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SNT 0313 II Kings 6ff

II Kings 6ff

August 8, 1965

Advanced information on the manifestations of word of knowledge and word of wisdom.
SNT – 313

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Topic: DRAFT, 2 Kings 6, king, God, famine, Elijah, messenger, lord, Syrians, gate
Format: audio
Publication Date: 08-08-1965

Victor Paul Wierwille was a Bible scholar and teacher for over four decades.

By means of Dr. Wierwille's dynamic teaching of the accuracy and integrity of God's Word, foundational class and advanced class graduates of Power for Abundant Living have learned that the one great requirement for every student of the Bible is to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Thus, his presentation of the Word of God was designed for students who desire the in-depth-accuracy of God’s Word.

In his many years of research, Dr. Wierwille studied with such men as Karl Barth, E. Stanley Jones, Glenn Clark, Bishop K.C. Pillai, and George M. Lamsa. His formal training included Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Mission House (Lakeland) College and Seminary. He studied at the University of Chicago and at Princeton Theological Seminary from which he received a Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. Later he completed his work for the Doctor of Theology degree.

Dr. Wierwille taught the first class on Power for Abundant Living in 1953.

Books by Dr. Wierwille include: Are the Dead Alive Now? published in 1971; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today published in 1972; five volumes of Studies in Abundant Living— The Bible Tells Me So (1971), The New, Dynamic Church (1971), The Word's Way (1971), God's Magnified Word (1977), Order My Steps in Thy Word (1985); Jesus Christ Is Not God (1975); Jesus Christ Our Passover (1980); and Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed (1982).

Dr. Wierwille researched God's Word, taught, wrote, and traveled worldwide, holding forth the accuracy of God's "wonderful, matchless" Word.

2Ki 6:24-32

2Ki 6:32, 33; 7:1-3

2Ki 7:3-6

2Ki 7:7-17



Snt-0313-2Kings6ff DRAFT

SUMMARY KEYWORDS: king, God, famine, Elijah, messenger, lord, Syrians, gate

Take your Bibles tonight, turn to Second Kings chapter six. Here in the advanced class, we've been dealing with the operation of the word of knowledge and the word of wisdom. And how this word knowledge and this word of wisdom, when you understand and the word and understand the word, that's the only way you can understand the word of knowledge, wisdom, that this manifests are these manifestations of God, are still in operation today. And we are studying here at the headquarters, how these manifestations operated in the Word of God, so that we can better apply them in our own lives and utilize them in our day by day walk for the Lord. I thought tonight, we'd go to the second section in Second Kings chapter six, and read another one of the great biblical stories from the Bible to see how these wonderful manifestations operated. Verse 24, of Chapter Six of Second Kings. And it came to pass after this. And by the way, this was a long time after Elijah had led the Syrian army back to Sumeria. A long time after that, or there was peace in the land for a long time. Then it came to pass that Ben Hey, Dan, king of Syria, gathered all his hopes, and went up and be cede some area. And there was a great web, a great famine, and if the Bible says a great famine, you know what it means? A great famine. It just wasn't a little famine. This was a delay. It was that damned, you will see it after a bit. It was not good one great famine in scenario. And behold, they this Ben Hey, that king of Syria and his army besieged the city of scenario until an SS head was sold for four score pieces of silver. And the fourth part of a cab of Doug's dung for five pieces of silver. Pretty expensive he now, and as his head is not a jackasses head, not, not, if that's what you're thinking, and as his head is, and as his head is, is something like like a cabbage head, which grows, it's a root type of thing that grows, it isn't above down, it goes underneath ground root part of it. It grows in the the hedges, and so forth. And if there is a great famine, that they're just literally starving to death, the last thing the people in the east will dare to eat before they die, is the acid said. That's one of the lines because nobody would eat it. Unless the famine was so severe that there was absolutely nothing else left to eat. So an acid his head was sold for four score pieces of silver, that amounts to approximately $25 in good old American kegs. And the fourth part of a cab, Doug's done for five pieces of silver. Now this again, was it really Doug's done? This was something about the size of a pee, you know, be in a pod. And only if they were starving to death, would they ever think of eating it? Because ordinarily, this is the only thing that they fed to dogs, they wouldn't feed it to human beings at all. And this is why it's called doves dumb, because they fed it only to the Dubs. But the people were so poverty stricken. The famine was so great that they sold a corgi part of one of those little things like a pea. Can you imagine taking a pee and dividing it into a quarter into four parts and selling one part of it at a time? Something is verse 26. And as the king of Israel was passing by upon the wall, the word wall here in the text is Housetop. There crowd a woman on the MC, help help my lord. Okay,


