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SNT 0247 Decent and in Order: 1 Corinthians 14

Decent and in Order:      June 5, 1966
1 Corinthians 14

Expository teaching on the proper use of the manifestations in the Church.
SNT – 247

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Topic: draft, tongues, speak, God, prophet, church, Word, edify, believers, spirit, manifestation, interpret, prophesy, unbeliever, spiritual, prophecy, unlearned, women, understand
Format: audio
Publication Date: 06-05-1966

Victor Paul Wierwille was a Bible scholar and teacher for over four decades.

By means of Dr. Wierwille's dynamic teaching of the accuracy and integrity of God's Word, foundational class and advanced class graduates of Power for Abundant Living have learned that the one great requirement for every student of the Bible is to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Thus, his presentation of the Word of God was designed for students who desire the in-depth-accuracy of God’s Word.

In his many years of research, Dr. Wierwille studied with such men as Karl Barth, E. Stanley Jones, Glenn Clark, Bishop K.C. Pillai, and George M. Lamsa. His formal training included Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Mission House (Lakeland) College and Seminary. He studied at the University of Chicago and at Princeton Theological Seminary from which he received a Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. Later he completed his work for the Doctor of Theology degree.

Dr. Wierwille taught the first class on Power for Abundant Living in 1953.

Books by Dr. Wierwille include: Are the Dead Alive Now? published in 1971; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today published in 1972; five volumes of Studies in Abundant Living— The Bible Tells Me So (1971), The New, Dynamic Church (1971), The Word's Way (1971), God's Magnified Word (1977), Order My Steps in Thy Word (1985); Jesus Christ Is Not God (1975); Jesus Christ Our Passover (1980); and Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed (1982).

Dr. Wierwille researched God's Word, taught, wrote, and traveled worldwide, holding forth the accuracy of God's "wonderful, matchless" Word.

1Co 14:37; 13:13; 1:2; 14:1; 12:1

1Co 14:1-4

1Co 14:4-14

1Co 14:15-22; 12:1

1Co 14:22-28; (Act 8:5ff); 1Co 14:13

1Co 14:29-40; (Eph 4:11)



Snt-0247-Decent And In Order

SUMMARY KEYWORDS: tongues, speak, God, prophet, church, Word, edify, believers, spirit, manifestation, interpret, prophesy, unbeliever, spiritual, prophecy, unlearned, women, understand

This is the only chapter in the Bible that deals with the operation of three of the manifestations of the Spirit. There are nine manifestations of the Spirit, speaking in tongues, interpretation of tongues and prophecy, or Denali, knowledge, word of wisdom, discerning the spirits, faith, miracles and healing. Of those nine manifestations. Basically, this is the only chapter in the Bible that deals with three of them, namely, speaking in tongues, interpretation of tongues and prophecy. The reason this chapter is, is in the Bible is to teach people how to accurately operate these manifestations, how to utilize them, not only in our daily life, but in the life of the church, the body of believers. Now, in this 14 chapter, we will take it easy tonight and discuss this thing and take it along very carefully. And for our people listening by radio, you just follow along line by line and word by word. And I believe there is some there are some tremendous fools in here that will bless your heart, especially if you're spiritually hungry, because you will recognize in the last few verses of this 14 Chapter in verse 37, If any man think himself to be a prophet, or what spiritual, if a man thinks himself to be spiritual, and when you're born again, a God Spirit, you're a Christian, you're supposed to be what? Spiritual, and you are according to God's word. Therefore, let him acknowledge that the things that I write unto you are the commandments of EP will. The way you ministry, nope. My denomination, nope, your denomination? Nope, sorry. These are the commandments of God. Then what are we going to read tonight? The commandments of art. And if we're spiritual, then we ought to adhere and be obedient to the commandments of God. How in the world people can say they're Christian, and bypass all this wonderful greatness of God's world word is a tremendous, something or other that I can't quite figure out. But hearing the 14th chapter, now in the first verse, having talked in the 13th, verse of the 13th, chapter about now abideth, Faith hopeful of charity, charity, every usage of this word in all these chapters always means the love of God, a God pail, the love of God in the renewed mind in manifestation. So every time you read the word charity, in the Bible, its usage is always the same all the way through. It's the love of God, which is in the inner man by birth. But it becomes my possession in manifestation. When I put on in the mind up here, when I renew my mind, according to what he put in here, I renew it up here and live it. And when I live it, it comes into manifestation and into evidence. So every time you read this word, charity, here in King James, it's always a God, pail meaning the love of God in the renewed mind in manifestation. Now abideth, faith, hope, the love of God in the renewed mind in manifestation, these three, but the greatest of these is the love of God, in the renewed mind, in manifestation in the church, in the church. Why? Because in First Corinthians chapter one, and you ought to look at it. Because here is something you ought to drive into your mind. You ought to renew your mind on as to whom is this book of Corinthians addressed whose name is on this letter, this E pistol, if you get a letter with your name on it, you open the letter, you take your pictures out, look at them, if you get a letter, with your name on it, even if it's a bill, you usually get around to opening it, you'd like to take it to the neighbor's, let them have it, but it just doesn't quite work that way, does it? So, verse two says, unto the church, and then to whom is it written, the Church of God at Corinth, to them that are sanctified in Christ Jesus, with all that in every place, call upon the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, both theirs and ours, and this to all who in every place, would this would be this place here tonight would be the city, the community you come from? Would it be our people listening to the broadcast tonight? That's right. Therefore, to whom is it to the believers to those who say they are Spiritual to those who say they are born again of God's Spirit to those who are Christian. Now, verse 14, Chapter 14, verse one, follow after charity, the love of God in the renewed mind in manifestation in the turret, and desire spiritual. Now the word gifts is in italics. See, the word italics are added in the King James to tell you that the translators added the word that it was not in the Stephens critical Greek texts from which they translated. This is one of the reasons so many of you people know that I use the King James, because it's the only translation in extent that tells you whether the translators added, subtracted, multiplied or divided. All the rest of them did as a full please. When they added, they never tell you when they left out a word you never know. And so people today are reading translation upon translation. And they think that they're reading the Word of God and they're not reading the Word of God. They're reading what the translator wants them to read. This is why we're very particular in this may cause translators may add error. And if they add the air, you can't blame God for the air. God if the Bible is God's word, there can be no error in it when it's rightly divided. Because God would then have to contradict himself, but that's an impossibility. The word gifts is in italics. You'll never understand this chapter if you leave the word gifts in it, scratching them, that no business there in the first place. The Greek word is new Monaco. The same word that's used in chapter 12 verse one, now concerning spiritual lot, gifts, concerning spiritual gifts. In 12. One, it's the word new Mottet ghosts, which is the same word as verse one of chapter 14. The word gifts does not appear in any text. The word new Monty codes means things of the Spirit. things of the Spirit are spiritual matters spiritual things. Now class, our gifts spiritual things, definitely. But is every spiritual thing a gift. That's the thing.


