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SNT 0409 Faith / Believing

July 20, 1969

SNT 409

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Topic: DRAFT, faith, God, senses, believing, word, spirit, man, walk, born, hearing, manifestation, Jesus Christ, saved, sin, law
Format: audio
Publication Date: 07-20-1969

Victor Paul Wierwille was a Bible scholar and teacher for over four decades.

By means of Dr. Wierwille's dynamic teaching of the accuracy and integrity of God's Word, foundational class and advanced class graduates of Power for Abundant Living have learned that the one great requirement for every student of the Bible is to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Thus, his presentation of the Word of God was designed for students who desire the in-depth-accuracy of God’s Word.

In his many years of research, Dr. Wierwille studied with such men as Karl Barth, E. Stanley Jones, Glenn Clark, Bishop K.C. Pillai, and George M. Lamsa. His formal training included Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Mission House (Lakeland) College and Seminary. He studied at the University of Chicago and at Princeton Theological Seminary from which he received a Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. Later he completed his work for the Doctor of Theology degree.

Dr. Wierwille taught the first class on Power for Abundant Living in 1953.

Books by Dr. Wierwille include: Are the Dead Alive Now? published in 1971; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today published in 1972; five volumes of Studies in Abundant Living— The Bible Tells Me So (1971), The New, Dynamic Church (1971), The Word's Way (1971), God's Magnified Word (1977), Order My Steps in Thy Word (1985); Jesus Christ Is Not God (1975); Jesus Christ Our Passover (1980); and Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed (1982).

Dr. Wierwille researched God's Word, taught, wrote, and traveled worldwide, holding forth the accuracy of God's "wonderful, matchless" Word.

Gen 2:16; 3:4; Joh 4:24

1Co 2:14; 1:21; Rom 8:1-9; Gal 1:11

Gal 1:11, 12; Rom 10:17; Gal 3:22-24

Gal 3:24-29; Deu 32:20; Heb 11:1-8; Mat 8:8-10; Mar 2:5; Rom 3:22; 12:3

Rom 12:3; Gal 2:16, 20; Eph 2:8-10; Gal 6:10; Tit 1:4, 13

Tit 1:13; 1Co 12:9; Gal 5:22; Joh 6:30; 20:25-29; 2Co 4:18




snt-0409_faith_believing(vpw) DRAFT

SUMMARY KEYWORDS: faith, God, senses, believing, word, spirit, man, walk, born, hearing, manifestation, Jesus Christ, saved, sin, law

I'd like for you to take your Bibles tonight and turn to the book of Genesis chapter two. Thank you, Dorothy. And thank you, Rhoda. How many of you people in the auditorium tonight would like to see the shot on the moon at nine o'clock? We're scheduled to be at nine o'clock tonight, I guess. between nine and something, what was that report? Nine 915. How many of you would like to see it hold up your hand? Well, I'll make an agreement with you. If I don't finish teaching by quarter nine, you have my permission to get up and go out.


There are televisions, here in the basement, in the student lounge. There's a television at our house. And I don't know who else got television, the rest of the places you have to have, like you have permission to use the one at our house. And you have the permission to use the one down here in the Bible center basement, the only two I'm responsible for. Now, all of you people are cognizant of the reality that I've been teaching a class A foundational class on power for abundant living. And actually on the Sunday night, we opened the auditorium to any individual. And so if you're a newcomer here tonight, for the first time, you must bear in mind that I perhaps will be teaching things that you might have a little difficulty handling, like the class will not have because they have already been well instructed long before this regarding the points that I'm going to be bringing up tonight. Furthermore, it would be of interest to our grads that are here this evening, who were not here this week, bring up the night when I taught on Genesis. This is one time that this particular foundation applies, that I have taught everything that I know about Genesis chapter one, verse one and two. And we spent almost two nights on just covering the first chapters in Genesis Hello. Oh, this is most unusual in a foundational class. Because ordinarily, in a two week class, you just do not take that amount of time. And this is one of the reasons that some of you people will say that our grads, you'll say well, he ought to be further along. Well, first of all, that's none of your business. And secondly, for your information we're not further along. That's no secret is like that all we're far enough along that we understand Genesis chapter two. And hearing Genesis chapter two. When God farms made and created Adam and Eve, He gave them dominion, authority and power of all of God's creation. And he said to them in verse 16, commanded demand saying Of every tree of the garden army is freely eat. But as a tree of knowledge of good and evil, thou shall not eat of it, or indeed de Toyoda, that very day, not a day in the future, but that very day, it's all eatest thereof, thou shalt truly die. Adam and Eve, had freedom of oil. They had the word of God, they could believe God's word, or they could kick it. They could accept it, or they could reject it. This is the greatness of the freedom of the wheel. When you are possessed when you are controlled by Devil spirits, when they take over that you have no freedom of oil, they operate you. They do these things to you. But under the true God, you're always in perfect control of everything. And you by the freedom of your will either believe it or you reject it. Adam and Eve had that freedom a wheel. And then one day is a record that's written in chapter three occurred, where Satan tricked he and when he finally has her trip, he says to her in verse four, the supreme said, as a woman, you shall not surely does. God say said the days I'll eat a syrup Thou shalt not take he said, You shall not error Adam and Eve, Body Soul spirit. They had freedom a wheel, they could believe what God said, or they could believe what Satan. He chose to believe. Like Satan said, Adam joined with us. And that was the poll, and God had said the day I'll eat a syrup Thou shall surely die. A lot passed away. They lost their connection with God. They lost their spirits. Were they still alive? Physically? Definitely. They were still body and soul. Did they have a mind? Did they have freedom of oil? Did they have the five then all of them. And from that day on, man had to live by his side since this is all he had remaining. And we have had great learning under the media of the five senses. The moon shot, for instance, all of these things which you are right in the midst of here, indeed, our United States tonight, basically all of these things have been done, because of the five senses.


Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching, the five senses are tremendous. We have had great learning, in almost every field like in the fields of science of fields of medicine, metallurgy, all of these fields, we've had tremendous learning via the five senses. But the media, the five senses, is the scientific man. You've heard the statement, experience is the best teacher. This is true of the natural man of body and soul, he can only learn what he can experience. He is the man of pure science, if he goes by that information, because all he can know is what he can know by what he sees his smell, taste and touch. So we try experiment after experiment, like Edison, when he discovered the intent of that lamp 2000, almost 3000 experiments that he went through, well, what did he learn, he learned that number one didn't work. Number two didn't work. Number three didn't work. All of them didn't work, trial and error. Finally, he found one that did and we have the last man is always limited to the information gathered by the five senses, if he's just a man, a body, and so he can't do anything else. But the five senses are not always reliable. The end the five senses may become impaired due. And via the five senses, you may not know all the facts concerning the case. You stand on a railroad tracks and look down in the distance a quarter mile away. And if you went by the information of the census, at that particular moment, you would have to say that the tracks convert, yet you walk down there a half a mile away. And by the trial and error message, you find out that the railroad tracks a half a mile diameter just as wide there, as it was when you were standing by fair, then you'll walk down another half mile is still the same with a punch. So trial and error is the scientific ways of making a decision or coming to a conclusion. And the man of body and soul is limited to information gathered by the five senses. This man of body and soul who gets this information via the five senses is called the nostril man. The information he gathers is what we refer to in the in our world as not thrown out. Now by a not through knowledge, you cannot find God, you cannot believe in God. Why? Because God is spirit, John for 24 things other spirit can only be known by by the Spirit, like things in the natural realm may be known by the five senses. This is why the scientific man and are very hard to find men who are really pure scientific, in their approach, limited information gathered by the five senses, he would have to be an agnostic. He cannot be an atheist. That's an impossibility. semantically, nobody is an atheist, because an atheist, is what they say as one who does not believe what the fact that he does not believe indicates he already believes that he doesn't believe therefore he can, by sheer logic, not be an atheist. That's right. He can be an agnostic, but he cannot be an atheist. It's impossible as far as my knowledge and of logic and reason is concerned on the greatness of God's revelation of His words, but by other senses, which is not to knowledge. Man cannot find God and get by this reason, by the five senses, it leads to what we call or what some of the philosophers I think it was Plato who referred to it as pure reason. Pure Reason if there was anything like it would lead to the highest science of all which is philosophy. The highest earning degree even in our society is a PhD or a doctorate. degrees. The word philosophy means world wisdom, in German is dealt this shop. Though world, this in shop wisdom, that's the meaning of the word philosophy. A true philosopher is one who has acquired a tremendous amount of information, but all of that which is gathered by us the five senses.


Now, this man, a body and soul by his reason, by his logic, by media, the information is gathered via the five senses, he comes to a precipice. This point over here, he can't go any further, because up here is spirit. So what does he do, by logic, by reason by experience is the best teacher, he comes to this point, it cannot go by logic, and by reason beyond it, because you can't see hear, smell and taste and touch. So he starts to guess. And then you come up with all the different theories, all the different ideas that they say, are existent up here. Because they have left that particular area where the rugged scientific man is good, and they're conjecturing and kicking themselves off into space over here, where they have no ability via the five senses to them. This is why you've had so much speculation, so many theories regarding God, how he operates, how he answers prayer, who he is, and all the rest of this stuff. Now, the not true man, the man of body and soul, by his five senses, cannot watch. No God, it's impossible because God is what then how in the world can they tell us at Duke University and all these other places, that they have their experiments on a scientific basis. Even the words that they use indicate that they're not doing this because they use the word extra sensory perception. Which simply means that it's something beyond the five senses. And yet they try to tell us they've got it scientific, that they do this by seeing it or again, oh, you must be real mean to you. If I were her no sleep with you. Well, anyway I love you.


The natural mind is limited information gathered by the five senses. And the natural man by his senses, cannot receive or know the things of God because God is spirit and can only be known via the spirit. Look at look at First Corinthians.


