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SNT 0413 Stand Bold: Philippians 3

Stand Bold: Philippians 3

August 17, 1969

SNT 413

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Topic: DRAFT, life, rejoice, worship, stand, brother, rightly, read, boldness, greatness, mind, reaching, dividing, knowledge
Format: audio
Publication Date: 08-17-1969

Victor Paul Wierwille was a Bible scholar and teacher for over four decades.

By means of Dr. Wierwille's dynamic teaching of the accuracy and integrity of God's Word, foundational class and advanced class graduates of Power for Abundant Living have learned that the one great requirement for every student of the Bible is to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Thus, his presentation of the Word of God was designed for students who desire the in-depth-accuracy of God’s Word.

In his many years of research, Dr. Wierwille studied with such men as Karl Barth, E. Stanley Jones, Glenn Clark, Bishop K.C. Pillai, and George M. Lamsa. His formal training included Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Mission House (Lakeland) College and Seminary. He studied at the University of Chicago and at Princeton Theological Seminary from which he received a Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. Later he completed his work for the Doctor of Theology degree.

Dr. Wierwille taught the first class on Power for Abundant Living in 1953.

Books by Dr. Wierwille include: Are the Dead Alive Now? published in 1971; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today published in 1972; five volumes of Studies in Abundant Living— The Bible Tells Me So (1971), The New, Dynamic Church (1971), The Word's Way (1971), God's Magnified Word (1977), Order My Steps in Thy Word (1985); Jesus Christ Is Not God (1975); Jesus Christ Our Passover (1980); and Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed (1982).

Dr. Wierwille researched God's Word, taught, wrote, and traveled worldwide, holding forth the accuracy of God's "wonderful, matchless" Word.

Phi 3:1, 2; 4:1

Phi 3:1, 3-12

Phi 3:13-21; 4:1




snt-0413_stand-bold_philippians-3(vpw) DRAFT

SUMMARY KEYWORDS: life, rejoice, worship, stand, brother, rightly, read, boldness, greatness, mind, reaching, dividing, knowledge

I'd like for you to take your Bibles tonight please and praying to Philippians chapter three this perhaps will be the last opportunity that I will have to be able to address our people that have been here at for the summer school. Many of them for eight or nine weeks now, closing of course, tomorrow with the youth advancing water Commons has that program among we along with the rest of the young people. And I'm sure that you must realize that what if you were in my shoes in my place tonight? What would you say to your people? What would be the one thing that you would feel you'd like to share after having spent all these weeks together with them? Have seen them grow some a little more, some not quite as much. Some lives completely altered and changed. Others just changed a little. What can you say to people, except to go back to the greatness of God's word. I have cried my heart out for years across this country in the teaching ministry that God has set my soul to try to get people turned on a little bit toward the Word of God. Because on the other side of the picture, I've seen people really turned on for safety. I've seen them go out of their way, with what, what it takes great discipline to flip your life, just to give it up completely and go down into the dregs and the cesspools of sin and iniquity. I've seen this happen. I think the way ministry has one of the most unique responsibilities, as well as privileges that any group of people have had since the first century. I think our ministry tonight is more difficult than the ministry of the apostle Paul, in his first century, because in the first century, the only thing the Apostle Paul ran up against were two major religious groups. The duty iser those who represented the Old Testament law, they were vicious. The other group were the religious people who were worshipping pagan gods, like Diana of the apiece, they were not nearly as vicious, but they were there. Those are the only two groups, basically with which the Apostle Paul was confronted in carrying the greatness of this revelation in the pre century. Our opportunity today is to carry the integrity and the greatness of God's word, to a society where many of the people say they are Christian, and they belong to the organized church. But when you dig it, they really basically deny every great principle that the word of God holds up high. This is what makes this ministry difficult in our day, and in our time, and it's a set on the same. By the same token, it makes it the most interesting and the most alive and the most necessary and vital thing that any group of people could do. I believe that we in the way ministry must constantly stay open to God's word. That when and if we get more light on the word, we share it. If at any point we learn something from the word, which we did not understand before, and we have to say, well, we didn't quite accurately teach it or we didn't understand it as, as clearly then as we do now, we have to be free to get. This is why you cannot sell your soul to anything. You've got to stay put on God's word, and stay with God's people who are Questing in that word, head and mardale just saying that song that all of us know at the top of our minds, but seldom does it really get into the innermost depths of our being, that no man can stand approve before God except he rightly divide the Word. Now everybody believes that rightly dividing the Word. The Judaizers. Today, in Judaism in Orthodox Judaism, believe there Rightly dividing. Christian Science believes it's Rightly dividing. Jeannie Dixon thinks she's rightly dividing the Mormon think they're Rightly dividing. Seven Day Adventists think they're Rightly dividing. The method is think they are the Baptist, the Roman Catholic. Everybody thinks that rightly divided. It's not a question of whether we think it's a question of are we doing


