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SNT 0370 Man on Tower

Man on Tower:
Devil Possession

August 7, 1966

Topical teaching on devil-spirit possession; shows how a man can be possessed and be caused to do things against his will.
SNT – 370

Topic: DRAFT, spirit, possessed, psychiatrist, world, devil, kill, counterfeit, mind, power
Format: audio
Publication Date: 08-07-1966

Victor Paul Wierwille was a Bible scholar and teacher for over four decades.

By means of Dr. Wierwille's dynamic teaching of the accuracy and integrity of God's Word, foundational class and advanced class graduates of Power for Abundant Living have learned that the one great requirement for every student of the Bible is to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Thus, his presentation of the Word of God was designed for students who desire the in-depth-accuracy of God’s Word.

In his many years of research, Dr. Wierwille studied with such men as Karl Barth, E. Stanley Jones, Glenn Clark, Bishop K.C. Pillai, and George M. Lamsa. His formal training included Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Mission House (Lakeland) College and Seminary. He studied at the University of Chicago and at Princeton Theological Seminary from which he received a Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. Later he completed his work for the Doctor of Theology degree.

Dr. Wierwille taught the first class on Power for Abundant Living in 1953.

Books by Dr. Wierwille include: Are the Dead Alive Now? published in 1971; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today published in 1972; five volumes of Studies in Abundant Living— The Bible Tells Me So (1971), The New, Dynamic Church (1971), The Word's Way (1971), God's Magnified Word (1977), Order My Steps in Thy Word (1985); Jesus Christ Is Not God (1975); Jesus Christ Our Passover (1980); and Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed (1982).

Dr. Wierwille researched God's Word, taught, wrote, and traveled worldwide, holding forth the accuracy of God's "wonderful, matchless" Word.



snt-0370_man-on-tower_devil-possession(vpw) DRAFT

SUMMARY KEYWORDS: spirit, possessed, psychiatrist, world, devil, kill, counterfeit, mind, power

As I teach tonight, I have chosen a topic of theme, which I seldom do. But because of the happenings in our great nation in these past few months. And coming up the time when I am teaching the advanced class where we have been dealing exactly with all of these things that are occurring around you, day by day and week by week, I thought tonight, I ought to do on demand on the tower. Naturally at the time that's allotted to me or the time that I take on a Sunday night, I cannot merely adequately cover the subjects that I have am dealing with. But I believe that I can set before our radio people. And a copy of this, I'm going to send to the Governor of the great state of Texas, I believe that I can send set before our people, not only those of you gathered here tonight, but before our radio audience, the governor of the great state of Texas, if they cared to listen and care to know some of the great truths that will help to set people free. And that will give them an understanding of really what is happening. It's a terrible thing to be in the dark. When something occurs, and you don't know the answer to when you call to gather all the brains of all the world, and they still do not know the answer to it. It makes you feel badly that these things occurred, and that you just do not know. I believe and I think we have the scientific proof that there is an answer. I know there isn't any. And I know that that answer is simple. It is detailed and it is complete. You know, the Romans had a say, Yo the Romans had to say, by the cloth, you recognize the light. The criterion of the degree of health of any culture is determined by its spiritual status. When a nation or its culture is on the decline, the Great Flood grip of the bulk of this whole occult stream rises ominously who writes a nation and its people onward to its destruction. Our nation, tonight's class, is dreadfully yours, to the point of no return on the top echelon, in our federal government, all the way to the circle of cities, from the towers of our great academic institution, the Kinder gardens in our local communities from the pinnacle of the national headquarters of our television and radio, from that television and radio, to the basement of our home and the newspapers syndicates of all sleep, the time the tribute to the outgoing Pacific, everywhere, every time, every day, we are bombarded by the so called scientifically made acceptable of the prophecies of a certain day D. The explanation by a humble professor and his wife from a great university, which begins with a deep was hundreds of other lesser life to impress us, with E SP. All to impress us with a field called para psychology.


I people I wonder if we can no longer buy the claw recognize the lion? Is it ironical? Or is it a commentary? Or is it both that from the pinnacle of the tower of a university campus? A man should kill 15 and wound and others 31 And yet, the wounds in the hearts of people all over our nation are much more than 31.


