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SNT 0440 Acts 2:4-44

Acts 2:4-44

February 22, 1970

SNT 440

3rdburglar by Wordburglar
Topic: DRAFT, Peter, fellowship, temple, believing, walk, spiritual, receive, Pentecost
Format: audio
Publication Date: 02-22-1970

Victor Paul Wierwille was a Bible scholar and teacher for over four decades.

By means of Dr. Wierwille's dynamic teaching of the accuracy and integrity of God's Word, foundational class and advanced class graduates of Power for Abundant Living have learned that the one great requirement for every student of the Bible is to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Thus, his presentation of the Word of God was designed for students who desire the in-depth-accuracy of God’s Word.

In his many years of research, Dr. Wierwille studied with such men as Karl Barth, E. Stanley Jones, Glenn Clark, Bishop K.C. Pillai, and George M. Lamsa. His formal training included Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Mission House (Lakeland) College and Seminary. He studied at the University of Chicago and at Princeton Theological Seminary from which he received a Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. Later he completed his work for the Doctor of Theology degree.

Dr. Wierwille taught the first class on Power for Abundant Living in 1953.

Books by Dr. Wierwille include: Are the Dead Alive Now? published in 1971; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today published in 1972; five volumes of Studies in Abundant Living— The Bible Tells Me So (1971), The New, Dynamic Church (1971), The Word's Way (1971), God's Magnified Word (1977), Order My Steps in Thy Word (1985); Jesus Christ Is Not God (1975); Jesus Christ Our Passover (1980); and Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed (1982).

Dr. Wierwille researched God's Word, taught, wrote, and traveled worldwide, holding forth the accuracy of God's "wonderful, matchless" Word.

Act 2:1-4, 14, 37-39, 41-45

Act 2:46

Act 2:46, 47; 3:1-7

Act 3:9-16, 19, 20; 4:1-4; 2:43




Snt-0440-Acts2_4-44 DRAFT

SUMMARY KEYWORDS: Peter, fellowship, temple, believing, walk, spiritual, receive, Pentecost

While I was teaching x again this week, Isn't it remarkable how you see things in the word you just never saw before you've been through it. So often, I was teaching X. And of course, before I teach this, after all these years, I still read it occasionally. And I was reading the second chapter and the third chapter of Acts. And I began to see something that I thought I'd like to share with you tonight. I didn't share it with them, because I didn't have time. But tonight, I got time. And I thought I'd share it with our people here at the headquarters. There's more in here than I've had time to work. There's more more pattern in here that I'll be able to share tonight. But the little bit that I have seen and worked out, I'll share with you tonight, and as it grows in my life, will continue to share one with another. But there is a pattern in the second chapter and following through the book of Acts, which I believe needs some research, to see if it patterns like this all the way through, I'll first give you what I've seen, and then I'll take in the word and try to indicate the same to you. All of it starts with the receiving of the new birth, the power of the Holy Spirit to be born again of God's Spirit, then it moves on into the sharing of the word with others. It reminds me of the foundational class where we teach that to receive the Word of God, you have to receive it with me. And then you hold it fast, because it's God's faithful word, and you'll hold it for us because it's the word of life. So the second great truth that I saw hearing that is the sharing of the Word of God. Then, in the third place, I saw spiritual deliverance, as primary, following upon the sharing of the word, and then fellowship, fellowship among the brethren, those who have received the knowledge of the word and who are delivered. And I see this fellowship in four ways here in the book about, first of all, by right believing. Secondly, they ate together from time to time they shared food together, where they were able to be together to increase that fellowship, in the third place, they prayed together. And in the fourth place, they got rid of their pluralities and cleaned up their lives. Then, the fifth major point of development in the book of Acts, is the physical delivery. And then, of course, you go back to the same that you started with, basically, the receiving of the words. And with the receiving of the word, people get saved again, and you go through the whole process, there is only one thing that gets added. And this gets added, as you go into the book of Acts, when the word really begins to live, then you always get trouble. And you've got that in the book. And we had it in California. While I was teaching there. A minister wrote three articles publicly and sent them out across the area, against my ministry. And of course, there are people that naturally they believe what he said. So they get to be sort of troublemakers for you. So the pattern of x is still alive today. Now, the first thing, of course, I want to show you is back in x two, verse inax, to where it's the day of Pentecost was fully come, you know, they were all with one accord, one place, suddenly there came a sound from heaven. And the first four verses tell us about the new birth, that coming of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost, and bathrobe cards are all familiar with very, very much. Now, immediately after this, in verse 14 of chapter two, on the day of Pentecost, Peter stood up with the 11th, he lifted up his voice and then starts the first sharing of the Word of God.


