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SNT 0412 Healing the Blind Man

Healing the Blind Man

August 10,1969

SNT 412

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Topic: Healing, DRAFT, Jesus, man, born, blind, disciples, lord, parents, temple, eyes, neighbors, revelation
Format: audio
Publication Date: 08-10-1969

Victor Paul Wierwille was a Bible scholar and teacher for over four decades.

By means of Dr. Wierwille's dynamic teaching of the accuracy and integrity of God's Word, foundational class and advanced class graduates of Power for Abundant Living have learned that the one great requirement for every student of the Bible is to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Thus, his presentation of the Word of God was designed for students who desire the in-depth-accuracy of God’s Word.

In his many years of research, Dr. Wierwille studied with such men as Karl Barth, E. Stanley Jones, Glenn Clark, Bishop K.C. Pillai, and George M. Lamsa. His formal training included Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Mission House (Lakeland) College and Seminary. He studied at the University of Chicago and at Princeton Theological Seminary from which he received a Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. Later he completed his work for the Doctor of Theology degree.

Dr. Wierwille taught the first class on Power for Abundant Living in 1953.

Books by Dr. Wierwille include: Are the Dead Alive Now? published in 1971; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today published in 1972; five volumes of Studies in Abundant Living— The Bible Tells Me So (1971), The New, Dynamic Church (1971), The Word's Way (1971), God's Magnified Word (1977), Order My Steps in Thy Word (1985); Jesus Christ Is Not God (1975); Jesus Christ Our Passover (1980); and Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed (1982).

Dr. Wierwille researched God's Word, taught, wrote, and traveled worldwide, holding forth the accuracy of God's "wonderful, matchless" Word.

(Joh 14:12); Joh 8:44, 59

Act 8:30, 31; (Joh 8:44, 59); Joh 9:1-5

Joh 9:6-16

Joh 9:16-24; Track E: Joh 9:24-34

Joh 9:34-38





SUMMARY KEYWORDS: Jesus, man, born, blind, disciples, lord, parents, temple, eyes, neighbors, revelation

In our minds, there's just no question about it. He is not a way He is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE and the only way. And to make known the greatness of that way, we have dedicated our lives we've dedicated our abilities. We've dedicated everything we have are our ever hoped to be. Before Jesus Christ ascended up into heaven, he said to the apostles one day, he said, After that he ascended into heaven, he said, the work that I do, we shall do also, that he made a statement that I never understood deals a number of years ago. He said, and greater work than I have done, ye shall do. When I go to my father, which is in heaven, I could not understand what could be greater than raising the disc, I could not understand what would be greater than feeling the light, the blind, and so forth. And get the upset, the work that I do, he shall do also, and greater works than I have done. And I read commentary after commentary, and they did not know the answer either. And then one day, as I was working the words, I began to see that nobody could have what what was not available until it became available. And the reality that no one could experience was the new birth. No one could be born again until it became available. And it did not become available. While Jesus Christ was here upon Earth. It did not become available when he died, it did not become available when God raised Him from the dead. It did not become available when He ascended up into heaven. But the word of God declared that men and women were born again filled with the Holy Spirit, first, on the day of Pentecost. And then I realized for the first time in my ministry in my life, that the greater words that the Gospel of John spoke about the Jesus had declared to the apostles, was that it would be possible for us since the day of Pentecost, to lead men and women into the new birth, something he could not do, Jesus Christ himself could not do, because it was not available. And so the greater works of John, that he writes about, and declared to us is that we are able to share with people, the new birth and all that is involved within that new birth. While Jesus Christ was here upon earth, he always did the Father's will. And when he did, the father's really made a few people angry. If you would think for one minute that you're going out of this advanced class, or out of the foundational cloud, and that people are not going to be angry at you, because of what you teach, you got another gift coming. Because Satan will see to it, that there are plenty of his outfit around the place to make the best people angry. And by best IV, those that the world labeled that God people in society, many wonderful church people, all of these things. Now we do not withhold we do not refrain, we unsheath the sword, though worried that God has to be taught with all of its accuracy and all of its greatness. But remember, it must always be taught in love.


