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SNT 0261 Feed My Sheep

Feed My Sheep   May 1, 1966

Expository teaching on the significance of sheep and lambs in John 21.
SNT – 261

Topic: draft, Peter, lambs, nets, Jesus, God, disciple, apostles, sheep, Simon, fishing, male, feed
Format: audio
Publication Date: 05-01-1966

Victor Paul Wierwille was a Bible scholar and teacher for over four decades.

By means of Dr. Wierwille's dynamic teaching of the accuracy and integrity of God's Word, foundational class and advanced class graduates of Power for Abundant Living have learned that the one great requirement for every student of the Bible is to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Thus, his presentation of the Word of God was designed for students who desire the in-depth-accuracy of God’s Word.

In his many years of research, Dr. Wierwille studied with such men as Karl Barth, E. Stanley Jones, Glenn Clark, Bishop K.C. Pillai, and George M. Lamsa. His formal training included Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Mission House (Lakeland) College and Seminary. He studied at the University of Chicago and at Princeton Theological Seminary from which he received a Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. Later he completed his work for the Doctor of Theology degree.

Dr. Wierwille taught the first class on Power for Abundant Living in 1953.

Books by Dr. Wierwille include: Are the Dead Alive Now? published in 1971; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today published in 1972; five volumes of Studies in Abundant Living— The Bible Tells Me So (1971), The New, Dynamic Church (1971), The Word's Way (1971), God's Magnified Word (1977), Order My Steps in Thy Word (1985); Jesus Christ Is Not God (1975); Jesus Christ Our Passover (1980); and Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed (1982).

Dr. Wierwille researched God's Word, taught, wrote, and traveled worldwide, holding forth the accuracy of God's "wonderful, matchless" Word.

Joh 21:1-5; Luk 5:4-6

Joh 21:6,7, 14-17

Joh 21:15-19; Heb 2:14

Joh 21:19-25




SUMMARY KEYWORDS: Peter, lambs, nets, Jesus, God, disciple, apostles, sheep, Simon, fishing, male, feed

Take your Bibles and trying to the Gospel of John Chapter 21. Tonight we read this scripture among some of us here this morning at the headquarters talks a little bit about it. But I believe it will bless your heart tonight again as we open the word because even though you may know something, if you review it and build it within your life, it just becomes more enriching each and every time you go over it. There is a tremendous opportunity in the Gospel of John, as I want to challenge some of our young people and some of our adults who are here in the auditorium tonight who have tremendous research ability. I have never been convinced of the authorship of the Gospel of John or the book of Revelation that they argue about all the time. Because the scholars say that the person who was the writer of the book of John could not have written the book of Revelation because of the usage of the words. But knowing revelation in the operations of manifestations as we do, I do not doubt but that the same individual could have written them. But I'm deeply concerned about discovering in this gospel, who this beloved disciple of John was, I believe, the beloved disciple of Jesus was most people believe it was gone. I would like for someone to document this for me without guesswork. Without telling me I have to believe it, because you said, we read this tonight as Reverend crone read that scripture tonight, talking about this wonderful disciple. The name is not given. And if the name is not given, the inferences that we have made from that name, referring to John, the beloved disciple seemed to me to be rather far fetched, you would be much more in line with the Word of God and much more apropos if we went back to the scriptures, where it specifically says, of Lazarus, that Jesus really loved him. Now, this does not mean that Jesus didn't love the rest of the people. But It simply gives you a starting point. And for you, young people, and adults who like to work the Word of God, why don't you work it some time to discover, see if it's possible to get it documented, again, as to who this disciple really was. You see, we learned a number of weeks ago, before the Easter season as we really work the Word of God. In our teaching here one night, I opened it to you, that there were many more people at the Last Supper than just the 12 apostles, because it refers to the apostles and other disciples. Now we know that every apostle is a disciple, but not every disciple is a necessity, a lot, an apostle, but when the Bible refers to the apostles whom he has chosen, or whom he chose, it is always specific. Then when he first refers to disciples, he could mean something else than the apostles, right? And so you will have a great opportunity to work this, from this section, if you care to. Hear in the 21st chapter of this wonderful record in the Gospel of John, we have the record that after these things, Jesus showed Himself again to the apostles, no, it says, disciples, therefore, these disciples, apparently included more than just apostles, and I'll show you why by sheer logic, because in verse two, Simon Peter, Thomas, Nathaniel, they were watt. In verse two, what what are they? They were apostles, and two other of his what? Disciples, so that the word disciples there must mean others besides those three apostles see how they put this so sharply in that word? In verse three is an interesting statement. Because Simon Peter set must have been spring of the year, Simon Peter said, I go up fishing, what must be the spring? Unless it is ice fishing?


