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SNT 0223 Acts 12

Acts 12   August 18, 1968

Obedience through believing. Expository teaching on how Peter obeyed God and got out of prison.
SNT – 223

Topic: draft, Peter, God, people, angel, night, Jericho, word, day, manifestation, executed, Herod, revelation, records, jail, soldiers, believing, shouting, verse, written, believers
Format: audio
Publication Date: 08-04-1968

Victor Paul Wierwille was a Bible scholar and teacher for over four decades.

By means of Dr. Wierwille's dynamic teaching of the accuracy and integrity of God's Word, foundational class and advanced class graduates of Power for Abundant Living have learned that the one great requirement for every student of the Bible is to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Thus, his presentation of the Word of God was designed for students who desire the in-depth-accuracy of God’s Word.

In his many years of research, Dr. Wierwille studied with such men as Karl Barth, E. Stanley Jones, Glenn Clark, Bishop K.C. Pillai, and George M. Lamsa. His formal training included Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Mission House (Lakeland) College and Seminary. He studied at the University of Chicago and at Princeton Theological Seminary from which he received a Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. Later he completed his work for the Doctor of Theology degree.

Dr. Wierwille taught the first class on Power for Abundant Living in 1953.

Books by Dr. Wierwille include: Are the Dead Alive Now? published in 1971; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today published in 1972; five volumes of Studies in Abundant Living— The Bible Tells Me So (1971), The New, Dynamic Church (1971), The Word's Way (1971), God's Magnified Word (1977), Order My Steps in Thy Word (1985); Jesus Christ Is Not God (1975); Jesus Christ Our Passover (1980); and Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed (1982).

Dr. Wierwille researched God's Word, taught, wrote, and traveled worldwide, holding forth the accuracy of God's "wonderful, matchless" Word.

Act 12:1-8

Act 12:9-15; Heb 1:14

Act 12:15-19; 2Pe 1:14

Jos 6:1-5




Thu, 1/27 8:25PM • 46:11

SUMMARY KEYWORDS: Peter, God, people, angel, night, Jericho, word, day, manifestation, executed, Herod, revelation, records, jail, soldiers, believing, shouting, verse, written, believers

I'd like for you to take your Bible and turn to Acts chapter 12. Tonight. And thank you wrote in Thank you, Dorothy. When a tremendous night of singing has been wonderful. And now to God's wonderful matchless word. And, again, I just like to say that this is the advanced class that we're in. And in the advanced class, we deal basically, with only six manifestations of the Spirit, namely, word of knowledge, word of wisdom, designing spirits, faith, miracles, and healing. In order to understand the word of God, you'll have to understand the manifestation. The Bible just continues to be a closed book, to any person of any intelligence, so long as they do not have a knowledge of the operation of the manifestation. The only thing at best that people could say, well, it's God's word. They could say, Well, God had this set. That's wonderful. It's true. But some of us have been interested in knowing how God said it, why God said it, the purpose is behind it. You can take something which you do not understand. And you could simply say what God said it, therefore I believe it. Now this perhaps would satisfy some people, but not too many. The people today as all through the centuries, where there have been men to teach them have always been people who wanted to know how God did these things. So if it's the same God they served and worship does we serve and worship today, then God has not changed as it says in Malecon, then he must be able and is able to operate with his children the same way today as he did this. But I want to tell you something, unless God can do something for you tonight, what difference does it make what he did for Moses, does what he did for Moses is not going to help you tonight, unless that same God is able to meet your need tonight. And most of this talk of what God did for Peter and Paul and Moses is simply to glorify God in that age, and to sort of realize that he hasn't got much to do for men or with men are able to do with them today. But our God has to be able to meet our needs. He has to be able to do for us what he did for any other man at any other time, or God, he's a respecter of persons. And the Word of God says He's no respecter of persons. And in Acts, chapter 12, we have one of the great records. Specifically, specifically applicable in the advanced class, but sufficiently simple for anyone who is a visitor here for the first time tonight. It's the record that I'd like to read about the time. About this time now about that time Herod, the king, stretched forth his hand to back certain of the church. And he killed James, the brother of John with a sword. And because he heard saw, that it pleased to do, he proceeded further to take Peter Oh, so in other words, had was executing these believers because it satisfied somebody else. And he killed James, the brother, John was a sore. And then he got Peter. And when he had apprehended him in verse four, he put him in prison and delivered him to four accordions of soldiers to keep him intending after Easter, or the Days of Unleavened Bread, to bring him forth to the people. Peter therefore was kept in prison. But prayer was made without ceasing of the church unto God for him.


