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SNT 0403 Hebrews 11, 12, 13

Hebrews 11:1 - 12:2
An expository teaching emphasizing the believing of the great men and women recorded in Hebrews 11.

June 8, 1969

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Topic: DRAFT, Hebrews 12:1, Hebrews 12:2, believing, faith, law, received, die, dead, witnesses, world, obtained, called, Pentecost, promise
Format: audio
Publication Date: 06-08-1969

Victor Paul Wierwille was a Bible scholar and teacher for over four decades.

By means of Dr. Wierwille's dynamic teaching of the accuracy and integrity of God's Word, foundational class and advanced class graduates of Power for Abundant Living have learned that the one great requirement for every student of the Bible is to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Thus, his presentation of the Word of God was designed for students who desire the in-depth-accuracy of God’s Word.

In his many years of research, Dr. Wierwille studied with such men as Karl Barth, E. Stanley Jones, Glenn Clark, Bishop K.C. Pillai, and George M. Lamsa. His formal training included Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Mission House (Lakeland) College and Seminary. He studied at the University of Chicago and at Princeton Theological Seminary from which he received a Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. Later he completed his work for the Doctor of Theology degree.

Dr. Wierwille taught the first class on Power for Abundant Living in 1953.

Books by Dr. Wierwille include: Are the Dead Alive Now? published in 1971; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today published in 1972; five volumes of Studies in Abundant Living— The Bible Tells Me So (1971), The New, Dynamic Church (1971), The Word's Way (1971), God's Magnified Word (1977), Order My Steps in Thy Word (1985); Jesus Christ Is Not God (1975); Jesus Christ Our Passover (1980); and Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed (1982).

Dr. Wierwille researched God's Word, taught, wrote, and traveled worldwide, holding forth the accuracy of God's "wonderful, matchless" Word.

Gal 3:22-26; (Heb 11:4, 5, 7, 8, 11)

Heb 11:1-6

Heb 11:5-11, 13

Heb 11:13-17, 20-32

Heb 11:33-39

Heb 11:40; 12:1



snt-0403_hebrews_11_12_13(vpw) DRAFT

SUMMARY KEYWORDS: believing, faith, law, received, die, dead, witnesses, world, obtained, called, Pentecost, promise

Galatians chapter three, bless your heart. There is a Greek word spelled bei st is in the Bible, not the King James, the Greek text. This word is translated either faith or believing the same words. The King James Version, for the most part has this word all confused. Whenever the translators thought it ought to be facing what it takes whenever they thought it ought to be believing, they put it believing. And therefore, there is no great coherent knowledge in God's people today regarding the usage of the word faith, or the word believing, I would like to help, again, our people tonight to set the brightness of the accuracy of this word and its usage in the Word. I trust within the next six months or so we are going to have a book public that all of you can really research and work along this line called Bible times of faith, the different usages of this word pistol in the Bible. But here in the galletas chapter three is a scripture that I don't understand how we could have missed so many, many years in verse 23. But before faith came, now lights and 323. before faith came, faith is a spiritual deal. Faith is an inside job. Believing is of the mind, basically, that's where it starts. That's where you do your thinking. Now, a man could believe without having something on the inside. But a man having something on the inside can also believe. Now, faith, faith is a spiritual job, it's an inside job. before faith came, and faith came with Jesus Christ, Galatians, Romans all the red pill, it's this, that faith came with Jesus Christ, and he have faith, the spiritual part of it came with Jesus Christ, then before faith came, there could not have been any faith. That's the point. Because in verse 22, or this third chapter, it says, the Scripture I've concluded all understand that the promise by one's faith of Jesus Christ, by faith of Jesus Christ, the faith of Jesus Christ, might be given to them that do us. And the word believes the word, same words. But it is the word being translated accurately here in verse 22. It's the faith of Jesus Christ. This is what came, and this is given to them to every person, the faith of Jesus Christ, spiritual Inside Job is given to every man when he believes. But before they came, then there was a time when there was no one. That's right. Faith came with hope. Then there was a time when there wasn't any before Jesus Christ came. Does this mean he when he was born? Nope. Does it mean what he died? Does it mean when he arose, if any one person could have the faith of Jesus Christ while he was here upon earth, then Jesus Christ died in vain and God raised him in a rock. You can't have something until it's completely complete. And it wasn't completed, the faith of Jesus Christ was not available, nor was it completely complete. On the day of the Resurrection, nor 40 days later in the ascension, buts, and days after the ascension on the day of Pentecost, it says in Acts two and when the day of Pentecost was fully come, and they were all born again of God spirits, and when they were born again of God's Spirit, they received the faith of Jesus Christ, because now it was completely complete. So upon killed the day of Pentecost, anytime you read in the Bible, regarding this word, pistas, it must mean to believe and not faith, because faith came with lots. That's why verse 23 says, But before faith came, we were kept under the law, shut up, or closed off from the faith, the faith, the faith of us, which should afterwards after what, after the law be revealed. Wherefore? Verse 24, the law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ. No, no, no, no. The Law never brought anybody anything but headache. Never brings anybody to Christ. It's the law that drove people away.


