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SNT 0232 Bride and Bridegroom

Bride and Bridegroom   April 25,1965

Teaches that although Christ came to Israel, the Church of Grace is called out from both Judean and Gentile.
SNT – 232

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Topic: draft, church, scripture, verse, word, Israel, world, revelation, mystery, Jesus, Christ, God, Jesus Christ, bride, Bible
Format: audio
Publication Date: 04-25-1965

Victor Paul Wierwille was a Bible scholar and teacher for over four decades.

By means of Dr. Wierwille's dynamic teaching of the accuracy and integrity of God's Word, foundational class and advanced class graduates of Power for Abundant Living have learned that the one great requirement for every student of the Bible is to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Thus, his presentation of the Word of God was designed for students who desire the in-depth-accuracy of God’s Word.

In his many years of research, Dr. Wierwille studied with such men as Karl Barth, E. Stanley Jones, Glenn Clark, Bishop K.C. Pillai, and George M. Lamsa. His formal training included Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Mission House (Lakeland) College and Seminary. He studied at the University of Chicago and at Princeton Theological Seminary from which he received a Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. Later he completed his work for the Doctor of Theology degree.

Dr. Wierwille taught the first class on Power for Abundant Living in 1953.

Books by Dr. Wierwille include: Are the Dead Alive Now? published in 1971; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today published in 1972; five volumes of Studies in Abundant Living— The Bible Tells Me So (1971), The New, Dynamic Church (1971), The Word's Way (1971), God's Magnified Word (1977), Order My Steps in Thy Word (1985); Jesus Christ Is Not God (1975); Jesus Christ Our Passover (1980); and Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed (1982).

Dr. Wierwille researched God's Word, taught, wrote, and traveled worldwide, holding forth the accuracy of God's "wonderful, matchless" Word.

Rom 10:9, 10; (1Co 2:8)

Act 21:20; Rom 15:8; (1Co 10; Gal 3)

Act 19:23-32; Mat16:18; 2Co 5:18-20

Mat 16:18; Deu 29:29

Rom 16:25, 26; Eph 3:5, 3, 6, 9; Col 1:25-27; 1Co 2:5-8; (Joh 14:12); 1Pe 1:10, 11




SUMMARY KEYWORDS: church, scripture, verse, word, Israel, world, revelation, mystery, Jesus, Christ, God, Jesus Christ, bride, Bible


Beaver Creek High School, a tarpon power probe, and I have just been teaching them the greatness of the church to which you and I belong. I think one of the greatest things that ever happened in my life was when I came to an understanding of the difference between the church in the Gospels and the church, in the epistles. In the Gospels, in the gospels the brown the church is called the brown wire in the church epistles, the church is called the body, these two class cannot be synonymous, they cannot mean the same. For if they meant the same bad would have had to use the same up words show because God's revelation of Himself in writing is limited to words. And both, when he said fried, he must have not done things when he felt badly, he must have been something else. And when the day came in my mouth, that I could separate the brow from the body when I understood what was happening. It was a real revelation to my soul. And I have a confusion that is in the church today is basically due to the fact they do not recognize what the Church of the body really is. And they overlap the bride and the body and the body and the brow. And you talk to most Bible believing people, and they will always speak of the church to both of the Bride of Christ. Now, ladies and gentlemen, I have a bride, you have to have a bride bow. But did the bride without the bow might stay at the altar or something. Now, Jesus Christ, the Bible says was the Bible. There is a parable, isn't it? Isn't it a parable? In the Gospels, talking about the bridegroom? Jesus Christ is the bad goat. Now when you have the bridegroom, you can have the love the bow, but what do they do to the bride? They crucified Him. And after the birth of the bride, boom, then they're no longer can be abandoned. And then that's why the church that's referred to as the bride terminated, terminated, work, the death of the Lord Jesus Christ. Now, God has made promises, we're going to be reading some of these after the promises that were made regarding this trip, so the bride and those promises will have to be fulfilled. And you will find as we work through tonight, that this church of the bride is again brought back into manifestation in the book of Revelation, in the book of Revelation, where the bridegroom returns is the bridegroom here now? No, because the Scripture itself, he ascended into heaven, and he sat down at the right hand of God, and from burns he as well, coming back, now, just coming back, brings him back. And the rest of this return is given in the book of Revelation, where again, you have the Church of the bride, and he will be out in the bright home to collect his bow will come for his bride. And the bride Ellie's refers to this refers to Israel never refers to you. Because the church of the body to which you and I belong, is a call them both Jew and Gentile. They make up the total for their buying again, both Jew and Gentile. And when they are buying again, they no longer June than around the Gentile they belong to the body, the church sebab of which Christ is not the Pope or the base of the church. Santana is the verb of the church. And this church of the body is the most unique and the most wonderful thing that Bob has ever done. I would like to stop before this book tonight. Some things to ask but I have not said to any group.