He said, If the Lord do not help the, when shall I help the out of the band four out of the line. But you see this famine was so great that when this woman called to the king, the king from the house tab said, the hurt if the Lord doesn't help us, if our help does not come from the Lord, where are we gonna get it from? I haven't got anything left in the barn floor. Great was the famine. And the king said under her birth 28 One a lot the What's wrong with you? And she answered, this woman, a wonderful brother said unto me, give thy son that we may eat him today. And we will eat nice sun tomorrow. Well, can you imagine that? I can't, I can't even apprehended let alone comprehend it must not have been any dogs left eat. No chickens lefty. No frogs left eat, no mice left eat. No rats left eat. You talk about a famine. I told you this was a great famine, the Lord said so. So verse 29, we borrowed my son, and did eat him. And I said unto her, this woman, the next day, now you'll give your son that we may eat him, and she had hid her rod. That's right. And it came to pass, when the king heard the words of the woman, that he rent his clothes. And he passed by upon the hot stuff. And the people look because he or his clothes rent. And because Behold, he had put sackcloth within a thon his place for a great morning, that his nation, his people had been so degraded, had been so cast down, had such a great famine in that great city, that they were eating their own children. Paper, that must have been a day. The king felt real sick about this. And Mary Briana had the cause of something that the property life had said to him. Therefore, he said in verse 31, God knew so and more so to me, if the head of Elijah, the son of Schaefer, just stand on him this day. In other words, who do you blame for this great famine? The Prophet because the Prophet had once told him that there was going to be a famine because of the way in which he lived, the way in which he believed the way in which he turned down the true God and put up other junk that because he left away from the true God, he was going to suffer. This is why Elijah, and therefore, the king, instead of blaming God, can't blame God because God's Spirit can't touch him. But he could blame the man of God who had said the Lord. And so he said, Well, I want to tell you by tonight, that head of the lice is going to be rolling down here in the dust down the hill. I'm going after that boy. Verse 32, Elijah got all shocked and excited and nervous. Frustrated and Volibear not a lie. She just sat in his house and class, what did he do? brood and other potty. You got a girl. She's done the advanced class. That's the light that just started in silence. And the elders were sitting where they and the king sent a man before him. That air before the messenger of the king came to Elijah to him. He said, He Lysa said to all the elders, they have the son of a murderer have sent to take away mine head. Look, when the messenger comma, shut the door and build it, hold it fast so that you don't keep him outside are at the entrance of the dome is because is not the sound of his mastery speech right behind the messenger.


How do you like that for revelation? The old king in his messenger hadn't arrived. And there was Elijah the prophet sitting in his kitchen, brewing a pot of tea.