And when Howard would have brought him forth, that same night, the same night, the night just preceding when Herod was going to bring him forth the next day, well, what was he going to do have a breakfast party knew he was going to cut his head off with a sword, right? God as it pleases the people as to what he had done. The James the brother had John He is now going to execute theater. He's got Peter in jail, the Days of Unleavened Bread are over with, is now ready to bring him out and to execute him. And the record here is that night, just before the next morning, what he's going to be executed. The same night, Peter was sleeping between two soldiers had didn't even trust him in the inner prison. This was a very special prison where Peter was kept it was the prisoners prisons, where government prisoners were kept, where they had an inner jail, a jail within a jail. But this Herod was so determined to get rid of Peter, that he didn't even trust him. In that government jail in the inner jail, he found him between two soldiers so he couldn't get away. bound him with two chains, handcuffed him. And the keepers before the door, were stationed there 24 hours a day to keep the lot print. And all because a one little fella by the name of Peter, that's gone to a lot of trouble. It's been a lot of government money. To keep this one fell in jail, and try and behold, the angel of the Lord, oh, Gabriel himself came and a light shined in the lot. And he spoke Peter on the side, kicked him in the ribs, I call it two o'clock in the morning or 3am I don't know but it's some time. And Peter is chained between two soldiers and found asleep. On otherwise the angel would not have had the kicking nor smote him as it says here. He wouldn't have had to boot him to wake him up if he hadn't been sound asleep. Look what he says. The angel of the Lord came and a light shine in the prison. And he smoked Peter audience on the side and raised him up saying arise quickly get up. Bout asleep the middle of the night. I know it's a good policy to be sound asleep in the middle of the night. For some of our young people three o'clock this morning was the beginning of the night for them. Rowdy or something. Hey, you've missed the whole impact of this thing if you haven't been really visualizing this was good gonna get his head cut off the next morning, Peter. The middle of the night he sound asleep. You got a bill to meet tomorrow morning and your can't sleep all night. Ah, that's right. Somebody's got the creditor coming to the door tomorrow at 12 o'clock. And so you stay awake, frustrated all night? What would you do if you had your head on the block for tomorrow morning at six? What kind of a night's rest would you get without aspirin? Or bought from which gives you three times the sleep or something? What? That's what we're talking about. Alright, human situation. I came as just chopped off the head of a man. And he caught a fella by the name of Peter put him in the inner jail and walked him between two men so that he absolutely could not get away. And it's time now to executing. And that night. That night. Peter had himself a good night's sleep. Ladies and gentlemen, I want to tell you, either Peter had tapped into something or a new something or there was something there that had changed that man because the average Christian believer just wouldn't go to sleep tonight if he knew that he was going to be executed tomorrow morning at sunrise woody


though Peter is Nora Nimoy. Sure. And I want to tell you it wasn't his snoring that God he modeled please know that he broke down the barricade. The angel of the Lord came woke him up and told him rise up quickly. And as he told him that his chains fell off from his lot and those soldiers to whom he was bound never woke up after Your quiet little deal, huh? I can just see those chains on the floor vulnerable, you know, making all that noise. And then we'll look up those soldiers only piece. I tell you when God goes into operation, there are many things that happen. That sense knowledge wise, you would never anticipate how God figured that out, I don't know. But he figured it. And he operated his he worked it to the end, that those two soldiers who were chained to Peter never woke up, they slept right through it. And I suppose they had a good dream while it was gone on, they were most likely dreaming about how wonderful they were attached to Peter and that he was there and how tomorrow morning, they'd get promoted after the fellow was executed, because he's so faithfully hung on doing it all. At the same time.


