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SNT 0334 Pentecost


May 29, 1966

The who, what, when, where, and why of Pentecost.
SNT – 334

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Topic: DRAFT, Pentecost, God, tongues, speak, Peter, holy spirit, apostles, gift, upper room, temple, phenomena, receive, filled, Galilean
Format: audio
Publication Date: 05-29-1966

Victor Paul Wierwille was a Bible scholar and teacher for over four decades.

By means of Dr. Wierwille's dynamic teaching of the accuracy and integrity of God's Word, foundational class and advanced class graduates of Power for Abundant Living have learned that the one great requirement for every student of the Bible is to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Thus, his presentation of the Word of God was designed for students who desire the in-depth-accuracy of God’s Word.

In his many years of research, Dr. Wierwille studied with such men as Karl Barth, E. Stanley Jones, Glenn Clark, Bishop K.C. Pillai, and George M. Lamsa. His formal training included Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Mission House (Lakeland) College and Seminary. He studied at the University of Chicago and at Princeton Theological Seminary from which he received a Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. Later he completed his work for the Doctor of Theology degree.

Dr. Wierwille taught the first class on Power for Abundant Living in 1953.

Books by Dr. Wierwille include: Are the Dead Alive Now? published in 1971; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today published in 1972; five volumes of Studies in Abundant Living— The Bible Tells Me So (1971), The New, Dynamic Church (1971), The Word's Way (1971), God's Magnified Word (1977), Order My Steps in Thy Word (1985); Jesus Christ Is Not God (1975); Jesus Christ Our Passover (1980); and Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed (1982).

Dr. Wierwille researched God's Word, taught, wrote, and traveled worldwide, holding forth the accuracy of God's "wonderful, matchless" Word.

Act 1:13, 15, 21-26; 2:1-3; Luk 24:52, 53

Act 2:1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 14, 15; 1:13

Act 2:2, 3; Jo 20:22

Act 2:3, 4; Rom 10:9

Act 2:4-7

Act 2:8-16

Act 2:37, 38

Act 2:39-41; 1Co 14:18, 37, 5



SNT-0334-Pentecost DRAFT

SUMMARY KEYWORDS: Pentecost, God, tongues, speak, Peter, holy spirit, apostles, gift, upper room, temple, phenomena, receive, filled, Galilean

Take your Bibles and turn to the book of Acts. Naturally this penny card Sunday night, it would be nothing more fitting and it would be entirely unfitting. If I did not be on the receiving about all these spirits. Those of you will recall that in our last teaching session, I talked to you the first 20 verses of the first chapter of the book of Acts. And in that tremendous first chapter, we discovered that in Acts chapter 113, it says that when the apostle when they were come in the apostles, they went into an upper room, where abode, Peter, James, and John, and it names the 11 apostles. The upper room, we discovered from the accuracy of the Word of God was not the place that Pentecost occurred, but that the upper room was the place where the apostles are both. If you abide somewhere, that's the place where you stay. That's where you sleep. And as I say, so many times, to my people are the classes. This is the place you brush your teeth with crest or Colgate or something, put your PJs on in your house slippers, and stay overnight. Furthermore, we learned last Sunday night as we accurately put this word of God together, from the 15th verse of this first chapter, in those days, what days, the days between the ascension and the day of Pentecost, you and I are looking back know that that was a period of 10 days. But the the 11 apostles, having received the word of the Lord to return to Jerusalem, and wait for the promise of the Father, which said he had heard of me, or John 30 baptize with water, but you shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost. And as they waited, they were to be endued with power, someone Hi, you and I looking back, we know that that period of time was 10 days from the ascension. But they were looking forward did not know how many days it would be. Now it says in those days, in the days between the ascension and the day of Pentecost. In those days, there were gathered together in verse 50. Peter, in the midst of the disciples, and the number of names together in those days was or were about what 100? And what was it the day of Pentecost? No, it was in those days between the day of the ascension, which is 30 days after the resurrection, and the day of Pentecost, which is 10 days after the ascension. In those days, there were gathered together about what 120 Was it the day of Pentecost, know that common teaching is and every commentary carries that on the day of Pentecost over gathered together in the upper room, and that there were 120,000 That's not what the Word of God says. The commentaries may say, people may say that the word of God does not say for the Word of God says that, in those days, before the day of Pentecost, there were gathered together about 120, there were not 120 There there were about 120. And it's not today at Pentecost. And it could not have occurred in the upper room because the Bible says in the upper room was word they abode. Now Jesus had told them and the record in the Gospel of Luke in the 24th chapter in the last verse, which we also touched in our last station. It says in verse 52, of that 24th chapter of the Gospel of Luke, they worshiped Him Jesus, there is the Apollo 11 apostles, and returned to Jerusalem with great joy. And we're continually in the temple, praising and pressing love that now, they were continually in the temple. How could they be continually in the temple and still be in the upper room? It is because of our misunderstanding of the usage of words. It does not say they were continuously and this is what they have read into it. They were not continuously.


