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SNT 0441 Spiritualism Today

Spiritualism Today -
Part A

Shows how the counterfeit looks so religious and fools many Christians.
SNT – 441-A

March 1, 1970

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Topic: DRAFT, counterfeit, spirit, devil, satan, stand
Format: audio
Publication Date: 03-01-1970

Victor Paul Wierwille was a Bible scholar and teacher for over four decades.

By means of Dr. Wierwille's dynamic teaching of the accuracy and integrity of God's Word, foundational class and advanced class graduates of Power for Abundant Living have learned that the one great requirement for every student of the Bible is to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Thus, his presentation of the Word of God was designed for students who desire the in-depth-accuracy of God’s Word.

In his many years of research, Dr. Wierwille studied with such men as Karl Barth, E. Stanley Jones, Glenn Clark, Bishop K.C. Pillai, and George M. Lamsa. His formal training included Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Mission House (Lakeland) College and Seminary. He studied at the University of Chicago and at Princeton Theological Seminary from which he received a Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. Later he completed his work for the Doctor of Theology degree.

Dr. Wierwille taught the first class on Power for Abundant Living in 1953.

Books by Dr. Wierwille include: Are the Dead Alive Now? published in 1971; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today published in 1972; five volumes of Studies in Abundant Living— The Bible Tells Me So (1971), The New, Dynamic Church (1971), The Word's Way (1971), God's Magnified Word (1977), Order My Steps in Thy Word (1985); Jesus Christ Is Not God (1975); Jesus Christ Our Passover (1980); and Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed (1982).

Dr. Wierwille researched God's Word, taught, wrote, and traveled worldwide, holding forth the accuracy of God's "wonderful, matchless" Word.

Hos 4:6

Gen 2:16, 17; 3:4, 5

(Rom 10:9)

Luk 4:5-8; 2Co 4:4; Eph 4:27; Jam 4:6-8, 10



snt-0441_spiritualism-today(vpw) DRAFT

SUMMARY KEYWORDS: spirit, devil, satan, stand

There are tremendous things happening in our country. Most of the things that are happening are not good, they're bad.


But they're still happening. You know, as we teach in the foundational cloud, that scripture from Hosea that says, where God says My people are destroyed for a lot, a lot of knowledge. This is happening all over the country today. Born Again, believers are being destroyed everywhere, they cause a lack of knowledge of God's Word. Now that lack of knowledge is just not something you put up in your brain cell. It's something you carry out in your day by day living and witnessing. Like it should never have been necessary for me to talk about the magazine into those different areas where it's our walk, if God is really what the Word says he is. Some of us just don't have time to deal in second rate matters and triviality. We have to become as dedicated to our cause of the accuracy of God's word, as the most severe revolutionary is dedicated to the overthrow of our government. And until the greatness of that word really settled itself in our heart. And we mean business for God, the rest is just talk. It's beautiful, to sit in this wonderful place on a Sunday night. And to hear the Word of God Sunday after Sunday. It's great to be in the film classes that take classes, to be in Columbus to be in Indianapolis to open another class at ECU and down in Florida. But what's the word of it? Just if it tickles our ears and doesn't get us walking, and really standing for it and boldly declaring it. This is my reading material. Up here on the platform, this just part of it. Most of this came in this week. This so it's pretty current. I had some of that stuff put away from my advanced class one day. I said to Pew folded and I said well just drop it my advanced class for next year. This year 70, I guess. And I then I got to thinking, Well, why don't we drop it in there for I could teach the advanced class week after week by just the current information I gathered that particular week. What am I starting to save all this stuff for nail? It's right. We talk about people having boldness all over the California area and in the stores on the street corners. Every place they can get them. This particular picture of a little black boy being trained to use the gun to kill the white man. Every place. Are they reluctant? Do you think that these men who put this out sit at their televisions all evening, Monday through Friday and Saturday? Or do you think that these men work at jobs like you men and women do and then they take off the moment they're through and they go to work to get this kind of stuff out. That's what they do. This is their life. They're working at their jobs is just to get enough money so they can put this stuff out. They don't talk 10% tied, they talk 90% of their income plus 100% of your dedication of your physical being. This particular thing is put out by the Black Panther Party, the revolutionaries to overthrow it. And it's all over the state of California, the areas that I traveled through without any hesitancy but in all boldness every place they can get it. There is only one answer to the basic need of the man. And that's the word of God. And there's so much talk about the word but no real word. It's the cleverest thing old Satan's propagated for centuries. And he's in the business of propagating his stuff today with a very sharpness. And people. So many of us just asleep at the switch and then we wonder while if I have to give up another hours rest. I just can't get up in the morning at 530 and read the Word of God and pray before I go to work because I'm just too tired. I just can't give that much time. I can't stay up that many hours. I just can't do this.


