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SNT 0423 Benefits of Speaking in Tongues

Topical teaching covers ten benefits we receive by
speaking in tongues.

October 26, 1969

SNT – 423

Topic: DRAFT, tongues, speaking, spirit, God, word, spiritually, edified, believers, Christ, pray, interpret, walk, joint heir, gift
Format: audio
Publication Date: 10-26-1969

Victor Paul Wierwille was a Bible scholar and teacher for over four decades.

By means of Dr. Wierwille's dynamic teaching of the accuracy and integrity of God's Word, foundational class and advanced class graduates of Power for Abundant Living have learned that the one great requirement for every student of the Bible is to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Thus, his presentation of the Word of God was designed for students who desire the in-depth-accuracy of God’s Word.

In his many years of research, Dr. Wierwille studied with such men as Karl Barth, E. Stanley Jones, Glenn Clark, Bishop K.C. Pillai, and George M. Lamsa. His formal training included Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Mission House (Lakeland) College and Seminary. He studied at the University of Chicago and at Princeton Theological Seminary from which he received a Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. Later he completed his work for the Doctor of Theology degree.

Dr. Wierwille taught the first class on Power for Abundant Living in 1953.

Books by Dr. Wierwille include: Are the Dead Alive Now? published in 1971; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today published in 1972; five volumes of Studies in Abundant Living— The Bible Tells Me So (1971), The New, Dynamic Church (1971), The Word's Way (1971), God's Magnified Word (1977), Order My Steps in Thy Word (1985); Jesus Christ Is Not God (1975); Jesus Christ Our Passover (1980); and Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed (1982).

Dr. Wierwille researched God's Word, taught, wrote, and traveled worldwide, holding forth the accuracy of God's "wonderful, matchless" Word.

1Co 14:4

1Co 14:4

Jud 20; 1Co 14:2, 4; Act 2:11, 4, 6

Act 2:7-9, 11; 10:44-46; Rom 8:26

Rom 8:26-28, 16, 17; 1Co 14:17; Eph 3:16

Joh 7:38, 39; Luk 11:9-13; Gal 3:5




snt-0423_benefits-of-speaking-in-tongues(vpw) DRAFT

SUMMARY KEYWORDS: tongues, speaking, spirit, God, word, spiritually, edified, believers, Christ, pray, interpret, walk, joint heir, gift


You can feed the body on physical food. But what can you feed the spirit? Now all of us who have been in these classes on power for abundant living know the answer. But are you really practicing that answer? Or are you still letting Satan talk? Time and time and time again. As you can feed the physical body on physical food. There is only one way you can feed the spirit. You can't feed the Spirit of God within you mashed potatoes and gravy soup and apple butter and peanuts and Cracker Jacks. You can see the Spirit of God within us the Bible, and every Protestant groups that I know of who believes or they call themselves conservative, biblical men and women. I believe that they all basically believe and teach that the Bible is the spirit, food, or food for the spirit. It is not. The Bible is not spirit food. It is mine food. This is why a man could read the whole Bible quote your verse after verse after verse, and not believe one lousy bit of what's written in it. We've seen them habit when we've heard them. This word you can put in your mind. It doesn't feed the spirit. When I'm talking about spirit, you know what I'm talking about God in Christ to you the hope of what feeds that Spirit? The Bible says the only thing that feeds that Spirit is speaking in tongues in your private life. And Isn't that remarkable? That's about the last thing we do. In our Christian walk, maybe first of all, because we didn't know it was even available. And secondly, for most people who didn't know it's available, they believe that God was a respecter of persons and they weren't good enough to get it. Or after they got it, Satan kept talking them out of it saying like you didn't want to can't do it again. And so we go along as he makes ciated Christians. We are spiritually defeated a lifetime. And yet we're born again of God's Spirit. And we can't understand why. The answer is get the word and what the Word says. It happens to us and what is accomplished within us, when we operate what God says we must operate. If I had received a letter, I said this publicly here about a year and a half or two years ago, one night in the believers meeting on a Sunday night, and it just electrified the group, because they were ready to receive it and understand it. I said to them, in essence, what I'm saying to you again tonight,


if the President of the United States had sent a letter to lead today. And if I would have that letter here to read to you tonight. I think some of our people blow the buttons off of their shirts and hooks and eyes off other things that ladies wear or something. And you're just be so tickled to death. That little VP out of the way headquarters had heard from the leader of the peoples of the United States, the President, Mr. Richard Nixon. We just get so blessed. I bet you would even go home. And tomorrow morning when you'd hit the shop. You say, Man, do you know where I was last night? I was at a place where a simple little old preacher got a letter from the President of the United States and he read it to us. Then you'd run to the newspaper office and tell them that you read the meeting because you get your name in the paper that you read the meeting with the president or a letter to maybe you wouldn't


maybe a Democrat Why don't even hear from the governor. I wrote him a letter the other year and invited him to a big do up here.


