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SNT 0429 Interpretation and Prophecy

Interpretation and Prophecy

November 30, 1969

SNT 429

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Topic: DRAFT, tongues, interpretation, speaking, believers, God, prophecy, interpret, edified, exhortation, spirit, prophet, commandment, comfort, unbelieving believer, prayer, Body
Format: audio
Publication Date: 11-30-1969

Victor Paul Wierwille was a Bible scholar and teacher for over four decades.

By means of Dr. Wierwille's dynamic teaching of the accuracy and integrity of God's Word, foundational class and advanced class graduates of Power for Abundant Living have learned that the one great requirement for every student of the Bible is to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Thus, his presentation of the Word of God was designed for students who desire the in-depth-accuracy of God’s Word.

In his many years of research, Dr. Wierwille studied with such men as Karl Barth, E. Stanley Jones, Glenn Clark, Bishop K.C. Pillai, and George M. Lamsa. His formal training included Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Mission House (Lakeland) College and Seminary. He studied at the University of Chicago and at Princeton Theological Seminary from which he received a Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. Later he completed his work for the Doctor of Theology degree.

Dr. Wierwille taught the first class on Power for Abundant Living in 1953.

Books by Dr. Wierwille include: Are the Dead Alive Now? published in 1971; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today published in 1972; five volumes of Studies in Abundant Living— The Bible Tells Me So (1971), The New, Dynamic Church (1971), The Word's Way (1971), God's Magnified Word (1977), Order My Steps in Thy Word (1985); Jesus Christ Is Not God (1975); Jesus Christ Our Passover (1980); and Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed (1982).

Dr. Wierwille researched God's Word, taught, wrote, and traveled worldwide, holding forth the accuracy of God's "wonderful, matchless" Word.

1Co 14:40, 37, 38, 2, 13, 3

1Co 14:2-4, 13, 14, 27, 28

1Co 14:22, 13

1Co 14: 32-36




snt-0429_interpretation-and-prophecy(vpw) DRAFT

SUMMARY KEYWORDS: tongues, interpretation, speaking, believers, God, prophecy, interpret, edified, exhortation, spirit, prophet, commandment, comfort, unbelieving believer, prayer, Body

In our time, the one basic thing that our people need to get more of, is an internal quietness, serenity, peace. And it's remarkable that God has given for his people. One thing that we'll do with that very thing. And that's about the last thing, that the odds that you know, the general Christian ever stepped into the that one thing is speaking in tongues. Speaking in Tongues gives you that quietness, that serenity, that peace. It cools you on the inside, when you're all upset. And when something occurs where you need to really get quiet, the quickest thing I know is just get by yourself and start speaking in tongues. Now, in First Corinthians, of course, we have some of these great truths, dealing with the interpretation of tongues. In the 14 chapter of Corinthians, I want to begin with the last verse of that chapter tonight when it comes to the operation of speaking in tongues, interpretation of tongues or prophecy, the thing that has queried it for so many people years ago, and about all they know about it is that what they have heard, you know, from the senses world, is that the people did certain things, which sense knowledge wise, made them entirely out of order. The true God, and when we rightly divide the Word and walk in the light of that word, we never, he never makes us, he never forces us. He never instructs us in His Word, on anything that will make us do that, which appears foolish, or imbecilic, or just way out. That's why he says, all things be done decently and Heil, in order. Thinking in tongues, interpretation of tongues, prophecy, all of these things must be done decently and in order. And whenever they are done, according to God's word, they are always decent, and they are always in order. And the Word of God accomplishes today, the same thing in accomplished the first time it was given, no matter if it was Paul who gave it, or Peter, or whoever gave that rare to God, whatever it accomplished, the first time, it still accomplishes today, for God's people, for God is the same today as he has been at any time. Nail. The second great truth I want to put in your mind is verse 37. If any man think himself, you'll be a prophet, or a lot spiritual. And every born again believer is spiritual. Now, if a man thinks he's spiritual, if he thinks he's a Christian, if he thinks he knows things of Lords, spiritual things, let him acknowledge that the things that I write unto you are the commandments of the Lord. Therefore, whatever is written in God's word, even though Paul Rochat he was a holy man of God, who spake as he was moved by the Holy Spirit's lucky rope was what the Lord wanted written, and it's a commandment of the Lord. why it takes so people so long to get around to believing God's word as literally as we believe the bankers word is sometimes a little beyond my human comprehension. If the banker says, you've got this much money in the bank, you believe it. God says, We've got this much spiritual money in his bank, we question the things that are right unto you are the commandments of the Lord. And the third thing I want you to remember is verse 38.


