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SNT 0385 Jehoshaphat’s Alliances

Jehoshaphat’s Alliances

February 2, 1969

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Topic: DRAFT, king, Israel, Jehoshaphat, Ahab, Jehovah, Judah, idolatry, prophet, chronicles
Format: audio
Publication Date: 02-02-1069

Victor Paul Wierwille was a Bible scholar and teacher for over four decades.

By means of Dr. Wierwille's dynamic teaching of the accuracy and integrity of God's Word, foundational class and advanced class graduates of Power for Abundant Living have learned that the one great requirement for every student of the Bible is to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Thus, his presentation of the Word of God was designed for students who desire the in-depth-accuracy of God’s Word.

In his many years of research, Dr. Wierwille studied with such men as Karl Barth, E. Stanley Jones, Glenn Clark, Bishop K.C. Pillai, and George M. Lamsa. His formal training included Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Mission House (Lakeland) College and Seminary. He studied at the University of Chicago and at Princeton Theological Seminary from which he received a Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. Later he completed his work for the Doctor of Theology degree.

Dr. Wierwille taught the first class on Power for Abundant Living in 1953.

Books by Dr. Wierwille include: Are the Dead Alive Now? published in 1971; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today published in 1972; five volumes of Studies in Abundant Living— The Bible Tells Me So (1971), The New, Dynamic Church (1971), The Word's Way (1971), God's Magnified Word (1977), Order My Steps in Thy Word (1985); Jesus Christ Is Not God (1975); Jesus Christ Our Passover (1980); and Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed (1982).

Dr. Wierwille researched God's Word, taught, wrote, and traveled worldwide, holding forth the accuracy of God's "wonderful, matchless" Word.

1Sa 31:1-6; 1Ch 10:13, 14; 2Ch 17:1

2Ch 17:1-6, 9-11; Luk 2:49; 4:16-21; (Isa 61:2); Mat 22:37

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snt-0385_jehoshaphats-alliances(vpw) DRAFT

SUMMARY KEYWORDS: king, Israel, Jehoshaphat, Ahab, Jehovah, Judah, idolatry, prophet, chronicles