To bring us is in italics and King James Right. Ratchet. They added they added I've got to write to scratch, so do you write because it gives you a good edge at the wrong place. So you just get rid of it. If you read it without the italics, it fits like a hand in a glove. Wherefore the law was our school master until, until it's the same word as the word on kill, on tail plus, that drives that we might be justified by watts, who say, Amen, a faith of Jesus Christ, verse 25. But that's it in conference app. After that faith is come whose faith, the faith of Jesus Christ, we are still under the Law. Still under the schoolmaster? We are what? No longer under the law. That's what he says. That's what it means. And if people do not like it, they got to complain to the management heavy rewrite the words. And as much as people like to live under the law today and put everybody else under, they better talk to the manager. Can't we come and believe God's word as it's written, and change our mind recording Dory, that's what we're going to have a camp on renewed mind for, and you won't have been in that camp. Some of you are not majority, you may miss it. So it's already too full. But boy, that's what we're going to dig through. I know mine, that's what our people need. They've had so much work taught through my ministry that that runs out of their bowls. But they don't renew their mind on it. They listen to somebody else out in Timbuktu or over in Slocum Avenue, and don't listen to God's word. Early, I want to tell you, that's God's word. And God's word means what it says. And it says what it means. After faith came to faith that Jesus Christ and were born again of God for now that they were no longer under the law. That's right. Well, if I want to eat fish on Friday, you know what I'm going to do? Eat a Thursday isn't it something? What am I eating fish on Friday, which is Thursday, would offend you, and you were the guest in my home, I eat it the day you want it. That'd be my territory, my love. When I'm still not under the law, ladies and gentlemen, why can't we renew our mind to the word you know why? Because the devil don't want you to come so long as you can stay under legalism. You and under that enslavement of legalism. Satan knows you're never gonna walk in really walking glory, so you'll always be held him. Without seven, you'll be held in the cost. The Law never does anything but to encase people and make people less. If the law could have done it. Christ would not need a def come and lay down his life for us. Ladies and gentlemen, God so loved that He gave His only begotten Son. Christ died for us, that we might have eternal life. And if a man could get it without the death of Christ, then why did God allow His only begotten Son to suffer all of that stuff for us? Who knew no sin, the Scripture says became sin for us that we might become the righteousness of God and well how righteous is righteous? You don't get it from legalism. You don't get it under the enslavement of the law. The schoolmaster you get it under the greatness of Allah, God in your heart and the renewed mind and walking on that word. All what a tremendous time where he are all the children of God, by a lot by faith in Christ Jesus are by the faith of Christ Jesus, if it's if it's used the other way would have to say, by believing in Christ, Jesus habit whichever way you like, I do not know text wise which one it would be, it would both ways would work from the context. Now, in Hebrews chapter 11.


Hebrews chapter 11. In verse four, it names the man by the name of one table, in verse five names a man by the name of one in verse seven, it names a man by the name of in verse eight. That's right in verse 11. Uh huh. Hey, before faith came are, are these people before the day of Pentecost or after? Therefore they could not have lots? It was not what? Yeah, tried, it wasn't available. You can't have something until it becomes available. And the faith of Jesus Christ was not available until the day of Pentecost because nobody could be born again until it became available didn't come available until the day of Pentecost. Therefore All of these people could not have had faith six, but they could have one thing was believing they could believe that 10 commandments could be given. They could be led, they could be seen. You could they could be heard as they were read, and a man having a battle body and soul, he has a mind he could do what they need that word. That's why it says in the Old Testament, that aber it says it's in the new tube, that Abraham believed God and it was counted on him for writing. These Old Testament people had the word in concretion, where they could see it, where it couldn't be read. They couldn't understand spiritual things for that in that spirit, but they could understand things other spirits, if it came into concretion, if it was written down, if it appeared on a wall, or in some other person, what they could see they could be. And as they saw, and as they believed, God reckoned righteousness unto them. That's why, when Jesus Christ was born and grew up, Jesus said, He was seen me as seen the Father for all we do, the will of the father believes in me, because they had seen him they couldn't believe. Now, all of these records in Hebrews 11, then refer to people before the day of Pentecost, and it should all have been translated to beliefs and attitudes. Now believing verse one is the substance, the word substance, is title deeds, he brews 11. One, believing is the title deeds to things prayed for the evidence they are yours before they are seen, that is a literal translation, according to the accuracy of the text. Give it to your one small,


believing is the title deed. The things prayed for the evidence, they are yours before they are seen as something believing the title deeds. You buy a new automobile, you get the title for it.