I didn't sell this to the class of birth. Evidently I wasn't inspired to list it in But right now it's in my house. But I'd like for you to separate these two churches that total the bow and the church to the body with two other words, which will make it very clear, I believe. This church of the bride is the church of now. While this church of the body is the church of grace, that spirit under the church of Biller, they have to do something in order to get safe. They have to remember, if you are from such me, they find them I will confess to the time I thought a little bit if you forgive men, by some by men carrying out certain things, that in the church, the pistols, salvation is unconditional. It doesn't sell anything in the church, the principles about confessing even before men, but your confession about forgiving man, then he will forgive you. If so that you are to confess Romans 10, nine and 10, confess with your mouth, the Lord Jesus, and believe Bara raised Him from the dead, and then believe upon the righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. Now these are remarkable tools, and pass the picture for life like this and just cut sharply. They never overlap. And this church, this church of the love is the church of the gospel. The Church of the Gospels. Now this body is the church of grace, which is the church of the epistles, the church of the apostles, now this church are the best, again, times into manifestation in the period of the book of Revelation, which you can read in your Bible. Today, today, this church is in abeyance. This church of the gospel is in abeyance, meaning it is not here. Now it's just being with not withheld. But that will that work for the standard. I don't know if that's a good word suspended or biding time. That's good. That makes sense to my little brain, the church for those just a biding time, until either the church of about until the truth to the body is full. When the turn to the body is full, then Christ returns. And what is remarkable. The first time He came, the first time he came, he was born in a stable and loaded an angel. The first time He came, they put up that photo, the table, they spit in his face to put a crown of thorns on his head, and the face of it. They laughed in the spring, the Scripture says that when he comes back for a second time, over here to gather his brow, he doesn't come as a child to be laid in a manger. He doesn't come where people are going to put a crown of thorns on his head. But the scripture says, when he returns, He is coming back this King of Kings. No one else is not wonderful. Now, this church in here, the church or the body, was the greatest mystery. Since the world of this church or the battle was not in the Boston, this church or the body is not in the Old Testament. This church for which you and I belong when we are burned when a bad spirit, called the church of grace is the greatest thing God has ever been. And this church is so good. It's so magnificent, so wonderful, that this mystery which was kept secret since the world began, and was not made known till it was made known to the apostle Paul, have Satan known this mystery, had he known this greatness of the text of the Jew and oberlo the Scripture so he never would have crucified but now tonight, I'd like to pattern all of this with you from the Word of God. And for some of you this is very liberal. But I'm sure but my way iteration of it will not make it any less real. And he will have to just again throw your house after the greatness of this wonderful church that will belong when the time again.


