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SNT 0408 How God’s Word Interprets Itself - Spared & Four Crucified Matthew 27:46

How God’s Word Interprets Itself - Spared & Four Crucified Matthew 27:46

Power For Abundant Living teaching on how the Word interprets itself.
SNT – 408

Topic: DRAFT, Matthew, interprets, private interpretation, left, reserved, interpretation, ministers, cross, psalm
Format: audio
Publication Date: 07-13-1969

Victor Paul Wierwille was a Bible scholar and teacher for over four decades.

By means of Dr. Wierwille's dynamic teaching of the accuracy and integrity of God's Word, foundational class and advanced class graduates of Power for Abundant Living have learned that the one great requirement for every student of the Bible is to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Thus, his presentation of the Word of God was designed for students who desire the in-depth-accuracy of God’s Word.

In his many years of research, Dr. Wierwille studied with such men as Karl Barth, E. Stanley Jones, Glenn Clark, Bishop K.C. Pillai, and George M. Lamsa. His formal training included Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Mission House (Lakeland) College and Seminary. He studied at the University of Chicago and at Princeton Theological Seminary from which he received a Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. Later he completed his work for the Doctor of Theology degree.

Dr. Wierwille taught the first class on Power for Abundant Living in 1953.

Books by Dr. Wierwille include: Are the Dead Alive Now? published in 1971; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today published in 1972; five volumes of Studies in Abundant Living— The Bible Tells Me So (1971), The New, Dynamic Church (1971), The Word's Way (1971), God's Magnified Word (1977), Order My Steps in Thy Word (1985); Jesus Christ Is Not God (1975); Jesus Christ Our Passover (1980); and Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed (1982).

Dr. Wierwille researched God's Word, taught, wrote, and traveled worldwide, holding forth the accuracy of God's "wonderful, matchless" Word.

2Pe 1:20; Mat 9:1; 25:14; Luk 2:3; Joh 3:16; Gen 1:1

Isa 1:13; Mar 7:9; Jam 5:1; Luk 17: 9; 21:9; 1Th 4:15; Mat 25:35; Rom 16:18, 19; 2Ti 3:6; Mat 27:46

Mat 27:46; Joh 16:32, 10:30; Col 2:9; 2Co 5:19; Mat 26:53; Joh 4:34; 6:38; 8:29; 12:27; 1Ki 19:18

1Ki 19:18; Rom 11:4; Psa 22:1, 4-8; 13:1; 42:9; Mat 27:46; (Joh 3:16)




snt-0408_four-crucified_matthew27_46(vpw) DRAFT

SUMMARY KEYWORDS: Matthew, interprets, private interpretation, left, reserved, interpretation, ministers, cross, psalm

In Second Peter chapter one. And in verse 20, we read, knowing this land, first, knowing it when. And then if we didn't know it first and we have to know is when fired. That's what he says. That's what it means. And instead of knowing it last instead of knowing it when you're all through with everybody else's theologies and opinion, this is what the Word says is a first thing you have to do. And that is very 20. That no prophecy, none of that which is Forest told our forest. So from Genesis to Revelation, the none of it. None of it is of any was private interpretation. This is the testimony of the word. This is what the Word says, This is what it means. That's our first thing you have to know if you're going to work God's word. The first thing is that you must realize that not one prophecy, none of that which is foretold are foretold from Genesis one to Revelation 2221, not one verse, not a lot, and word of that is of any private interpretation. The word private is the word videos, in the great we'll see is coming up later in the class in a different usage. But it's it's singularly significant. And because we get our English word idiot from it. From videos Id iOS. You see, I've traced these things many times in years past, one, with a greatness of God's Word. Whenever a man starts messing with these words, he always degrades these words which God had a way up here. The word videos is the word private. But today, we get the word video from it. This word videos is used 114 times in the Word of God. And usually it is translated his own or one's own. Take a look at Matthew chapter nine.