Peter is no longer handcuffed at all. The angel said unto him, verse eight, gird thyself, and bind on dice sandals. And though he did, and he says onto him, cast by garment, about the end, follow me. Perhaps for the enlightenment of our people are not in the advanced class, we've been dealing with Revelation, where the knowledge, word of wisdom, discerning of spirits, and we're just about ready to get into manifestations of faith, miracle and healing. We are concerned about getting the information, how God gives it to us and his business. But we're concerned about getting it and being able to recognize it when we get it. Whether God does it by an angel, like Gabriel, or whether he, he does it in some other method, or means as we have discussed in the advanced class is relatively immaterial. What is relevant to us, is the reality of getting the information. That's what's important. If you think God's going to have to do it this way, you'll miss the boat. Because he's got all my and if he wants to do it by sending, Gabe wrote his business, and I don't send it terapii sends Gabrielle or Hui saying, if it was a matter of getting the information, if that's the way he determined to do it, I'd just be grateful for having the information. So you went out, followed him. But at that time, yet, he did not know that it was really true, which was done by the angel. But he thought he had seen this thing, only notation, it gets that close some time. You're walking on Revelation, you're moving out, and you're really walking forward. And there you stand all at once you say, Well, boy, I thought I was still getting a vision, many times that the word that is used so frequently, in our terminology, is somebody said, Well, boy, I thought it is so good. I thought I was dreaming. No dream here. But he thought it was a Bayesian, you know, in our language, perhaps he would have said he was three. When they were passed the First and Second Ward, they came onto the iron gate that lead us under the city, which opened to them of its own accord. When they got to it, no man stood there and open but it opened anyway. Must have been a great sight. Well, people this is a depth of God inaction. The early church had it, the same God that you and I serve as the same god of the early church. We have to get to the place that again, we hear from God and are obedient to God and carry out the work of God. Because we need the signs the miracles and the wonders in our day and in our time plus. They went out and passed on through one street and forth with the angel departed from him. And when Peter was come to himself, like the product or remember that in the Scripture, the prodigal came to himself finally went home or something. And I tell my people in the classes is like that fellow that first took off his coat and he got his shirt off and he got his underwear shirt, he finally came to himself. So when Peter came to himself, he went home this fella this fella here, when he came to himself, the angel left and he when he came to himself, he said to himself born now I know of a surety that the Lord has sent his angel and delivered me out of the hands of us. This now I know for a surety is the proof. Now I've gotten the the shorty the proof that God has delivered. But do you think maybe Peter knew all along God was trying to lever him? else can you explain to me how a man who would know that tomorrow morning he was going to get his head chopped off, good lie down and have a good night's rest. Now when Peter was come to himself very celebrity, he said, Now I know of a shorty that the Lord has sent his angel and has delivered me out of the hand of Harris. And from all the expectation of the people who do and when he had considered, he came to the house of Mary, the mother of John, whose surname was Mark, where many were gathered together, praying. And these people were gathered together praying are the ones you read about in verse five.


Power was made without ceasing of the church, on to God for him. Here he came to the house where the prayer meeting was going on. And many were gathered together prayed. And as Peter knocked at the door of the gate, a damsel came to heart to name Rhoda. And when she knew Peters voice, the knock at the door of the gate does not mean that he walked up and knocked on the door of the gate. The knock at the door the gate means to stand outside and to call that's what it means. This is an oriental is you know we've got doors and we got doorbells we press the doorbell or knock on the door or something. And but that's not what Peter knocking at the door the gate me knock at the door the gate means that he stood outside of the gate. fence that was around the house. He stood out there at the gate. And he called it called you today you fell in there praying.