If any man be ignorant, let him be what? The grid that's rent. This is what the Word says. All things are to be done decently in order and if we are spiritual people will know that these are commandments of Lord, but if anybody wants to be stupid, just let them be stupid. That's all you can do. If they want to be ignorant, they want to believe. If they want to believe that speaking in tongues doesn't do anything for them, then just let them stay stupid. If they want to believe that they cannot interpret, then you cannot help them. It is still God's will, it's still God's word. And for those of us, of course, in the way ministry, and as a team of people who endeavor to help other people all over the world who wants to know the answers, we have to dig this word, to the place where we understand it so we can communicate it that those who do want to hear it, who do want to believe it, can walk into it. In the second verse of this 14 Chapter Now, there's a foundational truth regarding speaking in tongues and so forth, which you need to understand. He that speak it in a tongue. The word unknown is in italics. You can be supplied properly, but you really don't need it. Because for any person speaking in tongues, that speaking in tongues to the person speaking will be one. I know. That's why it's a tongue. If it's unknown language, then it's not speaking in tongues, he that speak it in a tongue, because not on demand that unto God, for no man, understand him is an italic, it must be scratch. Why? Because on the day of Pentecost, when they spoke in tongues, those 12 apostles, what Peter spoke was tongues to him. He didn't understand it, in his senses, mind, but there were a group of people from some other country who understood every word he spoke. When John that day spoke in tongues, he didn't understand why he spoke, but a group of people from another country from another territory understood what he spoke. This is why speaking in tongues, from the speaking point of view, from the individual's point of view, is always unknown to that person speaking, but not a necessity unknown to the hearer. Now, another great truth, that we have to settle in our minds and understand in this field is regarding the speaking in tongues, in a believers meeting. Now when I say a believers meeting, I mean, a meeting, which is set up by the man of God, to be a believers meeting, the man of God must determine he is responsible to God for what kind of meeting it is. If this was the receivers meeting tonight, I would be responsible for setting it up as the receivers meeting. If does, if this was a practice meeting, I'd be responsible for setting it up. I'm obligated to God for how this group acts. I'm responsible to him for how it acts. I'm the man that has to set it up tonight to say there are different types of meetings, what it is, and everything else you do, let's say an athletic your basketball season is about abundance. All right? You've got a meeting to play a game. Then you've got a meeting, which is just a practice session. It's out on the field, but your bra Are you on the field on the court. Then you've got what we call a brain meeting, where you're just killed with a group and your diagram plays all the who calls those meetings, the code? Well, the same thing in God's move in the spiritual realm. The man of God is responsible to God for the meeting. And he's responsible for the people that are in that meeting. Now, in a believers meeting, like this tonight, whenever someone speaks in tongues, it must be interpreted. In your private life, when you walk by yourself, which is not a believers meeting, it's your private walk with a father, it is speaking in tongues cannot be interpreted. It is never interpreted. There is no interpretation.


