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SNT 0365 Second Session of PFAL - 2 Timothy 2:15

Second Session of PFAL
2 Timothy 2:15

June 30, 1968

Teaching on our legal sonship rights, which are part of our new birth and must be claimed and acted upon.
SNT – 365

Topic: pfal, DRAFT, God, paradise, Paul, commas, persuaded, called, translated, workman, right cutting, rightly dividing
Format: audio
Publication Date: 06-30-1968

Victor Paul Wierwille was a Bible scholar and teacher for over four decades.

By means of Dr. Wierwille's dynamic teaching of the accuracy and integrity of God's Word, foundational class and advanced class graduates of Power for Abundant Living have learned that the one great requirement for every student of the Bible is to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Thus, his presentation of the Word of God was designed for students who desire the in-depth-accuracy of God’s Word.

In his many years of research, Dr. Wierwille studied with such men as Karl Barth, E. Stanley Jones, Glenn Clark, Bishop K.C. Pillai, and George M. Lamsa. His formal training included Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Mission House (Lakeland) College and Seminary. He studied at the University of Chicago and at Princeton Theological Seminary from which he received a Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. Later he completed his work for the Doctor of Theology degree.

Dr. Wierwille taught the first class on Power for Abundant Living in 1953.

Books by Dr. Wierwille include: Are the Dead Alive Now? published in 1971; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today published in 1972; five volumes of Studies in Abundant Living— The Bible Tells Me So (1971), The New, Dynamic Church (1971), The Word's Way (1971), God's Magnified Word (1977), Order My Steps in Thy Word (1985); Jesus Christ Is Not God (1975); Jesus Christ Our Passover (1980); and Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed (1982).

Dr. Wierwille researched God's Word, taught, wrote, and traveled worldwide, holding forth the accuracy of God's "wonderful, matchless" Word.

2Ti 2:15; 3:16, 17; 2Pe 1:21

2Ti 2:15; Gen 1:31; 2:1-4; Joh 2:23-25; 3:1; 8:1, 2; 7:53; (Isa 30 - chapter heading); Isa 1:1

Act 20:36; Luk 23:39, 43, 42

Act 21:14; 20:22-24; 21:2-4

Act 21:8-13

Act 21:14



snt-0365_2nd-session-of-Pfal_2Timothy2_15(vpw) DRAFT

SUMMARY KEYWORDS: God, paradise, Paul, commas, persuaded, called, translated, workman, right cutting, rightly dividing

Take your Bibles and during the Second Timothy chapter two in this class on power provided living, we have come to the place where tonight we open with the great truths on the keys to the words interpretation.


In Second Timothy chapter two in verse 15, it says, we're just study to show ourselves approved unto unto God, as a workman is not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. The one great requirement of every biblical student is to rightly divide the Word of Truth. To the end, we rightly divide the Word of Truth, we will have the true words to the end that we wrongly divided, we're going to have error. Now, in order to get to the key to the words, interpretation, let me again remind the class of those tremendous scriptures, which we worked minute late earlier in the week, second, Timothy, 316, and 17, where we read that all scripture is God breathed. All is given by inspiration of God, All scripture, God breathed. And all of its profitable along three lines, not threads, which is how to believe rightly direction to direct us to those places where we're not believing rightly, or reproof, rather, and first, and then to reprove us at the places where we're off the ball. And then to correct us to put us back on the ball, that we may be instructed in righteousness. And the purpose of the Word of God is given in one verse of scripture, verse 17, that the man of God may be one, perfect, true and true and truly protected unto all good works. And then in Second Peter, chapter one, verse 21, we covered that verse, or the prophecy came, not in olden time by the will of God, men, but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost. No translation, no translation. And that's all we have today, an extent that we know don't translation may be accurately called the Word of God with a capital T, a capital W to capital and a capital G, no translation, for each translation is no better than the interpretation given to it by the translator. We have no original. As far as we know, there are no originals in extent. And it is of the originals that God said, holy men of God spake as they removed by the Holy Ghost, and that all scripture is God breathed. You cannot hold God accountable for the errors that appear in translation. We have no original. Even the fundamental conservative biblical people who think, who use nothing but King James just can't be right. Even if they reached a position they think it's good enough for the Apostle Paul is good enough for them. It just wouldn't work. Because the King James is just a translation. Now, we have no originals. But when we refer to originals in scholarly circles, what we mean are manuscripts. The abbreviation is MSF. This is the abbreviation for manuscripts. If it's in the singular, just dropping us we have in manuscripts dating back perhaps 344 4500 ad, and then of course up to 1214 1500. With the oldest manuscripts and extent, getting back to the 350s 400 are what we refer to as unsealed UNC ILS. The word unsealed simply means capital letters. All of these manuscripts are written in capital letters. There are no semi-colons no commas, no periods, no paragraphs, no chapters, no verses. And they would look much like this does. Here we're having all income For God so loved the world, they're all tied together, it's all capital letters. These are referred to as scholars by scholars as being the oldest manuscripts in extent. The second oldest manuscripts are called person. Now, the URL urs IV, the word cursive simply means running hand. That's all it means running hand. And there they look, they would look like this, For God so loved the world that He gave just one word tied right into another.


We have discovered in our biblical research, that sometimes those curses are more accurate than the unsealed when you when you study these microfilm, and you look at them, and you check them out on the integrity of their usage.