You can't write the title. But it's your evidence. It's the substance it's your evidence. It's the title deed, which is your evidence that you've got it before you've got it. The title of the deed the title of that automobile is your evidence that it signed, sealed. But the delivery is the automobile. Believing is the title deeds.


The things prayed for believing is that evidence that you've got it before you see it. And no man rises beyond what he believes. We are tonight where we are because of our believing will be tomorrow. Our believing takes us no one ever goes beyond what he believes. And no one believes anymore and what he what he's taught. The reason I believe tonight because I want I believe it's because of what I've been taught. The reason you believe what you believe is because of what you've been taught. No one rises beyond what he's taught. Can't believe anything. And everything in life is contingent upon believing even the criminals that want to rob a bank, if three fellas get together to rob Chase Manhattan, or to hold up a Brinks truck, they could not succeed in that if they did not believe. Boy, this is a remarkable law. It's a remarkable law, this matter of believing. Suppose three fellows decided to rob the bank. And they they doubted each other's integrity they did not believe like they just fell. I believe that that other fellow would get the money and run off with it. So then he would have to shoot him. And this probably was this fella, get here shoot him. Finally, I don't know go shoot. But the law breaks down. You can't even rob a fellow unless you believe it's the law. God's laws are immutable. Now if we're going to tap into the greatness of the power of God, we've got to believe well, why not? It's the most challenging thing in the world. We've been believing so negatively for so long time that when somebody says well, let's turn it around at least let's try it. We think he must be spooky. Not often upper stone, like you ever stopped to think maybe we were off in the upper story before. That may be the law of believing positive is great. Every night, Dave Anderson just came back from from Florida last night where there is a class rolling on power for abundant living by the late John Lydon started one in Indianapolis this afternoon. But I forgot what to say about Dave. I was just thinking about just a moment flashed in my mind about some problems John was having and I just lifted them in a certain way to the Father. And I forgot what Dave I wonder what I was gonna say about you, Dave. Okay, that's okay. We go back. By believing the title eight things prayed for the evidence that it's yours before it's seen, For by it by it was by believing the elders, the elders, the elders was the word. Yes, they obtained a good report, but obtained a good report should be literally translated, were made witnesses. For by it by the believing the elders, the witnesses, were made witnesses. The elders are witnesses by their believing they witness. Or three, through believing we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen, were not made of things which do appear. Now by believing we think that man came from a month you're evolved from some particle or nothing into something is this the reason we believe this is because this is what we want to believe. It seems to be much more intelligible. And if you're an intelligent being, and you pride yourself on your logic and on the knowledge you have, and upon the brain cells you have and the IQ you possess, you're at a low IQ, don't believe in that kind of baloney, when the simplicity of God's word stands to reason, much more accurately than something as far out left for you that stuff. That God created the heavens and the earth, that there is an intelligence that there is something like the Bible says In the beginning God created the heavens, that's much more intelligible than to think that you came from nothing. But everything else you file from nothing work that is split off of the sun or off at something. It is much more intelligent to believe in an intelligent God who had sense enough to do what the Word says.


I'll stick with the word. This is why it says so that things which are seen were not made up things which do us. That's right. That's a tremendous verse. I could really take that apart for you and spend about a half an hour of the details of it. But Father says tonight we go on, by believing Abel offered under God a more what then came by which he able obtained witness. He he witnessed by this, that he was right. God testifying his gift, and by it he being dead, yet speaking by Abel being dead. What's the matter with Abel today? is dead. John Swati says that's what is he? Yeah, even though Abel is what? Dead he is still won by a lot. The witnessing of how he did one thing was believed not only pride is the data how he believes he doesn't say he's was dead. No, it says that's one of eight. What about the spiritualist boy DSP gals and all the rest of who say he's really not dead? He's alive up there. Um, but he's wrong. My Bible says he's luck. When are we gonna problem with verse five? You were hoping it was coming? By believing he not was what? translated that he should not want and was not found because God had won. But for before his translation, he had this testimony that he please was born without believing it's impossible. To please, for he that comment that God must believe that He is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him in the context of various five and six, let's settle first of all, how Enoch was pleasing to God, because of one thing what he believed he had this testimony that he please God, and without believing it's impossible to please God. Therefore, he believed God, and this is why Dino was pleasing. And it says translated, the word translated same word is the word transported. The word si se e, is to see what the human eyes on Alecto to physically observe. Do you know if you're checking back in the Old Testament had never lived to see anybody die? That's what and God simply transported him, took him from here, over to there. sat him down. And he never saw what they say translated me that God took him from here. He went up into heaven and various sitting around eating pizza, or doing something you know, it can't be true because verse 13 says, What?


