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SNT 0240 Christians Walk 1 Corinthians 3:1-ff

Christians Walk:   March 21, 1965
1 Corinthians 3:1ff

Handles the limitlessness we have in the new life in Christ.
SNT – 240

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Topic: draft, God, Christ, condemnation, word, sin, walk, born, life, fellowship, confess, scripture, reconciled, negative, living, hear, long, manifesting, world
Format: audio
Publication Date: 03-21-1965

Victor Paul Wierwille was a Bible scholar and teacher for over four decades.

By means of Dr. Wierwille's dynamic teaching of the accuracy and integrity of God's Word, foundational class and advanced class graduates of Power for Abundant Living have learned that the one great requirement for every student of the Bible is to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Thus, his presentation of the Word of God was designed for students who desire the in-depth-accuracy of God’s Word.

In his many years of research, Dr. Wierwille studied with such men as Karl Barth, E. Stanley Jones, Glenn Clark, Bishop K.C. Pillai, and George M. Lamsa. His formal training included Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Mission House (Lakeland) College and Seminary. He studied at the University of Chicago and at Princeton Theological Seminary from which he received a Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. Later he completed his work for the Doctor of Theology degree.

Dr. Wierwille taught the first class on Power for Abundant Living in 1953.

Books by Dr. Wierwille include: Are the Dead Alive Now? published in 1971; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today published in 1972; five volumes of Studies in Abundant Living— The Bible Tells Me So (1971), The New, Dynamic Church (1971), The Word's Way (1971), God's Magnified Word (1977), Order My Steps in Thy Word (1985); Jesus Christ Is Not God (1975); Jesus Christ Our Passover (1980); and Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed (1982).

Dr. Wierwille researched God's Word, taught, wrote, and traveled worldwide, holding forth the accuracy of God's "wonderful, matchless" Word.

1Co 3:1-3; Col 2:10

Rom 8:1; 2Co 5:17, 18

2Co 5:18-21

Rom 8:31-39; 1Jo 1:3-5, 7, 9; (Rom 10:9, 10)




SUMMARY KEYWORDS: God, Christ, condemnation, word, sin, walk, born, life, fellowship, confess, scripture, reconciled, negative, living, hear, long, manifesting, world