And the reason this is true, as I understand it, and as I believe it is, is that don't cursive we have, even though they're not as old as the oldest unseals in extent, these curses must have been taken from older unsealed than those which are currently available to us. Because we believe at the way biblical Research Center, that if you could get back, that there would be no air. We believe that in the original way the holy men of God spake as they removed by the Holy Spirit, that all scripture is God breathed, that there is no mistake in it. That's a mistake have come via translations, and so forth. You see, if we're going to then get the Word, the Word of God out of any translation, we will have to compare Scripture with Scripture, we'll have to compare one word with another word, we'll have to compare words with words. Because no scripture, if it is the word of God, can be contradictory of any other scripture if it's the word of God. Right? By sheer logic, because God cannot want contradict himself. So let's say you run across a passage, we're going to be studying these in the classes to hear when we you know, maybe tonight, we won't get to them. But we'll be by tomorrow night. Suppose you find a scripture, which is current trajectory of other scripture. You have only two things that could possibly be, number one, I do not understand what's written. This is frequently the case. I do not gel, exactly what it says. So I say, well, it's contradictory. But it perhaps isn't, because I do not understand it. Now, let's say I do understand it. And I am fully cognizant of what he says. And there is still an apparent contradiction. It can only be at one other place, and that's translation. It's either in my understanding, or it's in the translation. So now, if it's in the translation, all we can do is just work the word because not one word can be contradictory of any other word, if it's the word of God. In the original God breathed word class. There absolutely were no contradictions, no errors, or how could it be God's word? If God contradicted himself, it could not be. I've got to help you a little bit on your Bibles, especially some of you that are relatively new to the word. There were no chapters in the original. The chapters were first put in the Bible in 12 150 ad. Now we have run into people in years past who believed that the whole King James Version was just given by divine revelation. You know, that all the chapters, everything else was God breathed? Well, that's not true when you say those kinds of things. Why immediately, stars are just carried a piece because they know it isn't true. The chapters were first put in the Bible in 12 150 ad, and I'm thankful they're in there. Even for the members of my class, you might have a difficulty finding certain references if it was we're not even putting Chapter The verses. There are no verses in the oldest manuscripts that we have an extent they were not in the original texts. They were first put in in 1558 as he appeared in the in the Geneva Bible In 1560, and from there in the 1611 translation, which we refer to as the King James Bible, by the way, was first printed in the year 1450 ad. Now, I'd like to say a word about the people who think the King James Version is, or the translation was the greatest thing that was ever done. The difference between a translation and a version is if I translated it tonight, that would be a translation. But if I reworked just a month for you reworked it two years from now that it would become a version. So we talked about the King James translation, or the King James Version, as we have it today. You know, King James was a real sharp cookie. He really did himself a favor, because he was interested in one thing that somebody should remember him. Did you remember a better way of getting yourself remember than to have your name at the head of the King James Bible. Every time somebody says King James Version, we got to mention his name.


He didn't have this Bible translated, because he spent all of his time praying. He didn't spend all his time praying, I'm sure because he had on his old mother, his own mother in law beheaded. We must not spend all that time praying. Now that's no crack the mother in law's also had his own brother beheaded. So you see, he wasn't just so deeply spiritual. And yet, that King James translation, or that version has lived through the years, and it has a great deal to offer even in our day in our time, the characters end up versus our absolute deep, absolutely devoid of authority. When it comes to rightly dividing the words, they're good for reference. I thank God that chapters in the verses are there. How would you find John 316, if the words might have a little difficulty, but I'm thankful they're there. But they are devoid of authority when it comes to rightly dividing the words. And remember that read a study to show ourselves approved unto God by doing one thing, rightly dividing the word. That's what it says. That's what it means. So we quit trying to study to show ourselves approved in the head elder, the head Deacon, or the pastor, our denomination, we show ourselves approved before God by rightly dividing the Word. And these are just some of the things that you're, you're have to know if you're going to be intelligent about the Word of God. You see, in Genesis chapter one, take a look at Genesis chapter one, they made all these mistakes in Genesis right in the beginning of the Bible, so I could teach this class. Otherwise problem. Genesis chapter one closes with a verse 31, where it says, And God, so everything good may be old, it was very good. And the evening in the morning, where was the sixth day, then comes chapter two in every Bible, right? The first word in chapter two is one, that that is a conjunction. It ties together that which is preceded that which follows, and they just gone right on. But instead of going right on, they put a chapter in there. Look, read the first three verses, that's the heavens and the earth were once finished, and all the hosts of them. And on the seventh day, God entered His work which He had made. And he rested on the seventh day from all these work which He had made, and God bless the seventh day and sanctified it, because that in it, he had rested from all His work, which God created and what may period, verse four, these are the generations I haven't done the art. Where should the chapter epcam Verse For playing a deck, because verses one, two and three, complete, following verse 31. You know, in the Gospel of John, turning to John, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John Chapter Two I doubt if you if you have ever had anybody read this from the pulpit and read it, as it should be read? Because they'll all start with chapter three, the Kadima story, there was a man of the Pharisees named Nick edemas, a ruler of the Jews. This is where they'll start their scripture less. But you can start there. Because the truth already begins in verse 23. Now when he Jesus was in Jerusalem, I'm in chapter two now. The feast days, many blessings Getting his name when they saw the miracles which he did. But Jesus did not commit himself unto them because he knew all Jesus knew everything that God revealed doing and needed not that any should testify a man for he know what was in man there was a man of the parents ease name that Kadima did he know what was in him that they are Jason is simple. Without those first three verses, you can read that third chapter and all you do is hit and miss mostly miss. But Jesus knew what was in that nicotine by revelation, the dots that's like chapters and verses good for reference but devoid of authority when it comes to rightly dividing the Word. Look at John chapter eight, they really did a dandy here.