After he shared that word of God, in verse 37, of the second chapter, it said, when they heard this, they were pricked in their hearts and send the Peter rip the apostles, man and brother and what shall we do? Then Peter said unto them, Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ, for the remission of sins, and you shall on Bonnell manifest receive the gift of Sonoma hug young for the promises under you to your Children at all that are far off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call, then comes at 41st Verse, which is the response to it, Then they that gladly received his word were baptized not in water, but in the name of Jesus Christ, whatever that name represents. And the same day there were added about three files and folders. There is your spiritual delivery. Now, verse 42, begins to talk about the fellowship and exactly what happened. And they these people who were spiritually delivery, they continued steadfastly in the apostles doctrine. The Doctrine means like believing how to believe rightly, how in the world are people going to learn a lot walk on that somebody teaches them how to believe rightly, you can never do, you can never go beyond what you're taught, you can do less, but you can't go beyond. And therefore, the first thing that has to occur after spiritual deliverance, is instruction in right believing how they should believe how they should walk. That's why this particular thing, followed up on the spiritual deliverance. They taught them. Then it says all all where we're breaking bread, verse 42, the apostles doctrine, and fellowship, in breaking bread, and in what they ate together, they prayed together, once you know how to believe rightly, it doesn't hurt you to get together once in a while, eat with those people, physically and bring your food together. So you got more time. In the in the years years ago, they used to do more of this, I guess, than they do today. But it's still practical. Today, we do a little over here at the headquarters occasionally, maybe we ought to do a lot more of it. But this is what it is. They ate together, they prayed together. And of course, it says, and fear all came upon every soul. And many wonders and signs were done by the apostles. And all that believes were together and had all things common, sold their possessions and goods. They didn't sell what they needed, they sold their plurality. It this will fit with what we have written some in some booklet on research on X chapter four or five, wherever that is. You see, once you really start believing God's word, that word takes precedent in your life, and it begins to pattern for you, then you get rid of the pluralities because in a time like ours, too, we just can't be burdened down with too many material things. We can't get the job done. We've got to travel fast and foreign to travel fast and far, we got to travel life. Now God said He supply all of our need, and he'll do just that. But we've got to get out of the greed category. Where we want to show up the Joneses. We don't want to show up anybody, we just want to hold forth God's word, and let that word live. That's why they cleaned up. Now among the establishment, this is their hold up. This is their hang up today. The establishment wants to get more and more possessions because the one thing that influences Americans into thinking that you and I are tremendous, is how many possessions have I got that I can show to us? How many houses do I own? How many farms do I have? How much of that material stuff do I have that I can impress everybody else with the establishment has this problem. The young people that I just ministered amongst in California don't have this problem. That's right. And some of those kids walked out of it. A lot of them did. It's nothing in California to find a boy 15 years old on his own. He just left the establishment. He's just left that in moms. And these are dads and moms who have two or three automobiles. They have the property they've got the money. That's right.


One of the top boys in one of the areas robbing as approximately $2,000 A month as spending money. You heard me I said spending money if it wasn't for the tape gone across the country and so forth and so on and give you his name if you want it afterwards. Come over, I'll give it to you privately. That's right. And what does he do with this money? No, he just, he just takes it and buy dope for everybody with it just gives it away. These are, that's why a lot of these kids are just blowing it. Now he's the only one we've got others that we know of that just walked out on Dad Mom, because that mom just didn't track. They just didn't fit their mouth said one thing that and did something else. It's like the record of the boy, who was the superintendent, you know, called in, and really won't feel good, because he had stolen all the pens and pencils in the school room all the time. And so the superintendent had a call from the boy's father came down and said, and he said, Look, he said, You can't do this to my son. Well, he said, He's stealing all these things. And finally, the father said, well, that to a son, right in the presence of the superintendent. He said, Well, son, just don't steal them at school. I'll get you some at the shop, and I'll give them to you.