The real truth is we don't want to it hasn't come to the place that it's a matter of life and death to us. But people I'm saying to you tonight as candidly as I know. We have reached that point. where it is a matter of life and death. And unless somebody really takes it on stand and moves with it, and really a little handful of people like those of us in the labor ministry, if we're going to do it, only God can do it because of the dedication in our hearts, and the real commitment that we make to him. That's the only way I see. My life has been spent many, many years on just research and teaching these great truths. And the years roll by time goes by, and we are not really making an impression. We've got to even make a deeper commitment and a deeper decision than we've ever made before. A nation never dies, they cause a pressure from the outside nations die because of disintegration with it. Nations representing people people die because the nation dies because the people are dead. And there is only one thing that ever kills any nation, and that is spiritualism in the least common denominator. It will come under all kinds of colors, all kinds of guards, everything else. But when you take all the shrouds off the paraphernalia of everything going on, behind it is always some type of spiritual ism. Which of course, many times today we refer to it is referred to in the extrasensory perception category. This kind of picture I just showed you put out by the Black Panther organization can only be inspired by Devil spirits in the background. That's all. So our nation and our people will not die because of a forest from the outside but they're already dead on the inside. So a forest from the outside can overtake and that in the least common denominator is always spiritualism. I said it in the California class. I don't know if I said it last Sunday night tonight. I'll say it again. If I said last Sunday night would hurt you to hear it again. I said that anybody who believes in the Trinity is a heretic. And the reason that God has forsaken his people is because they forsaken him. They've got three gods instead of one and God will never tolerate that. You can read your Bible from cover to cover, and our gods are loving God. He's a forgiving God. He's a patient God. But wherever God people forsook him, it was always under spiritualism of one kind or another. They served other gods then the one true God, read it for yourself. Every place Mr. Mo. That's why the church, the organized churches dead, and anybody who stands with it just hasn't arrived at the place to believe God's word and cut clean. And the Word of God says we're not even to have any fellowship with the ungodly. We're not to be unequally yoked together with them. Sure, it takes courage. Well, what do you think that stuff takes? does not take courage. If Satan can give his people more courage than the true God can give to ours? We are serving the wrong god people.


And we're not serving the wrong god. It is a Day of Decision. It's an hour of decision. I think Billy Graham has an hour decision. Never get around to deciding anything. Try just words. But literally, it's not an hour decision for Billy Graham. It's an hour of decision is the word of God, right? Or isn't? And if it is, right, are we going to hold it? And are we going to talk it? Are we going to share it? Are we going to make our little old signs and put them out? Are we just going to let the world go to hell? Without us taking a stake? Well, I can't make up your mind. You're the only one could make that up. And you're the only people that can really make up your mind to let that word of God really live not only in your life, but out there where others can see it and do something with it in the book of Genesis in the third chapter. We have the record in the second chapter of Genesis that I teach in every foundational class as well as its third chapter


but that the Lord God when he foreign made and created Adam and Eve said to them in verse 16, Of every tree of the garden Nahmias freely equal to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, Dasha, and even for the day that thou eatest thereof, thou shalt what? Surely done. This was the true God, saying this to his people who may have created Adam and Eve, He said to them, you can do all of this, but the day you do so and so you shall surely die. And in the third chapter, the old devil the serpent, they refer to these devil spirits as demons. Don't ever refer to them as demons. They're not demons. They're diables. Demon is a Greek word, translated into English devil, use the English word either that or speak Greek all the time. That's right. Do you know why? Why they want you to use demon, because it does not sound so cruel to the human ears in English. But in Greek, it's a real hard word as Walter in Greek, it's an even harder word than the word devil is in English. Not in English, the word demon is a soft word. The word devil is a hard word, well use the word doctor uses. So don't use the word demon around me, let's say devil when you mean devil. That's right, the old devil, the old serpent. He said to to even verse one half, God said, you shall not eat of every tree of the garden. He knew gunwale what God had said. But you see, the first thing he's got to get to is get people to doubt the integrity of the accuracy of the Word of God. God had said the day though, either throughout your journey die. The devil said, Did God really say? You shall surely die. Just to start to get them to question. God's word, it always starts there. How many people do you know today who don't question God's word? Oh, I don't know if you know anybody outside of people. We've dogged in the way ministry with the word. How many people do you know really, who believed God's Word? The Bible is God's word. Or do they just believe portions of it are contained within it? He's done the same thing. He's still doing the same thing. The old devil gets people to doubt God's word. It's always undermining God's word. Because the only way you can know God's will is to know Richards word. Adam and Eve knew God's will because they had God's word. Satan knew God's word, but he got them to question it. And Satan can't get you or me to question God's word unless we're willing to question. He can't get us to doubt God's word unless we play into his hands.


In Ephesians, it says that we're not to give place to the devil. He just can't get any place unless we give it to me. This is why when Satan comes he'll always trick people basically first on the Word of God. But if there's no room left in the word, if they're already thrown the whole word out, then you use a lot of different things. You people are expect to fight? Because why shouldn't the devil try to throw the book at you? Because if he can stop you, if he can hold you up, he's got the whole world today. That's right. If he can get you to question the integrity and the accuracy of something out here, these people who say they believe the Bible, but they don't believe 1/10 of it anyways and understand 99% less than what they believe anyway. Why should Satan bother them? He's already got them all screwed up and all confused and all in contradiction, right? He doesn't have to lay the timber to them. He's got them timbered. But he's got to take people who are on the move, working the word, doing everything he can to obstruct them from moving that word. Why, you know, he goes through this thing. And finally gets down to verse four. And the devil is set on the woman he shall not lot surely die. You see, he never shows his true colors until he's got people hooked. When he's really got people hooked. Then finally he'll show his true colors. He started in by a little question, Did God really say that he went down the line one after another. But when he had her completely in his hands, he finally said to her, Ye shall not surely die. But you're going to be like God Almighty, you're going to no good from evil. And from now on, you can run the whole show without God. The true God had said the day Dalida throne, Thou shalt love. The old devil said, You shall walk. And that same danabol era is being propounded all over our country tonight, that when a man dies, he's not dead, he just


gone into a higher consciousness or he's passed over the bar. You downside better off if he had the bar down here and passed it over.