In order to do this, I've got the sub Sun administration's before you. The words are used in the Bible Fellowship, dispensation from either one or both worlds, the world is up to Knowmia, which means administrator of a household. When Jesus Christ came, when Jesus Christ came, he came, and he started what is called the price of administration, an over priced administration, while his presence was here upon this administration, terminated work. But more practically, and official, I would say a terminated with the coming of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost, this Christ administer administration, that in practice, in practice, this administration did not terminate until many years later, when the revelation was given about the church was they felt, even though terminated, as far as DoD was concerned, officially, the people still sell it. And that's the record I have to return to the night, enact point. But there's plenty. And when they heard it, they glorify the Lord and someone to whom they have seen his brother. How many 1000s of Jews are are with us? Mobile buying again, is it asked us about Pentecost? Definitely, after the day of Pentecost, they were born again. But the revelation of those that came on the bullet Monica, have not yet been out since knowledge well. And both of them are many 1000s of Jews, which are buying again, but they have up the Santa Barbara, they were still going on on robola. That's why we'll have a lot of baptism nuts. Well, they were always interested in circumcision, because under the old law, under the old law, but after the MME under the old law, for circumcision, right. That's why this church, this church of the Gospels, that Jesus Christ started and came to start in deadstock, is a church of love. When Jesus Christ came, the Scripture says, We came unto his work, this is Jesus Christ never came to start the church, to a Jew, and I blehm Because you and I do not belong, biblically speaking onto his own. Because we all were Israel, you and I, for the most part in here tonight for Gentile in background. Therefore, the church to which you and I belong, is not the church of his own. The Church of his own Israel, he came on to His own and His own, we see did not when he sent out the 12, when Jesus sent out the term to whom he send that to play doh by last few are by file server, when he said ARPA 70, to own the descendants of them to Israel, by her ministry of Jesus Christ was to Israel. And rather, the greatest errors that's made is that they put that verse, all the four gospels in the New Testament, that sort of that those are all Testament, they close, the ministry of Jesus here, Banner closes the Old Testament. That's where they sort of put the book of Acts is the transition. The book of Acts is a transition between the old and the new. But they put Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in the New Testament, and that has confused oodles and oodles of people. Will you please look at Romans 15 Eight and read it? I got people in any church anyways, who understand the difference between these churches unless they've sat on the ministry of some about people who have been taught the right dividing of the words regarding the church, about Romans 15 Eight is a very plain scripture. And it means what it says on it says what it means. Let me read it with you. Now I say that Jesus Christ was a minister. Well, the world I was the preposition to. He was a minister to the circumcision. Circumcision is real. He came into his own. He was a minister to Israel. He was a minister to Israel, and he was Diputados


he came to full formula was put to sell everything that Those that blows up to the conference. And finally, when they know that to the press, the last thing nice cry from the press, those things, those things, work those things. Well, but that primary was he completed, he kept the lab perfectly were performed. He closed it up because he was ministered to circumcision. That's right. That's what that's why I don't care what the theologians say, what the preacher so or anybody else. Well, what about Bob says that he was a minister to the circumcision? What if he was to the circumcision when he was to Israel, and in First Corinthians 10, in Galatians, three, it says that the church to the GI Bill and is a carve out group special, not only from Israel, but also the Gentiles. The Church of God, the church of grace, is carved out both from Jew and Gentile, and makes a new body that while Jesus was here, he never called out the gym. He called out only was on the Israel and have kids were believed, at that time, that Israel believed the church of grace to it too, and I believe would never have been that bad in his family, you that Israel would not believe that all the proofs about the Bible. He made arrangements from before the foundation for the church of grace to you. And now, we get to this narrow approach. That's again set up very plainly and very, the word which is translated church, is also translated assembly in the King James Version. It is also friend fellow of Congo facing in the Old Testament and congregation in the Old Testament. The world is the word facto female star ECC II as this is bold. That word is translated church. Now the word ecclesia, as it's translated to its meaning is also Assembly Congregation, and a group of people that meet for a specific purpose, or an Ecclesia. Now, when we use the word church, we use it differently. You speak about the trip to Rome, meaning all the Roman Catholic churches all over the world, you point to a certain building and you so that was a Lutheran, our Presbyterian, our Methodist, with some jokes. You see, we use the word church differently. Maybe you're referring to the people that are inside of that building, all of the space was the church meeting. Or you might just be referring to a select group within that larger body, those who are really born again above it, and you so do. We have a different usage of referring the building deeper, whole denominations, all of these things? Well, certainly, if you can do with combat use the word church. And that's exactly what he does. In the Gospel, the use of the word church primarily and solely. Well, in the church epistles, he uses the word church, primarily and solely for those who are carved out from both Jew and Gentile, and were born again of that same thing they could not have been the best. While Jesus Christ was upon it, they thought he came to make the Mubarak available, but so far have been able, not before it was available, and it wasn't available so that he came to make it available. But while he was making it available, nobody could have had it. Anybody could have been burned again, before it was available, then everybody could be born again. Without the birth, the resurrection, the ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ on the coming of the Holy Spirit on the day of anything, that's just you know, the word I mean, simply called out. Like tonight we're talking about doing this fellowship. This is the church. If we were called out dinner will level the tip Wouldn't that new thing about whole body just eat chicken with the church, because it simply means called out for a purpose, whatever the purpose is, doesn't make any difference. But if you're you're not on a same purpose, that word used for that is a procedure. Translated, or assembly. If this is not reading here, then I will show you when baking. So we don't have a steel strike or something. If this was a union meeting tonight, the usual meeting here would be called an ecclesia, a church. Therefore, they listed in the Bible that astounded me when I saw this, I wouldn't have believed that had I not been able to read it just as plain as though in the World Bank. But there was a union meeting in the Bible, which is called a church. And we're going to read that union meeting tonight. And you can see it again for yourself how wonderful this word church is used, it simply means a gathering together, of like minded people for the same purpose, even if it's called the church. In the book about I think it's about 19 chapters. Majlis federal outpost is tremendous to the hearts of people who really want to understand the greatness of this church to which you and I belong.