But Simon Peter said unto them, I go fishing. You know why? Peter went back. It's almost Surprising, isn't it? That if you remember the record of how Peter went to the Central Coast and saw It occurred, how Christ appeared to them, that Peter, and those would want to go back to the old industry of the old business in which they had been engaged for so many years. And yet, psychologically and logically from the word, you can sort of understand, are they understood or not? They did not yet know that Jesus was to rise again, somewhat. And that word, no, it's in here someplace, I forget which, where it is exactly. But he did not yet know, they did not know that word, K and O W, means to know to the extent of absolute, believing they knew it, all right, with their top of their senses, mind four, they had one, B, but they still did not really know. And because they did not really know, therefore, Peter, and those men going back in the galley, went back to their old industry. And he said, Well, let's go back fish. We don't know what's going on. Really, we might as well go back and go start in the old industry and business we've been in before. It's sort of intrigues me that this statement is here, because back in Luke, the fifth chapter, some last time before there's quite some time before it. There was a record regarding fishing that should have really intrigued Peter, when he made this statement that he was going back fishing, you should have thought about something that had happened some time before. In Luke Chapter Five is directory. Verse four, talking about now when he Jesus had stopped speaking, had left off speaking, he said unto Simon, Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for a lot. And Simon answering said unto him, Master, we have toiled all night, and have taken nothing. Nevertheless, at thy word, I will let down a lot. The thing that surprised us here in our research working loop is that the Lord told him in verse four, let down your watch nets and ETs portal, let everything out you've got put all the nets out. But Peter said unto him, But Master, we know the fishing industry, no sense in putting all the nets out. We know the depth of the lake. We know what's being caught at this season of the year, and where the fish are lives that we're after we know. And Master, we've told all night, we didn't catch a thing. So I put all the nets out, understand the logic. We've taken nothing. Nevertheless, Peter said, as I word, I will let all the nets out. No, I will do what, let down one net. Not something. The Lord said, Let them all out. But Peter, because of his experience, said, Lord, we've been at this thing a long time. I believe your word, Lord, but sounds just like, I teach in the process of great abundance of God. And I tell our people, if this is what they will do, God will stand back of his word. And if they walked on this, they'll manifest the abundant life. But if they refuse to walk on it, if they walk only this far, they'll only manifest an inch and a quarter. Right? And therefore the Lord said, let down your nets. But Peter said, No, we'll only let down the singer. Look how he defeated himself. And the greatness of this story is not at all in Luke here, where the people were talking about their net breaking, I forget what verse that said, six, enclosed a great multitude of fish, and their net, singular broke, and all the commentaries and the sermon books talk about the multitude of fish they caught.


