after its kind, when you plant potatoes, what do you get? Not wild onions.


And when you're playing Wild Oats, you don't get p y. Everything after its blood. Boy, that's the law. That's the law. You can't breed a cow to ours and get a horsey cow. Not truck trust. You cannot breed a dog to a cat and get a caddy dog.


Why? Because of the genus, the genus, the genus and the chromosome that's all involved in this stuff. After the time. You take a cat, you can breed a cat to a cat get get You can breed a horse to a mare and get a coat. You can breed a bow to a cow and get a cat. Just for a moment, think of what would happen in our universe if this law was broken. Everything after it's time if you let's say, you plant potatoes and you end up getting onions


just think that is true for a minute. Man, just boy everything your breeder cow and come up with turkeys. Hey, man how we could have been taught this and could have believed it? Well, I believe that too. That's why I can sympathize with all the rest of our stupidity. Because I used to believe the same thing I thought all that evolution stuff I used to propounded as the truth. I know all that stupid arguments for me. That's why I know so much on the other side today because I know the words. I happen to know a little bit of logic and laws how they operate. And I just don't push around with everybody yacon it has to fit like a hand in glove. With trade illustration, you can't use an Indian. They don't learn to now the law is everything after it's kind you plant peas, you get sleepies you're planting tomatoes, you get tomatoes, you plant watermelon, you get watermelon. And it says the fruit tree yielding fruit, after its kind, whose seed is where, in itself, the seed, the seed and the seed is the life. The life in man, the seed in life in man or is it in the blood and comes from the male side. The seed comes from the male side the light The light is in the seed itself. Watermelon Seed mustard seed that John Townsend was talking about last night so life is right in the seat if you have faith he read last night or gave to us as a grain a mustard seed and I thank God he didn't say size of a grain I must repeat because the word doesn't say that has nothing to do with size at all has everything to do with the quality unit. If you have faith as a mustard seed has anything to do with size, it just has to do with the life in it tree yielding fruit after its kind whose seed is in itself. feeders in itself is another figure and the figure is Polly a tone is spelled bol Ys PT ot o n which simply means it's the same part of speech use but different inflections. And literally it is feeding feed who is feeding feed what you're gonna see with feeding feed. Some of you have sent her references in your Bible rock as a given in your center reference at CDC. Who's got that there are 2345 Bibles. Some of the center references will have this figure in it as the word seating seat and that's what it is.


After it's kind whose seating thing is in itself upon the earth and it was so every time I read this thing I think that old children's deal we are taught you know about Humpty Dumpty Humpty Dumpty was just a little old a some hand had produced that morning by tackling once or twice after was over with no strain, no stress, just a nice dress And this a Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall. And the picture in my mind that I had in public school and I went there one years ago, was a bit old wide wall because it had been built by a king and the kings built a wall around the city to protect the inhabitants on the inside. That's why the wall in the Bible is called the police Pol is transliterated over into our word of police, in your word Indianapolis comes from this word. And that polish comes from Me too. Well, I see that little old egg and the picture had it on the outside of the wall. It was just falling off of that white wall and Derrick Bell down below and if you're broke just Hillary, it just cracked all over the place. The light was losing all over into yellow was where the yellow wins Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. Then comes a phrase, all the king's heart. You know what that means? All all the strength of the king. Well, how much strength does the king has? He has all the strength of the Empire because every member of the kingdom belongs to the king. He is head of the empire, All the king's horses plus all the kings what that means all the brain cells, all died great scientists, all of those people, All the king's horses, all the king's men. Couldn't put simple, little old Humpty Dumpty together. And eggs at it chicken laid without any strainer. Can you do it today? I asked you scientists. No. You can't do it today. You cannot take an egg. Break it out and put it back together again in any laboratory, or with any of the brains you got. And secondly, you can you can try to put it together you still can't make it hot. You take a little seat. Appleseed right across the plains. You take that seed and you take out off the outer cover. Then you take off the next cover, then you keep working at it. Finally you get down to the middle of it you don't see you wrap it all back up. Under the most ideal scientifically controlled temperatures, everything else humidity, put it in the ground, what happens? Now can you describe why somebody disturbed something and that would say disturb is the life of that seed which is the seeding of the state you can take an egg into a laboratory and you can put it back together. I have seen it accomplished. But when you put that egg under a microscope and you look at it, that places that it's been put together look like great crevices of the Rocky Mountains. It only looks good when you look at it with the naked eye. The more high powered the microscope looking at what man does the more the imperfections appear. The more high powered the microscope you put on God's word the more perfect it appears the seed is in itself. You plant apple you got to get one Amen, you plant a corn you're gonna get what? Not acorns you're gonna get over


I Love You thought I'd wake you up on it. Real nice. That seed is in itself. Look here, everything after its time after its genius. After its time.