First Corinthians chapter two verse 14,


but the natural man, the man of body and soul, was only the five senses, The natural man receiveth, not the things of the Spirit of God, the word receive as a direct deco man, and spiritually received that thing of the Spirit of God's life. We'll look at it, they are first of all watts to him. Why? Because he can only know that which he can see hear smell, taste, or lungs. Right? You talk to the natural man about prayer, for instance, and God's answer to prayer, he cannot believe that is true because you talk to him fully just because you can put it in a test tube, he can see it, you can hear it, he can smell it, he can taste it, you can't touch it. It's fully just on to it. Neither can he knows. He cannot know that things are pretty, he cannot know. And if he cannot know then what he cannot know. Well, then why Why believe all this tripe they pass out? Only because we have not known that they cannot know. We thought they could No, we thought all these ideologies and all this stuff that was being popped out was something that really worked out. But if they worked it by their five senses, they can't know God for goddess spirit, they cannot know. This is why I do not get upset when a scientist or I read someplace that a scientist said there is no God or that he says I believe that Are our peoples on all these other planets? I believe and I never get upset. You know life goes the Lord tells me gives me my guidance that man cannot was no gods or is the things of God, I know that then therefore I have peace, I have quietness, I have a serenity. I don't get all shocked by what goes on in the world. Then it says, because they are what spiritually discerned. Fear, actually discern the know things from God who is spiritual must discern them how, spiritually, to know things that are in the census world you can analyze. You can never analyze things that are spiritual, spiritual things must be deserted, ascertained, is a good word to things in the natural realm, maybe analyze, you can take something into a laboratory and by analysis by your senses, you can analyze that, but you cannot take love into a laboratory and analyze it or like, or P, these kinds of things because those are spiritual matters. things of the Spirit must be known by other spirits, even like things in the natural realm must be known via the five senses. Look at First Corinthians, For chapter, verse 21. Listen to this. For after that, in the wisdom of God, what kind of wisdom is that spiritual or natural? You see the wisdom of God, His spiritual wisdom, the world by wisdom? What kind of wisdom is that? Not true knowledge or five cent knowledge, wisdom? knew not luck, God, do you get it please God by the foolishness of preaching to say those that do us believe are right in Romans. Whole sections are the Word of God will be clear to you after tonight, if you just read them, and study them in the light of these two types of knowledge, spiritual knowledge or natural knowledge. Now in Romans chapter eight, there is therefore verse one. Now, there is therefore now now means what? Now? No condemnation, no condemnation to them, which are in home prices. Is this the new birth? Nope, nope. No 1000 times No. Christ in you. It's the new birth. You in Christ is your walk, your fellowship. They use this as an evangelistic text to get people saved. It's impossible because it isn't talking about getting saved. It's talking about after you're saved, yet. People read it again. There is no condemnation to them which are aware, in Christ Jesus. When he comes in, he takes all the condemnation spiritually, but what about your mind? What about your background? What about everything else you have done? That condemnation will still be there, unless you are aware in and how do you get in Christ Jesus without the renewed mind, you don't. And to have the renewed mind you must know the word. And so as you build the word in here, to the end, that you are in Christ Jesus, you have no condemnation now,


remaining. And then it adds, who was not after the place, but after the was right, to walk by the flesh is to walk by your sense knowledge to walk by the Spirit and to walk by one revelation. by the Spirit, in the in the in, in some of the greats and in the Aramaic text, who walked not after the place, but after the Spirit are omitted. First due for the law, the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and what the law is sin and death is the old law of commandments, doctrines of man and so forth. The law of the Spirit of life, there is the law, the law, the spirit of life, in Christ Jesus, as made me free from the law of sin and death, For what the law could not do, and that it was weak through the place, because of the five senses. God sending His own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, five senses and forcing condemned sin in the flesh in the category the five senses. That's a righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in us, who walked not after the flesh according to the information of the five senses, by who walked after the Spirit according to the information gathered via the fight by the Spirit, first by four days that are after the place, those who get there in formation by the five senses do mind. Our obedience does that things have the place or the five senses like class, because you cannot be obedient to anything but like you're studying in what you're believing. If you're getting your information via the five senses, you will automatically have to be obedient. But they that are after the spirits who get their information via the spirit. The reveal Word of God, direct revelation, which starts with a word terminate those, they're going to walk by luck. The spirits do have the to lock. You're either walking by your five senses, or you're walking by the spirits. You have freedom of oil. God's word is available. You have freedom, oil, and you determine whether you're going to walk by the five senses, or whether you're going to walk by the revelation of God's word.


