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SNT 0400 Holy Spirit / Greek Words

May 18, 1969

SNT 400

Topic: DRAFT, lambano, Pentecost, gift, holy spirit, power, spirit, receive, dechomai, speak, translated, manifestation, capitalize, spiritually, tongues, pneuma, hagion
Format: audio
Publication Date: 05-18-1969

Victor Paul Wierwille was a Bible scholar and teacher for over four decades.

By means of Dr. Wierwille's dynamic teaching of the accuracy and integrity of God's Word, foundational class and advanced class graduates of Power for Abundant Living have learned that the one great requirement for every student of the Bible is to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Thus, his presentation of the Word of God was designed for students who desire the in-depth-accuracy of God’s Word.

In his many years of research, Dr. Wierwille studied with such men as Karl Barth, E. Stanley Jones, Glenn Clark, Bishop K.C. Pillai, and George M. Lamsa. His formal training included Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Mission House (Lakeland) College and Seminary. He studied at the University of Chicago and at Princeton Theological Seminary from which he received a Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. Later he completed his work for the Doctor of Theology degree.

Dr. Wierwille taught the first class on Power for Abundant Living in 1953.

Books by Dr. Wierwille include: Are the Dead Alive Now? published in 1971; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today published in 1972; five volumes of Studies in Abundant Living— The Bible Tells Me So (1971), The New, Dynamic Church (1971), The Word's Way (1971), God's Magnified Word (1977), Order My Steps in Thy Word (1985); Jesus Christ Is Not God (1975); Jesus Christ Our Passover (1980); and Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed (1982).

Dr. Wierwille researched God's Word, taught, wrote, and traveled worldwide, holding forth the accuracy of God's "wonderful, matchless" Word.

Remarks about pneuma hagion

Joh 3:6; Act 1:8

Act 1:8; 2:38; Joh 14:17; Act 1:4, 5; Luk 24:49

1Co 14:5, 37; Act 2:1-4



snt-0400_holy-spirit-greek-words(vpw) DRAFT

SUMMARY KEYWORDS: lambano, Pentecost, gift, holy spirit, power, spirit, receive, dechomai, speak, translated, manifestation, capitalize, spiritually, tongues, pneuma, hagion


I'd like for you to take your Bibles and turn to John chapter three, please. I'd like to have a copy of my Holy Spirit book up here, Harry, please or Howard


there is one thing to understand the word of God with the top of your mind, it's another thing to know it beyond a shadow of a doubt. And in our research and teaching ministry, it is a constant opportunity that we have to keep bringing the word to our people, and to deepen that word within their lives. Tonight, again, I want to teach in a field that I love, perhaps beyond all fields, because this particular field is the one we live in. It is our day in our time, it is called the Age of Grace and the word of God. It is called the great mystery, the church, all of this which really belongs to us because we belong to Him, we should be most cognizant of, if there's any one thing we ought to understand, we ought to understand the Holy Spirit field, the one in which we live, the time in which we live. People many times are concerned about things that are going to happen in the Book of Revelations, and they do not even know that which legally belongs to them now, why be concerned about something in the future? Why not be concerned about that which we may appropriate unto ourselves, even at this present moment. Now there are a number of Greek words that must be understood, if we want to rightly divide the word regarding the Holy Spirit field. For instance, the word p, spelled p n e u m a. This is a Greek noun. It is translated spirit, SBIR it, the word for new Ma means spirit. In the original texts, in the critical Greek texts, as well as in the Aramaic texts, that this word, this Greek noun, pneuma is never capitalized, never. Likewise with the word holy, hagion -- hagion, this word hagion is never, never capitalized in any critical Greek text or in the Aramaic. Therefore, any capitalization of those words in translation must be private interpretation. And the Word of God informs us that not one scripture is of any private interpretation. There is, however, in our language a problem because in our particular language. In our authorized King James Version, for instance, the word pneuma is used 385 times it is translated with a capital S. Spirit 133 times with a lowercase F. Spirit, smallest 153 times. Since it's never capitalized in any critical Greek text, those 133 times that they translated the word spirit with a capital S, must in every instance be private interpretation, but being English if they capitalized it, it would have to be a proper noun. Therefore, they did turn into what they thought was the proper noun for the word Panama spirit and left it lowercase whenever they thought it ought to be. Once it is translated spiritual twice it's translated ghost. Once it is translated life, once it is translated when and once is translated at verbally spiritually This is the word Pneuma. Now when it comes to the word [?] but knew my hagions the two words together it is rendered Holy Spirit four times in the King James Version, and Holy Ghost 89 times the article D. th G. In the authorized or King James Version or in every other version is added whenever the translators felt they ought to added. It's deleted whenever they wanted to delete it. There is no uniformity in any text. In the critical Greek texts where they use an article, sometimes you find where the article is used in the critical Greek texts that translators deleted. At other places where there was no article D, they added it.