And strain me on this scripture, you know, why, if they call it a moment to to face things a lot, they would have caught, had they litter, let out all the nets. And that Scripture is given here to indicate, even though they caught a whole mess of fish, a whole multitude, it's to be little that believing a Peter, because God had told him to do what? Let all the nets out. Just let go and let God work according to his Word, put the nets out. But Peter said, No, Lord, just one. And they've got a whole bunch of faith. Let's suppose they let their nets out. How many more would they have got same way with us people. When we just let out the nets that God has given us, when we just walked abundantly on that word when we believe the Infinite greatness of that word and start Balki let out our net. The abundance that we're going to be manifesting is just tremendous. That to the 21st chapter, John, Simon Peter said unto him, I go up, they should. And that night they caught Barrows bull. They caught what? Nothing. They caught nothing, just like an experience before, caught nothing. When the morning was gone, Jesus stood on the shore. And he said to them, Have you got any meat? They answered him, No, we fished all night and haven't caught at the end, he said to them, Cast your net on the right side of the ship, and he show up. Fine. And that's a tremendous thing. They cast their fur on the left side of the chip. And they were not able to draw in the mall attitude a lot. No, they did. The word of the Lord was cast, the net were not net, the singular, cast it on the right side of the ship. And the Word of God is always want plants, the word of God. And they deliberately had to carry it out when God said, tested through Jesus cast it on the right side of the ship, where did they have to throw it together, they put a cast in the left side of the ship that could have drained the whole ocean on that side of the Sea of Galilee. And they wouldn't have even thought, measly, little old bass, as short as ours out here in the lake, two and a half inches or something. But the Lord said, Cast On the right, cat. They're a little bigger Dixon faces of the boat personality. But he said, Cast the net to the right. And they were not able to draw it in. Therefore that disciple whom Jesus loved, the who, the disciple, it is not talking about an apostle, it is talking about what biblically a disciple, he said, It is the Lord. Well, now you know the rest of the story. All they do in all these faces had some already flying on the coals for him when the Godhead


and he says in verse 14, this is now the third time, the third time that Jesus showed Himself to the apostles,


there's a lot, that's tremendous. They call it, you can sure get your time element wrong. If you believe that this is the third time that he showed himself to his apostles. This is a third time that he made himself manifest to the disciples now who were all involved in that it does not say, but they were disciples, the apostles could have been there. But there were others there besides that, after that he was risen from the dead. Now 350 is where I really want to go tonight, to set before you what I believe is one of the great teachings in the Word of God regarding our life and our ministry, and what God expects us to do, when we believe in him, so when they are dying, Jesus said to Simon, Peter, diamond, Son of God, why didn't you talk to him about spiritual things first? Well, bless your heart, you're not in a very good spiritual condition, if you're hungry, starve to death, and you're got headaches and everything else. The first thing that I see in this scripture is that the good Lord phenom good physically. And after he had them fed physically, that he sat them down and talk to them about spiritual things. And this is one of the things that I appreciate so much among our people and in the classes, when, like the grads that resist Springfield Plaza night after night after night, praying for the class members. They deliberately stay their mind on one of the class members pray in the Spirit, or they pray with their understanding. And just night after night after night, you could see dropping off from those people, physical things that work with which they have been encumbered. And as these physical things were dropping off, the word was really beginning to live. And it's tremendous. Were a testimony in that class, out of out of a family that Donna was responsible and her husband were responsible for getting in the class about our officers Remember, all gone? And she had him by the barrel. That's how you have I don't know I have. But anyways, just a few days or a week before the class started, how long before the class? He had to go in and get this strong shot? One week before the class had to go in and get shots. because she couldn't stand the pain. But you see, maybe I was a bigger pain toward than what the paint shed that the bigger one got rid of the lesser one, I don't know. But anyways, he got rid of our officers, the medical profession even recognizes it. It's a tremendous thing. Had a telephone call this morning talking about taking God taking care of people physically had a telephone call this morning of someone whose foot was severely injured. And the bones in the foot indicated that three of them had been broken by X ray. When they no foot was so solid, they were not going to, you know, put the cast on or whatever you call it was too solid. So this one of our weight grads just believed God and praise God and a few of the other way grads got in they stood with him. And so that following day when she went in to have the cast put on, they took an x ray and the bones were completely grown together. This has happened just this past week. And the doctor said it can't be but the X ray show it. And he had to admit it was true. You see, our God is in business in every week, we have just sort of left out a net. That's all when God has told us to get our nets out. Our believing has been like this. When God said the sky is the limit. Be it unto you according to your watts, believing data that all mountain go jump in the lake. And you do not doubt in your heart but you believe that those things which you say shall come to pass, the Scripture says in Mark 11 You shall have whatsoever you say you've got to stay with people who are gelling. You've got to stay with people who are starting to move unbelieving and who are concerned about casting their nets out. And as we move with people like this, we learn from them we learn to grow we learn to move.