And I am confident one thing, that if anybody ever gets around to rightly dividing that word, it will have to fit like a hand in a glove from Genesis one one through to Revelation 2221. And you cannot throw out one thing, if it's God's word. If we ever rightly divided you can't tell me that the manifestations terminated. If the word of God is right now, you may never operate the manifestation. You may never speak in tongues, interpreter, prophesy, or operate through the knowledge, wisdom, discerning the spirit space, miracles and healing, you may never operate a one of those nine manifestations. But you can't tell me they've terminated if the Bible's right. If the Bible isn't right, plus, we might as well give it up. We might as well junk the whole thing and have an overweight. But if it is right, then certainly the time has long passed to you. When a group of men and women should discipline their lives, to work that word. And to teach the ineffable greatness of that word as accurately as we have the capacity to receive the accuracy with which it takes boldness to teach this word, it takes boldness to take a stand for it. Because you're outnumbered on every hand by those religious people, mostly church, people who really couldn't put the weight of God together if their life depended on it only in the segment in which they have been brought up, or with which they've been surrounded, or in which they've been incorporated since birth. It takes boldness and conviction to stand on God's Word. Now it's easy to stand here tonight, where everybody else is standing with you. Oh, what about tomorrow? What about next week, when you get back into the framework of the society out of which you came 6789 weeks ago to be here. When you get back there? How are you going to send? It takes boats. I don't know why we should get upset about taking boats. Because many people who are endeavoring to overthrow our government, for instance, they have a man who wants to say I suppose some junk or whatever you guys call it, he's got to have a little bone. All of this Look magazine for August 26. Whenever that date, comments, or datas or tonight, you lose even track a date around here. But it isn't quite August of 2016. But the August 26 issue of Look magazine, tells about the stage play the stage, the theatre production of old Calcutta where they do the entire production naked, both men and women. And they do everything except coitus. They go through the whole thing, just to the point of having intercourse on the stage. They terminate right there. But they bring it to the point where it's completely manifested except the point. You talk about bonus audio like that. Wow. Yeah. And it's published in your in our Look magazine in the United States for August 26. And we think it takes a little boldness to stay in for God's word. What do you think it took for them to take all their clothes off? That's right, man. You got to be hatched in a brain to go that far. That's right. And I read the article. And I would say that every person playing in that particular show at that particular time is present devil control. And there's some tremendous statements in it. I'm not going to read them to you I had planned on it, but I'm not going to I guess no, no, you have made up your mind beginning to be made up one way or the other. Just wait. But they after six weeks of opening on Broadway. They started selling the tickets originally for 650 for tickets that and they were completely sold out from the night they open Now the month of September next month, the tickets go up to $25 per person. And the scalpers are now selling them for $45 a person. Let's see


