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SNT 0405 Renewed Mind

SNT 0405 Renewed Mind

Sets the "how" of the renewed mind.

June 22, 1969

SNT 405

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Topic: Renewed Mind, How, DRAFT, Word, renew, mind, prophet, Naaman, king, walk, natural, renewed mind, revelation, believers, leper
Format: audio
Publication Date: 06-22-1969

Victor Paul Wierwille was a Bible scholar and teacher for over four decades.

By means of Dr. Wierwille's dynamic teaching of the accuracy and integrity of God's Word, foundational class and advanced class graduates of Power for Abundant Living have learned that the one great requirement for every student of the Bible is to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Thus, his presentation of the Word of God was designed for students who desire the in-depth-accuracy of God’s Word.

In his many years of research, Dr. Wierwille studied with such men as Karl Barth, E. Stanley Jones, Glenn Clark, Bishop K.C. Pillai, and George M. Lamsa. His formal training included Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Mission House (Lakeland) College and Seminary. He studied at the University of Chicago and at Princeton Theological Seminary from which he received a Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. Later he completed his work for the Doctor of Theology degree.

Dr. Wierwille taught the first class on Power for Abundant Living in 1953.

Books by Dr. Wierwille include: Are the Dead Alive Now? published in 1971; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today published in 1972; five volumes of Studies in Abundant Living— The Bible Tells Me So (1971), The New, Dynamic Church (1971), The Word's Way (1971), God's Magnified Word (1977), Order My Steps in Thy Word (1985); Jesus Christ Is Not God (1975); Jesus Christ Our Passover (1980); and Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed (1982).

Dr. Wierwille researched God's Word, taught, wrote, and traveled worldwide, holding forth the accuracy of God's "wonderful, matchless" Word.

Mat 4:4; 2Co 4:18; Eph 2:9

IJo 3:1; Eph 1:3

Eph 1:4, 5, 7, 9, 11; 2:6, 10, 19; 3:19

2Ki 5:1-8

2Ki 5:8-13;

2Ki 5:14; Luk 4:27




snt-0405_renewed-mind(vpw) DRAFT

SUMMARY KEYWORDS: Word, renew, mind, prophet, Naaman, king, walk, natural, renewed mind, revelation, believers, leper

I'd like for you to make your Bible in turn to the Gospel of Matthew chapter four. As all of you people who have taken the foundational class have heard me say many, many times, Jesus Christ was God's plan for bridging the gap between the natural man and the spirit world. And we as believers know by believing that which is spiritual, but it's demonstrated in concrete and in the natural world, when we act upon that revelation. This is one world in which you and Alia thought the spiritual is superior to the natural. This is not readily recognized. Nor are most people cognizant of this truth, but this is the reality of there are two kinds of knowledge in this world. One is called natural knowledge. And natural knowledge is acquired by the information which is sent to the human mind via the five senses. The other type of knowledge is called spiritual knowledge. And the spiritual knowledge, information, which is received or garnered by way of the spirit of the spiritual hunger in an individual is just as real just as genuine, as a physical or a mental hunger. In Matthew chapter four, in verse four, the word of God says, Jesus answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word, which proceeded out of the mouth of God. In other words, man needs physical food for a physical body. But he also needs the Word of God, which is food for the food. He needs to feed his mind on the greatness of God's word. Because God's word is God's revelation. To mind, it is a rule book. It's a textbook whereby we as believers must operate. It's difficult for most people in the early stages of the ministry that the way represents it's difficult for them to learn to walk by the Spirit. The reason we encounter this difficulty is because of certain laws that are involved, which I'm going to try to clarify and help you understand in more detail tonight. Because we have lived so long by the natural senses, we have lived so long by the information we have acquired by the five senses and made decisions. According to the natural man, we have found it difficult after we're born again of God's Spirit, even when we sit through a class on power for abundance, to learn to walk by the Spirit, to learn to walk by the Spirit is to learn to lock by the renewed mind, which is acquired from an accurate knowledge of God's word and I like in second Corinthians chapter four, we attend to it please. Second Corinthians chapter pose, The natural man never give God the credit, he always takes it for himself. But in Second Corinthians, chapter four, and in verse 18, it says, while we the born again believers who are renewing their mind, while we as believers, we look not at the things which are the things which are seen, or the things in the natural world, this is what most people conduct their living by, what do you see, but we who really are walking with renewed mind believing, we do not look at the things which are seen, but we look at the things which are was not seen or not seen referring to the spiritual side, or the things which are seen are temporal, or the things which are not seen are what eternal, the greater truths and realities of life are not seen.