I'd like for you to take your Bibles and turn to First Samuel tonight. Thank you, Dorothy, and thank you, Rhoda. I've taught you down through the years, that if you learn to understand the word of God, you will also have to understand the purposes but are written behind the roots. And certainly for our people down through the years, the great teas that are locked out of the scriptures, basically. And then I've studied each and every class that's allowed, perhaps some 20 or 30, or 40, little different keys to the unfolding of a word that you must know if you really want to handle perhaps, the vast majority of the night, I'd like to give you some of those other things. And I'm sorry, the few dollars for you though. I think you are ready to receive as tattooed at the book about biblically as the first book in the New Testament. It is really the pivotal book between the old and the new. And that's the first great revelation to the churches, the book of Romans. And that Corinthians was written to cross the practical land as a crept into the church because of their failure of adherence to the revelation given in the book of Romans. Galatians was written to correct the doctrinal errors or errors, that it crept into the church because they practice which they did, because they didn't adhere to the revelation given the Quran. If you read Romans, Corinthians or Galatians, in any other light and run out just given you, you will never understand the words when he sesiones is the greatest revelation, the greatest positive revelation that has ever been given to the church. And after Ephesians, comes Philippians. Philippians again, corrects the practical error that crept into the church because they fail to adhere to the revelation given the organization. Then Colossians corrects the doctrinal errors that crept into the church because they practice error because they fail to adhere to the revelation, given the Book of duties. It's very simple to remember because they follow just like they do in the King James Corinthians Galatians. And Ephesians Philippians Colossians subtler. You see, you practice a long time before you make a buck out of it. This is the practical side times in Corinthians. And in Philippians, while the doctrinal, the correction of the doctrinal layer, comes in Galatians, and Colossians. And then the revelation to Testimonium stands alone, because of the nature of Christ's return, and what Christ accomplished force. Now, people have had a great difficulty in understanding the records in Samuel, kings, and Chronicles. And this is where I'd like to take you people tonight. And help you to begin to get an understanding of some of these great and wonderful truths that God is set for our learning in the Old Testament. Now, this is going to be a wonderful night because I hear people say many, many times through the passage, but every doctor doesn't know much about the Old Testament, at least he doesn't talk much about, well, maybe I don't know much, and maybe I don't talk about it very much. But I think one of the reasons that I talked so much about the 30 Plus is because those are specifically addressed to us and people have barely begun to know though we can work on. So why should I spend most of my time trying to teach them the word which is only for our learning, and bypass the word which is directly to us? I think the best of our ministers, what are living for the most part today are usually in the former department and skip the Scriptures which are addressed to them. And I want to handle this for you because it is well I'm trying some other things for you in the depth to the Research Ministry of God's Word. The books that Samuel and Cain written from a human point of view. They are written from a man's point of view. If you want to understand from your end things, you got to see it on a sovereign level. man the man wow. While the Book of Chronicles is looking from God's point of view, many times deal with the same situation that Sandra and kings will look at it from an earthly when a man's point of view that chronicles will give the revelation from dad's point. In family on things at times, he will find, for instance, in one, section three verses that deal with a certain team. And his only treats the three verses. And the other hand, in the butter Chronicles, you'll find three complete chapters talking about they have never known or understood, wow, there is such a variance and I'm sharing with you, right? There is this very because one is from man's side, and the other is from Bob's point of view. So you that's true in relevant sections, and are very simple very clearly understood. In first time. Yes. The principle I want to show you, First Samuel chapter 31. And I'll just read verses one through six. Now the Palestinians fight against Israel. And the men of Israel fled from the poor, the Philistines and Fairbanks slain in Mount Gilboa. And the Philistines followed Herod upon falling upon his son, and the polesden flew Jonathan Bennett, Bob, and Nelkin issue and the battle rent saw again, and the actress hit him, and he was so wounded of the art, then learn to use Amazon, dry storage and trust me through there with less these uncircumcised COMM And trust me through and abuse me, but his armor bearer would not, or he was so afraid, there. So took the sellers and fell upon it. And when his armor burns, saw, but file was dead, he saw likewise upon his sword and died with him. So very sick. Sarabhai and his three sons and his armor, Burr and all his men, that same day to go in first Chronicles number now, family on things you have from a human point of view, from a man's point of view. Now, in First Chronicles, Chapter 10. In Samuel your child of the policeman, sorry, without error, and that even by with a bow and arrow, he still committed suicide by filing upon his own SOS. Now in Chronicles, Chapter 10. In verse 13, it says, So Sal died for his transgressions, which he committed against the Lord. Even against the word of the Lord, which he Kuzma and also for asking console of land on how to familiar to you know, Jeannie ESP system, we have to inquire of it and inquired map of the last word. Therefore, he, the Lord flew him and turn the kingdom and today was the son of justice. And an out and outright contradiction. Because in Samuel, is that the coalition sorry, we're gonna have and that he finally impaled himself upon his own. So while here in Chronicles, it first was fluid. What is the harmony? lack is the accuracy of it? What is it from man's point of view, the left man did in chronicle it from God's point of view, God's not concerned about the error. God's trying to tell us something far bigger than just an error or his soul. He is showing us that the reason Saul died, was because of his transgression, which he committed against the Lord, because he went to the ESP gang, to inquire for information. And therefore, it says, The law is fluid allowed through him, this bad law is set up here. And yes, obeyed by law, and because he disobeyed God bless.


Kill him himself, or was killed and both stories broken out. In other words, God didn't go out and take his life. That's not at all what it means. It's just like, you take In your head and running up against these well and I think you by the world power and you said I don't believe and you run your head up against it when you are right we're back up right below on me. No, I only told you the wire was there and it passed. Then if you ran a path up against it that's your responsibility while back is have dutifully these two illustrations one from Samuel Lamphun chronicles her principle of the word what I've said before you regarding Samuel, Kings and Chronicles remember it now, therefore a man sided view or from God's point of view. Now in Second Chronicles in Second Chronicles, Chapter 17. I want to take you into the depths of one of these records tonight from God group and show you some tremendous trues and keys to God through chapter 17 A Second Chronicles verse one and the host of his son reigned in his stead and strengthened himself against Israel I think perhaps what are apt to do at this time I'm going to do it later anyways. But I think we will we should put the words on it when you write them on the board here then I can give them take it to your left over there. Put the word Israel on tap accept the kings for you so that you understand who this Jehoshaphat salary is in here. Yes, we have had a team called Jenna bone


right his name Jay AB oil Am I just kind of Jerry if you don't know anything. Jarrod was a king of Israel. His son was ha ha ha be.


And a plan was hailed as a V out a Judah across from Jeroboam the king arraigned in Java general in Judah along with Jeroboam in Israel was a king named about a B I G or J. J. J a bank and for Judo like J e 8080. I guess Hey it is Cha John


APA JP joins us alongside it. Got him over there. We're worried about did I get going to put another one in but 85 was over with a getting in here between about love and hate. His name is ASAP What's the sound of red policy and instead of going to Guy Bob Babbitt he'll be sitting right over to some footbath to indict.