But at Verse six,


more could be kindly mind. To be carnally minded is to be sent knowledge mind is depth. But to be spiritually minded, is life and what the why? Because the carnal mind, the mind of the five senses, is enmity is enmity against to boy, oh boy, we used to believe that the sharper a man, man's mind was, the greater glory that man was to the Lord. The Bible says, Just do not throw man, the sharpness of a man's mind, via the five senses, that man is entirely everything he does is enmity against God. This is why the brain have built the kind of system and the kind of thing in our society which absolutely opposes God, and contradiction. Usually, the smarter people are above the ears, the wicked or they are, unless they get born again of God's Spirit, filled with the Holy Spirit and renew their mind on the words. That's the only salvation plus. But very similar idea, okay? Seven, because the carnal mind is enmity against God. Now watch it. For it's not subject to the law of God, neither indeed what can be it cannot be. Because the carnal mind the five senses mind will never be subject to God, you'll always be figuring out how he can play God and what He can do to promote the cause. So them versus days that are in the flesh, those who walked by their five senses cannot walk. So why don't we quit trying? Why don't we quit trying? is what I meant when I talk to you this morning. Why about last night was it was that you got somebody that you understand a little better now, though, that they are in a place cannot was please God? Well, you can wave holy hands to you're blue in the face. There's nothing holy about those hands, except that they're unholy. That's the only holiness about it. You can't please God that we won't quit trying. Like I told you 100 times I didn't write the book and I didn't die for you. This is his word. This is well. Now, but we are not in the five senses walk by the five senses. But in the spirit of by the Spirit is so be that the Spirit of God dwell where? in you. But if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he still belongs doing. Worried, says he is what not is. It see how this all unfolds? When you understand body, soul and spirit are made and created. And that's when man lost his spirit. He still was a man, but he was just a natural man, a man of body and soul. And that things of the Spirit can only be known via the spirit like things the natural world can only be known by other five things. Look at galleys. We've had this before, but now it will really be meaningful to Galatians chapter one. Verse 11, but I certify your brothers. I guarantee you brethren, that's the gospel, which was preached to me is not after man. If he'd had it after many would have had to receive it higher by means of the five senses. He didn't receive it by the five senses, but I neither received it of man. These are what I was taught it by way of the five senses, but I got Inhale right, the hold All agrees. Got it by revelation, spiritual things can be known via the spirit. That's the only way to know. Now then, if the natural man or body and soul cannot know God, and how in the world does anybody ever gets saved? How is it possible for anybody to get saved? Because we're all natural human beings, men and women have body and soul. And if the man of body and soul can not know God, then how is it possible for that natural man to get saved? Well, that's where we're headed. The bridge that spans the chasm between the natural man and God is faith. Now, the natural man does not have faith. He only has the five senses. I'll just not throw man has to get it. Now the bridge that spans the chasm is faith. And faith is an inside job. God cannot communicate with your senses, with your mind or with your reason. God is spirit and can communicate only with what he is which well has to be fearless. Faith is an inside job. But a man of body and soul can that man believes believing is of the category the mind that man a body and soul has the potential to believe. You have the information he can gather by the five senses if God gives us His Word, and he can believe that. In Romans 10x,


Romans 10, verse 17. It says, So then what? Faith.


Faith comes by hearing and hearing come by the Reader's Digest, experience audio like stuff. No, you can go to meetings or they pass off experience to you're blue in the face. Y'all never get faith. Faith is an inside job. And if you want it, you're going to have to get it the way the Word gives you. Faith comes by hearing and demand the natural man here, girlie got airball. Now that word hearing, that word hearing is used in a two fold way in the Bible. Why means you hear it here and it goes plain clear through. That's not the usage in Romans 10. And Romans 1017. They use they just you hear it here, and you believe what you hear. That's the juices in Romans 1017. So then faith comes to the man of body and soul. If he does want beard, hairs and believes what he is based on by hearing. I didn't have to be hearing which come up by watch the word of us. Amen. Oh boy, oh, boy. That's the only way you can get faith is to get it via the Word of God. You've got to hear the Word of God. Suppose I think it's the word of God and it is like good faith. I may get a psychosomatic experience. I may feel like I've just gotten off the psychiatrist. But does that give me faith? But Lord, I got a new feeling. I've cleaned up my life. I quit hit my wife in the head with my elbow. I've just changed over completely. I'm such a good fellow. I even just don't drink coffee anymore because I'm a Christian. Have I got faith? Boy, that's one of the sweetest counterfeits being marketed deal ever. Because people will go up and they'll go through an emotional type of experience. Many of them don't come to the altar. They'll cry their eyeballs out as I call it used to go up and pick their eyeballs put them back in their socket because they were weeping so hard some of they felt so sorry for their sins. Why you can feel sorry for your sins to your dying day that doesn't get you may try man don't go to hell because the thin clouds they go to hell because they reject the Savior from sin the Lord Jesus Christ and about him regroup teachers, that the way to get saved is to confess your sin. Or you can confess your sin to your flu and have a I know get your saved gives you a nice exercise makes you miserable. And then when you get it, a lot of out of you, you feel so good. And therefore you go around claim Oh boy, I got a new feet on I'm saying what the Bible says. It says faith cometh by hearing and hearing come up a lot. And it doesn't say where you have to hear it. It just says you have to walk back boy got courage. I believe what I hear and face come without hearing what even on a Saturday night from a Salvation Army fellow or anybody else you've you've written on public squares. You're walking down Skid Row. And all the doors open, you know the drunks laying out all the rest of what you walked by you stop for a moment and the man up there is really late on her on the line accurately. Right, the biting the words. I hear it. I believe that auto space job, hearing rod. Boy, that's it. I go in a very fashionable church. Everything's in order. Even the altar hangings are up the flowers are in place. We go through all the shenanigans, and he says, God is dead. Moses never crossed the river. The children of Israel never did what the Word says. Boy, I feel that's great. That's a real intellectual search. What about faith, none went through all the motions, or everything else. The times when I was in University Chicago, no man could preach from the, from the pulpit of the great Rockefeller Chapel unless a committee had pre read in typed copy his sermon. And the poor fella had to stand up there and read it. They these gentlemen,