These all die. But they all died. what finally happened? You know? What sent this one? I love this section. And if there's ever a time it ought to be taught. It's today. Because basically all the Protestant churches, all the RSC, I mean, Roman Catholic, all the ESB everybody's teaching that when you die, you're not dead, you just cross the bar. Now, some bars aren't too bad to cross, but that's why they're talking about not quite up to oil. And so somebody talks about like cod, the immortality of the soul of Kant's not the word of God, he's a stupid philosopher. Right? So it's Schleiermacher stories, Aristotle, I read all those fellas, dogs blue in the face, your or they turn you on with their triple talk. Because they can write so beautifully and so inaccurately, that you just can't see the problem. Modern governments many times, church. Look, the word says these all up. And when someone talks about the immortality, which contradicts the word somebody's got to be wrong, either that Immanuel Kant or Schleiermacher or Freud or Hegel, or Aristotle, or the word I'll stand with a Word. Amen. That's right. Because look what this does in our I want to tell you this really sets you off. People gripe about our teaching on one God and on the Holy Spirit. You haven't seen anything to you here and gripe on our teaching. Now when you die you're dead. A lot on your dance. Vaizey bowl Fred star daily. Let's see. So you know, star was public enemy number one for quite a number of years. Somebody has always taken the time he was 12 years old. He was a hardened criminal. And you belong to that gang where they were not allowed to have any girlfriends or wives. They had to be whatever that is. Celebrate. And have very practical between now. Bless your head was tied the police. The police were really tasty but he thought he had really had it. And he thought this time I'm really going to get caught that he saw it a memorial parlor you know a funeral home and he hits the back door and the first casket that was opened he jumped in and pulled the lid down. The fellow saw him go through that place and they thought he could have gone in they went in they check the whole place they were found when they have been surprised they don't the casket sat up if he'd have been dead he couldn't have sat up that was the issue. He was the unlikely but the teaching on verse five is that enough did not die that he is alive. That's not true because verse 13 says these all up okay. And the rest of the Word teaches that to if you're rightly divided and understanding that's why very seven says by believing no was warned of God of things not seen yet. moved with fear, reverence, respect. Oh, Noah prepared a lot to the saving of his house, by the witch, by the witch. By doing this, he condemned the world and became heir of the righteousness, which is by luck. I want to tell you that oh no, I was a believer. He was our real God totally one day to go out there on a hill and build himself a boat. I'd never built boats before. There wasn't even any water around the place. Now if that isn't the craziest thing in the world, to build a boat, where there's no one, it's like building a boat in your basement and it's too big to get it out of the door. You got to prep for God to say to Noah to build this ark out here on the hill. And there's just not even a river around the place. I want to tell you can't you just see the neighbors scratching their heads? Why do you think the neighbors said about old Nolan when he started bringing up some of that hardwood? And some of that black stuff? And he got himself some of those nails his hammer out? naughties cross cut up there it is saws the rest of these t squared that that's what you


stack them all up there. There was a big stack of longer neighbors come up to know what you're doing. I'm gonna build me a boat.


Oh, no. Boy that's called a boys with a paddy wagon. The fellas off his rocker. You know, we talked about believing today. We've really we really got a little ways to go and renewed


mine camp believing God said no. No, I didn't argue he just went believe it was the neighbors who did all the rd. Try. And it's it's just tremendous. I don't know why somebody doesn't make a TV show out of this thing. They can really turn the people on with this kind of stuff. Finally got time to move them in to buy two and some of them they brought in by like five or seven and legit in African countries. So they finally get around there how to get saved. He believed and it's just believing is what made him err of righteousness which he got by baby. Verse eight says, By believing Abraham, when he was called to go out into place which he should afterwards received for an inheritance. He did one thing was obeyed. And he went out not knowing whether he went he did not know where he was going to head up. Head for God just said start moving. at old age all he does is move. That's what I mean. When I say to my classes when God says junk your junk in Nebraska Hi, you just jumped the truck. When the Lord says move, you don't ask what direction you just start moving. But you'll be gone the right direction when you move, but people will sit around and say okay, Lord, where am I going to end up at? Will I have my Social Security well taken care of? How about the insurance test to the insurance that I've got to know where I'm going I've got to be sure that I have security. Ladies and gentlemen, you want to get security go to Sing Sing it still there. Go to Leavenworth that's secure, but you're behind bars give you three straight meals a day, a bed to sleep in a library to attend to go to and if you get sick to God a hospital if you die they have an undertaker, that security