Personally, I love them my sympathy is extended to every family belief. And to the Governor of the great state of Texas, Governor John D kondylis


Whose wounds have a farmer may lay a barely healed before another high yield, and dastardly assault on his people, estates and upon our nation. And may I say to you people at the outset tonight that's it if our government were to take away from us American every gun we have that that is not the answer. For here on the man, if we're here with a man on the tower, we would have had a man to whom every law would have failed to apply, and he could have bought all the guns he wanted to anyway. And to deprive the people of the United States, their own gun is not the end may I also say tonight that to blame the psychiatrist that he did not report what went on in his office is also wrong. Because what is told to him in his office, is to be confidential. Even as things that are told to me, as a clergyman, in my office are confidential. And legally, I am not bound to portray that confidence that men and women placed within me. He as a psychiatrist, did the best to because as a psychiatrist, he was only trained in the same academic environment where the real answers for life are not known. I will set my proposition before the people tonight and spend the rest of my time that I shall play to elucidate and clarify this some, I believe many different angles. I believe that the man on the power was what they would refer to as an ESP. And by extrasensory perception, he received and was possessed of a spirit called in the Bible, the spirit of murder. And it was that spirit of murder that possessed Charles Whitman, and caused him to kill the tumor that someone prayed about here tonight, and said the same thing in the prayers that I'm going to say now. The tumor that he had on his brain had no direct contributing effects to the murders at all the fights that his mother and dad had and no direct contributing effects. There's many a husband and wife fight like cats and dogs. But the sun doesn't follow up on a tower and shoot people just for the pleasure of shooting. There is many a man who has had a lot bigger tumor on his mind and on his brains than this man who doesn't go out and trigger a gun to shoot 15 people and ruin some 31. But you see, they give these answers because there has to be a reason and they're looking for the reason they're sincere. They're really looking, they really would like to know. The only problem is would they really like to know the real answer or is it something they would like to know only the answer to to cover the situation and to quiet the claim that their own conscience and have their own mind and their own on godliness and unbelief? I believe that I have and at least 20 major newspapers this past week. And of course all the periodicals that have common the rest of them will all be coming in this week. We'll get them by the barrel In all these periodicals, all these newspapers, everyone will have an idea. Everyone will have a suggestion but nobody will have the real answer. Because the real answer is in the understanding of the Spirit field, both the positive spirit field, which is a good field, spirit field, the field of the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, of which the Holy Spirit is the power of God. And to understand the counterfeit field, which is so much like the genuine that you have to be a specialist to be able to separate the genuine from the counterfeit. In all the newspapers in all the periodicals that I checked, the report basically was always the same. I was Whitman, ex Marine, nice guy. And everybody says he's a wonderful job, nice guy. I'm on set. It's hard to find anyone who knew him who said they didn't like you. He was a former Scoutmaster and an architectural engineering. He was a hard worker. He made good grades. One newspaper said he was a handsome blonde, I don't know what that's got to do with it. But at least he was a blonde.