To be continually in the temple is to be there when you're supposed to be sporadically. If the Bible said they were continuously in the temple, it would mean that they had been there all the time. They were not in the temple all the time, because inax wants to They live in what's the upper room? So how in the world could they be in the upper room at the same time being a template via the temple being up? Oh, it's an impossibility, right? So they were in the upper room. That's where they were. But they were continually in the temple at the hours of prayer. And the hours of prayer in the Old Testament, as well as an Orthodox Judaism and Mohammedanism, or Islam today, correspond with our hours, five hours, 6am 9am 12, noon, 3pm and 6pm. This is the first hour of prayer, the third hour, the sixth hour, the ninth hour, the $12.05 hours of prayer. Now, having gone over this with you before and tonight on this Pentecost, Sunday night, I want to begin reading with verse 21 of the first chapter, and carry it forward to receive the greatness of this wonderful knowledge of God's Word in our midst tonight. Wherefore Peter said, In those days, between the day of Pentecost, and between the day of the ascension and Pentecost, Peter said, because Judas had committed suicide, he said, Wherefore are these men, which have companied with us all the time that the Lord Jesus went in and out among us, is giving them the baptism of John, until that same day that he was was taken up, which is the day of the ascension 40 days after the resurrection? Must one be ordained to be a witness. It doesn't say defense attorney does it. Because you need never defend the accuracy of God's Word or what he did in Christ Jesus. All you need to do is to witness to it, just witness to it. There is no defense to truth. Truth is its own defense. You have to defend air not true. The witness with us of his walk, resurrection, that is the greatness lobby, because no one else outside of Jesus has ever been resurrected from the death of all the great religious leaders of the world and our history of time. There has only ever been one who historically, you can document and substantiate that he was raised again from the dead, and that the Lord Jesus Christ. And so Peter said, one must be appointed, select, who has been with us from the time of the baptism of John, the meaning that at the time when Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, in the River Jordan, and the Holy Spirit came upon Jesus until the resurrection, verse 23, and they appointed to Joseph Khobar, Saba, who was surnamed Justus, and Matthias. And they prayed and said, thou Lord, which notice the hearts of all men show, whether are these the word whether in the text is, if either of these two thou has chosen, that he may take part, the word take part is that word Lombardo, which means to manifest, that he may take part manifest of this ministry, and apostleship so much Judas by transgression, thought that he might go to his own place, those 26 And they gave forth their lots, and a lot that upon Matthias, and he was numbered with the 11 apostles 11 and one, they Kameni 12, Matthias was numbered with the 11 apostles 11 and one make 12. And the subject we're dealing here with is the apostles that Paul the Apostle, and when the day of Pentecost was fully come, but it's one of chapter two, they were all with one accord. They hope that 12 apostles, your pronoun is controlled by its closely associated noun, they were all with one accord in one place. Let's wait a minute till I turn the air conditioning on in here, get to one. Someday I'm going to have this dial over here underneath support but you engineers and I can control


I got to go for a walk every time I turn it on. And it turned on a lot of going out to sorry for some of you people because I thought you were getting cold. But now I'm the one that's getting to warm up here and I'm the fellas those do the teach a little cooler down my temperature. Bless your heart rest of you can put your coats on. Alright, well that's it chapter two verse one, and when The Day of Pentecost was fully come they who that 12 apostles, Matthias plus the 11. Were all with one accord in one place, one place. And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they they hope that 12 apostles, like your pronouns, were sitting, and there appeared unto them, their MO, the 12 apostles cloven tongues like as a fire, and it sat upon each of them, then who, the 12 apostles, and they, those four, they hope, that 12 apostles, were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak. In other words, other tongues, as the Spirit gave them them hold the 12 apostles, up to how many were present on the original outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost, if you read what's written in the word about cloud, and these powerful word 12 apostles, the 11 Plus Messiah, making the 12th one, the 12 apostles. This again is corroborated in this second chapter in verse 13, where after the original outpouring, Peter, preachers, our first sermon in the Christian church, so to speak, and it says in verse 14, that Peter standing up with the Lord 1111, and one make harmony. Well, there is another great truth in verse seven of this second chapter, which I just bypassed a moment ago, because I didn't see it didn't recall it much earlier. It said in verse four, that when these people were filled with the Holy Ghost, they began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave them off. And in verse seven, the people who heard them that they said, Behold, are not all these which speak up. Got me in verse seven. Not all the disciples, not all the followers of Jesus were Galilean. There were men and women in there from Judea, Samaria, and other places, they were not all Galilean. But the 12 apostles, not all Galleon, the original call for all galleons, with the exception of one, there was Judas Iscariot. Judas Iscariot was the only Judea. He came from the city of Iscar. In the southern part of Judy. He was the only Judy and all the other 11 were Galilean. And when Judas committed suicide, and they elected someone to take Judas, this place, that someone they elected was Matthias. And the Bible says that Matthias was a Galilee. And so on the day of Pentecost, there were only 12 of the original pouring, and those 12 are all Zhao, or Liam. And that's why Peter stood up with 11, making well. Now, also in the second chapter, it says, When the day of Pentecost was fully come, Pentecost was in the process of coming ever since the fall of man in Genesis chapter three. Ever since man stone, Pentecost was in the process of coming. But it never fully came until the day that we're reading about here in the second chapter of the book of Acts. It was in the process of coming, but it never fully came to this day. Down through the Old Testament, time and time again, you can read about the men of God, the prophets of God, they were in part, the Holy Spirit impart was upon them, but never informed. Because it was never fully available. You can't have anything until it's available. And it was never available in full until this day that we're reading about in Acts chapter two. And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they, the 12 apostles, were all with one accord in one place. Now, the words one accord mean unity of purpose. They are used four or five times in the early chapters of acts of the always being the safe.


To be in one accord does not mean that we're all have the same, they will all have the same mental stature or have the same intellectual abilities. It means simply that they were in one purpose, one unity of desire. Jesus before He had a senator told them to go back to Jerusalem and what For the promise of the Father, which is to be baptized with the Holy Ghost, which is to be under with power from wire on high, they were to wait for this. And they were in one accord. I doubt very much that they were all brushing their teeth at the same time and the upper room. As they all been brushing their teeth at the same time, you could have said that the the teeth brushing, organization was in water cold water cord simply means unity of purpose. If everybody was doing the same thing at the same time, that unity of purpose, we are in unity of purpose in this auditorium tonight because we're doing the same thing. Right now. We're teaching the word we're all we all have our Bibles open, we're looking in that word, we are in one accord. And yet my mind is not yours. Yours is not mine. We have different emotional, we have different intellectual startup, this kind of thing. But we are in one accord. One accord means nothing more, and nothing less than unity of purpose. It used like this accurately all through the Bible, never very. They were in one accord. And they must have been doing the same thing. At that time. Well, what is the one accord where were they it says they were in one place? Or what was the place? Well, that is true gives us the answer in part. That is that came a sound from heaven as a washing machine. And it's still all the upper road. It does not say upper road doesn't. Yet this is what we have read into it. It doesn't say up or omit says it filled all the house that the House has gotten man upper room. And God made up a room. Do you think God could have said it? Why do you know he could have said it? Because it chapter what he said, You think he got any stupider to when he got to chapter two. In chapter one, he said, Lola go read it. Those 13 are when they were coming. They went into an Apollo and chapter two. It said the rushing night he went and he filled all the house. Had God man up the room. You know what he just said? I bless the Lord. What do you think you are? Modern God. Men say it's the afternoon that makes them smarter and God because in the first chapter, he set up a rule in a second chapter then according to demand, God didn't know what he said. So expecting around you know, change it around said well, he's been the house he meant to throw Him at the house. Why said house so that you get your theology so confused, and you're teaching so confused. And your Sunday School quarterly so hashed up that you can't see truth? If somebody dangled in front of you? Sometimes. Hey, they were in one accord in one place. And that place was the house, the house. Right. All right. What does the Bible say is the house that temple? That's right. Jesus said, This temple was the house of our parents. In the Old Testament, that temple is referred to as the house. Anytime in the Bible, when it talks about the temple, it always uses the Article V with it. When it talks about the temple, if it talks about your house or my house, it uses the indefinite article as a house. Or when it says the house, it's the house, a boat. And that's what it says class, and that's what it means. They were in the house. The temple. Not only does it say it in that verse, but again in this great second captain. When Peter gets up to preach that first sermon in the Christian church, you know, he gives us the time and that again, sets it. He says in verse 15, these are not junk energy suppose, singers but the third hour of the day.


