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SNT 0237 Colossians 3 1-4 Seek Those Things Which Are Above

SNT 0237 Colossians 3 1-4 Seek Those Things Which Are Above

A Teaching on the renewed mind, which is the key to power.

[November 5, 1967]

Topic: Renewed Mind, draft, God, Christ, born, Colossians, seated, word, world, people, seek, life, night, teach, complete, hand, affection, set, risen, believers, tenderness
Format: audio
Publication Date: 11-05-1967

Victor Paul Wierwille was a Bible scholar and teacher for over four decades.

By means of Dr. Wierwille's dynamic teaching of the accuracy and integrity of God's Word, foundational class and advanced class graduates of Power for Abundant Living have learned that the one great requirement for every student of the Bible is to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Thus, his presentation of the Word of God was designed for students who desire the in-depth-accuracy of God’s Word.

In his many years of research, Dr. Wierwille studied with such men as Karl Barth, E. Stanley Jones, Glenn Clark, Bishop K.C. Pillai, and George M. Lamsa. His formal training included Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Mission House (Lakeland) College and Seminary. He studied at the University of Chicago and at Princeton Theological Seminary from which he received a Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. Later he completed his work for the Doctor of Theology degree.

Dr. Wierwille taught the first class on Power for Abundant Living in 1953.

Books by Dr. Wierwille include: Are the Dead Alive Now? published in 1971; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today published in 1972; five volumes of Studies in Abundant Living— The Bible Tells Me So (1971), The New, Dynamic Church (1971), The Word's Way (1971), God's Magnified Word (1977), Order My Steps in Thy Word (1985); Jesus Christ Is Not God (1975); Jesus Christ Our Passover (1980); and Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed (1982).

Dr. Wierwille researched God's Word, taught, wrote, and traveled worldwide, holding forth the accuracy of God's "wonderful, matchless" Word.

(Gen 2:17); Joh 4:24

(Joh 3:6)

Col 3:16; 1Th 2:13; 1Jo 3:1, 2

(1Jo 3:2); Rom 12:1, 2; Mal 3:10; Rom 13:14; (Eph 2:8ff); Eph 4:23

Eph 4:22-32; (Phi 4:13) Col 3:1, 2




SUMMARY KEYWORDS: God, Christ, born, Colossians, seated, word, world, people, seek, life, night, teach, complete, hand, affection, set, risen, believers, tenderness


I'd like for you to turn to the booker Colossians plays I've told you many times that the greatest revelation addressed to the church, the body to which we belong, is the book of Ephesians. And Philippians corrects the practical error that crept into the church due to the failure of adhering to the revelation given in the book of Ephesians. And then Colossians corrects the doctrinal error that had crept into the church, due to the wrong practice, due to the failure of adhering to the revelation in the book of Ephesians. Now, when you read these three epistles, in the light of what I've just said, you get a real beautiful unfoldment of understanding that perhaps you did not have previously. This year, we taught the book of Ephesians in the core. And to do the book of Ephesians, you must have the knowledge of Philippians and Colossians. Because so many things in Ephesians, are brought back in Colossians. And it just seems like Colossians hits it doubly hard, because they had made a doctrine out of it. So when it comes back in Colossians, it's suck a Dewan time according to God. In other words, hit him again, hit him again, hit him again. And I thank God for these revelations, because this is exactly what our people need around the nation. You just got to keep hitting people with God's word, again, and again, and again. And again. The art of remembrance is repetition. If you're going to remember you're gonna repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat. That's how you get twins beat and repeat. So it's what he called them. That was Daddy. That's for you, religious people. Colossians chapter three is for the believers. So tonight, Colossians three. If he then be risen with Christ, and the F is posited, upon a simple confession with your mouth that Jesus Christ is your Lord, and that God raised Him from the dead. A bond that confession, then you are already risen with him, because he fasion teachers and the other epistles that when Christ died, we died with him. When he was buried, we were buried with him. When he arose, we arose with Him. When He ascended far above all principalities and powers, we ascended with him. When he was seated at the right hand of God were seated with Him. All of these great realities like when he was baptized, we were baptized when he was circumcised, where we have everything in what Christ did for us. And we are what the Word of God says, we are, we have what the Word of God says, we have. And therefore we are in Christ, Christ is in us, we are in Him, and He is in God, and we're seated with him, and we are already arisen with him. If you then belong to this category of believers, which you do, here at International, Oh, you better or somebody better walk you outside and get to save and bring it back in for this teaching. seek those things which are aware, right? Where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God, that means everything that he has completed everything he has accomplished, for the believer. That's what you seek. There's a reference in the Gospels in Matthew that tells you to seek something you think anybody can read my IBM, Doug hammers, right? What is it? That's right. In the Gospels, they sought the kingdom first, because the Kingdom of Heaven was here. You and I do not seek the kingdom. It's not here something better is here. We seek those things which are what? above where Christ sit up on the right hand of God. That's what we seek everything that's been accomplished in Christ why He was here upon Earth, they could only seek that which was available and attainable at that time. But you and I do not seek the kingdom. In the kingdom, you have priests. You have, you know those kinds of kings, you do not have priests and kings in the body of the barn again believers since the day of Pentecost, kings and priests belong to the kingdom period, sons of God, born again of God's Spirit, both male and female, humanly speaking, are sons of God, and we belong to this body of the church. And we're already risen with him. And where does seek those things which are above, seek those seek those. Boy, what a tremendous thing. How many times we get conditioned by the world, and we seek that things that the world makes available. The word says where to seek those things which are above now in the Gospel period. In the Gospel, Seek first the kingdom that's beautiful. That was right on. But this is right on for the body of believers. We seek those things which are what, where Christ said, everything he accomplished for us is what we seek. The religious groups of our day and time will try to get you to seek the kingdom first because they'll put you back in the Gospel period. You cannot go back to something that's no longer there. You can fool your mind and you can say well, you know I'm under that now you're not How can you be under somebody? It's not their luck look, we have a supposed to have it that didn't take it down last night. We have real opportunities. We have real friends every time they put up markers at the end of the road says well road, the state puts them up one day, and certain citizens accommodate the state and take them down every night. You know, I don't know they still got the stop sign up at this end of the road. When you leave tonight, you may find out that I think there's one at that end to