what uh, who's going to go to the show? Oh, the people that are members of our society, you know that they have to the show couldn't go on if somebody wasn't willing to pay 25 bucks to take it right. Or 45 Really something and the skip, that show embraces showing life sloppy, showing rape, showing masturbation and take off on master Johnson's type sex researchers. I don't know what that is. I mean, that's what I do. Anybody who is masters Johnson type sex research. i It is good to tell me about the man who is a director of it was a famous clinical psychologist. He was on the staff of the manager clinic. In Kansas. It takes a psychiatrist to produce this kind of thing. Or a psychologist, he'd have to be wrapped in the head, honey girl. No other way to do it. That's right. Someone like it. He says that our our aim is simply to push out the limits of what entertainment can be. We've attempted to make a random sample of the kind of cares people have in everyday life and at the same time, touch on the sexual fantasies that people have thought about and read about the purpose of the throngs of well dressed up fluid, middle aged people are flocking to glimpse this current mind blower and many are saying that the theater is not dying. It's merely undergoing a change off. I guess. Real is the same issue of look, look is really a good look at...And they're coming out with a new show. It has a beautiful name and title John and Mary.


I think I'd almost apt get one. Make use your name assumptions. The greatest? Well, you know, she's the one that many people said should have won the Oscar for her portrayal in Rosemary's Baby, where this child is born up to date, conceived by the devil. The picture starts with she and this man being in bed together. They just say hi to each other, and then they crawl in bed together. That's right. That's the first opening scene. And then they go through the whole show. And the final scene is where they they're still in bed together. And they introduce themselves. After all that period of time, she finally says, Well, I'm married. And he says, I'm John.


He is the one of course who spent the time with Maharishi in India last year. And she is the one who recently said that the reason she was running all the time was because she was being pursued. Wonder what's pursuing all this stuff? Well, people you see you talk about boldness to me. I call that boldness, don't you? A theatre production were both the men and the women are completely naked. Uh, by the way they had in that in that production in New York to get the people ready for this. They go through the eye control techniques. You know, where you get up real close and you just look in somebody's eyeballs and they look in your eyeballs. You'll finally you see way down in them, they said and then it tells how they broke up one of the girls after they had done this before You know, before this thing really started, how she had just broken up, she was so totally exhausted. She's just fell over, she was finished. After this PI controller icontec. Man, you talk about Satan being both is really out. Well, what about us on God's word? Why can't we just lay God's word out and say, there it is people. You want it wonderful if you don't want to go to hell, I mean, why not? It's as simple as that. But you've got to get honest inside, and you've got to quit covering, you got to quit covering, you just got to lay the word out. That's all. And this is why I thought tonight, at this third chapter of this great book of Philippians. I see the one chapters that I would like to share with you, on this closing night efficiently or technically, of every summer. He says, Finally, my brethren, when he's talking to the brethren, he's talking to the barn again. Finally, my brother, rejoice in your mental ability. In your dedication, and your knowledge of society and your knowledge of philosophy know rejoice in one thing is all right. Finally, brother and rejoice in the Lord have a good time in him. He says, Now for me to write this to you, indeed is not grievious is not irksome. Why? Because for you, it is safe. That word Safe is a real, real duty in the King James. If I write this to you, it's not irksome to me because this which I write to you will get you fixed. Safe, you know, I established it. It means it will make you stable. It will make you sure that you're sure that you're sure that your show not tremendous. Finally, my brethren, Rejoice in the Lord, and to write this to you is not for this is what makes you know that you know that you know that you know that you know, it makes you safe, it makes you secure, it makes you absolutely can be afraid but should before


