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SNT 0255 II Corinthians 3:17-6:1ff

II Corinthians 3:17-6:1ff

An expository teaching covering this section of the Word, verse by verse.
SNT – 255

Topic: draft, God, spirit, walk, Christ, lord, teach, revelation, tongues, sons, servants, ministry, renew
Format: audio

Victor Paul Wierwille was a Bible scholar and teacher for over four decades.

By means of Dr. Wierwille's dynamic teaching of the accuracy and integrity of God's Word, foundational class and advanced class graduates of Power for Abundant Living have learned that the one great requirement for every student of the Bible is to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Thus, his presentation of the Word of God was designed for students who desire the in-depth-accuracy of God’s Word.

In his many years of research, Dr. Wierwille studied with such men as Karl Barth, E. Stanley Jones, Glenn Clark, Bishop K.C. Pillai, and George M. Lamsa. His formal training included Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Mission House (Lakeland) College and Seminary. He studied at the University of Chicago and at Princeton Theological Seminary from which he received a Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. Later he completed his work for the Doctor of Theology degree.

Dr. Wierwille taught the first class on Power for Abundant Living in 1953.

Books by Dr. Wierwille include: Are the Dead Alive Now? published in 1971; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today published in 1972; five volumes of Studies in Abundant Living— The Bible Tells Me So (1971), The New, Dynamic Church (1971), The Word's Way (1971), God's Magnified Word (1977), Order My Steps in Thy Word (1985); Jesus Christ Is Not God (1975); Jesus Christ Our Passover (1980); and Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed (1982).

Dr. Wierwille researched God's Word, taught, wrote, and traveled worldwide, holding forth the accuracy of God's "wonderful, matchless" Word.

2Co 3:17, 18; Gal 5:1

2Co 3:18; 4:1-7

2Co 4:8-16; 1Co 2:14

2Co 4:16-18; 5:1-5

2Co 5:5-14; (Luk 24:29)

2Co 5:14-21; 6:1, 3-17

Excerpt SNT 255A:

2 Corinthians 3:17, 18
17 …the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is [what?] liberty.
18 But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.

Now this is the only way we’re ever going to move. We behold him; we look to him. We look to Christ. We get our eyes fastened on him and what he accomplished for us. What he made available for us by way of the holy spirit on the day of Pentecost. We set our eyes on him. And beholding him, we become like what we behold! You become like what you look at. If you look at negatives, what are you going to become? If you look at all fear, what you going to manifest? Fear. If you get full of…looking at worries and get worried and stewing and fretting about everything, that’s what you’re going to manifest. Cause you’re always in in what you are giving out [laughter]. You give out hell, you’re in it. That’s right. You give out love, you’re in it. Give out understanding, you’re in it. But if you want to go around all over the community and beat the hell out of everybody cause they don’t agree with you, you’re the one’s going to get beat out of ya [chuckles]. It’s the law.

Never been able to understand, everybody wants to put everybody under something. Because the moment you try to put somebody else under something, you put yourself under it. And that’s not the liberty where with Christ Jesus set us free. We behold him—hold him. Get your eyes on Jesus Christ and keep it there. Never put it on any man or any woman; don’t put it on any preacher, any doctor or anybody else. Put it on Christ Jesus. Set your eyes on him and you’ll become like him. The Book says so. Because every person becomes like that which he observes. What you pin your believing to, you become like it.

In this class we want to become like the Lord Jesus Christ. Did God walk with him? Did God talk with him? Did He do the Father’s will? I and the Father…was God able to give him revelation? Sure. Alright. Christ is in you. There’s no question about that—born again of God’s spirit, it’s Christ in you. I know that. But having him in here is one deal; having him up here and walking like a son of God is another one. And in the Advanced class, you gotta walk!




SUMMARY KEYWORDS: God, spirit, walk, Christ, lord, teach, revelation, tongues, sons, servants, ministry, renew