it is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to stand in this odd spacious on this auspicious occasion in the great pulpit at the university. You know why? Because they said only the greatest American stand here and we have such an intellectual academic group here. You cannot use wrong English, we have to have the best English we have to have the best words. We just have to have everything. You had everything the best, it's just the best TV. I don't care if you say many Kung Fu, I don't care if you say Bologna, but some time or other. You're gonna get to that word, God's face doesn't come by a man's vocabulary face covered by the word. And if that word is there, if that word is there, and a man believes that word, he's gonna get it. I don't care if they think like some of you southerners, even then they're going to give you all you know, I'm gonna read. Now this Bible kind of faith is really intriguing in the words, in Galatians, chapter three, this to get this face is the thing we're going to have because that's the only thing that bridges the chasm between the natural man and God. And in order to tap into God, you got to get safe. You've got to get down like chapter three. In verse 22, but the Scripture is concluded all under sin. Why are all understand because all natural men are just men a body and soul there without Christ or without faith, therefore, they are just 10 Knowledge men, they have no spirits born within them. That's a promise, by faith of hope, whose faith or faith or Jesus Christ might be given to them, given to them given to them. When they do one thing was God Swati says that wonderful if it's given to you Dr. Ernest. Then it's a great it's a blog, it's a mercy. God gives it to you what what you're complaining about? A lot easier getting adopted and working for it. No matter working for we never make that God's it was his work that made it possible for us. All are under sin. All Jew and Gentile, but the face of Jesus Christ is given to them that they, when we believe, whose face are we going to get? That's all pretty good amount Oh, then how in the world can people say, if I only have more faith? I get more prayers answered. Christians never been these places where they preach and teach you how to increase your faith. If you had more faith to get your prayers answered, how in the world you're going to increase on that one? Isn't the faith of Jesus Christ big enough? That's all there is there is no more. And he gives that faith. Now, mind you, He gives that same amount of faith to every believer when they're born again. Well, if you didn't then got to be a respecter of odd. And God is no respecter of persons. So when you're born again, whose face he is, when you're born again, whose face he is? Wow. Pretty good face. Verse 23, says, But in contrast, before faithless, then there must have been a time when there was no one. Okay. And it tells you when this was we were kept under the law, shut up, or closed off onto these days, which was afterwards after what? No after the law afterwards, after the law V was revealed. Wherefore, verse 24, the law was our schoolmaster to bring us no, no, the Law never brought us anything but headed, which in jail.


The law was our school masters, I'm pale or antichrist, until the law was just schoolmaster until Christ, that we might be justified by what? Whose face, the face of Jesus Christ, verse 25. But in contrast, again, after that face is come, whose face the face of Jesus Christ, we are still under the schoolmaster? We are what is our it says, that's what it means. Then why do we act like we're under the schoolmaster? Why do we let people tell us? You have got to worship God on Saturday. Well, why do you let them tell you you got to worship on Sunday. Why? Why do we allow ourselves to be put back under the law, simply because we do not know God's word. And we're wrongly taught, were wrongly taught. Afterwards after fainted, we are no longer on there was just too much for your all, all without any distinction, that children of God, when you're born again, you're the children of hope. The first time you're born, you're the child of your earthly Daddy and Mummy, right? Or when you're born again, when you receive the faith of Jesus Christ, then your child, child of God, because of the seed that's in you, then we are children of God, by faith is hard to come by faith of Jesus Christ. Now, for as many of you as have been baptized with Christ, have put on Christ doesn't say baptized in water. You can get baptized in water to your drown that doesn't help you. That's right, you gotta have faith. And that faith has to be the faith that Jesus Christ. If water would help them, the more water you get the more health of people by sheer logic we should have dried up long ago without the words. But you see your hold on because of what we've been taught. We believe things up here and then we just hold on to them and hold on to them. Because they give us sort of a good feeling. Well, you're not fazed by feeling.


Oh, boy.


In here, verse 28, where there is neither Jew nor luck. There is neither bond nor what there is neither male nor female dish which is born inside of me, is the face of Jesus Christ. For you're all one without any distinction. You're all on. At the moment, you're born again. It's Christ in you and you in him at that moment. I can't guarantee you anything. Then five seconds later, but at that moment, I can guarantee you will see that tomorrow night, our auditors said so sharply. But there's a tremendous sleep. And if we, and if you write, if you're Christ, then are you up? Abraham seeds, and you are the heirs according to us. That's right. So before faith came, we were under the law. When did faith come with Jesus Christ with his birth? When his death was resurrection? Nope. Nope. I'm on a par with the center. No, and they die through the ascension when the word says they are Pentacles was fully calm. That was the first time. Now let me ask you a question. Now. It is true that faith came with Jesus Christ, and it wasn't available till you could be born again. And you couldn't be born again until the day of Pentecost. Is there any faith in the Gospel? With the gospel? Is there any sense in the Old Testament up to the gospel? has been a faith came first with love? Then where do you get the idea? There's so much faith because of the translation. The word faith is the word sisters. Cisp is the word pictures may be translated either believing or faith anymore. Therefore, anything that would relate itself before the day of Jesus Christ, the giving of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost, that word pistol should be translated How could I not throw my body and soul beneath? Definitely. But do you have faith? Nope. That's why the Nitro mind, body and soul could not know God, or the things that God unless they came into concrete. This is why Jesus Christ had to be born. This is why the written word has to be given because there's no other way whereby you can receive faith. Wonderful. You know that the word faith, first of all, is not used more than two times in the Old Testament that everybody thinks it's just loaded. It's used once in a backup. And another time in Deuteronomy. While we just looked it up, Deuteronomy is easier to find. Deuteronomy 32


Chapter 32, of Deuteronomy verse and he said, I will hide my face from them. I will see what their end shall be, for they are very forward generating children in home is know what faithfulness is detecting. That children in whom there's no faithfulness. There's a lot of difference between faithfulness and the noun face. The same is true in all honesty. But in Hebrew, what I'd like for you to turn, I believe is the point, the point where we've gotten all of these ideas, there was so much faith in the Old Testament. Hebrews chapter 11. Verse one, Now faith is the substance of things prayed for the evidence of things not seen. Very few people, Hebrews 11, paid for by, by faith, the elders obtained a good report, verse three, through faith, verse four, by faith, able by verse five by faith, you know, very sick or without faith, verse seven By faith Noah, verse eight By faith Abraham, that's where we got the idea. There was so much faith in the Old Testament. From the mistranslation of the word pistis. In Hebrews 11 putdowns men like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Noah, could they have faith? Why not? There was not one available that's why it came with Jesus Christ. That's why in the Old Testament, it says, Abraham believed God, and God listened to him for life. That's what he says in the King James is good they believe, but they did not have one. That's why when you get to Hebrews 11 You have to handle that word like it should be.