He wrote me a nice letter by a secretary but he just couldn't make it. You think And yet tonight, you heard from somebody, I can't even compare with the President of the United States. Because that's somebody we heard from tonight, is the Creator of the heavens and the earth if the Bible was right. And he would set the stars in their courses. It is He Who set his word above all these things. That's why people I get turned on with this ministry. Because there was such a period in my life, so many, many, many, many, many years, that I never understood. I never knew any of these things. I never was able to have top man talk to me. But boy, when I once learned that God, the Creator of heaven, earth, could so live within a believer, and if you properly operated the Word of God, that God would give you these things. And you could hear directly from heaven. From Him Who created the heavens and earth. I get excited. The rest of the world can sit hold his cucumbers, or his frozen June bugs in November. I don't care. Boy, I get turned on. That's right. And why not? Why shouldn't I get excited about being able to communicate with someone a lot bigger than the President of these hover United States? Why shouldn't I get excited about the reality and the presence of Christ with him? Knowing that I'm heaven bound, and that all hail can stop me from going? Why shouldn't I get excited? Because we get prayers answered. People get their needs met. Why shouldn't I get excited because I see nothing but good in this ministry, and this ministry has never heard a soul has never done injury to anyone, it has only helped them. Ma'am, that's more than you can say for the toothpicks you picked your teeth with if you had any teeth left or toothpicks to pick them with today, but they most likely dip that in some bologna that's made out of formaldehyde. So you've been swallowing this stuff all evening


you really something, isn't it? Boy and see why we go through these things in the foundation of class and our people begin to practice a little. But along comes state many digs at us and usually through our best friend or someone else or the environment, or our social position or something. And boy, before you know it, we're back living that life which is far below par and not manifesting the folgen beauty and go re of all that bless of Light of Christ with him. This is why are you people born again of God spirits who know how to speak in tongues and the how is your job, what you speak, it's his job, the house is yours. And if you can talk English, or any other language that you know and you're all speaking English here, if you can speak English, and I know all of you can then if you're born again of God's Spirit, you can speak in tongues, because the same mechanics are involved. And if from all the cracks we have heard through the years, you women ought to be out speaking demand full time. It's a trait that women have to maintain Elsa jokes would all be gone. I sometimes think the men talk more than the women. But I can say this and promote the joke. But in First Corinthians chapter 14 And in verse four, it says He that speaker in a tongue edify himself when I eat a lot of mashed potatoes and gravy I'm edified to but I'm edified in the physical body. Square at all for something big rounded corners. Now, when I speak in tongues, I'm edified, but I can't be edified in my physical body because there's a law involved everything after it's kind Remember, everything in his category. Things in the physical or senses realm must be known via the five senses. Things in the spiritual realm or spiritual things can only be known via the spirits. Now hearing Corinthians he's talking to those who are born again of God's Spirit. And he says that when these people speak in tongues, they are edified. When I'm speaking in tongues can edify my physical body, it can't edify my mind. Therefore it can edify by sheer logic, only one thing and that spirit that trust, God's Spirit can only speak to that which it is Spirit. This is why when I speak in tongues, in my private life, in my private walk with God, that's when I grow up spiritually. And this is the thing we need so desperately just to walk at day by day, speaking much in tongues so we get built up spiritually. Secondly, we need to be with people who are gelling the word and in whom the word is gelling. Because if you take a cut coal away from the bar, it will turn black, it'll lose its real effectiveness. And for you, or for me to extricate myself from people who are really gelling the word and moving on that word, odd turned cold and acute. You got to stay with people in fellowship, who are questioning we're on the move. Not whether they know a whole lot, but they're moving toward that knowledge. So when the Word says that he's not speaking in a tongue edifies himself, I am edified, built up spiritually. The word edifice comes from the root word that we use for a big building, which is called a big edifice, the reason it's called an edifice because done all that bigness. Now when I speak in tongues, I am edified. I am built up.