The rest of the boys gathered around with their honey on the table to put into the tea. While he was sitting around that table with his elders, he said, fellas, he said, This king, who is a son of a murderer, you know, he has sent over here, his wants to get my head. While the, the king had just said this some time back in the court back then he's gone down. He said, By nightfall, I'm going to have the head of the lice, right. Elijah wasn't present at the place. He said this, How then did he lie, she kept this information, word about knowledge. God told him the word of knowledge by word of knowledge. He said, A, the King's College. But ahead of him, is going to send a messenger man that's reading the riot act right ahead of time, isn't it? Then he gave him a word of wisdom. He said, shut the door, and hold him fast at the door. Because right behind him is the sound of his masters, tootsies. His mastery speed is he sent a messenger in the cover. And when the door is open, then the king and his boys are going to run in Chop, chop, chop, head to be like, that's what it plan. Sure. But God saw all of this happening. And the Spirit of God was in Elijah. And so God by revelation, word of knowledge, Tony Lysa, when he was sitting back in the kitchen brewing that that's something you see, we talk about Jesus Christ being the same yesterday, today and forever, and God unchangeable? Well, if God did it once, he's got to be able to do it again and again and again, or God is getting weaker. But God has to be able to attack the men and women today. And I want to remind you before I read any further, because some of you people are saying, in yourself, well, but that was the Elijah of Prophet, dada. Let me remind you what the Word says that Elijah was a servant of God this way, and a servant to his fellow men this way, the Bible says that you and I are BORN AGAIN of God's Spirit, we're sons of God, this way, isn't the Son of God better than a servant? And you know what it says, It's Christ in you, Christ in you that glory, Christ in you. And the scripture says that how much of God is in Christ? The God at all the thermostat was in Christ is in you, the Scripture says. Elijah had only a liberal of the Spirit of God upon him, that you have the fullness of the Spirit of Christ in you. Then why in the world, don't we manifest more, because for two reasons, number one, we do not know the Word of God. And number two, since we do not know the Word of God, we cannot believe rightly, to have the word come into manifestation. That's the we just have to believe that's all and learn borrow the word and start moving. Now that Bruce was like, Oh, 33. And while he that is Elijah, yet, tap with them, the elders be the messenger came down onto him. The messenger came to the bear, not press. Here's a tremendous troop. We've hit this a couple times this week and other stories, high not ahead of time. Do you need revelation? Just as long as you get it on time. You don't need it ahead of time, but you need it on time. He got this information, this revelation, and right after that. Knock at the door. The messenger was there, that God had already told him what they were going to do right. So they had to do is show that laughter up sofa. And the messenger said, the Hello, this evil, a Berlin our city has been sent by the Lord sounds like modern theologians. Right? That God sent sickness God sent famine, God sent storms, all of that. That's what the messenger said that the king had said it was Elijah who was responsible for what was going on and Elijah represented by their products. choppies had this evil, this great famine came from the Lord.


Wow. Should I wait for the Lord of the messenger was reporting from the K. Y right on the Lord. It's from the Lord. I'm not gonna wait on the Lord anymore.


He said, well, then he likes you said, here he is alert of the Lord, that the Lord and by when you read that in order, God just lift up your eyes and open your ears because you got something from TaoBao less than 24 hours tomorrow, about this time, the same bang, measure of fine flowers to be sold for 54 cents. A shekel 54 cents today, and as his head was sold for $25. A quarter part of dove's dung five pieces of server


time now less than 24 hours, a major bank flower for 54 cents, and two measures of barely for a chuckle and gate of the city of Santa. The word anally that says the Lord God told him, How did God tell him by revelation, word or knowledge and word of wisdom where to knowledge, wisdom must always go hand in hand. Then a lowered verse to whose hand the king lead, answered the man of God and said, Behold, if the Lord would make windows in heaven, might this thing be that something alert and whose hand the king Wayne, I want to explain that to you? They really didn't lean on our hand. We had this this week, once about naming servant. Remember, he said when my master goes into the house of women to worship, and he leaned on my hand. Lord, would you ask your dad to please forgive me if I battle myself a little bit. Remember? Same thing here, I should have maybe explained it the other night I didn't see it, then spiritually knowledge see it. So I'll tell you what it is. There, they just didn't have the words to explain this in translation to cover it because today we just don't do this at all. But in the, in the temples where they went to worship, they didn't have the opportunity of sitting down, they stood up. And so if they go for an hour or so, to worship in these temples, the king would have a noble, noble Why did this verse say, a lord, the word Lord is a noble because that these novels were usually of the family, uncles, cousins, this kind of thing of the king. And he was head man to the king, usually related to this noble and whose hand the king lean. This normal would carry like a cane. It looks like a canes got the crook in the top of it, you know, just looks like a cane. Only it was about five or six feet. High length. And so they go to the the temple together. And while they're standing up while they're standing up, because the king is supposed to be a pillar of the temple, you know, he can't get sleepy like this during the service. So he leans on this, Hey, which is held in the hand of the noble. That's why it says he leaned on the hand that they put this cane in his hand and the king leans on it. Then when he gets tired on this side, the noble takes it around, puts it on the other side, he leans himself around. That's right, it is leaning on the hand of the Lord the Lord's hands, the nobles hand of this verse And this nobleman said the whole if the Lord and make windows in heaven, this couldn't come to pass because we're starving to death down here. If God Almighty put windows in heaven mountain and pulled out all of the Earth's he has an all the gold and all the weed up there, this thing could not happen. You know what the Prophet said to him? He said to him, Behold, thou shalt see it with dying eyes. You're gonna see it by tomorrow, but you're not going to get the shot this July. Now they were both three leopards men at the entering in the gate. Why were these lepers men at the entry into the gate, because they were lepers.