you know, I think there's a law someplace on the ritual books of our state that indicate that when you get at the end of well road, there's supposed to be a more important road coming along there called 29. Not more important on the worried but more important road on your stand. And so when you get there, you sto p and if that fellow sets over there that's got one of those twirlers at the top. And you don't s t o. P, he might sto Pu and hand you a little light yellow card that has IBM markings on it that they can file quickly after you pay your 25. Maybe it's 29 at 29. I'm not sure 25 and costs 29. Yeah, you'll remember it's 29. It's a law, right? All right, let's say the the fellows over here in Columbus decided that this was a more important road than 29. And they take the stop sign down, then what would have happened to the law? It's gone, right? But now every time you get over there you stop, you could still put yourself under it only because of your own mind. Not because there is a law, right? That's exactly the word. People put themselves under the gospel, but they can do it really because it's not there. It doesn't apply to them. It was kingdom. We are the born again of the Church of the body. gospels were the Church of the bride. Jesus Christ was the bride and groom. Israel was the bride. In the body, he's the head of the body. And every member is very particular very important in that body. If then we're risen with Christ, which we are when we're born again, seek those things which are above the complete fulfillment of that which is available to every born again believer where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God. He didn't sit on God's left hand. He sat on the right one was the right Hand is the hand of completion. It's the hand of blessing. It's the hand of everything. God stands for the left hands lambda hand to cursing, and hit him with it or something. Where Christ sitteth. And the word said, it means everything is completely complete. It's finished the boat, there's nothing coming. that's ever going to be better than what we have acceptable film that a lot we've already got, which is the return. That's all the next administration to Israel is not going to be as glorious as this one. This is the greatest thing God has ever done. Because the next administration will basically go back to Israel. This one is for Jews and Gentiles. Anyone BORN AGAIN of God's Spirit has the same equal sonship rights. They're already risen with him. They're already seated, seated, set down at the right hand of God, it's all completely complete. Why Roman says You shall never enter into condemnation, we're going to be judged, but not for condemnation, not for sins, because in Christ Jesus, he covered our wood, but we're going to be judged for the rewards. So if you're born again, and then you sin away the rest of your life you haven't gotten rewards. And I want to tell you eternity is a lot longer than 60 or 70 years. And if I was you, I'd recommend to get yourself a little bit ready for eternity and not just the immediate now. Now the immediate now will give you a tremendous rewards if you live it, not truly, but that you'll be rewarded forever. But if you blow it all your lifetime after your Christian sure you're going to be in heaven. But shucks, you ain't got to have any ice cream or Cracker Jack


In other words, no rewards it's all I'm saying. That's all night suppose I get 10 more boxes a cracker jack?