And be separated from the church at nine to 23. We battle habits, and the same time when I was teaching him at all, and that's about one stuff out. And as he was preaching in emphasis, departed from Macedonia just come down. At the same time, verse 23, there was no smell for about five weeks. There's plenty of man named Black, they need to observe or smell. What's made silver signs for Diana got no smell been on the prep, who we called the gavel with Word of Life, occupation, and ladies and gentlemen, it battles in the Union Union. But not just as plain as it turns out of these people together with workmen of life, occupation. And so you know, that by this prayer, we have power over those 26. Now we see and hear that, but also to our prayer booth. After slow, we're then turned away much people saying that they do know Bob, which I made with him was that not only this pirate craft was in danger to be set up, but also by September of a data span, to be dispelled and heard, magnificent should be destroyed.


Angel was he a great union leader, he could fire him up. And one day heard these sayings. They were telegraph from the cloud outside guru Barnaby Ephesians, and was filled with confusion. And having top days and aristocracy laughter pub when they couldn't get on a pile to pick some of these buttons. Then a Macedonia, Paul's companions in trouble, they rested one of poured into the theater. And when power would have entered in other people, the disciples suffered enough, those 31 and certain of the chief of Asia, which were his food, remember him designed that he should not adventure him into the theater, then study carefully now I didn't write one thing and seven other the what assembling the world's well done isn't such a big union baking, which consumes the whole city was in confusion. And what's the word they had to use regarding that assembly? Regarding that assembly was the word Ecclesia. So the word Ecclesia means nothing more and nothing less than to be called out for a purpose. No matter what the purpose is, if you have a unity of purpose, that's an uplift. In the Gospel, in chapter in Matthew chapter 16 That's true of the Gospels. There's a remarkable thing for here in Matthew 16. We're going to read two very familiar verses. And I'm impressed that our radio friends will get their Bibles in parallel. So they see we're not reading anything into the Scripture. We're simply waiting. What's with that people can understand it again, in Matthew, chapter 16. About birth 78 to 80 versus 80. And I surrender me This is Jesus talking to Peter, I say that by Peter, and affirm this rock, I will build my way up. And again said, hell shall not prevail on a Wednesday. First of all, I run to the app not to ask you, according to this, who is going to build this church? What are the pros, he said, I will build the toy. I'm going to blow this church. He's going to do the building level. And you're going to see that in the church epistles in Corinthians, it says that you will this church of grace, that if you and I believe that you have been given the ministry of reconciliation and building of reconciliation. So right now, while we're have your finger here in Matthew, and don't get your finger out of here, we are full of its second Corinthians to see the difference. Remembering that he is suffering Corinthians five, I think this is it. Remembering that in the boss, said he was going to do the job. He said, I will build my church, he's going to do everything else. He is Christ here. Now I know, he says, These ascended into heaven. He's sitting up the right hand of God. Robbins, somebody else has to surely do the job today, like that. He's coming back. When he comes back, he's going to go and build his church. But right now, something else that's happened. That's why in Second Corinthians and here you are in the church epistles, verse, chapter styles. Those 80 An hour things are bad to have reconciled us to insert by Jesus Christ, and have given to us that ministry that God reconciled all future believers. For Jesus Christ, the fire damage as far as price is concerned that this happened, has no efficacy for the individual until the individual gets saved until the individual gets to be a believer. Now how are individuals trying to learn to be hireable by banks accept the Lord Jesus Christ, because he has given to us the ministry of reconciliation that we can reconcile meaning women too bad because of what Jesus Christ did that now to have the ministry wouldn't be enough, unless you have the equipment to carry the minister out, around to build our houses, not enough for nation, but by hammering us up.