Hundreds of years before the Lord Jesus Christ was born, a man on whom the Spirit of God was his name was Isaiah had a revelation one day, and he said forth that revelation. And the revelation was that when this Christ would come, he would do one thing in the sentence world which had never been done before. And this one thing in the census world would be the proof that he was the only begotten Son of God. Not one thing I want to deal with tonight from God's word, it's just type in the Gospel of John, and in the record of the Gospel of John, and sometimes you ought to read the gospel in the light of what I'm going to say at this moment. Because he unsheath the sword because he represented God and he spoke God's Word always. He infuriated many of the leaders of his time. The poor people and the sick people were glad to hear him. But those who sat in seats of authority and rulership, for the most part, were not as excited about hearing him at all. And if you read the record in the Gospel, you'll of John, you'll start seeing its build up. How as Jesus Christ went about ministering, teaching God's word, setting it forth boldly, they would criticize him because he picked grain on the Sabbath, read, took a walk and went someplace that he shouldn't do. Or he went into the house of a fella by the name of sickies. Or he met some woman who had been taken in adultery and all this stuff. And so criticism after criticism was labeled it. But of course, those who labeled the criticism addicts also had the ability to organize massive groups of people to endeavor to take him and to crucify him. In the eighth chapter, the Gospel of John, he said to that tremendous group one day in verse 44, You are of your father, son type. I'll ladies and gentlemen, that pretty straight talk is, I lay it on the line, I doubt if you and I will ever unseat the sword any more boldly, and any more accurately. Got did say to someone born of the seat of the devil, You are of your father's day. He said this to these leaders, these Pharisees and scribes and Sadducees, who were responsible for the leadership of the church of the called out of Israel, and so forth of that day in the temple. And yet, somehow or other, they couldn't take Jesus and crucify him at the moment. Because verse 59, of chapter eight says, they took up stones, they took up stones, they were going to stone him like they did later on to see but in the book of Acts, by Jesus, Himself, Jesus himself simply means that he was covered. They looked for him, they couldn't see him and he was standing right there. It's remarkable what the true God can do. And what he does do at times, along these lines out this particular time, Jesus was just hidden, like a cloud was there, they couldn't see. They had eyes, but they couldn't be holding a truck. They wanted to scold him, they picked up stones to stone him, but they couldn't find him. And yet he was right there. That's why the rest of the verse says, He went out of the temple, going right through the midst of him, then ever going to a path. Really, something is plowed. I believe that this kind of thing God will have to do for us yet, if the Lord carries very long for his returning, I think the day is almost a time where severe persecution will be labeled upon those of us who really dare to stand for God's word.


As I have said recently, and I'll say it again tonight, for those of you who are not here to hear it, one of the most shocking things to me that I have seen, and you can't shock me very easily. As a matter of fact, it's almost impossible. But last winter, when I was in San Francisco, to see that great billboard in San Francisco with a cross on it, and the word underneath it to the arena. All it says. Now, you don't have to hit me over the head with a wet mop to make me know what that sign really meant. What they meant, is a plain a database. For those who are Christian, take him to the arena. Burnham throw him to the elephants thrown to the lions, get rid of the Christians. Now I know we can sit in our seats and be complacent about this kind of thing. But ladies and gentlemen, one of these times is going to blue. And when it blows, you're going to need more than your material thing that you've had. You're going to need more than your good look. You're going to need the Lord and His protection and now's Time to work the Word of God. You don't, you don't polish your rifle and oil when the enemy's choking that dry but you get your rifle you get your sword polished you get it ready to work when there is no pressure on you this place is like heaven these weeks in the summer because air at this time yet we have the freedom to work the integrity and the accuracy of God's Word. And to get our sword sharpened up. Are sword Polly's that sword oil, so that we can handle the greatness of that word. And then we're going to have to really walk with anything. But as God abode led, the children of Israel with a cloud by day and a pillar Bob are nice. And whatever he wanted to cover me just drop the cloud down, nobody could see through it. And whenever he wanted to protect him, he just surrounded him with a fire and it was so hot, nobody could go through it. We are going to need that kind of protection. Not only do you need it now, when you go back to your places. And I'm sort of sorry that the advanced closes on Friday night. I think it's the first time I've ever closed an advanced class on Friday night, that God's the only time to ever close the clouds like this is on Sunday night. Where you finally bring all these things together and then wrap it up in one big night. And then put God's blessing on all the people and send them out in the world with their swords drawn. Don't worry that God's go to Bible. Our day is a day where people have to make decisions. If you want to keep pussyfooting just stay where he's the people have been. If you want to produce the kind of society we've got today, we just continue to roll alone. But some of us are dissatisfied with you. We're totally dissatisfied with our times and with our society. We want our times and our society again to hear God's wonderful match liquid. These people onto whom Jesus said that day here of your father, the devil, and they took up those accosted him, but they couldn't find him when they were looking for. And he walked out of that temple, while the temple was the place where they should have had the word of God right. The temple in its day represented what the organized church and the church building of our society represents today. And ladies and gentlemen, if you want to find the word of God, you won't find it there today anymore, then Jesus found it in the temple in his day. You can try gone, I'll give you 25 years I wasted 20 of mine look. And I looked a lot further than any of you perhaps we'll take the time to look. Had they had the answers? I would not have needed to graduate from for Theological Seminary without some drive. Oh, I know what they're going to say, Oh, we got it in a Bible school.


