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SNT 0404 Mind of the Believer

SNT 0404 Mind of the Believer

A study on the three Greek words for "mind".

June 15, 1969

SNT 404

3rdburglar by Wordburglar
Topic: Renewed Mind, Greek for Mind, DRAFT, mind, renewed mind, complete, life, desires, thought, thoughts, words, renewed
Format: audio
Publication Date: 06-15-1969

Victor Paul Wierwille was a Bible scholar and teacher for over four decades.

By means of Dr. Wierwille's dynamic teaching of the accuracy and integrity of God's Word, foundational class and advanced class graduates of Power for Abundant Living have learned that the one great requirement for every student of the Bible is to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Thus, his presentation of the Word of God was designed for students who desire the in-depth-accuracy of God’s Word.

In his many years of research, Dr. Wierwille studied with such men as Karl Barth, E. Stanley Jones, Glenn Clark, Bishop K.C. Pillai, and George M. Lamsa. His formal training included Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Mission House (Lakeland) College and Seminary. He studied at the University of Chicago and at Princeton Theological Seminary from which he received a Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. Later he completed his work for the Doctor of Theology degree.

Dr. Wierwille taught the first class on Power for Abundant Living in 1953.

Books by Dr. Wierwille include: Are the Dead Alive Now? published in 1971; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today published in 1972; five volumes of Studies in Abundant Living— The Bible Tells Me So (1971), The New, Dynamic Church (1971), The Word's Way (1971), God's Magnified Word (1977), Order My Steps in Thy Word (1985); Jesus Christ Is Not God (1975); Jesus Christ Our Passover (1980); and Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed (1982).

Dr. Wierwille researched God's Word, taught, wrote, and traveled worldwide, holding forth the accuracy of God's "wonderful, matchless" Word.

Heb 12:3

Phi 1:27; 2:20; Eph 3:4; Tit 1:15; Rom 14:5; 12:2; Eph 4:23

1Co 1:10; 2:16; Rom 8:5, 6

Rom 8:7; Phi 2:5, 2; 2Ti 1:6, 7




snt-0404_mind-of-the-believer(vpw) DRAFT

SUMMARY KEYWORDS: mind, renewed mind, complete, life, desires, thought, thoughts, words, renewed

While singing that song, of course it has in it the words where you're Let not my will but thine be done. And I thought of those words again, down through the years, very few people I've ever renewed their minds even on those words, let alone the rest of the Word of God. Thank you, Rhoda. Thank you, Dorothy. It was just the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, who was the only one who could request this of the Father. I hear people still not in the way ministry, but outside of the way ministry, I hear people praying, if it's your will Father, let your will be done, father. Well, the word of God is the will of God. The Word of God means what it says. And it says what it means. And there is no excuse for not knowing God's we'll, because we have God's word. The reason Jesus Christ, prayed that prayer or presented that request to the Father was because he was God's only begotten Son into him. He's the only one who could have ever prayed that prayer. Because it was he who was our Savior, who was dying for our sins, and who was going to take upon himself all of our sins, who was going to be crucified for us. And if you'll read it in the context, you'll see that he said to the Father, if there's any other way, whereby this cup can be removed, I'd be very thankful for a father. But if this is the way I must redeem mankind, if this is the way that I have to die, Father, not my will, but yours be done. He's the only one who could pray that prayer. And I thank God, He prayed it. And I thank God that the answer came for it. Because if it had not come, we could not have this camp on the renewed mind. We could have no salvation in Christ Jesus, we couldn't ever best with the glory of the beauty of Christ in us and walk efficaciously in this life, day after days, being more than concrete. In this camp on the renewed mind, there are just five really five basic subjects that we're dealing with this week. The day, all day long, we have been dealing with the subject of what is the renewed mind. Tomorrow, we will deal with the how a capital H or capital O and A capital W really ought to have a whole week on just dealing with the how of the renewed mind, because people vary in their lives, on how far they have gone in their renewed mind. And therefore some you have to start with, like a little child, others are in kindergarten, others are in the grades, others are in high school, very few of us have ever gone to the college stage in the renewed mind. So basically, the howl of the renewed mind is a tremendous truth. And tomorrow all day, we'll be dealing with that hail. And we will be the next subject we'll deal with in the camp is the application of the renewed mind to life situation. I had a letter this week from away grad, who said that she had renewed her mind tremendously. Because up until she had had the class whenever something was given to her in a store, for instance, where she would make a purchase and the what do you call the gun? The waitress is the word I'm thinking of. That's the restaurant clerk. That's it, when the clerk would put something extra in, over and beyond what she had purchased. She always gladly took it home. This last week, we had purchased something, and the clerk had put in two extra garments, blouses beyond what she had purchased. And she just felt that this clerk had done this deliberately. And she said she halted the clerk and said to her, you put something in there that doesn't belong to me. And she returned it to her and she said this was the first time that she had ever done anything like this. And this was after the class on power for abundant living that you thought with the field John, one of the people in your class refund plus.


