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SNT 0284 Galatians 4:

Galatians 4:

May 21, 1967

Exhorts the saints to walk in the greatness of the new birth, no longer under the law, no more servants, but sons.
SNT – 284

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Topic: draft, God, son, servant, born, Christ, Paul, church, sonship, life, spirit, walk, bondage, heir, Christ Jesus, Apostle Paul, birth
Format: audio
Publication Date: 05-21-1967

Victor Paul Wierwille was a Bible scholar and teacher for over four decades.

By means of Dr. Wierwille's dynamic teaching of the accuracy and integrity of God's Word, foundational class and advanced class graduates of Power for Abundant Living have learned that the one great requirement for every student of the Bible is to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Thus, his presentation of the Word of God was designed for students who desire the in-depth-accuracy of God’s Word.

In his many years of research, Dr. Wierwille studied with such men as Karl Barth, E. Stanley Jones, Glenn Clark, Bishop K.C. Pillai, and George M. Lamsa. His formal training included Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Mission House (Lakeland) College and Seminary. He studied at the University of Chicago and at Princeton Theological Seminary from which he received a Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. Later he completed his work for the Doctor of Theology degree.

Dr. Wierwille taught the first class on Power for Abundant Living in 1953.

Books by Dr. Wierwille include: Are the Dead Alive Now? published in 1971; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today published in 1972; five volumes of Studies in Abundant Living— The Bible Tells Me So (1971), The New, Dynamic Church (1971), The Word's Way (1971), God's Magnified Word (1977), Order My Steps in Thy Word (1985); Jesus Christ Is Not God (1975); Jesus Christ Our Passover (1980); and Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed (1982).

Dr. Wierwille researched God's Word, taught, wrote, and traveled worldwide, holding forth the accuracy of God's "wonderful, matchless" Word.

Gal 4:1

Gal 4:1; Rom 8:14-17; (Joh 3); 1Jo 3:2; Jos 1:2

Gal 4:2-12

Gal 4: 12-15

Gal 4:15-31; 5:1

Gal 5:1; Rom 5:19-21; 6:1; 1Co 1:30





SUMMARY KEYWORDS: God, son, servant, born, Christ, Paul, church, sonship, life, spirit, walk, bondage, heir, Christ Jesus, Apostle Paul, birth