As I teach in my classes, you cannot take love and put it in a test tube and take it into a laboratory, put it on top of a Bunsen burner and come up with a certain amount of hot love. It's impossible. Because love is a reality. It's a truth. Life is a truth, all of these greater realities of life. You cannot know by the senses. You can only know them via the spirit. These things are eternal. The Spirit is love. This is why the man of body and soul Who has a mind when he is born again of God's Spirit. It isn't a body and soul man that's born. It's God's giving him a birth inside. It's a new birth. It's Christ in us a hope ago. And this is created within us. Now we have all of this within us, because of God's mercy and of God's grace, as it says, In Ephesians, not of works, lest any man should watch. What is you know, that it has not affected my mind, or it is created within us. Only spirit within. So, this man of body and soul, when he's born again, is now body, soul, and spirit. The mind of man is in the body and soul category. Therefore, the mind must be renewed in here must be by creative. You can't get it any other way. Because it's never been there. Like the Scripture says, we're headed for spouses and kids without God and without who, right. So when we're born again, he creates a new spirit within us. But having had a mind previously, before we were born again, man must renew that mind even after he's born again. And he's body, soul, and spirit. Now how with a capital A to capital and a capital W, how do you change that mind? Only one way to change the mind and that is entirely dependent upon the information that you're feeding to. The reason we believe what we believe, and it is because of what we've sent to our minds, Dangerous Mind by changing what you're feeding on. I say our people in the closet, just quit reading, life, look and time. They helped me to stop reading Saturday evening


and playable, all of these things. And I said to my people, why don't you give God a chance for just three weeks, or a month or two months or three months, and read nothing but God's rules and regulations. As to that which is addressed to you don't even read the local scandalized. That's the new thing. You know why? Because three weeks from now, it will be as negative as it is tonight. It's guaranteed, it will not be better, I'll guarantee you, maybe a little worse, but it won't be better. And the things that they'll publish in Time, Newsweek, all of these other you six weeks from now, you can pick it up, and you'll be just as far ahead reading it as you are. If you read it week after week, why not read God's rules and regulations, cast out everything else for a while just resource feed on that route, but people like to send to your mind is all you're ever able to produce. And the problem is that we're sending lots and lots of stuff up here besides door to God. Then we wonder why we have the opportunities or problems with which we're confronted? Why don't we just take time out, read God's words and settle on God's word? How do you think the world ever got along without Newsweek in time? And the Wall Street Journal and all these magazines in the days of the apostle Paul, arguably, they they just didn't have any light at all did the heck they did. All the Apostle Paul turned that whole section of Asia Minor upside down in two years and three months. And he did it out without the New York Times, or The Wall Street Journal or law or life or look for Saturday evening posts, our label and arrest on rides or Word and nothing got the word, a story. They slept it, they drank it, they sat down, and they spent all night on the words. It's that word. So the only way class we're ever going to renew our mind is to saturate ourselves with the accuracy of God's words. The the new birth happens to a person a moment of time. But the renewed mind is progress. As Peter says progress, it's a move. It's a determination on your wheel. So we'll leave put on story to God and that takes time. You buy your will you determine how far you're going to go in the renewing of your mind. Rufus Mosley used to say, if you don't like the crop, you're reaping pain to feed yourself.