when I don't care what the way to where to


now after he finishes his third chapter, the first word of Chapter Four is luck. Therefore, and that's where the third chapter should have terminated. Finally, my brother in all of that, there, pour if my brother's here, the beloved and long for my joy in Crown, therefore don't want Dan paths in what the Lord my God bless that beautiful started out by saying, finally my brother and rejoice in the Lord. Just get you to a place that you know that you know that you know, and therefore, therefore and fast in what? What good is it to rejoice in the Lord, one minute the color and a cucumber the neck. Rejoice in the Lord and stand walk past and having done all the work? Amen. Go out of this place. Go back to your communities. Do those things Rejoice in the Lord and stay put on the Lord come hell or how long? Just having done all take a stand and say, well, here I am. If God's word is wrong, I'll go down with the ship. People you're going to stand for something, why not try the greatest in the whole world. God's wonderful matches where you stand for that. Oh, in between those two verses. He said the mighty wonderful instruction which is addressed to us and should be recognized and apply to our lives. He says beware adult doesn't mean pointer blood. I don't know what he's talking about. Talking about the legal aid to Jews who followed him every place he went and all they want to do with circumcise everybody. Every time Paul get them saved, they'd yell and say bring them over here. We'll call them boy as he calls them Dog is basically referring to them. Because these are the evil workers and you're to be aware of the constituents. That circumcision barley. The day we just go circumcise them like this is taking care of a lot earlier. Nothing to do basically with a religious ceremony today except for the do. Today, we have the same legalism following people around and it's really doggy to where they dug on a brother, have you have any marks? And Brother, have you received a second worker? Great. Have you already been baptized with the Holy Ghost? And the other one about it? If you can't tell the time when you were born again, you are not born again? How many more? Would you like? Same Damn. Thing. Only at that time they had one group, their cotton boys. I call him the circumcision gang here. Today we got 100 groups. And all they're concerned about is to put you back under some legalism, some law that they can enslave you. And in case you're on hold Jim. People Rejoice in the Lord, and steadfast in the Lord and just don't let anybody put you under anything that man is trying to make? Or do. You say, put on God's word, if you have to walk alone, it's better to walk alone with the Lord, than to walk without the Lord. And all the people in our society are three sets. We are the circumcision. We are the circumcision. who worship God by way of the people I did not right? That's right. And if all the things whereby you can worship God by way of the spirits, if that's gone, then how in the world could I carry out this order? It said that we are to worship God in or by way of the spirits. How in the world can your worship God by way of the spirits. If you can't even speak in tongues? You can't. You can't worship God by bringing in offerings. You cannot worship God by the clothes you're wearing how you wear.


You cannot worship God by folding your hands a certain way. The only way you can worship God as it says in the words they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth. Which literally means they have to worship Him truthfully, spiritually. That's why speaking in tongues in your private life, in your walk before God the only way? And how in the world can those manifestations have all died? If God tells us where to worship him this way, I just can't figure logic out can you? Man, Man doesn't say worship Him by reading the Bible and quoting the words. You said your worship Him in spirit. And then it says, rejoice in Christ Jesus. In the first verse, it says Rejoice in the Lord. And in the third verse, it says, Rejoice and what? Right? rejoice in Christ Jesus, because He is our Lord. It doesn't repay your rejoice in Jesus Christ. It says you rejoice in crises because it puts the word Jesus first It emphasizes his humility and segregates. When it puts the word Christ first, if it represents and deals with his messianic greatness as Lord and so forth, and we do not rejoice in the humiliated Jesus, we rejoice in the resurrected Christ, who ascended up into heaven, and sit at that's the right hand of God. That's why that Word says, rejoice in Christ. And then he says, I have no confidence were in the place. Remember, the Old Testament scripture leaned up on the arm of man, all that stuff? Basically the same thing. You can't trust a man. You can only trust the greatness of the Lord and His matchless and wonderful words. All men are liars as the Word says, but the Word of God limit that abiertas. No matter how good a man he is, or how honest he tries to be, at some place in his life at various times, you'll get tricked. I don't care how good he is. And so, we do not put our confidence in man we put our confidence in God and the match was rightness of his wonderful positive accurate and he talks a very poor and through six why he could have had such tremendous confidence in the place because Paul was no Nitin gumboot. He was not a brain was stupid imbecile. Paul was a Phi Beta Kappa Kappa Kappa boy. That's right. And he graduated magna for Magna, Rowdy I read it in a paper. Well, he was circumcised the eighth day. We had it. He was of the stock of Israel, mind you. And very specifically of the greatest tribe as far as he was concerned the tribe of Benjamin. And he was one he grew that was a Hebrew read for just Hebrews, but he was a Hebrew, Hebrew as touching the law, and he belonged to the top echelon he was a Pharisee. He was trained at the feet of the greatest leader of that day and time a man by the name Ergobaby.