The manifestations of the Spirit, like you heard here tonight, when she spoke in tongues and interpreted, was that a spiritual matter? A spiritual thing? Yes, but was it a gift? No, no, no, no, no, it was a manifestation. It was a manifestation of the gift. The gift is always spiritual. The manifestation is always the evidence of that gift in the census or natural realm. Now hearing chapter 14, verse one, it's going to be talking about and to desire spiritual things, spiritual matters, but rather that Tchibo up, prophesy, prophesy in the church, you'll always have to remember this is a dress to the church. And what happens in the church is different many times than what you do in your own house, in your own place where you live. Certain things you can do at home, that you dare never do. In a believers meeting. For instance, you can speak in tongues all day at home out loud. But when you get into a believers meeting, you better never speak in tongues all day. When you get into a believers meeting, you may speak in tongues, but you must interpreted in your house where you speak in tongues by yourself, you never interpret. But in a believers meeting, it must be interpreted, we're going to see that little wallet in a little while. Now people but rather than to make prophesied to prophesy is to bring a message from God or for God, to the people in the language of the body of the people present. In this particular fellowship, that message would have to be in English. If this was a congregation in France, then the message would be in French, if it were in in Germany or some other country like that would be speaking the language the German language Then the prophecy would be in the language of the body of the people press. Now people inside of the church where there are all believers. And boy, when I say all believers, I do not mean a building. I do not mean just the congregation I mean, a place where there are all believers. You find this few and far between today because there are very few places that people meet where they are ever all really believers. But if they're all believers at that place, he would rather have them toilet. That's what he says, that's what he varies too far. He's that speaker in a tongue. Speak is not uncommon, but unto God, when you speak in tongues, you're not talking to man, because if I was talking to man, I would have to speak in a language that that man understood, right? And when I'm speaking in tongues, I'm not speaking on demand. I am speaking on the oh, that's what it says. For no man understand us, then is that comes up word him, scratch it out. It's an italics again. But you see these people that translated this. That least they told us, when they added a word they told us by putting it into italics, and they thought they were right. But they're not right. Because in Acts chapter two, don't look it up. But you'll remember it. On the day of Pentecost, when Peters spoke in tongues. Was there anybody out there that understood what he spoke? That's the miracle of Pentecost, I explained that last Sunday night. The miracle of Pentecost is not that they spoke, but what they spoke and want to speak is God's business. And God is still a miracle God he wants to be.