You see the renewed mind in life situation. You're at the headquarters I think it was yesterday, my brother Harry received an account where it said we had paid in complete fullness was it 4000, Harry, almost $5,000, we have not paid it. We had only paid four or 500. And they read it as 4000 or 5000 in a mark to Bill completely paid, send it back to us. My brother Harry immediately puts it in an envelope and sends it back to them and tells them they ought to get their bookkeeping department up a little bit, because we still owe them. Well, how do you apply it? How do you apply the renewed mind and life situation? That's what we're dealing with right down where we're living. apart. I know, the favorite story was George Washington, Abraham Lincoln or somebody who wants to painting all the way home after midnight. This is part of it. But this is not the greatness of what I'm thinking that we're going to be culminating. When we talk about the application of the renewed mind to life situations. We're going to talk about married, we're going to talk about young people, we're going to talk about children, we're going to talk about parents who can't control their children. Applying the renewed mind to life situation, applied to tremendous camp. Also, we're going to spend two days this week dealing with the renewed mind in the Christian family and sex. Then the final day of the camp will be the renewed mind in synthesis, where we will try to bring together in culmination and abundance of the great truths which we have dealt with throughout the week, and sort of synthesize them for you and reiterate them for you, so that you as campers may be able to just gel and mesh these things in your life. Tonight, I want to deal with the loss of the renewed mind, what is the renewed mind, the finest piece of work, from the academic point of view of the integrity of God's word that has ever been put in print is in this issue. This particular issue of delay magazine, it's entitled the mind of the believers, which was written by and researched by our water coming with the teaching Greek here in summer school very quickly. This is perhaps the finest thing that has ever been done in any category along the line of lot is the renewed mind, the mind of the believer. If you have a pencil on a piece of paper, you can use it tonight or if you have a piece of pencil of paper you can do as you like. But there are three basic Greek words I want to share with you. These you can look up in your Young's analytical concordance and Strong's or Croton and then you can mark your Bibles. Sometimes to get the depth of these three. The first word is the word CK failed PFU th e with a long eight behave PS uch long as the next word is the word news and O U s the third word is the word pro name up. Failed PHR o n. Long e ma ro Naima E H R O N longing ma these are the all basically the only three words used in the Bible regarding in the King James rip translated mind. Now the first word is the word CK that I gave to you.


In Hebrews chapter 12 Hebrews chapter 12 verse three, For consider Him, He broke 12 Three that endured such contradiction of sinners


against himself, lest he be wearied and faint in your mind. The word minds is the word shrinking unless you get wearied and faint in your life, the right Sujay translated mind, and its wholeness refers to Soul Life. As opposed to physical life, or spiritual life. Let you be worried and think in your life, in your life. And the very life in which you're living, that's what he's saying. That's it usage in Philippians. That's Romans Corinthians Galatians Ephesians Philippians chapter one. Verse 27. Only like your conversation be as it become at the gospel of Christ. That whether I come and see your LSB absent, I may hear of your affairs, that you stand fast. In one spirit, watch it with one mind, sync a, with one commitment in life. So like striving together for the faith of the Gospel, the word mind here again, is the way CK


intact chapter two of Philippians. And in verse 20. All says about Timothy four, I have no man like minded, who will not truly care for your state. The word like minded is the word equal told to hate the word minded is the word soul. The word like is the word equal.