There are a lot of them in the Bible. That's why I never pay any attention when I'm reading. I never paid any attention to chapters or verses at all. You know why? I'm after getting the thought content. I'm after the word of God. I want to know God's word for without knowing God's word. If I do not know God's word, I cannot know God's will. So I'm reading the Bible to get the thoughts content, impact of the whole word. John chapter eight, verse one, it says, Jesus went up the Mount of Olives, right? The last verse of chapter seven says, and every man went unto his own house, they took a verse, and right in the middle of a verse, they put a chapter, verse 53, read it. And every man went on to his own house, Jesus went where? Motavalli. Now, verse five, early the next morning or early in the morning, next morning, if they wanted to put a chapter they should put it there, but then they put it right in the middle of a birth. You see, this is why class chapter is good for reference but devoid of authority when it comes to rightly dividing the Word. Those people who say that the chapters were inspired to God, they've got an awful job on their hands explaining these things. Well, they never do explain they're just they bullheaded about it. And no explanation. But to be bullheaded doesn't tell any Excel any truth. If it's truth, you don't have to be bullheaded about it. It's when you're teaching hair you got to be bullheaded, if that's what it is. Stubborn. Try. chapter heading, chapter headings. Look in your Bible now. And Peter went on to sort of help them if they don't understand, show them what we mean and what the Bible uses the chapter headings. Many times they're that small italic stuff right above your chapter. Or some of you have it at the top of your Bibles in the way up at the top. What these chapters are supposed to say. Everybody got to look at some if not look on somebody else's Bible. It's got it, you have to know the mechanics of your Bible. Even though Donna will be teaching a lot of the keys of that stuff. It's part of this class at this time. So I have to share this with you. All right, these chapter headings are all manmade, you know what I do with them? Get rid up, throw them out. I never read them. Just don't read them. Because long as I don't read them, I don't have the confusion in my mind. And I've had enough confusion in past years. I want to get to the truth of God's word. That's what I'm asking. You know, in Isaiah chapter 29. Take a look at Isaiah, Thomas Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, Isaiah.


Chapter 29. Do any of you in your italics in there have any reference to the church? Does it say anything about his mercies or something to the church? Any of you in the class? Do any of you have a Thompson chain in the class is King James with Thompson take? Peter, some of those Bibles surely must have this in italics. 30 isn't it 29 or 30? I don't know which one. It's either one or the other. Yeah, where does it say that in 30 or 2930 God's mercy to the church. When if it's going to be God's mercy to the church, the church has to be available at that time, right? Well, well, y'all boy, if the church was available, then why did Jesus Christ come for after me? That's one. Why all the rest of the stuff that we read about. Look at the first chapter of Isaiah. Let the word of God tell you to whom let's read Isaiah chapter one. Verse one, the vision of Isaiah the son of Amos, which he saw concerning Judah, and what? Jerusalem. The word concerning is the same preposition that translated to, and other places to the Beijing to Judah. And what Jerusalem, then to home is Isaiah, Judah, and was that how could they get the mercies of the church in their notes, no problem, they just put it in. They just like a lot of other things they put in, they put in their theology, what they thought, This is why you've got to watch your chapter headings, I never pay any attention to him whatsoever. Because I've got to learn to read the Word and read what's written so that it gels within my life. Otherwise, you're always going by somebody else's opinion on what they thought. Paragraph, take a look at our paragraphs. paragraphs are those little flags, they appear in the margins along the sides, look for them in your Bible, you see them, paragraph marking. This, again, is a translators interpretation of why he thinks make up a thought content. One thought content, this is what he thinks many times are right, sometimes they're wrong. And therefore I never pay any attention to what their paragraphs at all, I again, learn to read the words so that I can get the whole story. Whether they mark, the paragraphs are not center references right down the middle of your Bible, no references, I see you have them there. I don't see any in yours. You've got them over there, John. No center references right down the middle of the Bible are also man made. And man added. That's right. This is what they thought. This is what they thought were the references that would help you to relate the script. Once they do, you'll see in the set of references, they either have the alphabet, or they have numbers, the numbers that are in there referred to the birth date, the alphabet will be many times inside of the birth, there'll be an A or A, B or C. And by the way, you have your Bibles like like, if they start with a, it'll be on the upper half of this problem. On this side on the left hand side of your Bible will be in the upper half of the center reference, while this column will start in the bottom half. So sometimes you may have a repeated back here in the lower half, which will refer to the second column. So the center references. We use them a times from our Bibles. But we're very, very careful. But main thing I want to teach you tonight is that the center references are all man made. And we've got to learn to what's the word of God without any for an introduction of anybody thinking we got to come back to that original word. When the holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. You see in Acts chapter 20. Acts chapter 20. And in verse 36, of this tremendous chapter, but tremendous because of what happens here. Acts 20.