Take your Bibles tonight and turn to First Corinthians. And now you're turning to First Corinthians. May I say that we have the album, the new albums of our friendly Russell from New York, have come in. Come let us sing about Jesus with Lee Russell, he wrote the words and the music, and new songs from an old Bible. You people who are lovingly fans of our friendly Russell from New York, will enjoy these, I'm sure. Next Sunday night, I'm going to begin a series of teachings here that will shock most of our people around the nation who are listening here, there and yonder, maybe except those who have sat in the classes. Because next Sunday night, I want to begin dealing with some of the things which currently relate themselves to the Easter season. By the grace of the Lord, I expect to work out this week and have for you next Sunday night. Something I've worked out for many, many years ago, but for the teaching here next Sunday night, on the the anointing, the two anointings and the three suppers in the scriptures, these dates of cards to the last week of Jesus life, the greater part of the last week, a few more days, a couple days more than the last week. And I like to handle that here with you next Sunday night. And this ought to be a tremendous teaching because they have never understood the anointing and the sufferings that get them all mixed up. So they have one suffers, really, they have to suffer and they have one anointing, the Bible says that there were three suffers and two anointing. So I invite you to come next Sunday night to find out whether we can read or whether we can't read. And perhaps Perhaps later on the Sunday after that, I may handle the four crucified with Jesus instead of the two. And perhaps on on Easter Sunday evening, the Easter Sunday evening service here. I will perhaps handle the great field of when was Christ's resurrection. I'm sure of one thing he wasn't resurrected on Easter Sunday. If the Bible's right. And if the Bible isn't right, and everybody else is right, the Bible's wrong. And we haven't got anything to go by anyways, except names and it's a question of the accuracy and the integrity of God's words. Well, tonight's into pairing the first Corinthians chapter three, I'd like first to get into some of this greatness of God's word with you. Because one of the satisfaction reality today with which we are confronted, as we meet with the fall, is that Born Again Christian sons of God, life a man in whom God lives are walking as mere man of the hour. They're beat, they're defeated. They're living under condemnation and fear and frustration. And this should not be in first Corinthians chapter three, verse one we read, And I, brethren could not speak unto you, as unto spiritual but as under what? carnal, even as they are in Christ. I have fed you with milk, and not with me, or hitherto you were not able to do what? Berries, yet now? Are you there yet now? Are you able? Are ye are carnal? Or whereas there is among you lots, and B, and strife and division, are you not carnal? And what has been your things, he could not teach them the great tunes of the Word of God, because they were a lot carnal. And when people are still in this carnality you just have to feed them like baby. There we have today all over our knees. Men and women born again have God's Spirit filled with the Holy Spirit, sons of God, men and women have eternal life. But as far as their living is concerned, as far as their walk in this world is concerned, they're just walking like mere man, living under condemnation and living under fear with frustration and deceit manifested on every hand. It shouldn't be this way people are when a believer is born into the family of God. That child at the moment when he is born, has everything that God Add his insight in you. Nothing like when you walked in here tonight? Did you bring your arm? Or did you leave it outside the door, parked it on the lock. If you bring your leg in when you came, you came in with what you were right. For God in Christ, my people logically do any less. When you were born again of God's Spirit, there was a power of His Holy Spirit, which is in you the hope ago? Could he do anything less than come in in completeness with what he is? Not at all. And therefore, we turn thinking, why did that record in Colossians? Remember what he says in Colossians? 210? Maybe we ought to look it up. Look it up. I could quote it to you. But then some of you might say, Well, I'm not sure if he quoted it accurately. Who's got Colossians? Two? Can we read it? Please? A little louder, I can't hear. You are complete in him. You are complete in him? Well, if men and women who are born again are complete, then are they lacking? If they're lacking in anything, they would not be complete? And the scripture says that we are complete in him. That's the tail end of that. Right? Or is the head complete in Him, completed him who is the head of all principality and power? My people? How can can we be living a defeated life, a life of condemnation and fear and frustration? We are born again and this word is a threat to us.


complete in Him. The answer lies in the fact that unless a believer knows that he has to grow in grace, and he rose in knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Unless the believer, study this word of God, study that to the end that he likely devices, he will never be able to show himself approved in the work. He will constantly be living in condemnation and fear and frustration and disease.


Those who are born again if they only do it, have limitless limits. To the new light that is in we must cultivate the Spirit of God that is in us. We must develop the potential because the potential is spirit. And spirit only becomes manifested in the census realm as we act. This is why the Scripture uses the word of the spirit of power within gentlemen. The Greek word gentlemen, the word dinamik means put potential power for which we get the English word dynamite. Dynamite doesn't hurt you one iota. As long as somebody doesn't ignite suffering, you could be sitting on 20 Pigs of it right now wouldn't hurt you one bit. If someone didn't Ignite, though a man can be born again of God's Spirit. But I'm telling starts working, manifesting that greatness or the power that's in here, it's only late. It's only potential, it becomes kinetic, energy, dynamic power when you and I operated. You know unless the believer grows in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, unless he studies to show himself approved, he will always remain spiritually defeated in his life. The reason for the spiritual defeat of the Christian is that the Christian does not know what he has in Christ. And of course, your neighbors don't want you to know. And Satan doesn't want you to know or anybody else. And so instead of listening to what God's word really says, We have gone by people's opinions. And so we have been ingrained with their ideas, their theology family, and ladies and gentlemen, when it comes to the spiritual side of life, people are usually negative when it comes to the selling of a to start their path collecting their texts, they're positive, working on the farms or positive working in the shops and factories were positive. Or when it comes to spiritual things, most of the people are negative if you ever noticed. Well, the truth not having a knowledge of God's word, then the knowledge they do have is so mixed with error that they're unbelieving is many times. It's what they call believing is many times nothing but unbelief. This limitless limits of the new birth or the new life is almost unheard of today, in the society in which we live, and in which we move. Because the whole thing is basically geared to nothing but condemnation. The greatest of all evangelists, found through the years have for the most part, pre condemnation and a pre judgment, hellfire and brimstone. They have magnified sin, above redemption. And so we spend more time talking about sin than we ever do about redemption. Or they have magnified condemnation above salvation. The only way you can get the answers to exactly what you are and the limitless limits that are in this new life is your must go to the word and you have to believe otherwise. We go to Romans eight going other places, but we'll go here first, Romans eight almost unknown to people that there is therefore verse one. There is there for now. Now, right now, if you're born again, you know having Christ's life in you if you're saying of eternal life, I see you there is therefore now no one Alright, nice yourself. Is the Word of God truly the love. Is this addressed to you? Okay, but the best to the believer, then do that, believe it there is no one there why in the world act like? Why in the world let somebody put you under. Now people it's as simple as it is, or God's word is right, or it's wrong. If it's right, then we who are you ought to say what the Word says. Because the moment you and I say less than what the Word says we call the word a liar. And that makes us