They played with it, they did exactly what they wanted to do with it. In the Arabic For instance, there is no definite article d th e, there is no article. And therefore, whenever we work the Word of God in the Holy Spirit field, we must work it without any article to begin with, no matter what the critical Greek texts do it. Now when it comes to this word for NUMA, and the word Haji Oh, Holy Spirit, being English, if it refers to God, we have to capitalize the word holy and capitalize the word spirit. The average noun is not affected by capitalization. You take the noun cat and capitalize it with a capital C, as I keep telling my classes does not make the cat any tackier. Or you take the noun dog, do G and capitalize that dog. You're not, you know, not making any dog here. But when you take the word, spirit, Pneuma, and you capitalize it, that's all the difference between one thing and another. Because whenever you capitalize the word Pneuma, it is God for God is Spirit. John 424, God is Spirit. And whenever you capitalize the word Spirit, you are saying that that word Pneuma is God. Whenever you capitalize the word holy, it is God for God, His Holy Spirit. Now, God can only give what he is. And the greatest thing that God is, he is holy, and he is spirit. And on the Day of Pentecost, when the church started, was the first time that it was possible for God to give what he really is, which is pneuma, our guild Holy Spirit. Now the translators, seeing those two words, pneuma and audio, they translated them with a capital H and a capital G or a capital S. Making God who came on the day of Pentecost. It was not God who came on the day of Pentecost. God's been in existence a lot longer than the day of Pentecost. The Bible says in the beginning was to God. But the same words that are used for God, the giver, are used for his gift. And they confuse the giver and his gift on the day of Pentecost. As far as the translators are concerned, and up until this time, in the history of our society, there is nothing but great confusion regarding the Holy Spirit theme, they cause of a wrong dividing between the giver and his gift. If I would give to you this book on receiving the Holy Spirit, you would get my gift. This would be the gift of the giver, I would be the giver. But you would receive the gift on the day of Pentecost. God who is holy spirit, capital H capital F. game for the first time, the fullness of what he is, which is Holy Spirit. Therefore, in our English, we should always capitalize when it we are specifically sure that it is God the Holy Spirit's referring to the giver. But we should always leave the words holy and spirits in lowercase when we know it is his gift. You have both of these used regarding the word Panama in John three in verse six.


That which is born of the Spirit He has one Spirit, that they're both words to pneuma, but that which is born of the Spirit, who are we born out? does the Scripture say, born of God. Therefore, if we're born of God who is spirits, that first spirit in English, we will have to make a capital S or an uppercase S rat. But that which is born of the Spirit of God is not God. It's his gift. Therefore, the second spirit in verse six should be lowercase. And it is in the King James. One verse of scripture there you have both the giver and his gift. If you understand this, you can start working the word in the Holy Spirit field at least a little bit. But there is more. The word power pow er has thrown the Christian church into tremendous confusion. There are three different Greek words used for power in the Bible. The first word I want to share with you is the word dunamis. Spelled d u n a m i s, it is transliterated into our English word dynamite. Now, if this entire basement underneath this auditorium was filled with dynamite, it wouldn't hurt us. As long as somebody did not ignite it. If somebody ignited it'd be a different scope. But that's the second word that's used in the Greek. It is the Greek word at two CR, e x O U S, E. This word is transliterated into our English in the word exercise. Venomous is the inherent power dunamis is always spiritual power, its potential power, it becomes kinetic. When it's exercise, if somebody throws a match among the dynamite, boom, then it becomes exercise. Now it is that match thrown in there, which is the third word in the Greek, which is the word energy Moto E N E R G E M A T A, transliterated into our English word, energy. These three words must be rightly divided and understood semantically and their usage of their biblical accuracy if you ever want to understand God's word and rightly divided in any field. Gentleness is always inherent potential power. When we are born again of God's Spirit, it is Christ in us the hope or glue, we receive what he made available, but it's only potential. You can't see hear, smell, taste or touch God. But the moment I realized what I have and I begin to exercise it, when I exercise it, it becomes kinetic this is why this is exercise power exists he is exercise power. Gentleness is power received spiritually. excuse he is that spiritually received power exercised by [?] and bringing forth into manifestation. Because of energy, [?], for it is God who energize us, oh, in everyone. That's the three usages of the word power. And all three of those are translated power in the King James. The way to find out which one of the words it is, is simply to look it up in a concordance if you run to the word power, and I haven't got that in this particular Bible in front of me, but in one of the Testaments, I think it's up there in the showcase. I marked every word for power in my Bible. Every time the word would appear, I'd mark whether it was dunamis, whether it was Zuzia, or whether it was energon Mata, so that when I was reading through it, I would be able to recognize it rapidly. Today, I don't need to mark this. I guess I've done it too often. I see them as they come along. Usually, sometime I might not.