A Bible school is about the worst place to go. Cause dare you get indoctrinated with what they want you to believe. And they'll build it on the word and say this verse and that verse, but they can't put the whole word together. And when it comes to it, they still deny what part they don't want to accept. Ladies and gentlemen, it's either all God's Word or none of it. If you can't believe speaking in tongues, then I don't have to believe John 316 either. If you and I cannot accept all of God's words, ladies and gentlemen, like just chuck the whole placid lousy thing? That's right. Let's do it either. Or, let's make up our minds class. And all of us in here, make up our mind is God's word God's will or is. Well bless God, if it isn't, let's quit. And if it is God's word, let's work that word and get enough of it. And then let's hold it high. Let nobody touches just nobody. Old Isaiah look forward. He saw that day or the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. And he gave that revelation. And as Jesus had been in this temple, they tried to kill him that could because he flows even on a cloud. It hadn't come to that place where Jesus Christ had fulfilled all that Jesus Christ said, Now I'll lay down my life for everybody so that can be born again, filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. After the day of Pentecost a fella by the name of Philip was with flavor From Sumeria, and take him down to the road someplace outside of Jerusalem. Remember the record, a fella had just been in Jerusalem, the center of religion. That's the place where the word of God was supposed to be. And he was he was an attendant to the clean. And he was on the way home, riding first class. And he was sitting along the way, and he was reading from the screw or the book of Isaiah. And Philip came along and Philip said to him, understand that style what our readers? Oh, that's remarkable. Yes, because for the most part today, people never read the Word of God. So you can't even ask him that question anymore. At least this fellow was still reading the words. But he had been at the state of the religious center of the world. If there's any place he should have gotten his answer. He just been there and came away. And you know what? He said, develop? I cannot. I cannot understand a sound what I'll read it. He said, How can I accept someone teach it to me? If you don't know what your khakis and not felt I'd been down there where they should have had the answers, right. But they did. And he was headed back home and a little fellow by the name of Philip. And Philip didn't know too much about the Word of God, but he knew enough to get people born again. And a few other minor things. And he meant if any unfolded to him the Scripture and got him saved anyway. Little all went afterwards. But this was the Philip problem. That's why he never, I never understood the greatness of it. Or he couldn't believe big enough. And he never led them into the fullness of the manifestation or in some area. That's why Peter and John had to come down actually remember, understand the solids are read, I can I accept some man, explain it to me or unfolded to if we're going to teach God's word. First of all, we have to have it. And secondly, we've got to be able to communicate it. You're in the advanced cloud, because you're supposed to have natural ability to communicate, don't worry, that's what the requirements said. And if you didn't meet that requirement, that's your fault, not mine. But that's why you're in the event, that you have some native ability, natural abilities that you can communicate. And all we do is to unfold the word and let that word live in all of its beauty and all of its greatness, and manifests itself by your believing and carrying it. i In the advanced class, we deal with six manifestations of the Spirit of namely, the word of knowledge, the word of wisdom, joining us for safe miracles, and he's the ladder three are conditioned by the horns. Without the revelation in manifestation display they own, you cannot effectively operate on an horizontal plane to your fellow. This record that Isaiah spoke or gave some hundreds of years before the Lord Jesus.


And that one miracle would be that Jesus Christ would open the eyes of a man who was born. You can read the Old Testament from cover to cover the brightness of the revelations that were given everything else, but you will never read about anybody being healed who was born blind. Now Jesus, just having this tremendous fight in the temple. He didn't walk out of the temple because they frightened him. He walked out because he had revelations to get out. He didn't care. I assure you that but he left the temple after he had told your of your father the devil, you're gone straight down. And these were the ministers these were the politicians these were the theologians. He read them that Riot Act as I call it.


And then he walked out on slide verse one and chapter nine says, I know Jesus passed by passed by walk by the


the people that were outside of the temple where he had just said to them, your of your father, the devil, and they tried to catch it, and to kill it. Couldn't find it. And as he passed by that group, he saw a man which was blind probably first. And as they were going out his disciples asked him see, master who did sin, this man or his parents that he was born, but I feel the same old arguments today. Who did this man sin? Or did his parents says that he was born blind? If this man's sin, and it had to eat in a previous incarnation, and offer this verse, the reincarnation it takes their truth. They say Here was a man, he was reincarnated. lt could not have even tried, or the apostles the disciples could not have thought that he could have seen, or a baby that's inside of a womb cannot see. Therefore he must have been reincarnated Is there a deep? That's a bunch of baloney. Look, master who did sin, this man are his parents. That he was born blind, Jesus and third, verse three. These are half this man's sin nor his parents put a period


you can see how far they were off in their, their theology that night. Because the teaching even that the disciples had picked up is that somehow or other it would have been possible for this man to have done some man how when I read these things of how Jesus put up with these disciples to his and these apostles that is, it's really something like the Judas is in the red, some really something. But we've got to get the word out. And to get the word out, you got to put up with people. You've got overlooked their shortcomings many times. But that doesn't mean you have to undersell the word. That doesn't mean you have to back up and agree with their air or they're wrong leaving. Jesus answered, neither half this Manson nor his parents, what a period. Now begin verse four. If you like Virgin, and it sets it in contrast, but that's in contrast, and it reads as follows. But that the word of God should be manifested in him I must work the worst of him that sent me while it is day, the night comic when no man can walk in diverse pool. Type the word of God should be made manifest in him, I must work the work. The man, if you leave it set like it is in changing. It puts the blame for this man being born blind upon God. And it's all wrong punctuation. Or it's the theology of 1611 and 19 169 for most people. But remembering that there are no chapters, no versus no punctuation in original text, therefore, you have to work this word and look at the beauty of it. But that the word of God should be made manifest in him. Well, what are the words of God? In the sixth chapter, the Gospel of John He gives it to John chapter six, verse 29, when he aged starts already, then said they are the in what shall we do that we might work or work up? That's exactly in John nine. What Jesus said, not the words of God should be made what manifests? Jesus answered instead of them, this is the word of God, verse 29, that he believed on him home he has law that's right there behind the news, the word of God is to teach it so that people can believe on God who sent Jesus Christ. This is the work of God that you believe on him who he has sent Jesus Christ as why in chapter nine, verse three, but that's the word of God, that He might believe on him. Oh God as fans should be made manifest to him or in Him. Jesus said I must work the Work of him that sent me. While it is one day, while they're still time, while there's like, wow, you can do what you're doing here tonight in our freedom with which we're doing, for example, the night coming. There's a time coming, where no man can walk. Why? Because it's nighttime. You won't be able to go out in the light and work the work. Because they'll hem in on you. They'll close in on you. There is a time coming where no man can work. And the final culmination of that is given in verse five. As long as I am what? I am the luck, light of the word. How long is he going to be? That's right, as long as there is one born again, in other words, until the gathering together. And after that, we're going to have nights where no man can watch work. That's right. That's what he's talking