The third hour of the day is an hour of prayer corresponding to our nine o'clock, six o'clock was the first hour nine o'clock was the third hour 12 o'clock would be the sick Dr. Peter said it is one hour, the third one which is nine o'clock. which is an hour of up worthy. That's where the power of the Holy Spirit was poured out on the day of Pentecost. My goodness sakes, there's something else in here. After this power was poured out, it says in verse six of chapter two, when this was nice to Bob, the multitude came together, the multitude came together. Where are you people with your multi billions in the United States that has an upper room big enough to accommodate a multitude. Ah, hey, I bet they're not many of us in the auditorium here tonight. And I doubt it, there's a half a dozen listening to the broadcast, who have an upper room big enough to accommodate 124. Right. And 120 isn't even close to a monitor. You know, on the day of Pentecost, there were about 3000 souls saved. And there those 3000 are not even called them on a food thermometer, it must have been many more than 3000. And if the that the rate of response, then was as bad as it is today. Oh, boy, they must have a weapon big congregation present. To have about 3000 converted. Now people you see by sheer logic, we have just not read the word. We've read into it. We've listened to what people have said, and we haven't read what God's word said, we thought we did, that we went to this place, wherever it was, was a place where a multitude could be gathered together. And there's only one place that a multitude could gather together. And you know what that is? The great temple, where it's five porches. And it's outlying areas where women could come men can come home, other dudes could come. And let me remind you, it's the day of Pentecost a feast day. And so the way that God chose this tremendous truth, that they were in one place, and that place was the temple, because it was the house of the Lord. Now, going back again, chapter two, verse two, suddenly there came a sound from heaven, as of a rustling, mighty wind. There are a number of things here in the second chapter, which are uniquely set. What God promises in His Word, when men and women believe is never phenomenon. Whenever God goes beyond what he promises to everybody, it is phenomena. The phenomena, phenomenon on the day of Pentecost was this second verse of Acts. And suddenly there came a sound from heaven, as of a rushing mighty with. This was the phenomenon that was their clue. This was their shy, whereby God would let them know that the power of the Holy Spirit, the new birth, was available for the first time. And this is a remarkable verse, because in John 20, let's flip back a page or two. In John 20, before Jesus Christ the sentence he said to his apostles, verse 22, and when he had said this, he breathed on them, and said unto them, Receive the the Holy Ghost, receive you the Holy Spirit, He breathed on them, or please give them and he says, received the the Holy Spirit, just in John 20, was given before the Pentacles could they have received the Holy Spirit at that time? Why not? It was not available. If anybody can get anything before it's availability, then everybody can have it without it's being available. And that's just a bunch of baloney.


That's your logical that's everything. Just why? Just that just, it's just an insensible, unsensible, everything negative, nothing bad about it. You can have something on pillar 12 and the day of Pentecost didn't fully come at that time. It had not yet come for Christ had not yet a lot. So he brings on them and Seth received us The Holy Spirit that was he really teaching them he breathed on them like this class. And the words a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty when are the same words that are translated in John as heavy heavy breathing a sound from heaven as a heavy breathing, same virgin John, are translated rushing Nike wind in Acts chapter two, John workset as a heavy breathing, he breathed on them, the brings down is heavy breathing in John, like this class at John 20, it is also Acts two. And suddenly there was a sound from heaven as a heavy breathing, heavy breathing, ever is any place above Earth. biblically speaking, you've got your headed. Basically, if you're young enough, at times, heaven is any place above Earth. Now on the day of Pentecost, these 12 apostles, among others were gathered in the temple. And suddenly there was a sound from heaven. From heaven one as other heavy breathing didn't come this way down that these 12 apostles because of certain things that we're going to read in the second chapter, their clue, their go sign, all 12 of them did exactly this. They all breathe in. There was a sound from heaven as a heavy breathing. Exactly. If all of you breathed in. Just do it. Do it. Now open your mouth and breathe in and exhale, inhale, everybody, exhale. Again. Once more. That's x two two. I know that some of my critics have said, well, it couldn't have been heard all over the temple. Is that right? What about the Mormon temple? They tell me that you can drop a pin on the platform at the Mormon temple, and that that pin can be heard way back in the finish speech and that great auditorium. Or I have an idea, the Lord could have meant Bella temple just about as good as the Mormon one. But But you see, most people are looking for an excuse not to believe God's word. They'd like to believe God's word provided it fits within the confines of their accepted theology, or their previous teaching. And people. That's not the way to learn the word. They learn the word, you go to the word and you work the word. And that's the word speak for itself. And you condition your lives according to the Word and do not bring the word down to your level or my level of preconceived idea. Verse two says, of Acts, chapter two. suddenly there came a sound from heaven as other rushing mighty when this heavy breathing. And if it was that heavy breathing, filled all the house, one of the day were up 50 It does not say filled all the house where they were hanging from the chandelier or shouting glory, hallelujah, praise, they are singing standing on the promises sitting down. Now. It filled all the house, that temple where they were doing what city, they were in the attitude of prayer, because it was an hour of that. You Bet Your Life and our prayer. They were praying. They were enough to open it up. They were not singing loudly, they weren't yelling. And I want to tell you people, I think I'd let as many people in the receiving of the Holy Spirit accurately as any man living in anything at any time since the first century. And I want to tell you, that according to God's Word, God does everything decent added order. God is never in decent, and he's never out of order. If it's indecent and out of order, it's what man does a not a god is done.