Then there is a another word or group of words. Besides [?], young gentlemen exousia on energemata that must be no. It is the word for receipt. There are two basic words Greek words that are translated received in the King James. There are others translated from different Greek words but only two that relate themselves specifically to the Holy Spirit field or the new birth. One is the word dechomai, dechomai. The other word translated received is the word lambano, lambano. Oh, dechomai is when I the subject, receive something spiritually. I check online, I receive it spiritually. You must always put dechomai alongside of the word dunamis. This is how they will always fit. For when I spiritually receive something, I get this power, but it will not do you any good or anybody else until I receive it into manifestation. And when I receive it into manifestation, then you can see it, you can hear it, it will bless you. It will bless me also because I also am a part of human society. That's what the word lambano means to receive it into manifestation. But a person cannot receive something into manifestation until he first has received it spiritually. So I first deco mine. Then after I've dechomai-ed I exude the I exercise it and as I exercise that I lambano, it because God energizes it. That's how it works. Oh wonderful. In Acts chapter one. Acts chapter one. In verse eight, you see Jesus had instructed them regarding some things they should do, the apostle should do. And he said in verse eight under them, but he shall, and he shall puts it in the absolute camps, no ifs, no ands, no buts, no maybes, you shall do it. ye shall receive, and the word receive as the word lambano. You shall manifest you can manifest until your first receive right. Therefore they must have deck Olamide before because you can't Ambato until you first nickel mind, you have to receive spiritually before you can lambano into manifestation. But you shall receive lambano power is the word venomous. You shall lambano, gentlemen. I told you, you always have to put these together when you work the word because you're, you receive something spiritually generous, unless you're on vinyl, it never comes into manifestation. It will lie within you, like it's done at all the days of your life. Like you shall on vinyl gentlemen. When or after his King James says, When is much better translation, you shall lambano dunamis. When that now look at this. The Holy Ghost capital H capital G in King James Ross. No, no, no, no, it's pneuma do. You shall I'm by no, not to give her but his what gift it should be a small h and a small s. Holy Spirit is come upon you. And you shall be witnesses unto Me. Both in Jerusalem, all Judea, and Samaria, the uttermost part of the earth. And in Acts chapter two, at the close of that sermon on the day of Pentecost, in verse 38, Peter said unto them, acts to 38, repent and be was baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ, for the remission of sins. Now, if you have gone back far you have dechomai-ed.


Now begins the long borrowing, and you shall ye shall ye shall out in the absolute lambano receive into manifestation. The gift you shall receive in a manifestation the gift. Is that what it says? That's what it means. Right? Are you want to argue argue with God, don't argue with me. That's what it says. And you shall lambano the gift you shall not have you shall it doesn't say think about it. It says do it. Oh, good lord. I don't want to I don't believe it at all. What's the matter? Would you say your Christian God say I believe God will say that. He didn't ask you whether you want to do he said do it. Oh, but I don't feel I'm nervous. He didn't ask you when you were nervous, but he said do it.


Right. Somebody will say well, my denomination. God never started the denomination. He never said if you belong, he said you shall you absolutely lambano do it.