I'd like for you to take your Bibles tonight and Turn to Galatians chapter four, if you please. And again, I'd like to say to our people who are here at the way biblical Research Center for the first time, this Sunday night, I'm thankful for our way grads or for our friends who invited you to come. And I'm delighted to have you here. And I'm sure that you must know from what some have said to you that this is a Bible Research Center. We are not a church, I hear people saying to some other people occasionally, when, when do you have your church out there? That just sort of raises my dandruff. Because, Lord, we got enough churches, we don't need any more churches, we just need a little more than knowledge of God's Word in all of our lives, in every denomination or Church throughout the United States. I'm not here to start another church or another denomination, God put me in the ministry, to do research in the accuracy of God's word and to teach this word of God to men and women who want to know it. And those of you who know me at all know that I've got very little time for people who want to argue about it. I don't have any time really, and I just don't spend any time. We're concerned here at the way biblical Research Center about working the Word of God. And we never ask our people what denomination they are, what their background is, what they have done, or what they haven't done. This is why people many times, there may be 1520 denominations represented here in this Bible Research Center tonight, maybe more. And we are a people of different backgrounds, who come together for one reason, and that is to study the Word of God and to get a more accurate knowledge of God's word that we can utilize and operate in our day by day living. If the word of God doesn't work, where we live, there wouldn't be any sense in having and but you cannot work the Word of God in our lives until we first know it. You know more can do the Word of God than you can do my word until you hear it. I must stipulate to you that we're going to go to Galle shins. Chapter Four. Had I said to you tonight, let's go to the Bible and study we'd ended up with maybe 75 or 80 Different places you people would have turned to because you would not have had the word, my word was my will. And you cannot know the will of God and to you know the Word of God. You can guess, a boy when it comes to our eternal verities and truths of life, we better get to the place that we're sure we're not guessing. The only way I know that is God's Word. Now there may be 1000 opinions regarding this. I'm not interested in opinions, I'm interested in what does the word say without my opinion, or yours or anybody else's. This is why we're a research center. And this is why this place is such a blessing to the hearts and lives of people who sincerely want to know God's Word. Now, let me again just give you the background of this great and wonderful book of Galatians. The Book of Romans was given with a great revelation of what the Church wants to be that they're that Christ was the end of the law and all these other wonderful truths. And that with the coming of the day of Pentecost, we moved into something much bigger. Now this was spoken and taught by the apostle Paul, wherever he went. And then there were people, just like people under the way ministry who believed the accuracy of God's word. But then there were other people who believe they're part of that word. But who said, we still have to live under the law, we have to carry out this we have to carry out that. And these people followed the ministry of the apostle Paul, and they took the people that the apostle Paul had led into the knowledge of God's word, they took them and threw them away. As many as they could. You know, it says in the Book of songs, as a book of songs, anytime you're gonna have to read it, but I know it's in the Old Testament. That man's heart is deceitfully wicked that says, is that in Psalm? Well, some time ago, I've studied the word at this place I get I see some of my people already looking, they'll have it here in a few seconds, where it's found. man's heart is deceitful. And you know, it's so much easier to go the wrong way than to go the right. Because you'd have 100 different feelings for the wrong weight. And maybe one for the right. It's like in the school system. We have a lot of teachers in here again, tonight. We do every Sunday night, we do in the hallway ministry, far as that's concerned, but in your school system. That's how easy it is for the kids to go with the crowd. What somebody suggests something, which is a little wrong, and boy, immediately they flock, yet one person can stand there and say something that's right. And they'll say, well, the old sitting and you know, he's a rectangle or something, or they call him, well, you know, a rectangle is, is just a little less than a square. It's got something left out of it. So I believe they must be rectangles. And this is my opinion. Now, this is exactly what happened in the early church. The apostle Paul gave that great revelation, Romans was teaching it. And the people were coming and taking the men and women whom the Apostle Paul had led to the Lord and taught the Word do. They took and tried to take off by themselves. And they tried to get them back under other things that were less than what the Apostle Paul had led them into. And so he wrote them a letter. And that letter that he wrote, To those people, was the letter of Corinthians. Corinthians deals with the practical error that crept into the early church because they failed to adhere to the teaching of the book of Romans. Then after they had practice, this era, while they set up certain doctrines, you know, you don't get a new doctrine on eating chocolate cake in the church on Sunday morning at 730, after your practice to the why, if you would practice this over a period of time, then pretty soon, maybe a year or two later, it gets to be a doctrine, and as a doctrine, then we write it into our rules and regulation. You first practice air, and then you find the arguments for the practice of it. The finding of the arguments for the practice of the air is doctrine. Now Paul, wrote the book of Galatians, to the people of God, because they had set up the doctrines. And they had made doctrines out of some of these things that we're going to be dealing with tonight. Now you understand it. Romans is the revelation, Corinthians was given to check to correct the practical error that had crept in the church because the failure of adhering to the book of Romans Galatians was written to correct the doctrinal layer that had crept into the church because of wrong practices, of the failures of adhering to the book of Romans, all in one breath. Now we're ready for Galatians chapter four. Now, I say that the air as long as he is a child, different, nothing from a certain, though he be Lord of all, you see the air, if I had only one son, and that son, that that only son of mine, would naturally legally be my only heir, and therefore he would be the Lord of all that I possess. The ruler, he would have it all, he would be the sole heir. But when my son is first born, let's say he's two or three years old, or four, or five, or six or seven. There would be in his walk, no difference between key being an heir and a servant. A servant in our household would not be an error, right? Not necessarily. I mean, I'm thinking biblically, the servant would have been hired by the well family to work in our household.


Now that serve but cannot claim any of the airship, because he's not the air, but in the walk in life. When this little child is small, there is no difference between the air and the servant. because the air gets these need met the servant get his get his needs met. And the difference is only that is the future, the air does not know it at the time. This is why that birth, that the air as long as he is a child understand different nothing from a servant, even though he has lordship over everything. He does not know what he has, because he's too young or too immature, to understand what really belongs to him. And ladies, gentlemen, that's exactly what encrypting the church and galley and in the early church, hear there were sons of God, born again of God's Spirit, Christian believers, but they did not know what they had nobody had taught them. And since they did not know what they had, they were no better off than the servants had been. And this is true today in many people's lives. They are heirs of God, they belong to God, they have everything that Christ has made available, but nobody has taught them this. And so they just go through life, never knowing what they really have, and therefore they never can utilize it. Do you remember Romans eight, flip back a couple of pages. Give more than a couple, you got to go back through Corinthians back to Romans, chapter eight.