Now in a believers meeting, there are two things mentioned about speaking in tongues in the church. In First Corinthians 14 In verse 13 wherefore led him next speaker in a tongue, pray that he may want interpret. It doesn't say that the person speaking in tongues is to pray the interpretation. It says, let him loose fingers in a tongue pray that he may interpret. The word pray is basically to believe to interpret, because prayer is believing prayer is not uttering words. Prayer is action. Prayer is believing. Let that person in a believers meeting who speaks in tongues, believed that there was interpreting why? Because it's a message from God or for God, to the body of believers, which will edify the body build up the body, by way of exhortation, or comfort. Tongues with interpretation in a believers meeting equals prophecy, with the exception of prophecy given by a prophet, which would have foretelling in it which could have foretelling it, which he would have received by revelation, but sets it forth in the language of the body of the people present, and therefore it's called prophecy. But the manifestation of prophecy that we're that I'm now talking about, the manifestation of prophecies, equals comes with interpretation, or tongues with interpretation equals prophecy. In the third verse of the 14th chapter, it says He that prophesieth, big, because under what, man? Why does it say speakers on demand? Because the prophecy is in the language of the body of the people present. In this group, the language is English. The viewer in a group in Germany, the language of the body, the people would be German. Therefore, the prophecy would be in German. Either prophesize language of the body that people present, be just on demand. Does it mean he hasn't got a message from God, but he speaks unto men, because it's in the language everybody understands. And he speaks on demand, edification, exhortation and comfort. Literally, this is how that verse in practice, and in textbooks, that he that prophesies speaks to men, edification, by way of exhortation, and comfort. You see, it's like a building, picture in your mind, a brick building. There are a lot of bricks in that building. That's why it's called an edifice. Now, every brick in that building is individual, but putting it all together, it makes a big edifice. Now he edifies the body, the whole body is edified. By exhortation and comfort. Those are the building blocks. Those are the bricks that make the edifice not to be edified is to be built up, like a big building. And we're built up by exhortation and comfort. exhortation is to encourage toward a more worthy endeavor. It's always in the essence of get moving, get on the ball. Move out with God's word. Study my word, stay put on my word. hold forth my words. It's always in the essence of exhorting us, encouraging us toward a more worthy endeavor. Get out, move with it.


Comfort, give that quiet acquiescence and serenity I am the Lord thy God I will never leave the nor protect audio like I will not hold The weather soever they'll go with, I will never leave the walk fourth boldly would be exhortation, I am by side would they want comfort to see how simple those truths really are. Now, tongues with interpretation will equal prophecy, it will be just like prophecy, the interpretation, it will do the same thing, it will edify the body by exhorting them, or by giving them comfort. One of those two or both will be in every message of interpretation, every message in verse 27, of 14 inside of the body of believers now, If any man big in a lot, tongue, let it be, is properly supplied, because if there's going to be any speaking in tongues, in a believers meeting, let that speaking be by two or at the most Beilock three and that by law course, meaning 123 Not all at the same time in a believers meeting. In a receivers meeting, I could have everybody to speak at the same time. In a practice session, I could have him speak in tongues. No interpretation could have him speak in tongues, no interpretation. This I would determine but in a believers meeting. He speak in tongues and someone else's speaking tongues, someone else is speaking does it have to be in court 123 You understand? And the reason three is set is because this is the word. And in a believers meeting, there should not be now that is with exceptions. Because generally it's his word and this is how it works in the church. Never more than three messages with interpretation. And the reason for that of course, we may see later on when we see the uniqueness of the reason for speaking in tongues with interpretation in comparison to prophecy. That is why it says in verse 27, again, let it be by two or at the most lots, three, and that by course 123 and left one, the text threes and let each one there was interpret each one to interpret what key bit that agrees with what we read in verse 13, lo Allah go Wherefore let him that speaking in tongues, pray that he may do what interprets it is God's will, that inside of believers meeting when you speak in tongues, you interpret. Now suppose a believer speaks in tongues, but he does not interpret in a believers meeting. That's entirely different than the one we've been discussing where a believer speaks in tongues and interprets in unbelievers maybe. Or when I am a believer, or you as a believer, speaking tongues and interprets into believers meeting, it is a message from God or for God and must be and is interpreted and as it's interpreted, the body is edified, by way of exhortation and comfort. For instance, when I speak in tongues in a believers meeting,