Now, there are three things involved in this matter of a man's coming to this gruesome body and food, naturally, number one is he got to get, he must be born again of God. Without that birth, via just a natural man of body and soul has no eternal us. So the first thing we have to teach our people is out to get born again. I've done ferrets, and see the job is done. Secondly, study the Word. That's what I'm talking about tonight, the the renewed mind category, study that word, and to study it, were to study to show ourselves approved unto God, not under the sea level, or the next door neighbor, our community, not under the church. And yet, that's exactly what they have tried to tell us through the years. And I've gone to so worth the words that if I'm a Baptist, I come out with water. Gotta come out with water, how can you be a Baptist and get rid of water. And if you're something else you've got, that's not studying the work that's already following everything everybody else has said without reading it yourself and putting the word together. Or if it's the word of God, it'll have to fit like a hand in a glove all the way from Genesis to Revelation. And we'll have to work with that mathematical exactness in the scientific procedure that I keep talking about. Or it sounds wonderful, nice and classy. If we can break it at one place. You have no word left. That's why we have to study the words so that it'll fit. The third place Live Love, live living. Now it's no love when somebody's gone to hell, and we just patting them on the back and we should Memorial. That's right. That's not what it is not love when somebody's hiking or to God, the pieces are not to sit around and just let that old boy keep it. That's not love. Love has correction in it. And that's why the Scripture said that had Martel sang about tonight to at all scripture is profitable for doctrine, right believing or reproach. Doctrine reproof, correction, which is lost instruction and right believing the word does. And to have to live love. You've got to have some corrective. You know why? Because we had this mind before we're all screwed up up here. From the stuff we have set up here and years past, I'm born again of God's Spirit. Now I've got to put on the word up here to get this thing unscrewed, so to speak, and to get it to tracking. So I'm going to have a period of time when this word is going to reprove me and correct me. That's why we need to study the words. Not only do you get safe, secondly, study the words. And in the third place you live love, live it. Pivot. And if you live this love, you love God first. Nothing else. Not even your sweetheart, your wife, your children, not even life itself. You love God. out love the Lord thy God, with all thy heart, with all thy food with all thy mind with all thy strength, this is the person we love God. God is spirit. I can only love him when I know his word and know how to love him. And my love for him is manifested when I rightly divide the Word and study to show myself approach onto him. My walk day by day. Secondly, first you love God. Secondly, you love these words. Love it, the the ad, anything you love you like to be with anything you love your patient with. And sometimes you got to be patient with the word because the translations are so confused. Sometimes I've waited 1215 years to get light on one word in the Word. You gotta love that word to the end that you've got a lot of patients like your work backwards. And in the third place, your loved fellow believers. They align diner plates and not eat any noise when I get to do a renewed Mind category


or be this. He said tonight in his prayer, he likes something about the love for all the people in the world, but especially for the household of believers, I don't know how you set it same for something. But that's what he says. And that's what the Word says. It says, to be especially good to the household of faith. So you love God, you love these words, and you love the fellow believers. Inside of the fellow believers, some are just little babies. Others are a little more mature. And I know that the human tendency, even after you're a Christian, is to try to be with those who have the same spiritual maturity you have. That is always loved. Because you will have the love of Christ are going to have to take your hand and you're gonna have to reach down and take some of these little spiritual children, and you got to walk them up.


That's why you love God, love his word, love the fellow believers.


You've got to renew your mind to get to the place that it recognizes its position in price. What we already have in Him, not what you and I feel like not what somebody else may say we all act like but the word what does the word say? What is our position in price we got to renew our mind just to recognize that position we have. Look at First John, chapter three verse one, the whole lot matter of love, the father has was bestowed upon us, that we should be called the Son of God, therefore the world knoweth us not. Because if you him, not the love it now. Now, right now, not when you die. But right now, Beloved, now are we want the sons of God, if we're born again of God fit for God's Son, you've got to recognize your particular interest. Beloved, now, are we the sons of God, and it does not yet appear, what we shall be in the future, but we know we know kn O W, we already knew that when he shall appear, we shall be like Him, or we shall see him as r&d phase. After one I'm just going to go through a portion of this and show you some of the greatness so that we can renew our minds to recognize our positions in Christ are three of chapter one. Like to be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who have had since left out past him with all spiritual lessons? Well, if he has blessed us, then am I blessed? Even if I don't feel like it, I'm watching. Now then it's up to me to get the feeling like how do you get to feeling like, by the renewing of the mind, the reason you go melancholy is because that's what you think. The reason you get down in the mouth because you start sinking down. If you're getting to an environment, which is negative and you start thinking negatively, that's not recognizing our positioning. recognize our positioning price, we get to the words. And the word says he has blessed us with all spiritual blessings in the heavenlies in Christ, so we're already blessed with all spiritual blessings. Well, if I'm blessed with all spiritual blessings, like a pray for any if you're already blessed, we all have to pray for it. So all you have to do is thank God he's given us there's any prayer at all to person or and I thank you for blessing me with all spiritual blessings. And Lord, you just don't have to put up with me for this. This kind of thing. You know, not to really renew my mind and appropriate. We talk about sin. You know, as it says, The greatest thing that reads the Holy Spirit of God is just not to renew the mind. People are always concerned about their rights and heard about the wrong one? Usually, I trust the advance that kindness is the awareness killer to do your wear rings. That's what they're concerned about. I don't make God one who's been different. When are you born again above Siri, and have you renewed your mind? Because the lack of the renewed mind is, as it says, in the Word of God, that which breathes the Holy Spirit of God, like, oh, the one of the greatest sins that people are committing today is just not renewing their mind on God's word. Got a lot of fancy talk out a beautiful theology, but a lot of the integrity and the accuracy of God's Word.