about. When he had spoken, verse six, he spat on the ground. That doesn't mean he showed up parody down there. Know what he did, he got himself some stuff to the ground in his hand. And he went like that. And he made play of the spindle made play on the spindle. And he anointed the eyes of the blind man with like how much healing is are in place. If there's healing in place, we've got it by the barrel full on this farm. Right, we've got blue clay Brown, Chris clay, and I suppose it's green do item. But Buddha was the clay. And we got plenty of ducks that you can fit in. Why? Why did he pick up that duck? In his hand make clay and what both of you see, every time somebody's buying mail, you meet him in San Francisco or Los Angeles or New York or any other place, if you want to just fit in your hand a little clay and plunk a little knot in his eye. No, it was locked revelation word, an alley where it was done, whereby God revealed to him exactly what to do. I can give you a little background that I know about people believing in the east along this line. They believe that the symbol of a holy man has healing power in it. They feel and perhaps this is what that man believes. I don't know. All I know is that the word says he picked up the dirt, put it in his hand made it like this. And he put some of it in both eyes.


He anointed the eyes of the blind man with place. Verse seven, and said unto him, the heel is the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. You know. He said God is the Pool of Siloam now this man was born what? Why? He was a grown adult. He was a grown individual. Some people have had a sickness for two years, or one year or five years. Man was born blind. And all Jesus said to him was go wash in the pool silo. People that have been sick for one year or two years or three years they will I just don't have any anything paid left. For power I think he had it for over 30 years or something old white board he was over 40 Now if you had been sick for 40 years, how much believing would you have left? That God Do


you Apart, isn't it? And the remarkable thing is that Jesus didn't stand around all day and say, Now I know you've waited a long time to be here. Today is your day, won't you please carry out what I'm telling you to do? Nope. If you get the picture that's thing it wasn't too good a location at the moment because the boys had their bricks in their hands and they were looking for Jesus. And as Jesus passed by you saw that fly man and he just to pick it up metal punky Nice. So watch the bullets along he went right on


and said to him, go watch in the pool of us. And he went his way the airport and watched in the St. Marys River in the jars. Class, what difference does it make what God's Word says? Because everybody can interpret it their own way can say, doesn't make any difference what God's Word say. I theologians talking, that's modern church talking. But that's not the word. Because every place in God groups, when men and women receive what God made available, he made it available through people. And the Word of God was always a while ago, it meant what he said. And it said what it meant when he said go wash in the pool of silos. He did not mean the St. Marys River.


He didn't even mean the Jordan or the two great rivers of Damascus. He Max was rare in the pool of fellow people get the picture in your mind a man born blind.


He's not going to be able to walk that way. By himself. He's got to have somebody to lead him by the hand or to take Jesus simply put a load play on his eyes and said Go wash in the pool of Solow. Look what the Word says. And he, he man with his weight. Because the Lord said go to the fullest silo, he believed that that now becomes his way. Your way has to be the way of the Lord. When the Lord says do you work and then it becomes your way because it's the Lord's way understand. And he went his way variable. And he wants what he wants. Jesus had said go watch when you're in the pool of Salo. He went, he went, he doesn't fit in argue about he didn't say Well, I hope someday vaping what? He didn't wait for somebody to invent and I have that would heal and cure his sickness. It simply does. He went and he watched. And praise God your threat. He paid the well Hallelujah. And and he heard the word. He believed the word he looked really carried out. And he came see


Boyle's law.


Something that had never happened in the history of the world before a man born blind. He'll why the neighbors gotten involved in birthday. And you know the neighbors many times know more about what you're doing. They knew but they always like to know what you're doing do sort of exciting. The community rolling the next neighbors therefore and they which before had seen him and known him for he's over 40 years old and he was blind said is not this he that sat in bed some of the neighbors said this is he and others of the neighbors didn't even know him anymore. He's had these likey when he was blind although he or when he got healed. They said what a cat thinks it looks like him avoid just can be called the neighbor we have he was born blind Ethan audio over 40 years. At phase one groups as it is he always looked at know that they were neighbors


he finally said to them, Well, I am, I am me.


Therefore very pin, had they on to him, how then we're dying eyes or Oh, you get 11 answered instead of the neighbor's man who is called Jesus made place and anointed mine i and said unto me, go to the pool of silos and walls, and I went and wallet and I neck burn. How do you get it? Yes. Did he report it accurately? Right down the line. He didn't read the story. He didn't decrease it. He just told it


he didn't know anything about this man, except that he was the old teacher, you know that. If you're a real thing here, Christian, maybe it's God's wheel to heal you doesn't like this. Because this fella didn't even know. He wasn't born again. He didn't know anything about him. He simply said there was just a man came by his name. I wonder who we are exactly. Where do you been sitting? And when they spoke about this man in the temple, the hierarchy public, they never mentioned Christ. Because then they would have had to recognize him as the Messiah. They said he was one. And Jesus is the devil. You will talk about the greatness of God and His Word audio like that. If at all i all he knew, he said was that there was a man whom they called Jesus came by he pumped a little mud in his eye and he said go wash in the polar silo. He said I wish I was and I received my time.