And so on the day of Pentecost, Peter spoke it was tongues to Peter. He didn't understand it. But out there was somebody that did. John spoke in tongues there was John didn't understand it with his senses knowledge for how he understood it with his senses mind it would not have been comes to him. It had been a known lot. Language jar. So he's spoken down, somebody else out there understood it. That's why that worried him has to be scratched up. For when you speak in tongues, like to speak is God's business. And there may be a time that to be speaking in tongues, and somebody out there will there will understand what you're speaking you won't. But that party out there will. This has happened in places where I've ministered, where I've taught classes on power for abundant living. happens, why not God's business? I'll be it. In the spirit, he speak at mysteries. When you are just speaking in the Spirit, to speak in the spirit is to speak in what tongues and when you just speak in tongues. You don't understand that here. For you're not speaking to men, were speaking to God. And when you're speaking in the spirit, you're speaking mysteries, divine secrets. It's between you and your father. That's why in a vertical perpendicular relationship, you speaking to father and father, building his greatness within your spiritual life. Tremendous thing. But verse three, he that prophesieth prophecy in the language of the body of the people speak unto us, man, why because they understand it. And prophecy, which is a message from God or for God to the people on to edification, exhortation and comfort will edify. edify, to edify means to build up. We've talked about a big edifice, big house big, exhortation, exhortation, in plain common vernacular, just tells people get on the ball for God, it to exhort us, technically it means to encourage, toward a more worthy endeavor. And the word comfort verse of the last verse, word averse Three, comfort is to give quiet serenity. Quiet acquiescence. Quiet peace, PayPal. If that word means what it says and says what it means what your does look at the tremendousness of this in a believers fellowship, where everybody really knows the score. And you're believing God that went to a person prophesied, he'll speak to everybody there, and it will edify you edify means it'll build up. It will exhort you, which means it will encourage you. And in the third place, it will give God's people comfort, quiet acquiescence. My goodness, if you read how many people are taking sedatives and all the rest of them, they're all these Christian people. They need the power of the Holy Spirit. To get the comfort. The church needs comfort today, they don't need hell, they're in it six days a week. What they need is the presence of the power of God when they come to a believers meeting, something that will give them a serenity at quiet as a piece of comfort. Like you man in here tonight, and you women who work in shops and factories and so forth. Tomorrow, when you go back into that work, you'll be rubbing shoulders with other men and women who don't give a hoot a hailstorm about anything. Well, how how are you going to walk this week unless God gives you that comfort? When God gives you that quiet serenity, that inner comfort, that inner peace law, you can live almost in the midst of hell and live abundantly because God is a view. That's the purpose of these manifestations. This is why the church so called is lame, because it doesn't operate the greatness of the power of God. And so they're really not equipped.


But prophecy edifies people, it exhorts them. It encourages them, gives them a quiet, restful serenity. And I'll often marvel at these things that the way biblical Research Center hear our people come in when they they've never been here before. And when they even get on the place to sit out there under the trees as they come around. They say why is this place so peaceful? Well, it isn't because I'm peaceful all the time or something else maybe. But I believe it's because our people who live here and the people who work here are men and women filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, and they are speaking in tongues, they are living this kind of life. And this manifestation makes for a serenity of the whole place. Why not? Well, verse four, he that speaker in a tongue the word unknown is again I palletize. While people if you're speaking in tongues, then to the speaker, it will be what are no doubts? It wouldn't be tongues, it'd be a no language. He's that speaks in a tongue Edifier what? himself at a fire himself. That's what it says. That's what it means. Now, when you speak in tongues, you edify yourself. Could you edify your mind? No, because you can only edify your mind if you do one thing what understand it and we just got through saying that when you speak in tongues, you do not want to understand it, but he turns right around and he says that when a man speaks in tongues, he has lots edified he has built up Where where are you build up in that of which you are born? The first time I was born of my daddy earthly daddy seed, I am Victor Paul, where will and when you speak will speak to me intelligently and you inspire me. You edify VP willwill because I hear you, we communicate with each other. So I hear this in my mind. I believe it. So I am built up. I am edified. Right. But when a person speaks in tongues, he doesn't speak under many speaks under God. And when we speak in tongues, we are edified, edified in that of which we are born, second birth were born of who seed God seed. It is Christ in you the hope of glory of Christ in you. And when you speak in tongues, you feel this, which is spirit in you understand? And people that's the only thing that feeds the spirit. When I read the Word of God or when I teach the Word of God, I do not feed your spirits. I am feeding the word to your mind. The word is in the census realm this Bible is in the census realm. When I say Speak, you can read it, you can see it for yourself. You can smell it, taste it, touch it, it's in the census realm. But when we speak in tongues, when we speak in tongues, we edify ourselves, were in the Spirit. If y'all want to really get working with the greatness of the power of God, if you will speak in tongues, much in your private life, you will nourish this spirit and it will get big and fat within you. Like sometimes the physical body gets big and fat by mashed potatoes and gravy or something. So he's that speaker in a tongue edifies himself, not in his mind, but in his one Spirit. But he's not prophesied in the language of the body of the people would do. What? edify build up the church, the church, the Body of Believers, verse five, I want that to speak when Lot. Verse 37, this is a commandment then avadh Verse five, but rather that Jiwon prophesied, prophesied, where, why? Because it's in the language of the body, of the people present, and inside of the church, the believers, we must always do that which will bless everybody.