And a leper was not allowed inside of the city limits. He had to live outside of the city limits. He was not allowed in. And these are men who were starving along with all the rest of them had been put out because they were lepers. And they were sitting outside of the walls of that city, near to the gate of that tremendous city. And these four men at the entering of the gate, they said one to another, why are we here until we were those fellows were lepers. And that dawned on me at one time, and they said, Why are we here until we die? Why don't we go and sit in here? The longer we sit here, the closer we're getting to death? Why are we here until we die? Look what happened out of this thing. If we say, we will enter into the city, then the families were in the city and there was a great famine, we get in there. We're still dying to do what we shall die learn.


And if we sit here we die. And that's something Why sit we here until we die? If I were preaching tonight, instead of teaching, I'd get you this as a text and then I would have a good time.


You're not? Because really, why do we have to sit around until we die? But some of us have come through this spiritually. We We've been sitting at places trying to have here, there and yonder. And all we're getting is bologna. No beef steak. Nothing that really sticks to your spiritual ribs. And so you come out of that situation. poverty stricken son had been sort of excommunicated, but they're still holding on, you know, but they're outside of the pale. But sitting there, and they're starving. Blast. When I'm sick, we hear until we die. How many lives do you and I have? When and we might as well use it with our greatest abundance and power that God has given us and our knowledge upon that's why when you go into a shop in fact, first of all you whether they call you a padri that does bless God hallelujah. What difference does it make the call your preach? Well, somebody better start preaching. Somebody better start teaching somebody better start talking to the woman you're working next to and the man you're working next to Why sit around until you die. God God this is the only time you have any life this time and really sit Oh, why not let the people hear again the greatness of God's word whether they believe it or not, not important but that we share it with them is important that believing is their responsibility if you get a new set of friends so what the old ones weren't any good anyway. If the neighbors don't like your soul what they didn't like you prefer you just find out now That's right. Why are we here until we die? People it's this kind of word that years ago put some enthusiasm in my soul because I was just sitting around to made up my mind I've only got one life to live and give and boy this is it. If nobody believes it, it's alright. I'm still going to give it with the greatest abundance I have in my soul that's all we give you know that brought this ministry really under realization read finally got me after by Google and moving the preachers did. They did I used to think that this word of God was so wonderful that everybody certainly would like to hear, though I tell it to priest, Dyer, does the University Chicago Divinity School and a few other places and talk to some of my buddies, you know, professors, theologians, and I show them some of the things that I've found in the greatness of God's word, they say, No, do well, because I want to tell you something, if you would have this, we'd have it before you would have because after all, we're in this field all the time. We're theologians. So I come back home, like a dog with his tail between his legs, rear legs. And I, my sense of humor is sure down tonight, so it's yours that I thought something else that I tried and I tried for 11 years, don't anybody come around and try to shove anything down my throat this field 11 years, I bled my heart, burn my denomination, trying to get the word of God to them in every which way I know. And every time I did, they kicked me in the teeth. And I want to tell you why sick we here on to die. And in the mean time in those 11 years, you know what I saw? A little brand group over here, only believes 1/10 of the gospel. But some of the didn't believe any of the gospel. But there were a pigeon with their feet, you know, both barrels, witnessing further jump, I sat Buddhism rise in the United States by leaps and bounds through those years. I saw other brands, the I Am movement, science of the divine mind or divine science mind or what is the science of the mind. I saw it grow by leaps and bounds. This business you were talking about solar mating, I saw that baloney come up. All of that stuff was growing by leaps and bounds. And there I was sitting with this wonderful word of God and died. No preacher, when I finally made up my mind, I made up I could not be any longer than English than they were. I could not be any more inaccurate than they were, I couldn't be any further out the barrel than they were. And I take my chances with a word that started this ministry because of what I saw, and I was just getting dying and dying and dying because the Great Famine as I heard I dive in other people was that was killing me too. So why are we here and die on the things when they aren't there? Why not go someplace where there is food? Why not get on the bed and walk in your community with an effervescence and with a glue? Nice. We're here until we die. Well bless God, if we're sons of God, with the power of the Holy Spirit, what do you reckon about them get through life? Why do we complain about somebody got to get up? Or lepers sitting at the gate of that city or scenario starving to death? And they said, Well, if we go inside them getting more bread than we got out there, we get inside of that dumb thing. We'll start to write if we sit out here we're gonna do that. There's only one thing to do get on the ball and move you're not doing something and look what to do on this is something and they weren't well versed for we've got to read again. You really ought to read the whole chapter six sometime tonight to get the impact of this thing go back read five to it's real good. If we say we will enter the city than the feminism city and we shall die not we sit here we dialogue. Now is there now therefore come let us fall upon the host of the Assyrians. Let's go down to the where they're in camp. If they save us alive, we shall live and if they kill us, we shall bottle up. They don't die anyways. Don't die anyways. Like you're gonna die anyways. You might as well die stand up. Right? He might as well might as well get on the battle with something who's moving? Because if you're gonna die or die laying down. I said this to a man one day by revelation, your second dog. And I said to him, I said get up. And he said, Well, I don't feel I can. I said what if you don't, you'll die. He said, Well, he said then I just have to die because I can't get up and I said, Well, you can die.