Well, they had dine seven course dinner I suppose. Verse 15. These the set assignment theater, Simon, son of Jonas love astound me more than what these these fish are these things material they call it. Remember Jesus had said to Peter as well as some of the other apostles, when he had originally called them follow me and I'll make you fishers of what man but they had forgotten they were fishers of men because Peter had gone back to the old industry of fishing. And so when Jesus meets them there, he says, Hey Simon, do really loved me. You talked about it once? Do you really love me more than you love the material things that fishing industry? If so, why'd you go back to it? And Simon Peter said, Gaylord bow knows that I love the he said unto him feed my lamb. Now in verse by will read it Simone. In verse 16. He said to him a second time, Simon, son of Jonas lovers Tommy. And he said unto him, gay Lord Tao notice that I what? He said unto him, Feed my sheep. Verse 70, he said unto him, the third time, Simon, son of Jonah's lovers, Tommy, and Peter was greedy. He was hurt, he was sorry. Because he said unto him, the third time, love us, Tommy. And he said on Him, Lord down almost all things all know us that I love the Jesus says unto him, Feed my seat. Now the Scripture just reading it casually, incense knowledge wise, doesn't make any sense at all. Why should Jesus say, Feed my sheep, Feed my sheep, Feed my lambs, Feed my sheep, Feed my sheep. was Peter Hart hearing. No, but there is much more involved here than you read on the surface in the King James. In the Bible. In the Bible, the sheep represented something very unique and very wonderful. When a lamb was born, or when the lambs were born in the spring of the year, the male lambs were always separated out from the female lambs. Because out of those male lamb would have to be chosen at a later time. That lamb for the Passover and this lamb For the Passover had to be a perfect lamb, without any blemish or without any spots, injuries. And so in order to get this male lamb to be as perfect as possible, when these lambs were born in the spring of the year, they would separate the male lambs out from the female lambs as quickly as possible, and put them in a separate pasture, or in a separate area that was designed and laid off by the shepherd just for the male lambs. This section would always be the best blue grass, or alfalfa, the best food where the best food was available, this is where they would put the BLM, they would pick up all the stone that were in that area. The if any of you people have ever seen Syria, or the this area, north of the Sea of Galilee, or other sections in the Holy Land, you'll notice it's very stony, but they pick up all the stone, they take out all the bushes in the Briar. And then they separate himself, the headmaster, the head, Shepherd himself, would either take the responsibility for those male lambs and watching over them, or if he had an old enough son, he would become responsible. Or if you had a daughter, who was sufficiently reliable, she could handle the sheep. But the male lambs of the first year, were never left to an hireling. Bishop, not remarkable because the male lambs were to be taken care of by the family,