Here's Peter out here. The thought and a lady by the name of Rhoda came when she knew Peters voice, that's how she recognized she knew it was theater. He opened up the gate for gladness real human you left him sit outside stand outside but ran in and told how Peter stood before the gate. peters out there people peters out there peters out there. They said unto her you're mad I just the prior me. Verse five it says the prayer was made without ceasing of the church under God wants for him. In verse 13, it says are 12 wherever it was, many were gathered together what pray and yet when fear gets there and rota comes running back in the house he says Peter is here Peters here Peters hair what's the prayer group say? Boy that doesn't sound like a modern one. If they would really have been believing for him to come they should have had the gate open and the door open and the coffee and tea that and the crackers that go with it are here Peters here Peters hair wants to that's why when you're praying for rain take your umbrella. Also just words right you're the church was praying so what are they praying for praise God or something? Why don't we want to pray for it? We don't expect anything. Prayer is not a group of people getting together spending their time prayer biblically is believing. And if the church is going to pray they should believe either stood before the gate calling rota runs back in and they said onto her dark mad but she constantly affirm. She even had to argue about it. She's an all people quick parameter. Let me talk to your peters out there. Haters He wants to come in and they said, Oh, it can't be it's got to be as a job.


I just died just not gonna get put down on that bro we've been pulling that just something when you're reading I want to help you to understand this matter of its Angel. And I give it to you from Hebrews chapter one


Hebrews chapter one. Of course, all of you in the advanced class know that real well.


But in the Old Testament time, and before the day of Pentecost, angels had a lot different jobs, at least to some degree that they do today. I'll explain it to you have to read the verse, okay, verse 14, talking about angels, verse 14 of Hebrews one, are they not all ministering spirits, then for us, to minister for them who shall be heirs of lots don't like. In the Old Testament, every believer had what you hear people talking about a guardian angel, and angel who watched over them, those who were heirs of salvation. This is still true. Regarding every person today who is born physically, who is going to some day by the freedom of his or her will accept the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. That person will have a guardian angel until that time. Sometimes for some of us, it's better if we keep the guardian angel, I guess. But the truth is that after you're born again, it's Christ in you the hope of glory, which is better than any guardian angel. It is Christ in you, the hope ago, right? From the time you're born again. And then you have to renew your mind according to the word and work on the word to be this more than a conqueror, and to manifest the more abundant life and that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Now, they said it is Angel. That doesn't mean that they believe that he had died and gone to heaven and His Spirit at flitted back down to the corner of Timbuktu and Broadway. That's not what they were talking about. They were a Jewish background before they were converted. It's still a carryover of the law thinking and the revelation not yet being understood exactly what it was that came on the day of Pentecost. But they said to him, why is his guardian angel, that's what they were talking about. A Dieter continued knocking verse 16. And when they had opened the door, when they had opened the gate, and so forth, when they had opened and saw him, they were flabbergasted astonished that our eyeballs flipped, they were shocked at the whole situation. But he beckoning onto them with a hand to hold their peace declared unto them how the Lord had brought him out of the prison. And he said go so these things under James into the brothers. And he Peter departed and went into another wad. Wonder why he went another place? Why didn't he go right back downtown The following morning and say what your I Am fellas. You can't put me in jail. You can keep me in jail. They cause the revelation word of knowledge and word of wisdom was get out of town double want to move on. That's why you know how I know this. At another place that other time men were in prison or were kept in prison. And they also were hurt by the you know the governor's rulers. And yet God send them right back in the same time. Now you've got to have an answer. And the answer is the operation of manifestations right and knowledge where the wisdom after he had spoken to the people that were there He departed and went into another place now as soon as it was date there was no small stir among the soldiers while all venture there wasn't that they really had a wild time that board he got everybody jumping all over everybody else trying to find out what what happened. Prisoners gone. Handcuffs stealing tax must have been a Houdini there or Blackstone or somebody got out it's a real real record. No small stir among the soldiers what was become a beater.