Take your Bibles turn to second Corinthians every class you teach is different, because needs are different. People are different. So you just can't set down a general a specific pattern, you have to follow the guidance of the Lord, you have to be led by revelation. That's why most people can't teach. They make up their mind ahead of time exactly how the whole thing's supposed to be done. And God hasn't got a chance left to get in any way, either sideways or upside down or any other way. So if you're going to teach the greatness of God's word, you will have to study the Word to show yourself approved onto him yet, you will also have to keep yourself open for guidance, light direction as to how to teach the people who are in this class. The night in the third chapter of Second Corinthians I want to begin picking up a few verses of scripture I gave to our group the other evening at the closing night of the camp on Friday night. And it was such a blessing tower people, I'm sure it's going to be a blessing to you because this specifically applies to the advanced class. I have no interest in teaching an advanced class. I don't even like to teach the foundation or class, unless I have people who really want to know where to go. That's right. I just don't teach because I have people, they don't bother me any I'm teach because I have hungry people, people who really want to know the word. And if we have that kind of an individual, then the Spirit of God works mightily within me to make the teaching ministry relevant to those who are present. I have no interest in teaching at the events class, unless the people I teach are going to use it. If you're just going to sit in the hatch, hatch someplace else, not here. I'm interested in teaching men and women, the advanced class who got who are going to have some bonus. And if I asked you to leave the class in the middle of it to go home and spy on your fat or do something else, don't be mad at me, it's simply because God showed me you haven't got it, you're just playing around. And nobody plays around in the advanced class when this boy teachers I can tell you this, that this advanced class is only being taught. Because I believe deeper than my heart, you'll understand about 1/10 of what I'm going to teach. But God told me I could teach it. He told me I could teach the advanced class, and that some of you would start using it. And a year from now you're going to be back to take it again. And three years from now he said it's going to start living in You awful hard lesson for a teacher to take wait three years for any of you to go out there and do something with it. Really do it. In order to understand the things of the advanced class, you got to be bold in speaking in tongues interpretation and prophecy. You've got to be able to stand up there and with a spirit of God and yeah, give it 123 and knock your knees knock and bounce like you're playing a drum. Because when you get the battling for the Lord, oh Satan will beat your ears down the first day unless you're bold in these other things. You want to go to God and get revelation. You want to be able to lay your hands on people and God to show you what's the matter with them. But afraid to speak in tongues in a believers meeting prayed about somebody may say maybe a stranger walks in who has said before what he don't believe in speaking in tongues. So what bother me and he just not unbelievers, that's all? Sure. So people clam up, clam up as long as you clam up like that you'll never get Revelation. Revelation is given to men and women who do believe that who know how to believe and are willing to believe and all stand come hell or high water make a difference. And I want to build this in this class and I'm going to be hard on you y'all know that so nobody ever comes to my class. pussyfooting around they all know when the class starts and the Spirit of God works in me we work hard. I teach three hours a night. We cover more scripture Newton's think of but I'm going to work yard. I'm going to set this thing in your mitts and expect you to remember it. I'm going to expect you to remember or you saqqaq What's the matter with you what you want to be negative for have ever get started. The Word of God said if any of us lacks wisdom, you will not give us any Yo withhold it from us. No, it says, if any of us lack wisdom, oh, we got to ask God, if you think you're going to remember everything up here what I teach already wrong to begin with. I'm not so concerned about whether you remember everything here. But whether it gives, it penetrates deeply in your soul that you can believe God's, whatever you needed, he'll bring it back to you.


That's what you have to learn. Now, here in Corinthians, We have a tremendous policy descriptor for the advanced plan.


Verse 17. Now the Lord is that Spirit. And where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is all kinds of enslavement.


All kinds of rules that regulate all kinds of do this and do that, don't do this and don't do that. Whereas the Spirit of the Lord is, there is what? Liberty and liberty means what liberty and he meant anything else he just said so, right. Liberty means Ron reminds me of Galle shins chapter five. And if you don't know your books, the Bible you better get them by tomorrow night. They up all night work. gelation nuts five one. Sure, don't like this verse, but it's in here. Stand fast, therefore. Stand fast therefore, in a lot, the Liberty where with Christ has made us plus freedom. Alright, where are we just standing in the liberty? Why be enslaved with all kinds of doctrines and theories and things that men pass around? Why not go back to the Word. And if the Word of God says where to stand fast in the liberty, where with Christ Jesus set us free there, let's find that Liberty were with He set us free and standard is never gonna be if you're going to be