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SNT 0218 Acts 10

Acts 10  September 5, 1965

The record of Peter and the house hold of Cornelius.
SNT – 218

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Topic: draft, Peter, God, verse, people, cornelius, word, hear, man, called, Gentiles, baptized, receive, tongues, spirit, speak, revelation, tapes, fell, person, Joppa
Format: audio
Publication Date: 09-05-1965

Victor Paul Wierwille was a Bible scholar and teacher for over four decades.

By means of Dr. Wierwille's dynamic teaching of the accuracy and integrity of God's Word, foundational class and advanced class graduates of Power for Abundant Living have learned that the one great requirement for every student of the Bible is to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Thus, his presentation of the Word of God was designed for students who desire the in-depth-accuracy of God’s Word.

In his many years of research, Dr. Wierwille studied with such men as Karl Barth, E. Stanley Jones, Glenn Clark, Bishop K.C. Pillai, and George M. Lamsa. His formal training included Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Mission House (Lakeland) College and Seminary. He studied at the University of Chicago and at Princeton Theological Seminary from which he received a Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. Later he completed his work for the Doctor of Theology degree.

Dr. Wierwille taught the first class on Power for Abundant Living in 1953.

Books by Dr. Wierwille include: Are the Dead Alive Now? published in 1971; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today published in 1972; five volumes of Studies in Abundant Living— The Bible Tells Me So (1971), The New, Dynamic Church (1971), The Word's Way (1971), God's Magnified Word (1977), Order My Steps in Thy Word (1985); Jesus Christ Is Not God (1975); Jesus Christ Our Passover (1980); and Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed (1982).

Dr. Wierwille researched God's Word, taught, wrote, and traveled worldwide, holding forth the accuracy of God's "wonderful, matchless" Word.

Act 10:1-3

Act 10:3-8

Act 10:8-16, 19

Act 10:15-25; 11:12

Act 10:26-33

Act 10:33-43

Act 10:44-47

Act 10:47, 48; 11:1-18




SUMMARY KEYWORDS: Peter, God, verse, people, cornelius, word, hear, man, called, Gentiles, baptized, receive, tongues, spirit, speak, revelation, tapes, fell, person, Joppa


I'd like for you to take your Bibles and turn to chapter 10. Tonight. While you're turning to that, I just thought, your moment ago, I had this cheque in my pocket I was supposed to put in the offering. And the reason I have it in my pocket, I just took it out of a letter this afternoon, a check for $40 sent into the way headquarters, because we keep sending them tapes, about every other week of this Sunday night service. There are people who can't be here, they're far far away from here. And their hearts just hungry to be in the service where the teaching of the Word of God and so they're always after me for the tape. And I said to the engineers tonight before the service, how many tape are we making the night they said to besides our regular broadcast where the time is here, people It looks like within the next couple of months, we're going to have to be making 10 or 12 tapes a night. Yet this check for $40 came in this week, from a couple that been getting these tapes about every other week. And they're grateful for them, they learned the word of God this way. And they're so thankful that we're making tape, we have far more requests for tapes, and we're able to meet I suppose every week right now we should should be sending out five or six, we're only sending out two. And by the time they're sent out that come back in and takes a week or 10 days and you hate to send them out. We do this frequently. However, we send them to one person in one place the United States and then we send a note with it, they send it on to somebody else. And they send it on then finally it gets back to headquarters. But there are people across the nation who need to hear this service every Sunday night. And this weekend do very simply by making more tapes, getting them in the mail, by Monday afternoon, Tuesday, Wednesday, they most of them will have them by Wednesday or Thursday. And then it's fresh, it's new to them. They can listen to it. And they can put the things into practice. This is one of the wonderful things that tape ministry is good for us. It helps us to reach out among our people and keep feeding them on the Word of God. I want to tell you, when you're away from people who do not study the Word of God, when you're away from that kind of person, you get real hungry to be with people who are working the Word of God. Now if you're with them too long, and they don't study the Word of God, and pretty soon you get to the place you don't study at either. You've got to stay with people who are working the word and are people that are spread out across the nation come from various denominations or backgrounds, various states, all different kinds of work, employment and so forth. They still are hungry for the Word. They can't come here on Sunday night like you good people. Because even though some of you may have driven 125 miles one way to be here tonight, these people live 500 1000 2000 3000 miles from headquarters. And the only way we can keep reaching them is to do exactly what we'll do. Again, Tuesday of this week, we'll be sending out tapes to these people. So I thank God for this ministry. And I'm sure that this kind of thing must encourage you people to thank you wrote in Thank you, Dorothy. And how about Acts chapter 10. Tonight, the background of Acts chapter 10. Is that it was occurred some 20 to 25 years or more after the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost. Didn't happen that long ago. I was thinking of x 19x 10x 10 should have been about 1518 Guy notes in your Bibles on this. What is it? Is it 25 to 30? I thought when is x 19 come in then. X 19 things somewhat later. Well, some time between 18 to 2025 years I was thinking in terms of 15. But the point is the point in issue is that most people think when they read the book of Acts that these things just occurred like this one thing right after another, and they never get the impact of the years that are involved in some of these chapters. Like this chapter here in Acts 10 occurred many, many years after the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost.