there is therefore no condemnation. There is there for now right now no condemnation for them which are rare. And right now that something is not right, in you is one thing you in price is something else. That's very, they usually use for evangelism has nothing to do with it. Because to get paid, you got to get priced in right. That verse isn't talking about price they use. This verse is talking about what you in fact, and that's a horse of a different going at something else. You incise is a renewed mind putting on up here what God in his infinite mercy and grace rot in the inner man. It has to be transformed by the renewing of your mind. It is to Let this mind be in you which was oh so in hope. But see on the Lord Jesus Christ. This rise in you is salvation you in Christ is your walk your fellowship with Him. And you cannot have fellowship with Him. You cannot work with him, except as you renew your mind on what the word has spoken. Now there is no condemnation. There is no condemnation right now to those who are aware. In fact, the best part if you're not in, right, you'll be condemned all along. You'll feel like why can gumboots what feels like but that's what you'll have to feel like. You'll feel like all Heaven is brass. You'll want to pray no use prayer because you know you can't get an answer. Is this because God has not lost things in Christ, though? Is it because our redemption is not fully paid for our salvation is not accomplished, though it is because we are not recognizing what we have in the new light that in us. We are not recognizing the limitless limits of this new light, which is in us, because we have not renewed our mind. That's why the words that be transformed by the renewing of your mind, to the end, that you are in Christ, to the end that you are in Christ, you will no longer feel this can damage and walk in it. Why all you people know it couldn't apply to this on the inside, or the inside is pricing you not worth what I bought. Rate, not of works lest any man should vote. And this interview is eternal life. Therefore there could not be any condemnation in this, or this is eternal life, right? The condemnation can only be in that which the Scripture speaks of as being the old man. And therefore you must renew your mind. You must say with your mouth and believe with all your BS that you are what the Word of God says you are and that you have what the Word of God says you will have and that you will be what the Word of God says you will be and you will have what the Word of God says you will have there is there for now right now no condemnation for those that are aware. All right, bye see you aren't against wonderful but when we are in right are you in getting to the end you are in him you walk and at those places, there will be no pandemic. You see why a person could be a Christian and live under condemnation Ali's life full of fear worry anxiety, frustration and all the rest because he has never put on the mind of crises never put on appear what God in his infinite mercy and grace walk within the inner part of the that's something like a second Corinthians a great truth is told here same thing like a Corinthians chapter five we've got very 17 Alright Miss anything you know, all things are determining that I better read that I see my mic boy has run off so they can't hear you people reading done. I know where my engineer is. So he must have gone out to have a nap. We went out for a cup of coffee or something. They'll be back Don't worry they're hearing me now they'll be coming to run into while anyway very tendency. Therefore if any man beware in Christ, you see, it's the same truth. If any man be in Christ is a new creation, all things all things were appear in the mind are lost. To the end that you are in Christ, they're passed away to the end that you're not in case you still got it up here. And most people are a compilation 90% negative and 10% Positive after they're saved. Then once in a while somebody gets 10 and a quarter percent. Because you just they're not safe today. What's the word ever you pick out like a sore thumb in your community. That's why the people who pay their full gospel makes me laugh. If they're so full of adult folks that want to don't you believe the gospel when you read a tool you know how far we are the gospel. Just about as silly as that bird is occasional. He brings a foot around in the case. But the moment he gets outside of the cage putting back then he's got nada confines of our little old denomination system or our little ideologies that we consider to be the truth and so he splits up bringing back in JC now over the house people we are only you up here to the end we put on the mind of Christ God all things are passed away only to the degree and in the to the extent that we have put on something new. And when a person is born again of God's spirit that start with these negative wait remember what the base have said about this? They didn't plan They said that when he was a high test Hindu before he was converted, and he said that the high test team do never confess the negative. They do not have the word no. In the Hindi language, and always not in the language. If you want to say no, you have to say yes. You just kept them saying yes. When they meant no. Get through that. Yes. Oh, boy, we ran into that time and time again. They say yes and no. But another to genius way of doing Did you say yes to your wife, when she wants to money if you're really big, go and get away with it. Know that. The base of said, after he got converted, he was high caste Hindu, no negative or positive. But the Christians had taught him after he got converted, old things are passed away, behold, all things became new. So he said, I got rid of my positiveness and God is negative as well, that's not quite what the verse but to the end that all things are passed away, behold, all things do become moot. And all things when all things are up God who has who has reconciled us to himself by us, were blessed up, if he has reconciled us, are we reconciled? Then why don't we act like why should we why should we confess negatives? Why should we confess up? Why should we confess condemnation? Because when we confess these things, we are confessing the opposite of what the Lord says we are, and we have any last thoughts, if they're all things are about to have passed, since he has had them reconcile them?