You touch your life. And I have been at the places where the Holy Spirit II and has been cleared for good, wonderful Christian people. Because somebody put so much into fashion and so much of themselves and their theology that you couldn't see the accuracy of God's word from the individual. And you wouldn't want to touch it with a 10 foot pole because they queered it. They're the ones that really made it so that no decent person would want to receive the power of the Holy Spirit. And God gets the blame for it and Satan gets through that wrong. Everything God has ever done has always been decent, any note. And on the Day of Pentecost, it says that when they were filled with the heavy breathing and filled all the house, where they were doing what? And there appeared unto them, those three cloven tongues, like as of up was it fine, but it was like as of fire. And if it's up the corpsman tongues like as a fire so long ago, I was talking to you about the phenomena pentacles, right. And I said it was inverted swap to the guy said, Hey, one of those two, that I say yes or no, I think I did it is this first week. I was, I was reading one version thinking another one already. Doesn't happen. Because every once in a while my life I guess. First three is the phenomenon of Pentacles. There appeared unto them close and what like as avadh This was the phenomenon. This was that. This was that clue? This was the sign to them. Now people can God Almighty you created the heavens and the earth go beyond his word if he wants to. Can he do less than his word? Not when we do that. When we believe he cannot do less than his word, but he can do up more. And every time fast. If you remember this, you will never miss again. Every time when God does more than that which is guaranteed in order to God, it is always fun up. The memories are always phenomena, always phenomena. When Bell Kaiser had that wonderful feast that night, you know, and they were drinking all that good wine, whiskey and rest of stuff. They got drunk and God wrote on the walls of that great banquet hall, are weighed in the balances and found wanting every person in that great auditorium saw it. And even though they were dumping another boat, they could read it. And the scripture says they shook in their boots, and they got weak in their knee. Were already weak in the head from what they drunk because it got pretty close. So why because it was written on a visit literally written on the wall. Nobody might as well have been to that night for everybody read it. But you came in the next morning. It wasn't there. And this is the remarkable thing. It's not guaranteed in the Bible at every time a key or prominent and holds a drunken party that God's gonna write on the wall. Therefore the writing's on the wall not being guaranteed every time somebody has a drunken party, the writing on the wall, but in the category of odd phenomena. It's always like that whenever God class once more goes beyond that which is guaranteed in the word to everybody. Would they believe it's always phenomenon? Oh, I've gotten still in the business of giving phenomena. All Yes. But you can't teach by now. And about everybody that I've ever talked to in my ministry of research and so forth. In the Holy Spirit feel all they ever talk this phenomena and what they felt. Somebody said to me once what if you feel this way you've got I tried my best. I didn't feel it that way. So I can put it I faster, 10 days 10 days. And all I got was nothing. All I got lost little late. Some of you ladies might enjoy that. I don't know. And I just tried everything. Everybody said, Why? Because I was hungry and you can't go beyond what you're taught. And so they were teaching I was going to men and women who I thought I don't know. And when they said fast 10 days, I was hungry for it. Why don't I fast? Somebody else said I do this I do that? I try to know not because you know what these things were they were sort of like phenomena special to the people. If God said to you just fast 10 days and give you the Holy Spirit. That is this was Whitney's word and guaranteed that everybody when they fasted 10 days was get love or respect by sheer luck. And I've had people in my classes, who have searched for the Holy Spirit to be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit to speak in tongues for 25 to 30 years, been in churches that said, they believed in speaking in tongues, and others had never been in those churches. And believers again with that these people were but they weren't speaking in tongues, they adapted, they prayed that God. You see, we're all confused. On that which is guaranteed to everybody in that which is phenomenal. I can't teach you phenomena. Because if I taught you phenomena, then if God didn't quite work that way with you, then you would say you haven't got it. And by all that's ever taught today is phenomena. Somebody will say, What did you feel so and saw when he got filled with the Spirit? Nobody else would say, did you get the goose pimples on the back in your neck. They just threw herself. Never assume that the spirit but seeing some pretty things walk down the street might cause a fella to swoop or something. But not the spirit that says they were teaching us phenomena. And bad. This is tremendous. Because everybody has been teaching phenomena phenomena. I don't teach phenomena. I just read you the word that which the word guarantees when people believe you can receive phenomena are God's prerogatives he can given to you. He doesn't have to be done. It just a God given extra. Not promised to everybody that it's in God's prerogative. God can do it. And if I taught my classes, the little assigned little phenomena that he gives me time and time and time again, when I'm teaching or what our ministry, you know what happened? All of my people are looking for this little phenomenon, rather than looking to the Word of God. And you and I have to go back and look at the word and let that word speak to us. For God's word is God's Will it means what it says. And it says what it means. There appeared unto them clothing can that's the phenomenon. Like as a fire, it wasn't fire just looked like fire. And it's sad. It's sad. It's sad upon each of them that 12. And that word sad, is always used in the Bible, when something is completely completed. Never know the other thing. Six days God created did so and so. And on the seventh day, it says God did what blessed us because worn out. The original Lord is God said. He said because he was tired. No, no, no, no, it's given because it was completely completed. When Jesus Christ ascended into heaven, that scripture says He didn't want sat down at the right hand of God and from dance, he's coming back to judge the living and the dead. He sat down because man's redemption was completely complete. And then 10 days later, on the day of Pentecost, the cloven tongues, it was sad. And that was the sign boy when the cloven tongues came down, and it sat upon 1-234-567-8910 12 men when it sat on them at that time, but when in fact, all Powell did this. They breathe in and receive the Holy Spirit. And those four says, and they were all filled, and they the 12 were all filled.