Worried Yes, sir is a neighbor. On to him. Where's this fella this man D neighbors took him bodily and picked him up and they brought him before they led Him. They forced him. They brought to authorities him that afford time was luck. And these are the top echelon of the religious world at Jesus a date who headed up Judaism. And it was to those he said in verse 44 year of your father was so you already know what kind of treatment there's going to get now. Verse 14, and it was the Sabbath day, oh, my God. You can just see it getting to come and now it's the Sabbath day, when Jesus may play an open this man's.


Then again, the Pharisee also asked him the man who had been born blind but revealed how he had received his dice. He said under them, he put play upon my eyes. And I watched and therefore said some of the Pharisees that manage that fellow did that just can't be a God because he does not teach us that trust. Were the right church on Sunday night. Remember the first time in pain Ohio spelled VA ly and he should have been some of the first time I wore a black gown in the pulpit. About a half a dozen people came to me afterwards he said that towards the Christian because it looks too much like a Roman Catholic priest. So I kept wearing the gown. We've had sort of crazy things happen through the years. I remember I had a pure linen white suit I bought in Honduras, Central America when I it was all hand catering with a cutie pie. This code is I think, a little more Chocos all hands on. This one here was run on a machine. But it was beautifully tailored. And I brought it back and I wore that white suit and I wore a black tie black sock black shoe and I'm I didn't like I can't tell you right now and got time but boy look nobody ever likes anything's anyway don't date tell you can be a god he doesn't keep


somebody always say we can be a god because you got five toes covered with that shoe as long as it's decent in order that's all God demands


let's just keep First things first or take no flip it keep it not the Sabbath day because he put a little bit of play in his eyes to fit it in and and may fit on Sunday Saturday maybe Sunday to others said how can a man like this do this? Yet how can a man that's a sinner do sutra now they got a fight


Oh my God it says there was a diabetes. They were divided among themselves among one group but what do they say under the blind man again, here's a second degree wad say a solid him that he has opened it. And he the man said do the top echelon in the temple in Jerusalem. He is probably well Hallelujah. Thank you just the hair starting to stand on and now oh, god Dad, dad is a thinner and other groups that when they were such a big center, the miracle couldn't happen. And they said to him Well, what do you think about and he said I think he's probably a lot last do did not value these explanations Remember, your friends don't need them. Your enemies won't believe them. So quit explain.


Now teach the greatness of God's word. That's all. The dude did not believe concerning him that he had been born by and received his side until they finally caught that parents of him that he received his son. And they asked them the parents saying is that your son? Who he say was born blind? Then how does he now see tell us? His parents answered them the goes and said, We know that this is our son. And that he was born was much by what means he now see, we know not? Or who has opened his eyes we know not here that he is Kim. He just speak for himself. These words make his parents because they peered up and they lie. That's right. They knew who had opened his eyes. A man called was that dry. But for fear of excommunication of fear of being dogged by the top echelon in the religious society. Therefore they clammed up and for fear they wouldn't. Ladies and gentlemen, I think that the poor daddy and mommy, and if I had been that boy at 42 Odd have gone up to or anything else to get away from or anything else to get away from Lyon parents like that. Last just think about if you had a son born blind, and he for 42 years didn't see any of Johnny jump up or no ball piece, or Henry maloca came to town and delivered that boy to yours. It seems to me that you'd be a terrible daddy and mommy, if you didn't stand up and say well, old Henry did it. Don't you trust 42 years of binary. Certainly a man could have stood up and said yes. It was the man kings who did it. Ladies and gentlemen, I don't think much of those parents. Matter of fact, I don't think much of many parents today anyway. Tried. They haven't got any guts because they don't have any knowledge of God's Word. And they just roll along with society. Hope it'll all turn out all right? Nothing ever turns out all right, just by rolling, somebody has to lay the Word of God and you got to be built on the right foundation. Outside of that word of God, there is no foundation on which to be an individual life or a life of a society or other nation. I think those parents needed something worse than a psychiatrist. They didn't even have a brain cell to look at anymore. As far as that's concerned, sad, no guts, sad, not step by preferred fare they were afraid to get. Why do you support the local outfit? Sorry. Because for the most part, people haven't got the guts to pull out of anything, because they're afraid of what you may happen to, you know, somebody's liable to talk about art somebody's liable to say to you, Well, why did you even tell them truthfully wireless, no problem.


These words, fake his parents and I didn't write some of these words make his parents for fear of loss. That's why fear always enslaved fear always encases fear always makes you less than what you're really ought to be. And when you're really sensible and logical, it's what you're really want to be too two. I'm sure that someplace along the line, they would have said Boy, if I could guess, have been bold enough and not full of fear, and have said yes, that is our son, Jesus heal. They often wonder about these parents the next 10 or 15. Bible doesn't tell us what happened to him. I hope they got what they had. They most likely did. Well these words take his parents because they feared the Doom. Look at the record for the Jews had already agreed all you can beat that one. They'd already made up their mind that if any man did confess that he was here it is.