I'm getting to be a big, spiritual building, so to speak. This speaking in tongues, in my private life, is the root of all of my spiritual roots with you. And speaking in tongues, is primarily designed for the individual Christians private life. Primarily. There is a secondary usage of it. And that is the usage of speaking in tongues, in the church, in the body of believers. Now, when I say church, I'm not talking about you know, I'm talking about the body of born again, believers who not only believe in salvation, but who believe the totality of the Word of God from Genesis to Revelation, and who are concerned about learning more and practicing the breath. So inside of a church, speaking in tongues, must be used a lot differently than what it's utilized in your practice. When you speak in tongues, in your private life, it does what it edified. You were in your mind, in your spirit. Well, where is Christ? Christ is in you, right? He has eyes behind your eyes, his ears behind your ear balls. He has feet behind your feet fingers. This is what that inner man is that the Bible talks about? It's Christ in you and when you speak in tongues, that gets big and fast. Inside of the believers meeting inside of the church, speaking in tongues is a message from God or for God to the body of believers. That's why the Bible says that to speak in tongues. In a believers meeting it must be interpreted because the speaking in tongues in your private life you do not understand Speaking if I speak in tongues here tonight, like the rest of these people, some of them did tonight, they didn't understand what they spoke. I didn't understand why they spoke. But when they interpreted and gave the gist of it the summon substance in the language of English here is God bless you, God bless everybody, God bless. That's its primary usage in the church, to edify the body of believers in their spirits. Know, in there was mind trim. So there are two wonderful places to be edified. One is in the spirit, the other is to be edified in the mind. And speaking in tongues in my life, my private life edifies my spirit, but it doesn't help my brain cells when I own body if I'm with a group of believers, who are operating these manifestations then when they speak in tongues, and they interpret the interpretation, I will understand and that will edify my mind. And just turn me on. Understand now it's a message in the church mail. It's a message from God. Or it's a specific message for God, which God is bringing specifically for himself to people by the believer. And it must always in the church, by a believer be interpreted. Speaking in Tongues inside of the church, the Body of Believers, by an unbelieving believer that is a person who is born again of God's Spirit, who can speak in tongues. But he does either does not know God's word on how he must interpret or he does not believe he can or he does not will do. That's what I call an unbelieving believers.


That person will never have a message from God or for God. That still will only be the same result to him, as it would be in his private life. Or speaking in tongues in your private life is always prayer or phrase for an unbelieving believer in a body of believers who would speak and not interpret. God knowing I poured time, by His foreknowledge, that when I would speak, I would not interpret, he wouldn't give me a message from himself or for himself. It would only be for you understand? Boy, if you can keep those three things separated regarding speaking in tongues, you've come a long, long way. Number one, in your private prayer life, for which the word for which speaking in tongues is primarily decided, is primarily given and is to be utilized. You never interpret you just speak in tongues. And as you speak in tongues much. Its prayer and praise to the Father speaking divine secrets. We're going to read some of these after this. And it builds you up spiritually. In a believers meeting, when you speak in tongues, you are to interpret and when you give the interpretation, the body of believers in their minds will be edified, exhorted and comforted. Now in a believers meeting, where it's someone has not been fully instructed or accurately instructed. And that person would speak in tongues and not interpret. It would just be like, in his private life, where he would simply be giving a prayer or praise to the father back and forth. That's because God knows ahead of time, he will not interpret there for God's not stupid, he wouldn't give him a message from himself or for himself. If he knows ahead of time, the man's not going to do the job or the woman right. Therefore, the only thing that some of you people have seen at all in years past before Have you gotten away your ministry was someone out here would speak in tongues and then the preacher would have to interpret. That's a bunch of baloney. That's the preacher is in Bologna and the fellow speaking in tongues is not baloney. But what they said it was his because when that person spoke in tongues, it couldn't be a message to the body of believers, why? He did not. Try. Therefore, it could only be prayer or praise to God for the edification of that spirit of life of Christ within him, right? Turn your back to 66. That's route 66. That TV shows still on that's pretty good. They got these two air conditioners right up here to keep them cool. Now where it gets me off, but well bless God, somebody's got to get warmed up on this


so when that person out there speaks in tongues. And I would give the interpretation. I couldn't give his interpretation because the word says that he speaks in tongues posting service. He never had a message from God or for God, he only edified himself. That which they said his interpretation is not interpretation. It's the minister. Oh, word of prophecy. Like you heard here tonight. My house simple these things are and how we been in confusion. And how we need to understand this and teach it and teach it and teach it and teach it. Because there's hardly anybody that really digs this thing and understands it like you do, so give it to them in the Word. Here, it said in 14, four. He's got speakers in a tongue edify o'clock. But he that prophesieth, edify as lunch. That's right, and a fight the church, the Body of Believers, because prophecy is in the language of the body of the people present in here that English therefore a word of prophecy would just give her to his strength. The body would be edified. Would you be edified in the spirit no in your lot mind for you to hear it with your senses here then you're able to gel it in your mind.


There's a tremendous record in the book for revelation. Verse 20, but gee, beloved, building up your sales on your most holy faith, praying in a new myhockey own praying in the Holy Spirit's to pray in the Holy Spirit is to pray inhale. Why sure in tongues so when you pray in tongues when you pray in that which the Holy Spirit has given you, which is Christ in you, when you pray without ability.