When I'm at home, in my office, I can do that which blesses VP, where will and VP were Whoa. But when I stand up here to teach the Word of God, or to present this ministry, to God's people, to our radio audience, I have to do that one thing, which will bless everybody, it'll help everybody. That's why inside of the church, he would rather have us to give prophecy in the language of the body of the people present, then just to do what speak in tongues. For if I stood here tonight speaking in tongues for one hour, would I get blessed? Sure, my spirit would be what edify but a lot of our tours, you wouldn't get any blessing whatsoever, then you'll be shortchanged or something, and that's not right, in the body of believers. Look how tremendous he said, this verse here, I would that you all speak with tongues, but rather that you want for greater is he that prophesy greater is the fellow who gives the message to the people in the language of the body of the people, then he that speakers with tongues, except, except he did one interpret, that the church may receive Ah, that's what it says. That's what it means. So when I speak in tongues, in a body of believers, I must do one thing, what interpret, and the interpretation will be in the language of the body of the people. This is why tongues with interpretation equals prophecy. There's a reason for speaking in tongues and interpreting we'll see it after a bit. But boy, you know, this is a verse of Scripture, all these unbelieving believers want to get rid of and they do, very advantageously. There's another one in here, they, they get rid of we'll get to that one too, because it says it here, I would like to speak with tongues, but rather that you want. Therefore they say, tongues is out. One of the reads the rest of Earth, except he do want, interpret that's the key to it, and what he interprets, the interpretation will edify. As we heard tonight, it will do a lot exhort, and it will come verse six, now, brother, if I've come to you speaking in tongues, with tongue, watch, I Prophet you, you understand why, because if I spoke in tongues, you couldn't understand it, unless there was a miracle. And so far, otherwise, for the most part, you would walk to the Prophet to a dog, and inside of the church, everybody has to be profited, except I shall speak to you either by revelation. In other words, what God has revealed to me or by knowledge, knowledge has I'd worked out of the word or by prophecy, top assign giving a word, or by teaching doctrine is teaching how to believe rightly. Then he uses this tremendous illustration which everybody should understand, even things verse seven, without life giving some weather pipe or heart, except to give a distinction in the sound how shall it be known what's pipe? Or what part were if the trumpet given uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle? So likewise, ye, except G otter, by the tongue, words easy to be understood, how shall it be known what spoken for you sure, just be speaking and a lot more firsthand. There are, it may be so many kinds of voices in the world. And that fright, every time a person speaks in tongues, it is a voice in the plot. And none of them not all one of those is without signification. Therefore, the word therefore is the word, but in the text, the word but is always used, whenever that which is given previously, except in contrast with the word and must always be used when it's in correspondence with these same Greek words are frequently Miss translated. And just, you have to work them very minute Lee and accurately are getting the soup on them. But verse 11, if I know not the meaning of the voice, I shall be unto him that speaker, a watt, a barbarian or a foreigner. In other words, if I speak English to you, and you understand only German, I am a lot to you, foreigner, if I would speak German to all you people tonight, and you did not understand German, then I'd be a foreigner to you. I shall be under him that speaker, a barbarian, a foreigner, and he's that Speakers shall be a barbarian or a foreigner unto me, verse 12. Even so he for as much as he are zealots of spiritual matters or spiritual things, same word, as in verse one of 12 and 14, or verse two of 14 and verse one of 12. There you have it again, same word do Monaco's, even so ye for as much as you are zealous of spiritual matters or spiritual things, see, that you may add excel to the edifying of inside at the Corinthian church. They were zealous for spiritual matters. They were zealous for spiritual thing. But they're out of alignment in harmony with God's will, because sometimes what they did did not edify. The church didn't build up the church. And so God gave Paul revelation and told him to write. And what Paul wrote is recorded here in the 14 chapter, which is God's Word, to straighten out the mess, to tell people how to operate accurately, these wonderful manifestations in their individual life, as well as in the life of the church. That you may excel to the edifying the building of the church, verse 30. Wherefore if you're gonna build up the church, let him that speaker in a tongue, pray that he may do what interpreted prayer in the church. Why? Because the church must be what edified if he just spoke in tongues, the person speaking would be edified in his spirit. But the body of believers would not be built up. And inside of the church, the Body of Believers are the ones that must be built up. This verse 13, is tremendous. We better read it again. Because many people believe aunty if they believe in the Holy Spirit field, they believe and they teach that you can have only one gift they call it. Well, they're wrong calling a gift to begin with. It's a manifestation. But then they say, Well, you can only have one. But this one tells you you better have to, that's for sure. Right? If you're going to speak in tongues, you got to do what? And unbelievers, Mindy now less than what God asked you to do something if it didn't give you the ability to do it. He be a terrible God if he if he asked me to do something and that made it impossible for me to do. Then he would be asking me to do something and then he hadn't given me the ability than the I don't know what he'd be he just be a fee or something. led him that's bigger than a tang pray that he made a lot. And I want to handle that word prayer Father brings us to my mind. You know what people think of prayer. Some things The Chair folds your hand, close your eyes and go to work. No, no, no, no, no. Somebody else thinks won't kneel down. No, no. Some people sit and fold their hands and close their eyes until you ought to have a few never get anything accomplished. Others kneel, they never get anything. The word prayer is always in the essence of believing. You know why so many people spend so much time praying, as they call it, because it's Spencer's little time believe. So, if you get around to believe in, you spend a lot more a lot less time. That one, but it looks nice. You know, it's real kosher for most people to be so angelic, almost got a halo around the hit, you know, hold your hands, close your eyes get in the spirit, as they say, Well, what? That's not prayer for a man could pray that for days and not get anything and I've been with those people. It's wonderful, but it's no good.