enslaved by what a man says, or by what VP Wierwille says, or Johnny jumps up for anybody else, the right reverence. So if you're going to be enslaved, the advanced class will mean nothing to you. Because if you're going to walk, you've got to walk in the Liberty where with Christ Jesus set you free. Now this liberty will vary among the people. It will not vary with Christ, Christ has given us for the most part much more than any individual ever received. He has set you freer than you realize, most people are but you can only walk you can only appropriate that amount which you believe for. Therefore, in one little group, they'll walk in this category and other groups will walk here. They both claim they're walking in Liberty, but one will be walking, let's say in more liberty than the other simply because this one group understands more and believes more. Now the word says that we're to stand fast in this liberty where with Christ has made us free and be not blocked, and tangled again with a yoke of law and watch the yoke of bondage. The law of the Old Testament, the law of the Old Testament. Were not to be untangled again with the yoke of bondage. You see the Law never set a man free. The law simply covered him that's all. But it's the coming of Jesus Christ that set men free, Mr. Cook, no man is ever free until he's free and Jesus Christ. Now back to your Corinthians. The Lord is that Spirit. And where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is what? But we all with open face. The holding as in a glass, the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image, from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord. Now this is the only way we're ever going to move. we behold Him. We look to Him. We look to Christ. We get our eyes fastened on him and what he accomplished for us what he made available for us by way of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost, we set our eyes on Him and beholding Him. We become like what we behold. You become like what you look at. If you look at negative, what are you going to become? If you look at all fear, what you're going to manifest fear if he gets full of look at looking at worries and get worried and stewing and fretting about everything. That's what you're going to manifest because you're always in in what you're giving out. You're out while you're in it. give out love you're in it, give out understanding you're in it. But if you want to go around all over the community beat the hell out of everybody because they don't agree with you. You're the ones going to get a beat off of you. It's the law never been on everyone understands everybody wants to put everybody out or something because the moment you try to put somebody else under some you put yourself on grid. And that's not the Liberty where with Christ Jesus set us free. We'd be hold him, hold him, get your eyes on Jesus Christ and keep it there. Never put it on any man or any woman don't put it on any preacher, any doctor, anybody else, put it on Christ Jesus set your eyes on him and you'll become like, the book says. Because every person becomes like that which he observes. What just pin your believing to you become like us. In this class, we want to become like the Lord Jesus Christ. Did God walk with him? Did God talk with him? Did he do the Father's will? I and the Father was God able to give him revelation? Sure. Alright guys to send you that no question about that. Born again a god spirits Christ did you I know that but having him in here is one deal having him up here and walking like a son of Gods another one. And in the advanced class, you got to walk. You got to walk. Not only be born again a God Spirit, but you have to walk your fellowship with the Lord has to be right up and down perpendicular, you've got to walk hand in hand with the hold him, set your eyes on him. Then you'll start moving. Now, verse chapter four should never have been a chapter here for the first word is the word therefore see, the word therefore joins, joins it with that which precede. Whenever you read the word therefore, you ask yourself why for a lot that's always always answered. The Spirit of the Lord therefore, seeing we have this one, this ministry, as we have received mercy we are to walk thank not but have renounce. We have renounced this is works. This is no grace. We have renounced the hidden things of our dishonesty, not locking, not walking in craftiness. No, our was handling the word of God. How is it possible to handle the Word of God deceitfully? Definitely this what they're doing all over the world. They handle it to suit their own theology to fit their own little ideas to fit their own denomination to please the elder or the deacon or someone else. No. We do not handle the Word of God hell. That's why I don't give a hoot what's the word says, As long as it says that, then it's up to me to to make my life gel with what the Word says not to bring the word down to my thinking, but to bring myself up to the accuracy of God's Word. Never bring the word down to yourself, bring yourself up to the word and do not handle the Word of God deceitfully. If we wrongly divided as being handled deceitfully, if I know the truth of God's word, and then sort of shame it off, you know. I'm handling it deceitfully. And in the advanced class, we want men and women who refuse under every situation that handle the Word of God deceitful. I want you to handle the Word of God for what it is God's word, irrespective of what men, women or anybody else they say or do. Well gone by by manifestation of the truth, commending ourselves to every man's conscience in the sight of God, what we have to do? Verse three, but if our good news our gospel be hid, it is hid to them or to those who are was lost. That's right in home, the god of this world who is the god of this world? How many gods are there in this world?