You just keep them common. public announcement watch him come in. I get so blessed. I get more Cracker Jack I think in any cracker jack man in America. Ed, you know what I do with it? Give it away. If you've got fun giving it to me I got great joy giving it away. Because you should have seen the kids here yesterday. Somebody brought me a big old box. I don't like those big boxes too. I like those small ones because you know why? Because every box has a price and you get a big box you only get one price


that's the kid in me see I want to price those two boxes it isn't that cracker jack that interests me so much is that no though? Those nuts and the prize in there. That's why I'm interested. Anyways, they gave it to me. So what do I do? I borrow uncle Harry's pocket knife and it was interesting because I was sitting between three men. I said fellas, there ought to be a pocket knife all three men at a pocketknife I'll go airhead one Howard Allen had one and George Jess was sitting to my left and the all three dug out their pocket nights. So I first took Harry and cut it a third took Howard's cut another third. Took George's cut another third. No I didn't I just took one of them but that's what I thought my mind three pocket when I cut it open flip the flip top back. And the first kid I saw came along I said hey, you like Papa? Oh, there's smile wine from me. They just love popcorn. And that's how I keep my kids sweet cuz that Cracker Jack is sweet. And so I gave it to him. And then I said now you got to share it boy. Every kid came around and they shared it. When I made the I got the biggest bang out I've given it away. Somebody else get blessed to give it to me. So everybody gets blessed. The kids get blessed. Because we're already seated. You don't see how I get around all this stuff. Sometimes I wonder too, but Well bless your heart. I like you, I'm glad you like me, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of law, boy is not wonderful to have gotten past that stage of condemnation. I used to be so condemned. Then I got to thinking, well, if everybody's as condemned as I am, God's got a run out of condemnation. Sometimes, not even God can have that many content nations. Then one day, I read Romans and believed that we passed from death under life, we shall never more come into. And I said, Oh, my goodness, that theology is a lot different than I was taught. Then I got to renewing my mind on God's word. And you know, something I didn't send any more than than I did previously. When I found out what I was in Christ Jesus, I didn't commit any more sins then than I did, when formerly I was always condemned when I had a bad thought 20 years ago. Not neat. And I found out that the word God's the will of God, and what a day that was. Man, that just shook me up, that the Word of God is bigger than a professor, that the Word of God is bigger than VP Wierwille, that the Word of God is bigger than the right, reverend. Man, what a thrill it is to learn that there is no man stands even close to that word. It's that word, par excellence. And we are what the Word of God says we are because Jesus Christ was the Word of God incarnate. He lived it, he made it available, he is seated at the right hand of God, and we're already seated with him. That's why we are more than conquerors have a life that's more than abundant. That's why you've got power. That's why you're here at summer school, to tap into that word more, to learn a little more that you can utilize it in your life, and then bless people with it. You better be here for that Are we close summer school? Tried, therefore various to says. Set your affections. And other translation is mind. If you've already worked that thing out, you will see that in depth it'll say set your heart.


That's why they translated affection. Because they saw that tenderness that was there. They could have the King James boys could have translated at mind. Others do. But the reason that King James didn't do this, because they have some knowledge are available to them, that they knew it was deeper than just had knowledge. Just mental assent. It was a tenderness. If there's if there's a mutual love between us, then you are sort of affectionate to me and I'm affectionate to you. That's what it's talking about. Set your affection your heart. Set it set it like in concrete. Set it set it set your affections on things were above, not on things on the lot. And all of us have been conditioned to set our affections on things on the earth, the earth, the old worlds always vying for our minds. Right? You know, they want us to buy this type of cracker jack or that though, the world's always vying for our toothpaste we use and this kind of thing in that some. And they're in direct opposition to it. It says set your heart on things above, not on things. We are not conditioned by what the world says we're worried condition. Not world condition. Because when you get world condition, you just got an L of a time in it so yeah, just gotta come back to the Word. Then you've got the hell out of the world. And you have Christ in you the hope of glory, and you got the word the word so we set our affections on those things above that have been accomplished for us through Jesus Christ. Bow at a tremendous thing to become renewed in your mind with different love different concern different affection. were formerly the world affected us and our affections or in the census world. often talk about this Howard and I think it's the best Pool Shark. Ohio had I guess at one time, you know, he he'd rather poach pull Pull. Then eat I think I think half the time heroes who pull and come home to you Emma Jean didn't at least he shot a lot of pool. That's right. And he wasn't sort of bad on it cuz I think he told me sometimes he ran 150 250 bucks you know if your little bets on the side need winning see then something happened to him. He took her class for power for a living and it ruined his pool not immediately, but as he started putting on setting his affection on things where that's right. That's um, and now you know we talk about it. We all he and I talk about what we know all the time in our hearts. We're never gonna get time to shoot pool again. You know? And the reason we say that it isn't that we may not choose pool someday just to mess around. But we're never committed again we have a different interest you've gone through this in your phases in other phases of your life you you had a great interest in one time to listen to hard rock or something. Or you know throw stones through the window I don't know. But boy the word got to you and you started setting your mind your affection on things above and what happened to those interests they changed matter of fact team changed friends in the process though that you thought Yeah, many of the people you thought were friends you found our and creates a frame late when you really got some truth and started walking, setting your affection on new things. Well, that's what it says get your heart on things above. not on things on the earth. For your dad, and your life is hid. It's hid. Ladies and gentlemen, if God hid it in Gries, dialog that tell you, there are no theologians, eyeballs that are going to see it. Your life is hid with Christ.