They get excommunicated from the synagogue that drives their oodles the synagogue in Jerusalem, one great temple. Now, the word would centered, settled down all over the city of Jerusalem from the temple heads all the way down every synagogue, no matter what this man said. You weren't talking to him. He would be excommunicated. Every rabbi would know that. If anybody said that he was afraid they'd already decided demand didn't have a chance. Because they'd already decided you know, you meet people like this the first time they meet you they don't like they've already decided. You could be God Almighty and lay the word out so that nobody could touch it. Yet. They've already made up their mind. You can't help that time. Don't worry about it. The sooner you that get gone, the better. You're all out to be excommunicated. today doesn't mean a thing. Because it's the Presbyterians kick you out the Methodist church across the street tickled Escott. That's right. And as a Methodist boot you out, the Presbyterians are very happy to have you. And if nobody wants you, the United Church of Christ will take any...


And if you don't like that there are other denominations that have yet to buy in that day to be excommunicated was something else. He couldn't buy any bread. Because if the baker sold bread than the baker gets the boots and if he went to the meat market to buy himself a pound of Bologna, and a fellow told him the Bologna, he get excommunicated, and they really had their denomination or some zoning. That is bad. These words make his parents because of fear because the US had already won and already agreed. If anybody said he'd be the crack GB excommunicate


Therefore he said his parents he is of age 24 Then again called they the man that was blind is a third degree and said unto him, Give God the pain. rather give God the praise. rather give God the pain because we know that this man who did this to you is a lot. Oil boy that really pulls people give God the praise. Oh my God, his name is the Lord


just to give God the praise, they just forgot to say which God he had said your of your father was. And when they said just fellow that was he'll give God the praise glory, give God the pray. Our God is the Lord. The Bible says. I got my little crystal ball. I feel the vibrations this morning. And I've just counted my beat. Or I've had on my prayer book, or I've been on my knees, and I've faced eat. And I've been and I've been to Mass every Sunday. Junie Dixon, straight from the pit of hell. But because she is religious, because she belongs to an accepted denomination of our time. He fools multitudes of people to end up believing that this God who talks to her is the true God he is not that true God is the Lord. EBA How long is it going to take us to really see that sharp lines of demarcation. Casey, every time before he going to one of those things, he would have a prayer. He would pray. He read the Bible. I think somebody said 50 or 60 times. Now that looks real religious, doesn't it? It is right? You're reading the Bible. People think wow, boy, he's a wonderful and he prays to and he thinks standing on the promises


I it's the biggest counterfeit in the world today. But the reason he can get away with it because there's no knowledge accurate knowledge of God's word word among the so called Christian circles because they are not Christian. It's just a label. It's labeled Christian outside, they label it Christian inside but when you eat it, it's just too and paper. No food. So we go through all of the nice amenities. We go through all the salami, we get to the altar at the right time we pray at the right time. And then we get the vibration. I can touch your fingertips, and then God tells me that can't be the God of who is the heart. The Bible says there are two Gods one god is Satan. The other God is the Lord Jehovah from heaven, who is the God and Father by Lord Jesus Christ. Give revelation you've got to know the words to know whether it's genuine or counterfeit man Jesus had they're born of the seed of the serpent you have your father the devil. I didn't say it he said it so I know he didn't lie right? And yet these men said give God the glory gift. Did it sound religious? Yes, it wasn't religious.


Yes it was.


you flunk? But it's still wrong, right? People watch it watch it watch it because they fool you with their niceties with the words they say you got to operate discerning a said to see whether they're telling the truth or lie Have, you got to know whether it's of the devil or of the true gods? And one of the great ways to know whether it's true or not true, is by the reality of the presence of God, by the power of God, from the greatness of his wonderful matchless word. The only way you know, no other way. Give God the praise brother sounds good does Laos. Right? 25 we know that this man is a sinner burnt 25. He's the man who had been healed, don't they call the sinner answered and said, whether just man Jesus be a senator, or No, I don't know. He said, I don't know if he's a sinner enough. He didn't know whether he had a flask on his right hip or on his left. Come on, now you just stay put on words. He didn't know whether he was wearing shoes or not wearing shoes. He didn't pay any attention to whether he had a beard or didn't have a beard.


Whether we ate soup for breakfast or bologna for lunch? He didn't know even whether it was a sinner or not.


Do you remember like the other night when I told you if anybody's hungry enough they're gonna eat if you've got the food. And if they don't eat, they're just blowing flat. They're just Yeah, can it just off the top of their brain cells and it's primarily designed by Satan to trip you up and stop you from having an ineffective or the effective ministry to make any effective. Try. The Word of God says that hunger and thirst after righteousness shall starve to death. No, it does. Say that hunger and thirst shall be was Amen. Ladies and gentlemen, if they don't eat you send them the greatest food and the most delicious manner with the greatest ability you have to serve and they don't eat somebody is lying either God or they are at our best they are. That's right, I'll stick with God's word. But you just make sure that you got that food palatable. You serve that food deliciously if you're gonna have that kind of stuff, put a red cherry on the top I guess the lesson is a living class for God I was down in grade made the statement that food was so good but he just wasn't quite pretty enough and remember what I said?


I just casually said we'll put cherries if anything, serve it pretty. That was a very good story was I don't get paid from a joke i Gam make this word live. He kept that it just glows and just radiate that it just effervescence.


It see a blast with something dropped in it goes up for someone has helped us out. You know effervescing just bumbling Oh, present that word delectably that's going to work delightfully. With all the greatness of the love and the power of God that didn't that work. That's right, because you can serve them a top notch steak dinner on a dirty plate with a dirty knife and a dirty pork. And you will kill their appetites before the end says those that hunger and thirst after righteousness are going to be failed where they are not going to be filled with dirty food by dirty instruments. Hey, man, so get your hardware up. Get your food sir. Serve delightfully but be sure it's genuine food and not counterfeit.