Because let him next bigger than a tongue. Pray that He may do odd. And to pray is to really that's what Mark says, When Jesus said, When you pray, but but he show, it's always believed. You can always tell whether we're believing or not. When we pray by the results. We're believing we get them if we don't, if we're not believing, keep on praying, don't get it. Well, what verse is that? 14? For if I pray, now, do you get that? If I pray now, he's now going to really talk about prayer. If I pray in tongues, in a tongue, my spirit what? But my understanding is what? I'm not wrong with smarter in my mind, after I've prayed in the spirit than I was before I prayed, because when I speak in tongues and pray in the Spirit, my spirit is what edified, but my mind is unfruitful does not understand. Because if I understood it, it would not be praying in what whisper that tremendous things involved here. I think I'll write some things on the board here to keep it clarified, especially for some of you, younger people in this ministry, it should be a real blessing to you. This moderate speaking in tongue has to two avenues, or two facets of truth. One is speaking of in tongues, in a believers meeting. And when I speak in tongues, in a believers meeting, I must do what? Interpret for them. It's a message from God or for God, to the people. But when I speak in tongues, in my private life, it is always a prayer. And when I pray, I am speaking in tongues, but I'm praying in the walk. I'm praying in the Spirit, and when I pray in the Spirit, my spirit is being locked, edified, therefore, I never do what never interpret. For when you speak in tongues, and you interpret you must be in a body a lot. That's what it says. It's what it means. Verse 50, what is it then? Well, what about it then? I will pray with the one and when you pray with a spirit to be praying in tongues, and I will pray with my one. Do kinds of prayer, right? All right, we had we had one Amir tonight. We had the other one too, but it was silent, praying in the Spirit. But we pray with our understanding tonight. Donna, Catherine well sprayed Bob, they prayed with there was understanding. So you can pray with your understanding.


But you can also pray with love in the spirit. Likewise, it says I will sing with what? So you can sing in tongues.


And you can also sing with your one understanding. ELS verse 16 els once that first word should be translated what? Eddie Bell Did I lose you? I forget it's in the text here and I just haven't slipped along far enough in my book here. I should have gone there perhaps but I didn't see it. Otherwise when thou shalt blessed with a spirit otherwise, if Okay, otherwise, if you bless with a spirit, but what is it? Otherwise? If you bless with a spirit, what's it mean it? In the context here is the way it's written, it says, When you speak in when you bless with a spirit, which means you will do it. That's impossible. So because you can black with a spirit like to do walk, interpret, right? But you can do it that way. If you are blessed with a spirit, that blessed with a spirit is to pray in tongues is that particular right? How shall he that occupies the room of the onward say amen Uthai giving a Thanks. See, he understand it's not a larger thing. You see if I spoke in tongues all night. Let me give you an illustration. I'll speak in tongues and not interpret then you'll understand. lo son, Gamal aka Shang chi whose son tamale? artisti no cash, Santa, if I did this speaking in tongues all night, would I be blessing with a spirit? Yes, but I'd only be blessing what? myself? My spirit would be what? But what about yours? You wouldn't get blasted all and inside of the body of believers. This is not permissible. That's what he's trying to say. Verse 17, says, Thou barely give us Thanks. Well, the but the other is not bought, edify. And inside of the church, everybody has video edify. Verse 18. I thank my God, I speak with tongues more than you all in the church. No, oh, no. Four just got through saying, This is not what you're supposed to do. Because you're not supposed to speak in tongues. In the church. You're supposed to interpret like to speak in tongues. And here in the body of this thing. We're talking about praying in the Spirit. And almost everybody's missed this thing. You know, people are taught this across the country and other foreign countries. It's just hard for people to renew their minds believe what the Word says. I don't know why it's so hard. So difficult. You know why it's difficult, because we've all been taught the things that God are difficult when this should be simpler than to believe the banker that you got $5 left the checkbook at the end of the month. But they send your report to believe him right? It's written now. Korea may take your book and balance it. Take some times Mrs. Were longer to balance her little account than it does the whole month or something right? Am I good? People when you sit out I really logically think it's true for men and women who say they're Christian. And then to, to doubt the integrity of God's word and to believe the bankers report on their financial statements. Man, we're great spiritual people aren't wrong someplace, right? Well, you decided I thanked my God. I speak with tongues more than Y'all not in a believers meeting, but in his private, odd prayer life because it did a lot to him. And the Word of God says that of all the men that ever lived, nobody had the abundance of the revelations, the Apostle Paul. No wonder. Yet he says inside of the church, verse 19, I'd rather speak five words with my walk, understanding that by my voice, I might teach others also. Then 10,000 words in a tongue lie. Very simple. Because five words with my understanding will edify you five words worth. Not a poet 10,000 words in a tongue would not edify you one word. I would be edified in the spirit, but it's out of order inside of odd. That's why five words inside As the church would build you up five words worth, while 10,000 words wouldn't build you up one word even. And inside of the church, it is God's will that the people they want, edified build up. That's why when the ministry of the body meets like here at the late biblical Research Center, when you go out of this place on Sunday night job to be on fire for the Lord, as I call it, burning with the enthusiasm of God's presence and power, you ought to be world beaters, instead of wifebeaters or something. We ought to fly, because, look, the church ought to be what? edify? Man if you leave the church on Sunday morning or Sunday afternoon and Sunday night, and you're as negative as you came in, or as defeated and frustrated as you were when you came in, find yourself a new outfit operate from or do something, because boy, when you leave that place, you want to be gelling. You want to be effervescing. You don't want to be glowing with the presence and the power of God and know you've been in some place and touch the hangman. You've touched the resource shore. Well, that verse is real simple isn't. Here is one of the words verses they really throw out, you know, they really throw out that says, in the church, I'd rather speak five words with my understanding 10,000 words in a tongue therefore they say you think tongues tongues is out, it's no good. Five words. is better than 10 That's not what it says. You say it's a matter of the church being one thing one edify Sure. Birth 20 brethren, be children all your lifetime and understanding. No, be not children in what understanding understanding what the things we're talking about things other spirit, spiritual matters spiritual thing. You know, people in chapter 12, verse one concerning spiritual matters, brother and I would not have you want ignorant. There are only about three things in the Bible. He says he does want us to be stupid about this is one up. And we're just about as stupid as stupid as stupid student debt. Many times. This is one of the things he said he didn't want the church to be ignorant about. Well bless God, when God says he doesn't want us ignorant, then we ought to sit back and take time to find out what he really tried to say, right? And we ought to just gel this thing and just work it until it becomes such a part of us that we can't help but manifest what's in here. Rather, and do not be children and understanding. how be it in malice be what children and boys that something? Can you imagine this madness be children. If, if one child does something wrong to another child, you know something, they never take their ball, bat and glove and play together hit. And they'll never talk to each other again. Golly, 60 You know better than they can have a big fight. And five minutes later, they're hugging each other and playing ball again. But sometimes when you got to be Christian, and you grew up, somehow or other, you never were able to forgive. There's something wrong in malice be what children be like a child. Body and understanding grew up being a man you know, verse 21, it says in the law, it's written with other tongues, and other lips will I speak under this people? And yet for all that, they'll not hear me set the Lord. Wherefore tongue are for a sign not to them that what? But to them that bought That's right. This is why choose in the church. Do I choose the church? If I got up here and I prophesied Are you prophesied, and there is an unbeliever back here, he's perhaps converted, but he still hasn't been taught enough the Word of God to really walk in it.