Matthew chapter nine, verse one. And he entered into a chip and passed over and came into his videos, city, his own city in chapter 25, of Matthew and in verse 14, of the chapter four the kingdom of heaven is as a man traveling into a part country, who called his videos serving his own Durban his videos, his private service, and delivered unto them is good. In the Gospel of Luke chapter two. And in verse three, and all went to be tucked everyone into his videos, city, his own city. Now in Second Peter, we read, knowing this first that no prophecy of scripture is of any private of any videos. one's own his own interpretation. The word interpretation is the word Appaloosas. Which simply means it's, it's used like letting a dog loose on the game. The game is out thing you turn the partner loose to go out and find the game. That's this word, letting loose or interpretation in its least common denominator. In other words, not one of the scriptures is my own private, letting loose. I never let myself loose on the scriptures to ferret it out, and to give it my own private thinking. That's what that verse says. That's what it means. And that's the curse of the church. Everybody's done just that. Just the opposite of what he says here. Have you ever been in a Sunday school class? And in a Sunday school class, we read the scripture for the morning and on the teacher knob read it just before maybe I got to Sunday school, maybe I got up an hour early that Sunday morning. Any part was real sincere Christian, I worked on it maybe Saturday night a little bit. You know, and I read and I being the teacher. I have the teachers quarterly, which means I have a little more baloney at the front that you have, which I'm supposed to read ahead of time to show you How much more intelligent I am than you are. So I've read all this prelim, but now we've read the Scripture. And when we're through with it, I say to Sharon, Sharon, what do you think that verse means? And you know what Karen says? Well, I think this is tremendous for our times. I think it says Levin's death. And I say to Caroline, what do you think? And Carolyn says, Well, I think that's pretty good. What Karen says, but I don't quite agree with her. I think it's so and so. Wonderful. And Larry, I get to you. And I say, Larry, what do you think that scripture means? And Larry says, When I think Sharon was pretty good and Carolyn's friends, remember, we got to work our politics, you know, we can't ever offend anybody. So we've got to say that much. And then he comes with his wonderful phrase, but I think it could mean that. Now I already have how many denominations? Three? That's right. That's how you got everyone. I'm in the United States, all of them on private interpretation. And the Word says that the first thing we have to know is that no prophecy, not one word from Genesis to Revelation is of any one is what he says that's what it means. The curse is that everybody wants to interpret it. What do you think I don't give a hoot what you think? That's right. I don't care what you think, people? That's where we got all the trouble in the so called organized church today, because all we do is private interpretation. What do you think? What do you I don't care what you think, much less? Do I care what I think? What does it say? That? What does it say? Are the Word of God means what it says? And it says what it means and has got not had it, he wouldn't have said it. Don't we either quit plan church quit plan Christian, or we come to God's word and say again, that the Lord knowing this when first, that no prophecy of that scripture is up my own unfoldment my private interpretation? If I say I think it's so in solid plus private trust, it's privately what I think a lot about you. If you say it, that it was tight.