Ah no, there are two in the world. Okay. Two gods in this world. One is the God and Father of our Lord. The other is the god of this world who is saved


Now, In whom the god of this world say, has blinded the minds of them which believe not less, the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God should shine unto them. Far we preach not our sales. But we pray to Christ Jesus the Lord see that. In this ministry, you do not preach yourself your preach Christ Jesus alone. And ourselves, your servants, for Jesus sake, oh, that's the key. If you want to walk in great abundance, you have to serve gratefully. If you want an abundance of Revelation, you have to be out there serving. Now we are sons of God in a perpendicular way. But we are servants to our fellow man on an horizontal plane. We are sons this way. Sons this way, but servants this way. In the Old Testament, they were servants this way and servants this way. But bless God since the day of Pentecost, men and women are born again of God's Spirit, having this birth we are sons of God, sons of God in a perpendicular way, but we are servants to our fellow man settlements on an horizontal plane. Now in the advanced class, we are definitely commissioned to be of service we must be servants to our fellow men. If you think people aren't going to try to walk over you you got another guest coming even the best of them that's why I told you someone that we set it at the camp I guess the other day Kai was making fun about that I'd said there's no sense in having any corn or there is there isn't any sense in it physically nor is there any sensitive spiritually that's for sure. raise new people like to have corn so while you women, he's you want to be so beautiful on your feet. So your crowd them all up? Remember? Who did the Japanese or the Chinese used to bind them up? Who did that? And both them. And we used to take boy, what a bunch of water Cruzi that is? Well look at your own feet. Got them all, you know the time up the tide? Or do some they get all kinds of corns in the howl in jump and if you want them have them, but the point still is spiritually, spiritually, I'm concerned you better not have them. They cause if you're going to be a great servant for the Lord Jesus Christ, Your Honor, you've got to be able to take things that no other person's able to take. Track. You've got to you can't have any spiritual cards because the moment you do, somebody will step on him, you want to slap them in the face. And you can't do a business for the Lord that way. You've got to walk constantly by revelation, and walking by revelation. You just while you just get rid of your Karnes peeking out spiritually, and I suppose physically same thing. But the point still is, as he said, here in the word that we are servants, for Jesus's sake. I want you to note that it says, We preach not ourselves, but we preach who? Christ Jesus the Lord. It doesn't say Jesus Christ. It says who? Christ Jesus. And it means what it says and says what it means. When it says, Christ Jesus, it means that we preach him. We preach not ourselves, but we preach the glorified one who was humiliated Jesus. Jesus is always associated with his service this way on an horizontal plane to his fellow men. They crucified Him as Jesus, this. But you and I are not in Jesus. No, we're not in Jesus. Your people talk about being in Jesus, bunch of baloney, not in Jesus. That Jesus in the Bible is always associated with his humility, but we are in Christ. The Bible says, in Christ Jesus, who is the Lord, who is the Lord do that. But when we serve, look at the word when we serve. We're servants on an horizontal plane for Christ. Say, No for whose sake, Jesus is. Because Jesus associated with his humility with what he did upon Earth, this that's why we're then right at verse six for God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, how to shine in our hearts, to give the light to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God, in the face of Jesus Christ, there again, terrific, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God, that's our job class. If you're going into the advanced class, learn more of the Word of God than we it's our job to give the light, the knowledge of the light of the of the glory of the Lord, it's our job to give it our job to give our son we have this treasure. It's a treasure. And I tell you, it's a terrific treasure. Is it a wonderful treasure even to be born again of God's Spirit? Terrific. But look, what a blessing it is to have this treasure whereby you can reach up and God can give you a revelation as to need that is here, there and yonder. And this treasure, this treasure is in a walk earthen vessel, that the excellency of the power may be of God and not at the truth that the excellency may have this tremendous working may be of God and not of us. Because it's an earthen vessel. And being in an earthen vessel Are you going to make a mistake? You're you're gonna make fun but after you've made it your recognize your talent Father, you're sorry you made it and you quit working for him the rest of the days of your life so you never make another though you don't you do exactly what a baby does. If it falls, stumbles bumps its nose does it make any difference it gets right back up and starts out and goes three steps and falls again gets up goes again. Someday It runs on the 100 yard dash team or the mile or something. Most people are afraid of falling most people are afraid of stumbling. Most people are afraid to say why I don't want to do something wrong I'm a sin. Also what you've done all your life once more than going to hurt you anymore. Try but yeah, just a trick of the devil. Sure you're going to stumble surely you're going to make a mistake. But bless God if you launch learn the word and you know where the loopholes are, you can plug them up you can start walking. You're never going to learn to walk unless you start walking. You're never going to get bold in speaking in tongues unless you speak in tongues and interpret into believers meaning you're never going to be bold in prophecy unless you do it. If it scares you to death though it's better to die that way and die some other way right well why don't you get the ball in you got to do what the words say. Let's read what else that got into weird grid Murthy Rick trouble on every side yet not what we're perplexed but never in was not in despair. Hey, man. It's nice. We may be persecuted, but not forsaken cast down but not always, always bearing about in the body, the dying of the Lord Jesus. That's the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our lives. You see, we become the extension of Jesus Christ. We represent Christ upon Earth, where I go, Jesus Christ goes. When I minister Jesus Christ is there when I bless people, Jesus Christ is there. This is also for you because Christ God is no respecter of persons. If He's no respecter of persons, he cannot do something for VP that he wouldn't do for you. Right? same God that see you is in me. Thank God, it's in me as in you. Well, life also Jesus might be made manifest in our bodies see his humility, His suffering, His willingness to do this for us. Verse 11, are we which live are always delivered under death for Jesus' sake, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our mortal place. So then death worketh in us but life is you We are having the same spirit of faith,


according as it is written, you know that spirit of faith is the new birth, the new birth. This is the face of Jesus Christ. It comes in Selma, when you Demetria. Put here in the genitive is putting the genitive of faith, the spirit of faith.


Because the emphasis is on the faith side, we are having the same spirit of faith if you just read this bottom line, if you just read this bottom line, hadn't seen the top, where would the emphasis on the word mighty? On the word angel? What would the emphasis you know? If you just read it this way, you would not technically you would not know whether it was the might, the might of the angels to be emphasized or whether it was the angels. So in the Bible, in the Word of God, when God had it written when holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. You use the figure of speech to teach us when one was emphasized, and when the other was emphasized. If it's written like this mighty angel, the emphasis in the Bible will always be on the angel, Mighty Angels. But why he wants to emphasize the mighty part of the angels? He puts it in the genitive case and makes the...


Now what's this? What's this dumb thing with a lie on it? They call a nominee where two nouns are used, but the one is put an adjective which takes which becomes a noun, but it puts the genitive case This shows that the emphasis is on the mind.