To carry out this ministry of reconciliation, we have to have something else and the next verse 19 tells you exactly what we have work but God was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself, not including both trespasses or seems under them, and have committed unto us the word of God. That's something not only do we have a ministry, but we got the word to carry out the ministry. That we have ambassadors, we are witnesses, we are ambassadors, oh, no contradiction in the way that that if you just read the set of bad words, that Jesus Christ was the Minister for who was circumcision, he came to Israel, and in Matthew 16, tougher not permitted at birth, which I have to explain a little more thoroughly today. He says, I will for my work, and the church of grace, where men and women are reconciled. You and I are have to build because we can move on to the ministry and the world. Now this church that he was going to build is Israel, I will vote but there's something else in this verse that I think you people don't know. And that was that the teaching that the church is there time fingers? No. It's not time set about any time or people with Oh appeared out when the bar was came in He was never thought of Hulu. They have deeper work this world and believe this word and understood it when they wrote it, they wouldn't have a conclusion because there's no man ruling that Jesus Christ could blow the church on except himself and you know it. You're not. There's no man or woman in this fellowship tonight. That's pulling up. But each one of those plates on and the Bible says that I'm as good as Peter was like, we're as good as Peter. But two ladies are as good as the Mary's mammography is another stuff. And neither one of us are good enough political Berber persona, you know that. And they still have the word the text and believe that was written we wouldn't have I was teaching with a purpose built on a man that and by Jesus Himself, both carefully both lighting. And I saw Jesus talking to Peter, by Peter. Peter, and the word Peter is the word Petros with pronounce dollar evil and a fan and a fan. This rock. This rock rock, this rock is not the world rock is the one test drive the ETR has tremendous difference between the two means it means a little grain. That tiny grain of sand, like the time was when the sand is cutthroat. Every time the wind blows, what happens to a little grain of sand that blows all over the giant depends on what direction the winds from. This is from the note the grain blows out the balloons from the starboard blows in the sunbeams that blows wasted symbolizes the blowsy and that's exactly what he needed. He was a buyer for lighting disciple one time he was hot. When it finally was one point he was in favor Jesus. You know the world. He said the Jesus Bible. No third, all people stand up for follow up, someone was denied in food, couldn't find him when the pressure was on, because he was a pet through the bombing of solid rock, or stable rock. And that only rock. Remember that Scripture in the Old Testament. And it's related back to Christ heals that rock. That's why that's something that we're about like a little grain of sand that people can get at any point in terms out Jesus Christ.