In Matthew chapter three. Matthew chapter eight verse 10, the tentorium Anthony said, Lord, I'm not worrying that Tao is going to come under my roof, but people would only have my turban company deal. Or I am a man under authority having soldiers under me. And I say to this man go to the door into another comedy comments into my sermon, Jesus, you do it. When Jesus heard it, he marveled and said, then that followed, barely I tell you, I have not found so great faith. No, not less. And at the faith, it's the light pictures and instead of translated if you've not found such great believing in early look at the gospel of Mark, there are hundreds like this that you'll have to check out someday. Matthew, Mark,


Mark chapter two.


Listen the very time when Jesus saw their face, he said on the sick of the palsy, Sunday sins be what forgiven me, cannot be paid for faith had not yet what, but it can be watched in either. Either way, it's interesting to note here. The commentaries and the rep doesn't say that when Jesus saw the face of a poor who were carrying a paralytic man, that the man was healed, it doesn't say that. It says when Jesus saw their th e, IR, how many were involved in the incident? Five, the paralytic and the poor who carried him. When Jesus saw, they're all five of their believing, he said under second apology, Sunday sins be forgiven these stories.


In the book of Romans, all the Gospels have to operate like this, as I've been showing you, in Romans, chapter three.


And in verse 22, even the righteousness of God which is powered by was the face of Jesus Christ. You see, when that faith of Jesus Christ comes in, you're gonna get along, you're going to get the righteousness of God, well, how righteous is God? Now watch it by the face of Jesus Christ unto all without any distinction, and upon all without any distinction of them that there was, or there is no one disagrees with what we just read in Galatians Loligo, both Jew and Gentile when they believe they're going to get the face of Jesus Christ, and with it comes the righteousness of us. All wrapped up in that spiritual package, that spiritual cellophane as I call it. Now, take a look at chapter 12 of Romans, this wonderful. Romans chapter 12, where I say very free, through the grace given unto me to every man that is among you not to think more highly than he ought to think. We usually take that out of its context, when somebody is really moving on something we say, now watch out, don't you think more highly than you ought to see? Don't you get powered on this go you go fly on your nose. This is given just the opposite. It's a figure that gives it in the negative to turn it around in a positive. Think big. What he's saying? Things fabulously. Why are cording as God has dealt to every land? The manager Allah. That's why you think big, the major of faith? What is that major of faith which God deal to every man? The face of us, not the major. That's the amount. The face of Jesus Christ was really something. It says like every man that is among you, not to think more highly than the other thing but to think soberly.


For once in your life things soberly. When soberly, and when you think overly hot, you think according as God has dealt to every man, the measure of faith, every man who does the kneeling, this is one game God does the kneeling. God and when he deals that he do that same amount, every man and every woman, and that is the face of Jesus Christ like that. amazing girl Taberna don't ever man when that man believe


it Galatians


Galatians chapter two verse 16, listen to this, knowing that a man is not justified by the work of the law, but by the faith of a man not by my faith, not by your faith, but by the faith of Jesus Christ, even we have believed in Jesus Christ, that we might be justified by the face of Christ and not by the works of the law, or by the work of the Lord shall no place the Lord. Amen to you keep the law to you blue in the face, you still can't get in order to be justified today, you've got to be born again or to be born again. You have to have the face of Jesus Christ. And the face of Jesus Christ is that major, which is delta, every man when they believe, all we have to do is get around to believing. And that believing has to come by what's the word, the word not experienced? This is why many of us are just sick and tired of experience. We go to meetings and all we ever heard was experience that's what God did for me was what God did for me this experience I had, I think mine's a little better than yours.


Because boy has a bigger center. Can you be a bigger Center at all? Or does


everybody bigger center and a whole world everybody? That's why Paul could say I am the Chief of watch. That's why you can say, if you're not born again, they're not so man. Time difference has no price within these all big dinner.


So if you're ready for the verse 20


I was crucified with prices that nevertheless, I was yet not I, but Christ levels were. And those life which I now live in the place by way of the five senses. I now live by what the face of the God well, glory, hallelujah back to walk with a renewed mind. That's the walk of victory. That's the walk of glue. That's the work of alignment and harmony, the walk where you get prayer, the life which I now live, in a sense Israel, after I'm born again, I live by walk the faith or the Son of God, who loved me and who gave himself what? Well, hallelujah.