And oh, God, not beautiful. It does not say that your life is hid with God in God. It says it's hid with love. And Jesus Christ is God's only begotten Son whom God raised and whom God seated. Right, God that your life that's right. And our lives, our head, our head with Christ, what he did for us, you see, when he died, we went down with him. When he arose, we arose with him class, when He ascended we ascended with him. We're were already seated in the heavenlies. And we're down here in summer school 1976 Dow that's takes a big dude to do that takes the big God to Aha. And already our lives are hid when we're born again and hid with Christ and home. Man, oh, man, that that that just blows your mind that just takes you so far abroad. That most people were looking at it say, oh, that can be. That's right. That's why it is. Because the world says it can't be God said he did it therefore it is. Because God is not a would be or has been he as it is. He's always a present tense operator. And a past tense he operates we're already seated seated. So we set our affections, our heart toward the greatness that God's word and all these other things in life that people stew about will be ours. May ask good question. What God for his sons do less than what he did for his servants are you would have been better to have been a servant than his son. Now wait a minute. Hardly any of you would by that name your earthly family. How much less? Would you want to buy it in God's family? I'd much rather be a son of God than a servant of God. That's right. Therefore, he promised in the Gospels, Matthew 633 that Doug grody seek first the kingdom and all these other things have added on to you don't worry about the flower they move. On. I just got long arms. All the best. Share the love of God with a hug tomorrow with the love I tried What about seat were with Christ and God? What about all things being available to his sons and daughters, born again of God's Spirit? That beautiful? How far we live below par? And you know why? Because we are still setting our affection too much on things on the earth. We're Earth, bound people, Earth conditioned people. We ought to be glory, conditioned people, God conditioned people. That's right. The world says, If you don't do this, you won't have that the Word of God says you've already got heat. So what do you do? You vote with the world? No, you he has started voting with God and class. I learned a long time ago. And it's no secret that you just don't grow up into maturity overnight. You get born in a moment of time. But the growth is a lifetime. I imagine if we live to be 90, we may still be able to learn some the last day of our life, if we stay open to God taught the camp this week or night a little bit that didn't teach much as tired mess around. So but I taught him one night a little bit about Moses. You know how long it took God to put him through the core.


40 years. That's right. 40 years God spent. And I want to tell you, I figure Moses had a better teacher than the core has. Jethro and made a few little contributions, occasionally, a couple of daughters and a few other things. But many times Jethro sorta plugged in the wrong source and Moses had to get straightened up. And his teacher must have been time and time again, the direct voice of God, just laying around 40 years it took God to get Moses around. So he could lead a people called Israel. I take you through the Corps in three years, and you think you're the smartest in the world.


How stupid. But you're not as stupid as you were three years ago, praise God.