You are building up yourself. on your most holy faith, you're building yourself up, physically, know spiritually, that spirit that's with you. That's how you feed the spirit. Now people if the church objects to it, let them object, let them write a new Bible, let them tell God how to do his lousy business. If they don't like that dry. I'm sick and tired of everybody coming around to tell me what they think God ought to do. God's told us what he's going to do. And I'm sufficiently capable of believing this and reading it and believing it teeth. So are you rot? Try, they come around and they say, Well, what good is it or not shut up, whatever it's make word said do it. Do it quit argue. I mean, this is the kind of attitude if God said it, that settles it. Look, if the President wrote me tonight and said, I'm sending you to Timbuktu as the ambassador go first class. What do you think you'd mean? Travel code? No, he go first class to Timbuktu. Well, if there is a God waterbodies ordered. Boy, yes. See how logical that is? And most people are more believing things. In the local banker than they do in God Almighty. It says that we build up ourselves on our most holy faith praying and or with the new Mahaki or praying with that spirit of God within us. We build ourselves up while people doesn't the church, the body of believers need to be built. Man, oh, man, they want to spend the next three months doing nothing but we're so far behind the times, you know, I mean, I'm speaking of the born again body nationally, all skin and bones spiritually. You know? In first Corinthians chapter 14 Verse two, he's not speaking in a tongue. Because not untrue, man, but onto blah, because he's speaking in the spirit. He's speaking a language that he the speaker does not understand. He that speak it in a tongue speak of not demand. Tonight, I right now I'm speaking to man because you can understand what I'm saying. It's in the language that you and I understand. But if I spoke in tongues, I wouldn't be speaking unto what, man I wouldn't be speaking to you. Look at this. Most Sanctum iLok Ashitaka Santai Oh, sanctum. alata. Santa. Now, could you understand that? Then I wasn't speaking to you. I was speaking to who? Amen. That's what that verse says. That's what it means. Doesn't speak on demand. But under God. For no man understanding. Worried him is an italic scratches. It also ran out. That's why it's scratched. For no man who speaks in tongues understands what he thinks. If I understood what I spoke, it would not be what's done that trust. It'd be unknown language. That's like in here, some of us understand German. When Benny does not do scripts. Doctors do that for stone. That is not tongues. Tongues to most of you, but not to some of us in here with straight German. That trust it's unknown language. Understand, but when I speak in tongues, I don't understand it. That does not mean that somebody out there could not understand it. If you did understand it, it has to be the miracle like on Pentecost for Peter spoke in a tongue and a group of people out there understood him. James spoke in a different tongue and somebody over there under study. Andrew spoken a different tongue in a group over there under students. That's the miracle of Pentecost. If God is in the miracle business, you and I have to carry out the word of God. And if there any miracles come along, we praise God and if they don't praise God to


true. God cannot do less than his word when people believe. You can do more, then it's phenomenal. Miracle. But on the day of Pentecost, when they spoke in tongues, Peter didn't understand what he was speaking but somebody else over there did. That's the miracle of Pentecost. And watch you speak in tongues is God's business but back to speak. That's yours.


No man understand it understand him. Him scratch. Not true. They call him the day of Pentecost. He didn't understand.


But the man speaking doesn't understand. how be it verse two, for in the spirit he speakers love mysteries. So in the spirit, I speak mysteries. In first Corinthians 14 Four he said that when I spoke in tongues, I would do what? edify myself into verse 20. It said that when I was speaking tongues, I would do what? build myself up on my most luck. That's already two things that happens to me when I speak in tongues. The third one we have just read. It is to speak. Mysteries mysteries is divine secrets. Between you and daddy, your spiritual daddy, your spiritual father. speaking mysteries divine Secrets between you and daddy. Between you and the Father three things speaking in tongues does you ask the average church member down at the corner tomorrow morning What does speaking in tongues do for you and about all their say, well, it's of the devil don't do nothing for you. Or if they belong to the outfit that halfway believes and speaking in done, they say my is wonderful, but I've been after it for 35 years now and gaudy are going to be wonderful if you've been wanting to get kissed for 35 years you missed. How do you know it's wonderful? The top right. Oh, I tell you three things we've already read it speaking in tongues does it edify edifies us spiritually. It builds us up on our most holy faith is to speak divine secrets mystery between God and His Spirit which is in Christ in you. I want to tell you that's one thing Satan can't get his nose in. You can't make up speaking in tongues. You can't do it like that. That's impossible. Because it's God, who is spirit who has to give it to your spirit. And God's not stupid. And he says that when you do that you're speaking divine mysteries. Anything that's in the census realm Satan can get his nose into, but it is anything which is between the true God and His Spirit which is in you. Satan can't get his nozzoli into it's impossible. God tries. That's why you and father can talk things over you can get edified spiritually and old Satan can stop. You can only stop you as long as he you don't get to speak in tongues. God can get you speaking tongues through the teaching the word, then he can just slowly they they can stop you from going to heaven if you're born again or God Spirit. But you can sure have a miserable trip and rough. You can just be as negative as the unbelievers. You can just be as full of fear as the people outside of Christ. Everything else and just be miserable going to hell. I think so many people are in Acts chapter two. Keep your finger in Corinthians. If you got enough fingers, we'll be back