A AP, AC that's wonderful. Now we've got them all down. These are the kings of Israel and those are the kings of Judah. Now, your hosts above the sun always reigned in his stead, verse one, and strengthened himself against Israel and attacked you in the classes on power for abundant living. What is the Scripture does not interpret itself in the verse or in the template it will have been used before. So you're always go back to its first usage. The first place the first expression the first words or the first time anything is used is usually the key to them understanding and its future The first using keep your finger here and not that I love Savior Jesus Christ. first words that He spoke in Luke. First usage of words are always very, very important. Look chapter two verse 49. And he said on November time, how is that he stopped me? Here his first words, whiskey not but I'm upbeat about my father's that Jesus is meant ministry was to be about last. His family's ministry. These are the first words he spoke and this was when he was 12 years old. And they found him independence when Jesus Christ opened his public ministry, we use this in the foundation of path but let me show it to you again. These are the first usage The first words the first expressions that are used regarding his ministry in Chapter portably. In verse 16, it came to end He came to Nazareth, we've been brought up and as his customers, he went to synagogue on the Sabbath day and slept for two weeks. And that was delivered on the heels of the prophet Isaiah. And when he had opened the book, he found the place where it was written, The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to preach the gospel to the fore. He attacked me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering a sight to the blind, to set up liberty, then there are rooms to preach the acceptor we hear the Lord and He closed the book, and he gave it again to the minister and sat down. And the eyes of our them that were in a synagogue were fastened on him. And he began to say unto them, this day is this scripture was fulfilled in your this was the first sermon, public sermon, it shows that any subject they have fulfilled, and if your follow through that first sermon, that's exactly what his ministry was all the way through, to heal the sick, the blind, and do all those things that are mentioned. And he said, This day is this scripture fulfilled in urine. And he never read the rest of that record from Isaiah, which says, and the day of vengeance of our God, Jesus just cut it and said, This day is yours is this fulfilled? Last night in Chronicle? When you read something regarding the life of one of these things, usually the first statement made gives you the pattern of backing right. And it'll be explained as you go deeper into the record. In verse nine, it says, he strengthened himself against Israel.


He strengthened himself against Israel. Why? Because Jeroboam of Israel had been a wicked king. He had set up great places to worship pagan gods.


And have his son continued the practice. The practice of basically of idolatry. And a badger, the king of Judah, got into a real problem with Jeroboam. And he recaptured some of the cities that Jerusalem is Israel had tried to take away they were, they were cities of refuge that had been developed. And they belong to Judah, but both personally and older by just went to get him again. And as the other king of Judah, who is the father of Jehoshaphat, he followed in the footsteps of Elijah, and he kept the people found going through all these pagan gods and so forth. So when it says he strengthened himself against Israel, what it means is that Jehovah fab, continues the practice of a badger and Ace and carried it even further. He strengthened himself against Israel. He did not arrive any idolatry. Now bound puts up with a lot of things in the world. He puts up with a lot of things in your life and in mind. But there is one thing about Arab in the word that God does not tell me and that is how balances worshipping any other god or thing. Remember the first commandment, I am the Lord that God was brought before the battle that God has the other by before me in Matthew 22, the Lord Jesus Christ when he supports the two great commandments. The first one is, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy mind is like, this is the first and the great command. So when Jehoshaphat Tyson himself against Israel, he did this by opposing the idolatry of the neighbors. Right. And this is what is pleasing to God, very pleased. He strengthened himself against idolatry. When he strengthened himself against Israel, because Ahab, following in the footsteps of Jeroboam, his father, just paying the gods and however, high prices and so forth. Furthermore, as he strengthened himself against idolatry, verse two says, that he placed persons in all the fence cities of Judah. The reason he placed persons in all the fence cities of Judah, is because he didn't want to take those 10 cities, which were for bad people, and turn them into a city where they no longer were allowed any people. You see, the Cities of Refuge were designed to take care of people who have accidentally killed someone, or injured someone, and so forth. Yes, they would get to the things of refuge, which God had told the people to prepare them, they will be saved inside about city they could not bring them back to the county seat for which they had escaped, and intended them there and make them go to court. And in 33, cents, and the Lord was with Jehoshaphat, because your house a fast walk in the first place of his father David on that map onto balem, pagan god, but he saw the Lord God of his father, and walked in his commandments and not after the doing what is real, who was worshipping idols. Therefore, the Lord established the kingdom in his hand, and I have Judah, Raja Josephat, present, and he had riches and honor in abundance. See, the first thing you have here in this chapter is what I refer to as an alliance with God. A man getting served, gets himself aligned with God, he carries on God's word, because God's word is God's will. And he aligned himself with not in this kind of alliance produces results. And his heart was sick, was lifted up in the ways the bone Moreover, he took away the high places and the grows out of what, Jesus, right, verse 10, or nine, and they prep that what he did I, and they taught in judo, and have the book of the law of the Lord with them, and went about throughout the series of Judah. And he taught the people that what do you think he taught them the way they got out? And the fears allowed him by the time all the kingdoms of the land that were around about Judas, though they made no no alehrer against Jehovah for some of the philosophies that Jehovah first reviewed the server, and the Arabian redeems flock, moves up 7700 lambs and 7700 goats as a good shipment very well. And Jehoshaphat what was great exceedingly. He just didn't watch great, he was great, exceedingly lucky. Wow. Because of his alliances with but that's what it means when he says, strengthen himself against Israel. He TimesTen himself against idolatry. Wonderful, wonderful. Well, let's go to chapter 80. It closes with the first part about birth and death. We should have terminated. Now Joseph had written and honor. Well, you know what, because he had aligned himself with God. He had an alliance with God. He had strengthened himself against all the idolatry and paganism Nabis day. And now that now he does something else. He joined affinity work. He joined affinity with a you see when he joined affinity with Ahab. Remember not all of Ahab members have powers. Everything that Ahab would like to have accomplished, Ahab could not do with all of these metaphors.