Now we all know those of us who have worked the word from x two and x eight and X nine regarding the Holy Spirit, we know that there was a progressive unfoldment of the revelation. It isn't that God didn't want to give his revelation it's like today, God is more anxious to give than we are want to receive and God I can only give when we are in the position, or when we are in the place of believing when we are able to believe to receive, then God give. So it was in the early days of the church, as they were able to believe to receive. Now, boy, this believing to receiving when I use this, I mean it in the sense in which I'm thinking it's not maybe in a sense, you're interpreting it. And my thinking along the line is that not only must you be able to believe, but the receiving part, you have to be big enough to take it understand. You could believe for a half a pint, and you'd only get what, but the thing I'm talking about is the believing of the receiving of gallons. You have to be big to receive. This is the kind of believing I'm talking about here from the Bible, that as Paul began to believe he was big, and he was able to receive the greatness of the revelation, which Peter and John and the rest of the men were not able to receive at their time. Now, x 10 Is the historical presentation in the Word of God, of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Gentiles. Up until this time, historically, and chronologically. Whenever a Gentile wanted to have the blessings of God, he had to become a proselyte. He had to be, you know, become a property, Judy eyes. Right? He had to become a proselyte. And then the things of Judaism were passed on Damn, like second hand. He still could not receive it perfectly and wonderfully firsthand, because he was a Gentile. So the thing that occurred here is that the Gentiles here for the first time, are going to receive the things of God without becoming Jews. And that's why this record here in x 10, is so tremendous. You will notice in the King James Version, that it has 48 verses in this tense chapter, right. And that's not even the end of it. You will have to go through verse 18, of the 11th Chapter, to historically and chronologically cover this whole story. And I'd like to say to you, many times when the Bible expands something, then you sit up and pay great attention, because there's a reason for expansion. God had a purpose in mind when he took up all this material from what is hearing King James chapter 10 and chapter 11, through verse 18, to relate to us this tremendous thing which occurred, entirely details. So Acts chapter 10, verse one, there was a certain man in sesor Ria, called Cornelius, a centurion of the band called The itallian band. Cornelius was a Centurion. He was head of 100 soldiers, he was a soldier himself. He was head of 100 soldiers at Centurion. And the band which he headed up was called the itallian. Band. He was a devout man, verse two. In other words, he was not some new gumboot or some unbelievers. He was a devout man, he was a religious person. He had a soul, sincere desire for the things of God. And one that feared the word feared is the word reverence. Odd, respected God with all his house, and he gave much alms to the people and prayed to God, always. Verse three, he saw in a vision, this, Cornelius saw in a vision, evidently about the ninth hour of the day, the word evidently about are the words clearly, openly. You ought to make that note. He saw the vision clearly.