This when you read angels of mind is emphasizing the mind of the angels and their likeness. Whenever you get in the Word, adverse was this regarding. Thank you. 13 We have the same spirit of faith, faith, faith, spirit. And the word spirit here is the word life. The life which comes by the fate of who? That's what he's talking about, according as it is written context tells you this class, I believe, I believe and why do you believe what are you against to know? Why do you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ to get the Lord Jesus Christ to get saved right in the face of Jesus Christ, which is a measure of faith which is dealt to whom every man at the time they believed it says, I've taught you all this in a foundational class. So remember some of those. Now. Therefore I have I spoken we also believe in their first speaker, verse 14, knowing that he which raised up the Lord Jesus shall raise up us also by Jesus and shall present us with what you for all things are for your sake, that the abundant grace, that the abundant grace might through the Thanksgiving of many redound to the glory of God? Or which cause verse 16 we faint not. But though our outward man perish. yet the inward man is plot renewed day by lon, amen. How many men here got to one on the outside and the other one where inside when Christ is in you, he becomes the inner man, the inward man. Christ is the inward man. Now when he came in, did he come in by renewal? How did he come in? Fiber and the word that you is the word was created? Right. Create created is the word. But once he is in, once he is in once he's in, how, how do you keep that man? renewed? How do you renew it? That's it. That's the only one. The word will not renew the inward man. That's not the word man. That's the mind. That's the, that's the body of man. Right? Sure. I'll just this pricing this price. How is he buying to be renewed? That's what the word says. What's the word say? In your private prayer life, the only way you can do it private walk with God taught us in the foundational class that this inner word man is fed on spiritual food. You feed the physical man on physical food, right? So the spirit man, the spiritual man must be fed Anwar. That's a law class. It's a law. A law which works with mathematical exactness and scientific procedure. You can feed this physical body on mashed potatoes and gravy and soap and T bone steaks and chicken, we're going to have overlies barbecue chicken. You all have an invitation for barbecue chicken in Elkhart, Indiana. They invited me and divide me I'm bringing my friend


would that be something? I know well. Well, we could feed our physical bodies on chicken. But you can't see the inward man on chicken. Because that inward man is spirit. things of the Spirit must be fed how? by the Spirit as things in the natural world, the senses world can be fed on the senses things. You can make your body big and fat like that. On mashed potatoes and gravy and lots of other stuff. How are you going to make the inward man big and fat spiritually. That's what the word says. He that speakers in a tongue does lots add up by himself, not here by the wire. That's why the average man never receives Revelation does not speak. But if you're going to receive great revelation, you will have to speak in tongues much in your private life. Because the more you speak in tongues, the bigger and fatter spiritually this man inward man becomes. And then when you need it, all you need to do is reach up and daddy's cookie jar. And there it is. Without speaking in tongues much, you've just walked by like an empty. You see, you can take the word of God and feed it to the mind. This is not spirit. This you can taste. You can smell anything that's in the category of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching is not spirit. It's in the senses where you could take this into the laboratory, analyze it, so on and so forth. But things that are in the spirit, remember from Corinthians, that that trauma and receive it a lot. That things of the spirit of Gods their foolishness I'm doing neither can he know them because they are was spiritually deserves the things of the spirit world must be known by the Spirit, even as things of the natural world can be known by the five senses. So we can put this on up here. And that's exactly what we're going to do in the advanced class to put some knowledge of the operation of the word of knowledge. So word of wisdom, discerning of spirits, faith, miracles, and healing. We're going to put that knowledge from God's Word up here. And then we will utilize it to the end that we renew our mind up here and speak much in tongues in our private prayer. That's how the inward man is renewed. That is why you need to renew that inward man because when the revelation is given, it will be given to that inward man can't give it to your brains. Got to give it to that inward man, then that inward man is that part of you. Now the first the foundation of principle in the foundational class, His Spirit teaches his creation in your view, which is now what you Your Spirit your spirit which is a part of you teaches your boys you works like devices that are wonderful. But you got to build up that inward man. This is the last thing people want to build up. We go to college we go to universities we go all over we build up this thing it's smarter as a way by parents stupid or in a jackass on the inside. So my right patient did the I hear Bishop talking about the Masters crib the Ox.


Did you tell him that today? I heard you talk about a crib and a manger today.


What is that script? The ox knoweth is what? My people are so stupid. They never know where to eat. Sure, just said that Israel. You know, the manger. They know the crib, they know where to go. Those dumb stupid animals. But his people God's people know where to go. They don't already. That's funny. can only be as we read, the god of this world has blinded there was how wonderful that verse is. And you want to mark that verse 16, because you're going to need it. the inward man must be renewed. Can you renew anything if you haven't got it? Oh, bless your soul. That's right. If you're going to retry to tire, you have to have a tire to begin with. You can only renew it if you want to have it. Now the word of God teaches that all men are dead in trespasses and sins without God and without hope in this world on tail, they're born again. So they don't, they do not have the Spirit in them. Right? They do not have spirit life in them. Therefore, if you've never had it, if it's never been there, it must be one. That's why the spirit is created. But the mind has to be renewed. It has this and before you got your renew your mind. But now since you have the new man in here, day after day you renew him. That doesn't mean he's getting worn out. That simply means that you keep putting new and new fuel in there, spiritually speaking, you speak much in tongues, you renew it to the end where you can receive great revelation. And God never meant for the church to be ignorant or stupid or beaten in that trust. We're ambassadors for him right? Back to your life. It says in printings, He's given us the word of reconciliation and the ministry of reconciliation. Well, if he has, he's got to give us equipment or good warfare with what he's done that to you will only operate what he said. Verse 17, For our light affliction, which is not for you what moment worketh for us are far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory. While we look not at things which are what that things which are not see. And here will be your temptation. You're constantly living in the world, you know, you'll want to look at things that are seen. Uh huh. Sure. I was while against her and I were visiting a little Rachel, they come the other day and asked if they could see me. And she was saying how last year when they were in Africa, she saw a leper heal. And when she said that, to me, bless my soul. But immediately father said to me tell her it's just as hard to heal the code as the left. But you know why? We think it's so much bigger when a leper is healed. Because we seldom see the believing faith that's required for a leper to be healed. But we see a lot of times the believing faith manifested for a cold or headache or flat feet or something like that. But you see that immediately, father said to me, just as difficult to heal a cold, what he meant to say, and what he really did say to me was, it's no more difficult for God to heal one than the other, the same God. But what happens, we look at the things that are see a person will come to you to be ministered. And you'll look at them. And you'll say, My God, God can do anything for him. You go by what you see. You're already be when this kind of thing happens to you just go down and sit down on your chair and shut up you'd be more of a glory to God than stand up there and make a fool out of yourself and out of God, do you never make a fool out of God? Just make fool of yourself? Why do you know you haven't got it? Sit down and shut. That's no disgrace we've been sitting most of our life another hour or two is not going to hurt us. Right? That's right. What do you do not know, be quiet, don't get don't get people will come and say, Well, I've got this wrong with me just let them talk. But don't pay attention. Because you've got to find out from God what the score is first. Otherwise, you go by a lot by what you've seen. And we're not to look at things which are seen.