Can you sit still a little bit? What about your denomination? Ah when when when they write in their little quarterlies, and so forth and so on. This is what I think their denominational interpretation is still watts. Amen. Now, what about the Pope in Rome? Whenever he interprets the Word of God is still what? That's what the word says. That's what it means. In another prophecy is of any private interpretation. And you have only two answers left. Number one, either there is no interpretation possible if I do not interpret it, nor you nor anybody else. Number one, it is impossible to have any interpretation. If it's impossible to have any interpretation done, there is nothing left anyways, we might as well chuck the whole thing and get rid of are the only other thing you could possibly have left is that it must interpret itself. But that's what it does not say exactly what it does. It interprets itself. And this is done in a three fold way. Number one, it interprets itself right in the verse, right? Where it is written, right where it fits right in the verse. No private interpretation whatsoever. It interprets itself, right in the birth, whereas if it doesn't interpret itself in the birth, it fully interpret itself in the context. Watch the whole story the record made up above. If it doesn't interpret itself in the verse or in the context, it will have been used before. If I tell you tonight, this is a bumper sticker for your automobile. What's it going to be tomorrow night? A pencil? A wheel barrel? No, it'll still be what? Then do I have to tell you tomorrow night what it is? No, I've already told you Flug God just like that. If God already told you a lot, what it was how come you have to repeat it? He does. That's how the whole scripture is perfect itself either in a verse in the context for it has been viewed people now in relationship to how the Scripture interprets itself in the word So, we're going to be dealing with that perhaps the rest of the evening now. And in order to get to this, there's only one basic point we're going to start with. And that is, it interprets itself in the verse, right? Where it is written. John 360 For God did was so loved the world, that He gave His only one that whosoever believeth in him should not walk. Not have one ever like, Alright, is there one word in there you cannot understand, For God so loved the world that He gave His Oh, not one, where does it interpret itself? Right and the birth right where it is? Right where it is written? Right? In other words, you don't need a Philadelphia lawyer or a commentary to understand us. Then people say to me what they can't understand the King James. You know what, Kevin? Read it. Dry Gavin read it. Canary Stan, anything you haven't read? Look at Genesis one one, verse 10, you're quoted without looking it up? You know what? Remember, you don't have to look through them. Genesis one one. In the beginning, what created what can you understand it doesn't need any interpretation interprets itself right where it is was born, the first thing you must learn is that no prophecy of the scripture is of any plot, private interpretation. And the one of the great truths is that the Bible interprets itself right where it is. My years are working the word. I would say that full, I don't know 80% 85% of the Word of God, you could just read right? Where it's written interprets itself, right? Worthless. Then why don't people know that word you haven't read it. And believe what the risk. It went in here and went clean, clear through just like soap makes it clean, clear through with this one in one place and not enough. Now, this is how the vast majority of the Word of God interprets itself, right word number two, under this category, All scripture a purpose itself in the verse. It does not a perfect itself, right word flip. And in that verse, which it does, however, you will still have to set the words or the words that are used in that verse, because those words must be interpreted according to their biblical usage, not current. Now, you can't ever stay current on usage of words anyway. Some words? Yes, others No. Even the swingers Bible that we have today is no longer current. Because you people from California that are in here, and you college kids from ECU and others of you, you use words that they haven't even gotten around to putting into this linear Bible yet. So how could you take a Bible and keep it current, you'd have to come out with a new one every afternoon. And that's almost an impossibility. So what I've done through the years, is taken the word and when I came across a word, which I did not understand. In the King James, I did the same thing that I did in my college courses in other subjects. I looked it up in a dictionary. And you must get to the place, that you realize that the word or the words that are used in that verse must be interpreted according to their biblical usage. Otherwise, you will say the Bible does not interpret itself right where it's written in the verse. Okay, here's how we're going to do, Jimmy. Isaiah 113. Jane, Mark seven nine. Judy, James five one. Karen. Luke 17. Nine. Gil, Luke 21. Nine. Diane, First Thessalonians 415. On he forgot to live with Matthew 2535 Tandy, Roman 1618 and 19 and Tria. Now we'll give this to Dawn few. Second Timothy three, six. Sorry, Tria. You had to bypass this the reason for it, okay. Now he's going to read me the word and I'm going to show it to you Isaiah 113 Giving stand up and read it loud long so I can hear it I'd like absolute abomination is the calling of the family I cannot away okay the new moons and the Sabbath I cannot away with difficult words that you could not understand perhaps are the words away with the words away with in their biblical usually simply mean tolerate. That's the synonymous word that you would use today. He can't tolerate we use a phrase we can't swallow it that's the way with a man he God couldn't away with it he couldn't swallow it he couldn't tolerate it the new moon done the Mark seven nine please oh well you reject the commandment of God. Falwell would be your difficult word because you would interpret it differently with your particular American mind full well means with full knowledge. James five one does the man leave it? If you tell somebody to go to nine oh, you mean one thing? When the King James Bible when it says go to it means come now. At this meeting come now. All right. Look 79


Thank you.