And other line I live with a guy who had everything, including a lovely wife. When you look at it, knowledge wise, it is the same general pattern the patterns of the JD, the pattern of the DSPS that come out of the great universities that start with a with a D. and other institutions and academics who, and I just wondered tonight, if it is a commentary. I wonder if it's if it's a if it's a condemnation, or if it's an alarming reality that men should sit and pay attention to that from the pinnacle of one of the powers of the great academic institutions to call upon our nation. Such a dastardly calamity, as many of us have. It was brought to my teaching platform here just before I started to speak tonight, this little news article, which is the first that I have seen along this line, and I'm really, really delighted to see it, because here is a psychiatrist that may have some hope. Or he says some Allentown Pennsylvania, United Press International released it. And the psychiatrist says, and through some strange port, I'm poking through some strings put in the workings of the criminally insane mind. More mass killing can be expected. According to Dr. Frederic Wertham, one of the world's foremost authorities on criminal violence. The massacre on the University of Texas campus was definitely connected with a mass murders of a student nurses in Chicago last month, this noted psychiatrist contended that he is closer to truth that he knows he has more reality in there that he perhaps understands, I'm sure a bit but the spirit that was in the man that murdered murdered the two nurses, that same kind of spirit was in the man on the power. It's called in the Bible, a spirit of murder. And when the spirit of murder comes in the mind of a man, that man can help himself. He will kill, he will murder he will he can't help himself or he is possessed. He is no longer in control of the freedom of his own mind, because it has been taken over by what they refer to as extrasensory perception. He is perceiving and has been perceived by and taken over by a spirit that rules that same principle involved in extrasensory perception where a spirit comes into the mind and via that spirit in the mind, they're able to read the cards, they're able to do this they're able to do that. One of the one of the great things about the counterfeiters that's a counterfeit being so much like a genuine that they lean over backwards to make the counterfeit many times To appear even more wonderful as an individual, so that nobody can recognize that it is this individual that is being possessed by that spirit. In today's whittling down cassette, this is Sunday, August the seventh they headline, what led the typical all American boy to a monstrous day in Tampa tower? A big question. I think this must be the question in the heart and life of every thinking American tonight this week, at least right? What caused him to do it? I appreciated that they wrote it in such big print. What was this typical All American Boys. This is the thing we're after, in this class tonight to give the answers to what led this body to do that. I've already given it. I haven't proven it. But I've said it before you that this boy was a wonderful boy, since knowledge wise, and Satan, in whom we do not believe anymore in our great nation. Just a little a handful of people here, there and yonder. That's all what the Bible talks about Satan talks about the devil. But if we do not believe the Bible, we cannot believe in Satan understand. And when the preacher stand in the pulpit, believe that the people aren't taught they don't understand.


But the thing that happened to this man, this typical all American boy, is that he got possessed by a spirit of murder. And it was that spirit that possessed you mentioned. But there were some things in this particular August, the seventh edition that I think can be interesting to this class. I can't go through the whole thing. You can read all this stuff for yourself. But I have marked some things that are pertinent to an advanced study on the discerning of spirits to find out whether that good spirits, bad spirits, or what kind of spirits are in operation in people's lives. When the young lads went to the psychiatrist, the question that was asked the chief problem was the question out on the paper that he had to fill out before he could see the psychiatrist. And you know, what is until all if the paper is accurate, and it's close to 10 always believe everything you read in the newspapers, not really. But if they're accurate in here, at least I've given you the newspaper if they're wrong, it's not my ad, it's theirs. They said. He said, the answer to that question, what's your teeth problems? He said, Well, that's why I'm here. He said that in the paper that was submitted to the psychiatry, that's why he was there with a psychiatrist. He wanted to know what is peace. Nothing goes he didn't know the problem. He was hoping someone else could tell him. He didn't understand about what's happening with any. What's another psychiatrist was ready to see him. They talk for an hour on the left, and Dr. Murray deeply goes out along the way. And he began dictating his vote in the dictation this is what he wrote in his notes, this massive, muscular you need to be oozing with hostility as he initiated the hour with the statement that something was happening to him. And he didn't see to be himself. That's the key. All when people come under my ministry, and we have taken double stairs out of people there it's a murder. That's very thing we're dealing with are taken out of people. When they come and they say to you, we don't we don't know what's happening to us. I'm not myself. And if you're not yourself, then you're somebody else. And if you're somebody else, you can't be somebody else physically because you're still yourself. I can take a picture of you and prove it to you that it can only be because something have possessed your mind, something is in you worse you possess the you ever do have no control and bliss or when that boy said that was happening to him, and he didn't seem to be himself. If that psychiatrist had no god vote and understood the principles of spirit operation, he would have known the answer right? Then in those he wrote this. In the liver are the notes that he wrote before he committed all these murders.