And all that devil is teaching he shall not what? surely die. The teaching that when a man is dead, he's not dead, is absolutely contrary to God's word. And it's the real trick of the dyeable. whereby he just binds millions and billions of people. The great city of Ephesus was destroyed because of the worship of a pagan god. In the temple of Diana of the ifif the Greeks lost their civilization because of the worship of Baptists and all these other gods and temples that they have. The only difference is that our is have the word Christians written on the temples on the outside today. But the same damn animal spirits of devils control the outfit, and they are just rapidly rapidly bringing us into a deep cadence time. That's almost unbelievable. This week in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Reverend Henry Paulson who is the Minister of the Christian church at 616, East 15th Straight held a meeting. Here I chose him in his pulpit on Sunday morning in the church, and in that same church during the week, he holds seances. Every Tuesday and Friday for a donation of $2. The devoted followers of the Reverend Henry Paulson meet to participate in a seance. His followers believe that he goes into a trance, and that spirits enter his body to speak to them. Feel in the group I joined seem to be younger than 60. The youngest was a clothing salesman who appeared to be in his early 40s he was making his second visit. Some observers think men and women who conduct see answers provide a link to the spirit world. Others think the mediums have extrasensory perception which enables the mediums to learn what the people at the scenes are thinking and then to feed the information but others think the mediums are fake sees the news, man writing this getting everybody in confusion. See, but it's got some things in here. He says smarter than what he really knows. Right. We filed into the in the room and assortment of ancient chairs, sofas were grouped in a circle. The cluttered room was dimly lit by two lamps. In the middle of the circle stood several tall cones of aluminum called the bugles through which they speak to people you know. And one of the women said aren't these sittings of Reverend pulsing just wonderful? There was a murmur of agreement which arose from around the circle. You aren't nervous Are you one of the women asked me I was the first time don't touch the bugles if they come around and you're warmed and other color that's just a blessing when they hover over you. Finally, Mr. Paulson comes in the room. He sits down the head chair and then he gets them all together. Turns on all the lights and everybody's asked to join hands with his neighbor, the left palm right palm down. The Lord's Prayer was recited. Could they do this? Because it's not addressed. I tell you, they go just as far as the Gospels. Then they thank a church him. Midway through the last verse, He uttered a small cry, and his voice was then conspicuously absent to the next voice was this is Esther. Bible character, Esther. There she is. Hello, Esther. Oh Esther. Lark I'm Esther. How are you? And greetings echo that doozy caustically around the room. I feel the power is a little weak, the voice said, but it's wonderful to have this opportunity to greet you. I hope you are all well. After a few more pleasantries, the voice bad goodbye.


In the next moment, this is easy kill. Man, those are visitations from heaven. I call, wouldn't you? All Esther has been dead for Kool Aid saw as easy kill. But here's this great, magnificent preacher. He's able to have them coming into his little do flap. Well, he says, I am happy, I have this opportunity to be with you. So they give greetings to Ezekiel. And meanwhile, at small commotion was proceeding around the circle I heard some small murmurs of Thank you, thank you, thank you, because they felt the magnetic metallic touch of one of the bugles against one arm and then against another. And someone said to light to say thank you, I realized that this at this point, the beautiful blessing had already passed on to the next person. So you've got to say thank you at the right time. After a few more spirits joined us, they all express their gratitude. Finally, you know comes Abraham Lincoln greeted us a short time later. Then Alexander Hamilton, who gave us some good advice on material matters. And he went around the circle offering hopeful answers to most questions. And he goes on to tell how they conduct this thing that's reverent does and finally it says the seance lasted about two hours when the last spirit indicated that that see ons was edits, and then the group saying another him the lights were turned on. Mr. Paulson roused himself and the meetings.


This is the church these are the ministers. This is what we're supporting when we support the church.