blessed God, he did it. I didn't. But I'm blessed. Record According as He, God has chosen us, in him, or what you're complaining about. If he chose you to be a member of his family, you ought to be tickled to death. I'm proud to be a member of the royal family. I'm more proud of being a family in the family of God as his son. Why not? You say anything bad about the way well, family and I get my dandruff up a lot about God's family. People can ridicule God Family has the right to pieces. Nobody gets shocked. Well, why don't you take a stand that's renewed mine. If you let people run over you all the time is a renewed mind in that I just be undefeated. And every time we let them get away with heights, in the words of pieces, we are simply collaborating. They're unbelief. And some of us are going to have to stand


in love. On stand. He has chosen us, what do you think he chose us for?


Just because he wanted to be stupid. He wanted something to do. He must have a purpose in mind for choosing us, right? God's not stupid. He chose us you didn't choose him, he chose you? Or why do you think he chose rightly or backwards


he chose us in Him from before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy, and without blame before Him in luck, that's what he chose and whom in God in whom we have we've got it. This is our sonship right? We've got it You've got to renew your mind you've got it is whom we have redemption.


Looking on the inside we have redemption three floods, remission of sins is the text. according to the riches of His words, you see why this is able to take a man or a woman, no matter what they've been in the past and clean them up and start them on a road. That's the birth but to keep those people on the road, it's a renewed mind that they put on God's word and to walk like a son of God. That's the renewed life I cooperated camp renewed my birth not having made known unto us the mystery of his wheel. Well if he made it known to us and do we know them it's really right. The only way you know he's, he's worried but we do know it. Verse 11, in who also in whom also we have obtained an inheritance. We have obtained it we've got it. Well, if you've got the inheritance act apart I suppose you've got the inheritance of a million dollars by yourself a new time. If we've got the inheritance of the word, why not believe God for what He says? We have a right to buddy we got the inheritance. I've had people say how impressed they were with the people who had so much money and dress so poorly. You'd never know they had any money. invested on fresh new drugs. I thought a million I'm going to wear it to