the father himself or his son, or his daughter, never outside of the family, because, and hireling might not have as much interest in the sheep as the master himself. And therefore, at the time of the Passover, the the lamb would not be as perfect as it should be. And this would be a dis granted to the family. And so the father watched over the male lambs, tenderly and lovingly and carefully, though, that at the time of the Passover, they could take out of those lands of the first year, that particular male lamb, which was the best of it, all of them all, who present to the Lord, as the Passover lamb. The female lambs were kept in another area by themselves. Because these female lambs would be growing up to be the lambs that would bring forth the future lambs, the future cheap, and so they take very good care of them. Whenever a lamb reaches adulthood, it's called a sheep. Now, Jesus talked to Peter that day in a language Peter understood and knew. Because Peter had just going back, gone back to that fishing industry, in which Jesus had called him a number of years before and said, Follow me and I'll make you fishers of men. Peter had seen the Lord Jesus in resurrection, and yet he had forsaken him and gone back to fishing. When they get together, Jesus, after they had eaten, said, Simon, lava stormy, more than these material things. And he said, Gaylord Tao notice that I love thee. And he said unto him, Feed my male lamb. Feed My male lambs, is the first you say in verse 50, male lamb, verse 16, the second time, Simon, son of Jonah's lovers, Tommy says, The Lord, thou knows that I love thee. He said, Feed my female lamb. In other words, he was saying to Peter, come back out of the fishing industry, get back on the way to God and feed my male lamb, feed my female lamb. He is talking to him in a spiritual sense of feeding his children, both male and female, and people where you're going to start to teach the Word of God any better than to the children. The whole word instructs us to do this. In the Old Testament, it talks about training up a child in the way it's to go and when it's 30 years old, it's not going to stray off. Children are where the ministry has to start up the accuracy of God's word. Just like tonight while I'm teaching up here, some of our wonderful teachers again are Teaching all the children here at the headquarters in our all purpose room. Because unless we teach our children there is no way whereby the greatness of God's word can live. And so Jesus said, The Peter, beat the male lamb, beat the female, feed the children, the boys, the girls feed them. Finally, Jesus said to him, the third time, this is why it's used three times in the Word of God. family loved me. And Peter was grieved. He was hurt, is the text. Because he said to me, the third time he loved me, then Jesus said unto him, Feed my sheep. In other words, not only the children, the boys and the girls, but feed all of God's sheep, the adults. That's why you and I, as adults have to be fed. We still have to eat too. And if you're out in the corn stop eating there, if you're out where there's nothing but dried up, sod us. You can't try to well, you've got to keep the sheep on good clover and go to alfalfa, good something else, if you're really going to get the sheep. That's why we need the word. For it's the word of God, which is our food, right? It is the word of God, which is our life. It's this word of God, which feeds us. And as we eat the greatness of God's word, as Kathryn or Jim or someone said tonight, rightly divided, when that word lives abundantly again, then things really begin to gel. This is why he said these things to him on three different occasions. Then comes that tremendously difficult verse for most people in verse 18, which I believe is very simple. And verse 19, is also very simple. If you have the right translation and accurately use that early I say unto the verse at when Tao was Yong Yong, below 30. Below 30. Now Curtis thyself and walkers, whether they'll walk, but when thou shalt be old, over 30. At some, they considered everybody young until he was 130. And they consider them old when they were over 30 Not old in the sense of your of your thinking at all, but old enough to have some sense. This is why nobody was allowed to teach until he was 30 years old. That's why Jesus started his ministry when He was 30. Nobody was allowed to be a member of the Senate reading, if I remember correctly, the ruling body of Judaism at the time. Nobody was allowed to be a member of the Senate. And unless he was 30 years of age, you remember this authentically, Doc? I think I'm right. It see what they teach in the commentary is the kind of stuff that was that Peter said, Jesus said to him, when he was young doctor decides up a walker splitter, but when you get chubby get to be an old man, gray haired two and a half feet already in the ground. Then you're going to stretch forth your hand and somebody else is going to greet you, or what good are you and I to the Lord when we already got two feet in the ground. We're good for the Lord tonight when we got both feet out of the grass. Both feet working for him and people is greater than most people believe. I'm no good to the Lord when I'm dead near you. Or when we have life. When this word of God dwells within us, and we weren't only before the Lord day by day, then we're Wonderful. Now Peter had not walked out away because Peter had gone back rare, fishy. Understand. When the Lord had said the months before, let down your neck. Peter said No Lord, I'll just let our work on it. Now he says, I'm going to tell you something. You were young, girded yourself. You did your full playing, you went fishing whenever you wanted to, but when thou shalt be old, over 30 Then you're going to stretch forward your hand and another shelf Guernsey and carry the word carry is the word lead. Lead. Whether you would not have gone on your own. Understand that what it's not a gone on your own, but this other person leave And people were in the Bible. Do you find for the first time that Peter allows himself to be led that he caused? That's right, in X. omniscience Crone, I won't belabor the point. But I'll venture to say someday when we meet face to face up there, that Peter was right at this age that we're reading about tonight, oh, sure texts will not be active. When he had reached 30. When he was old, he said, then something was going to lead you. And he was never allowed himself really to be led until the day of Pentecost. Because before this, the Scripture says he was behind closed doors on the day of the resurrection appearance because of what fear of the Jews and following Him through after the post resurrection appearances, you find him back at the secular business appreciate nothing wrong with fishing, but there's a lot wrong with it. When God said, He called you for teaching the word are fishing for men and women and you go back fishing for the wrong.