April, where are we? Well that stuff isn't puppy cocky. It's happening. That stuff is going on. Now if Abraham Lincoln is dead, and I'll stay dead until Christ returns, that's it that has to be a lot counterfeit. But if what we have been taught in the past that when you die, you're not dead. You have gone up to heaven to be with the Lord, then that is not a counterfeit. I believe that Bible teaches that a man is dead until Christ comes to get him up worship of spirits in Brazil the most important night of the week comes when the drums beat that Boogie devil spirit beat of Africa same downloadable stuff you hear many times when they pick it up in the rock and roll the the women chant and dance the spirits descend. Listen to this to take possession of their buddies. A News Writer does it most likely never cracked the book is he's accurate. Saturday nights festival time for the spirits. In the center of a hot is a poll supporting the room around which women dance dressed in Moloch colored skirts, frilly blouses turbans, and they are urged on by the chance of the male priests Standing by a group of three drummers in one corner is a group of impassive silent men. In another group of excited women trapped sway and always the chance of the priests encouraging the dancers within an hour the start, usually between 10pm and midnight, the heart is filled with people, the tensions rods, as the drummers increase their momentum and the dancers become possessed. Then some collapse on the ground. They're slain by the spirit that is slain by the spirit that they want to tell us in the Christian Church, the true God does. That's how I from hell. Not true. God doesn't go around, slay on anybody in the Spirit. This is slain in the Spirit. Devil spirits some shriek stagger, appear frozen by a magic spell. Others possessed by a child spirits suddenly start talking and squeaky voices like children, sing children's song giggle hold hands so far. The spirits descend discreetly, and speak through followers who are affected by not something. They speak through them. They possess the look at the accuracy with which that stuff is written. Then we talk in the Christian church about sister like Jesus Hobbes way in your life. Just give yourself to Jesus the spirit and let him possess you. Just become a channel for him. Be his instrument. Turn yourself over to Jesus and let Jesus use you. That's all straight devil spirit talk. They cause that troll God never possesses. He never controls. We are never an instrument for him. We are never a tool. We are never a candle. Under the possession, they have great enthusiasm. They do great feats under possession. You and I have freedom of will we can do great feats for the true gods. But we got to have the willpower and the courage to do it by the freedom of our will. They are possessed. They're controlled. They can't help themselves once those Delve but you can't help yourself. You've got freedom oil. And you and I have to make up our mind whether we find a power God who's in us is greater than he that's in the world talking about the devil's birds or whether we buy the freedom of the world can stand as boldly or more boldly than they do. Or whether they through possession have a better God than we've got I forget the name of the TV show that was on Monday or Tuesday Not this week.


Then make much difference. They're all lousy anyways, all just built around devil spirits and all that control.


But in that film, people have been killed by Devil spirits possessed murdered. Finally, this little chick says to her boyfriend, confess Satan as your gun. Just those words. I thought my teaching of the foundational class of the Tutsi


just increased in value a million times when I saw that stupid stuff. This is what they're doing. She just said to him just confess Him as your god confess him she use the words and if you confess Satan as your god you know gets to be your gut or under the seat about a man do I have to be hesitant about saying to a man or woman confess the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior or go to hell? Not me. Right? Ah, people. This is a day an hour. This is a time where those of us who have sat at the feet of the integrity and the accuracy of the word that we take our lousy stand for it and do something that talk and days are over with kids. It's finished. Because one of these mornings you'll wake up if you don't you find out it's too late. Anyways, but we still have life and breath. Why don't we say it male while we still got the freedom to see palm reading sticks to systems have used in fortune telling. Numerology psychic readings are all of this stuff at dusk Be sure to clear your mind stare inside of a crystal ball. crystal balls diameters 345 inches, prices 18 to $50. And people buying them by the barrel now they couldn't buy them if they didn't have money to buy them with. They maybe put them on bank America but sooner bank America's got to be paid. They support that. You and I have to support what we know is God's word. Cards 200 decks of cards she sold five bucks of a deck. You know, I'm gonna forget what you call them. The cards. Let it come join


occultists don't want publicity. Now, doesn't that sound just love. That's right. There's always a number of basic things you can watch for in spiritualism. They are the most humble people you've ever seen. They they just ooze humility. The most sickening thing they ooze is counterfeit love. They're the most loving people you've ever seen. They don't just squeeze your neck, nail, just labia, they'll do anything for you. Thirdly, they're always people basically, with a deep religious faith with about which they will talk to you. In the fourth place, they will always endeavor to produce and academic acceptability. If we can get that right, Reverend to front for this, it's got to be good. If we can get scientists so and so just stand for it. It's got to be right. And if we can get the head of the IBM outfit, to say so it's got to be good. It has to have an academic except stability. And of course nothing gave it such acceptability of Dr. Ryan and Mrs. Ryan at Duke University the past number of years. But there are others across our country in foreign countries that have really given it an academic atmosphere and acceptability. And in a fifth place, you can always be sure that the approach they utilize and tell to people will be solid. It will be explicit and they are producing conclusive evidence. And in the final place, they'll always tell you before it's all finished, be sure to be very cautious about this. I call it cautious skepticism. Don't swallow it. They tell you. Be sure to be very cautious if you're going to explore the fields of the occult. If you're going to go to a seance, be sure that it isn't a counterfeit. Be very careful that you go to a seance where the medium is a genuine this beauty why hasn't the church recognize this spirit growth in devil spirit? Because the church doesn't know the word. They just talk? No word just talk about the word but no word. And first we don't believe in devil spirits anymore. That's exactly what the devil wants us to believe that there aren't any. And then he wants us to believe there's only one God. As long as we blame the true God for everything the devil does. He's really got us hooked. Well this is some great editor, Carl, whiskey or something, publishes the art called and he lives in a haunted house. Well, a good place The thing that struck me very much about some of this stuff was that, for best results use people between the ages of 18 and 25. For best results, use people get the emphasis between 18 and 25. But in the article, it tells how you got to start with your children. Maybe that's why I was so cranked up tonight when I came in about that first week of camp. We get the family together to teach our children and our families how to read the Bible as a family and how to get the gold out of the Bible, and how to build this Word of God into the children. They teach their families, how to build receptivity to the spirit world, in their children, by meditation by getting your children around you and start developing their potential by using a Wii G board by getting them a pendant at early age that they can ask questions of that's how they train the children