people. I think we have had a dog in us all through the years that if you were a real Christian, you were always so humble and everybody always walked all over you and that you never manifested any rightness because the sifter, they'll quote, I just let him think you kind of take these accepted bodies. No. I put you down. alert people. Why don't we just read God's rulebook and regulations. And when God says you got an inheritance, you say you've got an inheritance. That's the widow's mite. You don't feel like you got it tonight. Well say it. Tomorrow morning, again, say tomorrow afternoon, at tomorrow night, say a 10 time tomorrow, and one of these mornings you're gonna wake up and find out your Riccati. And he's really ever betting and jelly. Because what you say to yourself is what you owe them if you bring to yourself what to believe, and what you believe is conditioned by what we are thinking. In chapter two, there are a lot of other good things that I'm just skipping around. Just to show you some, you know, a thesis is the greatest revelation if you want to read something really think that already turned up, didn't do six, and has raised us up together. He's already raised us up. And he has made us step together in the heavenly in pricing. Well, Glasgow, and it's no longer as far as God is concerned, a question about looking up. We're already seated where it's just a matter of us looking nice. People always looking up looking up looking up, the word says We're already up there, you can't look up. If you're already up to go look down. We're looking down from God's point of view upon life as we're living it today. That is being able to do this. And this we're only able to do if we have a knowledge of God's Word and believe God's Word, God's Word. For we are His workmanship, created in pricing on do good work, we are His workmanship, He created us under good work. Under 19 Now, therefore, you are no more now therefore you're no more strangers and foreigners, but your fellow citizens with the same and have the household of lots robbed the household of us. Amen. Then God is our Father and we are his was. And our gods that could God and he's a big guy, and we are his kids. And everything the father has belongs to God it's ours. Because we are his. He chose us we are His workmanship. Our Sarah is not responsible for being a member of the where well plan. He didn't have to come. Because a lot her mother and I did. He is our workmanship. Our class the Bible says we're whose workmanship spiritually, God and whose children are we? He is responsible for my birth. I am just styled. So everything the father has belongs to the child and are God's got sick is a wonderful God. He's a good God is everything the Bible says he is. And all people have tried to do is to talk us on we can't afford to let them talk us out of it. We've got to renew our mind and just say what the Word of God says. Where we are what the Word of God says we are we have what the Word of God says we have will be what the Word of God said will be because of what God did in 1990 and to know the love of Christ, which passes knowledge that you might be filled with all God that's something that you might be filled with all the lots. Oh, man, you're almost hate to say it. and tell you why. When you say that thing you're wondering why am I here?


Why are we here it says we are filled with all the love Oh that's our look what this did did the early church what it would do again if people believe we are what the Word says we are, but you have to renew your mind and you have to believe it here. God did all this work in here. Now we have to put it on up here. But the end we put it on on here and anybody comes in the country. That's why you walk down the street. Declaring Tuesday thank you all tonight. What do you expect? They're not so they they gotta read what they already do what you say you are? Are we are we not? We are what the Word says we don't make it ever like people. People didn't bother me he bothered. I'm his son, my birth. Father that I am adored says that grace that's renewed


1000 times until you believe or the moment you begin to believe it your product.


Or 20 said to him was able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we do what? As auroa you can't be you can't think you have to ask what the Word says. You have to think what


other words you can't make a bigger stone we talk about renewed mind how what it is all of these things are real intriguing. I continue chapter five seven verse one now nailing you would have done the host of the king of Syria.


Naaman was Captain under an actor of the king of Syria. And they among was a great man with his master the king of Syria. They Amman was honorable. Because by Him, the Lord had given deliverance under theory. He was also a mighty old man, a mighty man of power. He wasn't afraid of a shadow. He was a mighty man of balance. But it was the one I love. Because being a leper, he would be ostracized. There are many, many things he was allowed to do, you could confer with a piece upon that he could tell you the Oriental wisdom behind a leper and what he had to do to be cleansed and all of that. I only want to touch the name and story tonight to show your renewed mind will show you the struggles that go on in the soul of a mind sometimes to renew his mind. Or to said, and the curious had gone out for companies and not always happy, out of the land of Israel, a little me. And you waited on them and like it sorry, actually, you'll recall the record of the rig theory and armies out of Democritus time with the natural rib, Vinci's armies out to captured everyone. And whenever they capture the land, they brought their gods back to them and put them on display. They went out after a land of Israel that is, in the process of this, they couldn't get their god god with spirit. But they did bring the people along. And it happened that out of Israel, they brought a little made. One would have thought it could have been a property or some great creatures, some great origin, it was just a little made. That becomes dynamically significant in the soul. But people many times they have to be some big people. Some very important people. They'll say, Well, I don't want to speak in tongues at the way headquarters on Sunday night because somebody else is here to do it so much. Out of here Drill they brought a little maze and he waited on name and Dwight and the little maze that onto our mistress Naaman's like what to God My Lord Naaman was with the prophet that is in Scenario four he, the prophet would recover him of his lips He must have had a renewed mind on healing or something not right. No still no may not some great prophet or not some great minister, some great artists just below me and that household of Naaman done for the Oregon and she declared the word up it's not important, who it is, but what it is. If it's the word of God doesn't make any difference who says it? It's still God's word. The important thing is that it said and this little maid who was a slave who had been taken a captive out of Israel was the one who shared the word and he said to her, or mistress who was the life of them and he said wish to God My Lord Naaman was with the Prophet, the man of God in scenario or he's a man of God. What a man of God to do it. The man of God would do it he would recover him of his lepers one way didn't pose for his Lord name and saying nothing but that to me that is a blend of the information got down to the Kenyan verse five and the king of Sumeria sense says go to Naaman go and I will send a letter on to the king of us Whoa whoa whoa whoa no no made had bad weeks to God my master my lord would go to the Prophet in what some area