at Chapter Two Look at Verse 11. Pretend Arabians, we do hear them speak in our tongues, the wonderful what works of God. That's what they marvel that they call because it says in verse four they were all filled with the new Maha Gill and Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave them on our arise. Verse six, when this was noised abroad, the multitude came together. And they were amazed very seven. Shocked, flabbergasted, marveled six beholder? Not all these which speak Galilee and then how do we hear every one of them in our own language? Then it lifts them Parthian Medes Elamites. so forth, various 11 Priests and Arabians, we do hear them speak and our tongues go wonderful. What? So whenever a person speaks in tongues, he's speaking what they meant, what he says that's what it means to speak the wonderful works of God. Because you're speaking divine mystery secrets. That's why it's spoken as the wonderful works of God in chapter 10 of x.


Look at chapter 10 Verse 46. At the householder community a slob Peter would get speaking the Spirit fell on them which heard the word and they have the circumcision which believes were astonished flabbergasted again as many as came with Peter because that is a Gentiles. Oh, so he's 45 was poured out the gift of bunu Mahaki Oh, four they heard damwon speak with tongues and magnify who That's right. Not some. They heard them speaking with tongues and as they were speaking with tongues were they cursing God? No, they were watt magnifying God they were praising the Lord they were glorifying Him for everything that God did in Christ and everything else that goes with that speaking in tongues. Not only does it edify you, but it is to speak divine secrets. It is to speak the wonderful works of God. It is to magnify God certainly every Christian should want to be doing these things right. And people that verse 40 something 645 is tremendous there. And on the Gentiles also was poured out what? The gift, the gift, the gift, the gift. That's the key. The gift if I gave you this pen tonight as a gift you can pray to your blue in the face it will not turn out to be a Cadillac. Or even Why do you want Chevrolet Ford? Why? Because everything and it's a gift. It's a pen. It'll be a pen tomorrow on the Gentiles. Oh, so was poured out the one gift, the gift the gift? If I gave this to Sandy tonight booth be responsible for it after she got it. Sandy would is she going to ride at home? Nah, come on. It's a lot, I pan thing. And most likely she won't even pick her teeth with it. I saw a fella do distiller day with a nice pick in his teeth. And I thought I can use that followed by class by illustration. Because he'd be cutting them up, you know? How simple and how we've been fooled. We've always thought that it was God's responsibility to push us you know? If I if God wants me to speak in tongues, he'll see that I do it. That hecky will. That's right, he won't either. You know why? He's given you thought gift. If there's going to be any speaking in tongues who's gonna do it? You are because you got the gift, you have to operate it. If you don't operate it, you'll never come into manifestation. It's like, you know, saying the same thing you will if God wants me to save his saved, he'll see that I get saved because he'll want me good and proper to that gets me in line. No, no. whosoever will may want, right. God gave His only begotten Son whosoever believe it. That's right. If we confess with our mouths, but he's got raised up now shall be one. That's right. He's not going to run around hitting people over the head and saying come on in here gets saved. No, no, no. He's given it as a one. That's right. That's some of the things that I mean when you hear me teach in the classes like you good ladies. We're just getting we got two people in here that came over to see me tonight to those because they'd heard me on tape and see me on film. They wanted to see if I was just as bad off in the operation up here as I was in that outfit, maybe. But anyways, what was I talking about? Before I got to thinking about things


that tell me jail. Yeah, I know. What about please. Yeah, okay. We just, we just start over again. Bless your heart. That does suck. I'm responsible for its utilization. I have this Pam, whichever it was. And I decide I'm never going to write with it.


You're never going to get a letter from me. Nor is anybody else. Right? Because I have made the decision not to write. Do I have the abilities? Sure. Do I have the gift? I could write with it. But I don't want to people like this in the spirit field. God's not gone a while up into it. No, that's right. What I teach these classes I would say to my people, well, boy, if you want to go to hell go ahead. That's right. And people used to get so mad because they thought I didn't have any love. I got more love in my little finger and most people have to hold a lousy body because the only love they have is usually some smothered type of things. patting the mouse on the shoulders or on the back when you got a patio foot lower or something that just love is the word right for What's the word says? And it's not love to tell somebody who's gone to heaven. Just keep on I mean hell just keep on going because you're going to end up in heaven because you're such a good fella you've built a hospital down here and God just got to give you a special place in heaven want for it build a hospital or give him special place off