well sorry, I haven't got time read you all that stuff. But boy, oh boy. This is just this week stuff Mr. Hearn. You could float this battleship on it if it was water. Talks about a burst of devil spirit energy, such as in suicide. I've taught for years the Bible teaches that when a man commits suicide, it's a double spirit. Now, here's an article on devil spiritual, the devil spirits come right out, can say the very same thing. I think a year or two ago when the guy shot everybody off the towers someplace down there in southern states. I taught on that one night and brought up the subject that no man could do this night he was devil possessed. Then the little devil spirit leaves that leave that guy in Texas and jumps into some guy over here. And in the same devil spirit jumps into some little fell over here in Chicago and he kills 678 nurses. And we put them in a psychiatric ward and can figure out another way of looking at the wrong place. You got a flat tire in the automobile the older guy in the gas tank are the exhaust pipe lines. You know why they look into gas tank and exhaust piping Gunny brains looking to flat tire. They have no ability to look at God's word to find out where the problem is. So they look up the gas tanks and exhaust pipes. The answer is in God's word. It's instead of power remembering patients. We wrestle not against a lot. When will we begin to believe our fight is not a physical fights a spiritual hunger. It's where demo spirits are wrestling against one Spirit, the true spirit of God. But the true spirit of God can only operate in a born again believer. We are the vessels. We are the vessels. Without this body. God has no spirit available. He's got to have a body and he doesn't take control. He doesn't possess he comes in. When we invite him as our personal Lord and say then he doesn't control we operate nine manifestations. Some people have sat through my foundational class six seven times they still scared to death to get up and speak in tongues in a believers meeting or interpret or bring a message in front of people is so wrong some devils aren't bashful they aren't afraid. Who's the author of fear? That's right. I'm to a ministry of healing man when you walk up to minister to someone if you're full of fear, don't walk up Stay where you are. Because if you're full of fear, it isn't from the true God it's from satan you got to get your mind build up that you are what the Word of God says you are you have what the Word of God says you are and when you walk up you have no fear no fear are you just haven't understood even the first lesson of the foundational plus. Like you see if Satan can keep fear in his in God the true God's children will never get the job done. Don't worry that God still says I would your faith in tongues as a commandment the Lord. It still says that you are speaking tongues interpreting prophesying of believers meeting. Does that even mention the By the time you're born again of God's Spirit, knowing what you have in Christ appears to be gone. That was the history on the day of Pentecost. What changed those men who 50 days before were behind closed doors for full affair. They ate onion soup for breakfast. Most likely or sometime they liked radishes. I spoke potatoes pie they were just men like as we are, as it says, about the profit man subject under like passions as we are. Yet he prayed God it shouldn't rain for three years and six months, and it was a dry they didn't even have any do


this one devil spirit he talks about today in the it's what they call regression hypnosis. I have taught people for years that all hypnosis was devils spirits. And of course, we laugh about this because I'm just one little old teacher. All the books you read and all the subjects you hear all promote hip notic situations, especially in the medical field. You can have a piece of dental surgery today under hypnosis. You can give birth to a child under hypnosis. You can have pieces of major surgery performed under hypnosis. But all hypnotism is caused by a devil spirit. And this regression, hypnosis is a real dandy because it takes them back beyond their childhood to previous existence, which they refer to as incarnation. And then they finally get your toll on how in this incarnation, who you are now is one thing, but in the previous incarnation, you weren't sewing? Really. Of course, the classic of all plastics is the great Arthur Ford, baby. This is the intellectual publication for the scientists for the university graduates for the brains of the country. And if you're one of those brains in a community, they decide these things for you. It's a spiritual frontiers fellowship. This is this week's issue just came in. I can't spend all night reading it to you. But it's just unbelievable. What they have in these magazines and what they're propounding. The most interesting one among many others, of course, is the one that I enjoyed about this. Fella Johnson. He was on the ABC network. A year ago. In the television program the baffling world of ESP. Some of you saw it I did, where Mr. Johnson gets possessed by this Chinese spirit called giant. And when shine possesses Mr. Johnson Johnson on the television show, while they were in a Seon took on the form that looked like a Chinese. And in here, they got the report of the meeting of Mr. Johnson with the leading psychologist, psychiatrist and para psychologist in an international meeting in Europe. In 1967. Listen to this, the scientists sat hushed around a conference table, listening and laughed. As Cheyenne spoke of the interest his world had in the work of these scientists. One of them said, Well, why did it didn't say this, but this is what's written, why did you choose this man as your instrument? If you know the history of this man, the devil spirit possesses, it's rotten. His life is no deal. Nothing about him is any good. So the scientists said why did you choose this man as your instrument? Now listen to this reply of the devil spirit. The reply came quickly one does not question the morals of one's telegraph, boy. Isn't that something? Well He says in here that the, the medium inner magnetic field or aura is directed by the spirits like a puppet. Not just admirably stated, you pull the string, up, go into puppet, pull the other string, oh there goes the puppet, because devil spirits always control always possess. Then I have told you that the counterfeit is so much like the genuine, you got to be a specialist in the field or you get confused. You know that the Bible teaches that when a child is born, God in His foreknowledge knows whether that child will someday on the by the freedom of its will confess with its mouth the Lord Jesus, believe God raised Him from the dead and get safe. God in His foreknowledge knowing that this child will get saved by the freedom of its will. It has a guardian angel. That's what the angels are for to take care of the kids. Now listen to this paragraph. When a child is born, I'm reading your quotation from Cheyenne the devil spirit. He has appointed a guardian angel or spirit helper who observes and helps with a child's development. The Helper stays with the child until he's about seven years old, when the personality begins to express itself more strongly. And then very often, a new helper is appointed for the child until he reaches the age of puberty. At that time comes yet a new guide, who will walk hand in hand with him the rest of his life. You talk about collared or fit like the genuine Hadiya like the reason a child is born crippled are blind, he says is that the crippled child may come to the parents so that they develop compassion and can give love to that which is different. Sounds like the church talking that I used to belong to anyway. This is the devil spirit talking. And this is a beauty to I told you, they smother you with love. The fundamental teaching of all great religious leaders has to be brotherhood and love. The outward forms of religion are about elaborately carved banisters to help you tread up the staircase. It matters not what faith you hold, as long as the expression of that faith enables you to live on Earth in brotherhood. There are many roads in that you didn't always go and teach all this digit. Many roads you know, just as long as you're sincere. Why don't you got brotherhood? You think they're better they kill you tonight if they could. And you know it. I said in California to a group of them. The white folks are scared to death. We don't want to fight. We're scared. We're running scared. Gonna try because we've been sitting on our plump, plush cushions on the rare and we think we've got it made. And we're sure that the people who are 65 Keep telling us don't upset the applecart. The reason they don't want to upset at all they're almost dead. But there are kids coming up like mine, like some of yours that aren't dead. And you teach that kind of philosophy. You're teaching straight from the Devil World again. We're in a world ever read that a Christian can't stand up and take a good fight. That's right. But you know risky, free trade, we're going to lose our economy or that social prestige we've got all the money we make week after week.