but the king I'm serious bad I'll give you a letter to the king of Israel


no protocol and good logic good sound natural reasonable logic. Right you know why? Because in the mind of the natural man if some little old prophet back in Timbuktu on Main alley nowhere and he old Amana leprosy think think how much more the king can do. Good luck, right? Why tell you 10 Knowledge reason natural knowledge never gets the results of God's cause it always vaunted of and always filled with little made said packing scenarios the man of God damn it was down there. The key he said, Well, I'll send a letter to the king of Israel. Or just that little prophet of God can do it certainly the king can do more than the Prophet


he said, and he departed very fast damage Japan. And he took with him 10 Pounds of silver textiles, pieces of gold and 10 pages of Raymond after all, if you're going to go see the king of Israel, he's going to view you you've got to have the proper displays in place has to be engraved properly the knives have to be thoroughly got to have everything just right. And he named him all the way down from Mary and he brought the letter to the king of Israel state. Now this letter is come on to the the hope this was in the letter now he's open the mail address and he says behold, as you read this, I have sent Naaman my sermon to thee that thou might have three cover him of his luck, leprosy. And it came to pass when the king of Israel had received a letter from the king of Syria, that the king of Israel read his clothes, he put him up and he said, and I God I can do this to kill and to make the law that this man and underneath direct cover a man of his left


Oh The king of Syria because a quarrel again, that's what he wants to fight he sent me him and down here with this letter knowing I can do it and if I can do it here he's coming down with his arm all he wants to fight


and it was so when he liked it, the man of God had heard that the king of Israel had already flown that he sent to the king saying, wherefore has already rent buy clothes? Like you can all your clothes


let him come underneath them over here to me and he shall know that there is a property in Israel oil the great king of Israel gets all of the little letter that comes down from Damascus they do this man


at the time that letter arrives their license sitting back as I told you this gets ruined pot of tea because he anyway he writes a little note to the king of Israel and scented by courier and all it says


oh get those games then that fella down to me down here and although sitting up 300 members occupant and you'll find out there is a man of God in his real


not the report is very nice his name and came with his art very, and all of his possessions and he stood at the door of the house of Eli. Well, my good where's the protocol? One would think that it's a great name and head of the armies of Syria. The greatest armies of their day are you keep coming down that lease that that little man and God has mounted him a BS in a hailstorm anyway the least he could do if this great man was coming is leased from outside of the door of our house and take it on and walk him in him and roll out the red carpet


was a man who stood at the door of the house and he life and never even without a license just sent a survey out of messenger white people it is important how you get rid of


the delivery you know not who delivery but that you get it the delivery he sent it by a little message or one of the servants that him out the door and said Go tell me


I placed your come again to thee and thou shalt be one that's the word of the property. That's the word of God. Fire the property do naman know observation of protocol? No nothing except the word. How do you think that name and deliberately was unkind? Do you think ordinarily names? I mean, like the pub, like unchain? No, ordinarily, the prophet would have gone out of the floor. Protocol and manner God aren't. Why did reveling bother said just brew yourself and other products in the kitchen, then bourbon. I can see the mind of the Prophet working. He knows officer. He's an Eastern man. He knows Eastern culture. He knows what's required in that culture. Like here in America. Whenever a lady walks into a room, generally speaking, if you're having guests, the men in that room stand that's called the culture that when this head of the nation came, he could love to meet him. All the props. Why didn't revelation was don't look at the battle that might have gone on in his mind. He had to make a decision whenever he's going to marked by his knowledge, his natural knowledge of walk by the Revelator, which is walking by the spirit guide to make that decision. He made it hard the word says he said his messengers to haze out 30 said kotel named Michael Jordan seven times. Gordon, yep, seven times. And if you really thought it, Piper Come on, very 11 dead But Naomi was law. He was an angry, he was so angry than he was.