Did any of them get missed? Why not? Because they weren't the right place at the right time. And they believed rightly. Brother David segment writes, and I use the wrong word when he says Prayer is the key to heaven. I know people have prayed and prayed to their blue in the face. Don't ever make livings the key to heaven. Oh six, leaving the word that divided is the key. These people were all filled. The reason they were all filled is because they all believe and all at the same place at the same time in one accord when there was supposed to be and they believe God's word. And when you believe God's word when you get the results of God's word not being unpacker tech or better. When you believe God's word you get the results. Listen to me in Romans 10, nine and 10 It says if I'll confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus and believe God raised Him from the dead daughter shall be. So when a man confesses with his mouth, the Lord Jesus Jesus as Lord in his life, and he believed God raised Him from the dead once you get a chicken there, you get saved right? You are no. Amen. They were all filled with Yamaha guild, Holy Spirit, no Article V and na political great Tex. And no, my hog yo, meaning pony Holy Spirit. Nouns are never capitalized in any text. But here they're capitalized, Holy Ghost. And that has caused nothing but trouble. They were all filled with the gift. With a gift from the giver, God is the giver. And God is holy with a capital H. And God is spirit with a capitalist. But God's gift is holy with a small age and spirit with a smarter and had they been systematic in their translation, as I have just given it to you, you will not have had all the error to have crept in demands thinking today. They were all filled with the gift. They were all born again. They were all filled with a gift. For illustration, nothing in my pocket. Looking for something else. All right, we'll illustrate another whenever we run all illustrations just have to think a little longer one.


If I gave you this microphone, would you get the giver or the gift? You're lucky. Most people never put up with. That's why some people say Mrs. Wierwille. I have a very special star in her group.


Don't you say yes to often? She's just agreed with but that's all right, Rachel, I love you. Alright, how simple that is, isn't it?


When on the day of Pentecost, did they get God? Now Now people say this is the first time the Holy Ghost came, the Holy Spirit came. The Bible says God's in the beginning. And the beginning God created the heavens and what they are. So God was back there. And in the Old Testament, it says God is holy, and God is Spirit. The two greatest things God is they didn't get. God didn't come into concrete. And that day's been from the beginning. But what came that day was God's gift. God's gift. And the greatest thing that God can give is what he is, he is holy, and he was robbed. And this is the first time in the history of civilization that on that day, God gave the greatest that He was holy. And that's why it's called NUMA huggin. It is God's great gift to mankind. They were all filled with NUMA Haji on the gift. And when they were born with the gift they had the responsibility of operating it or not operating. I could give to you this microphone. If I did you get the gift that they're responsible responsibility of a huge sage would be wrong to you, the recipient, the receiver, you could take this microphone and stood on the floor, you could step on it. You're gonna hammer it out at the base.


They're actually just as logical as this. On the day of Pentecost, they were all filled with the gift.


They responsible were responsible for the usage they're up there are thrilled with the gift. The gift is the God given ability. The act is the result of my operation of the gift. They were all filled with the gift that God given ability. And the operation that was their responsibility. For it says not only were they filled, but when they were filled. They did one thing on the day of Pentecost what they speak for that come focus on x four to four. They were filled with the Holy Spirit Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues who began they, the pronoun de is omitted before the words began to emphasize the word again. They were offended. You're not good The Holy Spirit and the can. People wait you know many times today for people that have forgotten to help them speak in tongues, people pay a lot of you, please, Lord, help me to speak in tongues. The Lord says go to world class. So we heard the Lord says, Why you don't sit out there and sit on the Eagles RAM and wait for God to push you off. So you learn to fly, you fly by the power of God that's in you. The gift is a God given ability. And after they had received the gift, that first thing they did, the first thing they did was they spoke with tongues. The gift of spirit, you can't see spirit, you can't smell it. You can't taste it, can't touch it. But once you have the gift, you have the ability. Now when I operate this ability, I bring it into manifestation and the manifestation was speaking in tongues. Speaking in tongues is the external manifestation in the census world that you have the Holy Spirit with it. You can't see spirit but you can see speaking in tongues, the night speaking in tongues, you could see you could hear it. Look at No, sometimes, sometimes some tomato sicko that is speaking in tongues. Could you see it? Could you hear it? It's the external manifestation in the sense as well as the gift or the spirit within. If I did not have the gift, could I have the manifestation? No. But you could have the gift without manifesting. You can be born again a God's Spirit and never speak in tongues. Because nobody's ever taught you God's word. On the day of Pentecost, when they were filled with the Holy Spirit, that thing that they did, they spoke with tongues. They did the speech. But what they spoke was not third business. What they spoke was God's business. They spoke as the Spirit gave them on. The Spirit didn't give it to their minds a third gave it to their spirits, which was God in Christ in them the hope of glue the Holy Spirit. And God gave it to their spirit. They move their lips, their throat, their tongues, they get the speaking but what they spoke was as the Spirit gave it to them, not to their minds, but to their one. That's what it says that's what it means. That's a tremendous thing. Because on that tremendous day, when those 12 had received and by the way, the first four verses, conclude all the teaching that there is on that original outpouring, God put the whole thing in four verses of Scripture, the greatest miracle of all right? The first time men and women were born again of God's Spirit, filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. God put the greatest of all miracles in four verses as well had a tremendous repercussion. Because verse five says, there were dwelling at Jerusalem that day do and on the Day of Pentecost, nobody but Jews by religion received or heard anything from God's men. devout men out of every nation. There are six cents now and this was nice the ball. What was noise the ball? Speaking in Tongues now tell you a lie. The the monitor came together and they were confounded. The word confounded in verse six is flabbergasted. They were shocked. I sometimes say in my classes, they were picking their eyeballs back up and put them in their sock.


They were really fun. Because that every man heard them speak in his own pot. That's what shook. Right? Here it was Peter, standing up with the 11. And Peter was speaking in tongues. What Peter spoke in tongues. Did Peter understand it? No. For Peter was speaking as the Spirit gave him on. What do you speak is whose doesn't? God but back to speak is whose business? Yours they spoke. What you speak that you speak as your business what you speak as God's business. They spoke Peter spoke and what Peter spoke he didn't understand here. But there were a group of people over here understood everything you said. John spoke in tongues. John didn't understand it. Over here. Our group of people understood it. That's the miracle of the day of Pentecost and God is a miracle God and God can still do miracles. Because what you speak is if God wants you to speak in state Greek, he'll see what you do. When you do that, when you do speak, if God wants German spoken, and you don't know any German now to speak in tongues is to speak in any other language, or languages that you sense knowledge wise, no. And if God wants you to speak in German, then when you speak in tongues, why he gives as a spirit gives utterance will be in what language, but you won't understand that what you speak is God's business, as the Spirit gave them a lot of strength, tremendous things in your people. Plus what confounded them. heard them speak it is in their own language. The people speaking was speaking in tongues, means understand, the people hearing. For those who are hearing it, it was a no loss. They were all amazed verse seven. And then Marvel, saying one to another Behold, are not all these rich speak up. They could not speak those tongues, or languages. This is what's the gap that people thought, because they were only Galileans right? And the galleons only spoke no, they're an Aramaic. Just like many of you here natatorium tonight, you can only speak English


on porch that you will but you can speak in tongues, how fortunate can you get?