Find outstanding Ferriss who was the great intellect of that day. And he was one of his prodigies, one of his students.


Now concerning Thiel, you know, they know man did he have, he persecuted the church? He went out and he brought in men and women who were Christians. He handcuffed them, he voted against them because he was a member of the Senate. And he even stood next to them while they were being killed. He had zeal touching the righteousness which a person gets by the law, he lives the law right down the line. Boy, what a discipline mind that man, listen. I get even sick on the law for two minutes, he lives right down that line. And he was blamed. And he says in verse seven, but all those things, that sense knowledge, flies are flesh life made me so tremendous. But those things which were gained to me, those I counted last are Oh, amen. And you and I have to do the same thing. Everything goes by the board.


Right? Except one thing, right? I don't care how fine an education you've had it. It doesn't set you before God, it is just most likely makes you stupid on the way until you let that word live. And then you can use that tremendous education do something wrong with education,


or thing. It's ready if you're educated properly. It's fabulous. Gay, doubtless, and I count all things but laws, or the excellent things of the knowledge of Christ Jesus, my Lord. How's it all for whom I've suffered a loss of all things, and to count all of those tremendous things like done that I might win? What? Right? And that's putting things behind it. That's really taking a stand that's really taking a bold position of enthusiasm and zealousness on the opposite side, and what he was one time in his life. For what purpose versus not, and I may be found in him, not having my own lot, righteousness, which is above the law, but having that righteousness, which is through the face of righteousness of God. The righteousness which is of God's eye faith is not in Aramaic and Aramaic texts


and it shouldn't be in the King James.


That's something that I may know him. And if you know somebody, you can call him by name. And if you're really know somebody I like to be with that somebody you know, you'd like to fellowship with, you like to talk to him, you'd like for them to talk to you. If you're really known, and he's called, counted all those things, but done, or the knowledge of the act of knowing him and the greatness of that wonderful power of God that's such a power of his resurrection.


What he says in verse 10,


and the fellowship of His sufferings, being made connected formable onto his what? Yep, very 11 by any means I might attain, or arrive at or unto the out resurrection from among this really some this verse 11 has been a real problem, everybody. I think it's a tremendous problem to volunteer if I remember correctly. And all of these summits, I want to basically talking about at what he was hoping for was that the Lord would return that he'd never have to die and get up from out among them, he just liked to be taken up, change now. Oh, that verse 11 is handled in our books on our the Dead Alive, now we've got a free. So verse 12, not as though I'd already attained have already been changed up and out. Or we're already perfect. Which we will be when he comes back, because then we're going to have a body like underwater. That's how I know this verses 11. And all this stuff, this all ties in like under His glorious body. But I finally after that, I may apprehend that for which also, I am apprehended by Christ. And the word apprehend


is a loved one. That's a tremendous thing.


And the cutoff is one by knowing on binary, beyond that I may follow after, or apprehend able to apprehend that for which also I was apprehensive. As library 13 He says, Brethren, I don't count myself to having Columbine owed fully. But it is this one thing I do. Remember the circumcision voice and all the legalism, all the academic background. But this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forth onto those things, which are where they pour in that wonderful, the word forgetting


could literally be translated, refuting. Or declaring no invoice or re translating it. But one thing I do I declare Nolan, Boy, those things which our paths are behind. And I reach forth under those things, which are people,


oh, people spend their lives essentially when they get to the 4045 50. And then on up thinking about the young people do the same thing. You get to think about last night, the night before a week ago.