Well, if we are reconciled, and we're What do you know what the word reconciled means? That means to bring us back together, that would have been what we were without Christ, we were dead in our trespasses and sins without God and without hope. But ladies and gentlemen, when we got faith already in God's Spirit, we were up. Why don't we act like See, that's why this limitless limits of the new life is almost unbelievable, we're reconciled. The Lord, I don't feel bad guidance. And on the receiving end, it was Christ, who died, he got the feeling when they nailed him to the cost, right. If you're going to wait on your feeling, you'll be flat footed in top of your head not knowing. That's right. Because people you can tell by your feelings, you've got to go by the revealed word of God. And nobody dares to go by it. It's except a little handful of believers here, there and yonder, who dare to believe God's word. Because to believe God's glory today takes boldness. Because when you're when you're living condemnation belong and you live with people are always condemning everything, and they're always living in condemnation. You've got to be like they are your stick out like a sore thumb. And the Christian world is negative as all against that try to you know, at night, well, then why don't you want to be honest about who you are. That's the richness of your people can go back to your shops and factories and how long your appliances and into your businesses and you can know that you are completed. You're more than a concert, boy, then you can walk with an effervescence and a goal. And you're not always defeated always be because of what God in crisis. He didn't do that or not. He meant what he said. And he said what he meant all things that God was reconciled to himself by Jesus Christ. And then he said, a wonderful thing he gave unto the Lord Jesus Christ, the Ministry of reconciling everybody else. No, he did what he gave to us the ministry of reconciliation. Boy, that's something he wouldn't have had to. He could have chose an angel. He could even make the stones cry out if you want to do but he didn't. He chose men and women who are born again of God's Spirit and said, I give you the ministry of reconciliation. If you're born again, you will get somebody else born again you get them reconciled to God. God in Christ did the job for everybody who believed, but it's up to you to get them to believe. So he limited himself to the ministry of reconciliation, you take it and if people don't get born again today, it's because we aren't doing the job. Now, how in the world do we expect people to get born again when we're always condemned ourselves? Well, it's been so called conscious hidden consciousness, full of deceit, full of fears or worries full of anxiety. How in the world do you want people to get somebody? Because they're already just as negative as you are maybe a little more positive and negative? And therefore, Why could they want to get as negative? You? See, this is why the church has to ever bet it has to blossom. It has to know it's just not to walk with an abundance. How in the world would you feel if I walked here in here on Sunday night, all down in the mouth all defeated all the and say, well, people, we're going to have a miserable time. That, Boy, you really get inspired? What? I'll bet some of you people drive 150 miles, one way to come to that kind of service would be stupid to do. You know why it keeps coming back? For the same reason that I keep coming back. Because we know that there's something wonderful here in our, and we can be together. And when we're together, this word gal, it does not make us negative. It doesn't bring out the worst in us. It brings out the best. It helps us to be the kind of men and women we dreamed up deep within our souls. We were all along. But they kept telling us that we were lied to condemnation. So we believe what those fools said, in a watchtower. And ladies and gentlemen, if you want to walk with an effervescence, and with a glue, you must walk according to the revealed word of God, you have to say what the Word says. Even if the neighbor says you're nuts, not to the neighbor. That's right. You've just walked by the word. That's the only way you can ever walk with an effervescence and with a close look at the next verse. The whip, verse 19. Second Corinthians chapter five, that God was in Christ reconciling the world, I'm doing himself not imputing their trespasses unto them, and has committed unto us the word of God. Now them now then, we are what? How can you be an ambassador for him? If you live in condemnation and fear and pull up the knowledge and all the other junk that goes with it? How can you be an ambassador? We're not filled with that. You see, this is why it's the words that sets us free. But not only that, the words give us the ability to say what the Word says. And when you start saying, you start manifesting, or as a man thinketh. So you, you keep thinking negatively or people keep thinking negatively, what are they going to manage? When you start thinking what the Word says and saying what the Lord said before you know what you start manifesting? Your I said to someone last week, I said, well, they made a statement about getting all our players. And then I said, Well, I haven't arrived to a place where I believe, is you probably even repeat the words, right? But I said, I thank God for one thing, if I never got any further than where I am today, I'm telling, I just praise God for getting as far as I did. Because boy just been the most positive thing I've ever seen. Boy, I wouldn't go back to the place price of eAssist and the negative of yesteryear, for all the money in the native aisle, any other place. Why? Because once you've tasted of the better fruit, and you've drunk this fountain of living water a little bit at some of the places where you know that you know that you know that you know that, you know, boy, what do you want to go back for you to make? Sure, this is why we have to say what the Word says. Now that we're ambassadors, we're ambassadors. Verse 21, tells you why all of this is true. Or he God has made him Jesus to be locked. Then for us, well, if he was made thin for you, then if you're born again, Christ in you, and you walk in him, then what about the sin? That's gone? It's disappeared, appears. Because Jesus was talking. He who knew knows him, he became them that you and I might become the righteousness of God in him. You're hardly like even Brees. That's right. Because until you see the great accuracy the word even saying that your righteous in him will be condemned. You'll feel like he'll say good for somebody if they will your brag. Or be careful. He will think of these satisfied or gone is no follow up. You know, careful brother. You're going to slip. Never heard that. You women wear those things but not too stressed you know, slip player? No, sir. You know why? Because it is a short in what God did in price, right? Oh bless God, He made us the righteousness of us in the flesh. No, but where, now to the end that I put it on up here and I walk in the light as He is the light, I'm going to walk right to sleep in this world before him. And when people say you can't walk right to stay alive, because the word says you can. And either God's word is right or man, and I'll bet my life on the word. It's right. You see, then when you say what the Word says, the righteousness of God, you have it. You're so you're going to walk in before you know what you want.