Verse 14, for as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are what sons of God, their sons of God. For ghee, verse 15, have not received the spirit of bonding. The text reads, son, bondage spirit. Again to fear, but G have received the Spirit of adoption. The text reads, A sonship spirit not a spirit of adoption, a sonship spirit whereby we cry, Abba, Father, the Spirit itself verse 16, beareth witness with our spirit that we are the children of who God and if children then What airs as a god and we are what joint heirs with whom? Haha, not wonderful. We are heirs of God. Well, to be an heir, is to share in that which the Father has. And therefore, how much do you share folly. If I'm the only son in the family, then I share fully in what my father has. While in the family of God, every body is a particular member in that body. Therefore every person shares fully in that which God made available in Christ Jesus. Now back to Rome, that Galatians where we said that an heir as long as the child different, nothing from a servant. Again, let's clarify a tremendous truth in God's word. And that is, you cannot have a son until you have see. I know you can have a son by adoption, that I know. But that son that you have adopted is only yours in a governmental zone that a right word, legal sense, not in a birth sense. In other words, if you would take my son, and you would adopt him and give him your name, he's he would be your son, legally, as far as the courts are concerned, but he would not be your son by birth, or he would not have your blood in him, he would have my bloody now you can't have a son without having seat. And the new birth to be born again of God's Spirit. The new birth was not available in the Old Testament. Had they been able to be born of God seed in the Old Testament Christ would never have needed to come. They could not be BORN AGAIN of Christ God see, while Jesus was here upon her. He was here to make the new birth available. When Jesus talked to Nick edemas, in John Chapter Three Nikka Demas could not be born again because it was not available. Jesus was simply instructing him what to do and how to do it and what was coming sometime in the future. Jesus Christ came to make the new birth available. It didn't become available till the day of Pentecost when it was completely full or full. When everything was done, then on the day of Pentecost, they were born again of God's Spirit. And when we are born of God, when we're born of God, we have Christ in you the hope of glory. Remember, the Scripture says, Christ is a new His anointing is there you are his son. God is then our Father, we are his one children, because it is his see that is in us. That's what makes us sons of God. You know, in first in the epistle, a John, Beloved, now are we want the sons of God, to have a son, to be a son of God, you must be born again of God's Spirit. Now you can't have sonship until you have the birth, and the birth became available on the day of Pentacles. Boy, if people could just drive that truth in their mind. And in our lives, it makes a lot of difference. Because in the old testament, could Abraham be a son of God by birth? No, why not? was not one available, right? What about Isaac? What about Jacob? What about all those wonderful men and women of God you read about in Hebrews 11, from the Old Testament? Could those Old Testament believers be born again? No, it was not what available, therefore, at best, it says in the Old Testament, that God adopted them. He adopted them at best. But whenever it speaks, of these men in the Old Testament, it always refers to them as servants of God, this way, Abraham was a servant of God, the Bible says, Isaac was a servant of God. Remember, Moses, he had died. And then the book of Joshua duck, First Chapter, I think it is, Let's just flip to it for a moment. Joshua, chapter one, verse two, verse two, Moses, my one Sherborn, is dead. This is what God said to Josh, Moses, my servant is dead. He could not say that of you and of me, when we're born again of God's Spirit, He could have only said, Moses, my son is dead. This is all he could have set up us since the day of Pentecost. But in the Old Testament, and this is a remarkable truth, and it fits like a hand in a glove all the way through. They were servants of God in a perpendicular relationship, God, and they were servants, this way, up and down perpendicular. And they were servants to their fellow men, on an horizontal level. But since the day of Pentecost, when people were born again for the first time, their sons of God this way, sons of God, in a vertical relationship, and we are servants, to our fellow man on an horizontal play. They draw a pretty picture in my great artistic handwriting. Or some, my goodness, somebody put a green piece of chalk filter that delight. Look at the time are one we are, here's God's Son, Jesus Christ, and we were born again of God's Spirit. We are sons of God, sons of God in a perpendicular relationship. But being born at God's Spirit, being a son of God, on an horizontal level, I am still a servant. To my watt, fellow man. That's right. But in the Old Testament, they weren't servants of God in a perpendicular relationship, and they weren't servants to their fellow man on a horizontal plane. That's the way it's used all through the Old Testament. And this is how it used. The the drawing on the board is how it used from the day of Pentecost on and all you need to do this what he's talking about here in Galatians. He's talking about a child and a servant. Now this servant, this servant over here and this one here, this child and has no difference with the Serb as long because he he does not know what he has he's not mature enough. And so many times we've been children sure we're born again our God Spirit we've been saved or converted whatever you want to call it, care what you call it I want to see debate. We're just not working in the light of the greatness of God's Word. Sure. All right. Now verse two, but is under tutors and governors until the time appointed a lot. Even so we verse three, when we weren't children we were in bondage under the elements of the world. Elements of the world is outward ordinances. Outward ordinances. You see, when we were children, we were in bondage to the outward ordinances, because we have not yet learned our freedom in Christ Jesus, to walk with the greatness of the Paragon. Verse four says, But and every time the word but is used, it always sets that which goes before in contrast with that which follows in the Word of God. When the word and is used, it sets it in correspondence with those two little words, make sometimes all the difference between truth and error in the understanding of God's Word. And in the Greek text, both the word button the word and or the same word. So you have to sometimes work more than just one verse to find out whether it ought to be bought, or whether it ought to be and, and is a conjunction tying that which goes before in correspondence with that which follows, but is the conjunction tying that which goes before in contrast with that, which follows always true.