Whoa, whoa.


He said whether you be a sinner or not odd Oh, no. i The one thing I know a blessed God if you know one thing you're further ahead most people are because most of them don't know anything. They don't even know one thing today. They hope maybe someday, but they're not always quite sure because there are multiple opinions regarding everything. Therefore I'm a bunch of confused along with all the rest of the good news. He says one thing I know well Praise God. He knew one thing whether it was a sinner or not. He didn't know but he said one thing I know. You know what I knew? He said out by now I think well. Boy, oh boy. One thing I know that whereas I was blind. Now I was raised. As a method if you can shout at that old time method. It's not correct. If I see as a Baptist you just got to have a little more was 26


then said day to him again then said they to him again What did he today how open he died I thought he dollar he answered them I've told you already and he did not hear whereupon would you hear it again? Would you also be a disciples


boy when he made that statement I just see every ball back coming out you know I can just see their hair standing straight up but they had any and by their face flex with all that blood pressure up there. Let us know Oh, that's a that took a little bit of guts didn't. intestinal fortitude, boldness to you elite people. Oh boy. Ha. Would you also be one of his disciples who? They just call him a sinner. You know, they had said give God the glory. You've gotten to praise brother. He said you want to be one of his disciples. Well, I'd cut your skirt up around your hips or do something with flip your eyeballs backwards. Oh nice. 28 then they reviled him yet sir. And they said died his disciple by we are Moses, you can be aware Moses disciple and they flew three buttons


verse 29, we know that God fake on the Moses. But as far as that fellas we know not when he is. The man who was healed answered and said unto them, Why, fellas, here in is a marvelous thing that he no not from whence he is, and yet he has opened my eyes. They were the theologians. They were the Right Reverend, the right doctors. They were the heads the top heads of the top religious echelon of that day, that canceling Drew, and a little old man who was born blind. Hence why I'm surprised that your religious leaders don't know from when do that yet he opened my very 31 We all know that God here is not lunch, dinner. But if any man be a worshipper of God, and do it is well, him he Harris. Then the world began. What did not heard that any man opened the eyes of London. That was Barnes boy. Why is that that's remarkable that you fellows have been studying the word all these years and you haven't even seen that. It says remarkable today. All they do is read one verse of scripture and it becomes a springboard for three points sermon at the end of what you pronounce the benediction. shake their hands, and we'll come back next son. He said it's remarkable. You spoke at random Are you top man? And yet? You don't know it. Natan had blind that there was just like today. You can give that same Bible to 10 different people, you come up with 10 different answers, well, somebody has got to be wrong. Or if it's God's word, that cannot be two interpretations. That can only be one and that has to be the right dividing of it. And only when we have it rightly divided, do we have the true word? It's the word of truth, no matter if they ask you to beat but it's only the true word in the proportion and to the extent that we lightly divided since the world began, he doesn't surprise that you do not know. You've read Isaiah. As it never ever been heard that a man who was born blind had his eyes open. Verse 33. If that Man, we're not a God. He could watch, you will not see. They answered and said unto him, solace all together born in sin and not sow teach us. How do you like that? After all, you're just a layman. And you are burning sin, God, you're blind and everything else you don't know my pay Hello beans and a hailstorm and you want to teach us we have Moses and the prophets and they cast him out. And he said to me, said, Oh, please don't throw me on. I just love it here. I paid $1,000 to help build the church. Please don't throw me out. My grandma belong here. My great grandma came over from Europe. And we started this church. Oh, please don't I don't want to leave him in here. Well, verse 35, Jesus heard that they had passed the grapevine God wrote, one woman doing and I tell you, the word got around, that he had been excommunicated, that he'd been given the boot. He couldn't buy any food. He had no place to sleep. His parents were not allowed to take him home. But some place back in a corner somewhere with a group of men. Jesus heard that the man had been excommunicated. And Jesus went and was found beauty people today talk about finding the Lord well, he isn't last class


we're so locked we say these last two, I guess. So we got to go by deep gaze into comes looking for us. Boy, it's been like this in this class, not the advanced class, but the foundational class, when that word begins to live. It's that word that makes known Christ remember. And that's how it keeps looking for you. they that hear the word gladly received those that hurts receive the right gladly. They got saved. Remember all that? Put that together fabulous. Jesus went and found them. And don't you ever get the idea that people are so good, they're going to go find Jesus, he again is lost no more and God were the ones that are all like chief have gone astray. Remember? All we like sheep have gone astray. The stupid thing with the sheep that the stray is that he's lost. That's what's the matter We All we like sheep have gone astray but the LORD laid on him on Jesus the iniquity of us all. And it Jesus who comes looking for us, because the word is there. When you hear that word you beneath that word when you believe that word, you receive it. Without that you just get consequences, no results. Jesus came and he found by people. I got tears running down the inside. You can't see them but they're there because by just imagine if Jesus hadn't come and found us we'd be in the soup. We'd be met trouble. Oh, sure. We all went through the religion of our time. All that baloney. All that baloney. Man, you usually got to be 35 or 40. And then you know it doesn't work. But Jays got the guts to get out. And my thank God that kids 1214 15 years of age today are waking up. That man, you cannot promote air just by continuing to stand with it. Somebody's got to take a break with it and say again, with all the greatness of the prophets of old success followers. That's right. Jesus came and He found the man who have been excommunicated. And you can't do that. Because if you're excommunicated, you can buy bread. Nobody can talk to you. When you walk down the side of the street. Everybody has to cross on the other side. And you say good morning Herman. Next door neighbor you have not on the on your name's Maggie and say, well, Maggie, how are you? Jesus wasn't afraid of the contamination. And Jesus Christ came to the sick ladies and gentlemen, don't you ever forget it? He didn't come to the top echelon. As far as spirits if you've got all the answers, Jesus is not needed by you. Jesus is needed by men and women who need answers. He came to heal the sick. The physician has to come to those who are sick They accused him of and they said one day position one GLR yourself and he said, Well, who am I to go to but sick people? Ladies and gentlemen, you and I got to carry this word down to human needs. As a human need is great at the top of the echelon, a man who's making a million a year he Jesus so bad, he doesn't know how badly and easy he did my lap birds many times. Then the fellow down here who was just having a little LSD and allow marijuana grabs a few others. And yes, if you're real truthful, they both need to say but you know something? Take no say to you better go down here then. You're not good enough to go up here. Not they're not good enough. Even retain me.