A better accomplish without any strain and stress. Because what he says, But joined affinity with a me that he married his son to a bottle he married his son, your hostess, that older son was married to a doctor, that's the affinity. Chapter 21 Chronicles verse three, and their father gave them great gifts of silver and gold, and precious things, with centuries in Judah, that the Kingdom gave he to Jehovah, because he was the first time now Johann was 32 years old when he began to reign. And he reigned eight years. And he walked in the ways of the kings of Israel. Remember, Jehoram is Jehovah. Like, did the house of Ahab he had the better of a job tonight.


And by the name, by the way, her name was .... Give that in the word I just don't know where but it's in your Reddit someplace.


But when he said he died affinity with a hub, he took his oldest son John was his firstborn. Now we'll get the king by Master, your host decided yet. And he married him up to Ahab, baffled as to how that's what it means, races. He joins affinity with Ahab. Now this again is his first use a good picture has changed. Now we'll see what happens here. real interesting.


When he changed affinity with Ahab did the word forsake Josipa now that Jehoshaphat has a second home remember, the fan base will pass it to fellowship and friendship.


Whoa, now houses that have broken your life, the the ties that God had with him that has not broken up. As far as that was concerned.


This is now when you have this alliance accomplish. Your first Alliance was with God. Now this is an alliance in matrimony.


And verse two. And after a certain years, he went down to Ahab to scenario and he had killed sheep and oxen for him in abundance and for the people that he had with him. When Jehoshaphat married his son to a better he now had to succumb to Ahab the process of putting the baton over to the capital city in Jamaica, in in Israel for level money that lands, the home that sweet on that little bear and the affinity have been handsome. To them, the family mark would have been reviewed by hospitality. Ahab So, this alliance in in matrimony is very interesting Lee presented here because you're right rest of verse two says, and persuaded down to a persuaded Jehoshaphat to go with him up to Ramoth Gilead, rabbit Gilliam. Ramoth Rammus Gilliam was a city of refuge. It had originally belonged to God people, but the Syrians have taken this path. And the Syrians were holding the city of Lammott philia. And he had said that go with me. So ramets Gilliam look at verse three. And a half king of Israel said unto Jehoshaphat, king of Judah, we'll go with Peter Gilliam, and he's the host of that answered him, I am bad. And my people like bad people. And we will be with the in the US. That's something that that alliance of matrimony did to the house of Batman.


You see, people would say, well, it was our city. Should we not go in and recapture the city since God gave it to us originally.