And so you prophesy prophesy would be in the language of the body of the people present, which would be in English, right? That unbelievers sitting back very safe Hmm. Or just putting that on? I can do that. But if you stand up and you speak in tongues, he's sitting back there and how do you do it? How do you do it? do it that's a sign what? Can the unbeliever and people many times inside of the church, you've got to walk? Unbelievable. It's we're all believers inside of the church, we would do nothing but give a word of odd. Oh, by the way, what, what makes up the church? How many do you have to have ever to you and I make a church. If you're born again, and I'm born again, the two believers that makes a church, two or more, gathered together in the name of Jesus Christ, who are born again, there you have the church. Now, I'd say three of us meant the body of believers. There, if we were manifesting the evidence as other spirits, we would do one thing what prophesy, but in our group, the size, many times much smaller than this. You would bring a message in tongues with interpretation for the benefit of the unbeliever. And I like to tell you here this is this will shock some of you people who haven't sat under my ministry and work the accuracy of the word here with me. But this technically is not the unbelieving unbeliever. He is not the unconverted unbeliever, he is the converted unbeliever, the one who is born again of God's Spirit, but who is still ignorant in many respects, of the spiritual matters or spiritual things that the fellow that's talking about. I refer to him as unbelieving believers. They're born again a God Spirit, but they still are not believing to operate. And to those people. Speaking in tongues is a what sign while prophecy is not for them that believe not, but for them, which do what? When all the believers 2345 Everybody's fully instructed, you know how to speak in tongues and interpret. Then in that particular group, there is one manifestation in operation with prophecy only understand. That's why Katherine, it's almost impossible to be out of line at any time by somebody speaking in tongues and interpreting in your meeting. Because nine chances out of a 10 I'd almost say, more than that, there will always if you have 1012 1520 people, there'll always be someone there who is really not good with the manifestations of the Spirit. And therefore speaking in tongues will be a want to them, assign, if their forebears 23 the whole church, become together in one place, and all speak with tongues. And they've come in the onward. They're born again of God's Spirit. But they're watt unlearned. And the reason they're unlearned is because they have never been one taught. And boy to those people, God's given me a ministry. I'm not an evangelist. But I've got a real message for God's people. For those who are already Christian, and are miserable, or something, those who aren't Christian and need more of the power of God. And they know it. These are the unlearned. And the reason that they're unlearned is because nobody has just yet taught them on that point. They may have other points have been taught about that point. They're unlearned or what? Unbelievers, those who are born again, but have never been instructed at all. Boy, you've got it if everybody inside of the church, all of them would speak in what tongues and you have those two categories of people among the rope? Will they not say you're off your rocker, that you're mad? You're out of left field. Right? By Sure. And that's exactly what many people have been saying because they saw in the places where they say they have believed in the Holy Spirit. Everybody gets up and now we're all gonna speak in tongues, you know, and then everybody speaks in tongues. That can and when, let's say in this group tonight, we have way over 100 in here tonight, if you all spoke in tongues at the same time, but they're about Four or five in here, who were unlearned or what? And y'all spoke in tongues at the same time? Would it? Bless them? No, it bless us, the speaker and the people listening to us by they say you're off your rocker, you're mad. It's a bunch of noise. It's a bunch of baloney. Talking about but verse 24. If all prophesy in a believers meeting, where there are all believers and your prophesy, and there happens to come in one that believers not born again, but not instructed at all, or one who is what? unlearned, and this word unlearned here as it's used all through Corinthians, mean, he's been taught a little, but he's not taught enough. Then if your profit sign of believers meeting, and someone later comes in, he is convinced of all and he's weighed in the balances, or he's judged by all not that doesn't mean you go in and tell me where he's wrong. But just see, you're being a believer, and you're all fired up. The Word of God in your midst has given you the enthusiasm, the effervescence. And the glow. Here is someone who's unlearned, or someone who hasn't been brought up on the word. What do you do afterwards with those people, you talk to him, you talk to him, you talk to him, because you're all a glow that was talking about? And thus are the secrets of his heart made manifest. And so falling down on his face is a figure of speech. He will worship God that something doesn't say he's gonna worship you.