Then area though, and when Herod had sought 40 headstock for him, you know what that says to me, the entire FBI was out bright and early. You know, going through the IBM files, dropping the right card out on fingerprints, you know, all of these things. And had Herod and the soldiers in the entire group could not find him. He examined the keepers. In other words, you put the third degree on those phones. And after you to examine me finally sided Well, best thing to do is what you fellas to do. But there happened to be a law involved here and that was if you're responsible for the prisoner and the prisoner escaped. Then you were the last one that would be executed the place of the prisoner who escaped and Harry turreted. He went down from Judea, Samaria, and he abode luck. There. That's where Peter wins. Now how do I know from the accuracy of God's word? Why Peter was able to have such a good night's rest. When since knowledge wise, all the facts pointed to an execution early next morning. I am assure of this record as I am with the records of the records in the Bible like Daniel, how come Daniel, when they threw him into the lion's den? could simply say Oh, Leo, go ahead and lay down. You couldn't eat me if you tried because I wouldn't digest or something you couldn't digest at all, Leo got to be a real pillow for him that night instead of a Chillon. On diamond. How do I know these things from God's word? Like when they took those three men Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and threw them in the fiery furnace? A fiery furnace that was heated, I believe seven times as hot. As the government said you were supposed to eat that furnace. Right. And the fellows who threw them in burned up they had on asbestos suits to vote. Right? How do you know these things? Well, it's all written in the word but you got to research you got to work that word. And when the Word of God is the will of God, it has to fit like a hand in a glove. And Peter was just as human as you are as I am. And I know that if I would be executed before breakfast tomorrow morning. I doubt very much if I would sleep tonight even if I wasn't nervous about it. I'd just sit up and visit with the family anyways.


Hebrews I gave you here I've Second Peter. I get Hebrew James First Second Peter chapter one. The reason that you can remember these two records that I'm giving you, the one about the guardian angels is in Hebrews.


One 114 The one that I'm going to give you knowledge in Second Peter 114. It's a good way to operate your recovery. Knowing verse 14, that shortly I must put off this one tabernacle, even as our Lord Jesus Christ hath showed me who. The night he was imprisoned. What do you think God had showed him? God had shown him that he was not going to be executed, that he was going to get out of the soup. He was going to get out of the jail, and he was going down necessery and be able to witness farI at that twice that night, Peter could lie down in that jail and have a good night's rest because he knew he had a big day's work up ahead. And he could have that rest without any sedatives or anything else. Because by revelation, he knew that he would not die at that time. They caught years later, years later, just before Peter dies, the Father shows him that one in Peter in your that I'm reading, for read with you. Shortly I must do a lot later on off this tabernacle. Because the Lord Jesus has shown it to a lot he had shown him is that Peter had come to the end of the believing road, and that certainly his life now would be gone. But he had shown him before while he was here in jail, he was dying yet. Every time in the Bible, when it talks about the individual believers, it's always a tabernacle. Whenever it talks about the body of believers, like the group that's gathered here in this biblical Research Center tonight, the body of believers, the bar again sons of God, the group of them is called the Temple. This is why that record in Second Corinthians, they just hash it to pieces. When they say, Well, you're a temple of the Holy Ghost, you're a temple of the Holy Ghost, you're a temple, you are not a temple of the Holy Ghost, you belong to the temple, because the temple is where the whole body meets understand. But the individual in the temple is called a tabernacle in the Word of God's. I am a tabernacle, among the temple people of God. Like in the Old Testament times, whenever God's people, for the three great festivals came, they had to come to the temple, in Jerusalem, that's where they were all to meet. Yet, in the outlying areas, wherever there were 12 men, in any community, they could have a synagogue, like a small tabernacle, group of believers, you as an individual, biblically, are a tabernacle. But as a body of believers, we make up the temple of God. Now, Jesus Christ had by revelation shown to Peter at the, toward the end of his life, that shortly he must lay off this one tabernacle. But by that same token, he must have shown him before that he was laying it off yet, right. And therefore he was able to go get sleep that night, when the whole world said, with all the authority of that great king had tomorrow morning, before breakfast, the sword will cut off your head, he was able to go to sleep bound between two soldiers. April what a wonderful record in God's word. Does the average person even if God had shown him, he'd get out and he'd stay awake all night trying to figure out how God's gonna do it?