your temptation for you see, boy, they'll do it. And help it you see, the moment you see a person you see him with your own. But really, that's not how you can look on a man or a woman. You've got to look on them with something far bigger than this. We do not look at things which are seen, but things which are was not seen. Or the things which are seen are what temporal, but the things which are not seen Arwen and here he's talking about spirit, which I know all about you too. No problem there for. For chapter five, we still shouldn't have a chapter you see, four is still a conjunction. Or we know that our our earthly house of this tabernacle, we're dissolve. And every time the Bible speaks of the individual believers, the individual barn again Son of God, filled with the Holy Spirit. It's always a tabernacle, never attempt, never always a tabernacle. Always with our earthly house, our individual earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved. We have already a building of God and house, not made with hands, but this house is rare for us now. eternal in the heavens. For in this verse two, we grow earnestly desiring to be close the bond with our house which house though the heavenly house, which is from where? The first three? If so me, that being close, we shall not be found one. Yeah. See, if the Lord returned tonight and gathered us to him, we would never be found what? Naked, because the nakedness refers to your depth and your total disintegration that's what policy we shall not be found naked verse for her, we that are in this tabernacle do grow. Being birds, not for that we would be unclosed you know, kick the bucket. But close up on close upon Bhawan is coming from heaven. We're talking about that want? Why does it say in corruption, the corruption, the duck is talking about talking to living people. That's why living people are mortals and Martos will have to do us put on immortality. But if you are naked, having died and disintegrated, you have corrupted. That's why corruption has to do what put off. It's excellent. Corinthians says here he's talking to living people. Verse Oh, yes, for but close up on that mortality might be swallowed up our blood, whose life his life as he comes. Now, verse five, he that have robbed us, or the self same thing is God. He's brought us for all this, who also has given unto us what?



Well, if he's given it to us, have we got it? Bless God will want him back. Why don't act like if he has given it to us. If he has given us, do we have if my earthly father gives me $1,000 Do I have it? But could I be stupid in the use aids there? I'm sure he might give me $1,000 And well I think it's the I put my mind to it and swallow That's why God giving is one thing man's utilization operation of it is entirely something you know you can be loaded with all spiritual blessings and not know you've got a one. That's the trouble with the church today. As the Scripture says, we're already blessed with all spiritual blessings in who? in heavenly places in Christ. So are we blessed? Enough? I don't look like them and bless, Shawn. Alright, now then how am I going to manifest? I've got to learn I must learn what I have. And then I must renew my mind then I gotta start acting like then they'll start coming into manifestation. He has given us he has given to us the earnest word earnest means a little bit of the real thing. A token you used to have earnest money, you know, you give an earnest buy a farm give earnest money or you buy something else, you give earnest money, give him a down payment? What did it call that today is escrow or something? I don't know what to do. given unto us the earnest he's given it to us. Well, if he has given it to us, then we have it. Now we have to learn how to utilize it, what to do with it. He's given this to us, verse six, therefore, because he has given us this therefore, we are always discouraged. always full of fear, always worried. We're always wanting confidence, confidence, confidence, knowing, knowing that whilst we are at home, in the body, we are absent from Oh, only because he hasn't come yet. Not absent from him. In the sense that he's not in us. They just told us he's given us in us. Oh, yeah. But absent, meaning that he has not yet retired. Or we walk by sight and not by faith. And not by what? Faith is believing we walk by believing and not by what we see. That's some very safe, we are confident I say and willing rather to be absent from the body, and present with the Lord. If he does want, right, if he doesn't come you ain't making it up there real quick.