Well, I think I understand what's going on in our country today. I think I, I really perceive a lot of the reaction. Because we're just double talk. We say one thing with our mouth and our action goes another place, right? In the early church, they had to clean up. This is a great thing about the way ministry, we never pay any attention to where people were, but we pay attention to where do they want to go? What do they want to do? Sure, they got problems getting off of their marijuana and some of the LSD and all the rest of this stuff. But haven't we as adults had problems to in our field? Well, anyways, they're getting off and the only thing that gets them off is the same word of God that's written here. They got rid of their plurality that was their hang up. Well, what's your hanger? I saw the doctor way to the scene as it is category. He's the guy sees all these American deals. It says in a big billboard, get rid of your hang up by an electrical wall, washer or dryer? Well, we got to get rid of hang up. Where are they? Oh, I don't know, in some people, it's something is somebody else. Some whatever is just blocking us from really tapping in, we ought to just as Waveland Avery's especially just give it up. Because the only thing that ever works is the accuracy of God's Word. And that's why this thing sort of shocked me as I went through here, I saw the new birth, I saw the sharing of the word I saw the spiritual deliverance. And then I saw that if you're going to have fellowship among believers, you've got to have right teaching. You got to get together once in a while and eat and drink a cup of coffee or tea or something. And water. You got to pray together, and you got to get rid of those hang ups. A very wonderful way to get rid of hang ups is be with people who had hang up just like you did, who got rid of. That's a good way to learn. That's right. Remember the day when some of you were so hung up on men having long hair? Not too many of you were because you had already started you're thinking that it doesn't make any difference whether a man has hair doesn't have any. The thing was What is he gelling on the inside. And then especially last summer, when we had these beautiful people come like Kurt Cushing with hair down to here. His mother had just paid him $300 For him, but he didn't get them off yet. Or guess when he cuts them some deal. Send him back to her I don't know. And lo and behold, we found out that these people had nothing to do with whether they had hair or not everything to do with what they had on the inside. Whether they wore blue jeans or not. Right. And this just shocked me. I think you've people know they had a special dance for me in California doses. That was really something I had never been to one of these rock things. You know, I'd heard about him. But I've never been to one but they're they had they had three Christian bands to put this thing on. And each band played an hour an hour and a half or so and then the next band had come on and then finally, Howie Uranian band came on last they close evening And a lot of these kids playing in these bands are all way grants. And they've got quite a dude going at about I suppose 1000 young people there. And Mr. Uranian father, uranium. And I, we walked over from their house, I was there with them. Earlier in the evening, we finally walked over to that rock thing. And why it just blew my mind that think of all the things going on. When I used to go to a dance. Well, we might go out and buy a fifth of it was illegal at that time. So what would you call it? Okay. I think somebody else has said there with that, we'd go down here and go to this dance hall over here. And we'd act real decent, you know, we keep our shoes on and we keep our coats on and our ties off. Well, over there, I didn't see anybody drinking white lightning. But boy, they had their shoes off. And it was really tough. And I used to think enjoy a dancing was to get close to her. They sort of think that joy and stay away from him. I always often I'm figuring that out. But maybe it's because of the dues. They do. They can't they just can't get too close. But over here in a corner, you see a cute little old chick doing her thing. Over here, 20 feet away from her, you see her boyfriend do his thing. And you wonder how to get those two things. But here I am parading around and here's one, one couple. They're going all the way around the big gymnasium just doing their thing. They just left ball bars, no shoes on. One fella got a little too warm, took the shirt off. And I thought well, we're getting down back to our samples pretty soon we keep going. And they were all kinds of guards. Some some gals came with long overhauls. I call them jeans. And girls came with something much shorter up to here. And some more issues, some didn't wear shoes, some had tennis shoes on some one guy had one tennis shoe on one foot and up and on the other.