That's why Catherine I'm sure that the accuracy of this word in verse 18 is exactly the same. And that would document pretty well. Peters. Like, hi, well, why not? God? No, a lot of other. Verse 19, this fakie, signifying by what death he should glorify Oh, boy, they like that one. The unbelievers who always teach that death glorifies God, they this is the Scripture, they always quote to you. They'll stick it in your craw time and time again. Now, that's an impossibility. You know why? Because death has never glorified God. The scripture says in Hebrews 214, that the author of death is who say, How can Satan be the author of death? And how then can death glorify God? If Satan is the author of The that would make God in cahoots with the devil? And that's impossible, right? You see, they're not looking for research. They don't work for the accuracy of God's Word. We only work to find those scriptures that agree with our theology, or substantiate what we already believe. And then we quote this back to people, they'll have to quote Hebrews 214, along with it, that they want to put at least two of the verses of Scripture together, right? You know how the text puts it originally, in the text and how it's worded. I'll give it to you. This fakie signifying by what he should glorify God, before death, protect. A lot of difference in that isn't there done. Remember, this fake case? That's why Jesus spoke regarding Peter, signifying by what he said glorify God, before death. Before he died, he would glorify God, how, by being led by the Spirit. Remember that scripture? Were not to walk by the place but we're to walk home by the Spirit. And on the Day of Pentecost, Peter was born again a God's Spirit, there was a holy spirit, and he was letting the Spirit this is how he signified, what he would do for God before he died. The tremendous to remember Penny cause has not yet what come and Peter's just come back off the lake. He's had this discussion with Jesus or Jesus has had it with him, given this word of prophecy regarding Peter, and Paul, Peter, because Pentecost has not yet come to the disciple in verse 20, whom Jesus loved, not the apostle, but the disciple whom Jesus loved. And according to the scripture, who was the disciple of Jesus love, life lateral thinking then, something to work is what I'm asked. I'll leave it set here and let you figure it out this week. But Peter turning see if the disciple whom Jesus loved following in other words, coming along behind the one who leaned on his breast at what all the Lord's Supper pictures that man is painted. Got John the Apostle leaning on Jesus breath, he got he's got the salt shaker, laying over flipped over in front of Judas. I think it is. But this is man's ID does not and always fit with the word. And therefore, then Peter, turning about see at the disciple of Jesus love following, which also leaned on his breast and suffered that large. Which is he that betray St. Peter seeing him says to Jesus, Lord, watch this man to tell you. The Lord says to me, VP, well let your necks out or VP will do this. And then I could be just like Peter and I turn around yes, if I'm to do this, what about Mr. Banks? What Mr. Banks want to do? What's Mr. Banker gonna do? What's Mr. Chamberlain gonna do Mr. Stork? Wanna do? What What? What? What's Mr. George supposed to do? What the Lord says, none of my business. But just like Peter, the day of Pentecost, and you're so human. Because today, almost always, somebody is always sticking their nose in what somebody else's business is. And the Lord said, You just pay attention to me. You just stay by my business. You won't have to be putting your nose and everybody else's. Watch what he said.