I don't quite understand what is compelling me the type. The key and that statement is the word what comes next compelling when a person is compelled to do something he no longer has freedom to do that. That's not compelling. These are tremendously enlightening statements in the newspaper. I don't quite understand what is compelling me to type this note. I've been to a psychiatrist. I've been having fears and violent impulses. I've had some tremendous headaches in the past, I am prepared to die. I am prepared to die. After my death, I wish an autopsy needs to be performed to see if there's any mental disorder. You see this spirit possessing him, even causing him to lysis. Setting the whole program, so they do an autopsy, the greatest intellectual mind. And scientists in the world doing that autopsy will not be able to find what's the matter with his mind. Because there was anything wrong with his physiological mind, it was that it was possessed with a spirit and that they can't find in a laboratory. Then he wrote, I decided to kill Taffy tonight. I love her very much. If you love someone very much, since knowledge wise, human people like you, if you love someone very much the a lot of killing you on everything else but not for the boat. Therefore, when he said this, it was a really he who was saying it was simply his mouth saying it or his pen writing it. But it was that spirit within him dictating the program. And of course, that is where the people get taken in. When they read these kinds of notes. What was the psychiatrist noticed? Or was it what was the medical profession know that there was a what do the law enforcement officers know to deal with it? Basically not the by sheer logic, you know, within yourself when you sit down and think that if you love someone, you do not want to destroy them. You want to continue to love them to have a wonderful life. He says I intend to kill my wife after I picked her up from work. I don't want her to have to face the embarrassment that my actions would surely cause her. And yet, think of the embarrassment as like the spirit of suicide. When it gets in people, somebody commits suicide, he leaves the note and said, I just didn't want to any longer degrade my family because of the way I live. Have you ever thought how he really degraded the family? When he killed himself with a spirit of suicide. Just the opposite of what he really said, this is all protection. It's all in the spirit field. And he wrote also the limit concern. I have just killed my mother. If there's a heaven, if there's a heaven, he's going there. He's wrong on that. Because the Bible teaches that's what the Church teaches is the domination of baloney, and that they're all there for centuries. The Bible teaches that when you die, you're dead until Christ come


Well, he may be allergic and maybe we got the devil spirits too, I don't know.


But anyways, he says, he's going to have a very deep dive if there's not a heaven, she thought of her pain and misery, I love my mother with all my heart doesn't they're not in isn't that wonderful, typical all American boy. It is a boy, a young man who is possessed. And in those moments, when he was not possessed, he was a wonderful, wonderful bowler. He was everything that I read to you that I had even much more. This my people, is a spiritual world in which you and I live. Very few people believe this today. They believe it's a materialistic world, or an industrial world, or an academic world or a scientific world. It is all about, but above all of this man, the spirit. And technically, when you take off all the bad things, and you come to the least common denominators, you will have to see that this is a territorial in which we live. We are influenced, we are directed, we are ruled by the Spirit. This of course, the whole field has been getting a great deal of publicity. That not one time, have I read an article recently representing the kind of teaching ministry that I set before this advance, plus, I read all the other stuff with which we are in but bombarded day after day. And week after week, I had an awful time trying to select some of the materials to bring before this class tonight, because I have a voluminous amount of stuff that I've collected in my 20 some odd years of research work in this field. But I bought a few things tonight that I think will collaborate and set before not the spirit of murder. But to show you that this is a spiritual and that we are spiritually influenced. We are spiritually ruled. But if you want you can make up your mind whether that spirit is to be the spirit of the living God, the true God, who is the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Or if it has to be the spirit, which is represented by Satan, who is the god of this world. I think perhaps before I share some of these with you auditory, second Corinthians chapter four. I am sure this will be news to some of our radio audience. Because most people say there's only one God. And not all super normal, or supernatural manifestations come from the same God that the Bible says that there are two gods. One is the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the true God, who never does anything bad, who is all light in him, there is no darkness. The other god is Satan, who is the god of this world. And in second Corinthians chapter four, verse three. And I say this again to my people and to our needs, or their powers, DAP will be hit. It's him to them, or to those people who are left. who do not want to understand who do not want to be saved, who do not want to go the way of the godfather of our Lord Jesus Christ in home, that God of this world, the god of this world, not the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, but the god of this world is facing us blinded the minds of them, which believe nuts with the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, good died under them very early on through puberty. I have here an article talking about vertical direction, virtual rulership from the negative side from the god of this world, inverse for that second point In section, I have here an article from Argosy and Gneisenau. Magazine