So we make up out of our mind of what we want to do before we ask God what to do. But that's exactly what he did. He persuaded Jehoshaphat they have good to go with in dilemma, because they have already made up his mind he was going to go and having the ability with the house of Ahab he says to Josephat you go with me. And while boy I sure will. I'm like you are people are like you people. And I'll go with you see, there's a tremendous truth hidden here inside work for concern. This was a city of refuge, which had the land the Gobi, the Syrians had captured it. And by logic, human ways. It would say go in and get her back, right. Nevertheless, this could have been of great work, to get this city of refuge back. But there's a difference between a great work and a good work. You can do a great work for God sometimes and never do any good for him that this is the problem here. You see, even though he had this affinity with a deep within himself, he tends to do something wrong. And that even though I have learned to go up to the city of refuge at Ramat Gilliam and recapture it he sent that even though he had said to him I've been with you there was still something that he shouldn't do. That's why your hostess said under the king of Israel verse four in choir i Crazy at the way that the Lord is today therefore the king of Israel gathered together the Prophet 400 Men, when they just leave the bleachers right 100 up. The little guy was just about, you know, the seller the area. So they had 400 profits around the table. She said her she was a real religious person. Ahab was a real religious person. Imagine having 400 prophets around your other time that you take care of. Also that said the king of Israel Well, I know we've made the decision to go but don't you think we ought to ask God before we go? Sounds like many board meetings I used to be. We make our decisions of what we think should be done, and then somebody prays how Lord, please put your stamp of approval on what we've already decided. No, I was quite uneasy about it. And he said, Well, maybe we ought to inquire below grade I got 400 over here like and they said on them shall we go Durant to Raymond Gilliam to battle or shall I prepare? And they said Evan Adams said, go up for a bad word. Remember it into the hands of the king? Right. Very sick. Your hostess Is there not a prophet of the Lord that size these 400 Everybody? Y'all Oh, they had had all Josephat cried on each side fact that is that not just one other profit alone, we couldn't crawl up. 400 said gone up.


The fact that we were gonna find one more. The king of Israel said under Joseph. Yet one man by whom we may inquire the Lord, but I don't like him.


I hate him. For he never prophesized anything good about me. But all at the same is my tire that some of them let not the King Faisal the king of Israel called for a lot of his offers. Instead, let's quickly mkhaya The son of the king of Israel and Jehoshaphat, the king of Judah SAP each of them, either of them, and his throne, closing row, and they sat in a void place, a void pipe they were sitting on the floor. But because the ground at the entry in of the gate of some area has a capital C, and all the prophets prophesied before them refer 100 of you, and set a timer. lenalee 400, the son of Canada had made him on tobacco and he must have been a practicing. And so but with these guys shot for Syria until they be consumed, and all the prophets prophesied, saying grace dilemmas Gilead and possible for the Lord shall deliver it into the hand of the king. The messengers that went to call the power spoke to him, you heard the words of the profits that have already been spoken. But when you go back and mkhaya you be sure to declare good to the king so that you agree in Renaissance with left by word therefore I pray the be like one of theirs and four lamps in your life, while good lighting and metallic data to load limits. Even rap My God says that will be. And when he was come to the King, the King Center, the immotile we go to Raymond Gilead to battle or shall die for there. And he said, syrup and prosper. And they shall be delivered in your hand. Although I disagreed with lots of 400 rounds, because the man at the upper floor on the man had said that it comes down to getting now you'll be surprised you'll agree with the king of Israel telling something rounder for good. So he just simply said this. And the king said to him, how many times prior to that I'll say nothing but the truth to me and the name of the Lord. He was killing it. He was just, you know, agreeing with everybody else. Then he said to the Prophet Muthiah rfci is real. Got it upon the mountains, the sheep around no shepherd. And the Lord said, these have no masters. nothing they can do for every man who is busy. And the king of Israel said that he will not prophesy good on anybody. Danny prophesy Eva. Again, he said, This is a prophet because I saw the Lord sitting upon his throne, and as a host of heaven for having had his right hand and on his left. And the Lord said who's got type a thing of Israel that he may go up and up Rhema series and one big saying after this manner no resorted to that? And then there came out of spirits that before the Lord Duran piped in and the Lord said to him, Where are we up? And he said, I'll go down and be alive spirit in the mouth of all these prophets all 400 The Lord said, docile and Titans are super block deep. Now therefore, behold the Lord put a line straight in the mouth of deeds by prophets in the Lord's property. Then set a tile verse 23, that kind of did not enough, came near and he smoked mkhaya upon the teeth and a touch the cheek just made a man on the cheek of the greatest displays you can commit like when Jesus the most demanded cheek before they rowdy mouth for crucifixion is a terrible history. And what a Tyler said very much on the cheek and he said, this way, what's the spirit of for me to speak down to the Where do you go? And my parents said, Behold, now just beyond that day, without shall go into an inner chamber to have.