That's the difference many times between the genuine the con the genie deck Tuesday worship hurt. But when you're operating manifestations of the Spirit, it's like, isn't it in the Gospels? Or is it the epistles? Where he says, I thank my God that He has given such power onto men? I just didn't read it here, did I? It's in here someplace who said that Jesus or is it the epistle? I think it's in the Gospels. Sure, where he said that he that he thank God that they are given this power on demand. And when you see the manifestations and operation, you don't worship BP were will. But your worship the God who gave these abilities to us, right? And in the counter fifth, in the counterfeit, they will always worship the man or they worship the woman. Did you ever read AgSafe many of you read it many times did hear? Sure. The formal Simon had bewitched the giving out that himself was the lot. Great 1x Eight.


And the whole city gave heed to what he said. And he had them in the palm of his hand. Because the Scripture says that he had Bewitched, hoodwinked, pulled the wool over their eyes, by the power of Satan, for years and years. But into the midst of that cesspool of unbelief and iniquity, came a man by the name of Philip. And it says he preached the Reader's Digest, life looking tired. Nope, it says he preached the word. Why tell my people in the classes, if you take more time to look at the word, you have more light. He preached the word under there. And if people gave heed under Phillips preaching, because of the signs and the miracles that were wrought by the hands of the man of God, and after this, it says, they gave God the glory, because God had given this power to men. People if you'll watch that, you'll see it all the genuine and counterfeit triplicate. Verse 26, how is it then brother, when you come to gather? Every one of you has a song. Everyone has a duck. Everyone wants to know, everyone says we've got a revelation from God. Everybody's got an interpretation. Let all things be done on the Lord. These are baloney that's involved here. How they were out of alignment, harmony. Everybody wanted to speak in tongues, everybody said they they had something to share. That's not true. If any man speaking a tongue verse 27, let it the speaking be by two, or at the most what? Three. No believers meeting as that my watch course course means order 123 At the most What 3123 And that in course, order and left block. One the word one is the word each. You know why it couldn't be one of the three? Because back here a little while ago, we read what led him that speaker in a tongue pray or believe to do what? At what he said that's what he meant God can turn around 10 verses writer and contradict himself if he's God. Not to remarkable thing that people have remembered the verse I've just read, they forgot the one we read a while ago, all over the country where it was the one they always bring up. They say, Well, the Bible says, you're going to have three people speaking and you have only one person interpret I said, Yeah, that usually the preacher Ma. It says when a person speaks in tongues in unbelievers, meaning he's to pray, are believed to know what and here we're talking about the same morality only inside of the church, you have one may speak and he must do odd interpret, to may speak and he must do a lot or you can have three and they must walk in course, or order and each one must interpret what he has spoken that the church may receive edifying. Verse 28, but if there be no one interpreter, if number one speaks and he does not pop, interpret, believe to interpret. Number two would speak and not believe to interpret or if the person any person speaks and does not believe to interpret, let him let that person who is speaking, keep silence, where? In the church. Why? Because when he speaks in tongues in a church, he must do what? And if he does not believe to interpret, or if he does not know how to interpret, then inside of the church, he must stay silent, and speak to himself. And to this he can do silently by speaking in tongues. Can you say to yourself in English right now? I love the Lord Jesus Christ without moving your lips. Sure, alright. Then you can speak in tongues silently. That's what he's talking about.