So, I try not to be a baseball game or some PR O W in the the the old English word TR O W means imagine not. I imagine not think a word or words must be interpreted according to their watts. Biblical use take you have to understand them in the usage of their day and up that time. One of the finest things to own if you want to really master the word is to go to the Salvation Army dump and get Launa their old dictionaries that they that people have had in their basements in their archives for a long time. They got tired of dust in it. And they finally throw it out the Salvation Army took it you know it's one of these old dictionaries that you can buy for a nickel or a dime at a Salvation Army. And you can look up the synonyms because they they're so old that the synonyms there will give it to you exactly as it is just that quick. And get in some of our newest ones. Like the new Webster's the dive checked out 30 or 40 of them as are still real accurate in the newest dictionary we have. But if you ever want a good dictionary to have around the place, one of those for a nickel or a dime is thrifty nail. Luke 21, nine. Right? But the end is not last. Buy and buy those are the difficult words. The end is not Buy and buy. When the King James says Buy and buy means immediately. That's what the word buy and by me holding. It's not buying buy means it's not immediately. When you say Buy and buy you're thinking about the sweet by and by yourself. First Thessalonians 450.


Athletes are alive.


John not prevent them which are asleep. Does the word prevent today and our current use a means to hinder or to obstruct the word prevents biblical use he is preceded with the coming of the Lord we who are alive that his returns shall not precede those who are asleep or the dead in Christ. All right first. Matthew 2535. Any day was right if you if you go around and you start taking people in, it simply means you take them the cleaner many times. But when the Bible uses to take someone in it means to give them hospitality to give them a place to sleep and food to eat. Roman 1618 and 19


In the heart, for your opinion. I am glad you're here. Again I will tell you why. And to that, and simple.


Why he did that which is good and simple concerning evil the word simple words used in the preceding verse also in the same usage and meaning biblically. When we think of simple today we think of Simple Simon, you know, that's the payment go into the fare recently. And the word simple again has been another one of these words that our society has brought down to a level of degradation. The word simple in the Bible means without guile, without God, Second Timothy three, six, reserved it for a man and we tested dry alive and had to read that would have no impact if a woman read it. It says, men enter into houses and they lead captives, silly women. I have heard a sermon preached on this, where the minister was a little opposed to Mr. De mas had a bad night with his wife. Anyway, he said that the Bible said that the women were silly, and because women were silly women, therefore God gave them no responsibility of the church. When I heard him preach this i I sort of thought, I'm glad I'm not a woman, I'd go find me a ball bat when he came out of the door, odd slugging booth. They want woman, black woman wants to be called a silly woman. They answered, certainly a woman who loves the Lord Jesus Christ couldn't be a silly woman is impossible. But you see, people talk all the time, and they just give it private interpretation. The Scripture is not of any private interpretation has to interpret itself right in the verse, but you must understand the usage of those words that are in reverse in light of their biblical usage and the word silly means harmless. The men lead the captive, harmless woman, and not the woman that's silly and averts its demand, Gunny silliness about the situation. It T who leads captive da harmless way man, this is what he was talking about. Now, in the third place, right Great Britain, you must understand the word of the word interpreted according to their biblical uses. And points the the word use, those words used must be in harmony with a birth, as well as all the Scripture relating to the subject and boy, that's important. Every word even though it interprets itself in the verse, you might check that word that you're sure you understand it's biblical usage. But that word that use there must be in harmony with the holder, as well as all the other Scriptures with three relates to that particular verse.


Now, to show you the greatness of this, we turn to Matthew 27. Matthew 27. Jesus Christ was crucified. The third hour of the day, which is approximately nine o'clock our time.