Chapter 20, verse 36. And when he had just spoken, you kneel down and prayed with them. And this is the end in verse 36. I'm an X 20 Verse 36. This is the end of where the, the paragraph markings terminate in every King James Version. Had God given the paragraph? Had God given the paragraph markings. Why would he have stopped in Acts 2036? That's not from Iran. You just have no paragraph mark. Looking at your own Bible. Why don't I take it a step further, let's talk about punctuation. punctuation in the Bible at every translation are really thrilling because the punctuation or the translators interpretation, it's his theology in the translation. Why he wants to the Word of God to me, he gets it to me many times by just punctuating, the way you want to punctuate, and each person who translated follows his own plan, according to his own best judgment. Therefore, all punctuation, as far as I'm concerned, is destitute to divine authority. When it comes to the understanding of the word, I'd like for you to look at Luke 23. I'll just show you a few of the punctuation and the opportunities that they have with them. Matthew, Mark Luke, Luke 23.


Luke 23 In verse 39, talking about the malefactors, one of the malefactors, which was hanged railed on Jesus on him saying, You're Dobby the Christ, saved by someone. And Jesus said unto him, karma, barely I stand in a coma. Today schaltbau Be with me were in paradise. According to that punctuation. Paradise had to be available that day. Or how could he be with him this day in paradise the day he was going to die, and the malefactor was going to die? How could he be with conquered the malefactor be with Jesus in paradise that day, if it was not available? Didn't have to be available? Look at it. Verily, I say unto thee to the malefactor common today. Y'all don't wanna be with me where it has to then be one available, just Tom. Now, among some of the Roman Catholic brethren in in their translation, some of their translations they put the comma behind today. The reason is theological. The Protestants teach that the moment you die, you go air damage. They call heaven paradise. The Roman Catholic brethren teach that the moment you die, you don't go directly to heaven, you have to go through a period of purgatory. It may be brief, but you still have to go through it. Now to get you to go through purgatory, they put the comment a different place the Protestants to get your transported immediately after you're dead. They put it in another place. All Protestant Bibles have the comma Rob read it to you from changing the Roman Catholic put it behind the word today and reads as follows. Barely I say under the today coma I was shot and you can put a shelter without shelter bears the same in the text. Barely I stand to do today Tama thou shalt sometime in the future be with me where in paradise? Y'all got one little karma placing it would make all the difference in the world. The product the teaching of the moment you die you go to paradise. The Romans teaching at the moment you die you don't go to paradise you go through purgatory. If you can put the comma one placing the Protestant even put it another even the Roman gun.


So where do you want to put it? Well, first of all, they're both wrong. Not on the commons necessarily, but upon the teaching. They say the product is teach at the moment you die. You go to heaven and they taste paradise.


Heavens not paradise paradise paradise haven't haven't soap soap Apple butters apple butter and peanuts Sabrina tried. God uses a wonderful word heaven at other places. We finally been smart enough handyman heaven here. You know what he said? The word means what it says and what does what it means. When he said paradise. You know what he meant? Paradise. You're real smart. Real good. I think read. Right? How do you man heaven? Why we said heaven. He used other places. So he wasn't looking for the word was. You see paradise is never heaven, Heaven Heaven paradise paradise. But instead of us working the word to find out what paradise is. We go by our Iranian teaching or somebody else's yakked Abbas at a resort. The word paradise is translated in Genesis, Eden and garden


Paradise is always a place on earth in Genesis chapters one and two yet paradise. We just don't have too much of that now. Even when you get her boys, but they talk about that being utopia, you know, I don't know if it is or not but it's not the paradise I'm reading about the word.


We had paradise in chapters one and two of Genesis, then you never read about paradise again. Until Revelation Chapter 20, or 21. When you want to get when God comes back and he establishes a new heaven and a new earth render dwelleth righteousness, then it uses the word paradise again. I've malefactor on the cross that day. His theology was much more accurate than mine was for many, many, many years. That Matter of fact, you're asked for the only thing it was possible for him. He said, Lord, remember me when coming into the Iraq kingdom. Jesus has not yet come into that kingdom, it's still future. When he comes back as King of kings and Lord of lords, that's a different time. Then there'll be a new heaven and a new earth. We're in the dawn of righteousness, and that in the Bible, again, it's called Paradise. And that's where that malefactors going to be because Jesus said, I am. barely barely I stay underneath today, right now, when I'm dying. Right now, I say to you, when everything looks like we're being defeated, everything else is gone. I say to you, today, right now, in the midst of all of this, now shall sometime in the future be with me where paradise not haven't had i. This is how they're marked. I stand in the coma today shall fail. Or I say under the today, Thomas, thou shalt know, the karma, you could push your theology. But if you just read it from thought context, and if you understand the rest of the work, then you'll have no problem with it. That's why I tell you punctuation were all put in by the translators. They're devoid of authority to rightly understand the word and rightly divided. So we just pay no attention to the punctuation. We read the Bible to get the truth, the thought behind. I have a booklet written along this line. I can't I don't remember the names of all the stuff that we write, but it tells about the three heavens and the earth. It's in there, which one is? Third, heaven. Good. You got to read it. You people in the class, just ask her for a copy. If you've got if you've got it. You see, everybody talks about three heaven. Some I'm talking about seven heavens. In the seventh heaven. The Bible has only three. They're not layers like this. 123 They're like this 123. And I think the greatest Eric comes in the King James, when they translated that one from Corinthians isn't where it says Paul was caught up to the third heaven. And the word up is the word awake. As they translated electorally, as the Lord called Paul away to the third heaven, it wouldn't have the trouble of getting him up there. But once they got up up there, they they're, they're not up on the word high enough to know that it meant away. So there is a heaven and the earth of Genesis one one. There is a heaven and the earth that we're in now. And there is a heaven and the earth of the future at the return of Christ. That's the third one. That's the one he was caught away to when God God by revelation, things which he did not dare to occur. They cause who uttered John in the book of Revelation, while John others in the book of Revelation was also what Paul had seen in the third heaven and the third Earth, which is paradise. You see, this is how the wind fits. Now I'll show you another punctuation in a minute. So I'm going to show you now when I first saw it, I wouldn't believe I'm not convinced you'll believe it until I get through teaching and then if you don't I start teaching it all over again. I just didn't believe the Apostle Paul could ever make a mistake.