Oh, boy, oh boy. Look


at chapter two. First Aid. For by great Are you on? Through faith? whose faith right?


and that not of yourselves, it is the gift. It is the gift. That was a gift of hope. If it's a gift, the journey if you're in it, it's not a gift. It's a gift. Who does the kneeling? And what he feels is the face of Oh, it's a gift. Ladies and gentlemen, you got it what do you know what I don't know. Nothing to do with whether you know it has everything to do with whether you you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus lead God raising from the dead when you got saved, you got everything God gave. Now if you don't know what it's simply because you don't know the word. It's the word that makes no knowledge up here a block we received. When we accepted you look at our greater you say through faith that to give to God Not of works, lest any man so to us, man oh man, you see, if I was a word, I could boast a little bigger than you you can boast a little bigger and somebody else why he testimonial. You know the testimonial meetings good part November to build up the pride of the testifier my pride we get up or we tell what God saved us from all of these things, your product what you want to talk about. Apparently, you're not convinced he did a good job. So you gotta keep bringing it up. So you keep saying, Boy, pickles. God saved me from a drunkard. He saved me from running around with strange women. He saved me from LSD pots and all arrests. Boy I want to tell you God's a big God he should save me if God saved you the Bible says it catches your sin from you as far as the east from the west and a deeper the deeper see and he'll remember it no more. What do you want to remember it for every time you bring it up? You know what you're saying to God? God you're injecting forget about it because I'm still remembering it. If God forgave you, you gotta forgive yourself and don't go talk to me about I don't give a hoot watch it packet was lousy. That's right. I know that. I know that. So do you why? Because all men are dead in trespasses and sins without God we read that last night. Well, if all are dead in trespasses and sins, who's good among us? Nobody. So I don't care what you've done in the past. I know it's been no good. If it was so good, no one needed to save you, you could kept improving yourself a little bit. Then you could have bragged about it. You could have set it to work. But the word says it's my grace, not of works, lest any man turd what? You see why I like to get off the testimonial meaning. If God forgave you for being an alcoholic and a drunkard, what do you want to tell me about it? I want you to tell me what God did for you today. Why do you do 10 minutes ago? Why do you do a half hour ago? How did you make the Word of God today in your business in your shop? In fact, you have delivered your kids in the house today? How did you get along with God today? That's what I was. I don't care what you did 20 years ago. I want to know what you're doing with God now. And we ought to be talking about the positive things. God talk about what God forgave us for. We ought to be talking about what we're doing with that forgiveness. And with that power of God now. People you have to get the words, right. Because he says we're not saved to work with any man to vote, where we are his wife, whose workmanship, a man the first time I'm born on the workmanship of my daddy and money. The second time I'm born again, I'm the worship or the workmanship of my heavenly Father. And I want to tell you something in my Heavenly Father can't do a better job that my daddy and mommy did. We're in the soup. And I'm a pretty good man.


But look, you people seated here in the auditorium, most of you are satisfied with yourself as to what your daddy and mommy did. We couldn't do anything. But anyway, so you might as well learn to live with us now. Right? All right. Now just think for a minute just by sheer logic class, how much more satisfied we ought to be with ourselves how much more painful we ought to be, how much more radiating we ought to be that we have a heavenly father whose workmanship we are and ladies and gentlemen, if I'm his son, I'm your son. And I have what's the word of God says I have a hamlet the Word of God says I am. I'll be with somebody God goes on and on God's word says I am. I don't feel like it was my favorite. I didn't come the first time because I felt like common. My mom felt the common Mia


cry, did you?


People I'd accept the Lord Jesus Christ tonight on share logic, if I even didn't have the words. You know, as far as logic is not the only thing that makes sense. Because my earthly father and mother can father me and mother me so that I'm fixed your power will? Thanks surely, God who created the heavens and the earth put the stars in their courses that even took the moon he can do that you still have 12 minutes to go oh my god, I have this Christ in me, who is the hope of all people this is the most really worried in the whole world, His words, His words, the only thing that makes sense is the only thing that answers questions that meet the need of a boy or girl or a young person or an adult to your satisfaction answers it so that you can understand and you know that you know that you know that you know as one

Oh, one


guy like look at this. This is just like your heart to Galatians chapter six.


Verse 10,


as we have therefore opportunity, let us criticize one another time Paul's raise hell condemn one another. No, let us do what? Good unto all. All without any distinction especially unto them who are of the lot told us Ah. I have a household you have to have a daddy right. I am his creation created In Christ Jesus, I am his creation. You are his creation. Now God is our Father we are His children just makes up a lot. Our household, our family, right? It's our family. And I'm to be especially good, good our family have faith, a household of faith, that's a different kind of faith. No, not all full of faith is is a compilation of all God's born again, some people on pain father, right. Therefore, brothers and sisters, spiritually are a bad house.


Look At Titus Timothy, Titus chapter one.


Very poor. The title of my own son after the common walk here is called common faith. Why? Because that faith that Jesus Christ is common to everybody. That's why it's called common. In verse 13, it says, this witness is through wherefore rebuked them shortly, that they may be found in the work in the face, white face, not the face of Jesus Christ, but the common face, the household of faith, that they will be sound and perfect in that house. And time and time again, the King James were translated the faith and the faith referring to the household or the family, or that common faith which is all of us, in all of us who are here. Now in First Corinthians


First Corinthians chapter 12.