at it, it was really something. And I used to think we went to a dance to dance. But most of those people don't go to a dance today. And they go to hear the music and see how the guys do on the platform. So here you got 1000 kids, and maybe only 100 People 100 of my dancing are doing it both to me. And all at once the middle couple right in the middle decide you like to listen to music. So they sit right down right where they're at. And everybody dances around them are over and then somebody else decides they've had it, they sit down over here, the rest of the people gather big circles around the back and just listen to the music. That's quite an experience. Likely for someone straights like me, you know, and I really started got, I sort of appreciate the fact that those kids in many respects are getting rid of their hangar. Now, you know, I also know something else, unless they come to the word, they're going to get hung up on something else. And that's been the trouble. They get hung up on a lot of these other things. But haven't we in the establishment been hung up on a lot of things to boy, you just wouldn't tell anybody you know, and praise the Lord, nobody other find out? Well, they just hope. And maybe that's a good sign rather than to be all upset about. And I know that most of the people are upset about it in our country today. I'm really not upset about it. I think there is an answer. And that's the word. And this word, the only thing that answers anybody's questions in any category of life. And when people receive the word, they get the new birth, and they start they'll get spiritual deliverance. And if they start the fellowship and start growing, you can build this thing in your life. One of the things I think also, that I see here in the word, these people enjoyed themselves. It's a remarkable thing. The word never says that God said they were to sell their plurality, all of this stuff, they got enough of the word, they just cleaned up their life. We do the same thing in the way ministry. We've never asked anybody to give up anything. We don't have to. We get enough of the Word of God and you it gives you up. It's like the introduction of light into a dark room. Introduce the light the darkness disappears, then you don't have to worry about the darkness. But it never helps to magnify the negative side. If we magnify the positive and people receive it wonderful If they don't receive it, we're at least not hurting them by being negative. So that's how they work. And it says in verse 46, they continue daily with one accord unity of purpose in the temple breaking bread from house to house, and they eat their bread with gladness, and singleness of heart. They ate their bread with gladness, and singleness of heart, and divided loyalty, in that beautiful singleness of heart, his undivided loyalty. Well, to whom were they loyal to the teaching the right believing of the words, and to one another in fellowship, as they were walking together on the words, that just lovely. And it says in verse 47, they were praising God, and having favor with all the people. Now favor with all the people does not mean the people on the outside, but the people within the fellowship, add that favor in the fellowship, you're not going to have favor with all the neighbors, who are outside of the Word of God when you really start walking the words, but you will have fellowship with those who are walking the lead, and that's the 47th verse. And the Lord added to the church daily such or those that were being saved. Now comes a section which I want to just cover with you tonight. In the third chapter, which really culminates this whole truth Detering John went up together in the temple at the our prayer being the ninth hour, three o'clock in the afternoon, our time, and a certain man Lane from his mother's womb, was carried, whom they laid daily at the gate of the temple, which is called dutiful do I arms of them that entered in the temple. Now we know from Orientalism and customs and mannerisms, in the Word of God, that this certain man who was laying from his mother's womb, He was born this way, that they carried him and laid him daily at the gate of the temple at this particular place, because the requesting of alms was not because he was poverty stricken, he had plenty of money.


The Orientalism involved in here and of course, our good friend, Bishop taught us these things like the soul. The greatness of this, of course, I don't want to expound because it you've had this before in the Orientalism, but let's just remember that he wasn't begging the the asking of arms was primarily to show humility, to show that he was just down and out. Even though he had plenty of money, he still was asking for arms. It's it's the spiritual indication that you it's a physical indication that you have a deep spiritual need. I think we have interpreted this from a western point of view. That's the fella that's got the black glasses on in the cane walks around with a team company saying he needs the money, kind of thing. But that's not what this is, is asking on because he is poverty stricken, spiritually, not physically or $1 incense, like, Who seeing Peter and John about to go in the temple, naturally, I swung, because he was showing this. And Peter faceting his eyes upon him with John said, look on us. Look on us. Now how in the world can people look on us unless we got something look at. That's the point. If we got something to look at the word, and we really working this word and walking the word, we've got a right to expect people to look at us, because that's the only place going to come from You are the embodiment. You're the epitome zation of the Word of God. Most of the people never going to read the Bible, you know that. You know what they read your life and mine. I tried, you know that. They they judge what you and I have, by the way we manifest by the way we walk by the way we talk by the way we do is always very thing. You know, how many people ever read the Bible, really, they make their decisions, whether somebody is a Christian or not a Christian, but what they say? Usually they're wrong, but that's how they do that something either said look on us. Well, you better never asked anybody to look upon what you're doing unless you've got the ability to carry out the knees. But here was this man asking the arm and Peter just turned to me said look at us. Now one of the great things in this chapter is Why didn't Jesus heal this man? He was laid at the temple gate beautiful daily. Jesus went into that temple time and time again. How can Jesus Amelie in Jesus lobby? Didn't the fellow have a need? The answer it is our of believing his time of believing had not come wasn't God. God wasn't off. But the man's time for believing he himself had not arrived at the place where he could believe to be delivered before Jesus would have had revelation delivery. So one day after the original outpouring on the day of Pentecost, Peter and John three o'clock in the afternoon headed toward the temple. And while they're going along, your sits this man asking on behalf of Peter and John, and just like this father said, today's the day and Peter said, look on us. If you and I want to help people, we've got to get their attention. You've got to get their confidence. You have to get them to look at what you have. That's the phrase, all right, you want to sell a toothbrush? Are you going to sell a toothbrush? If nobody ever gets to look at your toothbrush, suppose you are the lady that rings a doorbell three times that you never get inside the door, that people never come how you going to sell your product. The first thing a salesman wants to do is get people to look at his product, right? You're pretty well on the way up, they'll just start looking, aren't you? You men that are investment. A boy, they won't even look at your product, if they won't even listen to it. Here's one. Look at that particular time, you're just gonna go and sell. So the first thing we got to do is get them to look at what we have available for them. And the only way I know to get them to look at it is to be sure that we've got it available and make it make it available in the most delectable good work. Delightful, beautiful ways so that you don't turn people off with a word but turn them on. You can take a person who's used to eating bologna and given him giving him a steak and you'll upset your stomach the first time you give it to him