You can have an overlapping in time. You cannot have an evolution in time. You have evolution Send in species. You can have variety in species but not deer. In the Gobi family you can have a big cow and a little account and all varieties in between. But you're still in the genius of the Bowlby thing. You can have a black and white Holstein. You can have a golden Guernsey or jersey. You can have a brown Brown Swiss


Air shires is going to go some of you farmers know more about those colors nothing but I know something. Why then do you have a red Holstein at times they caught because it's a throwback. You have you have developed you have developed that species within that genus and it's a throwback that's why you get a red hope T OC posed to be black and white. But coming out of the background or breeding while you're getting you can you can have variety and species but not just here is where you have evolution that you have evolution within species but never genus. Burbank should have known this. And did I suppose in practice? You California people. Always within species you can develop. You can have a big dog, little dog. You can develop intelligence. often think about we used to raise the 20s had to get rid of them because they only fit somebody at the wrong place over here. And when you got to a public place like we have here, you can't always have what you might have in your private homes your own. But those basenjis to me were the most fascinating things I've ever seen in dogs and I love dogs. I think you know that you've seen my cell phone with you. I had a Basenji here that was third generation wild came from effort is the most beautiful dog I think I've ever seen by just terrific. And when we would breed that, breed that female to that male, I could guarantee you what those pups would look like, I could guarantee that the light on their tail would be exactly so long. Because of the tremendous genius of that particular line of dog tail all over the world, perhaps one of the purest string theories. The thing, artfully odorless but not likely. Is a cutest thing. I had a tremendous phobia. I've never seen the 10 yet didn't have a phobia has a phobia for being in an isolated area. If the Basenji could have the run of this room downstairs and every place has to be great. But you lock him up in this auditorium and He'll meet you at the corner of the road. When you come home, you'll go through the window he'll eat through the wall. And after they do that a couple of times even Mrs. We're real objects and the trouble is they get caught accidentally I remember that time I just moved out in the dog pen Mishael for a while at him up in our own bedroom at the door just somewhere the window, close the door and he stayed in there and we were gone long time when we got home we had all of our beauty for cartons pouring down and oh, don't make what you talk about genius. Now you could develop that because genetically you can pick out certain characteristics and then you keep breeding that long enough you can develop those or you could get the wide off of that tail. But it takes you at least five or more generations to start even getting close to it. So you can have you can have variety within species but never change. That becomes the great law that is stated here whose seat is where in itself. Well, I got a quick for tonight, I guess too bad. But the word will still be the word tomorrow night if the Lord does for you. In line with this, let me read you another verse. I'm not going to get through the first chapter by a long way. And I hear the kids already have sung four new songs downstairs. So I think the parents, the teachers must be set up with our children down there, they're waiting on me to close. Look very 21. And God created great whales. In every living creature, the word creature is soul, that movements, which the waters brought forth abundantly after there was an ever wing file after Ed slot. And then very 22, and God bless them saying, Be fruitful, and do what? and fill the waters in the earth, and water and sea and lead fall multiplying the earth. And in verse in verse 28. And God bless them, this is man here, instead of going to be fruitful and multiply, and what replenished a lot? How could you replenish something you've never been? I can God tell Adam and Eve to replenish the earth if there has never been anything on earth before. Just want to think about because tomorrow night, we're going to explain. And tomorrow night, I will show you how that whole thing fits together. They talk about pre historic debts and pre historic debt. I'll show you how that fits in here. And I'll show you the air in their thinking when they say it was man. Because man had to be the one who had body flop. And what Ha, and for old Adam, God formed the body, he made the soul and he was created spirit within him. So that puts Adam in a special category. Now let's say there was something preceding having had body and some life, that life could not have been soul life. Because soul life was first created in verse 21, in Genesis where I showed it to you, for animals, as we know them in this heaven and earth period. But if God limited, that he could not have had those previous things to pre ambulator around without having life, as we have, that's where the mistake comes in. That they say it's man because he has the resemblance. Man is Man because it's so. And this is where we're going to go tomorrow night. But you see, I just couldn't teach you everything I know about Genesis.


I'd like to say, I perhaps have forgotten that the 60 70% of Genesis were the ones new. But still know a lot about I'll be glad to take any examination in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek on it with any of you guys that want to take it whenever you want to work, the integrity of it, and the accuracy of it ability. Because this is God's word, without any private interpretation, just working it and working it to where you look at it in all of its beauty. And there you see how wonderfully God formed, made and created man and put this thing here to Earth here for us to enjoy and who enjoys a big fight to even stay alive. But God never meant that. God never meant for men to be cutting each other's throat by an over this and by and over that God put everything here upon the earth for man's and joint trust I even think he puts key here for man's enjoyment. So that Peter wait to live people that's all I got time for and I love you and thank you for teaching tonight.