Before you before you really know it, you're walking in it. But if you keep saying, Well, I'm condemned, I'm sinful. You're going to say all of that you know what you're going to walk in? That's your confession. That's why I keep telling the people who preached on sin all the time, as expected results with our preaching that people got to go out and do it. Because how can they keep preaching if they don't get the results? Like, look, you'd go out to buy a bag of candy once you're coming over. The sides open up and this is why if you if you think condemnation, what are you going to manifest? condemnation, you think you see what he's going to manifest up. And yet you may be born again a god fear but their yard, or condemnation or sin or defeat. And when the world looks at you, they'll judge you by the outside looks right? They can't see that spirit. That's why you and I must renew our mind and saying what the Word says an act like the word. You know what some vincom book told me last week. That's the least common denominator of intelligence. He got the jump and all up and down because of eternal life. He said the reason you believe in eternal life is because it gives you a license to sin. He said Now we get unsaved but we get saved all over again. Well, I said what's the difference? I said, you get saved and unsaved and saved and unsaved suppose it didn't give me a license for sin. I've not seen any more. Yeah, no. So yeah, those things all the time and he couldn't follow the logic of logic either. Least I had a good time. You know, you know what we're looking for always looking for an answer that contradicts what the Word of God says. Always looking for something that the littles that greatness of our redemption and our salvation in Jesus Christ. And every time people do this, they be little gods. They make God a laughingstock. I tell you, my daddy to do better than what that man believe, was when my daddy fathered me, I'm still here was surprised I am. The and I am a VC. And as long as I am here, I will be Victor Paul, where will whether people like it or whether they don't? All right, what about my heavenly Father? When he fathered me, and I was born again of God's Spirit, He came in, in you know, over Dory, and as long as I live spiritually, I will be home, his child, and how long am I going to live eternally? That's why it has to be eternal life. And the people who say that their earthly father is better than their Heavenly Father, Ubuntu are. It's hypocritical. It's devilish to say that kind of stuff. But you see, you talk this thing in the communities talk this thing long enough. Everybody gets convinced they're right back home. You get told when you come to this place and bring your long underwear bring your sweaters like these plumbers people over I usually turn the air conditioning on who wrote that reminds me of the overseas you know. We were ready to set up for the meeting and the teaching up there. You know.