All I've tried to show you is let's not criticize and find fault with each other. Let's go to the worried and just keep our heart lifted up and rising higher and higher, to appropriate and to receive the things God has made available to us. And just keep growing day after day. And the knowledge and the wisdom of the greatness of that worried putting it on. And I'm sure within my heart that you're walking better today, even then you did yesterday. You'll walk a little better tomorrow because you'll have a little more knowledge of the word and greater tenderness, greater heart and you'll be more convinced that you got to set your affections and things up there and not on things down here. So beauty for growth. Why because your life is hid with Christ in God. See in chapter two, in verse nine, he said, For in him dwell with all the fullness of the head God bodily very stayin, and you are complete 10 to 10 You are what? Complete your complete in Him who is the head over all principality and power. This talking about Jesus Christ, who is with God, seated at the right hand. You're seated at the right hand, but you still have a little period of time to work down here to do a little sharing, witnessing under shepherding and a few other things. And it says you are complete. How could you be complete in Him if it's Christ in you if he was incomplete? You and I are complete because of his LOD completeness. And he's so completely completed everything that he seated at the right hand of God, and now it's Christ in you the hope Ergo Ray, you are complete in Him who is the head over all principled? And if you've got that completeness, then you are over all what that prints pelatihan watt. That's why you set your affections above and not on things on what the earth will say you're not above principality and power, the word says you are, Christ in us says you are. Now whichever way you vote determines the election. Right? You gotta say it. You gotta say it. And when you start saying it, just say it often enough, you start believing it. There's always a way that the adversary the world uses to run people down. And they'll start talking about you, and then start magnifying the story and get everybody else to talk about it. The great principle they use, it is really used with great, great wisdom by the world. Because if they want to really mop you off and really take care of you, they'll start saying something bad about you, then he'll say it, then he'll say it, then he'll say it, then they multiply this and they have the opinion if enough people will say it, the key people will believe it. So they get enough people to say it to get key people in authority and power to believe it then they can execute your properly.


So real great trip. Well says in verse four, when when the when his time Christ our what? Now just wait a minute, he is our watt, well, then let's act like it.


Then the government is not our life nor any other man you got it. Now you got to make up your mind is the word of God true or is it false? If you believe there is life at any other place, than what the Word says, then your opinion takes preeminence over the Word of God. Then your opinion is magnified beyond God. The Bible says He magnified His Word. And it says that when Christ our life, our life He is our life. See the only one we got? Shall a pair. He shall puts it in the tense he's coming back. No ifs, ands or buts about it. He's coming back. At the present, he's seated in the heavenlies on the right hand set forth above the sand for this which you now see in here acts to remember a few of those things. And he is here in you Christ, didn't you though? bergerie. The only Christ people ever see today as you well make him look at something baby. That's right, that a woman a god? Well, tonight in a closed Corporation meeting with the students and the core. I'm going to have her sing that woman song. I think it's the greatest women's lib song written that Stevie casings. But the one she's saying here for you tonight. Look at the greatness of that boy. The original songs has I am just a woman. I changed the words had a change. I'm born a woman. You are just a woman. Any old Nin could book could be a woman just a woman. But you're not men come oops. That's right. You're born again. Women are God's sons of God. You're not just a woman maybe that's what the senses world many times dogs us with. You are not just a woman. Here is a child of God born again of God's Spirit. You have Christ in you the hope of glory. That's why she sings it. I think she sings I was born a woman all try. You know she tried the other method and can't get born again the other way so she borrowed a lot. Some of the rest of us poor sticks were born man.


You got that sort of figured out you come one way or the other. So suppose you had a song I am just a man. Why every man loses dandruff. He knows he's not a man. He knows he's a man's man. BORN AGAIN of God's Spirit. Well, the women are, look, boy, oh, boy. Man, Christ, our life shall appear then shall ye also appear with Him in what? You know, man. Now beautiful. There's no ifs ands about it. He's coming back. When he does the dead in Christ arrives first. That true. That's what Thessalonians is all about the return the return. It says we appear with him. He's coming back right now. The only white Christ is here through but he's coming back in person. Right here. He's gonna pick us up close to it. Almost. It'd be a grand pick up. First the dead in Christ picked up? out, then those that are alive shall be what is so shall we meet Him in the air? That's the magnetic power of God drawing us all over the world at the same die or something. And so shall we ever be with what? Hello? Yeah. Are there any questions about it? None whatsoever. As far as I'm concerned. You know why? I speak in tongues? Yeah, I learned it from Corinthians. Yeah. And then I learned also, that it was good enough for the Apostle Paul. So I thought it was good enough for me. Because I just imagine there were never any greater theologians or clergymen than Paul and few others. And then I ran into a problem where God said, I would y'all speak in tongues as a commandment of the Lord. Oh, Lord. Now you might have a little problem with Paul, ladies and gentlemen, you might have a little problem with Jesus Christ. But you couldn't have problem with God could you know and when he said in First Corinthians I would y'all speak in tongues. This is a commandment of God. Seems to me that we ought to be doing what? Quit arguing then do it. I've got the proof. I've got the proof that the Word of God is proof. I have the experiential proof. Then I have it in concretion in the senses world, indisputable and undeniable because before I was knowledgeable of that word, not born again, but I didn't know it. And if you don't know it, you can't do much with that birth. If I was born again, you know born the first time and my earthly father left me a million but I did not know it. Nor did anybody tell me could I ever collected know what about born again? If nobody tells you and you don't know it, you can collect it. Once you know it, you ought to collect it. I would call this a commandment. Most Shang Tao Oh Santa Malarkey, Chico lochain Oh, I couldn't do that 35 years ago I you know I'm 39 Bless your heart you must be born again to speak in tongues by the freedom of your will and I want to tell you I was in perfect control of that little bit of faculty I have up there a few seconds ago. Ads right look, we have the proof you got to prove the word right. Set your affection above not on things on the earth. Your life is head What do you want people digging it up for all the time if it's what head Ah don't let them dig it up. Break their handle I'm glad you got a good sense of humor you see why man being here in summer school. We just talked about this week who's gonna teach one god you know all her and I it's sort of neat. They want to call it Jesus Christ is not God as far as I'm concerned. That's up Still one God. And I suppose next year I'll have it that way in the calendar of operation.