is my spirit edified. Know My spirit is only edified in my private life when I speak in tongues, because when I speak in tongues in a believers meeting, I am not being spiritually edified. It's given to my spirit but I'm immediately given the interpretation and the intention pretension. edifies the body of believers and when you're edified, you're edified in your mind. It's helped your renewed mind. And then I am edified in my renewed mind. In first Corinthians 14, verse 14 For if I pray in a tongue, my watch, spirit prayer, but my understanding is what? unfruitful. Look at verse two of 14, for he who speak it in a tongue, because not on demand, but under God for no man understand him, how be it in the spirits, he speak as one mystery verse For he that speaks in a tongue, edify of what? himself. Now back to verse 14, we're not talking about speaking in tongues. In a believers meeting, we're talking about praying. Verse 14, right. For if I was praying, if I pray now I could set up a believers meeting. But people not knowing the score. Someone could get up and speak in tongues, in what I had set up as a believers meeting. Therefore, knowing that you would not interpret in a believers meeting, you have freedom, a will to stand up and speak in tongues, he knows that, but you don't control what he gives to you. Therefore, he knowing ahead of time that you wouldn't interpret and you spoke in tongues, it wouldn't be a message from God or for God to the people, it would be a prayer. That's why verse 27, of 1428 27, we said, Let each one do what interprets, but if there be no interpreter, text wise, if there be no believing on the part of the person speaking to interpret what it literally says. In other words, if I speak and I do not believe to interpret, then led him to silence in the church, in the body of believers. Let him speak to himself and to that's why it would be a one prayer. It's what he's talking about in 14. Or if I pray in a tongue, my spirit prayer is not talking about speaking in tongues, in a believers meeting, is talking about praying in the Spirit or praying with the Spirit. And when you pray with the spirit, your your spirit is edified, but your understanding is love. unfruitful, you don't get any smarter up here. You can't pass a comprehensive any better after you speak in tongues in the dead before to pass a comprehensive your work towards. Now speaking in the spirit, much in your private life praying in the Spirit will quicken it within you that you become mentally sharp and keen and spiritually perceptive that you can understand the word a lot better than you ever understood it before. Now, if there be no interpreter, no interpretation of that which has been spoken, let him keep silence in the church. And let him speak to himself into God. Alright. Putting all of this together. It's very simple and very beautiful. Thinking inside of the church may have two different things occurring at time shouldn't be what it happens this way because the people have not been properly instructed. Number one, there will be somebody there who will speak in tongues and interpret what he's spoken. That will be a message from God or for God to the people which will edify the whole body of believers by exhorting your company.