Before I started our walk to the follows thermostat, and I caught her back to 55. And I tell you, they looked at me Wondering what was going on. But I figured we get people in their Adidam and it did not melt says this place to get hot if we didn't have any heated. He said once people get spiritually alive and vitally said they just get radiating. So this is why we get so much heat in here except them. So I don't know what we're gonna do. At least he disagrees with that theology. Well, let's go back to Roman by Mr versus Roman. I've got to show you tonight. Romans chapter eight. Reverse 31 Someone who has it was God, verse 31. Verse 31, look at that, if God before us, well is the fourth grandchild. And I have for my child, my earthly child. Sure. And if God is our Father, and we are His children, who's for him. And if he is for us, he's bigger than my daddy who can be up who can stand against God if God for you, you and God make a majority. Every time I use that phrase, always think of this verse. When you people heard me use this 1000s of times, you and God make a majority in every situation. This is what I'm thinking. Oh, if God be for us, who can be against us? That's why we are more than conference books. The Rebirth 32 Doc is not delivered in full really, is very man free, like give us all things free? Isn't that wonderful? All right, how can you live in condemnation with sin and fear and frustration? If you know he will freely give you all the verse 33 Read that one don't.


write anything to the charge of God you like if God justifies you, who is the one that display anything to you? Only God who justifies it, and he's already said he won't know it. Therefore, who's going to go we're going to lay anything for the gods you like any charge to God, you like a boy in a short drive. Don't say now that they do. They're born again in God's Spirit. And then somebody else is born again and God's Spirit and then you get around and you hear him buzzer on the short circuit line. You know, if they were plugged in, they wouldn't be short circuit. But they plugged in the wrong place or something. And so it's better renewing their mind. They lay something up here Did you hear why? Herman did the magic. Oh, oh, golly, anything that tried to be like, a boy, always somebody trying. I fly no matter how you walk perfectly before the bother. Don't worry. You won't miss an opportunity. He'll throw this at you. And he'll throw this at you through your best friends, your neighbors. And many times we know people who sit on the front rows and this person can say Amen, Glory hallelujah. Verse 30 holes. Who is he that condemning? Who is he that condemns? Who is it that condemns? It is Christ the die? Right die. If Christ died for me and he saved me, then who's going to condemn me? Rather than he's risen again? Who is even at the right hand of God. Vote. Oh, so let's make a lot in our face and Faraj we're not that better than the Virgin Mary, or Johnny jump up or snowball beat or the Right Reverend Cohen. So Right. It is time to pick up all my people that's the biggest sea of God by making interstates done for you. While if you're born again, consenting, what the Word says that Christ is making interface does he know you're going to slip and fall? Does he know you'll be tempted to stand in your butt who is interceding for you? Right. And people that tell wonderful intercession? Tremendously lead for you don't just separate it, who does separate us from the love of God tribulation or distress or persecution or famine or nakedness or peril or? Verse 37 million all these things we are lower than what Through Him netlist or I am persuaded that neither death nor life nor angels nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus, our holier than thou wonderful salvation. You see the limit the limit of this new life of Christ? Isn't it wonderful, knowing that nothing can separate us from the love of God, and that if we will renew our minds and walk in the light of his life, we will have fellowship, lay with him and fellowship with like minded believers. And outside of this people, there is no life worth living.