Watch all this man do. Verse 22. Jesus said unto him, that's under Peter, if I will, that he tarry till I come back. What business is that of you? You just follow up. The is not a tremendous last. This is the kind of thing I mean, in my classes, when I tell my people, you have enough opportunities to walk in your own shoes without trying to fill everybody else's and walk in. We have enough to do to align our lives with the Word of God and walk into life with the greatest ability we have without being concerned about locking everybody else's life for them and telling them which way they ought to walk. I was so blessed today. I've been blessed all day. It's been a tremendous to everybody came in to see me. That's one. The more the merrier. And it's right. It's been a great day, I saw a lot of you wonderful people. Some of that, of course, had to go home before the evening service. But it's wonderful song this afternoon. You're in here for a tremendous meeting. But a lot of people many in here today we get to see that I've seen for some time, week or two anyway. It's good to see. Well, we have these three young people come down from Cleveland. One of them's been here before a number of times, he brought two of her friends along because you've been talking to them about the Word of God. They're there. They're what were they juniors at Miami or sophomores? What were sophomores or juniors at Miami University down here at Oxford. And the thing that intrigued me about this ministry that Sharon had talked to them about was the accuracy with which we present the thing. And the statement that you don't have to believe or think easy. That's true. That really shocked those college students. Because they could not imagine a minister convinced of the Word of God as they had heard I was without shoving it down their throat. But that's the greatness of this ministry. I told them that they talked to me about it, they got sort of abused at me. And they talked about it. And I said, Look, if you have truth you don't have to fight about. It's when you have air that you have to always fight. When you have air you have to always defend it. Truth is always simple. Air is always complicated. And truth is always singular. It's one and you cannot separate one.


So Peter set that to this disciple. Or Jesus said to this, so Peter regarding this disciple, if I should desire that he tarry until I returned. He hasn't come back yet, and have been a pretty long life for that fella. What is that thing? He said, Peter, don't get Chuck about it, because it's not in your notes. But they misunderstood the saying of Jesus. And the message went out around the community that Jesus had said that this disciple would not die. But Jesus never said that. He said, If I will, that he tarry till I come. What is that to thee? Then verse 24, tells us a little more about this disciple. For this is the disciple which testified of these things, and wrote these things. And we know that his testimony is what this is written regarding the disciples It does not mention the apostle, it just mentioned that this is written regarding what's the disciple? First 25. And there are also many other things which Jesus was, did the witches, they should be written everyone, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the boxes the figure is fake. That could be, why then are these things written that are in here? Jesus did many other things. Many other things were said many other letters, and so forth were written by disciples and apostles, then why do we have just what we have here? It is like I've taught in all my classes across the country born, that there is no one who can fit the Word of God, if you allow the apocryphal books, both Old and New Testament Apocrypha to be placed in the Bible. There is no one who can fit the Word of God if you add any other book to it. But if you'll take it the way it's written here, not in letters perfect, but I mean, as we have it today, from Genesis to Revelation, and you work the integrity and accuracy of it, you can fit it from Genesis to Revelation, like our hand fits in a glove, it will work with a mathematical exactness, and with a scientific precision, you add any line to add or subtract any line, you can not fit the Word of God. The reason that this is all that there is, is because this is all that God wants. And this is all that man needs for his eternal redemption and salvation, and to walk with a power God. This is why it's written this way. I'd like to say again, as Jesus said to Peter, some of us been outpatient too long. God's been had his hand on us when he put us in a class the first time, you had a reason for it. But instead of staying put, maybe Satan come along, some of us gone back a little bit as efficient as I'd like to say to you that God calls us specifically for this day, an hour in time to bring his word because the lamb does male lambs, the female lambs and feet, God feet. And people we have the most wonderful opportunity in ministry that anybody could have at any time in any history and every civilization at any hour. So, let's just take that greatness of God's Word and move with it.