man, the only security we have is in Christ and the greatness of that word. And we've got the joy of living it all by believing all Abraham when? Right? And it says in verse nine by believing he sojourned in the land of promise. Right? Verse 10 says he kept looking for a city which had real foundation. He wanted a city whose builder and maker was luck. He kept looking, didn't get it wasn't available. Through believing Sara herself received strength to conceive safe Even laughter bottom but you got pregnant anyway. Verse 13, says, These all died in believing, not having received lots. But you have received the promises, then how can you have less today than what they had them? They look forward to the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. They didn't have the reality of His presence and of His power you do. Look what these people did, just looking forward. were persuaded grace, confess that they were strangers and pilgrims of the year on the earth, verse 14, for those that say such things declare plainly that they seek your country. And truly, if they had been mindful of that country from whence they came out, they might have had opportunity of return. But now they desire a better country that is a heavenly wherefore God is not ashamed to call them their God, you know what makes God ashamed of us when He gives us His Word, we don't believe it. Because you probably rightly divide the word we stand approved under rightly divide the Word is too many God's word. Hey, man. God's not afraid to call him their father, his kids, because he is their father. He's not ashamed of them. Because those people did one thing was, I tried. It doesn't say they spent all day praying. It doesn't say they're out there chopping onions backwards, or eating fish on Friday. These people believe God.


That's why God wasn't ashamed to call him his kids. His children by believing Abraham when he was tried offered up Isaac


verse 20, says, By believing Isaac plus Jacob, verse 21, says, By believing Jacob when he was dying, bless both the sons of Joseph verse 22 says, By believing Joseph, when he died, make mentioned the solid. So by believing verse 23, Moses when he was born, was hid for three months. And the FBI was out looking for everybody in the camp, and they never found almost one day the Queen came along, he saw that he took him out


they were not afraid of the kings. Come in. They were not afraid. I'm reading verse 23. failing. Moses, Dad, Mom, we're not afraid of the king's love. The king's commandment was tough. Everybody's had every male child get rid of. But they weren't afraid of us. They believe you see, believing takes fear up where we have fear. We're not believing positively. We're we're believing positively we cannot have here.


We take a little comprehensive exam, you get upset here. Oh, my goodness. We get a little pain in the right side. Oh, I got appendicitis got to go over and get a test. But it's in there someplace. Right. So here I go. I see that I sneeze again. And I hear somebody. Are you catching a cold? No, I'm just getting bad summary to get bad stuff in the road.


Record in the New Testament, Jesus came along or somebody came along with someplace in the Bible. I remember reading one, somebody was dead. And they got up and the first thing they did was sneeze. And maybe some of us ought to get up.