And he was hanging on the cross. From nine in the morning to about three o'clock in the afternoon before we dive from 12 to three there was darkness over the face of the earth, that particular area. And in verse 46 of this 27 Chapter. We have this record. And about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice saying, Eli, Eli, lama lama dot Busteni. That is to say, Oh, my God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? Here, it's good Friday. And we're having a three hour service in our community unified service or a union serve as usually. And we're having this in our community used to be three hours sometimes now that reducing it to one. And during the period of those three hours, we, we have different ministers talk about the seven words from the cross. We have even had a, what do you call it wrote or written on the seven words from the throne on the Seven Last Words of Jesus from the cross. And of course, one of those words is this one from Matthew 2746. The word Eli Eli Lama Sebastien he that is to say, My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken? And during the course of this teaching, we talk about how God could not stay in sin. And therefore, God for sucking on the cross, and it gets to be a real tear jerker. You can really do something with this thing. In a service on Good Friday, or any other time as far as that goes. remarkable thing about this verse of scripture, I never knew the answer. From the time I went into the ministry until I learned the answer, which was quite a number of years later, I never knew the answer to this verse. The only thing I knew is that Matthew 2746, contradicted everything else that I could read in the Bible. And belonging to the ministerial Association in bandwidth. We had the same old system there that they work nationally, every plate, like, you know, the blind up to follow the blind, it's the same ritual. So we were went through the machinery and every year we had the dole out system, which simply means that a month or so before the period of time when we had the union Good Friday service, we all got together in our monthly ministerial meeting. And we they would hand out the scriptures that the different ministers were to preach on on Good Friday in the three hour service. Now, of course, if you have too many ministers and ministerial Association, you only get a chance to preach every two or three years depends how many are cooperating in the outfit. So in bad words, in those years that I was active in the ministerial Association, every time it became my opportunity to participate in the union, Good Friday service, what Scripture Do you think I got? Matthew 2746, every time? Every time I didn't know the answer. So I knew I didn't know the answer. And of course, I couldn't be humiliated, being one of these college grads, university grads, and all these theological cemeteries that I attended, you know, I just didn't want anybody to know, I didn't know the answer. You know, after all, you have to play to cool and smart to know, like, you've got all the answers. But so I remembered who get the easy ones. I'd remember a minister for instance, that would get the text like it is finished, that one I could handle, you know, and a few others, it was finished. So I'd remember. And the Buddy was telling you about my good Baptist spread. It happened on two different occasions to him, where he would get a scripture that I couldn't handle. And I couldn't handle Matthew 2746. So I call him up. And I, when we get home and I say, hey, Reb you know, this morning, they had to do a talk about calling somebody Reverend, and had a woman in bandwidth who always called me revenue or I guess he was robbed could talk to you. I don't know. That's the Lucky Strike expert didn't talk to anymore by calling him up and I say, hey, read. Uh, you know, this morning at that meeting of there, they gave me this Matthew 2746. And you know, that things pretty rough. For me. I don't quite understand it. But I'm pretty sure that you must be able to really handle that. And you must really be able to do a lot better job than I could possibly do on it. And I said, if you don't mind, would you like to trade with me? Oh, yeah, I'll trade with you. Boy. That's how I got rid of every year. Every year. Whenever it came my turn. I got that. So I get rid of it. Isn't it was really every other year. We had many, you know, enough preachers. We couldn't get around all of us. After I learned the truth of what I'm going to teach you tonight, I have never once been asked to teach on this same scripture at any time. Remarkable Matthew 2746 should have caught our attention should have caught mine anyways, years ago. Why are those funny looking words in there? Like Eli, Eli, lama Sebastien he wires, those words in there? If they're green, and so forth, why are they? Why? Why isn't there Greek in 45? In 44? In 47? Why didn't they leave the whole thing in Greek fly just a place like this? Leave some foreign looking words and not do anything with them. Just bother. I did not listen. Well, I did understand, however, that whatever they said that said, here in King James, and in every other translation that I'd read, it just couldn't be. And the reason it couldn't be is because the rest of the way to God, Tom predicted that verse. And we're dealing, we're dealing with that truth. Remember, that the word view must be in harmony with the verse as well as all the sixth relating to the subject. Now that very says, that God for so came right, that God left him that he left Jesus to hang on the cross and die like he should, because God went for a walk or something. Well, let's check the word to see what it really says. John, keep the finger in Matthew because you know, we'll be back. John 16.