Oh you ain't got the loan to make much anymore unless we come to a great decision. In another article it tells about the history. And this is fantastic. Because Trinity College in England is where the great With respect to respectability of this came fast. And you know who the most active members of this particular original group that brought it great respectability. Who these weren't. The line was the Reverend BF Wiscon. We use a critical Greek texts of the 11 or 12, critical Greek texts. And one of those critical Greek texts was put together by a name of by the name of two men. Westcott and Hort. This is the last card of the Westcott and Hort, who was head of the spiritualist society at Trinity College. What do you think he might do occasionally, when he gets into the critical Greek texts to show us what the original word was? You see why you don't sell me on critical Greek texts. I know them I love to study them and look at them, but that we've got to have a lot more accurate knowledge on getting back to truth and critical Greek texts or Aramaic or anything else. Remember, the individual word has to do a lot. Yeah, that's right. Carry it all through. The only way this is that Westcott of Westcott and Hort who did one of the critical Greek texts and it was, was it this text that was followed by the revision committee in 1960? Was what's cotton heart? I think it was Walter, you check it out. See if I'm not right. You thought it couldn't have been Nestle's? I don't think so. The other one is BF Lightfoot. He was the Bishop of Durham. A very prominent man. He W Ballinger mentions Lightfoot. In one of his papers or articles, and Kenyon in a book on how we got the Bible mentions Lightfoot. The other one was ew Benson, the Archbishop of Canterbury, you know that is top brass. He is the Pope of the Anglican Church, the Archbishop of Canterbury. What the Pope is in Rome to Roman Catholicism, the Archbishop of Canterbury is in England. These are the men who front spiritual is you talk about academic acceptability. You talk about having the perfect font. They got it. The four founders of the Society for Psychical Research are all four sons of Bridgman Barrett Gurney, Meyers and Sigrid and if you know anything about the history, which I knew, of course, before I thought this particular magazine, but one of the outstanding Americans was a Methodist minister by the name of Dr. Watson


Well, it's really a great day isn't it? Names the Roman Catholic clergy who are involved in spiritualism and all top brass. William McDougall, the great Harvard's psychologist, was head of the American branch of Psychical Research. Reverend George Douglas, the vicar of Trinity Church and the canon of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York every time I go past St. John the Divine spit on a place people are so impressed by it because it says the most beautiful what is the Gothic architecture in the world had been all these years in building it every time I go by it I can't help or when I see a picture I think of always the the Ephesus do Diana the Ephesians temple there's plenty plenty of money to do that stuff the devil seems to it because the devils God is people working really something fragile healing. I don't know. That true spiritual healer has to merely be an agent through which the force or the energy can flow. He must recognize this power. Not so much in the sense of using it as a quote I palletized as being used by red Wilson, like the advanced class all over How long until we just take a stand for the greatness that God's Word. Now he talks about Ambrose world you know, the two Methodist blood operated, operated healing under devil spirits, which they thought was the true spirit. It was at a Methodist Church in New Jersey are some places maolin I've been buying the church never in but these are people that are on the speaking platform of CFO. Brother man that's from England, out and out spiritualist CFO platform camps for this out. Lewis Mobley of the Department of Public Affairs of IBM has just set up with another man who is the vice president of some big corporation. A study group called life energies research incorporated financed by IBM. Man, we're dealing with top echelons Well, it's a fight people. It's a real fight. They've got the credibility on their side. They got leading businessmen, they got professional men, they got scientists, they got philosophers, they've got psychologists. Well, God's just got us. And maybe we haven't got a lot of scientists and a lot of philosophers and a lot of this and a lot of that. But we got a lot of the Lord Jesus Christ, and a lot of the true God. And I want to tell you, when there was a day that I can read back in Acts chapter two, there were men like Peter, and John, and Matthew with the old Internal Revenue Service collector, you know. Right. They said they were unlearned and ignorant man is what the society said. And yet God gave those men the privilege to carry the greatness of the word. Maybe that's why we're a unique bunch today. I don't know. And I haven't got too many years to find out anymore. But I'm convinced of one thing that our ministry must be the most unique ministry in the world today. That God allows us to be these common ordinary, just plain simple folk, who again are digging the word. We're letting this word Joe within our life we're starting to move we're believing that word. Well, if he can change a Peter, he can change anybody today to candy. If he can take a Mary and change her he can change any lady today by the freedom of our wheels, 3d the concluding of this particular article on healing there are three important factors which must be recognized in all spiritualist healing.