Now, we were children, but verse four, but when the fullness of time was gone, God sent forth his Son made of a woman made under the law to redeem them that were under the law that we might receive. And now the text reads sonship, not adoption sonship that we might receive sonship and verse six collaborates this and because ye are want sons, God has sent forth the spirit of his son, into your heart. Within the innermost part of your being, God has sent forth His Spirit, crying, Abba, Father. Wherefore verse seven, you are still a servant? No, no, you are want no more a lot. Why? Because you are a son. Alright, I didn't write the book. I didn't accomplish it for you. But it bless God, you can sometimes go to church a lifetime and never know it. And if you do not know what your sonship rights are, you could never utilize them, you can never claim it. Right? Reaching for some money in my pocket, I don't have any. This is a usual habit on Sunday night. Many times Sara comes over afterwards, she says Daddy, I've got a dime, like bison candy or pop. Always got a senator to Uncle Harry, or one of you people that are here on Sunday night, because I know you didn't put all your money into collections. But she's always got some there. I didn't put all mine in either at night, I just leave it at home. But it's nice having all friends here. So I sometimes wonder about, but I was going to show you something if I had to have some money in my pocket. But I think you'll understand. Look, if I have $1 bill in my pocket? And I do not know I have it. Can I spend? No. On the other hand, you can have $1 bill in your pocket. And you can spend one cent of it right? Or you can spend two cents or you can spend 100 cents. If you've only got $1 Can you spend 101 No only in the government of the United States that'd be done but and all these other things but not not technically a biblically. So that field I don't know too much about but the the accuracy of the word that I understand here. You see, knowing your sonship right. You can spend less than what you've got. But you can't go beyond but people never found anybody that's gone beyond everybody that I ever met. Minister among and talk to we that we always want to live below par, we want to be sure to do less than what the Word says. Why doesn't someone in his life for one say, well, by the grace of God, let's go bigger than the word that would be surprised. First we can't go bigger in the word, but we're always going less. Why? Because we're afraid to say what the Word of God says. We want to follow the crowd and be as immature as they are or something. We want to go along with the the stream because the feather in the stream moves down easily. And so we want to be sure to have an easy life and so people go along with it. Not all we still are what the Word of God says we are. And the sooner we find out what we have in Christ Jesus, the sooner we can start living some of these things and bring them into manifestation. Were no more servants. Well, if I'm no more a servant than I'm no more one. That's right. Right. But we're sons. Why? Because we're born again. I've gotten spirit. I'm Victor Paul, where will because my my mother and I my father. Right? You are who you are because of your mother and father. Well, spiritually, class, when we're born again of God's Spirit, whose are we? God, were his sons, his daughters BORN AGAIN of God's Spirit, we belong to him spiritually. Then you want to say what the Word of God says that you're his son, a curious daughter, that you belong to Him, then you're no more a servant. And boy, this becomes awfully important. You know why? Because you can fire a servant, but you sure can't fire your son. Try. You can fire your servant, you can, you can, you can dismiss him from your household. But you can never dismiss your son from your household.