He says, I have no one like Timothy. These equal souls at that real tremendous use a judgment to be to be equal sold with someone like minded in their soul life in their walking their soul life. They were one Timothy was equal sold with Paul, that's why Teddy would not actually care for your steak in Ephesians chapter three various for you see the context here. And most of you, of course, are grads of the foundation or plus at least and here we're talking about the administration of the grace of God, how this was made known by revelation to the apostle Paul, verse four whereby, when you read, you may understand my knowledge, and are regarding the mystery of Christ. The word understand is the word news. The second of those two words, translated mind also in the king gene. The word news, translated mind indicates and mean that this mind is a part of your soul like man is more than mine, he has so life but part of that man is mind. Part of that which you have appear in your head is a mind and that's the word knew. The mind is the origin of mental perception. Should everything that you ever send over one or the other of the five senses, goes to the mind the news. But you couldn't send it to the news, if you didn't have Souhei does so life this word loose, because our mind is like a complete, whole w h o l II mind. In Ephesians, three for the word understand is that word, only a verb form of it of news, whereby you read, you may understand my knowledge, in the mystery are regarding the mystery of Christ. Understand, to the end, that you comprehend, not simply apprehend because a man could know a thing in part, simply apprehend and it could not be the usage of the word news. What is the renewed mind not only to have so alive, the CK but to have the news, were you not every hand but where you comprehend. This is why that verse is so tremendous. In Ephesians, Chapter Three whereby when you read you may understand, comprehend, not apprehend, why I have this knowledge regarding the mystery of Christ. In Titus, Timothy, Titus chapter one and in verse 15. On to the pure all things are pure, but onto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure, even their mind and conscience is what do those fellas their whole mind their news? Their whole mind is defiled, not something, but having just seen it. Those people that are defiled, to the unbelieving, nothing is pure, their whole complete mind, not just an apprehension, but to comprehension complete that whole mind. And even their consciences divine or conscious is nothing but habit pattern of the mind. That's all. If the mind is defiled, naturally the conscience is defined. The first time you steal something, it bothers you, let's say the cause dad mom taught you not to state. The second time you steal, it doesn't bother you quite as much. The third time you steal, it doesn't bother you nearly as much. And so finally, because of the habit pattern, your conscience no longer bothers you. Conscience is a habit pattern and a habit pattern is an evolved out of the news, the mind what you have put up here because of the CIA, you now have put up here and what you think up here is what you will manifest in your habit lights, your patterns your conscience


in Romans chapter 14 Verse five one man esteem of one day above another. The Seventh Day Adventists boys ought to read it. And the Sunday going Christians ought to read it to one man esteem of one day above another.


Another esteemeth every day. Let every man be what fully persuaded in his News. In his mind, completely. In whole who really led him Let the man be persuaded in his mind that the usage and the presentation fully persuaded his tremendous desire. To be fully persuaded is to get to the place like God, I use in my classes when I say to my people, you get to the place that you know that you know that you know that you know that you know that you know that you know, that you know that, you know,


you see, that's being fully persuaded. Wonderful, isn't it? In Romans 12. God is always in the foundational plot this verse in verse to be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your notes.


Making a complete change over by the information over the five senses, that is sent to the mind, you make a complete, whole, why H O le, change in your mind


anything, Dr. Ford and be renewed, verse 23. In the spirit of your mind, literally read and be renewed in the spirit, that is to say in your mind, the life of your mind, be renewed in the life of your news.


be renewed, the new picture, a new thought patterns, new life, new conditioning, a new walk


in First Corinthians Chapter One. Verse 10, I beseech you, brethren, by the mercy, but I beseech you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you all speak the same thing, that there be no divisions among you. But it be perfectly joined together. Your dad was a Baptist, when a child born again, he's a Baptist or he was a Lutheran or a Methodist or he was something else. We never come back to the Word and let that word have preeminence. And renew our mind on the word. We only take those isolated verses our texts, which agree with what Graham already thought you any of you women, cut the butter, but ends off a ham when you're roasted, it is Rose hands. How many of you women when you put the ham or you buy them all done now don't use this great modern, wonderful world? Well, when you put it into any Have you ever cut the ends off? Before you put it in the pan? You know why? Used to do that? Well, Dorothy Owens told me that talk I keep wondering if I'm going to be able to tell this lady said to her friend, she's got this ham, beautiful ham on the oven. She said, Well, why did you cut the buttons off of them? He said, Well, I don't know my mother did. So the next time she saw her mother, she said to her mother, mother, whenever you put the ham into the oven, why do you cut the butter ends off before you put it in the oven? And her mother said well, Grandma did. So the mother asked Grandma, why she cut the butter and off of the ham when she put it in the oven. And Grandma said Japan was too small