Matter of fact, I used to have such to high opinion of Moses up here, and I just felt nobody could ever rise to those great men. And of course, the apostle Paul, I just thought nobody could ever lay anything to his charge. In other words, I thought the Apostle Paul was up here, he never made a mistake, and that the rest of us were floating around on the misty flats below someplace. And one day, as a matter of fact, he was in a class I was teaching one of the early classes on power for abundant living, I was teaching. And I got across this verse in Scripture, we were reading it, and I saw something, and I wouldn't believe it. So I said to my class, let's, let's look at it, you take it home, don't make a decision tonight. But if it's true, what we've seen, and you take it home, you think about it, you come back tomorrow night, if that's what it says, we've really learned something. And we learned chapter 21. Before I read the verse to you, matter of fact, I'm not going to read it to you, I'm going to show it to you on the chalkboard because it went to the trouble of making it because it's so important in the teaching. And of course, I'll go back and read with you. But before I do, let me just tell you what I'm going to be reading with you after a bit from the word. The apostle Paul wanted to go to Jerusalem. He had his heart set on going to Jerusalem, and he stopped to see some people along the way. And in Acts 21, verse 14, it says, And when he Paul would not be persuaded comma, we see Thomas Paine, comma, the will of the Lord be done. What were they saying to him? They were saying to him, we'd like to persuade your Paul. But when he would not be persuaded they couldn't persuade him. They cease trying to persuade him and they said to him, Well do what the will of the Lord go do the will of the Lord. Now, in the 20th chapter of Acts, now watch this very carefully, because I'm going to read it to with you and so forth line by line.


Acts chapter 20, verse 22, And now behold, I go bound in the spirit on the Jerusalem class, what is it to be bound in the Spirit?


It simply is not to be free to go. I'm sure some of you at times have wanted to do something. But somehow or other you were bound in the Spirit, you weren't free to do it. But you did it anyway. In the spirit, is a tremendous statement that went on I read it here, I'll explain it all to you. Not knowing the things that shall be followed me there, save verse 23. St. Accept is the word save except exe BD. That's the Holy Ghost witnesses in every city thing that bonds and afflictions do what? Where, if I go to Jerusalem, that's what I'm going to get the tremendous truth in their class. First of all, Paul wanted to go to Drew's Secondly, the spirits didn't lose him to go and he wasn't free to go. And the spirits said to him, if you go, you're going to get into soup, bonds and afflictions are going to bite you. That is a tremendous truth. Because God will never tell anybody else anything about your life until he first tells you. These people always come along and they say, Well, I got revelation for you. I got revelation for them. They didn't get a revelation for you at all. That's right. God will always tell you first before he tells anybody else. And the only reason he ever tells anybody else because you got your balls blue. Or you refuse to see and listen to what he's got to say. And he has to tell somebody else so that they try to do their best to get you from getting yourself killed. You're gonna remember this as the Apostle Paul he's working with and of all the men that have ever lived. No man has ever had the abundance of the revelations that was given that were given to the Apostle Paul.


The apostle Paul wants to go to Jerusalem and boy, his guy suitcases packed He's got his plane tickets bought. And he's got a drone.


And Father says, Hey, I wouldn't go, Oh my Lord, You know, I'm going, Father Ted, I wouldn't go because if you go, you're going to get reserved bonds and afflictions question. 24 None of these things move me. Isn't that something? That none of these things move me, Don't you people know that I don't even count my life gear on to myself, so that I might finish my course with joy. And the ministry which I have received of the Lord Jesus, that testifies the gospel of the grace of God. Man Oh, man, is he sincere?


Been 30 Can't guarantee for truth. I bet he starts toward Jerusalem to have a ship stop playing stop. You haven't been shipped