And the king of Israel said, Hey, Mackay, Hey, everybody, and carry him back to Amman, the governor of the city and to July 16, Sunday. And say that Stephen King fell in place and beat him with random affliction, and with matter of affliction, until I return in the now you see the download for all jobs. When he got this affinity with AI, what's starting to happen? To he was a real PAP and a guy. He was under 400 words somoni birds. He knew they were counterfeit. He knew they were crystal ball gazers. ESPs, and all the rest of them. He knew, he knew this man was right. But he was a fabulous king, and he had committed himself and how this mess to hurt him. When old Ahab gave this order to take this true prophet of God, and feed him on bread of affliction, and with ladder of affliction, and your Ahab returned in deep. I want to tell you, he had never coming back. Every time I land tiny, right away of affliction, affliction, right? I just have to hurry. Well, that's the trouble you get into. When you start out. You're sort of like, my language can be added. Your language can stand for a man of God who stands for the word yourself out. To just fold up. And Matthias said, verse 27, I'll certainly return in peace, then has not been spoken by me. And he Metalia has been how you people, the king of Israel and Jehoshaphat, the king of Judah, went up to ram if you want anyway. That's the eyebrow 400 collab. Rate, pretty good. And for most religious people, it's pretty good. Anybody that contradicts Word of God, if you just get enough people and Latin fans for the Word of God will believe both the molecules over here relatively the accuracy of the king of Israel, verse 29, that I will disguise myself and we'll go to the battle, but put by by row was the king of Israel disguised himself and they went to battle. I was seeing it from God's point of view. Now we're gonna get a little picture of the Syrian tap and what's happening there from God's point of view, verse 30. Now the king of Syria, had commanded the captains of the chariots that were with him saying, pricy, not with the smell of great, they've only with the king of Israel. And it came to pass when the captain of the chariot sorry about that. They said, it is the king of Israel. Why would they say it's the king of Israel? Because he had his ROBOLAB he doesn't have any king of Israel have made this a real target. Everybody would know this was the king and theory up to the theory and that said don't fight with anybody but get the key. Get him that they said it's the ticket. We'll go for the complex about him to fight. But the trade off, boy, here it is, and the Lord helped him. And that moves them to depart from where you want to tremendous people will never see. At least they don't see the break it says that the Lord helped him and bad room them, the Syrian to depart from the word loud is the word. The word God is the word Elohim. And people think these words are just used nonchalantly and in different. The word Jehovah is always used in the Bible, regarding bad in his covenant relationship with his people. The word no he is used regarding God the creation. In Genesis chapter land around it God the Creator in the beginning that did have its first use, they tell you the meaning of a word Elohim. God created Elohim created in the second chapter, it is probably the worst job because it's a held in relationship to that which He has created in the covenant relationship with God for cried out, and the Lord Jehovah helped him. But God Elohim the Syrian man oh man, I don't know if that turns you on or not, but it sure does. But just the last thing is almost handling the usage. You see, Jehovah was a covenant God Josephat. But he was only the Creator to a theory of when the covenant God, the God was a covenant with His Son, Jehovah with his son. He helped him to get out of the soup. Because the God that created the Syrian duty barracks for me. If the second one had been in it, the second one had been Jehovah your hope? How bad it is covenant relationship with his children. And how he takes the enemy as Elohim God the Creator, and many times just that he's serious to get rid of them. I don't know he may have been in a real I don't know. He may have stopped marbles in a pan and I don't know, because there's a record someplace where they're just a little wind blowing in the frontal part. It was a whole army marching, you know, the Old Testament. God Almighty, He's the Creator, I suppose if he wanted to get some bees to be fly to me today. But the Bible is that when they came after the fact to kill Jack Jehoshaphat cried out, he cried out to Maggie. No, he cried out to me, and Jehovah helped him raise God. And He wound the Syrians to the path from where it came to pass. When the captains of the chariots received, but it was not the king of Israel, they came back again from pursuing him. And, and a man with the commoner knife poses the target practice, by practice. Because they weren't asked for anybody, but the key word is love and nobody knew was a kingdom. Because the king Well, Danny, and I don't know really. An army went out to fight the king had the word he is the head of the Army, but he didn't put the guy on and he didn't have his PhD slides and all that. Nobody knew. And so they were behind the fellows. You know target practice you just do a ballad adventure you know maybe only have to have three shots right and this was the third one he was taken not the thing how much time two minutes do we got here? You put people just enjoy the wrap up of this tremendous truth so whenever it's time to go off the air you just take me off and you people have been listening to broadcast and I love thank God for you. You just come in and visit with us some time as we unfold this word let this really live abundantly in your life. And don't forget to write to me running to just send me a note wrap tonight tell me you're listening to the broadcast is right to me you need to do is address it to the weight of DHT copper ws fi you're simply not getting so whenever it's time for me to go off the air you take care of it now a certain man drew a bow at adventure and smoke the key of his rope between the giants of the house the joints of the hand very low fat you have what do you call it um that's not the real one. The other one is back as well as it is over and this is WhatsApp what they told the error it wouldn't penetrate. But there was only a span of about a dime and looks better with your practice third time picture about ... and hit him right in that little hole between the levels of that ornament on his back anyway therefore he said his chariot men turn by hand if I may carry me out of the house for a movie and the battle increase update I get through that ride and get worse because they were looking for became so the rafter I'll be at the king of Israel stadium slapping his chariot against the Syrian is the propped him up with the chariot. So that you'd be there to be able to give honors and so forth. Even until until the event and about the time of the sun going back, he left he died and yet refuse and you're coming back into the landlord said you better not right now you're nice and fast the king of Judah returned to his house back in Jerusalem in goes back in when he gets back home nothing really interesting happens. Or the one that God is given out of body is given that we might believe it is profitable. Wow, that really is right, believing that if we're not believing, like the way that God was around with clover, and then it was a rescue purpose being that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly literally. Now what are those two, and Jay You're the son of hehmeyer with fear the Prophet went out to meet him when he was returning to Jerusalem in peace, the profits and I believe oh that is where the profit got this information from the King was just coming out and it was coming route 66 or 33 and he's at 330 in the afternoon we're gonna narrow the seer went out comedian and he said pretty badly and love them that the Lord run my unit on the line is that as far as the I'm badly a love is idolatry and Love Burn, but as well through bad things happen Today many so called Christian people are constantly having them badly. And they love to be with those people and they stay with those people who hate what our message of reproof to the case, therefore, is rather propounding from before the House. Nevertheless very pleased Nevertheless, there are good things found in the, in that time taken away but grown out of the land and as prepared dinehart To seek them correct I told you God can overlook a lot of things and did that I bought three paganism. Yesterday, we departed tentative of these things no day and went back to Jerusalem alive. The Prophet needs to be on the roadway and look like you have the ungodly power and those who hate you just bring the rapid back down upon yourself you're waiting yourself. Nevertheless, if you wrap this way, you're still good thing to the powder you if you continue to take away that brown powder and prepare your head to do that brawler through someone, and he went out and went again through the people from Beersheba, the mouth Imperium and brought them back under the Lord God of their reproof, correction. My pocket but also that the children of Noah, and the children of Amman and with them, others besides them and I came against Jehoshaphat to battle. Now we're going to the more bikes and the Ammonites are ganged up against terrain affiliates. They were not allowed to go, they should not have been over here, in the rest of it in the plenty of chapters, you find out, you get no time to go. The differences that he has put God first and he gets God's information first before all the decisions are made. And really, you're not by sight and the Ammonite more by are the children out of the the eldest daughter of last had a child for last few things. And the Ammonites out of the youngest of the two who started had the standby and they were using was left to right is the oldest routers was think I'm right on any objection? Overruled for the moment? Well, I know what Peter said and having buddy well, they come up against when you know the trouble. And Jehoshaphat get in the congregation of Judah Versailles, Jerusalem in the house of the Lord. And he asked what the score was. And in verse 15 of this chapter, he said how can you argue that you're having a good and bad ketosis load on you Be not afraid. Notice made by reason of this they not for the battle is not they go out and have a ball all the way through the 30s and tell stories of full record of price with a more bright gamma. Then, in verse 30, it says so was around with the hostess that was quiet for his dad gave him read. Rather it gave him read I didn't check that word God is marching volunteers real good is the Creator gave him rap rip. That's not the covenant job with the Creator party kept daddy's enemies voice. Cuz we don't believe this today. They didn't believe that at least they have this. Now, in verse 31, it doesn't always the fact Rainbow rejuva is 35 years old when he began to rain in the rain 25 years. And his mother's name was a silver, the daughter of Chile. And he walked into ways of ACEs probably. And you probably know from doing that which is right in the southern hobby it was 33 by high prices were not taken away. The people had not prepared their hearts under the God of their fathers.