But any other language then that would be spoken to you by someone else would be like speaking in tongues? You only understood and if you only understand English, and you only speak English, if you speak then in any other language that will be speaking in tongues do but if I understood what you spoke, it would be unknown language to me, but not to use a speaker. Your speaker becomes what consolidant on it can only speak Nothern gotta Leah and hear the word Peter speaking one language. Somebody understood here, John, another Matthias another everybody, all these tall poppy species out there with people sitting understood every word they said. They wonder those fellas got shook. Right. And they didn't like those Galilean they hated them. Because when the Galileans had once written in for the permission to help them build the temple, the Jews had written back to the headquarters in Galilee and say you stay follow stay put up there. Why thing to do is that always been bad blood between the Judy and Santa Galleon. When they came to the feasts of the Passover, Pentecost tabernacles, the rest of the feasts. They were never the Galileans weren't even allowed to stay in town. They had segregation. Who'd be good sense of humor, nobody agrees with it. But it's true. They stayed on what is called the Galilean Hill, outside of the city of Jerusalem. That's where they had to stay. They were not allowed to stay in the city of Jerusalem proper. Because the Jews said, no deal for the Galilee. I tell you, God must have been terrific to stay. He's always terrific. He took these Galilean, all these which speak Galileans. And that's what shocked me. Then how here we verse eight, every man in our own language, long tongue, when we were born, they heard the Parthians Medes Elamites. Dollars and Mesopotamia journeys, capitation, punches, agent, figure Campanian. Each of the parts of about three strings belong to the pastor like pretend Arabian verse, a lot of we do hear them speak in our tongues or other languages that wonder for what? Oh, that's a tremendous truth. Peter knows we're speaking in tongues, Peter, than those that know what they were speaking. But what they spoke was as the Spirit gave them utterance, that's God's business, right? And what they were speaking, those people out there, we're hearing and understanding why it's a miracle. It doesn't promise in the light of God, that every time you speak in tongues, somebody out there in the congregation is going to understand that doesn't promise this couldn't happen. Sure, because who gives God and God knows what he wants. So you just keep your nose out of God's business and put your nose in your own business and you will manifest the power of God. But most people are concerned about God's throne. Right. Peter spoke in tongues. I'll tell you someone from another country understood what he said. Peter it was tongues to the person out here it was a known one language natural. And those Jews, you know what they said about these Galileans when they hate it, they set up their speaking in tongues, that when they spoke in tongues, these men were speaking the wonderful one. It seems to me if you're a Christian, you ought to be wanting to speak the wonderful words to God. And no man or woman can speak the wonderful words of God without speaking in one plus the words. When you speak in tongues, you're speaking the wonderful works of people I know, are another great scripture in Acts 10. But this one just rendered my heart because I know the hatred between the Jews and the galleys. I know the biblical background. And for those Jews people to say that they are both Galilee and that they were speaking the wonderful words to God. There had to be something there that was absolutely indisputable, undeniable, there had to be a reality present that was so concrete, so absolute, that nobody could say no. Know what it was. So they hope in magnifying glass, because they were speaking the wonderful what? That seems to me why men and women who are Christian, ought to certainly be wanting to speak in tongues with all their heart, soul, mind and strength that they might speak, though wonderful work tonight. And first, Paul says, They the Jews were all amazed. And they were in doubt they launder another Latina Fez, what's the meaning of his other mocking set, these men are loaded full of new line. There's 14 Peter standing up with the iLab lifted up his voice and center them he manner Judy, and all these are brought to Jerusalem Beezus known to you and hearken to my words, hey, 4050 days before where was behind closed doors for fear of now he stands right up in front of that same group. He was scared out 50 days before and he says you know, listen to me all. He was known to you and you hearken to My Heart.


The two days before the security shadow. What changed? By delay. cloven tongues like as the fire sat upon each of them, and they breathed in, they were filled. That's what changed. You've got men and women today born again a God's Spirit. Nothing's ever changed. They're going to go to heaven, but they're having a hell of a time on the road. Right? They're miserable, gone. They're not they're not sometimes not even as happy as those fellows who are not born again. Right. There are still appear. They take as many sedatives and many aspirins as many only as any of the ungodly beat. Ah, if you want to see a bunch of them come watch them come out in a church on Sunday, Lord, why they look like they've had too long face defeated, frustrated, but still a fair bit of anxiety or frustration. That's why 85% of the people in Institue, correctional institutions for Christian people, you need a lot more than get born again a God's Spirit, you've got to be filled with the power of the holy spirit and matter. I didn't write the book. You don't like it to complain to management. Right. Here says in verse 16. But this is that the original text gives it but this is like that, which was spoken by the prophet Joe. And then Peter goes on to preach that tremendous sermon without any fear. The only thing that changed that man was the receiving of all the spirit and knowing what he had. You can be born again a God spared but if you don't know you, you've got it. And what it really is, you will be just as full of fear, worry, anxiety and take just as many aspirants and all that suffering more action than anybody else. Because the only thing that changes the man is not that spirited, but his knowledge of what he has received when he received what good is it to have $1,000 in your pocket, if you don't know you've got to just spend? No. But boy, if you had $1 in your pocket, and you knew you had it, and you lost it like my friend Bill Daley did today and he's daddy Earth Somebody had it, I believe, picked it up or found it. He was all concerned, those three boys looked all over the way headquarters for that book. That one, I don't blame. I felt bad about it. I thought if they didn't find it pretty soon I'd have to give.