Three days later he's dead. Gonna die we might as well die standing up like that laying down spiritually and spiritually the same. Why Why not get the greatness of God's Word and if it costs us our lives is the cost us some persecution if a test the people little talk about is so great weather talking about you're not talking about anybody else you got the best customer in the world and talk about when they talk about you know you're a good person to talk about. They got some really to talk about something to talk about. Hold up that word of God. And people they move into the camp of the enemy. Right. They went to the Syrians, didn't they? It was the Syrians who are the enemies. They were the ones who were camped around about that city, right? You Bet Your Life. Verse five says they rose up in the twilight going on to the camp of the Syrians. And when they were come to the uttermost parts, this is the outskirts of the camp where the centuries are set, the outermost part of the capitalist series they heard there was not one person of all those posts of the series, that great army, when they got to even the periphery of it. There was a sank freeze were standing there wasn't one person there. And when they got down further in there wasn't anybody there. Verse six, is a wonderful verse for the Lord. You know that Lord that that fellow talked about the while ago, where it was that he said the Lord something? Yes, he said, If the Lord make windows in heaven, but I'm thinking of the one before the messenger got there, you blame the 33. Behold, this evil is now the same Lord, for the Lord have made the host of the Syrians to hear to hear a noise of one and a noise of horses, even the noise of a grown up. And they said one to another, the Syrian said, Lo the king of Israel has a deal. He has hired against us, the kings of the Hittites, and the kings are the Egyptians. And these are the ones that are coming after us. And all God had done was make a little noise. That's all. Wherefore they arose, the Syrians are rose, because of that noise they heard and they fled in the product. They left their tents, their horses, their asses the campus was and they fled for their life. They didn't even take their pants along. They never put their shoes on. They went barefoot. Because they were just scared that they heard this noise in areas, they never stopped to take off their pajamas. They just started spooked out of that place like nobody's business. So it's got to read in between the lines a little bit, see what he said they left their camps. They left their horses. I know, they didn't ride out of that place they ran.


They didn't even take time to saddle the old ponies. But they weren't such a big part of a little bit of noise the Lord made, you know the same Lord. They said the evil was up the same word. Just a little noise in the hearing of the great Syrian Army.