He was hotter in a park, right? He's not only blue, in fact, he was born. In fact, he was law. Hardy, the blowdown man said nothing left, went away. And he said, Behold, I thought at least at this manner, God would surely have come out to me. And he would have stood and he would have called on the name of the Lord. And we like his hand over the place and recover me of the leprosy. But he didn't. Therefore logically are not the rivers Avenue and far far rivers of Damascus. Better than all the waters of that thinking God Israel if ever any of you have ever seen the Jordan River, our creek down here just desert and it's just about his life. I mean, they Thanks Thanks, Molly, glide, get everything going for me. Because the rivers of Damascus are from the mountain streams they're pure. You can look right down and see the stones but you can't do this yard then Sally's why he was right or not the waters of Damascus much you're much better. They've been inspected by the State Department they're a lot better reason completely honest. But no one you see people you've got that battle of the natural knowledge and you have so long gone by that natural sense knowledge that it's difficult for people to find difficult for him to walk the revelation. But he was concerned about the package in which he came wrapped up he didn't have the right kind of cellophane on it and just kind of the right type of Greek or not, Avenue and pop our rivers of Damascus, better than all the waters of Israel.


I not watching them in between. Oh, he turned and went away in our rain. I don't know why they don't tell us alive, it's vital. servants came near taken to him and said My father's name. The prophet had busy to do some great things would it sound not have done it?


How much rather than when he said that he was and be clean. On the way home, his servants come and said to him very simple. If he would ask you to crawl on your knees backwards for three miles that reminds me of a criticism. I get to this ministry all the time by the unbelieving members where they say that my teaching or our teaching in the way ministry on receiving the Holy Spirit is just too weak. Or they've worked for for 35 years and didn't get anything. Why not try to easy if you're out with a girl you ain't got a kiss in 35 years and I can get your girl and I can give you a kiss and why not I take their lie to me, is it for you? Well if I can but it's pretty true on the word. Boy if I can receive tonight without waiting 35 years why not take it tonight? And you know why? It's so simple because it was so tough for God. It cost God His only begotten son didn't talk to you. And yet they're always criticized so what we got to work for we got to carry phones. We got to wait for it. We got to work. We got to work that Wi Fi to work just Naomi did the same thing. That's why they always seem to get their work out


know why I've been that profit I've been after that money. loaded was after all he came to give it away might as well received


and a profit surely could have gone out like we go after I owe $1 In I need your dollars I think it always hasn't got to run after him every week you got to be sure he never just freaked the wrong thing and say the wrong thing llama you didn't even didn't even go out and give the word of God Hmm Oh service and when all Nam and headed the other way you don't see the Prophet running out Hill name and please come back name it's not a good deal that my service and I am when they're all because I gotta have a miracle name when we got to get people saved, filled with the Holy Spirit or by name and we will never get the word of God the second time on revelations you'll never get revelation the second time. The second type of noise every time it's always revelation second times Wow. The Prophet said Go largest garden any 47 other companies. Why? Because once you have the word of God, why should you have it the second time you don't even want to believe this is why but even the way teaching ministry, once we've gone into a community and people been given the opportunity to hear the word. I think we could be moving out into other communities give other communities the opportunity. Because no community basically has the right to hear the Word of God the second time until every community has heard it the first time