And that funny. He wants to know if I was going to teach it. I already knew he was going DJ. But that's my Walder. You know, some, I would just love to teach you on God. Man, I'd get real cranked up if I had that privilege. But you know, some, I'm going to give the privilege to Walter you know why he not only has that knowledge, you know, he can do it beautifully. And he's a young man, he can learn, he can move with it, he'll teach his heart out to you. And nine chances out of 10 You'll get better taught in 8580 because he ain't gonna mess around as much as I do. Won't tell you a lot of silly stories, I hope but the point still is how are these men gonna learn unless they get an opportunity to teach? And boy, I want to tell you that when Walter finishes that one God in the summer you will know things no generations have no when you finish that bookstore management that leading a song service and Estrin galer make Boyd every one of our teachers is qualified. Every one of them not only spiritually but head wise, they put this thing up here, I'm sure Emma jeans just been dreaming how she can best teach that bookstore management so we don't mess it up out there on the outside all the time. That we really moved that thing so it's beautiful for God's people. That's all we're trying to do. Bernita in her class as dream this thing everybody so I'm real grateful that you're here for summer school. Sure, I'd like to teach but the real truthful thank God I don't have to I guess. But really, I tell you we go night Island if I can't teach we go night Island sometime. Okay, you won't go night Island. People don't know what that is. That's about as bad as snipe kitchen.


After midnight, it's who dollar. But I promise you some night this week. It's agreeable with the staff and cast. We'll do some night owls. But it's really a joy having you in here for summer school. And so wonderful privilege having the rest of you here for summer school tonight. And don't forget to come back next week. Same station, same time, same word. And I just showed you a little you know, I'd planned on teaching you all at Colossians chapter three tonight. I got through at least one verse or two people there's nothing quite as great to me as that word. Look how simple that word is in the first five verses. You don't need a Matthew Henry's that's an old established Concord. Commentary, right? You don't need any commentaries. All you have to do is just read planing. If your life is hid with Christ in God, don't read a commentary read the word. It's so simple. God so loved that he gave that simple. If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe God raised Him from the dead dog shall be saved. It's what you say God had to make it so simple so that simple people could become saved and knowledgeable of the greatness of God. Why do you think God chose man like Peter? Rest I'm sure I knew they were all available to him. But don't kid this man any God knew it is for knowledge that they were humble enough to believe. Why did those shepherds on the Judean Hills the night of the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, get the information and the top brass with all the brains in the IBM sitting right down there in Jerusalem. Never got to one single thought coming through to him. Why? God in His foreknowledge knew that the shepherd's on the Judean hills were humble enough to hear and they had enough intelligence to believe to go to Bethlehem instead of Jerusalem. They were just humble enough to receive God's worried is God's wheel that he meant what he said and he said what he meant. That's why sure Gary Curtis Road, our hands are clumsy, but they're blessed. Boy, that's a great letter. Lots of other great things. Sure the ministry doesn't depend upon us It depends upon God but you know what depends upon us the planting and a lot water so you plant and water it okay? That's why it's so tremendous.

Col 3:2-18