Secondly, if someone speaks in tongues, but does not interpret this is what I refer to as an unbelieving believers is born again of God's Spirit, but he does not know what he's supposed to do. Or at least he doesn't do it. And he has an unbelieving believer, and that message by that unbelieving believer is nothing but prayer. He does not have believing to interpret. God knows this afford time because of God's foreknowledge. Therefore That message is only prayer and this is why he said if he does not going to interpret let him shut up, be quiet the silence, speak to himself and who does? Now let me show it to you from another angle as to what's happened. In some of the fellowships where they do speak in tongues, one person speaks in tongues and somebody else interprets. Is this possible? No, they have said it is, but saying it doesn't make it. And the reason they're confused on it is because the interpretation would be in English, prophecy would also be one in English, therefore, that person speaking in tongues, someone else interpreting, that's not the interpretation, that's a word of prophecy on the part of that individual, which is in English, and they have misconstrued it thinking that that was the interpretation, it is not. Because it says very plainly in the word that he was speaking in tongues, do us pray that he may watch. And if he does not interpret, if he cannot interpret, if there be no interpreter, no interpretation of it, let him keep his silence, speak to himself and to whom God. This teaching, which has so permeated almost every round where people believe in speaking in tongues is entirely erroneous, where someone speaks in tongues, and usually the preacher gives the interpretation that it isn't the interpretation the preacher is giving, he is giving his own word of prophecy, the manifestation of prophecy. Now, there's only one other little hitch to this, that I want to call it to your mind and really settled. As a man of God, leading a group of people responsible to God, the man of God must know what's going on, that I can go into any meeting anywhere. And let's say he gets up and speaks in tongues and interpret, I must know whether he's on the ball off the ball, where he missed it, if he missed it, and so forth and so on. Because the man of God is responsible for the way in which the app now get I get this by inspiration that I knew, for instance, his interpretation wasn't finished, or that I knew something else about it. No, I got it by revelation, where the knowledge, word of wisdom, that's how the men of God are supposed to watch over the body, nail. Those verses that I've given you are really tremendous. And I want you to remember it. Again, we're going to now talk about interpretation of tongues. And in that 13th verse of that 14 Chapter. Wherefore, let him who speak it in a tongue, pray or believe that he may interpret the interpretation of that which has just been spoken in tongues by you in a believers meeting is simply giving the GIF g i s t, the interpretation, not translation, interpretation. If it was a translation, it has to basically be a word by word by word deal. That just simply means to give the summon substance, the essence, the interpretation of that which has been spoken in tongues, by you. You are not edified in the spirit while you were speaking in tongues, because it was a message from God or for God to the body of the people, and you use the speaking in tongues simply as a sign. It says in verse 2214. tongues are for a sign, not to them that are that Vinnie, and the word believe is fully instructed.


But to them, who believes not, not the unsaved one, believe not are those who are not fully instructed not unbelievers, you know where they're unsafe. If I'm unsaved, I'm an unbeliever, right, but I could be saved and still not believe much of God's Word. I'm still a non believer in that since this is what I meant and used instead, when I refer to them as unbelieving believers. Now, speaking in tongues with interpretation is a sign to those not fully instructed. It's the sign that they ought to get on the ball and start move. It's a sign to them that they haven't arrived where God wants them. And he reminded us that this thing to do was a commandment of hope. They'll all trust in the interpretation, you just give the gift, the sun, and the substance, that's all. And this is for edification of the body of believers, exhorting them and comforting them in the manifestation of tongues with interpretation. Is there ever any guidance? No, guidance comes by revelation, where to knowledge where the wisdom, tongs with interpretation never says, For I the Lord died, God say, Get up, tell your automobile give it to mission work, or that kind of baloney. No. prophecy does indeed. Never. Its edification by way of exhortation and comfort. It exhorts people toward a more worthy endeavor, or gives them comfort, quiet peace and acquiescence. This manifestation of interpretation How does one interpret? Nice, very beautiful, very simple, very beautiful


I'm speaking in a body of believers. When I speak, I just open my mouth, I make the words I make the sounds I formulate them, I give them for as soon as I'm finished.


As soon as I'm finished, there will be one English word in my mind. How did it get there? Well, it's a message from God or for God, and it must be interpreted. He's got to give me that interpretation, right? Does he give it to my mind? No, he gives it to my one spirit. How do you interpret God's Spirit, he just his creation in you, which is now your spirit. The reason it's your spirit is his creation in you as a gift. Remember, the gift of eternal life, the gift of a new Maha God, Holy Spirit.


It is his gift to you. There you have it, his gift. Now God, Spirit teaches him spirit, which is now your spirit, because he's given it to you as a gift.