No cannons, no machine guns. No atomic bombs. Just blew your mind. Of course, today we still believe that this evil is the Lord


and that is the Lord open the windows that have an incumbent on anybody. politically, religiously, every way. This is why most people feel bad for leprous man started the machinery rolling. That's almost unbelief. And they started with a simple little question. Why sit we're here until we die. And they made up their mind they were through sitting. So they got up and headed for the enemy camp. And while they were weapons, walking toward the enemy camp, but now they live And hello, every one of the Syrian soldiers and frighten them to death. They spit it out with heartbeat. And they lead for their life. And when the leopards came to the outermost part of the camp, they went in one tent. And boy, did they fence. They want they had been in a great famine. Remember the Jetsons head, all of that. And not only do they eat, but they drank, and they carried out silver and gold, and Raymond by the bow for and they went and they dug it in, they hid it. They came again into the tents. And they entered into other dens, and they carry all the stuff out and they get it or they had lucky find, you know? Sure. But there was 130, he got a verse nine, then they said one to another. We do not well, this isn't quite up to this day is a day of good tidings. And we hold these, if we carry till the morning light, some Mischeif will come upon us now therefore, that we may go and tell the AICPA Why sit, we hear until we die, you start moving, get a knowledge of God's word, but if you don't tell it. Still in this you know, once you have a knowledge of God's word, you are responsible for sharing that word. If you do not share it, you will put yourself on the shelf. And God will not be able to manifest Himself through your life. Therefore, we said the day of good tidings, got a great find, instead of burying it in the sand, get her up and out and go past the king's household of runners. So they came verse 10, and called onto the perimeter of the city, you know, Mr. Porter. And he, they said to him, open the gates of the city. And they told them saying, we came to the camp of the Assyrians. And behold, there was an Amanda, neither balls of man that the horses are tied out there. And as is tied, and the tents are still intact as they were. And this partner of the city, he taught the rest of the porters we're going to have a porters meeting now, you know, union meeting, to figure out whether what we're going to do. The fellows that were in, in that city, watch in the gates, the gatekeepers, he took the headquarter column out of Ghana, he said, Boys, that have a meeting over here, like an assistant staff meeting, and he called the porters and they decided that they were going to tell it to the king's house within. So they told the king, first time, and the king arose in the night, and said unto his servants, I will not show you what the Syrians have done to us. They know that we're starving to death. there for you know what they've done. They're gone out of the camp, and hid themselves out there in the fields. And they said, when those Samaritans come out now, the city then will catch them alive, right, get in behind them, and we'll get inside. That's what's nice logic is and one of his servants answered and said let some take I pray the five of the horses that remain, which are left where I thought the king felt so bad because people read each other.


You'll have some horse meat left, who had not snuck away that oh boy was really sure. It says there were horses left in the city.


I prayed the five the horses that remained which I left the city behold, there is the model Israel they're left in. Behold, I say they're even normally and let us send out there and see for ourselves. The prophet had said to them the day before her tomorrow, about this time. Remember, the king believe it? No, it is servants believe it. No did the porters but no, that's why the ramming the soup they were in anyway. No believe both 14 They took their four to chariot horses. And the king sent after the house to the Syrian saying go and see. And they went after them even as far as undeliverable and low all the way. I told you a while ago was full of garments telegraph his pants, but he never had time for that. So pretty soon he dropped his shiny garments and vessels which the series had cast away at nylon. They threw their shoes out there everything else. What do you call it, when you ship is going down to your bail is throw this stuff out, lighten the load or like this ship. I tell you people this class, if you're going to travel far, yep. And fast you have to travel like, always think of this verse. But I'd say that if you want to travel far faster and far, you travel light, these boys traveled fast. And they traveled far and they traveled light. As the messengers are returned, finally had told the key. And after they told the king, but people rushed out, and they spell the 10. So the Syrians that means they took the grub they took the clothing, they took everything, so that a major of buying flour was sold for a shekel and two measures of barley for that, according to the Word of the Lord or David, when our man said, If God had put windows in heaven, it could not come to us. How big is our God? I realizing how wonderful is our God is not only able but willing to supply the buyer need according to his poverty and low know according to his lot, Rich. That's why here in the advanced class, you just stay put you just stay thanking God, you just stay believing. You got to manifest the greatness of God if you want, but God isn't dead. We don't have to sit around and say what if God put a window in Adam? Could I operate? already put it, put it in your heart within mile nine. And the king, verse 70. appointed the Lord, the noble and whose hand he leaned when he went into the service as he put him in charge to the gate. He said you watch the gate. And the people were so hungry and rushed out so rapidly that they ran right over him. They trod upon him in the gate. And he Well, that's what happened to him. As the Word of God had said, as the man of God had said, who speak when the king came down to him.