I tell you, knowing your data dollar is worth more to you than having $1,000 in your pocket and not knowing your gun. Because if you got $1, you know, you got it you can spend at all, you got $1,000 in your pocket, you don't know what you can even spend one. Turn it right around, you can have $1 in your pocket and only spend one cent, you know, you've got $1 If you can only spend one, you only spend one cent that can happen to and this is exactly what's happening in the whole Christian field. Some people born again, God said don't know what they thought I was born again, a God's Spirit do know what they've got. But the only utilize one set of these men are not drunk. And he said in verse 15, is he suppose thinking about the third hour. This is like that which was spoken by the prophet Joel and he gives us tremendous sermon. Sometime maybe this summer in the class starting a couple of weeks from now demonstrate this sermon, because I'm going to teach this again three weeks from now or four weeks, whenever summer school wrote. And we'll take it apart line for line and word for word all the way through. And maybe I'll demonstrate it to how he got his sermon, I will show you what commentaries he read. And how he wrote this out longhand a week or two before he preached that he had his secretary to make him a rough draft of it. And then he corrected that rough draft, then it backfired for re typing. And he finally got to put in a little black book about the size of this Bible. So that he could take it up in the pulpit. It's a pip for most men, because it's locked down, disappeared, consecrated concentrating. And then how he reads his sermon, you know, all you want to go through this sometime when I really get prepped in this field. Because it's tremendous, you know, or you can spend four years of college and three years in a cemetery seminary, or someplace. And then you turn out with all that intellectual knowledge that he at least spent $2,500 A year and I can't multiply times seven, how much is that? Elite spent that much on you. And all you can do is get up like the sermon out and say gay barely it is either nor die God or speak on to you, my dear brother and this morning.


And how wonderful it would be if we could all watch the things that and we call it preach. And I was at the University of Chicago Divinity School, that great intellectual institution.


Not to people thinks great if I do too. Unbelievably. You know, what Rockefeller Memorial Chapel is built by the great financial wizards Rockefeller. Nobody's allowed to preach in that pulpit unless they write their sermon out weeks ahead of time and it's sent into a committee that goes over the sermon to correct the English and any other theological things that they might disagree with. Because after all those great people who sit in that Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, they must be properly English. That's right. I went to that great Rockefeller Chapel that was million. They didn't have half the people in there that I have in this wonderful physical Research Center tonight. As cold enough to convert an athlete but they weren't sure accurate on their English when they said contactless payment cantankerous. I sometimes don't mean what I say, but try to but the point still is, boys as they stood, they were not allowed to speak extemporaneously, they had to read it. Man with degrees this long. You know, what I do is set up like that. So they could no more preaching and teaching and a dead monkey I tell my classes sometimes how would you like to go in for an emergency operation? You have appendicitis you're going to have an appendectomy. Or when you go into the operating room, you don't want that doctor in there to go get the textbook out of the adjoining room and look up the specter on the operation. And so now look here, not to find the right place to cut this time. Right? You expect that decision and that surgeon that been in that book before it gets the operating room, but you can belong to the church right time. And still can't find men who know the book well enough that they can stand up there and talk for an hour or an hour and a half and give us the accuracy or divert without having to read it line by line and word by word up in an awful shape. You just trusted your doctors like that some of you might think you're going for an appendectomy you men and you'd end up in upsetting gotta keep you awake somewhere. Hey, just sit down and work at some time. How was Peter able to preach that tremendous sermon, he didn't have time to go into his office. He didn't have time to work it out. Write it out longhand. But you know, something, you'd walked with a master for three years and mastered walk with him via noise walk with Master. But you know, after all this thing happened. He remembered some of those things. And he got real bow. And butter. From that day on Peter was a new man. And ladies, gentlemen, I've never seen anything that makes a new man or a new woman except to get born again and God's Spirit filled with the Holy Spirit and start speaking in tongues and know that you know that you know that you know that you know that you know that you're heaven bound. And all hail can stop you from going by when you know that that puts courage and I am. So that puts enthusiasm in a woman's life and makes you the kind of woman God meant for you to be. It makes you the kind of man God meant for you to be. And all the rest of it. You just mess around. I want a day in the life of these men. And Peter gets down to that verse 38. preaching that tremendous sermon.


By the way, I wrote my doctoral dissertation on what not new to working in this field a few years.


First 38 Proverbs 37 or someplace along the line. They said men and brother what must be do risen. 37 Oh, yeah. When they heard this, they were pricked in their heart and they said peed on the left the apostle, man and veterans. What shall we do that shall we know about this? And you know what Peter said, are pronounced the benediction will go up. When a man asked the question what to do? The man or God ought to be able to tell him 123 If he can't tell him, he's not an animal. That's what I felt I was hungry, or thirsty for water. You're sending him to the island for a drink? Right? When he's hungry for water, you don't send him the potato patch the whole life. People think about it, the word of God, the Eternal realities of the man. So how will we know about helping God's people in the souls need a man? We know how to help them dollars and cents, water and food. But when a man says today, how can I be born again? How can I speak in tongues? How can I manifest the power of God? Most of the ministry just say to them, well, it's not for today and don't worry about it, I'll take care of you. So they said what must we do? And Peter said, rot, repent, repent. When you repent, you don't confess your sin. You confess the Savior from sin, the Lord Jesus Christ. And when you do that, you are baptized not in water. At God wanted water in verse 38. I had it in there and the people who put it in there, it simply says, He baptized every one of you. In the name of Jesus Christ. There there are. So when you repent, you get remission about and he shall, he shall put it dramatically in the absolute tense. If it said you Well, he will it follow up perhaps maybe. But he says he shall absolutely receive the gift. The gift doesn't say is again, it says as plain as day that when you repent, you get up. Yep. I told you an hour ago, you get the gift, that gift from God, given. God is the giver and his gift is what you get when you repent. Because you get remission of sin, and you'll receive that gift. Oh, no, Ma, McGill tremendous. Heater spoke this without having time to work it out. Without reading a commentary or anything else. 2000 years ago almost. And tonight, today in the churches across our nation in Rome, where they even believe in halfway what the Word says. They don't say what the Word says. Man today and Pentecost fields, Assemblies of God, always talking about being baptized with the Holy Ghost. Have you been baptized with the Holy Ghost? You don't get baptized with the Holy Ghost. Peter didn't say, Repent, and get baptized with the Holy Ghost. Peter says, When you repent, you'll be baptized in the name everything that that name represents, in the name of Jesus Christ. And you get when you repair, remission, understand, and you shall receive the gift. receive the gift, not be baptized, but receive the gift, receive the gift, receive the gift, I understand. I could send you the meetings this week. People are hungry for the Holy Spirit, as they say. But all they talk about is are you baptized and Peter 1900 years ago didn't say they called to be baptized with the Holy Spirit is what they were waiting for remember? And once it was given, once it was given on the day of Pentecost, did you have to wait for a longer? Why did they have to wait? Because it had not yet was? Once it was given? Does anybody ever have to wait? That's why that is. Right. The problem here is there's the gift, once it's it's given to me now have to wait for it. No, only one thing you have to know is how to receive. That's why before it was available. It was spoken up as to be baptized with that's it. But once it was given it became a gift. Whosoever will make come can anybody get saved at any time today, because it is a one gift. And so you walk up and you take and for people that pray today, Lord baptized me with the holy code. God can't do it. Because God's 1900 years ago, made it available as a gift as a gift. And any man or woman in this auditorium, or the people across the nation who hear these tapes this week, if they want to receive it, God can't baptize you with it. He's already given it on the day of Pentecost, because fully commit was born out. It's God's gift to a needy world, to needy men and women, that whosoever will may come and all they need to do is look, receive. If they want to receive it, did God make it available? All they have to know is how to receive it. And every person born again of God's Spirit can manifest the power of the Holy Spirit. Every person there is a Christian can speak in tongues, everyone, because Christ is in you. And that's the gift of God is in you. The Holy Spirit is in us the gift. Now you manifested by the power of God that's in one more verse of scripture or to hear for the common. Verse 39 is on to you to your children, and to all that our fall, even as many as the Lord our God shall call has he called. If you're a Christian, he called you and the promise is to you like from the promise that you shall receive the Holy gift for the gift, the promises, you're receiving in a manifestation and when they received it in a manifestation What did they do on the day? Pentacles therefore the promises to all of our calls, that they are to speak in one. Sure. And with many other words, did he testify and exhort saying save yourself from this untoward generate. And then they that gladly received his word. were baptized in the name of Jesus. Have not water. And the same day they were added on to them about 3000 months. That's what the word says. That's what it means. Maybe we ought to before I close tonight, look at first Corinthians chapter 14.