Now that spirit of God in Christ, the Holy Spirit in you, He does your mind. Why? Because part of you is mind. On God's Spirit, you speak the Word. God then to your spirit gives the interpretation. He gives that to the spirits, the third being part of you, and part of you being mind being an English here, it will hit your brain sales, then you got the first word. God's spirits teach us your spirits. Your spirits, teaches your mind. In us speak for the interpretation, the gift that sums the substance, the essence. And it will always exhort the body of believers by extorting them or by giving them comfort. Somebody will surely say to use some days after they speak in tongues while I don't have any interpretation. Well, the word says in a believer is meaning when you speak in tongues, you do what? interpret. So now somebody is alive. Either that person is a liar, or God knew ahead of time, he never would do it, then he surely won't have an interpretation because God knows he's not gone interpreting him over the head with a ball ban. Therefore, it just be a prayer in the Spirit. But the word said when we think in tongues believe to do one interpret, and the interpretation gives the gift that some And the substance, it's a message from God dry, the Lord died, God say unto you, or it's a message for God. It's from him, or for him onto the body of believers, giving the gift, the summons up. Now, suppose I speak in tongues this long. And I give an interpretation this long. What's the matter? Well, I'll tell you what's the matter with a job. And just given the interpretation, you've only given a part of it by sheer logic, because knowing language, knowing languages, semantically knowing languages, usage of languages. You can have a message in English this long a sentence this long in English, and ended up putting it in German that long. Now you can have a message in English this long. And if you're French, it can be that long.


Depends what kind of an affair was your flap was? That's right, it may be a little longer, it could be a little less. But what I'm trying to say to you, if it's that long a message in tongues, it's not going to be that short and interpretation. Do you understand me?


Trust the interpretation will always give the gift the summon substance, not turn it around another way, I give a message this long. in tongues, it's not going to be that long in interpretation. Suppose it's this long in tongues and that long and interpretation. What has happened you've missed the clue, the cue whatever else you want to call it, the one place where you should have stopped, you've missed it. You're spiritually you just weren't sharp enough spiritually to recognize that point. So you went on. And when you went on, it was no longer interpretation. It was now prophecy. And that prophecy, that prophecy will reiterate, it will repeat, it will re emphasize that what you just gave in the interpretation. But when you go beyond the prophecy will simply repeat what you've already said in essence.


Never heard any of them. You have if you've been sharp knowledgeable in the field.


Now what? That's not bad, you know, you speak in tongues and interpret, then go on into prophecy. That wouldn't be bad, nothing wrong with prophecy. But it's not sharply walking on the word. And being a research teaching center like we are where we teach our people, we like for our people to get sharp in the field, that you become real knowledgeable in it. So speaking in tongues this long and going interpretation that long, no deal. You've got to watch for those little signs spiritually. He'll give it to your spirits. Your spirits, gives it to your mind. You are in control. And there's always a little clue. A little cue in there a little place where the spirits will say that tip but being inspired and working by inspiration, you know, you're what I call in my vocabulary hotter in a fire crisis. You're all enthused about the greatness of God, you got something God wanted to say to God's people. You got to watch for that little spot that's always there. And always concluded, like, I will never leave you nor forsake you. Perfect indeed. I am with you always. I will keep you forever. There'll always be a very natural ending. There is a class this summer in summer school for one week. And I'd like to see people really get involved in we'll deal the whole week with speaking in tongues, interpretation of tongues and prophecy because You got to get right and understand and you got to move in the field. And some of you people that never speak in tongues on a Sunday night here, this is the best place to speak in tongues and interpret or hear you're with people who love you and people who understand and people who will help you. And it should never be a group of believers, we're just 12346 it isn't that way you're either. But I'd like for everybody that comes here at some time or other every year to speak in tongues at least once a year in this place out loud with interpretation. is giving the interpretation is giving the gifts of summon substance, the essence of it.