it's a gift. It's a gift, right? Boy that makes me responsible for its utilization. Isn't that lovely? Boy The reason I always get cranked up on this and really excited is because I know the other field is spiritually sealed the ESP categories I know all that. And in that field, nobody operates by freedom of oil, they operate by possession by control. When old Arthur Ford wants to talk to Dean gumboot who is up there in Canada, someplace old Arthur has to pass out and that guy takes over oh people someday we're just going to have to love Jesus that soul for what he did for us and giving us his gift under free will so that I buy my wheel I freely utilize that gift what a tremendous thing that's power for abundant living coming down wonderful is the word I mean. Boy oh boy. Look at Roman I'm not always just bad you visitors. Some nights I'm real decent any notice


did I say Romans, chapter eight. Verse 26. Likewise, the Spirit also help us our watts. Right infirmities is King James. Dr. Wade taught us that the word is in the singular and that's right. The Spirit doesn't help our infirmities, it helps our infirmity. And the greatest infirmity that we as believers Born Again Christians have is that we do not know kn O W. Up here. What we should pray for as we ought, I've seen permitted. But in contrast, the spirit which helped with our infirmities, The Spirit itself, maketh intercession for the saints. Now make us intercession for us is the same, but for us with groanings, which cannot be what the infirmity of verse 26 Is that we do not know. Then knowledge wise, what to pray for. But God being Spirit and His Spirit in me, and my being a part of the world and society here and in the life of my fellow believers. Then when I speak in tongues to the Father, and he backs to me this way, I can make intercession via the spirit for the believers with groanings, which cannot be other you think that spirit of God within me knows the scope? It sure does. But when I pray with my senses, mind, I could be off. If I were going to pray for my brother Gail over here, and I lifted him since knowledge wise, the only prayer that I could really pray knowing the word would I just thank God for his life. I thank God for His salvation I thank for his faithfulness to the word for his growth in the word how he's still growing day by day, thank God but I couldn't pray for that man. Since knowledge wise, you know, I do not know whether he has flat feet, whether he has migraine headaches, whether he has ear trouble sense knowledge wise, if he told me I would know, but even his telling me could be wrong. Because many times the cause is far removed from the symptom. You've got a headache and it's the cause the rotten pie you put inside here by removed from the cause. Spiritually the same thing is true. People the greatest level of prayer we have is to pray and it always makes intercession. It's always perfect. And when I spiritually I'm sober, it's a phrase I use, which simply means that I'm just and really walking, when people call if I pray for them with my understanding, it'll simply be a prayer of thanksgiving. But as soon as I can I pray for them in the spirit and it never fails but to be right forward, it says, We do not know how we ought to pray but the spirits make intercession for us with groanings which cannot walk. Then verse 27, and he's at searches to heart hearts. No a lot is in the mind of that spirit, because he maketh intercession for the saints according to law. At Swati says the will of God is in italics well supply according to God according to God's will. And we know verse 28, that all things work together for what good if we pray in the lungs everybody takes that verse 28 out of context here's Kathy gets knocked off down on that Buster something and somebody will come along and they will boy she didn't get killed. Don't worry at all things work together for good to them that love God died at first doesn't mean that at all. All things maybe work together for good in her situation Yours mine but that varies. Don't rest it out talking about people who are speaking in the tongues, praying in the Spirit. And if they lift verse 27, make intercession for the saints, according to God, then doing this, all those things will do a lot. Work together for a lot. Good. All things work together for good verse 28. To those or to them that love God. Damn, who are the called according to His love? Who are speaking in tongues? How can you love God and tell him you're not going to speak in tongues? How can you say you're a Christian who love God and be totally disobedient? The vast majority of these words


in First Corinthians chapter 14 In verse 17, if you properly understand it, read it.


Here's a person inside of the church who shouldn't have been speaking out wild or something? Because in verse 17, talking about the man who spoke in tongues, but he didn't interpret for adult barely give us things one, but the other is not edified. The other person inside the body believers is not edified, because if I spoke in tongues all the time, I'd be out of order yet I would be what edified. I'd be edified for now barely give a sang swell. So speaking in tongues is not only to be edified, is it to give thanks. Well, you see, speaking in tongues is a two way street.


If I called you on the phone, and I said, Well, I called norm do it on the phone. I spoke to norm do it, that would be a good phrase,


I spoke to norm the width. Does that mean I did all the talking? If I called the President of the United States and I said to you, I spoke to the President of the United States, would that mean that I did all the talk? Or does the word speech involve a two way communication? Both ways? If I called normal on the phone, I normally would at least have to say hello where I wouldn't know it was he? So we already got two men right by called the President if he answered you'd have to say hello when you see it. Speaking in tongues, it's just not my doing one thing that is God's giving advice works this way.