Why should I hear the word of God twice? And you never have heard it at all? Why not me here at lunch if I want to believe Alright, I want to believe that you get to hear one thing you want to believe. You don't want to go to hell


record or watch the garden after reporting. We went down and dipped himself one time. What was the Word of God how many times he was a leper that the pictures the word was seven times in the garden goes down one comes up and he looks up all over and we pray for something and it's not the same word God didn't say that. You can't expect an improvement until you've completely completely completed the route. We went down the second time and he came up and he was much electorate he was the first time


he went down six times. Seven of the Word of God was fulfilled he still didn't have it. When he came up to six seven times. He still was a leper or the word says yep how many times


went down seven times when he came up to seven times went down according to saying of the man of God. And its place came again like under the place of a little child and he was loved. Please and I've done


look at the renewed mine that following. He was a leper. We've got people not nearly as bad off as old man. They can't renew their mind. Airman renewed is half the battle between the natural mind of attention and the mind of the Spirit. Yeah, that battle. But he overcame it by making a decision to literally carry out the words. You went down to the GRU just some time that he came up and it says the flesh on him was like to play them a little sale network to land on a busy


kick to win you got to play some a little child you don't need to say Do you think this man's got to obey God? Simply by changing? Are any of us going to get to God's Word? The Word of God unfolds and it fits like a hand in a glove. Like the four crucified like Christ dying on Wednesday instead of Friday when the word fits you know what we do? We change our mind.


Many times we've been like name and we've argued against the word we fought against it. We said what Academy I first heard about Lambertville that you didn't walk me up there because I smoke and something you didn't want me? I said well, I didn't make the allowance. Me or not? Are you saying Don't disturb me on you know why? It has no question that I drink my ketchup out of a onion bottle. But it's the word honey but everybody gets to pick on anything but the word because nobody wants to come to worry. Because once I get into a community you've got to get the word killer runs out of your your balls. But it isn't the word. We want to be sure it's packaged in the right human being we like


bunch of baloney I've ever heard. If you're starving to death tonight, it's hard to get into a camp with these dogs good. Mentally, physically, spiritually in every other way. But if a man was starving to death, then I John, literally starving to death. Oh, it's basically James Johnson TVs in India, maybe you're in the United States has been done. I haven't seen in the United States. But I have an Indian starving to death. And if I had a loaf of bread tonight, and you were starving to death would it makes you much different? What kind of clothing I was wearing? Or the way I comb my hair, rub my stupid nose or pull up my trousers or you got to get the renewed mind. The best though isn't important. But watching that vessels what's important? You Bet Your Life and we got to quit looking at the outer man and look at that which he has with it. Because I can show you the most beautiful outer men who are rotting on the inside. Oh, they pray at the right time. They do all that stuff. I never said I advocated smoking. I mean not allow the thing to do. And play a principle involves the world Oh centralities baloney. No words. Am anyone that sent it got real angry about it. But it was still God's word. And the man of God didn't run after him and say no, look, I'll change. Please come back, I'll come out of the house. And it got don't have to change the word that changes man. And it is God who changed that man to begin with. He wouldn't be a man of God. It is God who makes men of God, we are His workmanship. You just got to find ourselves a minute God. Once we do, and that word is there is that word that lives forever. It is that word, which is excellent. It's that word, which is the word of God.


That's why we have to renew our mind that word. But we've got to be sure it is God's word.


God's word it will produce the same results tonight that he produced the first time on the record of a man who had leprosy and how he renewed his mind to get delivered by the power of God and he was not within the pale. He was outside of Israel. He was a Syrian and unbelievers and yet he you know, like Jesus said about it. Show you what Jesus said about this name and put it loose. almost forgotten. Luke. Luke 427. Did you ever know Jesus talks about naming verse 27. And many watts. lepers were in Israel in the time of like they like to the Prophet and none of those lepers in Israel, those within the pale. I'm in a loop Am I not 427 None of those within the religious establishment of the time, Israel, you know there was a believers right. And in the time of the prophet that we read about there were the lepers inside of Israel within the pale in a society within the organized groups of everything yet not a one of those inside of Israel at times, oh late Naaman the Syrian from outside that's why P, regarding the believing of this rate, man, the renewing of the mind, how this great name and God delivered what God delivered the children of Israel, the lepers in Israel. Why didn't they call it they did not renew their mind to believe God's word. So all of them in a license time when down the drain, with the exception of one he was outside of Israel, he was from Syria. They have a wonderful truth. That's the greatness of the readers mind.