in which it says before the people are McKenzie was Canada from beyond the grave. Prime Minister, I want to call him in Canada. I was he rolled Canada from the information that he received by SP. From Beyond the great. Yeah, so the first time is the incredible secret that Canada's great Prime Minister, William Lyon Mackenzie King took to his death, the story of a leader who ran his government on advice from beyond the gray. I have here another article which appeared in the Chicago Tribune where they have been carrying numerous articles, as have all the major newspapers and periodicals on our land. All along the same lines. This man who wrote this article at a previous article on Peter coast, with I remember correctly I've read some of his doing was from Holland. But this particular article that appeared deals with all Dunson, they all M Fs LM, the man with the X ray mind is the title of it. When all of Johnson concentrates, tables for the future unfold, events are stripped of their most baffling secrets. What is this strange power that even science is unable to explain? Your causal Trivium. The man with the X ray our mind, the man has no X ray mind. But the man has a spirit is controlling his mind. And that spirit, knowing what goes on in the world, and another situation informs that fella and takes over the control system and therefore senses world to the senses man like it's all Johnson, who has the X ray mind, he hasn't got an x ray mind. That's why baffled because the scientist, the psychiatrist, a psychologist, the people who work in parapsychology, those who work in Psychosomatic Medicine, they cannot know that answer, because this answer is in the search field. And they can only work in a sense as well on what they can see, hear, smell, taste, or touch. Or they can take into their laboratories, what they can analyze. And you can't analyze spirit, you can't put a pound of spirit in a test. So you're going to have to come back to an authority and the authority on spirits is the Bible.


I have here another issue. And titled this week. out of the plane dearly or wonder if that couldn't be out of Detroit.


Cleveland Plain Dealer. The article entitled yesterday, today and tomorrow. And uncanny ESP reports on predictions that often come through and what the future may hold by just 30. I'd like to read a little about just 30 years of research, years of research. He doesn't really mean research. He means collecting data, if that's what research is. It's like writing a doctoral dissertation where you collect all the research, they call it research, you go looking for what everybody else has written through the centuries on why the wick of a candle is black instead of green when it burns. And so after you've documented this with 150, or 160, different authoritative sources that give you a PhD or something. This is not what I mean by research. But apparently this is what's written here in this magazine and just released of the week. And the years of research while putting together such as the door to the future, yoga, youth and reincarnation and an upcoming book on mystic education. Education was in the South. I've studied his work completely and I'll discuss it with you here and then Clap a little bit. As we were discussing some of these breakthroughs, just search as encountered many startling examples of clairvoyance, telepathy and precognition live, lively peeresses Jeannie Dixon's prediction of the Kennedy assassination as reported in his story to the future. This article reports some of his more striking adventures with ESP. And here he talks about the psychic Ellen cell, the one involved with double and bring forth this extrasensory perception. And the remarkable thing is that according to this, Jacqueline Kennedy's gonna marry before mid 1967. And George Romney of Michigan will be the new President of the United States in 1968. In the book, or the magazine, or the paper, why don't know Jack Kennedy started get married before 67. I would hate to say the night that George Romney will be President of the United States that there is a prediction. And ladies and gentlemen, it could come through. It all depends on what devil spirit is operating within that Gail, within that woman, if that thing is up to snuff, which I could know if she walked in this auditorium tonight and sat here and I wanted to know and know it's just like that, if I went into a meeting where he was I can and I'd like to say to you, Dr. William, if I really wanted to know I can still know tonight I could tell you exactly what's going on. I like to say to you only what I'm trying to report tonight when before you periodicals that everybody reads all day stuff goes all over the world has any any of you ever seen in print in any periodical in any Chicago Tribune in any Cleveland Plain Dealer in any New York Times? If I was gonna be read from them that are lost. In home, the god of this world has blinded the minds of them which believe not the light of the gospel of Christ within their god to sign up? Can you ever see that? No, you haven't. Because all Satan has is in store. And our nation is to get us bombarded with this material to get us to believe that God is genuine, and if that's what he wants us to believe a genuine, which is really the counterfeit. And as you said, a genuine then you get the truth, which will show the error in the counterfeit, and without coming back to God's word. And what's really working with a mathematical fact is that with a scientific precision man will never understand what's going on in the mind of the people as they are receiving ESP, as they are present as ducks in a row as they are taken over. Whether it's turning a deck of cards, and calling Rs 25. Right down the line. Or somebody predicting that Dylan Kennedy's married or Romney becoming the president of the United States. There was a wonderful man with an outstanding writer for The National Geographic magazine or many years ago, wrote a that's and in this particular issue of the National Geographic magazine have dates way back to older and some of you young people in here are 1935.