I think they did. I don't know who it was. I can't think of an open to see who? The woman that son. That's right. And to the word. Good. Boy. Oh, yes. 24 By believing Moses, when he was come two years refused to be called the son of Pharaoh's daughter, that she raised me using Robert to suffer affliction with the people of God than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a lot Esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches and the treasures in Egypt. for he had respect unto the recompense of the reward. He had respect unto what he was going to have in the future. Didn't have it then it wasn't available, but he still looked forward to it like, oh, they remembered for a city whose foundation in other words, God, by believing, verse 27 he first took Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king, for enduring that seeing him God who Here's what's invisible and that's some group believing he kept the Passover Renova verse 29, by believing they pass through the Red Sea works as a pass through and it's literally acquisitions ridiculous luckily what to do? The Egyptians want to pass through an eight gallon too much water. There were Baptist, they drown my face verse 30 We had plenty of water. I prefer going dry 29 By believing by believing the walls on what grounds the walls of Jericho down, not those fellas playing their little New Year's horns. You know, if they said they might throughout the city once every day on the seventh testament. And on the seventh day, they're marched around seven times all at once Josh says blow and everybody blew. And the walls came tumbling down. It wasn't Joshua or his men blow that blow. It was there was. You know why God said blow. They believe that when they blew the walls and come down and you know what happened? Those crazy walls. They were 40 feet. They built those to stand up. They used to ride three chariot side by side on the walls of Jericho. Those were the walls that came down really something wild? What brought them down? Believing but they had revelation. They had the word without revelation. You walk in the dark. That's why we need the advanced cloud. That's why we need to get deep in the words. Because if you're going to carry out God's word, you must know God. Well. God will can only be known for God's Word. God says old what's his name? Walk around the city. Gotcha. It was 12 or one comes seven days the walkthrough outside put little crack in the wall. Oh, no, no, no. I never see what you know. Yeah, all neighbors came to see the prophet the Prophet never came out just poured himself another cup of tea in the back room. Remember he said that word by his messenger said this hotel big old man want to go down there to river Jordan donkey himself seven times. Finally, after he cooled off, he went down, tried down the Jordan went down once came up, look for improvement. You never get the results of God's word until you completely completed you went down seven times. And when it came up to seven times Gillette was our bill was what it says the skin came on in like the skin of a baby. He wouldn't leave it to our people, I read these things. Year after year I wrote this thing always sends a new joy, a great effervescence and great glow within my soul. The look what these people did. And simply by believing they ever went down seven times when it completely completed the word he came up and he looked at himself and you hit on him like you have a baby. Wonder Boy, we live in a kind of society and world today. The moment something doesn't quite turn like we think that we get oh, what's a better way to go on? The second trick is the devil pulls on your well. What's the matter with my belief that you must be something wrong with me I must have I must have had a band for three days. You bring up anything to keep you from one thing what I try. It's only by believing that these things are wrong. We want to have a great summer school. You know how we're going to have a great summer school called unbelief.


And God and I make a majority. I like to have you along with me believe it it takes a better majority. It's so much more fun. But it's fun even if you have to walk alone, long as you're one. That's right. That's why God's blessing is going to be president let's charge people believing for it to be there. Whenever I see on what you believe. If I walk into the sanatorium the night long face power puts like a town with everything else. And all negative or positive Would you go? Well, you'd be positively happy to go home early. You'd be better off never have more good. It says verse 31 By believing the harlot Rahab parish not the word harlot is all wrong. He wasn't a harlot. He was an innkeeper. You know I am. I tell you why they had to get a harlot and like figure it out. Let them mess up the words but that's what the original word is. By believing the innkeeper Rahab very not with them that believe not she didn't die and that all Jericho situation


verse 32, six does everyone shall I say more? We don't want me all the talk about he says the time would fail me we wouldn't get out in time for tea or coffee. No time for sandwiches he said if I tell you all what happened? I tell you of Gideon, a Baroque Samson and objects of David Samuel the prophet first 33 Who threw one believing what would throw anything subdued what things they didn't do it with they did it with one the lot right to obtain promises the mouth of reason why do you think Daniel got out of that lion's den that's the only way because the tendency of that line was eat somebody and the only body whose body was available at that time would have to be done but it couldn't really work like that it's coming out anyways like that guy that knows something


that can Sadie believers they just don't I could just see oh god I get to talk to you in any 20 minutes


he thought he just says Leo go away in the corner the Olafson we will be at the corner oh what's the first over lifetime uses for Leo propeller


better than better than down why am I told you Peter has these effects once the violence of what you know and your first second third century when the persecution goes out against the Christian


many many reference historical record the truth of people being burned at the stake and escaped the edge of the sword out of weakness were made was one by one in fights. They were scared to death in ordinarily they were nice little humble people about when a fight came on. They stood up to their shoulders back then you had the best fight what powers in fight man to fight the armies of the aliens have some Prophet was sitting outside one evening you know towards the cave a little breeze through the tree not into profits last year opposite the word down to the king. He said Tomorrow the Syrian boys are coming up with their hydrogen bombs and all that good stuff, you know, Tommy Gun and are coming through this path over here right next to this corner of putting them down a little stone. Next data series come through that old track. stones on Rainville go back home profits out that they leave important another little product here doing something when the Lord says tomorrow they're going to come through here. Remember, you know read the events you know really excited tonight we're just barely warmed up on the word. The boy all at once. The Farion King 10 gets his chief of staff together. And he said to Parliament who's telling the king of Israel what's happening in our little confines over here. Nobody said a word. Or finally one little fellas, three 100 things. You know, there's a man in Israel even knows what to do in your bedroom.