Number Ones The factor of love. I told you they smother you with that stuff. Number two, the acknowledgement that there is only one power God right? One power God. They just forgot to say which God because there are how many guns but they want you to say there's only one one if there's only one God then that same God has to be the father of our Jesus Christ has to be the same God that's producing all this other stuff. Death included Alright, told you this what to do. And the third is one basic technique, you know, one factor which is love, one power, which is God, one technique, which is meditation. Meditation. Oh, Gerald heard was one of the great exponents of meditation Stillings, I guess. And in meditation, all you do is get quiet and give yourself over to the Spirit. That's meditation. The Bible teaches a meditation. You know what meditation it teaches. Put this word in your mind. Meditate. It says on the word day and one night. Just don't go blank. Because the moment you go blank and open to the spirit of open the trapdoor, every doubles Braylon is coming by you discipline your mind you decide what you're going to think about you meditate on the Word. And the Old Testament didn't God tell him to write it on their foreheads. They don't know what to call that anymore that carried in their forehead had the Commandments or something. And they were supposed to teach it to their kids get them to meditate on that the word you don't go blank That's why I teach in the ministry of healing in the advanced class and you people when I teach you how to minister healing, you don't stand and wait on God he's been waiting on you since Tuesday. You don't have to wait on God to know he's there right? You don't say or say Oh, Lord, what you got for me today, Lord, oh, Lord. Oh, you got anything from I opened myself? No, I never open he I've already received Him. God is interest he's more anxious to answer prayer he says and we are to pray at someplace right? Boy I don't wait around in meditation or hoping God's gonna give me something he either gives it or he doesn't. Lock Now you sit around and you meditate. We all take a half hour off to get the circle you know now we all gonna get quiet we meditate a lot you're gonna meditate about the important thing you gotta meditate on the word Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly. That's what we have to stay our mind on the word. That's the renewed mind. That's the discipline. Well, they want love they want power of God, they got one technique meditation, it sure works. The new book out called no shortcuts to heaven. You got to die to get there. You know, wrapmail? In a beautiful book entitled, do you know Jesus? These are just publications right now. Your mysterious powers of ESP and other book? Do you know Jesus 64 pages sells for three bucks. And I hear some people complaining about my lifetime work on the Holy Spirit field selling for five 300 and some pages 64 pages three bucks. Really something isn't. Out of the mouths of babes is a new spiritual, it's book. That's good Biblical words. Beyond the tears of grief and other another book, the great reality. Bow Bow it says we came to the gripping Ria, and conviction of the vital facts that were surrounded by a host of unseen personality. All those who have been convinced of survival know that once we gained this conviction that we're surrounded with a whole bunch of alive spirits are intolerant tire outlook on life changes. The author asked his sister Bertha, whether those on her plane were in contact with Jesus. And she said not what you called personal content. But we're sort of aware of his presence occasionally. Listen to this. The author asked, most religionists affirm that Jesus after the crucifixion arose in his physical body, is this true? No brother came the answer. There was no resurrection. This is not true. Jesus's resurrection was purely of a spiritual nature, because the soldiers burned the body of Jesus at the command of no way to me. What about Romans 10 Nine if thou shalt confess with timeout what and what the what now shall be in the fourth chapter that's the fifth chapter of Acts when they preach the Word of God the one central subject was always what the resurrection day through the through the throw them in jail because they preach them as action it says an ex


direct from heaven no Jesus fella directly here and he never get right from it. Now somebody is gonna be wrong. However, as a minister, listen to this, who has always accepted the gospel account and taught it? And knowing that translating scholars have often idealized events and inserted their own interpolation. This reviewer is willing to admit such an explanation as a Thea theoretical possibility. Minister did it. See, he said isn't a theoretical possibility. He said, you've always believed the gospel is a liar. We ever believed God's ready to be out of that would need evil last page is another great truthful statements. All life is spirit I underscored all life is spirit. And I thought to myself how close again to the truth. Exactly what I teach in the class all life is spirit. But not all spirit is what? Eternal life