Now back to Romans that it told you to kept your fingers


all of this time teaching you that is not new. It's been in your syllabus. It's in every class on the Holy Spirit that you've taken or that it all it's in the film. It's on the tape. It's just common knowledge. Did I say Romans eight that's a good book. Good boy read this into people you know unless they've really dug the worried a little bit to get all shook. Romans eight verse 16, that Spirit itself bears witness with our watch that we are what killed a nigga. What proof do you have that you're a child of God? You haven't got any proof at all until you hear yourself speaking in tongues. You say, Oh, I read the Bible said if I confess with my mouth the Lord Jesus, believe God raised Him from the dead I'd saved. So I tried. That's what he says. But what proof you've got, it's true. You haven't, until you hear yourself speak in tongues. When you speak in tongues. Then you got the proof in the census world that you got the real McCoy, Christ in you the hope of glory on the inside. That's the proof. Boy, that's what turned me on. I then had proof that I had Christ within the reality of His presence. Then, next day, I was out riding in an automobile I spoke in tongues price was still there. I went to some Heath and temple in India I spoke in tongues he was still there. I went in some deep and church United States spoke in tongues killer. Ended up in a tavern one night nightclub to you today, people spoke dunsey still there. Man want to reopen? And before I knew this, I used to wonder about my salvation every 15 seconds you know? Every time I'd have a nasty thought, wonder if I had to go back down, get cleaned up. You know, all day. Today if I had to go that much all the time to carpet be worn out.


The Spirit bears witness with our spirits that we are one children out Whoa. A Man Boy, naturally an earth and since knowledge wise, I am the son of my father. Mysteries through my mother Muslim, I am their son but when I'm born again of God's Spirit I am whose son spiritually Gods on well praise alone and it's his spirits bearing witness with this spirit that's within me that I am his one child every time I speak in tongues I got to it well what about verse 17? And if children then heirs of God and joint heirs with well hallelujah Man oh man that makes me a somebody that trust that makes you at somebody just imagine being a joint heir with Jesus Christ. Boy Satan our shirt talks us out of that one. Because we are supposed to be the epitome sation of all humility and you know what they mean by humility walk over you that's what to me you know? puts you down like that Sure. Make you feel bad walk over you slap you in the face and then they say well, if you hit your on the left cheek turn the other cheek. Shoots soccer get a job with a word. But try to word My goodness sakes if you're a joint heir with Christ, do you have a little power? I didn't write the word. I didn't die for you. I didn't give my life for you bleed it out half the time for you. But he laid down his life that you could be saved. And you're enjoying air with him. That means it's shared all the way through. Boy oh boy. If the church I even saw that much a turn on wouldn't be just to think just to think that right now while you're sitting there, you're joined there with crap. Oh, that thing just gets to me. It just tears me up inside. You just I don't know. effervescence yourself just bubbles close. It's just tremendous. To know that I am a joint heir with Christ. Every time I hear myself speak in tongues. I know I'm a joint heir we know anything's chapter three the patients 360. That he would grant you according to the riches of His glow race to be strengthened with mice by the spirit in the Skinner was meant to be strengthened with mice by the Spirit in the inner man, the inner man is Christ gave you the hope of glue, that Christ in you is Spirit. Now, however, you're going to feed that spirit, you're going to be strengthened with my in the inner mind, by the spirits, by the spirits, by the spirits, and must mean from putting Corinthians and the rest of it with that when you and I speak in tongues, which is to do with this by the Spirit, then the inner man is strengthened, build up, edify. And certainly all of us today, who are in this walk together need that edification. We need to grow in knowledge and grace, we need to develop ourselves. Now some of us have worked pretty good on developing the word in our mind. We've worked hard on putting the word up here. But we haven't worked hard enough in speaking in tongues in our private life, as well as our public one in interpreting to become real versatile in the UCS theorem. You can put this word of God in your mind from now on till doomsday, and it doesn't feed the spirit in me. It will feed your mind, but it will not see the spirit. And God wanted children who would be fed spiritually as well as physically and mentally, we are to be a whole man. Mentally, physically, spiritually in every other category, this is what Christ came for. You know, in the Gospel of John, this part of this chapter seven. You want to turn it to 69. That'll warm it up. I said John didn't. Here's a verse of Scripture that really blessed Makoto and opened a lot of the floodgates for his wonderful work. In John chapter seven.