chapter 21. You know, in verse two, it said they found a ship sailing undefeated, we went aboard and set forth. Now when we have discovered Cyprus. We left it on the left hand sailed into Syria, and landed where at tyre for dare the ship was too on later burned, lurch forward. And finding disciples, we carried there lots who said to Paul, through that spirit, that he should go up to Jerusalem? No, I miss to worry just like most people read the Bible. One word diamond, who said the Paul through the Spirit, he's not go aware. What is God's will for Paul? Not to go to Jerusalem, and they sent it to him through the Spirit. First God told him not to go he was bound in a spirit. He wasn't free to go but he wants to go to get in some cases acne starts going anyway. Boy, he gets among a group away believers and they're having a fellowship, you know, like tonight are real wonderful believers meeting the presence of the Lord in the believing of the power of God there. And after he stayed there while one evening GoToMeeting lowballs there it is. The Spirit said, Paul, you are not to go to Dressler. You think that which any other person would get by revelation would only corroborate what goddess first told you? I never run if somebody else says do it. Right. Matter of fact, if somebody else has it, you can just pretty well count on it. It's wrong to begin. God people I can't make it straight enough to you. Because I know it isn't Jelenia like it's got the gel if you don't believe this tonight you're going down into two Gods some good religious person I guarantee by in their their holy deaths in fear that they're just everything you could possibly think's gonna come along and they're going to say well God told me to tell you to do this the moment they tell you that they're wrong to begin with because God will always tell you what first body if your balls are clogged up then God may give it to another person and tell you to them like you know something I've learned long ago if you don't hear God first time you hardly ever hear him second time anyway. Right. Oh, and I've seen people bid on the soup in this thing. Some good religious usually woman, some gal comes along and she's supposed to be a proper getting some old meetings, you know, and overall he gets up and she says, Oh very the item or die God say under the tonight, Steve. I would have said thou with this do this and Steve does this and this and this. This. And the more he does this, this this deeply gets into a couple years ago some of the people from columbus ohio dug in in Arizona or someplace because they were expecting the Lord dickham What was that deal anymore? You people remember that. And then they got sold all their possessions. They sold everything got all their rub together moved down here in Arkansas and someplace waiting for the Lord's return. They dug in it was headline. And they did it on the property of two women. There were seven or eight way grads involved in it. People that I talked to Word to ask humiliating. No more. So that exam I gave you last week. You know, after all these years, I believed my stupid heart out. We got grads who have sat through the foundational class 17 111 times, and they still wrote the answer that the Holy Spirit possesses you. When I read that, I could have flipped in my grave if I'd have been in an hour. I just find a home and after I looked at that thing, I said, God, why do I ever teach anybody else again? Boy, that just contradicts everything I teach. And every class I teach, I stand on my head, wiggle my ears and teach them the greatness of God's word that the true God never possesses. The Holy Spirit never possesses. Yes, they have that gift of the Holy Spirit possession.


When are you ever going to get through to people brain sales? Well, the Lord couldn't get through to Paul's either. Right? You know how I learned this thing? I got in the soup on everybody else's revelation. That's how I learned. They used to come to me, though. They say, Well, God told me to tell you to run over and pray for Maggie mother. Sorry, run over and pray for old Maggie. You know, Maggie didn't want you praying for I pray for her. Nothing would happen. I come back home by myself. I'd say well, we're where you live in. You eat too many onions this morning? Is that what God is hearing your prayer? Or getting your wife wash your socks? What's the matter with you? Where will the God isn't hearing your prayer? Where he's doing some other sincere person come along. Tell me to do something else not do that. get no results. That's true. I drove a trip one side must have been 150 or 60 miles to pray for somebody from bandwidth. I drove that trip. That woman didn't even want prayer. He was most unkind. She never even thanked me for coming. She never even gave me one nickel to help pay for the gas over 300 miles round trip that broke. I quit. But it got to be a real interesting when I learned that you don't walk on anybody else's revelation, but only when God tells you first. My whole ministry took off a different color. Because people call and they say well, Maggie muggins in the hospital. I think you ought to go see her. I say thank you. I dropped the word cannot hide Kayla to last. But if God never said a thing, you know what I do? I just pour me another cup of tea, Australian. That's right. Now this is a little hard for people to understand. You know what they're paying you a weekly salary WPA K. But anyways, but the way the thing went, I learned something. Even my good little dots, he got real mad at me one. They cause a wonderful person that we were really wanting to win for the Lord into the church, somehow or other was not the boy was that mom was there because it was a critical thing. And we've just been working on they just have been coming to church only three or four weeks or five when this occurred. And of course, the human thing to do is you know you, you just love them to death. So the moment they're in the hospital, you run with it. I was notified the boy was in hospice.


I get home at supper time. Honey, have you been in the hospital? No. Why not? Next New Deal, not the hospital. Next evening, still not the hospital. And after all, you got to live with that gal.


Gotta sleep with all these minor things. You know, you fellas know what I'm talking about. But, you know, she meant well and she loved those people. So did I. But we were just learning to walk in this ministry and she and I have learned a lot together walking along these lines. I have no go sign. So what I do I just stay put, never move. One time was just about dinner time. Father said hospital. He didn't have to hit me twice to know which hospital I knew where he meant. I run over to the bandwidth county hospital I walk up in the room where this boy and his done mother are supposed to be the boys they're done mother aren't there. And I said to him, would you like for me to pray for it? Sorry. Sure. But he said, I've been praying Dad and Mom leaving you just come at the right time, because they don't believe I can get healed. But he said, I know I can. We walked in, we ministered to him. I walked out Dad, mom never knew I was there next day. He was healed. He was healed the same day. But the next day, they brought him out of that hospital. And I don't know how many months later, they finally found out I've been there. But what difference does it make if they never found out God got the job done? Now had I run that first time somebody called up and said the boys in the hospital, you know who would have been in the room? Dad, Mom, you couldn't have done a blessed bit for the bowl with a boy was old enough to believe for himself. As soon as dad and mom got out. There was no you said, Well, why didn't God send me at another time before that? Well, you asked God, I don't know. Right? I went when I knew, in the Old Testament jab the record of the children of Israel. And God said to them, that he would cover them with a pillar cloud by day I tell her a fire by night in the cloud by day, right? And he said in the Old Testament, when the Todd moves you move. When a car doesn't move, you stand still. Once it's made most of the time, standard steel because I'm talking 40 years ago and no worse. Right? But there's a tremendous truth. It's when it's when God wants you to move, move. And if he doesn't, for Lord sakes that stale. This idea of always got to be run and run and run and is a bunch of baloney. Better find out how to run when to run and run, then loi have another cup of tea. Boy, this attorney on if you ever get this thing, right, the average person, you know, Dale, when he gets spiritually nobody wants to do run witness everybody in every street corner from every house taught, never asked the Lord. He just think he's commissioned to yell all the time. He couldn't hear from heaven, because he's doing all the yelling all the time. The thing to do is when God wants you to go, go, and if he doesn't want sit still and learn to tap in so that you know when he wants you to go. That's what we do in your class to how every saving spiritually. When we finally get through this class, every one of you will know how to hear from heaven and when to hear and know the difference between here and and not here. Of course, you and I may still be like the apostle Paul. But that's not God. That's my right. Well, I'm not through with polio. Either is the Lord. Now look at verse eight. I'm still in chapter 21. And the next day, we were appalled company departed and came under accessories. He's headed south all the time, but up north now he's headed south because Jerusalem itself. So he makes another stop. It says surreal. And we entered in the house of teleport the evangelists, which was one of the seven of the original seven that the apostles chose to serve tables. The Lord chose him to serve the bread of life, and they abode with him. And the same man had four daughters, virgins, which did was prophesied. Hey, it doesn't tell you what they prophesied about, but I'll bet it wasn't the giants on power for abundant living.