You may take the inheritance away from him, so you're not gonna get $1 or $2, only $1. But you can't take the seat out of you. Boys that something. Just imagine, we're no longer servants where we're son. And it says, if the sun then we're an air of that, God through home. Everything that God made available in Christ belongs to those of us who belong to Him. That's what the word says. That's what it means is that wonderful. Verse eight, hobbies beat them. When you knew not God, you did service that onto him, which by nature are no gods. But now, after that you've known God, or rather are known of God. How do you turn again to the week and beggarly, outward ordinances, elements, outward ordinances, were on to you desire again to be in bondage. He had led them into the greatness of God's word, but they'd been drawn away. And they had set up their own little groups of circumcision and all the rest of the stuff. And they were right back in the bonding that they'd been before Jesus Christ came. And before Paul had preached the greatness of the revelation to observe that, and so why is that after you've known that, or rather, are known to God, why do you go back to those lesser things? While it seems like you got 100, people call on you to go back to those beggarly things, but you've only got maybe one who says, stained. And so not knowing what they have in Christ, or even when they know what they have in Christ. They sell out to the the pack that wants to go the other way. And that's exactly what had happened over here. They turned again to the weak, and the Beverly outward ordinances. And the Guardian bond dates all over again. And they got to the place that they observed days verse Tam, you know, we got to be sure to keep Christmas, the highest on the calendar. And month's special month to get married in June, you got the best blessing as poor fellows that made it in July or out. Double the rest of you just never made the real blessing. And time that year. Paul says, I'm afraid of you. Let us die have bestowed upon you labor in vain. That's right. What's the use of a man of God teaching the greatness of God's word to God's people? And then Sunday coming along and dragging a little group here somebody else dragging it there it just like you're wasting your blessing time on robbing. But it's 12 IBC to be as I am prime as you are, you're not intermittent. That's an awful translation. Let me give you the literal translation accurately a verse 12. If you've got your pencils and papers and verse 12, brethren, I beseech you, put yourself in my place I always put myself in your place. To understand you won't you put yourself in my place to understand my position? He have not offended me at all. The word injured in the last part of verse 12, is the word offended. I met a wonderful translation that's literally accurate. That's just taken her line by line word by word. Brethren, put yourself in my place. I have put myself in your place to understand you. Won't you put yourself in my place to understand my position. You have not offended me at all. Verse 13. For you know, that through infirmity of the flesh, it doesn't say he was sick. It just said infirmity of the flesh. Now, if a person is not well cultured, let's say to speak the English language.


And he would use imperfect grammar. If he appeared before a certain group of people, those intellectuals would speak of that as an infirmity in the flesh of that man. And had nothing to do with second, whatever this infirmity was that the apostle Paul, the word doesn't say it if it doesn't say, I don't know it, neither do you. You want to get your privilege already wrong before you start? You're going to get I preach the gospel unto you as the first. He was the first one to preach the gospel to them. He was the one who would lead them to the Lord. Then after that somebody came along, to try to get them out in left field again, put them under the law under the bondage they'd been on earth before the Apostle Paul came, and they said, Yes, you're born again a God's Spirit, but you got to go through all this. So he drugged him away. Verse 14, and my temptation, non non non no the text reads, and your proof, your proof which was in my flesh, the same permitting, you despise, not nor rejected, but you receive me as a lot. Angel, not the word angel is the word, Minister messenger. It's the word Angelo's. And the word Angelo's may be translated Angel, messenger minister. So when you read the word angel, Paul was an angel. Ah, he was one. No, I should say not. More so than you men are maybe your wives are angels. I don't know about that. Your girlfriend but Mr. Powell was a minister, and they received Him as a Minister of Home. God, God's minister, one speaking for God. Even as Christ Jesus days took him, he spoke God's word, just like his Christ. Jesus himself was there man, what a tremendous revelation. That Apostle Paul really spoke God's word, he stood for the Word of God. Where is then the blessedness you speak up? Or I bet you record that if it had been possible, you would have plucked out your eyes and have given them debate. Now there is why they say Paul had poor eyesight. Great, isn't it because they they he says that you people have plucked out your eyes and given them to me therefore they can through the ad poor eyesight. Oh, bless God, you got poor eyesight, my plucking my eyes out it's not going to give you any eyesight. Right? It's a figure of speech, who had taught them the word of God. Amen Paul had led them in the greatness of God's Word. And because he had led them at the time he was there, boy, they thrilled that for there's like many times people in my classes when they sit here and they hear me work this word and bring it down to my new doctorate. See, it makes sense. And for the first time in their life, they get their questions really answered. And boy, they'd give almost anything in that class. But what about six months later? What about a year later? What about two years later, what about three years later, back to the old beggarly elements, bondage? Somebody said the other day, they can't understand our people can go back to this after I've taught them the greatness of God's Word. Apparently it is difficult. Because Satan's always pulling. He does not want God's people to ever really know God's Word in believing. He wants you to say with your mouth, yes, I'm a son of God. But that does warm you up inside, you're still cold as a cucumber on the inside. It hasn't done anything. Boy, once you say you're a son of God, you get warmed up about I'm a son of God, but great son of God do. Can I get a few prayers answered? Maybe? You think maybe I can do a little bit if I'm a son of God, oh my goodness, if I was the son of the President of the United States.