That's right.


You're not why? Because if you're going to evaluate it that way, a woman or a man with God, it's certainly a lot better than a man who has a million dollars and without Jesus. That's why money doesn't cut any ice or any of that other stuff with my life anymore due to I went through all that Baloney, so you can't tell me nothing. That's right. I was a great respect Roman. And when I meet a man who is a top professor, a top MIT I used to get to...


then I found out they didn't know nothing. Well, I didn't know anything either. But I knew they were in a smarter


and that sort on a leveling of society. They could use bigger words, but I had a dictionary so I could go look them up. The next time I could do


we got to say basis circle of bologna. One day Jesus came found me to boy and when he comes to look at and he finds you,


he doesn't care who you've been. He doesn't care how far up the ladder you've flipped? Or how far I just wanted to get that word right? Or how far down you apply


because except a man is born again of God's Spirit, He has none. And he's just an empty float by views and beautiful words. But he had so empty, that he can't stand himself.


Not even uses that do I can't think of the name name.


The only deodorant that ever makes it possible for a man or a woman to standing self or herself is the Lord Jesus Christ. He's the only one ever cleans the person up from the inside out.


You know, we could stand here and I can stand here and teach tonight because of the greatness of this experience in my soul and yourself. We can enjoy this thing of the four people out that we're going to be ministering to a week after next when you get back to California. When you get back to New York. When you get back to North Carolina when they get back to Florida. I've been to Canada I've been thinking of those forces. Getting trespasses and sins without God without hope. Go to church every Sunday but no life. Boy, they go to prayer meeting. No answers to prayer. Videos like 3d Pity boys. Man, if you went to the meat market to buy meat and you came home with potato chips. Week after week, you'd finally quit buying meat and that's just dope it is a religious feel to do though we just keep buying meat and they open I did the tape they guide them. By what a great day with Jesus by the man or a woman a lot. And don't you ever forget it. There is nobody so bad. But that the Lord can say you want to get and he doesn't want to get baby can just go straight to remember, no man is as sin to the uttermost, but that he is able to say so don't write anybody off. Just because you don't like the color of their eyeball or the way their knees or the way they walk down the street or the society in which they move or what they have done in their life. Don't ride them off.


You just hold forth.


There can't be any right now. They'll do it themselves by the rejection of the word. Because when they hear that word and they refuse, they're in the suit. When this word is taught, and it's rightly divided, and a man or a woman rejects it, they're not fighting you. They're fighting the creator of heaven and earth and that's pretty good. It's all one you're not going to watch Jesus heard that the cast the mouth. And when he had found him, he said unto him that saw believe on the Son of God. And he answered and said,


Boy, oh boy, oh boy.


That's power for Ubuntu 11 coming down. In that something, we're gonna glue that thing on your some nail it on with a.


He answered, He said, Jesus said, Son of God, he actually said, Who is the Lord who has already that I might do one thing? Look, believe it? Boy, it's remarkable that Jesus didn't say to him, Now look, you've got to quit running around on Sunday afternoon with your bike, or motor, and you've got to quit do it. He never said anything like, he found him. And he asked him the one great question, do you believe on the Son of God?


And the man said, How can I? Because he had not heard who the Lord is. But he said, If I can only know who the Lord is


our buddy very 37. And Jesus said unto him, Thou, I suppose seen him? And it is he that talked with the verse 37, isn't that statement? And the man said, the man said,


Lord, oh, my glory be


mad when you get to that place. That you have the word of God and you're back up and take a look at it and say, Lord, I've been having done all I just, Lord, I believe what you said, if it never comes. Lord, I simply believe it's your word, because you said, it's yours. That's mad man didn't have 10 years of teaching, to get saved. I believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, John. All he had was the Lord Jesus founded and remember the viciousness of the time and the hour. He simply told him who he was. And the man said, Lord, I believe you and I say less than that tonight. Somebody ought to examine our brains sales and kick us around that we're we'll block an area whole mile and a half one way or the other. In the complacency of our time, in the comfort of our age, in the society in which we live, where we have the most up fluid things available to us of any generation, that severally and we not being able to save the day, Lord, I believe, when are you going to say.