Right Corinthians chapter 12, verse nine,


to another page by the same up here, this is one of the nine manifestations and it should be translated video. Because we received the face of all you can ever improve on that, like you could improve on your life, believing Now watch this. I'm born again of God's Spirit till the spirit I've worked the word renewed my mind. Now I receive special revelation regarding a certain situation about which I cannot know anything by my side pricing. Now, having received that revelation, I know it's of the Lord. Now I believe that revelation and carry out the ministry until it comes to the manifestation of believing pieces. When the evidence is produced. Up until that time you have to operate the manifestation of believing it's called faith in the kingdom. Though, God told him that there will be art, I've got no I had to believe. Now what God said God meant until the thing floats. Once the thing was a float, he no longer had to believe for the water to come. It was the manifestation of faith is what brings brings the past, the miracles of science and the one without that manifestation of believing, all faith without that manifestation. You could have revelation and never see faith never seen miracles and healing taking place because you're not standing put on what God gave you on reveling. Now there is one more you take your faith in the King James and it's been Deli.


Galatians chapter five. And in verse 22, it says, But the fruit of the Spirit is love, love joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith. It's one of the fruit of the Spirit. The theologians in the commentary say, this is a fruit of good work. Love is a fruit of good work. If you do if you're really in love, it's good work. That's not what's the word. It's not a fruit of good work. It's a fruit a lot. A proven spirit, the fruit of the Spirit. A man without Christ could have love of good work. But he cannot have be born again cannot have this Have faith that Jesus Christ. The fruit of the Spirit, is the result of the operation of the manifestations of the Spirit. And you can't operate manifestations of the Spirit until you receive the faith on the whole. So you receive the faith of Jesus Christ, then you operate the manifestations and there are only nine tongues speaking in tongues interpretation of tongues, prophecy, word of knowledge, word of wisdom, there's only three phrases delineating only nine. And those nine manifestation produce the fruit. You know how it produces the fruit of faith. By revelation, I'm guided to give that word to you, which brings to you the faith of Jesus Christ for Faith cometh by hearing and hearing Kalevala. So by revelation, I'm guided what word to use with you. That's the manifestation. The evidence of it coming the fruit of the tree, the operation of manifestation. Now, in the Bible, the church is never told to have faith, not one in the Bible, is the church of the body pose, I have faith. Why? Because if you belong to the church, you gotta be born again. Right. And when you're born again, you have those faith. That's why the church is never told to have faith. But time and time again, in the epistles were told, Believe, believe, believe, believe, believe, not one message in here, then I told me to have faith. But two of them told talks about believing very specifically.


The unsaved has to receive pays to be saved. But the save individual must operate, believing. They're bringing in a manifestation, the power of God because believing equals receive. Now the gospels were all were written for 10 Knowledge men, because the men of the gospel could only believe in what they could see, hear or smell or taste or touch because they have not yet received one faith with a John six. Well, I'll bet you they won't make it as 910 John six, verse 30,


They said therefore under him under Jesus, what signs show us now then that we may see and believe what? Not power? They can only believe in Jesus because a lot they could not. Remember, Thomas wasn't there. When Jesus appeared a week later. Time, Thomas said, except I see the print of a nail and trust my hand into his side, I will not love Jesus walked in a week later and he said, Very odd. Take a look. Be not faithless, but believing. And then, you know, I think that's a John 20 We'll just take a look at it. Real, real cool.


John 20


You know, Tom I vocabularies improved. John 2025, the other disciple, therefore, suddenly we've seen the Lord but he said, except it has the President knows what my thing is a pretty good deal, then trust my hand and it's like, I will not watch because he can only believe in what he could see, because it was only a not trauma, antibody and, and after eight days, again, his disciples were within in common with them. Then came Jesus the dark being shot, and stood in the midst and said to be unused, then that he the commerce retailer, died, fingers, and behold my hand and retailer by hand and trusting in my side, be not faceless, but believing be not unbelieving, but believing. And Thomas answered and said unto him, My Lord and my God now what Jesus said unto him, Thomas, because thou has three blessings, they that have not seen and yet have been a and it's in the future tense. Haven't seen and yet, they welcome the future. Live.


We ask you some, how many of you have seen y'all hold up your hands. I'm gonna give me a ball back


Do you believe in him tonight that you do not believe upon the same basis Thomas believe because Thomas saw and what you believe on a different basis. You you first believe in you see Thomas saw and then he believed that's the change of peloton before Penny costs they saw first then a very from the day of Pentecost John you believe first then you see people say well if I could just see somebody healed they never will they gotta believe first to get lots healed, you got to believe first you get paid, you got to believe in order to operate the manifestation of tons and companies you got to believe. Then you see for the second Corinthians


Second Corinthians Chapter Four


While we look not at the things which are what are the things which are what are the things which are seen are one of the things which are not being our, our plane is that a beautiful palace looked at the things you could see, except I seen it on the front of the nail, I will not believe. Jesus said blessed are those that have not seen and yet well what not exactly, you do not look at the things which are the things which are seen are what temporal, this thing you see standing here is temporal, or what's on the inside that you have with your five senses. That is what is eternal. I can see you see the bear but that was it. There's only temple but that was I cannot see what is on the inside but not a fabulous change the five illustrate and that which is eternal is Christ in you the hope. It's the face of Jesus Christ, the righteousness of God is the justification. It's the sanctification is for redemption. That's all it takes right now. But boy, that's pretty good. Ah, and it's a lot more than that. Everything that God is in Christ is in you. When you're born again of God, that's all wrapped up in that faith of Jesus Christ which is delta every month when they they believe.