John 16 Verse 32, Jesus talking about this crucifixion and the time of his arrest and death, Behold, the hour was common, yay is now come, that gee shall be scattered every man to his own, and shall leave me alone. And yet, I am not alone. Because the father is what? How can God protect him if he's with him?


John chapter 10. Verse 30, I and My Father are what? How would you like to separate one?


Colossians. These in Philippians Colossians chapter two, verse nine, For in Him in Christ dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily. Audio like that, Oh, my God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? Second Corinthians. Second Corinthians chapter five verse 19, go with that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself. God was where? In Christ Matthew 26. Matthew 26 Verse 53, when they were taking Jesus captive seeker style that I cannot now verse 53, pray to my father, and he shall presently immediately pronto rot nail, give me more than 12 legions of lots 72,000 warriors. Dr. Pretty good army. I don't want to tell you something. You've got to be on talking terms with daddy to get that type of action. God, God, can I flew the coupon. Yeah. He can't be out there fishing in somebody else's pawn. If you're going to get that kind of action from God, God had to be in business. And he said he could pray to his father doing most of it on talking terms with it. And he said my father would give me 12 legions of angels. My Bible says that Jesus Christ laid down his life on the cross. They didn't take it. He could have walked off of that cross slicker than water rugs off a duck's back. Why sure, it wasn't the nails that were driven through his hands and feet, or the rope around his middle that held him to that cross. Where do you ever get that idea? You know what held Him to the cross, His love for you and for me that What held him there? And don't you forget it? That's right, God dowhat love that he gave his only begotten son. He'll hit his love that kept him hanging on that cross for you. And ladies and gentlemen, if God did this for you in Christ Jesus thank you do a little bit for the last 12 legions of angels that his command ladies and gentlemen, he had to have God close at hand to get that kind of act may ask you something else when Jesus Christ was here upon Earth, who's well was he doing his father's well so when he was dying on the cross, who's well what's he doing? Right John Ford John for just a few that's all there oodles of men here. If it's God's word, it has to odd a man God can say one thing one place and deny himself some other place regarding the same person the same situation no matter with a John Paul verse 34, Jesus says unto them, my meat is to do the will of him that one and two, what finished his was when he was dying on the cross, whose work was he finishing? That's why when it was all over with he said it His love was finished. Your redemption and mine that's what was finished. The fulfillment of the law was finished. So that kid wouldn't need to go through what the preacher told you last night condemnation or whatever you said you were all in. What was the word? Bob Wierwille?