Bless God, I'm not but that's for the benefit of what Republicans? Is he a Democrat or Republican? That's for the Republic.


We gotta wait for you Democrats, but I don't know what we're gonna get to that yet. But look, if I was his son, why? The people around new Knoxville here, if I came to visit, they'd all open arms and have a big party someplace, we'd have a big convention, and then even pay for my meal. They might even allow me to say Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I'm glad to be the son of the President of the United States to represent our great party over here. Hey, but it nobody gets Chuck. When it says their son to God. Boy, I tell you, there's something wrong with our gray matter above our ears. Or most it's not right. We are sons of home. Alright, is God at least as big as the President of the United States? And I am his one, son, then do I have to walk through the community or shrivel up. You have to go in the shop and factory and out on the farm and to your places of business and walk in your home. Like as if you don't amount to anything. You are God. What? Oh bless God is what the Word says. So for once your life throw your shoulders back and take a deep breath. He made you his son. You're his son by birth, spiritually. You have what God gave to you in Christ Jesus, ladies, gentlemen, so we can throw our shoulders back and we can walk through this week with our greatness of the Paragon Well, we get so excited when somebody comes to community he's Dr. so and so or professor so and so Right Reverend so and so are the scientists or so are the chemists. So and so everybody German word of God says you're a son of God. Not right. You see, we have never dared to believe maybe because we have not known first of all, and yet some of us have no but we've never dared to just come to that word and say just set the lower deck setting the neighbors say I'm not a son of God mega doors word says I am. The community says I'm not a thought center mega days. What's the word say? That's right. And we are what the Word of God says we are and we have what the Word of God says we have even when we don't feel like I tell you I'm Victor polar will when I call my hair and when I don't comb my hair. When I feel badly I'm still Victor Paul. Ron when I feel like the world I'm still Victor polo, right? And not to do with my feeling everything do it My birth. What about the second? Boy? That's what the Apostle Paul was trying to tell those people born again of God's spirit here a son of God, why do you want to go back to those? ordinances, those beggarly elements? Why do you want to go back into the enslavement of the surrounding society with which you were in golf before gone?


Set? Jeffrey Jones, oh, my goodness, one person. Oh, verse 60. Well, we got our eyes plucked out and 50. Remember, gave them to the Apostle Paul because he had such bad eyesight. That's why it says in one of the Gospels, guys epistles,


he wrote with such big letters. They figured that out he had poor eyesight had right big,


very 60s. Am I therefore become your enemy? Because I tell you the truth. That's what they said he was. They said of him. He doesn't love us anymore. He doesn't stand with us. He's pulling against us. He's his dog on us. You know. Paul said, Look, am I become your enemy, because it tell you the truth. They fell asleep or with zeal affect you, those people who are pulling your weight, they have great zeal, boy, they stick to you. And they draw your ways zealously, but not for goodness, not well, you know, not for your good. Yea, they exclude you that, that you might affect them. But it is good to be zealously affected only in good things. And Paul says not only when I'm present with you and watching over you, right. And the same thing is true in the way ministry. I just can't walk around with you people all we can hold your hands. I'd have to be too many places too far. And I just couldn't do it. I like to sometimes just spend week upon week upon week, but I can't, alright, Apostle Paul could neither. Therefore he taught them the word that he should have taken that word and applied it in our life and lived it. He said, You should be that way. Verse 19, my little children of whom I prevail in birth again until Christ is formed in you. They were born again a God Spirit. But Christ was not yet formed in their mind. They didn't have the mind of Christ put on. They weren't walking in the newness of mind with a renewed mind with the power of God, they were still back going back to the old beggarly elements, the doctrines the ordinances, verse 20, I desire to be present with you now and it changed my boys percent out of you. Well, in essence, this is what the text reads. I wish I could be with you now. And could change the tone of my voice? Because I'm deeply concerned about you. That's the text. When he wrote them, he wrote them rather sternly, why did he have to write them sternly? Because he felt like he'd wasted his time. Doc, he spent his labor in vain on them. And he was trying again to get them back to the Word of God. That's why the ministry of a prophet is always difficult to take an Apostle Paul had that in Israel's tremendously. Oh, and he's calling them back. He's, you know, like intervale, or whatever that word is. Trying to get them back to Christ is really formed in verse 21. Tell me says, You that desire to be under the law. Don't you hear the love or it is read that Abraham had two sons, one by a bond made the other by a free woman. But he who was of the bond woman was born after the flake, but he of the free woman was born by promise. Which things are a lot higher sure you have an allegory. The word says a lot of people all the time talking about allegories are nothing but just a bunch of confusion. Or these are the kootu covenants verse 24, the one from Mount Sinai, which gender to bondage, which is Hagar. For this Hagar is Mount Sinai in Arabian Antra to Jerusalem which now is and is in bondage for their children. But verse 26. Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all verse 2740, is written. Rejoice Now, bear in that barest not great Fourth and cried all that travail is not for the desolate has more children than she which has a husband that that's an awful translation again. It's real nice and confused. You want to explain your read 100 times and every time you read it to more confused run your through so do you know what you're doing? He just read it quickly and go on to the next one. Let me give you a literal translation of it again. And I don't know if you can write all this stuff like yes you can.