I'll bet it wasn't the Cincinnati Reds right the Los Angeles Dodgers are the Los Angeles Angels, which one is the California Angels Los Angeles Dodgers. We had a speaker here once who said anytime you went to California either had to become a doctor or an angel.


Because the traffic Yeah. And as we carried there many days, oh, by the way, what do you think you're prophesied about? What's the context? What's the story all about? My fellow likes to go to Jerusalem? starts way back there in that 20th Chapter. He started on toward Jerusalem. God said don't go every step of the way where they're believers. God reiterates GET DOWN THE DEATH Rhea Phillips house for virgins. It says it doesn't say what they prophesied about but you and I know goodwill. If you want to be honest, it wasn't super an apple butter and peanuts they prophesied about but about a man who was headed toward wire just leave it set. Verse 10. And as we carried there many days there came down from Judea, even a certain prophet named Agabus. Boy don't tell me God is working overtime. Right All the way from Judea all the way up to Cezary to try to intercept this Apostle Paul and you know who he sent up there, not a disciple, but not a prophet Agabus now, we are going to go a step further. Only in the event of the Ministry of a profit in a person's myth, the believers myth, would it be ever possible to have revelation specifically over and beyond that which is already told you profits can fo r etail understand I talk to this they mostly fo RTA. Now, first of all, God told him, then they got to the place where by way of the spirit where the knowledge where the wisdom, they told him not to go to Jerusalem, then they get to seminary and therefore virgin daughters there who prophesy. Now, that comes down to Agabus, a prophet, a prophet, burst lemon. And when he Agabus was come under what he took out Paul's girdle that is Myrtles now, that's Paul, it is one of these with all his fingers on TV.


For you. Most of you people in the class do not that girls don't have that problem.


Opportunity. The bishop or teacher what a girdle is one of these times and the Orientalism. They wore these loose flowing garments, it's that belt, I call it around the midsection that ties it up right outside wide, and makes it easy walking for next what he took, he took that and he bowed his own hands and feet and says, dot set the Holy Ghost. So shall the Jews or Jerusalem, bind the man that owns this girdle, and shall deliver him into the hands of the Gentiles? And when we heard these things, both we and they have that place be saw him but not something. But who wants to go to Jerusalem? Oh, that's why verse 4013. Then Paul answered, want me to leave, bend or break my heart? Don't you know that I am ready, willing and able not only to be back with only, but also that I slip for the name of the Lord Jesus. And does that sound sincere? Is he gay Gan sincere? Is he right? No, he's one dead wrong.


Isn't the right idea, the right class? Right all I'm doing is reading. They decided not to go to Jerusalem and Paul said, why you fell into French and my hard drive? Don't you fellas know I'll stand for the gospel of Gima ever heard these people say boy, I just burn out myself for the gospel.


I give my life Lord doesn't can't use your when you're burned out. He wants a living sacrifice not a burned out one.


Why sure? Well, now, this is remarkable. It's really something. They translate this so accurately. I've read it to you. Perfect. Now they get to a verse which summarizes and they got to get Paul out of the soup. And you know how they do it? With a few little comments because now you're at verse 14. And when he would not be persuaded comma, we see commas saying comma, the will of the Lord didn't take the commas out, read it. Just take the commas odd reason. And when he would not be persuaded we cease saying the will of the Lord be done. Right, but you're dry. You lead the commas in and you can't fit the way to God if you lift your lows, but those take the commas out. It's like your hand in a glove. Where they saying to him, Paul, don't go to Jerusalem and when he would not be persuaded we see saying no will the Lord be done and you know what they said? Alright, if you don't want to listen Go find your own garden Jerusalem by God comes a judge that's fine to be tied let me ask you something did he go? Well, boy, he sure did. Did he get? He sure did. As a matter of fact, if it hadn't been through his sister's boy, I guess it was John martyr someone coming over and tell him the captain or ever was in Mount Somerville or someone telling him to get onto. They were going to kill that Paul felt it didn't him right there in Jerusalem. But he got all those fellas together to protect him and brought him back up to Century. That's not all. Here is the greatest man that has the greatest revelation of any man that's ever lived. I'm going to read you this in class because it says just in Scripture.