Well, hey, Bob in here okay. Boy, that something was what the Word says. Uh, how can the Word of God say all of these things, and then you have one verse that sticks out like a sore thumb. And that one contradicts all the rest in God's word. You know, what we've done, and it's a brilliant mind that has to do, it's really shows how intelligent we really are. We hold on to that one, and forget all the rest. That's real intelligence. Just know that one, by sheer logic will have to fit in all the rest. And we'll have to make because it has to be in harmony. The birth has to be in harmony, the words in that verse, the individual word, and the word, the plurality. All of these must be in harmony with all the other scriptures that deal with the identical particular truth that is presented by John six verse 38, where I came down from heaven, not to do my own will, but the will of him that was whose will was he doing then when he was dying on the cross? Amen. Then you've got for sucking we got a problem, our real problem. Look at John eight verse 29, and he that sent me is with me, the father has not left me what for I all I do always those things that was when he was dying on the cross. He was doing what that would please God. And yet Matthew 27 says, My God, My God, why have so? In John chapter 12? You know, those words in the King James in Matthew 27, the word Eli Eli, the word Eli means my dog. The word llama la ma is the King James. There is no word like this. The word is Hell am ama love mana. And in John 1227, did you now is my soul troubled and watch it Father has saved me from this hour. But for this cause for this law mana for this cause, came I unto this one hour for this purpose for this talk, the word Romana is never used in connection with a question. It is always used as a declaration of time. It is the word that's used in Aramaic litterateur, as well as Greek letter retort when they, when the armies have conquered, always a conquering word. It's always the word of success, never of defeat. My God, My God, For this cause for this purpose. You see, there is a word. Or there are two words that deal with that when someone is forgotten or when someone is protected. It is not the word llamada not My God, My God, why has thou but my God, my dog for this purpose. That's the meaning of this word llamada. Now the word about pani it can J comes from the root word Shabbat s a b aka all languages main languages are made up of roots. They have prefixes they have suffixes and you have combinations. Multiple depends on what language you're dealing with but all languages built on root the root of that word in Matthew 2746 is the word Shabbat now in First Kings look up first king in First Kings chapter 19 Verse 18 Read it to me Mr. Oak fleet Park kings 19 at all right, I have left me Give me a synonym for it or left me what okay. But you see the the mind immediately on left me with say goodbye Right. Like you had a quarter in your pocket and the snack shop was open and it left to your spending. I have left me means I have reserved I still have remaining 7000 who have not bowed their need to home bail is that what thirsting says that is what it means. i He still had remaining How many people 7000 who had not lost? bow their knees today. So it's synonym could be reserved. Paired remaining kept right now remember what you've read. They hid for 30 seconds Look at Romans Romans 11 Very poor Jim. Okay, I have reserved to myself 7011 Miles bowed their knees to us. Now, this is the New Testament record of that which Mr. Oak read the Old Testament record, same deal right. In the Old Testament, they translated the word how left me and enrollments they translated and have reserved that is this word Shabbat


that I have fared I have kept I have permitted to remain 7000 who have not failed the need to bail. In your center references of your Bibles. You will note that Matthew 22 746


is referred to as a statement that Jesus Christ quoted from was Psalm 22 One rough. Look at Psalm 22. One. I am not sure he quoted it from Psalm 22 one, but that's what they say. The only time I'm ever sure that he said quotation is when the word says it's quoted. This is what men have said that he quoted it from Psalm 22. One. But the remarkable thing is in Aramaic, it's still the word Shabbat. In Psalm 22 verse one, My God, My God, why hast thou spared me? Why have you Shopbop me? Why have you reserved me? Why have you left me here?


Why you allow me to stay God? Why are you so far from helping me? Oh, and from the root word to my rotary? Pipe cry to you in the daytime but God you don't hear me? What you let me here for what do you let me remain for what do you spare me for? Don't you see? Birth for our fathers trusted? Is he they trusted in bounded plot? Deliver them what he is staring me for what am I kept for what? Why am I here? Why don't you deliver me? What he said. Very five. They cried under the word delivered. They trusted indeed. And we're not confounded. But I am I a woman. Just a word, and no man, a reproach a man and despite this, they see me last meet a store and they shoot out their lips like this. They shake the head. And you know what they say about me? Verse eight. He trusted on the Lord that he would deliver him Let him deliver him the delight of that him Lord Why'd you let me remain for why don't you deliver me is delivered our forefathers liver body. Oh, what's your let me in the soup for see how even Psalm 22 Fits like a hand in a glove even on that? I'm not sure he was quoting Psalm 22. Back in Matthew 27. There are words as I told you that are and could be translated. to forsake or to forget or to leave. Those words are two in numbers a lot is to Tati and the other one is not funny. Those are the two words. In Psalm 14 I said Matthew we'll go to Tom first again


Psalm 13 Verse one read it to me. Robin Yeah, how long without Patani me? How long will you protect me Lord to forget me lord.