For it is written, make Mary. Happy, if you want the word married to be mtrr Why


not the other Mar one? All you barren that bears not rejoice and cry, Oh yoo hoo travail is not for the children of the Forsaken are more numerous than the children of the one who is favored. Oh, that's a tremendous, especially the last part, or the children of the Forsaken are more numerous than the children of the one who is favored. Verse 28, now we brethren, as Isaac was, Are the children are promised. But as then he that was born after, or according to the flesh, persecuted him who was born after or according to what the Spirit the promise, even so it is now nevertheless, WhatsApp the script, cast out the bondwoman the one that would put you into enslavement and tie you all up. For the son of the bondwoman shall not be heir with the son of the free woman. You cannot walk in the greatness of God revelation and freedom and be enslaved with all the yolks of Bondi that people want to put on you. You'll be miserable. So then verse 21, brethren, we are not children of the bondwoman word We're not children of the enslaved, the legalese, the old beggarly elements, outward ordinances. But we are children of the free. Therefore, chapter five verse one could go right along with this tremendous truth. Stand fast therefore, in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free, past tense and be entangled again. No, be not entangled. Again, with the yoke of bondage. The word liberty is the Greek word Povey seus. Which literally means boldly, with a fearless mind. Stand fast, therefore, boldly, without fear less mind, not wonderful. The word Liberty that's the word liberty. Standing fast, boldly with a fearless mind. Now a person could stand fast, boldly, and still have a fearful mind. But to be able to stand in this liberty is to stand boldly with a fearless mind. Stand fast, therefore, in the Liberty


trial with Christ Jesus has made us free. Stand fast and not liberty. Where with Christ has made us free.


Now to stand fast in the liberty does not mean that you can just do any old fool thing you want to be that doesn't give us a free ticket to do as we Darn, please try. No, no. It gives us a free ticket to do that which is pleasing unto him. That's the key. And we are to stand fast in the liberty bar not tremendous. Were with Christ at past tense made us want that and I pray say to them I want I want well don't know why. Because he has set me up free. And ladies and gentlemen until this realization came into my head I was just enslaved as everybody else Well, once the greatness of this dawned upon, then I just did not allow the outward elements, the the these outward ordinances, these things that everybody wants to put everybody under to bother me. I said nuts for the over again. And Sir that set me free. And that made it possible for me to walk with an effervescence and with a go with an enthusiasm boy that put some spark in your old soul ball. Try. For once in your life you feel like a man. For once in your life, you feel like a woman for once in your life, you feel like God really did something for you. Why? Because he says you're free in Christ. Well bless God. And he said, Don't get entangled again. The word entangled is to be held in. Must be seven. Wait. I don't know. But that's the word that tag. I'm glad your sense of humor is sort of mediocre tonight. Oh, we're going off there. Bless God. All of you wonderful people. Have a good week all week. I guess we just barely made it. I lost track of time you're permitted to go? Well, it's wonderful that they're not present enjoy the tail end of it. Because sometimes the best comes right at the end, you know. But anyways, this is what the word entangled means be no longer held in. And people the yoke of bondage is the law. And what did the law ever do but hold people in it tied them up in knots? It always made them feel like heels. But Jesus Christ came and he set men and women free. And that was the first time that men and women were ever able to really take a breath and know what they had in Christ and know that they were set free. Well let me just take you to Romans chapter five, please. i These hours go by it's nice to hear myself talk. I think it's because of the abundance of first night three, or as by one man's disobedience, talking, many were made one sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made one righteous. So therefore that one, the second one is Christ Jesus. Then when we are born again of God's Spirit, are we any longer the disobedient? Or are we the obedient ones who are made righteous? We are the ones who are made right? Well, how righteous or righteous is God? Well, how righteous are you spiritually when you're born again of God's Spirit, as righteous as God? Look at the next verse 20. Moreover, the law entered, that the offense might have bound the law, the law entered that the offense that you might recognize the offense. You see, without Allah, you never know if you've broken. You can't break a law until it's there, can you? Okay? The law was given so that they could see the greatness of their offending against God.