That's something for things that will remember. No revelation God. We believe that probably applies the Army's a lot. That's right. We fellas sitting outside of a city are far less likely see couldn't go in but go out too far outside, they were starving to death inside. One of the fellows finally came over here to the armies of the boys, they got plenty. If they give a Sunday deliver to kill us, we can only die and die here. But it got up. And of course, the camp and the camp out here all at once heard a little whistle or something. It was a big blow, really, I guess in the word it says. They thought that they the Israel had hired all of Egypt in Armenia thought the objections were coming. And they had put it out there. The Word of God says He didn't even put on their underwear. You know, I know that they fled naked. Young got much more than they've ever got their shoes on. And I saw their pots and pans and everything else behind. Boy, I don't know why people never read the word to me. It's exciting. It's thrilling. It just turns me on. Because it's alive. It's vital bonds on the moon. Ladies and gentlemen, how about God on the moon tonight? How about God on the moon this week? What's God able to do this time of the year for us? Ah, his God. This is the weekend he was 1000 years ago. Hey, man. Recently so week today is because we're two weeks now the run was God's do Lord.


It's my unbelief. Where we believe we receive women receive they're dead raised to life again. And others were tortured, not accepting deliverance. Could they have been delivered? Right? They just got tired of the fight. They got tired of believing they just quit believing


that they might obtain a walk. Better resurrection. Oh, isn't that glory? Lord, I'm suffering my way. Lord, I get all this sickness you're putting on the Lord. I'm so thankful you're putting it on me because I know in the hereafter I'm really gonna get a lot more than done jump up. There are two resurrection. One is the resurrection of the justice and the other is the resurrection of life. Revelation chapter 20. Which one do you think he's talking?


Which one of the two is the better? 20 Are they going to be in a first resurrection because they weren't believers before the day of Pentecost. They believe God and the believers are going to be in that first resurrection. That's why they obtained a better resurrection early to resurrection. Just in the unjust than the justice a better one. That's what he's talking about. Others had trial of cruel mocking scourging. Gay Moreover, bonds and in prison. Verse 37, they were stone that doesn't mean stone like maybe it's talking about like their heart. Normally, we'll sleep and it'll be up to you know, a lot of believers on the west coast from the East Coast.


They're gonna have a great time. What it said they never show me. You must be wrong. We'll be here this summer with some beautiful little girl. I know she's beautiful, because I can tell by your voice


called the other night and was telling you're trying to get somebody in the class. I mean, it's like can't cancel repo. So he's putting the pressure on me. And I don't know how to get them to Dorothy because we don't have an intercom between the house but if we could have it shipped or the door it was one or two male George thing. And she got talking to us that lovely word. He said all I think you're teaching and you are just beautiful. Oh, isn't that sweet? Wait till I get her down. Here are these classes you'll find out look at 330 Sunday, we're tempted we're playing with a sword. They wandered about sheep, goats kids being destitute, like the torment of whom the world was not Look, they wandered in deserts and mountains and dens and caves of the earth. And these all having obtained a good report card, they graduated with high honors. I've not cold loud. Good report. True plus, believing, yes, they receive not luck. That's right you and I have received from not having provided some better things for us that day, without us should not be made was. Wherefore, verse 12, Chapter 12, verse one, wherefore See, we who have received the promise. Also our conference about with so great cloud of witnesses, are they alive? Are they flitting around up here someplace that we can have a little seance after the meeting tonight and call in old Johnny Slocum and Henry Bullock going Suzie Q and Johnny jumped up, and Maggie murdered. But that's what they teach us. Then they use this verse, they use chapter 12, verse one, to prove that people are alive. And they say, We're surrounded with a great cloud of witnesses, that cloud of witnesses we are surrounded with are the people who have died and are living up here. You're surrounded with all these people. That's not what we're talking about these Old Testament saints who did not receive the promised green diverse 39 wherefore see we also accomplished about, we will have received the the promise are convinced about with a great follow up. Witnesses back in chapter 11. In verse someplace to get stands for bias. The elders were made to up witnesses. Now we're convinced about with this great cloud of witnesses, how they believe what they believe, we will have received a promise. Therefore, because we're surrounded with this great part of witnesses, how they believe what they believe for, lead up, whoever receives the promise. Let us lay aside. We've got to do the laying aside, let us lay aside what everyone every week, every week, and the sin which does so easily be set up. And let us run with one patient, the race that is set up. That's right, we're in a race. It's a good war. It's a good fight. It's a good race we're in whether you like it or whether you don't, you're still in it.


So if you're in the race, why don't you run a good? What do you want to be a loser for if you're in a race?