Read me also, the Psalm 42. One and one verse there verse nine, I think no one. Bill. Yeah, Why has thought forgotten me? is so worried Nakatani Why did you forsake me? That's the word, not the time. See, there are good words that are translated to forget or to partake, but not the word Shabbat. That's the point. The word softbox is always to be fair to be tested, permit or to reserve. That's the root meaning of the rule dubby. One of my critics just wrote us a letter A couple months ago, you know, and this is what he says. Where will is mistaken in his interpretation. Matthew 2746 I haven't given you any interpretation and I'm just reading you to book nine, he says this about me. He says it is only evidence that scripture in Matthew 27 that it is the cry of dereliction and that this is theologically offensive to the translator who authored it is suit himself. And it certainly is definitely clear that the cry is offensive to Wierwille. He's right. He's absolutely right. For me to say, My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me? It's real offensive. Because we stand approved if we do one thing, what? rightly divide the Word. And you don't change the word because it's offensive or not offensive to you, that'd be private interpretation. These are the great Greek scholars in the United States on a salary of 25 to 30,000 years, they are 30,000, and they're worth 25 cents. Like Rufus Mosley used to say if you have to pay somebody to preach to pay you to pay him not to breed. Rod has nothing to do with what I think or you think, but how does the whole word fit. And ladies and gentlemen, you just can't have one word, one scripture stick out like a sore thumb and 100, plain one, and you hold on to the one because you liked it, and you throw off 100 cent, you haven't got any word of God left. They'll make up your mind. I don't work the word to be pleasing to you or anybody else to work and to be pleasing to Him. You should too. And all you have to do is change your theology. You're wrong teaching, you're wrong believing that thought. And he said, I didn't know what I was talking about, well, maybe a little bit a little softer, besides. Let him explain to us and if he knows the answer, let him harmonize. I and my Father are 112 legions of angels at my command, I always do my father's will. Only if he's always doing his father's will, always is included at the time of the crucifixion, right? Who's well was he doing? Dry? Every translation that comes into the occidental world, in the Western world, is always translated, My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken? The translations that go into the East. Now, not all of them, but most of the many of them are always translated, My God, My God, for this purpose was I FERS, or for this purpose was I kept, or for this purpose was I reserve? Now explain to me why the same American Bible Society or British Bible Society, which would send one into the Occident, the other into the East, in the east, they would translate it, oh, my God, my God, for this, I was spared. But in the West, My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me? Want me to tell you why they call it they want to sell Bible. They don't care if you go to hell or not. As long as they sell a Bible, the whole pattern of the translation of the reverse Bible Revised Standard was not to get to the Word of God it was to sell Bibles. Because if you sell enough Bibles like selling enough Playboy to do what, make a profit. Ladies and gentlemen, we're at a pitiful hour and day in our life. People are not concerned about the integrity of God's word, but can I make a little money on paypal if we never make a dime out of the word as long as we got the truth, that's all that matters. It's the truth that day and honey. That's the first time I've done this pretty good for you. This is a Sanskrit translation Telugu, India is Sanskrit. Sanskrit is the oldest translation next to Aramaic in the world. These are the words from Matthew 27:46. Not Deva, not Deva Lebu. Nanbu Indu. Cuckoo. The main city did not Deva is my dog, not Dave of my dog. No, boo. You, me for this purpose. And that's Dr. Lamsa in his translation, which is on the back of the book table, which is a translation from the procedure of Aramaic. Dr. Lamsa translates it, oh, my God, my God. For that purpose was I spent when Jesus Christ was dying upon the cross, he was dying upon that cross because of his love for you and for me. And hang on that cross that day behind there because he loved us. He could have walked off of it, I told you that.


But he did. And I thank God he didn't. How would a miserable sinner like me ever got sick?


And you and dairy was hanging on that call that day. And just about three o'clock in the afternoon, our time. He cried some words from the cross. And among those words, were those which we have shared with you tonight. Eli, Eli lamona, Java than eight, which is to say, My God, My God, for this purpose was I fired? My God, My God, for this purpose came I into the word, My God, My God, for this purpose was I kept my God my God for this purpose. Is this our cup? And you know what the next cry from the cross was? It is finished. What was finished your redemption and mind because God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.