are we in a fight? Surely not fight. I've got one look at look for they will I don't think I've ever taught you like I have tonight in any of these fields. Taught You more many times, but not in the same way. But the burden of our times is weighing me down. The time is short, the days are short. And it just seems like even the best Christian just put up with everything and we keep going along hope and that nothing's going to upset the applecart too much. I just don't know how to teach it and he played here and how to get people to walk. I just don't know. I don't know how to bleed your heart out anymore. I just came back out three weeks of the hardest teaching around my life out of California. Come right back home get involved. And it's heavier here than it was in California. Well, why do you expect us to headquarters? Some of the people here complain half the time because they say we're working too hard or they're doing this. I want to go down to Vietnam stand in front lines while thrive. But what do you expect? People sometimes say boy, which I can live at headquarters, do ya? You think things are tough at your place? Come on over here a while. So I trust we find all this thing week after week and we stand a little group comes in on Thursday night that's just like lottery noises. Boy, we get together well, a little prayer fellowship we get geared up during the day we have to meet with someone we pray with someone that's the only way we keep going. Well, why shouldn't you take a crack at headquarters? Because if he can kill this place that they can stop the word here. He's better stopped almost any place across the country. Well, I'll let him in on a secret he stopped it as long as I live, boy, by the grace of God has taken for that word. And the only way you ever get power coming down anyways. Bull the devil taken him up in a mountain showed Him all the kingdoms of the world a moment of time. And he said all this power, when I give thee and the glory of them for that it's delivered unto me and to whomsoever I will Allah. So just because a man demonstrates power, does that mean anything? Can Satan give power? Why show all you have to do is worship. All you have to do is believe in the Trinity. He'll be glad to give it to me. Not just bow down and worship. Jesus said to him, verse eight, he said, Get thee behind me Satan. Art is written thou shalt worship the Lord thy God and him not Him Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit, but him only God shelter Lord, amen. It's a people. Only one way you can live and that is why you got to take a stand on God's word and declare what the words in Second Corinthians four four it says that Satan is a God of this one word. That's right. And any peace For 27 It says we're not to give place to the devil. But Jesus have given him place. He couldn't have if he'd have been God. Because God cannot be tempted to Bibles, yet Jesus was tempted in all things like as we are.


And Satan offered it to him, offered him all the kingdoms of the world, and all the power and all the blu ray. If you do just one thing you know why I have such why I've had such a tough time all these years raising enough money to move forward. You know what, because Satan doesn't support the outfit. If I just knuckle under if I would just declare certain things that Satan a life for me to declare he put money in here by the barrel full. Well, he can just keep his lousy money. Because unless my people believe God's word, and they put in not their type, that's peanuts, but everything they can possibly make be on it. GEORGE just said something this week, Thursday night, just bust muscle. Now they're hairy quoted the various to him, God supply all of our needs, I think. And George just says he's got to do better than that. So I won't have anything to give. And I thought boy, that shut us up. That was right. God says he'll supply are what need that's the least common denominator. But most people it's like the film class we set up for as the minimum they have set it up as the maximum. So when they got four people to call UPS send us your $2 million film we want to use it we got four people. That was the minimum. But our Satan's got us to thinking that's the maximum whenever we got forward. George just said how can I give it the only supplies my need? Right? You ain't got anything left if you just apply journeyed. That's the least common denominator and never do less than that. But he can do abundantly more. Don't you see it? And in that abundance is where the ministry isolates I don't know one outfit have sold out to the devil, who doesn't have an A material abundance coming. I've been ministry faithfully in this word through many many years. But the light I have added light as I get it a shirt. I've never had one single denominational church taken off free for this means not one. I've never had a board of missions of any denomination send us 10. Well, I don't expect it tomorrow to be here either. But if we sell out, we sell out differently. If we just saw about it, we just gave up a little on the word, the abundance of fluid. But don't to ever give on the word you can give on anything else but never give on the word. That word has to stand if nobody believes it. It's the word of God that's the will of God. And if you have to walk alone in your community, walking with the Lord is a lot better than walking with the devil's people on everything. And you and I are the ones who have to make up our minds whether we want to really work with me I close with a reference from James for seven that's not known as well as the one from Ephesians 427.


God resists the proud verse six. But he giveth grace, divine favor under the humble. Submit yourselves therefore under whom this submitting you do by the freedom of your will you make up your mind to serve the truth Good. Then you do something else. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Jesus said to the devil, get out of here. Go fly a kite. Don't tempt the Lord your God Get out of here. He resisted him. But if you bid the devil welcome and you sort of encourage him and you open up to him through the wiki boards and all the rest of the little card games and all that other baloney stuff before you know it you haven't resisted it takes control it will says in verse eight draw nigh to God and He will draw nigh what? Cleanse your hands you sinners and purify your hardship double minded. Humble yourself in the sight of God, and he shall lift you up. Not fabulous. It is our God who has to lift us up. It is He was called us. And this ministry is not in our lives. And in our myths just by accident. It is here because people It must be an hour when God's word again, must leave.


And God just doesn't have any people except his people to carry that work. And if it's too tough for you, sorry. It's just a tough fight. We're just now getting to the place in the season again, when we're headed for the state finals.


That road toward the state championship is not an easy one. I want to tell you something. You may be a top notch basketball team but you have one bad night from here on out. You'd never be in the state finals. Or a number of teams found that out this week. Because they just had one bad quarter. They never got through the game. You and I just can't afford to have a bad quarter. We just can't afford to let Satan defeat us. We can't afford to put this any other place than where God please. The Bible says he said his words of all these things. That's where we have to hold