The October 1935 issue. This leading man in the United States name is Joseph Brock, an outstanding student, worker scholar wrote a series of articles called the some of the living oracles of the Tibetan church. And it is he said, another article he says, demon possessed Tibetans and their incredible feats.


The word demon is a Greek word translated, English devil. The organized search the organized denomination or system of the few that do believe in devil they don't even call them devils today, they call them demons. You know why? Because the word devil sounds hard and harsh to the human ear, but the word devil sounds sort of like a cigarette. Or like beer does. I don't know. It's, it sort of takes the edge off. Have a and it's another trick in a spirit where you set a fake, Devil present, they say demon possessed wow, I threw that in as a lucky psychic. They don't help you much, but a reputable magazine. And I would like to say that when I first read this many years ago in my research, starting in 1944 43, when I first came across this, this man had far more accuracy in the article of National Geographic magazines than I've ever seen in any religious periodical or commentary that I'd read. And I'd read them by the way. It was a man dressed for the occasion. And this man, it says, again, you can all look at this after the teaching station and if you want to lay them out up in front, a deity, a deity, a God, a spirit, mix this oracle, stick out your tongue. It's the man who when a certain spirit takes the hold of this God, the deity, myth, nation, that God is the God did I make you you didn't even see, I had the freewill not to do it. But when this man gets possessed by that devil spirit, he can't help but pick out his sons. Barbie New Silk Road with burden banners. And one of the keys some was up Tibet, men, men subject men subject to epileptic seizures, and supposedly possessed by demons have been left out one word and change the other ones. You'd have been accurate biblically right down the line. If you would have simply said and possessed by devils, even right, that's supposedly possessed by demons is the best he could do with open mouth and staring eyes. He is an earth he is in an early stage of the trance during with the lemon, and our flocks believe he becomes a mouthpiece for the powerful spirits. During collapse at this stage, he will be thought controlled by an evil spirit. In other words, if he doesn't make it through to that certain states, then they say it wasn't even stopped him from doing it. Any peasant? Now listen, any peasant subject to such seizures may be a llama, and elevated to this prayer priesthood. And to be the Dalai Lama of Tibet, who is now in your great country of India, Dr. Lee. You have to be possessed to be the Dalai Lama. Or there is a test that they have to pass what do they have to do a certain thing with only a certain devil spirit will be able to do and when they're possessed with that spirit, then they become the Dalai Lama. It does not make any difference where he was born, or what his family background is. Boys can come from anywhere, anyplace, but they've got to be possessed by that one spirit and do those things that that Spirit does, that person becomes the Dalai Lama. All Photos appraoch in the nice new Geographic Magazine as this picture, under the caption under which under the picture of the gods caption makes him violent. This man is believed by the lamas and the members of the Tibetan church to become the mouthpiece of the Deity and that's right. This man when he is possessed is simply the mouthpiece the mouthpiece of the deity of the Spirit.


He is known as a sun mouth. When he dresses in his gorgeous robe. The Spirit manifests itself that spirit manifests itself by causing him to go into terrific convulsion. His predecessor killed a llama with a sword, now under the same influence as a trident in his right hand he has a titan in his right hand and during this fist he runs up and down, shooting off the arrows Cabaniss double at some Seon says the so called Particle reform seemingly superhuman feats of strength and agility and that picture he shows on another page where one of these men with a bare hands with the sword made out of Mongolian steel and he tried that sword into not into a not simply by taking that stored it is their hands and turning it a bit you say Damascus steel


what is that what it said I read it there a minute ago. What Mongolian feel on various you just just the things are going around.