One day, he said, When our boys get late. How's he going to do this? Right? It does. This thing is just loaded with spiritual goodies, when you work toward just think about what he says.


He didn't even lie awake that night figuring out trying to figure out how God was going to do it. And when God did it, it was even a surprise to him how he did it, till finally came to himself and how he realized it was real.


You see the word of God, the will of God. It means what it says that it says what it means.


And when God had told Peter, he was going to get him out of that jail, all Peter did is went to sleep and Nord his life away or something, that's all praise them the Lord that he was going to do it. Could you have figured out how we're going to get old Daniel and that lion together? Good you I figured out how we're going to have three men in a fiery furnace heated seven times as hot as it was supposed to be heated, getting out of that place without even the smell of Prince Albert autumn milk or something? That's what he says. Right? Would you say Prince Albert? That without the smell of smoke, right, people if you and I quit soon about how God's going to do it and just believe more he's going to do it we'd get more rich We've got because this is the word. And in the operation of the word of knowledge, the word of wisdom, discerning the spirits, faith, miracles and healing.


These things are very important. Here you have the great manifestation of faith. Have faith in King James, the great manifestation of believing one of the nine manifestations of the Spirit after God had shown him, he was going to get him out of it. Then Peter having that revelation had to do one thing was believe you had to believe that God was going to do it, in spite of all indications to the contrary, and I tell you all the indications were to the law, contrary not the manifestation of belief. The manifestation of believing is to stand having done all stand once you have the Revelation where the knowledge were always dumb, then knowing what God's will is the manifestation of believing is to stay put without wavering on that revelation and that is what Peter did here in Acts chapter.


Oh yeah. Father says Joshua, chapter six strictly Shut up. That means he was in tight quarters or by for room because Jericho was I talked about oh, no Jericho. They can book of Joshua. Sorry, Jericho was straightly Shut up in tight quarters in.


The children of Israel had already talked in. Non went out and none came in. I mean, Josh was six one. And the Lord said the gods will see. I've given you the nine hand Jericho, and the king there are the mighty man of valor. Verse three, look what silly thing the Lord says. You have accomplished the city. All you Medawar you go right about the city one. Now shall do that six days now that we're just march around. The city wants each day six days, and seven pre shabam before the art seven trumpets of ram's horn. And the seventh Asia passes around the city seven times. And apprecia blows the trumpet. And it shall come to pass that when they make a long blast with a horn, ram's horn, and when you hear the sound of the trumpet, all the people shall shot with a great shout. And the walls of the city shall fall down inside the people shall extend upon send up send up every man straight before I know the crazy thing. The merrier. God says this march around the city wants each day and get those priests to do today a little bit on the horn. Yep. Do it every day. The seventh day have a march around seven times and then tune each time when they're out and on the seventh time haven't blow loud long. And then have everybody shouts and the walls of the city have come down. You know how they're coming down that every man can walk in house straight right in didn't even have to step over a brick type.