In verse 38, He that believeth on me, as the Scripture has said, out of his belly, innermost part of his being is the word what the belly stands for, out of his belly, innermost part of his being, shell flow, rivers of living water. This verse 39, they key of the lot parents, which they that believe on Him should receive the word receive Islam, Bonnell, for a new ma spirits was not yet given because that Jesus was not dead was there for whatever he said about verse 38, had to be future which it was, that for everyone who would believe on him after he was glorified, which is send up in heaven 10 days later, a day of Pentecost, that everybody who would then believe on Him, out of his belly should flow out of his innermost being should flow not a trickle. But what rivers up living what rivers of living water, right. The Word Flow is available I believe. And this means the flowing of speaking in town you don't just trinkle when you speak in tongue you bubble you let it flow you ever best. You just don't say my Shanta. Obito 15 minutes later, my cola that twinklin That's hardly a trinkle because you couldn't get dry in between bales. Out of his innermost being shell flow abundantly. The speaking in tongues it's it's not something comes in from the outside. It's something you get out from the inside. Out of his innermost being shall flow rivers of living water effervescing prenant tranquil day flow it That's what the word says. You know why they were able to do that because they move their lips or throat in their tongue. They made the sound, they made the word, but the words would say made words as the spirit of put them on, they move their lips properly, they move their tongue, or you do to speak English. Without a tremendous scripture, most people think that when they received the Holy Spirit to get something in, you know, Pentecostal assembly Funch been teaching the second work of grace or third one, I don't know with the added bless. It comes in, it doesn't. When Christ came in, you got everything you're ever going to get. If something more coming out of you, that's all. It's already in there. The gift is there. You're now writing with it. The speaking in tongues is your job you do it, you let it flow. Determine whether it's twinkles or flows to where it says out of their belly shell flow. Absolutely. It's got to flow this way when you're ready tell the word in Luke 11. You know, in verse nine, it says I found you asked and the word asked to demand same word is used in the banking field where you walk up to the window, demand payment of the check. That's the word of the reason you can demand payment of the check. So there's money deposits, there you have it. I say and you ask and it shall be what? T can you show what? NOC and he Chow in absolute tense all of them be open unto you? For everyone everyone. Nobody missed Gods no mystery. Everyone. For everyone who asked us Lombardo was received at Lombarda was who walks up to the window demanding payment on the check Ilan, Donald's. He received an amount of the stage store. But you and I got to do the lump borrowing. We got to walk up to the window and say, Daddy wants this check guys. He got sicker scientists, no ifs, ands or buts about it. Has anybody ever been hungry spiritually whom God is not satisfied? The word says they that hunger and thirst after righteousness shall be filled. But if they just act like they're hungry and thirsting and never get filled, the proof is they weren't hungry and thirsty. They just act like it, you know, counterfeit blow. That's all. And him that knocketh it shall lot they open. Donald here's verse 11. If a son Jill asked bread, have any of you that is a father 40 Give him a lot. Well, would you know? Or if he asked a fish? Would you for a fish? Give him a lot? Verse 12. Or if he said ask an egg. Would you give him a scorpion? Verse 13, if he then HE WHO? Fathers who got hungry children. If he then fathers who have hungry children, being evil fathers are evil, know how to give good gifts onto your children. How much? How much more shall your heavenly Father give a new Maha do the Holy Spirit to them that asked him walk up to the window and Cassidy that wonder Well, I have an earthly father tonight if my son JP was hungry and I had bread when I give him bread, and I'm an evil father, I don't always do what's right I make mistakes but my Heavenly Father never does about my heavenly father then if I as His child walk up to his window to cash in a cheque that he's paid for through his son Jesus Christ when he withhold any good thing from people we need to walk up to God's window and cash it in. Quick pray and about to get to cracking on the thing walk moving it this is what he spoke about the spirits This is why in galley Galatians chapter three listen to very five, be there for that ministry to you that spirit and work as miracles among you. Do it the yet by the works of the law or by the hearing of faith. Well, does a man of God do it by the works of the law? Or does he do it by the hearing of faith? Definitely, by the hearing of faith, he will minister it to you that spirit. The only way you can minister really the spirit to anyone is to minister the word. Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by what? The words so when you teach people the words you're ministering do you minister, this by the works or by the hearing of faith? Is what he's talking about. He therefore, that ministered to you the Spirit, who works miracles among you. Do it to get by the words to the law, no, but by the hearing of us, right? And the ministering of the spirit to men and women is a miracle. greatest miracle in the world. A man can be dead in trespasses and sins without God without hope in this world, one moment, in the next moment, faster than you can do that he can be born again of God's spirit in heaven bound that all hell can stop him from going. If that isn't miracle, you name it. That's the greatest miracle over to the new birth, the fullness of the Spirit of Christ with you. That's America. That's why this matter is speaking in tongues you want to talk to someone bigger than the President of the United States will talk to him. But you've got to speak in tongues. And when you do, you will be talking to him was the creator they haven't dinner and he and turn talking do I want to talk to him? I'm sure you do.