I know some of you men are very strong in the way biblical Research Center tonight. I'd like to get you a fork from the basement or a knife. Why would you do with a sword of Mongolian? The only person who could put that together have to be possessed. And when he is possessed, he gathers the strength of that wrong, deadly spirit. Thanks for that spirit and he made it possible for him to do it. National Geographic, ladies and gentlemen. I told my boss I told my class earlier in the week. Last week, I said that the newspapers of our nation and the periodicals will teach this platforming. Remember that night I said the publication's across our country will write what I am going to teach a part of a team that who experienced on the tower in Austin, Texas. And these other things, but they're also playing in National Grid Geographic magazine of the current issue 1966 So I'm right up to date. On the article I think apart on page 286 and 87 of the August 1966 edition of National Geographic whose history run here to the right which says directly and during pain a Chinese spirit medium. Here's his third test to cast away demons. incense and the study beat of drums fill the air as the audience on a downtown side streets comes with excitement. On the other side of the page, it shows a man who has taken a ceremonial fear and he has he balances himself barefoot on a throne of knives. And he has a dagger and he has run the dagger through his tongue. And this is what it says on that page. Dagger through his tongue help this young Chinese Fanny devil. He holds a ceremonial fear and who are balancing barefoot on a throne a nice sword blade, duck from the chairs back. Now here is a line that we haven't touched the bear the pain, he first put himself into a hypnotic trance. And all hypnotism is devil spirits. It may do good. But you've got to watch. Because just to do an immediate good is not enough you will have to look through science. They will keep testing and testing and testing right? Not only 10 times and put it on the market or through science, you work with a mathematical exactness until you're absolutely sure not like they're dumping many times the narcotics and all the rest of junk or whatever you call these things and put out in the hospitals and drugstores and places and then our federal government as to call them all back in because women's babies are dying I forget what that it was all about anymore. All of these things that isn't science. Scientists evaluate and pick it over and over again. And hypnotism ladies and gentlemen, whether you like it or whether you don't doesn't make any difference. The truth of it is that to be able to hypnotize someone else, you have to have the spirit of the hypnotic spirit which is a devil spirit, then you can hypnotize that other person without that you can't do it. There's not a man living that could hypnotize me, not a bandleader. And there's not a person living I could hypnotize because I do not have that spirit, which is from the wrong side. To be able to hypnotize you will have to have a devil to hypnotize. Ladies and gentlemen, I wish that our medical profession would give an ear to this. Because there are things on the market that can be given to women, you can have your babies just as wonderfully without the hypnotized. I wait that the dentist would hear it. Because there are things you can do that will alleviate the pain in the mouth. So that you need not be hypnotized sitting in a dentist's chair on an operating table. But because our people do not know these answers, and they have been so influenced by the negative side, therefore we have gone into this hypnotic type of thing. Or these are just a few. If you want to read another 1000, I've gotten along the same lines, everything by people, there is a law in bounds in life, that every cause has an effect in every effect as a cause. What caused that man on the power, the murder. The shooting of the gun produced the effects of those people being killed what caused it. The cause behind it was not a tumor. The cause behind it was not anything since knowledge wise, the cause behind it was just exactly what that newspaper indicated in words that were used. He was controlled, he was possessed. He simply became a medium. He became a sensitive for that matter, which possessed him and took him to the top of that power Summit.


He killed all of those people. I'd like for you to turn to Ephesians chapter six. My engineers are showing me that we only have one minute. We go off the air tonight.


And I wish you good people that are listening to this broadcast might avail yourself of the greatness of God's words. You can't find the answers someplace else to the accuracy of it.


I invite you to write biblical research centers where we are researching at least we are working the way we are endeavoring to get these answers. We certainly invite you to come and be a part of the questing and of the study and of the research work. He sees in chapter six. I said to you that this is a spiritual world that we live in and above the material above the natural above all of that same spirit. And it's either God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the true spirit, or it is the god of this world. Satan spirits. This is the counterfeit.