Let the prophets verse 29. Now here we're shifting from manifestation to gift ministries. Now we're talking about a spiritual matter, which is a gift for any Ephesians four, it lists the gifts of the Spirit, where it talks about prophets, apostles, prophets, evangelists, teachers, and what and I think that to the Ephesians, four, eight or 11, what 411 Now here, we're talking about spiritual matters. These are gifts now, let the Prophet speak to or watt. And let the other what the other prophets that are there if there are other prophets there, let them do the one judge to judges against to wait to evaluate whether what that Prophet is saying is genuine or not, and the only way one prophet of God or one man or God could judge another away another is by the revelation of the word. Is he saying what the Word says? Or isn't the verse 29? Let the Prophet speak, two or three, let the others judge. If anything be revealed to another and other one prophet that signifies let's the first the first was the prophet who has been speaking, let him hold his peace. For you may all he may all who all the prophets that are present in our believers meeting, all the prophets may prophesy, one by one that all may learn and all maybe what you see inside of the believers fellowship. You might not have the profit or profit that That's right. You might have an apostle or evangelist or pastor He might not have a prophet at all. But inside of the believers, you being a believer, you could speak in tongues and you could walk, interpret in a believers meeting. But if there happens to be a prophet there any of two or three, even every one of the prophets that would be there would always be allowed to bring a message in one. Prophecy. That's what it's talking about. Verse 32, and the spirit of the prophets are subject to a boy, I love that, who's in control of his acts, the man who does the speak, the spirits of the prophets are controlled by the prophet. And therefore, when people get out of alignment, harmony, it isn't God it's hope that people if they do something that is not according to the Word of God, its people and not God never gets people out of alignment. Harmony's people get themselves out of the spirits of the prophets are subject to the Prophet, or God is not the author of confusion, but at peace, as in all the churches of God. Therefore, any time you have confusion in a believers fellowship, who's the author of it? Satan, not God, not God. Whenever we are out, it's always Satan that does it. Not God, for God is not the author of confusion, but he's the author of peace as a sub that the spirits of the prophets are subject to. So if I do something that's out, there isn't God making me do this? It's who doing? Satan, right? Satan inspiring working through my mind, and I am the one that's responsible for it. Verse 34, for you, women, let your women keep up. Silence in the Lord. Boy, here's the verse they really hate to pieces. It's a nice verse to use in those denominations, where we do not believe in the women standing in the pulpit, and preach and, or anything else. And most of you people know if it hadn't been for the women through the years, you wouldn't even have a Sunday School in, or a lot of other things. Therefore, God couldn't be that stupid. But here's your context. And they don't read it in context. We're talking about the prophets, the women, the wives of the Prophet, subject, matter, the wives of the Prophet, you prophets, the women of the prophets, let your women, your women of the prophets, the wives of the prophets keep on silence, in the lot churches, for it's not permitted unto them to law. That's right. That's all it says. That's all it means. And that's just what it means.


But they are commanded to be under obedience to their husband, who is the prophet as set the law, even of the old test, verse 35, but if they will learn anything, the wives of the Prophet, let them ask their husbands at one home, where they live, where they can ask a girl, when they go to bed, they can talk about it. But for the rest of women, they can't talk about it to the prophets. So the Providence telegram logo there. But if the life of the prophet wants to know anything, when I'm asked at home, for it's a shame, for women, what women, the wives of the Prophet to speak, in the lot, right, and the word speak here is there is the word law, legal meaning with the running off of the mouth. That's right, the running off of the mouth. And that's what was happening in Korea, the women, the wives of the prophets, we're having the running off of the mouth. And it's a shame for the women of the prophets to do this. Verse 36, watt, came the Word of God out from you, the wives of the prophets, this is what he's saying to them in the Corinthian church. Or did it only come to you, the wives of the prophets like it did to the rest of the women of the church and the rest of the men. Nothing wrong with women speaking in the church, nothing wrong with women teaching the word or anything else, but inside of the church, the wife of the Prophet has to be in order in alignment harmony with her husband, who is the man of God. God doesn't have that picture spoiled. If he does, he'll say to them what he said in her. The women were not to have the running off of the mouth while what was happened in the church in car is it sees the picture is real wonderful. The prophet of God was speaking the Word and back there, the Lord Honeybun stood up and she says, Now now Honey, just wait a minute up there. Remember the other night we were talking about? So and So, you know, honey, I know a little bit about this revelation business to God to shut up. No running off of the mouth. He said, Did the Word of God come to you? No, it came to the man of God. For the prophet is the man of God. God's revelation was given to the prophet the prophet spoke his part, and the woman was just lucky to be married to that prophet. Now anyways, he was in a real big sense, too, because these, these men come few and far between. And for a woman, or a man, even to have this ministry is a tremendous thing. That when we can speak that great, wonderful word of God, to God's people, and the Prophet always speaks to God's people. The evangelist speaks to the ungodly, and we get some saints, but the prophet like Isaiah, he spoke to Israel, God's people, Jeremiah spoke to God's people, all the prophets always speak to God's people, and they speak the Word of God to them and say, Come on back. Let's get on the ball. Let's really move with the power of God. They were always God's spokesman to God's feet. And he said to them, let the wise the prophets stay in alignment, harmony, no running off of the mouth, no yak and like that. If you want to ask anything, ask your husband at home, Valley 60 couldn't apply to all the women because many wonderful women don't even have a husband. How could you ask your husband at home if you're not even married? I can only apply in context to what the church in which there are a lot prophets, men of God and their wives. That's why it's a wonderful verse. That's why I put it here to make it plain and simple. Verse 37, If any man thinks himself to be a prophet, or spiritual, let him acknowledge that the things that I write unto you are what? The commandments of the Lord, but if any man be what, ignorant if any man be stupid after all of this, so the Word of God, let that man be what? Ignorant, let him stay stupid, quit worrying about it, because he's had the greatest teaching are God's wonderful matchless word. If he doesn't want to believe it, find yourself somebody that does. Wherefore brethren, coveted a lot. prophesy and forbid not to speak with lots, but Let all things be done decently and what? in order.