You don't think the interpretation because if you thought the interpretation, it wouldn't be interpretation to be premeditation. Interpretation not premeditated. You don't say to yourself on Sunday afternoon while I'm gone away headquarters tonight I'm going to speak in tongues, the interpretation will be no, it's an inspirational day on operates from the inside out. God's Spirit is in you. You have spoken much in tongues, in your private prayer life, you come into a believers meeting, you stand and speak in tongues and you give the interpretation, the gist of it, that summon substance of it. That's all of that which has just been given in a tongue by you. Remember, God says in first Corinthians 14 That it is is well that when we speak in tongues, in a believers meeting, we do what interpret in your private life, you never interpret because there is no interpretation. There is no interpretation. You understand? Remember in the class how I many times tell you about the little gal from Kentucky that gave that interpretation, where she said on our hollered, and I hollered, and I'll holler, but you did not hear me. I'll do it that was exhortation. Like meaning that God had been yelling at these people, so to speak. He called them with his word. Now, I ordinarily wouldn't have that word tolerated in my vocabulary. I might holler, but I wouldn't use my vocabulary. I would say if I had given that interpretation I would have most likely said and I called you and I called you and I called you but you did not hear. But being her vocabulary, she said all hollered and I hollered in Holland.


I guess it was from one color to the next poem. Emma Jean, appreciate it. Well, it's giving the gift, the sum the substance, that's all


phrases, if there's an interpretation that would have words like I am with you always, or I never leave you. What difference is that is just the sum and substance of it? Not if he says he will never leave us that he's always watching with us. You see, it's giving the summon substance, the gift, the essence of it. And it is God's will that the church be edified? And I always am so grateful for Dr. Wade stand and the rest of our people my own stand here on the word. We just don't these Sunday nights know God's word. And we know that we can hear from God in a body of believers. And that's the one thing we want to do here on Sunday night. I want to hear what God has to say at that particular time. Sure, I can go to his word and hear what it says. But this message tongues and interpretation is always immediately dynamic for the whole body of believers. Nobody ever gets missed. I could teach here the word of God tonight and somebody might get missed. Or when God gives a message in tongues with interpretation via the believer. Nobody gets mad. Just nobody mind me the good old days when we built that big place there in Indianapolis table at Cato must have been quite a bird. I never met him. But I clipped out a phrase one thought of his statement, I think he did a lot a wonderful thing must been tremendous. In his time, he removed a lot of things. But some ladies came to him complaining about his sermons. And how that when he preached, he never got anything. He just looked your square in the eye and he said, Honey, why don't you bring your basket? Right. If you expect to get something, bring your basket along, spiritually speaking, inside of the body of believers. You may forget your basket when it comes to my teaching the words but you can't forget your basket. When somebody speaks in tongues and interprets because the word says the whole body is edify, exhorted and comforted. There is always something in every message for every person that I've that doesn't mean that that message tonight is for tomorrow night. No, it's a message message for the body of believers tonight. But what he says tonight, will it apply to you tomorrow? About Tuesday at try to see why we can walk in peace and serenity and quietness and conviction powerfully, day after day all week long. If we begin with a body of believers, operating manifestation like in your Miami group over there, Miamisburg group, every time you meet you speak in tongues interpret you have prophecy or he leaves you open it don't. Okay? Well, if you're Danielle to close shop. After all, that's what the Word says. These are the commandments of Oh, amen. And I think Dr. Wade Nye and of course, others have been through this thing where people have said, Well, boy, I wouldn't have my people speaking in tongues, in these meetings, because somebody may come in, and you're turning him off. You know, you'll never come back to the lay headquarters. Blast God, if God's word turns him off. We don't want him anyways. Because you're not coming back anyway. If the truth of God's word and the beauty of it turns a man off, and he says he's a Christian, he got to recognize that that one verse has to do the things that commandment up on the Lord. I've never seen God turn anybody off. I've seen men turn God off. But God never turned anybody else. If that man really or that woman is hungry for the things of God, that come into a group like this tonight, that Dr. Wade was leading. And someone speaks in tongues and interprets. Someone else speaks in tongues and interprets. Someone else brings the word of prophecy. It's beautiful, because it's decent and was in order. That's how you have to teach. You see the people that said you wouldn't speak reminded me of Peter and Paul in the book X.