far as the king was concerned, what he found was a high place your turn around like you know, behind the house, nobody could see. They kept one of those little version stands in front of the house. He took them away in front of the house, every place we get back, but they hit a few. It's like, you know, foggy voted for the women with familiar spirits to be given the Book. Lo and behold, when he asked for one around the corner all jokes aside, it turned on over high places such that people have heard hadn't quite gone along with it for the length while they had one ticket around the dance floor point he doesn't miss a trick. He just shows us the hang on and from God's point of view. Verse 35, we have another line after this good dose of fat king of Judah, Jain himself with a haze Daya, king of Israel. Who did they work for this upgrade have done. Now he's going back and guide himself again. There's three times here, he joined. First of all, when he joins the AI hub, now he's going to join to a trial. And this planning here is different than the one that they have joined himself with a Uzziah king of Israel who did very wickedly. And he dined himself with him to make him the go to person. It was an alliance in commerce, let's put it right in trade, and they may get them. Zion Gaver verse 37. Then ladies laser is a son of those who have Marisha prophesied against your host of a thing, because that has joined by itself with his via the light has broken by work. And the hips were broken, that they were not able to go to fashion that are in rough. Maybe a big song, I don't know. But just the fact that we're going to be wonderful. Get involved in commerce, trade. Because precious was a very, very rich city. And if they could trade they could get the website, you know, the gold, this kind of thing. And so he had gang himself was the king of Israel. And when the ship went out, raw broken up, they never got. There's an interesting record of this from a man's point of view. This is God's point of view, the man's point of view in verse chapter 22 First 48 houses that made ships of parishes to go to offer for those that they went now, for the ships were broken at. Zion gave us exactly what we learned from God's point of view in Chronicles, right? But we didn't hear this. When he said, he was the son of Ahab and the Josipa. Let my servants by servants in the ship, because what did they do? They rebuilt. After the ships were destroyed, they came back, and they rebuilt again, go and add them to Jehoshaphat let my servants close by servants in the ship. But that was my first tiny way to Gong was the first time he went from God's point of view. What happened? Again? No, he never He did. The God that created whatever he did, I don't know. Or whatever it was, he took his hand off or something. And something happened that I was shuffling back. Well, they come back and marry and they decide, well, we're just gonna build our ship. And the king says, Why don't you let my servants know if you're serving time in the ship, and it says, your hostess up with you. Something you wouldn't go. In Finally comes the place the learning lessons. You learned that that alliance in matrimony didn't work. He had learned that the alliance in the military field hadn't worked.