physically to spiritually the same thing. So Peter simply says look on us. And the man gave heed unto them expecting to Lombardo something from and Peter said, something that just about takes you to the foundation. Peter said Silver and gold have a lot. Right. That's how I know the pope could never follow in the footsteps of Peter. And Peter surely could never have been in Rome or been the first pope. Peter said such as I have either one gift, can you give anything away? If you haven't gotten? No. So the first thing to do is be sure we've got it, then getting people the attention to it. And in the third place sharing, such as I have. I give. Remember Rufus Mosley statement, if you want to communicate the measles get a good case up. If we want to communicate the greatness of God's word, you got to get a good case of God's Word. You have to get all fired up on this thing. And just real suck over it. And just wrap it all the time, so that people will really hear the words. So he said, In the name of Jesus of Christ of Nazareth, rise up and do what? It's all he said. He didn't even ask him to kneel down and pray. He didn't say you're first gonna go home and talk to your grandma. And be sure to pay off Maggie McGinn or the carton of cigarettes you stole 12 years ago, didn't ask him do anything. He simply said to him, in the name of Jesus Christ, rise up and walk. Boy, this has to be revelation. And it is. And then he went further by revelation. He took him by the right hand, lifted him up and immediately his ankle bones received strength. He got totally delivered. Now, of course, people will say to you today well, why don't you see this today in the church? Well, we do. Some of us still see but the reason you see so little is Nobody's expecting anything. Try a salesman walks up to a door. He's not expecting to sell anything. Or why do you think he's gonna sell? Nothing. A salesman starts out and he's all discouraged and all defeated and all worried about the day and he just knows I'm going to have a mission. Trouble days for lucky have a miserable day can help. Well in these three weeks after the first week, we got to ministry and dealing almost every night. We ministry after that, and all these young people that had been here in the advanced class, it's basically all the ministry. I just got them busy night after night after night. And that included Jim and duty dop, curtain Beverly Cushing, Sanders girl, Jim, and Robin wall. And then Donnie fugit, from Wichita, and I got Sharon Sanders to minister with Donnie good, I had four couples. And boy every night, if there was a need, I'd get them to do the work. And you should have seen how their arms got strengthened in these two or three weeks or so. And how the people God bless things that happened there. I do think you'd get people on stoned. How do you think you'd get rid of a lot of this stuff, the way to get rid of it is you just start ministering to people. We had some real wonderful signs miracles in London. And like one of the ladies said, the closing night, Friday night. That is the best thing that ever happened to me all Valley because I brought the word like he said, For my family, because you are the one who bringing the word saved our family. same thing was true in Wichita. The man said to me, if it wouldn't be for this word of God, my daughter would be out here at the cemetery and she's 16. You know, so just signs, miracles and wonders are there. But people have to rise up to believe. And until you get their confidence, or I've get their confidence. We can't help anybody.