As long as those Jewish boys weren't down Peter, which was saying, eat what you want. But as soon as the boy from Jerusalem came down, Peter said, Well, I better get back on feast to Friday and this kind of stuff. And the word said that Paul with stood him to the face. He said, Peter, you're wrong. Before the Jews come down from Jerusalem. You say, Well, you can eat anything you want to but now since the Jews are coming down from Jerusalem, you're saying fish on Friday. All fed blood


go like that, in speaking in tongues. And when you speak in tongues in your private life.


And I want to encourage you to do as much because people I honestly believe from the greatness of God's word as it says that when we speak in tongues, we are edified spiritually. That this is the thing that would crop people lamb. This is what settles things in their life. You don't have to take an aspirin from being upset if you can speak in tongues. Like I tell them In the class, you don't count sheep at night because you know the shepherd, right count sheep in other shepherds


when people are all nervous, all frayed at the gills, the best thing that clap that person down is speaking in tongues.


You don't need a sedative, you need the Lord, the knowledge of the Lord and he's worried that's all you need. taken a shot a secret, I'm not gonna do it either. It's your turn trying to. That's right. It's just another sedative that so what we need is operating the words begin done in your private life. The whole purpose primarily for speaking in tongues was for the Christian private law with a fall. So what in that life which is more than a month whenever there was to be speaking in tongues in the believers meeting, it is entirely different, it must then be interpreted. And towns with interpretation equals prophecy and these are in a believers meeting. There is no prophecy in your private walk with God. There's only speaking in tongues in that which edifies the new creature in Christ you know not you have any questions you want to ask on this matter of interpretation of tongues or speaking in tongues or anything here from Corinthians 14?


Anybody? Yes. In 14. Right, right. You'd love that with some lamb and winter, which can do that to you good women. No, no, no. Verse 32. And the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets. For God is not author of confusion but a piece as in all the churches of the things. Let your women, your women, the women of whom the prophets,


like not just any woman, not just a Christian woman, but a woman or the Prophet, the woman or the man of God. Let her keep silent in the turkey doesn't have anything to do with speaking in tongues, interpretation and prophecy has everything to do with her running off at the mouth. When her husband, the Prophet, the man of God is doing the speaking. That's why it says, text wise, like your women, the women of the prophets, keep silent in the churches. For it's not permitted under them to speak but they're to be under commandment. Under obedience, adults will says the law for if they'll learn anything, let them ask their husbands at home. They live with them. If they want to know something, ask him at home. Or it's a shame. For women, what women have the prophet to speak in the church. And the reason it's the word shaman IndyCars out of artists. And the word speak is LELO meanings running off at the mouth. That's what the word for it is IndyCars its way out of order for the woman or the prophet to have the running off of the mouth in the church. runs it enough at home.


That's what the talking about. That's why I said in verse 436, what came the Word of God out of you women of the prayer the wives of the prophets? No. The Word of God came to home. The prophets, the men of God, they're the ones who spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit, or came in unto you. The wives of the prophets only came unto them only, you know, like it came to all the rest of the men and women in the body of believers. What was happening in Korea, of course was the little woman of the man of God the Prophet, she'd get up and he said, Hey, honey, I want to talk a little bit. And don't you know, honey that you and I talked about this the other night and I got some light on this. I want to share it with the people. The Lord say shut up or woman it's real sharp. And the reason the reason it's sharp and it's much sharper than I'm giving it to you now, it just cuts the thing, right down the line, because that's the way God built a church. That's the way the church has to be operated. And as if the man of God is going to be run by his woman, you're never going to have a church, you're not going to have a church, a woman. And God never designed the church that way. He designed that men of God, were to run the church, and they work to run it, according to the Word. Nothing wrong with the women of the Prophet, except they're women of the property. And those wonderful women have their husbands they can ask at home, inside of the body of believers. He is not deceived. You know, have the running off of the mind. Doesn't mean she can't talk. But you cannot do that which is IndyCars. It has to be uplifting and helpful for the whole body of believers and not to degrade for Hudson. That's what was happening in Korea. He was trying to pull him down a little bit and elevate her title.