Verse nine, wherefore because of this, we labor, we labor, that whether we are present or absent, we may want acceptance of him. Now the word accepted isn't the word at all. I've taught you this. The Greek word is the word you're Restos E, you. You don't have it in your Bible, put it in you'll need it. E u a r e s, t o s, your Restos e u a r e u ar e s. T O S. The word arrest those means well pleasing. Wherefore we labor that whether present or absent, we may be watts. Well pleasing to Him. That's right. Meaning that whether we are whether he's come, whether he's coming tonight, or whether it isn't coming to 1000 years from now, I am going to work to be well pleasing to him right now. That's why stock reason I'm doing this as described in verse 10. Are we must all, every one of us, in the advanced class appear before the judgment seat of who? Right and everyone may receive the thing done in his body according to that he had done whether it be good or bad. all appear before the judgment seat of Christ. Now this judgment seat is not where condemnations are handed out. Or if you're born again of Gods spirits, you've passed from death underwater, and shall never come where that's what the Word says back swatted me. Therefore, this judgment see, is not the place where condemnations are handed out. This is the place where rewards are handed out. There are two judgment seats in the Bible. Two different words for judgment seat and the Bible. The one word is the word beyma. The EMA watch the other one. Dr. Dias D is diet. The beyma is a judgment seat where the rewards are handed out to trophies. That d A is the diet is the place where condemnations are handed out. Judge. But you see, the word judgment would fit both instances, when they win the race horses run around a track and the judges hand out the trophies. That's the judges judgments. On the other hand, if they hand out condemnations, its judgment. But in the Bible, two entirely different words. When it's talking about the place where the trophies are handed out, it's always the beyma of God. Yummy. When it talks about the place where condemnations and reproof and so forth is handed out, it's always the word d A is diet. Verse 11, knowing there for the care of the Lord, we persuade men but we are made manifest under God and I trust also are made manifest in your conscience or we commend not ourselves again under you, but give you occasion to glory on our behalf that she may have some want to answer them which glow rainwear and not in heart. You have some leverage that you can talk to him about. Or whether we be beside ourselves it is to God or whether we be sober it's for your wants. Your people are gonna say you're nuts bless God at least talking about your arm used to say the Barnum and Bailey Circus he didn't care what people call him as long as you mentioned his name so they're on talk about why don't give him some really worthwhile talk about your talk. Why not want to sort of make sure that you get them talking in the direction you'd like for them to?


But you'd be beside ourselves but there is it make it that's what they think it's still as far as you're concerned. You're living for whom God are they whether you're sober it's for their cause all that stuff, or the love of Christ verse 14, the love of Christ does one constraint constraint constraint Have you taught him yet Bishop what constraints me?


Mark wonderful to see when a fella comes to your house, are you inviting them to come? For dinner? Like chicken this is Eastern culture, not Western we just come around in the East every time they invite you. Friends if I invite you to come to dinner tomorrow, you'll say to me Well, I'm sorry I cannot come because I have to go to the meal then i i work at around another way and I invite you to come and then you work out an answer in other ways refusing to come you'll always have to give how many excuses I got to ask three times and you've got to give me three different answers. He can't he cannot come because he just had to go to the barn or do something.


Why you and it was late. But then don't do I not reciprocate by saying no, I cannot eat I've just had Yeah. Sure. They say comedy. And I say well, I can't I just had dinner. Lie on lack of truth.


You see, they call that lying but that isn't lying as he said Sir called Truth. One thing you never admit in the east is that you do not have that you have not eat. You just do not admit a negative even if you're starving to death that come and say would you like to dinner, then you go through all the shenanigans and tell them no, you've just eaten and you've been all these other fights. Sure. Remember the woman that came, her son was dead as a doornail. That's right, she came down to see the Prophet. And the Prophet servant met the woman on the way. And he said to her is all well, and she says, is just hunky dory. All is well, right. And her child was one audio like that. But that's Eastern culture. She refused to admit her child was bad, you know, the she couldn't do it, the kindness the way they're trained. But we in the West are all negative all the time can't do this. A the word constraints. Remember in Lucas NetWare, those two men was off, we're on the road to Emmaus on the Easter day, and they constrained him, to abide with them. Getting toward evening, gave the reason why he should abide with him. But he did not abide with me simply stayed on, you know, prayed or whatever it was the breaking of bread, they knew him and then left and string you know means to be constrained, constrained. Okay, constrained. You got the picture, the treatise, any understanding? Or the love of Christ does love. The love of Christ, the love of Christ, the love of Christ constraint, the love of Christ, get it. The love of Christ constrains the love of Christ. What what, how much love did you have for it? It's that love that constraint that keeps just constrained. Yes, surely tremendous. Because we just judge, if one died for all, then we're all one. And then he died for all that they which live should not henceforth live unto us. But unto him, which died for them and rose again. And that's exactly the teaching of the way ministry. That's why I love to teach people want to help somebody else that I just hate people who never want to do anything for anybody else. You've got to henceforth get out there, pitching work, wire for and forth. No, we know man after the place. Yea, though we have known Christ after the place you have now henceforth No, we him no more after the place because we're judging all people, not by the senses, but house by spirit. Therefore very 70 if any man be in Oh, Christ, he is a new creation. Old things? No, it's creation, I believe. I haven't got my originals here. But I've given three three creating, margin. Very 17. If any man be in Christ, in Christ, this is not salvation. This is you being where? In Christ that's what it says. Any man in Christ, right. That's not salvation. Christ in you is salvation, but you in Christ is your walk. You in Christ is your walk. This is not salvation. This is after salvation. Therefore, if any man be in Christ, you see, he is already a new creation in here by grace. Up here, if he's in Christ, if he's in Christ, what happens up here, oh, things are passed away. Behold, all things up here become one. And this is called the old man. Where to put off the old man and put on the new man which after God in here is created in righteousness, and true, holy, what's the word? And all things very safety are of God, who has reconciled us to himself by looking at the words Jesus Christ, and has given to us was the ministry of reconciliation, then who has the ministry of reconciliation? We that's why we in this advanced class, we have to learn these things because we've got it we have a ministry. We have a ministry.