Got to take this word, are getting heart setting at no invoice on things that are less and get your eyes focus and reaching out for something up there. That's the only way life was coherent. We only like the way it was. Normally, the way you always feel as light as I press toward the mark, or the prize of the upward i is upward calling of God in pricing. That's exactly what we've been talking about all summer isn't just what you want to do when you go back home to your communities in your area. You want to forget about the past you want to move out in the present. And you want to press on toward the mark of that upward calling. You don't want to tear people down. You want to bring people up there for very 15 as many as be perfect. You really have a problem with 12 and 14 are very good. He's perfect. In verse 12, he says he's not perfect. And if you don't understand spiritual perfection and renewed mind, you can put the two together. Back up in verse 11. He's talking about renewed mind in verse 12. He's talking about that protection with the switches in us when prices LET US airports many be perfect. Now get perfect up here right? Work on the mind. Work on the mind, the thoughts mind But you've been anything, you'd be otherwise minded. And you're trying with all your heart to cause a lumbar No. And to perfect the perfection within, in your mind, if you're really walking that way. And if anyone is otherwise minded, your neighbors will be pleased to tell you about who's going to review


I have perfection in here, because I'm born again of the Spirit. That's wonderful. I've heard how I put it on up here. To the end, I put this perfection on up here, yet I fall short at a place who's going to tell me I'm up the father, he's even going to reveal that to me. From his reveal word, or my direct revelation, he's gonna tell not the neighbors, not the brief during a Johnny jumper for anybody else. That's what if my neighbor should have the word on my kid, or if the preacher might have it again. But it's got to be the, the Lord has to do the message ever the last, where to we have already attained you're at the way headquarters this summer. Let us walk by the same rule, let us mind or be obedient to the same thing. And he says brother is the follows to me. And you mark those with a capital X, which walk so as you have us for an example. For many walks, of whom I've told you often and now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the cross, whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame, who mind was earthly. Reading this verse reminds me of the book magazine, Miami apparel article, where somebody everybody had been saying to her one evening we sure love. And one fellow walked up and he says, I hate you, but you sure made a hell of a lot of money for me.


Want to produce?


Look, wow, like eating very, it was ended destruction whose God is our family, and whose glory is in their lungs? Who mind was it made a lot of money. Therefore we're our seat of government, the word conversation is seated. Our seat of government is in heaven. From whence also we look. We look for a lot, that savior and you become what you look. You keep your eyes on people and you become like the people you're not. You keep your eyes low, and you become a low person. You keep your eyes in the dirt you become that kind of people we become what we look at. So why don't we just set our sights high, and look at the Lord and you it has some place then we get the image of the Lord, one of the other assistants. If we just keep looking at what he accomplished, they know tell you why you'd never could reach that high. Well bless God not. The idea is if you don't start reaching, you're never going to reach anything at all. At least we can start up the ladder Catholic and as we keep our eyes upon him and other people will start reaching up and we'll start growing and you become much look at him are the saviors now Lord Jesus, who verse 21 Now change our body of humiliation is highly profitable. Who shall change our body of humiliation? That our body may be fashioned like onto his luck or glory of body armor? According to the working whereby he, he is able and if what he's able he's also willing to perform, to subdue all things on to lots. Therefore, there for my brothers, My dearly beloved and long for my joy and crown, and pass in our folder in our gun you're worried stands above your name you're worried is the most tremendous thing in the whole world that makes it possible for men and women to be born again. For Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word. Father it doesn't come by Life magazine or look or time. It doesn't come by Reader's Digest. It doesn't come by the testimonies of men doesn't come in any other way except your father, we've gone through another summer here and other years rolled by we pour it out our lifeblood, our effort, our time everything we have fathers that we could again share your word the knowledge we have with people and not only might they be born again but filled with all your power that's available.


Father I like very much for our people to rejoice in you.


I like for very much for them to walk back into their places with their heads high, their shoulders erect. They give you that word of God and letting that word live within their mind they just too damn fast in the Lord and in nothing that's father actually praise you in Christ Jesus.