But where sin abounded, grace did. A boundless did want much more about than his grace bigger than the law? Is Grace bigger than sin? Bless God, it is sure it is. That as sin has rained on to death, even so my grace reign through righteousness unto eternal life by Jesus Christ are what? That's right. And here was this Apostle Paul teaching this liberty and teaching the grace of God to them. And they came back with the same arguments I've heard 1000 times in my life and ministry. I don't know why they never read the book. Paul had the same problem, I guess. Because they said to him, Well, if it's great that if I have never dying, just send my full life away. And I say, Well, you want to be a fool glad. Well, I tell them. I say if you want to grab it, go. They said the same thing to Paul. Look at the next step.


What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin that grains may love? What they said to it? You just taught him the grace of God, God forbid. How shall we that are there if God forbid? Why? Because if God so loved us that He gave His only begotten Son, the least you and I can do is walk for him with the glory and the power that's within us. a try. Look at first Corinthians chapter one, bless your heart. First Corinthians Chapter One. Verse 30, but have him have him, have him? If you're of someone, you've got seed in you have him? Are ye and hope, Christ Jesus, who God is made unto us. Wisdom, righteousness, sanctity, Keishon, and what? Rhythm he has made this unto us. And this is why we are up him. We are up God in Christ Jesus, then he is made to us wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, redemption. And if he has made this unto us, do we have You Bet Your Life? We have everything that God wrought in Christ, Jesus Christ is in us. Therefore, we have what God made available. Then why do we want to go back ladies and gentlemen and settle for something? God says, Why do we want to go back into that old and sleep? That all rigmarole of going through nothing? And being satisfied with baloney when God offers you? I don't know steak? Why do we want to go back to feeding on that which just makes us skeleton? When God feeds us the greatness of His Word to give us an abundance of power of God, it just doesn't make sense that didn't make sense to the Apostle Paul doesn't make sense to my youth. I don't know why man. If he can earn two and a half bucks an hour says to the boss, I don't like it. I want to go back on 50 cents. Why you men do this so consistently? I don't know. I suppose Mr. Rector, all your employees come to you like this don't. Boy. But when it comes to the Word of God, what do we do? God gave us this abundance. And we say, oh, Lord, it can't be that good. So we want to go back and settle for something like this, see the trick of the old devil in this thing. In everything else in life, we're reaching out, wanting to have the best that's available, or what he were with, we were set free. The grace of God man's always looking for something less. You know why he's looking for something less for somebody with something less is always around trying to get you to look. Because boy, if they can tie you up under their law, under their system, then they got to they got you. Because once you're under that, you're no longer free to get out. And therefore you have to sing within their cage. You know, the bird? Think you got a bird in a cage? Well, where can you sing in the cage. And if you happen to be in the right room, or where that place is, you can enjoy the singing, but the bird is still in the cage. Never free. Well, once God got us out of the cage, why do we want to get back in the cage for this is why ladies and gentlemen, you take the book of Galatians. And we've only handled just a little bit of it tonight. But all of it's just like it just shows you the greatness of the love of God in Christ Jesus that's in the believer, and that the believers should never sell out for anything less. He ought to stand in that liberty. He ought to walk with a greatness are the power of God and manifestation and just allow nobody


I saw it on TV. Yes, just nobody sells carpet any less than No, I'm not interested in making money. I just love the gutter. The law. Got it.


Well, you could just have a wonderful week this week. If you're walking on the greatness of this, and only you can walk on it, nobody else can walk in your shoes you got to walk in your own. And you can't complain to the management on the other side because you're free to walk whichever way you'd like to walk, and you're free to walk in the greatness of this revelation with the power of God. You just you and I just have to make up our mind whether we're going to walk this weight, or whether we want to be enslaved and want to be all messed up fear, frustration and everything.