Verse 20. Now then, now then, right now, now then we are ambassadors. Or who doesn't say for our denomination does? No. Doesn't say for my private interests. though. I am an ambassador. Ambassador for one person, or who, right? Ambassador, you know what an ambassador, one who speaks for the one ambassadors for sure. And remember, if you're an ambassador, you're not the poorest stick in town. Get your best bib and Tucker out in this class because we're gonna move. Throw your shoulders back and walk down the street, let them know there comes a son of God. I try. It says you're an ambassador, right? And an ambassador doesn't wear the oldest dumb clothes. He's gotten out of all of these people just hoping that I demonstrate this to you. But I'm not going to do I'm going to do what I did, you wouldn't go home for another half hour or something. I mean, take me that long to demonstrate. I do this in the foundational class, when I demonstrate in the advanced class, you're too far advanced to go through silly shenanigans like those. Well says now that we're in past, understand, we pray you in Christ and be reconciled to what or he 21 as made him have made him to be sin for us. Who knew no sin that we might be made once the righteousness of God in home in Him, we then verse Swan, we then as workers together the seats you also that you receive not the grace of God in he made him to be sin for that we might be made the righteous leave that as workers to gather as workers together were workers. That's why we're talking about the advanced class. The seats you so on and so forth. That you give no offense, verse three, in anything that the ministry be not what is the point? See, the thing is that the ministry is in blame. If it was just BP were getting blamed, that wouldn't be bad. Or if it just you getting by with that, but when the ministry gets blamed, that's what we have to avoid. In all things, of proving ourselves, verse four, as the ministers of God, in much patience, in afflictions and Saturdays and distresses in stripes and imprisonments, in tomos, in labors in watchings, in fasting, by pureness, by knowledge, by long suffering by kindness, by Numa, hoggy owned by love unsane, by the Word of Truth, by the power of God by the armor of righteousness on the right hand on the left, by honor and dishonor, by evil report and good reports, as deceivers and yet true, as unknown, and yet well known as dying and behold, we live as tasting and not killed as sorrowful, yet always rejoicing as poor, yet making many rich as having nothing yet possessing all things. Oh, ye Corinthians dressed to the church, our mouth is open on to you, our heart is at large, you are not straightened in us, but you are straightened in your own vows. Now for our recompense, in the same I speak as I know my children, be also enlarged. Be not unequally yoked together with unbelievers, this hasn't got one lousy thing to do talking about a husband and wife. They always bring this up, you know, regarding avoid courting a girl, or by servers. Oh, that's interesting. And it's got something to say. But in its context, in its context, you know, he's talking about working with working with here if you're a ministry, if you're ministering the Word of God, if your ministry, then your work, you should keep yourself among believers and not get unequally yoked with those unbelievers who do not believe God's word. On a big sense honor, I understand that applies to volume girl going to go but they always take it out of context. First, you get the interpretation to whom it is written and the application for whom it is written. And you can apply it anywhere you want, as long as you keep in line behind in alignment harmony with the word to whom it's addressed, right. This not to be unequally yoked together with unbelievers has to deal with the context we're talking about, or what fellowship has righteousness with unrighteousness and what communion have like With darkness, And what concord as Christ was bulalo or what part hath he that believer whether name photo nonbeliever, what agreement at the temple of God here era, now, temple of God is the body, the whole bunch of us, you as a tabernacle I as a tabernacle, we make up the tempo. Water agreement has the temple of God, the body of God got to deal with idols are ye are the temple of who? You see, God only lives in us to the end, we understand and know and walk. He is our Savior, I'm born again. Sure, but unless I live, it wants goodwill to do you or anybody else, right? And this body becomes the Temple of oh, that loving God and God lives to the end that you believe and you are free. He's given you the ministry of reconciliation, he's given to you the word of reconciliation. That's why classes is a big class. It's a big deal. It's not something you hide under a bushel. This isn't something you do in the dark. This is something out in the license in the office. God has said, I will draw in them and walk and I will be their God and they shall be my people. Wherefore, how from among them, and be separate, set the Lord and touch not the unclean, and watch the unclean in the context. The unbelieving unbeliever and I will receive you and be a Father unto you, Ye shall be my sons and daughters. That's the Lord Almighty. Now that's a pretty good deal I call it right and wonderful. That's exactly what you'll have to do in the advanced class you'll have to come out from among them be separated if you really want to work otherwise, they'll always be out of don't know how you are I know I am I'm tired of being beat all the time, but walk on the wonderfulness of God's....