And not the alliance in commerce hadn't worked. But that's when he was aligned with God. He had all those riches, and all that great abundance that we read about in the 70s. I'd like to line this thing up tonight by showing you a few verses you've already seen. Verse, chapter 19, verse two, to decide the ungodly and love them that he brought the Lord. I mean, Second Chronicles 90 criticize the ungodly, and love them that hate to learn and embrace 15 of the 20th chapters where the battle is not yours, but why not. And in the 17th Chapter of the first verse, where we started tonight, when we read and strengthened himself against Israel, against idolatry. He strengthened himself against there has never been a time in the history of society, when it is needed more by God's people to strengthen themselves against idolatry. And our proportion is again the same 400 A wonderful because the major books that are being published today, the most outstanding books that have the greatest sales, eight out of the top 10. And when the masses read these things, for the better believe, like the 400 to one beforehand. Therefore my question about people would be the same. Should we have the unraveling, and those who hate the laws? Certainly not have come to the place to realize that in the way ministry and what we represent in research, that the battle is not ours, the families lost. The battle is the accuracy of his words. God's word standardize. That's not his word. If his wife was louder, I guarantee you no matrimonial line no military lines and no commercial alliances or alliances ecommerce will not work it will be broken and everything else is worse. That's why we need to strengthen ourselves against Israel against idolatry today.


This is lab. Looking up this URL let's read of lamb man. From chapter 17 I forget what 320 Somebody named lamb from God's point of view and give you the life of that man.


And how bad your covenant vibe is Jehovah just kept him just protected him just loved you. Did it fit for you? Because that grabbed the creator's you're separated out groups around from time to time.


I think God has done the same for you or me. How many times in the past haven't you had a real close?


You'll wondered how you back out of it and somebody else next door and ever meet. God knew you before the foundations of the world. And God had a purpose in your life and a prime point. People like not run our heads up against the stone wall to find out. Versus like, we should not be helping the ungodly and those who hate the Lord. We should realize that the ministry God is before us that this is the battle is the Lord's and not ours. And we should strengthen ourselves against the idolatry of our time. That it is the message of this great record of Jehoshaphat. From kings from Chronicles, and there's very little in the public kings regarding nothing to everything. There's a lot in his point of view in front row. Do you have any questions run has been a great time. You read Sammy on Kings and Chronicles in the light of what I have to tonight. I think you'll get great understanding of the world and its significance. These are the things that you learn in research. These are the things that makes the word of tremendous living the real and it's remarkable that you can see in the world when you work.