Now somebody is gonna say, well, somebody has to be left. But I'm gonna say somebody's got to be first. Why not be first? Why do you want to talk about the last it's No, take anything to be last take something to be first. Anybody can be last. Like people always say want to die for the loan. They're willing to give up their life for the Lord. The Lord is not asking us to lay down our life for him. The Lord is asking us to live glory, and he's stupid fool can die. It takes courage to live. It takes conviction it takes something in a man or woman's soul to really want to live for the Lord. Let us run with patience a race that is set before us. Looking under the neighbors looking onto my denomination no looking under. Amen. Keep your eyes on the Lord and you won't be stumbling in the ditch all the time. He is the light get dry sights on him with your eyes on the Lord and quit looking at VP where will or Johnny jump up our Henry bowler force snowball Pete get your eyes on the Lord keep your eyes on the Lord and get it off for people doing God's Friday right to judge me anyway. Where it says I don't even judge myself. I have no right Judging You The Lord is your judge. Now we keep our eyes on Jesus looking onto Jesus. He is the author and finisher of our faith, not our faith to read our is an italic scratch. Jesus Christ is the author and finisher of us that is there ever going to be an improvement on it? Not he's the author of it, the beginner the beginning of it. He's the finisher of it. He started it he stopped it that's all the answer is no more. He's the author and finish should have an amen. And that's the faith we have when we confess with our mouth Lord Jesus and believe God raised him from the finisher of faith. Who for the joy, that was was that before him, look what he says the joy that was set, but what's the joy? Do you think the nails in his hands hurt? And his feet, the crown of thorns did it hurt? Sure he did. He had feelings like you and I, but who for the joy, he looked beyond the crown of thorns, he looked beyond the nail prints in his hand. He looked to what he saw, and knew would come to pass someday, when men and women be BORN AGAIN of God's Spirit and would walk like SONS OF GOD with renewed mind. Therefore, he went to the cross, He knew no sin, became God. So love that he gave. Nobody took his life. The scripture says He laid it down. He could have walked off with that. With a word of God says He had 12 leads and 72,000 angels at his fingertips, that his command, the reason behind on that crossing state hanging there is because He loves you, and He loves me. That's the message. Who for the joy that was set before Him, endured the cross, despising the shame. And now he is set down at the right hand of God. Why dance, he is coming back. And when he comes back, it's going to be the gathering together, the dead in Christ arrives first, we which are alive remains. It's the gathering together. And no man's going to be in that except he's born again of God's Spirit. And in order to be born again of God's Spirit, you've got to know God's word. You can't do the will of God until you know the Word of God. Right? The Word of God must be known. And it's never going to be known unless you and I teach. Before we can teach it, we have to know. That's why we need a summer school. That's why we need a winter school. That's why we need a Sunday night school. Week after week after we got stick the word work that word for it's that word of God, that's the will of God. It's the word that means what he says and it says what it means. God has a purpose, everything and not worry. The way it said how he says it when he says it to me says it as that story read that he's putting our heads and our lives and our soul. Man, that story that turns people off, you're never quite the same. When that accuracy that worries


you may try to go back to the home country of eat. They're just not good. They just don't satisfy. In that country of Egypt, your might go back you're trying to build brick without stone, I mean without stone. But somehow or other trying to build brick without straw is not quite as satisfying as it was before you go back to the emptiness of the former life just quite doesn't satisfy. Once you've tasted the better fruit, you're never quite satisfied even below. And it's only the greatness of God. That is why God has allowed us to live in this day and time. I don't know you ask you. But I know it's good. And I know it's so tremendous because there's so little light on the accuracy of judgment. Just to have the privilege of living. And to have that knowledge and God's word today is the greatest privilege in the world. And we keep looking underneath who is the author and the finisher of faith? We don't look at these these we don't look at Rhoda Dorothy, we look at the Lord Jesus Christ. I didn't mean to break that word in him. But he is the author and the finisher of faith. And it was he who for the joy that was set before Him and doors across these five dimensions. Why can't we renew our mind? Why can't we come to the greatness of God's word walk on its why can't we say it has the word 10s with one mind. But talking about a do something and in the doing your talk to? Because people you've only got one life to live in do. This is it?


This is right now. I'll never be able to recapture this last hour, it's gone.


This moment was just passed. It's gone forever. I can't catch it. I can't retrieve it. But I can so try to live with the greatness of God's word that this moment I'm living in now is the greatest reality that it's possible for me to believe. And I'd like for you to join with me in believing but the greatest infinity you Higher, bring into fruition that greatness of the power of God in our time to as many people as it's possible if they can do it, Hebrews 11 Before the promise was made available, should we be able to do less than what they did without it? Certainly we should be able to believe for as much or more. Right. Amen.