And he set up on this law. It says ladies and gentlemen, I'm back swatted me, you're back to follow what it says in the text. Every critical free text, every text, every text gets that as it's written in the King James. That's why we stand upon bad words, not a fan man's opinion. I don't give a who wants to be alone himself, or the text doctrine, right? This is what the Word says. And this is what we say color believing paper. Because ladies and gentlemen, if this is not right, then how about time? 316? How about any other scripture, the following window, and then you have nothing to hold on to accept man's opinion. And ladies and gentlemen, man's opinion isn't good enough. Because man's opinion didn't say you did well, our Lord Jesus Christ sent from heaven who were being Jews, who saw love but he gave his only begotten Son in that one place Raghu Rama sank up over this thing. Sure, burn. He said that. I will build My Church on the left, which is Christ Jesus and the church that I that they serve house are not available and it means that the vents of house are not defeated. It looks like it was defeated with his crucifixion doesn't. But it was it was that he signed up for them to hear me tell the story about the Rock of Gibraltar that's the biggest rock most People can think somebody told the story a while back, that the British were negotiating to sell the Rock of Gibraltar to the guy. And he wanted to buy it so badly because he wanted to rename it, the gold stone and talked about number four now something else about this wonderful tip of the bow gospel. This in the Bible, the Gospel forward when the church is called the bow, because Christ is the Bible is also called that kingdom, the kingdom of heaven. The kingdom of heaven is us regarding Israel. It was God's personal presence about God's personal presence in Jesus Christ who was here, while Jesus Christ was here, you have the kingdom of heaven on earth. That's why to always referring to Israel. Now, this is not for the youth. Because if you're going to have a kingdom, can you have a team done with our team? Know, Like the Kingdom of England, England? Is that right? You say, England or British? That the British have a kingdom? Would America have a republic? If they have a kingdom, you have to have a team. Because the world through ing DRM is made up of two words. Means the rain our E IG, h n, spelled that I forget is that well, le r e i t n, it's the rain, or the supremacy of a king. Now, while Jesus was here, I found that king, but what do they do to the king, the prince the body, for the king was crucified, can you have a bone? Well, that's where it terminates here with the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. But if you're worried again, in the book around, some, there appears the word to narrow by law by white people don't think I don't understand. But you see the read the word church in the gospels or read the church in the epistles, they read the church in the Book of Revelations, and they think they are running the team. Because they love the word church. The Bible, when you go down the street, you don't think so one in the same your point in the building and say building is the church, or the people inside you say our church, or other churches put together this the Roman Catholic churches, this is the Methodist church out of the guests use a different way. People have provided value in that way. That's why in the book of Revelation, He said, I will build my church and the gates of hell are not going to defeat it. But when you look at it, they crucify when they must to defeat it. It's not it is not over with you. Because the completion of this church of Israel, but called Ouroboros, will go into the book of Revelation where the word is used again, and these in the book of reference in our, our plans from Israel. That's why every figure, every word that's used in the book of Revelation is our Jewish burial. But when wrote in there, basically, to the body of it is obvious will the figures are for Israel, the uses of all those are Jewish, because the person is not addressed to you. That person base is addressed to the truth of the world. And he comes back, the bridegroom comes back for his love, bow. And when he comes back here in the book of Revelation, it comes as King of kings, and it comes as Lord of lords. Now, this stretch of the body to achieve an eyebrow, is the mystery of our mysteries. And now I'd like to set the greatness of this church before you found the word to see exactly how wonderful this church is to which you belong. We turn to Deuteronomy, chapter 29. Verse 29, is that microphone usable by Sir? If it is what are some of the people who read the script To do not rip them up here. Deuteronomy 2929. And MSR you have that scripture, you're seated back there, but microphones can work in the back of the auditorium. So just read that scripture if you borrow their army 2949. The secret things belong into the love of God, the basic things which are in the long run to us and to our children for over out, if the secret things belong under below or above what is bad doesn't tell us what anybody knows. But once they have been revealed to us, then we belong to everybody. It's not I tell my classes, this secret is just like a woman's purse. As long as she's got a master secret, that stuff he carries in there, that if you ever heard from about the mysteries been really down the road of Bob as long as Bob Bob and Carol, it's a mystery, a mystery, the secret. But when he makes it known from then on out, we're performing 16 Romans 16, verse 25, and verse 26, and plow Chamberlain, will you read those verses? One in 1625 and verse 26. Now there's him the results power to stablish you according to my gospel, in the preaching of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery, which was kept secret since the world began, but now is made manifest by the Scriptures of the prophets, according to the commandment of the everlasting God, made known to all nations for the obedience of faith. Right? It was a mystery kept secret, same same. secret things belong to God and wasn't revealed, revealed to be a powerful combat secret or that must reveal notice. No, can it be No. Secret it was not been a mystery. And this is the mystery that I was surprised that have faked notice we've never approved the Bible. That's what's up another scripture Ephesians chapter three, verse. Verse five, and Sam Thompson will use reverse power, finishing through both sides, which another Ages was not made known in the defense of men, as it is now revealed to us His holy apostles and prophets, by the Spirit.


not made known on below, the sons of men. If you go back to verse three, it says, Our by revelation, he knows no, I'm putting the minister the next race which was not made known. And verse six, gives you part of the history that the Gentiles should be, and are the same brow. No saying that, because the Gentiles were never of all the world is what it's about. In the Gospel. Whenever Gentiles wanted to be birthed, they have to they have to be taught about the world. So they have to be circumcised anything else they have to come in. But this mystery, the part of the mystery of what the Gentiles should be saying that same thing, battle, that smile, and then see what is the administration or fellowship or the mystery, with from the beginning of the world has been good, you know. It's been hearing that from the beginning of the world. Now I'm terrible with spring on the moon, and we just went it was revealed to the Apostle Paul. Now, let's go to chapter one. Colossians chapter one. This is just use Colossians chapter one, verses 25 to 27.