The gift of a pneuma how you if you want to keep it that you're going along Banos a gift from God who is wholly spiritual apps have a capital H and a capitalist. If you want to keep it as long borrowing the gift up to know my hagion on you'll have to go lowercase h, lowercase s. And if you're going to go the first way you better translate the word up from and you'll keep it much clearer. I've been trying to renew my mind in all my writing and all my teaching, that when I'm talking about the giver, I will speak of it as the gift from fr om, the Holy Spirit. But when I want to refer to it as the gift, I speak of it as the gift of Holy Spirit. The word from the word out same Greek words you can do as you like you like what you do in your right now. John 14, bless your art. Because we're all accountable to God, and we stand a probe before him to the end we rightly divide the word no other way. In John 14, a scripture which was spoken before the day of Pentecost, John 14, and in verse 17. It says, Even the Spirit of Truth of the world cannot receive because it sees him not neither knows him, but he shall know him for watching for a key or it dwelleth with you. And he or it shall be future tense in whatever it was that then dwelling with them was at some future time to be aware in them. And there's a lot of difference from somebody dwelling with us and somebody being in us. In the Old Testament, God in various ways, had his spirit upon people that had dwelt with them. But here Jesus said, That which was dwelling with them was going to be what in them, and it came in them on the Day of Pentecost. That's why in Acts chapter one. And in verse four, this which came in them on the Day of Pentecost, when Jesus was assembled, together with the 12 apostles commanded them, that they should not depart from Jerusalem, but wait for the promise of the Father, which says he heard of me. The promise of the Father is the name of that which was to come to dwell in them. And in verse five, he says, For John truly baptized with water, but he shall no ifs ands or buts about it, but he shall be baptized in or with, for no MA or guilt, the gift, Holy Spirit. Not many days what hits? So you see from verse four and verse five, the promise of the Father is to be baptized in or with the gift, pneuma deal. That's why in Luke chapter 24. The last chapter The Gospel of Luke, talking about this identical situation He says in verse 49, and behold, I send the promise of My Father upon you by Terry in the city of Jerusalem. Until UBN dude with power from odd. The word power is the word, gentlemen. The word and dude is the word closed with. For a man who is a natural man of body and soul is not closed with any spirituality. Spirit spiritually The Bible says these naked rehabs no Christ did he he may be a good man. He may know every way from San Francisco to Chicago to New York to LA but he does not know Christ and He has no Christ in him. That's why the word and dude means to be closed with. And that word means clothes that your clothes that your clothes that your clothes


no naked. Why do you ever see God do a bad job? And dude with power dynamic gentlemen, inherent power, from on what? Hi from odd, from online, and who is on Ha, God. So it is to be endued close with gentlemen, inherent power from God who is Holy Spirit. Those three verses of scripture one from x one for the other from x one five. And the third one from Luke 24. Tell us all that you'll ever know regarding God's gift of His which came on the day of Pentecost. And it is to be endued with close with. But it's an internal job in inside jobs. It's a spiritual job, to bring this now into concretion into manifestation I must exercise it according to the reveal words. It has to be baptized with the gift, pneuma hagion do and it has to be endued with this inherent power from God. Then when I exercise it, it comes into manifestation. This is why in First Corinthians 14 We ran a while ago that Jesus said after they received that they were in a long battle and they were to be witnesses. It does not say we have to argue about it. We need not defend it. Because truth needs no defense. Air needs it. That's why you have defense. We are simply to witness to it. witness to it. Witness to now you can witness onto your first guest. But you could have something spiritually I never witness to it for two reasons. Basically, either you do not know how or you don't want to rock. If you do not know you couldn't witness. On the other hand what you put no and still refuse to witness. Now first Corinthians 14 was a verse of Scripture that simply rocked in real mind at one time. Because I saw it so plainly. And I ran all over the country asking everybody to help me and nobody could. And I go to the top echelon to the people that you thought oughta know. When I read in verse five, the chapter 14, I would get to speak with lump sums. And in verse 37, of that same chapter, you know what I read? The last line I write unto you the things that I write unto you are that commandments of up. Well, he just said I would y'all speak in tongues, then that is a commandment of what? The Lord said speak in tongues. I ran all over trying to get people to help me on how to do it. What else some said one thing some said another but nobody said the words to me. No, they said this experience that experience. I went to this meeting I went to that meeting. I sang loudly. I sang softly everything they said I did. I prayed when they set out to pray. I knelt when they said they oughta nail. I yelled when I was supposed to Yale. Got nothing until someone taught me a few verses out of Acts. and said that's the word and I believe God's word a manifest jellies commandment. I would y'all speak in tongues the Lord I don't want he said no it all what a message to the church? What a message to our people around the nations of the world tonight The Lord said, I want you to speak in tongues. This is a commandment of the Lord. Well Ladies, gentlemen, if it's a command or the Lord, why don't people quit argue? Why don't we quit fighting? Because I want to tell you, you can't be guarded not fight anyways. He's got the upper hand from start to finish and in between. You either come to God's word and carry it out, or you suffer the consequences of it. Or God cannot bless you mightily and abundantly unless you and I believe his, his word as he wrote it, and utilize it, bring it into concretion into manifestation. In Acts chapter two,