Boy that's some these mighty walls of the city of Jericho. Because that's the way this thing's gonna happen. Can you imagine people you hear in the wonderful auditorium tonight all shouting the building falling down.


been afforded here. But there's the Word of God. Right? From a sense knowledge point of view. Now, isn't this just the silliest thing to do? You know, when you're real cool about it? What a crazy thing to ask people to do. Well, it's sort of crazy to ask people to stoop down and drink water and watch how they drink. Especially if you're thirsty. But he had a little incident like that back here in the old days. estimate, remember, and just those that drank a certain way said you go along, he shipped most of the boys home. All that was left with a Marine. It was flood stage at another time. And he said, fellas, go with the other side. Well, that's a crazy thing to ask him to do. You ask him go the other side, when there's no flood state, when the creeks dried up in August or September, no water in it, then you go across. All the king hadn't waited till that season for the fellas had to get across. And Father said to them go across. Only thing he said, Put the priests with the Ark of the Covenant on their shoulders and tell them to start a god. And you know what else the Word says, when their feet will touch the water, the water will receive. And as their feet touched the water it received the word of God. And then the believing that God's gonna do what he said. Most of us couldn't operate word of knowledge, word of wisdom, discerning the spirit, you know, like, we haven't even believed what's written here. Until you know that word and believe that word that's written there. Just revelation, a word of knowledge, word of wisdom, designing to third base miracles and healing is just out for you. If you can't believe what's written here, and that has been substantiated, like you've got the proof of the walls of Jericho, that's a historical reality drive. The archaeological work in Jericho for many, many years, as simply corroborated the integrity and the accuracy of God's Word. There's only one place in the whole city of Jericho that there was one house standing and that was the house of Rahab. The innkeeper, not the harlot, the innkeeper, and only because she had started protected a few sellers they were doing little firework ahead of time. These records are collaborated records like archeological research records like the Kaldi these are just simply substantiate the accuracy of God's words. When we were at the University of Chicago Divinity School, working some of this stuff, they laughed about those 40 kings that are mentioned in one chapter, they say, Oh, that never really 40 kings, that's just the blow you know the word. Lo and behold, about six, seven years ago, they found the same name, all 40 kings, their names written out on one piece down there in the archaeological discoveries. And now all the scholars say wasn't wonderful. There were 40 Kennedy schools, working some of this stuff, they laughed about, they found a silly little piece down there that's about that big has the names of 40 kings. Now everybody believes that. That's tricking the devil or something. Here is the revealed word of God. How can we expect to receive word of knowledge when I was done discerning the spirits and operate faith, miracles and healing if we won't even believe that those children of Israel and Mark trout Oh Jericho, seven times, six days once, and then on the seventh day, seven times, go your horns and everybody shouts. And they shouted. But it wasn't the shout that brought the Lord Donnie was the obedience and to believing are people that brought the lows down. Because before he got to putting this earth back in Genesis one, three, there happened to be a fault line under Jericho found the whole city exactly where the walls are built.


With the exception of one that's wonderful how God prepared that shouting for 1000s of years before right. Just at the moment they shouted the earthquake down came out somebody say Well, boy, that it wasn't a miracle. I don't know what it was, but it was sure good. How in the world would you have liked to figure it out? The walls had come down just at that time. The miracle is in the coordination and that's when God said shouts they believe God's word NAME shouting. And he said in my Bible, a great shout out or something. You know what they did? They had real New Year's Eve party blowing those things you know, that go out when you blow and you got like this or something? And everybody's shouting Round Table, Peter class do by revelation. And then he had to believe that revelation or peer would have lost his head the next morning before breakfast.


That's the manifestation of leaving. Written in Acts chapter 20. And how it operates. After you have the word of knowledge and the word of the leaving God to bring the impossible to pass at your comments.


We pray Our Father in our guts. Again, we thank you for the greatness of Your word and the power of your Holy Spirit. We thank you for the wonderful goodness and for having this read of God so simple, so plainly written, that all of us can understand you will. Therefore, I thank thee and praise Jesus night for your goodness and watch through Christ Jesus. Amen.