that you all speak the same thing. In the category that renewed mind, the reason we do not speak the same thing is because we have not renewed our mind completely we do not have the news. We only have segments of our mind renewed. But the word news is used in the sense that it must be a complete renewing. I said tremendous thing if it ever gets to you to warm me up on the inside. Because then we quit toying around with all the different opinions, ideas, ideologies, and theories and so forth, we come back and work this word. And when we find that word that it measures and gels like a hand in a glove all the way through, then no matter what we have thought before we put on the mind of Christ up here, according to his Word. And then we stand with one mind OneNote will speak the same thing. And there will be no what's the big, wherever there are divisions, it can only be because we do not have the news. We do not have a complete a hold of God's Word in our mind. Remember, last night, you people in the camp. I am part handled. Verse 16, of chapter two with you. Who has known the mind of the Lord, that He may teach it, but have the mind of Christ. Have the mind of Christ? The word mind is the word news. Have the mind of Christ. For what reason that you can teach it? Who has know the mind of the Lord? That he may teach it? Right? in us, we with the renewed mind, the news, if we have it complete, then we can do the next step was to just you cannot teach that truth of God's word if you do not have it in the news, in the mind on it. That's why that verse last night sort of drilled my heart and I knew this last night, I just didn't tell you last night, I wouldn't have any ammunition left for the night. I'm already beginning to worry what I'm going to do next Sunday night. Same camp, I mean, same type of camp, renewed mine camp and next Sunday night, we're going to have to deal with a lot it's a renewed mind, you'll have to come back and see if there's any more material left in the world after tonight. Look at that tremendous 16th Verse, real critically not have the mind of us, right. Have the mind of Christ. Because you must have this mind before you can manifest. And that brings us to the third word, which is the word Romig Ma, E H, R O N logging Ma. This word me thought it deals with the wheel, the desires. Look here, last look at me. I send up up here completely, completely the accuracy of God's Word by by away via the five senses. So I have the whole mind the whole who led the whole mind of God or the whole mind of Christ. Now what does my mind do with us? It organizes it cataloged it into thoughts into the will into the desires that I want to carry out and that's the word ro name up. It's the organized flow name our cloud literally is the organized information of the news. After you send the Word of God up hearing and then you pattern it you organize it. Then it becomes in manifestation in concretion thrown him up. In is manifested in your thoughts in your actions in your will to do so and so in the desires


that you might have Wonderful. I'm teaching you the lot is the renewed mind in some of its great depth from the accuracy of God's words. Look, Romans eight you'll see how practical that's worked for I know my because they really don't name I really become very fun eight, five for a day that are after the place to put on Naima. Nothing of the last place. Sure. Those who go by the information of their five senses who have put this up in their mind, what are they going to throw Naima? What kind of thoughts are they going to have? What kind of wills are they going to manifest? What kind of desires are they going to indicate that which they've sent up here they that are after the place to mind are obedient, throw name up, they carry out the thought of that which has been organized in their brain cells are in the mind. Very 60s The same? Well, the rest are very five is such a spiritual sign, but things that are after the spirit. And the word the King James has deleted here they're not in here do mind would again be great. Noma. The word is not in any critical Greek text, but it's implied here. And this is a figure of speech, where a word is deliberately omitted, to put the emphasis on the greatness of the word do mind let me read it to you like it ought to be emphasized are they that are after the place to mind the things of the place but days or after the set of things about the spirit you mind either one thing or the other. Because it's on a map your your thoughts come into concretion in manifestation by your wills by your desire or six For to be carnally what minded the word is thrown him up or to be kindly thrown name up to have final thoughts is death but to be spiritually put on a map have spiritual thoughts is to have life and what you see how the two kinds of minds just set like that a mind a new that has been fed the wrong stuff and a new set has been fed the right material how they set just last time besides in verse seven because the colonel the colonel bro name up the carnal mind is enmity again to God because that thoughts we carry out the wills we carry out the desires we carry out no matter how well approved they are in society are still enmity against what God because we have not built the accuracy of God's Word by Rightly dividing it into our mind into our new in Philippians chapter two Philippians chapter two part five was mine. Now you see just from reading it in English, you wouldn't know whether it's new or whether it's put on a mouth would you? I would you want to know it too, I guess if you're really in the depths of the things when Geez look at it when Jesus before He ascended. He said the work that I do you want he shall do all so right. Now when he says here, Let this mind be you. It has to be a mind that carries out a job, the work that I do and the words If Naima, Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus, he said, the work that I do what ye shall do also, this is why that word mind has to be in this particular role name up and while ever was anything else, then this verse word, your Bible qualities, then you would have problems with all those Scriptures where Jesus tells the believer that this is his ability, this is what he is able to do, because of God. And he's in the second chapter also, here in verse to fulfill ye my joy, that ye be like minded. Or Naima, having the same love being of one accord. The word one accord is the word don't see code coming from CK. The first like minded is thrown Aima. One accord is from from the word Souhei. And of one mind is the word again, thrown him up on a tremendous thing, fulfill you my joy, that you may be like minded that you go out here and get the right thoughts, the right will the right desire manifested and having the same love the same love because we are Ablon gay we are one soul we are equal souls we are united together we are combined as one in our question our move for God and if we're on the move for God, the move has to be thrown him up