I am made a minister according to the dispensation of God, it is given to me for you to fulfill the Word of God, even the mysteries which has been hidden from ages and from generations, but now they've manifested His saints to whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this History among the Gentiles which is Christ in you the hope of Christ in you in you what you have two people that the Bible borrowed by 30 people you have just the individual anyone close to you guys that's why it's called a battery life is a new crisis in me and this group this body of believers so Christ in you something that could not happen where he was here forever wow how many places have Jesus Christ be when he was a fighter at one time now we could only be the one time but it was more probable that tonight how many places every believer born again I thought that's what prices every place Lobo believer well we'll see from now let me win jewel specter from Corinthians. Everybody's got it Philippians chapter two we're going to run out of time again like we usually do and not for people listening to Radio first time going to get the final row was Thank you up for listening by reading as you can. I'm trying my best to give it to you as well as possible, but it can't give it any faster and I understand that he was able to clarify but boy that was tremendous. First Corinthians chapter two. Now, most six those that espouse that your face should not stand in the woods or we speak wisdom among banger person, you have nothing to lose. And where are the principles of this world that comes in all the faces of this world? Man he'll double those seven but we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery even the hidden rows which God ordained the follow on to our to our world which was the mystery but it's what both men and women this but some of them will be priced the new price the new price action segment. They've never crucified below Jesus it says Wow. Because it's very simple when Jesus Christ was your final vomiting places. But ladies and gentlemen tonight, you can be everywhere and anywhere. But why would you walk down the street is pricing from your phone, your cell phone in your website. When you run the website, I will speak to your sons about uniqueness, the battle the power about every place you go. By will see it the church only understood this today was labor power, low pass by voting going to a community and they can just be fingers off those of you that are much and who understand that they have some choice to the bottom. This church then mean that the foundation in the past and the revelation of what it was wasn't given until it was given to the Apostle Paul and the revelation was that the Gentiles should be followed and are the same body and that it is quite the same Christ that was here foreigners spiritually within us a circle works but I will be shabu also and greater works than I have done inshallah. You see where are you from?


Because I have people what a wonderful ministry what a wonderful what a tremendous thing God built for us in Christ Jesus, isn't it? Well first they did that for us one evil James First Peter. This is a wonderful scripture. And of course the title For the people that have done the chairman's pack next Sunday night, at 730. And for those of us gathered here will complete this study tonight. We'll go to Peter.


First Peter chapter one, we certainly ask the Lord to bless all of our people abundantly, that God's purpose and power may be made manifest onto every one of them. Now hearing Peter chapter one, we have a remarkable scripture that now should be very plain to you. Firstly, personal period, chapter one, verses 10, to 12, who have a right to read, inquire and search diligently outside of Israel, searching plot, manna time, the Spirit of Christ within them to signify beforehand. Glory that's our word salvation by the prophets have inquired and searched diligently will prophesy of the grace that said, Well, this is talking about your Old Testament.


The Old Testament prophets lifting no doubt was their life, a lot of times they searched the scriptures, because they said they were prophesied of the voice that should come. In the Old Testament they sell.