What's the use of living in condemnation all your life, being defeated and frustrated and beat every day are you the only life that satisfies is the one that God in Christ made available?


I think before I close tonight, I'll read you one more scripture from priest John. First John chapter one, the epistles are three that we have heard and see the player we under you, that he also may have fellowship with love with us, and truly our fellowship is with the who, and with His love, Jesus Christ very far. And these things we do want right under you that your joy may be what this is why we can go out of here this week with joy, full and overflowing with joy. This man is messy, which we have heard of him, and declare unto you that God is light, and in him is no lot and God in Christ is where in you. This is why the scripture says in Corinthians, that we are joint heirs with Christ. A joint air share shares and shares were joiners with you. God in price you This is why Jesus said, the work that I do, he shall do also and greater works than I have done, he shall do when I go to my father, which is in heaven. And this we can only do if we walk in the light of Jesus like manifesting the greatness of the polygon. A lot about it. When you sin. When we get out of alignment, harmony, when we do that, which is wrong and we break fellowship, you can't break sonship you can break fellowship. But you can't break sonship friendship is obscene. But once we break fellowship, get out of alignment, Harmony break fellowship with our Heavenly Father, how do we get back in so that we are again in Christ? Verse nine says, If we confess our sins one time to sin, broken fellowship this time that if we confess our broken fellowship, you see why people salvation hasn't got anything to do with the confession of sin. You don't get saved because you confess them. You get paid because you confess the Savior from sin, the Lord Jesus Christ. Otherwise, here's a woman 25 years old, if she got saved by confessing sin, and she missed just one could you get the boot every evangelist every outfit preaches, confess your sins with God, you can confess your sins to the blue in the face of bill goes straight to hell, because you got to get things and to get things you got to get born again right. And people can only get saved by confessing the Savior from sin, the Lord Jesus Christ back by Romans as if you confess with your mouth, the Lord Jesus and knew us believe in your heart that God has loved out me, amen, but with a heart, man believeth on the righteousness and with the mouth confession is made unto us. Okay. Now, if we confess our sin, broken fellowship, that is a due to confess your sin until you you've got the connection. You're born again. You can't have fellowship in a family a God until you're born again. No, no then you can have family fellowship until you're born in the earthly family. Her son, your daughter didn't have fellowship within your earthly family until it was born, right? So we have no fellowship with Him until whenever they were burning in. Hey, and then people, if we get out of alignment harmony if we break this fellowship back then, and that's unrighteous. Now how in the world can we get back in the scriptures as if we do us? confesses, and that one I can remember that's been I can remember I didn't do that 25 years ago, just get it now and 10 minutes ago aside, that you can remember, and when we can set that broken fellowship, he said, He is faithful and just to do what? cleanse us of all, unrighteousness. And there we are back again in Christ in Christ, and that the limitless limits of this new life. And I haven't even begun tonight, to teach you the greatness of it as I know it from the words. It's just loaded, sail all the way through from x, all the way through the church, the person with the abundance that you and I are to manifest. There are hundreds and hundreds of things holed up in the scriptures as to what we have and what we are in. Now wonderful. And if you want to say anything about this, any other scripture you want to subtract from it or add to it?


Don't say I never gave you 10 You see why we've got a life to live in a message to give.


If you understand all these things and have acknowledged all your the power of God in the community, where you live, in the shop, where you work, the places where you operate. You are the power of God, for God in Christ is in you and if you renewed your mind that's ready.