on this wonderful day of Pentecost, when the church opened, three verses of scripture sets the thing like a diamond. And that's all there is there is no Mahler. And when the day of Pentecost was fully come back to one day, the 12 apostles were all with one accord in one place, and the place was the temple. And suddenly there came a sound from heaven. as of a rushing mighty wind, as I may heavy breathing, John says, and it filled all the house where they were sitting, and when they breathe in, is when they deco amide. They received Him as their Lord and Savior. There appeared unto them cloven tongues like as a fine, it's a bony to them, verse four, and they were all filled, they were all filled. They were all failed on if you're fully or one. That's right, but there's a little difference between being full and full. We'll see that one of these times. They were all failed with King James has the Holy Ghost, but that's not in the critical Greek texts. And it certainly isn't in the Aramaic. They were all filled with pneuma hagion, no articles are in any critical Greek texts. They put one in because they had to get God in here. So they put a d and z Holy Spirit. Our Holy Ghost is King James has no they were not filled with God. They were filled with his gift. They were filled with God's gift, which is pneuma hagion own Holy Spirit. They were all filled with the gift, the gift for new [?] Oh, and when they were filled with the gift, they had deck Oh my God. Now they had to put lambano in the lumbar knowing begins when they began to speak with other tongues. When they the people who had just dechomai-ed lambano. They spoke with other tongues. But what they spoke was as it was energized by the giver who is God the Spirit. That's what it says that's what he got wonderful. I would let y'all speak in tongues. This is a command of the Lord. Here it is Pentecost time 1969. And the vast majority of so called Christian people never speak in tongues. They've never even heard about it, many of them. Some will have heard about or thought it was the wrong thing to do. Why don't we just come back to God's word? This is where the church started in Acts chapter two, right? We say we belong to the church. Why don't we come back and do what the church did. there's ever been a time when the church needs to hear the clarion call of God's word regarding the Holy Spirit field, this is it. And God has no man or a woman but as to do the job with it kind of raised up stones or angels had he so desired but he did. God determined to raise up men and women who would believe him who would so know His word and be able to rock the divided that they could teach it and help people to walk into the abundance of the power of God. Ladies and gentlemen, the word still says I would y'all speak in tongues on the day of Pentecost when the church was born. There's only one thing they did. And that is they spoke in tongues. And in Corinthians, it says this is a commandment of God. So it takes all the guesswork out If a man says to me, he's a Christian, I'd say wonderful meter you speak in tongues. I have no proof. Neither do you. Oh, he says he does good work. Oh, is that right? He built a hospital maybe? Like he's real good work. He built somebody at church. Ah, that doesn't mean a thing with God. You know why? Because pneuma people who do good works are still on the road to Los Angeles in different ways they've never arrived, where Christ is in them, right? Except Christ is born in a man or woman, people, there is no eternal life. You know, I sometimes think we just don't get concerned enough about people going to hell you really. Because you're such good people see, all the road to hell is paved with good people, you know, they're really mean good, they do good. They're your next door neighbors have never offended people. Unless you're born again of God's Spirit of Christ in you, you have no eternal life. And ladies and gentlemen, this life is short, even if you live to be 80 or 90. It's still short. And except the man's BORN AGAIN of God's Spirit, he has no eternal life.


And ladies and gentlemen, we ought to prepare ourselves not only for the immediate prison, but for the future, then we're on glory road going to glory. Aha. That's right. This is why people, we need to hear the word again, regarding the new birth, not fullness of the Holy Spirit, and that it is our responsibility to bring this word to men and women. I would that you all speak in tongues. This is the commandment of the Lord, shall we pray Our Father in our God, how we thank you and praise you for the greatness of Your word and the presence and power of your Holy Spirit. I thank you that the word means what it says and says what it means. And Father. Man may argue with the word but the word will stay in for it's that word of God that live within abideth forever. Men and women may say, Well, I don't have to do it. That's right. You don't have to do if you want to go to hell. But if you want to go to heaven, you better do it. Father, we thank you for claiming that word. And we thank you for making it so real and so tremendously wonderful, and then allowing us the health, the strength, the inspiration to teach. Father, may this be a tremendous day and time in our lives through Christ Jesus.