Oh, Asia, or authority to God. In two years and three months, we've already read them all at what we refer to as Asia Minor today, two years, three months, John. Here's this Mikey matter God goes to Jerusalem against the will of God. And he gets into trouble. And for the next two and a half to three years, there is not one record in the Bible. This man having read one soul to the Lord, not the one before that 1000s of people got led to the Lord filled with the Holy Spirit. Everybody spoke in tongues everything else. Now he gets to Jerusalem, and nobody is one to Lord you can't read me one scripture for about two years or two and a half in here in our anybody's once the Lord they have a favorite evangelistic text it's taken in this period of time. It's either Felix or Festus I forget which one but he appears before them and all Felix just trying to draw him out.


Is it Phoenix are they finally after Phoenix has about only one. Felix says to him, almost now persuaded me to be a Christian.


I read that. Oh, then we write a beautiful hymn almost persuading oh boy, isn't that cool? If they only knew they never picked that as the evangelistic text because it's just the opposite. He never got through to him.


Can I tell you if you want to go on to hell, you just don't get through to them. They still go right? Almost persuaded isn't close enough to get in. And that's the closest he got to winning anybody to the Lord, that period of time. Almost persuaded me to be a Christian. Well, what would you say from God's word was the will of God. For Paul, not to go there. That's right. And if you leave those commas in your text, you can't accurately have the words. And that's why I said commas are nothing but the translators, theology and the text of what he wants it to say. And in this class on power for abundant living, we're not interested in what the ologies want to say we're interested in the integrity and accuracy of God's Word. And there's certainly another thing in here that you should have seen from what I read to you tonight that sincerity is no guarantee for truth. Truth is truth. All sincerity is real wonderful. But watch those melons. A usually when they're real sincere, they're going to sell you that toothbrush with one bristling that doesn't do too good a job. There say a piece of land someplace got 20 feet of water above it, that you're supposed to build on the float the battleships now, these are just some of the preliminary things that you must know if you're going to rightly divide the word of truth and get to the keys to the interpretation. I want to wind this thing up for this particular section and I by reminding you that the authorized version of 16 111 was completely revised in 1660. The reason it's called called the Authorized Version is because King James authorized it to be read in the church RM. So most people didn't want the Rs. So they read the King James. It was again completely revised in 1638 and 39. Many of the marginal notes were first added in 16th 16th. And the marginal dates were introduced in 1701. The italic, which I'm so interested in, in King James, were first put in in the year 1762. They went through it and marked everything in italics that they could pick out that they had added that was not in the Stephens text in the New Testament, or which they translated. And this authorized version that came revised in 1881 to 85. That was the English revision of it. The Americans, it became that standard American Standard Version of 1901. The American Standard Version of 1901, and the English revised version of 1881, and 85, are almost identical. The American scholars just took over that English version, and changed a few things that would pattern better with what they thought was American thinking. The most accurate translation that has ever been done has been that 1881 to 85. All of our students that do any research at all, all have a copy in their possession, it is something we must constantly keep referring to in our quest, because they did a beautiful job of translation, much more accurate in many respects, than any other translation in extent. Then, of course, a number of years ago, we came out with the Revised Standard Version, which is, again, a revision of this 1901 And the Revised Standard Version, they really revised, it isn't worth only now, most of you people are some of you people in sub churches, you've had it pushed off on you, and you've done nothing but read it. As a matter of fact, they spent $2 million to promote the advertising of it so they can sell. And today, the only reason people are really pushing the Bible is because they're making money. Nobody's interested in rightly translating it, or getting to the truth of it is only interested in it. Could it be sold? And can we make money. Some of us are not interested in that particular phase of it. We're interested in the integrity and accuracy of the word. And so be able to work this word that we can again have God's will, when the holy men of God spake is they removed by the Holy Spirit? On this new film that's coming out of this class. I deleted this thing I'm going to tell you tonight. Because if I want to explain it to our people, I'd have to spend another three hours. So I just didn't put it on the field. But I feel you're in the class tonight for some reason or other I got to tell you. The word do J E W was first introduced in any translation in the year 1769. There is no word do je w in any translation until that year.


The text does not say even in your Stephens text to this day, it does not say what it says in the King James, regarding Jesus Christ on the cross when He said he was king of the Jews. Doesn't say it at all. It said he was king of the Judean a lot of difference between a Judy and a Jew. You see, I do not believe the Bible teaches Jesus was a Jew. It doesn't know, how did they get this word introduced. It was one of the greatest one of the greatest diplomatic things in the whole world, to get for a group of people to get themselves named in the Bible. And since that time, the Protestants raised all the money they possibly can for people who call themselves Jews. England has a white paper America finances it. And we fight over it ever since. I am not anti Jewish, I'm not anti semitic. I am just in favor of the accuracy of God's word nail. That's just because I made the statement does not mean I'm against anything. I'm in favor of the accuracy of God's word. I have a little booklet that I printed used to tickle me because I had this information for years and they all said if I printed it, I wouldn't live to get it published for over a year after it was published while I'm still living. And I published, right? Because I think some of us have to have to tell the truth as we understand it, no matter what people may say or think or do. And one of the greatest things is the accuracy with which this word is set. Just like tonight paradise waiter that thing really gels in you. You see you've got heaven and Paradise and Hell and return of Christ and we got them all mixed up. The reason is we just don't let the word sit. We do exactly what they do. We had a few comments or we let a word out or something else. In this class as we've been moving along and so forth, we're beginning to see that the word is just singly important, and that we've got to come to that worried and let that route set like a dime and worth the worry, not what people say about it. Well, that's enough for tonight.