First Corinthians chapter 14 Verse eight I thank my God. I speak with tongues more than what is the apostle Paul speaking, done. And in verse 37, of this great chapter, he says, If any man think himself to be a prophet, or if he thinks himself to the Lord, let it make noise, that the things that I write unto you are the commandments of love. Right? In the same chapter, he said, I would get to steak in what then what is the command that we all speak in tongues? These are the commandments about this is why people, when you get real honest, and you look at the word, and say one thing you can do, you can just accept God's word, or reject. Really only one true thing you do is accepted to things you do accepted, rejected, or reject. Or when you accept God's word and you say you believe God's word is God's will, there is one thing you're going to have to do, and that is speaking, you've got to speak in tongues if you believe God's word is God's will. for it. It was a commandment, although the Lord, people say it went out with the apartment. I don't care what people say. That's not what the words say. You can't go by what people say. Because you're not saved by what people say. You are asked to go by what the Word says that you and I are saved or what the Word says. And it's a commandment at all, speak in. This is why people I teach class. This is why we have summer school. This is why I travel just to help people to receive the power. Because unless you speak in tongues, you will never know the reality of the salvation you've got. We all talk about it. And if you're in different groups, you're yak like as if you know the whole score. But deeper than your heart, you absolutely do not know your gift. Because you have no proof in the census world that you've got the real McCoy on the inside. But when you speak in tongues, and hear yourself speak in a tongue, you will have the external manifestation in the census world, that you have Christ, the power of God, the Holy Spirit within. And that's your proof that you have eternal life. It's your proof to you that you are a child of God and never more will come into condemnation. It is your proof that Christ died for you and that he lives with it's the greatest reality of the world today. Power for abundant living just came down it on the day of Pentecost, too, so don't get excited. It's still pouring. Yeah, wonderful bunch. This is a place not only to have to another way to God, you got to have a good sense of humor. You got to turn the air conditioner on. You got to turn the heat off. Got to do everything. But it made us more than conquerors. You know what every situation so we turn the air conditioner on a few other biters. They fall. This is a greatest word I know. Maybe it's because I know so much God has taught me about this word that I stand up here and I just have chills going down my spine and I because there's not a man or woman in here that I could not lead in speaking in tongues within 10 minutes. I'd love to lead everybody and I may do some things you don't know I'm gonna do well, let me say this to you. What good is it to have $1,000 in your pocket if you don't know what to use and speaking in tongues until somebody teaches with value until someone teaches which greatness then you can utilize it I'd again say I think many of our people here know that. I thought if there's no there is no man or woman in this place. I couldn't lead into receiving the Holy Spirit and 10 minutes into manifestation. You believe God's word and if you'll naturally do want to manifest the power of God. Because if you're born into God's Spirit, you have the gift right? An all you need to do is for someone to help you to manifest. This is why this matter of speaking is done is the greatest reality you have the power of God today. And many women, not manifesting this again.


Church has no power of God. And this is why we like to say to you people in here tonight if you have never spoken in,


why don't you take advantage of the class starting here on the 19th? I promise by the power of God, if you believe God's word, everyone was speaking. Nobody's ever. Why should they be missed? Raleigh myth because we have to believe God's word. If a man teaches that word, and it's rightly divided, people believe to carry it out. I've never seen a failure yet. When they believe God's word, and neither have any of the rest of us seven. Most of you are in here tonight. I'd say all of you are in here tonight. As you have known what this ministry has done for people, what is able to do that it's done in your own life for the most part. You'll be in that class three weeks from now. You're really hungry. And I teach you what you got your pocket spiritually. And you can really walk with the power of God and know that you know that you notice. That's my prayer. That's for our people everywhere. If you get so hungry spiritually, you can't wait to the class. Find yourself one of my graduates come over and see me and how silly we are people all over the country are able to help we're able to teach the Lord we're able to lead I'm always concerned about my people to lead others in the first what they've got when they speak in the last for us speaking in tongues. You don't know what it's like a man unsaved for 20 years. one more night not gonna hurt. Well, I know what the evangelists say suppose you got killed the night. He came to me got to get saved. He got to get killed and he's got to get killed, he got killed. But teach him everything in one night. We come to you teach you much you can be a breaking up. But people use the PCC to receive always friendly to teach them often occurs it's happening all over today in these circles, they talk about Bacchus receiving Methodist Lutheran Roman Catholic, they talk about the receiving of Harvard and Yale and Princeton and the rest of the places. So once these to have, I want my people to know that you can operate then you can walk with an intellectual with a spiritual awareness and that will not only place your heart but the ministry that God is set within.