They sell this period here they sell, they sell only former is this horizontal and horizontal. Therefore, when they service here, they could not fit the perspective of the duration of it. But they serve as a period of flat rate they serve. And they search diligently to find out how long this period was. Love the book, because it tests about latter power. Verse 11, has the facts beforehand of the sufferings of Christ. And the blue that you see in the Old Testament. In the Old Testament, it tells about the sufferings of Christ, the sufferings of Christ, and it tells about the world that came between the sufferings and the blow, they saw. They saw Grace wasteful, and they studied the Scriptures to find out the role of grace. And when they studied the scriptures, for a while that was, that was good. They serve perfect conceivable right. Now, the remarkable proof that all of these things, the Bible, the Bible, when it uses the word suffered regarding G, is the use of the word alert told me when they thought it would never let it set in a suffering because I was told by many times in the Old Testament uses the word without using the word suffering is never used without it. Here he suffered, as you know. But back here, when he comes as King of kings on level four, between the sufferings they saw as a grace period, but they couldn't tell the nation because it was not in the Scriptures in the Old Testament. Therefore, most of the time, that was that's why this is called the history of the Bible. This was the mystery that was building back from the cyber foundations they weren't, they couldn't be they saw the suffering. That one in between that this church is great. It's been here for almost 2000 years now. from going to church is going to go out whenever the body retirement. That's why I want to plug in literally what I know after the church stood up and gathered the data, or one second attendees we could have gathered it, because everything was available and nothing but this way. Now, therefore the church could have gone out that way, but it turns out and only we will be gathered together once again, the betting price Buffalo New Shall we which are alive and remain with that moment, united with them and so shall we, with the gathering together, which is right here, right now. That's the gathering together, and he will after that as the third then begin the revolution. The rest of the book. Now we talk about dividing the word robbing stuff. Nothing is the intercept within this church that I've stopped before the night. He knew by himself, the Lord Jesus Christ, the three of the suffering in regards to read, but before we go to Chapter Four chapter four. And it changed in Jesus's own hometown, by 16, where he had been brought up and as his testimony, he went in with a silver bar on a Sabbath day and stood up. And I was delivered unto him. The proper time Sangha is our as well serving King James it's also and when he Jesus has opened the book, this model, he found the place lambs were passed and were found if you've never studied the word, and remember this slowly Welcome back, no chapters in it. No. He must correct the spelling of it. There was one time wherever maybe at least once to see he found the place where it was looking. He just didn't haphazardly put his finger down on a very subscription almost busted in stitches the other night I thought when I told him about that, remember, put his fingers down for guidance. Every morning that I got his guidance please fingered on the script drawing people should have known and you hit that scripture on morning where it said when Judas Latin hanged himself without proper guidance. Over page put his finger down again in the next script three hit bathroom style Google still quit. Jesus, Jesus must have man for the Word of God must have been all about the scroll of Isaiah he found the place where is with the Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he have allowed me to preach the gospel. He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the plaster been recovering of sight to the vine, to sort of liberty to preach the acceptable yield of a period. In King James chapter 61 Verse lamb, where this is taken from take a look at it and see for yourself I certainly need to preach the acceptable urinal. Isaiah 61 Verse two, I think it is around the fact that depletes the acceptable yield. And the both of them James has talked about sharply dividing. He took was he started reading the anatomy of the prince the accessible and self imposed money he posed this film.


Why would he read the preacher except that we heal the Lord and the data? Leaves needed? Because our friend Jim said Our God has not checked you He's over here, in the book of Revelation through the transience of our time has not even yet come. Because today, a man can tell God to go to hell anytime he wants to, you know. They first like, use the name of Jesus in vain. They do all this stuff today, because this is an age of what a great want to buy when the day of vengeance of our God. Nobody curses. Nobody swears. Nobody tells me my thoughts, so and so and so and so these are not without a slicer. So this is the bane of our job. This is the day of wrath. And he's coming back as King of kings are not allowed back flower. Prints get trapped in the normal of the larvae. He rolled up the spell and handed it back in so this day is this picture. Isn't that something? He jumped over? He jumped over this final period here. I love the love it No. No. Have Jesus none ministry will no longer have been a mystery. born outside the building visited because of our wound teaching. We have all been taught at one time well about Jesus knew everything. He didn't leave. GE for Spellman wrap the word we'll do that by reference, and Bob's revelation to him only began was terminated. That's why he had to study to show thyself approved on the book. Well received revelation to come but not reveal the church the mystery to him. Because the Scripture says if you reveal the mystery to the apostle Paul, he really didn't know how to change the script yourself and was not getting the pacifier. When was the alarm. That's why Jesus jumped over this period. He jumped over the follow up period, he will have sufferings and he knew but he did not notice the length of time. You did not know the length of time of a face through. That's why the practice of search diligently and this is why this church to which you are not alone is the greatest miracle of all memory. This is why both of our names are already up there. Because we've been translated into the kingdom of his dear Son

1Pe 1:11; (1Th 4:16, 17); Luk 4:16-19; Isa 61:2; Luk 4:21