They've got to look at what you have, then you've got to share what you have, then they believe it, they get delivered. We got it. Well, and all the people he said saw him walking in praising God. And they knew very team that it was he which sat for arms at the beautiful gate of the temple. And they were filled with wonder and amazement at that which had happened unto you. And as the ln man which was healed, held Peter and John, it means accompanied him, accompanied Peter and John. All the people around together under them in the porch. It's called Solomon greatly wondering. And when Peter saw it, the answered under the people. And here again, you have the teaching of the Word. He how this thing just lines around one time after another, that same principle. Peter said, You men of Israel, why marble yet this? Or why lucky so earnestly on us, as though by our own power or holiness, we have made this man to walk. And that's true, isn't it? My own power, by our own holiness, we never are able to help anybody. But it's God's righteousness in his power of the Holy success able to help people. But God being spirit has to have a person in whom to live a body, a vessel, and we are just those points of contact for God where He lives within us, and carries on his work. And then Peter really sets down the Word of God. When He says the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, the God of our fathers, has glorified his Son Jesus, who he delivered up in denied him in the presence of Pilate. When he was determined, let him do but she denied the Holy One and adjusted desire to murder to be granted unto you. And you killed the Prince of life whom God has raised from the dead, where have we are all What witnesses he the preaching of the resurrection, the teaching of it, because as you know, from Romans 10, nine, if a man's going to be born again, he has to heal 17 based on by hearing, hearing by the words, if he's going to confess with his male, the Lord Jesus, I believe God raised Him from the dead, somebody is going to have to do what teaches. That's exactly what it says in verse 16. And give me gives me, you got to go back to that verse Jesus Christ of Nazareth, to get his name by So he's still carrying on that same throat that was holding back in verse six, a while ago, and gives me upon believing true faith is upon believing in His name. I've made this man strong, whom you see, I knew gay, that believing, which is on account of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, have given him this man, this perfect soundness wholeness, in the presence of you all. Well, that 16 verses loaded, I'll give it to your once more in the accuracy of the translations in the greatness of it. And His name, Jesus Christ, the method upon believing in gives names have made this man strong boom, you see a note? Yes, they're believing, which is on account of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, have given him this man, this perfect soundness wholeness, in the presence of you all. And that's the only way it comes. It has to come by Jesus Christ, and by what he does in the hearts and lives of his people. And as Peter gives this great presentation of the Word of God, of course, he tells them in verse 19, to repent, and to repent is not to confess your sin is to confess the Savior from sin, the Lord Jesus Christ, and then you're converted, and your sins are bought out, washed away, totally cleanse, when the time of refreshing come from the presence of the Lord. And he shall send Christ Jesus, which before was preached unto you. So when you carry this all through, you end up in chapter four, which I just want you to take a look at. And I think you'll well I've seen that what I'm trying to pick out of Acts is really worth a great deal of research.


They take on the people, the priests in certain of the temple, the Sadducees, came upon them being grieved that they taught the people and preach through Jesus, the resurrection from what they weren't so concerned about what they said about Jesus, as long as they didn't say that God raised Him from the dead. And that's the very thing that has to be believed and said, if people are going to be saved, that's something and they laid hands on them. Now that's a different kind of lay hands. And they put them in prison and hold on till the next day for it was not even tied. But look at verse four. I'll be at however, many of them which heard the word did was Billy, and the number of men was about five times quite a certain, quite a response, right? The number of men that believe we're about 5000 3000, earlier, five years, makes a total of eight finals. And, of course, then the persecution stuff, they get into all kinds of trouble in. Finally, after all the trouble, they get out of jail, and they go back to the body of believers, pray for more faith to teach the word more bold. That's how the pattern works. Do you have any questions you want to ask on what I've just briefly set before you tonight on what I think is in here and what we can work out of this room even deeper than I have been able to work it out? Just by reading it to myself a number of times the past two, three weeks. But do you see the pattern? You see the beauty of it all right. Don't worry. Many signs and wonders was the fellowship deal also? Right? Right. That's exactly right. I think it happened. Yes, I believe that the I didn't say that, but I believe that the needs of the fellowship were met. That's where the signs miracles and wonders happened in the fellowship, understand, because if God's going to deliver the people outside of the fellowship, like to get over here on this man, you'll certainly do as good a job inside of the fellowship already. That's right, John, that's good. Thank you. Anyone else? Okay. You you read that word in a light one, see if we can pattern more of it and, and, you know, share it with people. It seems to be like the whole pattern is there. They get the word. Share the word, you get spiritual deliverance, primarily. Then you have the fellowship and inside of the fellowship, the fellowship gets delivered Leaving in every category, then they change their lives. They start cleaning up for all of us. And then we reach out from there a month to the outside. Then you get the word again and it starts all over in the fellowship. So it's it just seems to be like it's a tremendous