Second Timothy, Second Timothy chapter one oh says to Timothy, verse six. Wherefore I put the in remembering that thou stir up the gift of God, which is in the by the putting on a my hand for God. God has not given us the spirit of what they're at right? The text reads, cowardice. Aromatic coward is a genuine cardioid devil possess. Cowardice is a spirit. We'll be into this in the advanced classes here again, but I'm not dealing particularly with TensorFlow. God has not given us much to do the spirit of fear God have lost power. And I believe the power in stored power must be venomous. I do not have it marked in my Bible is a Greek word ginamit is given this inherent to us. And it's a legitimate inherent of love, and have a walk, sound mind and what kind of mind a sound mind and the word mind is the word thrown a month. We have a sound mind. The carnal mind is What enmity against to therefore, a man of great intelligence. Does he have a sound mind without Christ? Because to have a sound mind, you have to have a sound word you cannot have a sound mind when your head store debates. We cannot have a sound mind without having a sound word and you cannot have a sound words without rightly dividing the word of truth. Knowing that no prophecy nono dot, which is for Toller foretold in all of the Word of God and so many private interpretation. On it interprets itself in the verse in the context it's been usable That's what the word teacher and the teaching of the Word is just contrary to the teaching of society. Because in our society, we are educated endeavoring to educate the mind without sorters the accuracy of it. And that's why you cannot help but to turn out mental, Frankenstein. That's all we can turn out of our academic institutions, beautiful people but unsound mind. They're all psychiatric everyone. Because the only way you can have a sound mind is to have a sound word. And without the word of God, you can't have a sound mind. And God has not given us a spirit of power, but he has given us love and a sound mind. Why? Because we know more of the word. The word is what gives us a sound mind without remember how in the foundation of class I teach that the sentence man can never be complete, until he gets a knowledge and accurate knowledge of God's Word. Now you begin to see why. Because he cannot have a whole mind who le you cannot have a complete, comprehensive news and all us unless he has the word of God, not theological opinion. But the wonderful word of God. God desires for every person that we have like thought row Naima that we have a equal new mind, completeness of the mind according to the Word. And that we be equally sold to hate putting these three together, that is the basic roots in the accuracy of God's word as to what w h 80. Is the renewed mind. That's all there is in the word as far as I know. And that's all words. And those three categories equally sold. Complete new mine and fro Naima with our thoughts so coordinated that we present the organized information of the news. The day and age in which you and Alia and this is the purpose behind this particular family camp here at the headquarters this year, that we may know Him whom to know is to have life eternal. And not only to know him here, because a man could have a complete news and not full name if anything. It's like having dinner. Without energy My thoughts are without exuviae it's like having knowledge and sitting on it. The whole mind the whole man must be equally soul must have complete accurate knowledge of the words and carrying out these thoughts, desires and concretion to other men and women. This is the desire and the will of God for every city.