openly. The ninth hour of the day, what time would that be? Three o'clock in the afternoon, our time, the ninth hour of the day, his Jewish writing. He saw in a vision and may I say to those of you who have just been in the advanced class and so forth, that this is phenomena here, phenomenon to Cornelia because it occurred to him before he was watching Born again and filled with what? The Holy Spirit, therefore, was God able to show it to him, that our gods God Almighty, you can take any person and give him a vision. But when he does it this way, it has to be in the phenomenon category four, Cornelius was not yet born again, did not yet have the spirit. So God could not give it to a spirit. God had to give it in a phenomenal, phenomenal way. Understand. Now he saw an invasion. Picture, you know, TV show, as I call it, the whole, the whole picture, the whole vision, the whole show is there. He saw it clearly. It wasn't blurred. And he saw it openly, openly, wide open, you could see the whole thing, the third hour, three o'clock in the afternoon and nine hours a day, an angel of God coming into him, and saying unto him, Cornelius, I perhaps ought to make a note here in our minds, that I believe the reason the ninth hour of the day is mentioned in this verse, because the ninth hour was an hour among the Jews for what? And this man as it has told us here in the verse was a devout man and one who had great offer God. And if you had great offer God, he was endeavouring to keep the things of the law that the Jews were keeping. And one of the things that they were keeping was was the hour of us. That's why I think that third hours, as the ninth hour is mentioned in there, verse four. And when he looked on him, he was afraid, and said, What is it, Lord? Now from the context here, I looked up this word afraid in the Greek I didn't have Jim to check the Aramaic we should, perhaps some time, but in the Greek, the word afraid means to be fearful. That's the word that use there, that can't be right. You know why it can't be right. Because he immediately knew who it was coming from. You know what the translation of this word is, technically. And when he he looked on him, saw this angel, he was flabbergasted. He was astonished. He was taken back. Not that he was full of fear. He wasn't, he wasn't afraid, in the sense in which we understand the word fear. He was just, I don't know anything else to say he was just overall, he was just well done, wouldn't cover this up. Not in my thinking. It's, it's bigger than that. It's more wonderful. He just looked bad. Again, all his there it was, he saw the picture and he said, Oh, my goodness, look at that. And he said, immediately, he said, What is it Lord? What are your walk, Lord, he recognized he recognized. And today I teach 16 weeks sometimes to get people to the place to believe God's word that God still able and still does appear to God's people to show himself here was a man who did not have 2000 years of church history behind him. He was a Gentile who had never been able to receive anything unless they had become Prophet lights before. And yet here God was showing him something. And he recognized it immediately as coming from from God, you want me to use this other mic? Which one? Good this one? I'll do we got more wonderful opportunities than you can shake a stick


you know, this must also be revelation. I just made a note indicates here I wrote a while ago I had to borrow a pen to do it. I wrote it on here order a pocket mic. I wrote this while you were singing the first song or the second song tonight. Now he comes up here and tells me that this thing is on order it's going to stay out soon as we can get the pocket night that's all right. That's the only difference is the reason they liked me on this other mic is so that they know I run around. They got me in tact someplace over here. I'm supposed to stay in steel. And that's hard for me to do once in a while. Well, it's good time to develop trouble with time to fix her. Now where were we know where to God? Well, we'll get back here and I mean to see if I Get this pocket microphone. All I have to do is put it in my pocket not run all over the place and they can pick it up any place I go it hasn't got any do flame gees on it no microphone cables or anything. What would be wonderful? Every time now I had to wear that microphone cable. I feel like some of you ladies must feel but all ham dinner so but anyways, isn't isn't that something that I made this note tonight when I when the song service started, I made it on here. And here we come up with all these opportunities right now. Well in verse four of this 10th Chapter, which we're dealing with, I want you to note that he said immediately, what is it Lord? And this angel which appeared this angel of God, which appeared said onto him in a was vision? was the angel, you know, right there beaten his brains in? No, he saw it in a lot. Picture. That shouldn't be any problem. You sit at home and 100 miles away and 17,000 miles away or something. You pick up a picture, you're sitting right there at home, right with your TV, I'm talking. Well, what about God? If God wants to show a man something, couldn't he give him a vision of something without having like, for instance, this cross setting in here? Couldn't he show a man a picture of the cross, just as vivid and alive and realize that without being right there? Why sure. But man's got to the blessed place in life. He thinks he runs the show, and man can do everything. But God Almighty can't do a lousy thing. What's the matter with us? Right? We think man can send a guy up in outer space floating around for 1617 days, but God Almighty capitalism, all I'm telling you, he did what the Word says, And he can still do it. He gave him a beige. And he showed him a picture. And it was this angel of God. That's what he saw an angel of God. And this angel said unto him, your prayers, and your gifts are come up for a memorial before who? You know my people. Does God hear our prayers? You Bet Your Life. But what about our gifts? Does he see? Sad as he did right? He said not only were his prayers heard, but his gifts. God took note of them. Don't think you can beat God. You know, say we're walking on the way to God, you know, with great love. And then we put $1 in the collection plate when we've had at least $25 in income that week, we should give two and a half under the law. So we put $1 in and we say Oh Lord, please answer my prayer. Who you're kidding, you only kidding yourself. This man, the first verse had told us on the second one, that he was a God fearing man. And he gave much alms to the people. He prayed to God. He was a wonderful man. He tried to carry out the law. That's what I'm trying to show you to be obedient to the principles that were involved. You can't expect God to give revelation and to come into our lives and be fruitful in our lives unless we're operating the principles that God has set by are spies. He said now send men to Java. And call for one Simon, whose surname is what Peter lodge just with one Simon a tanner, whose house is by luck. And that's a tremendous key again, because this Simon, with whom Simon Peter was staying in the city of Joppa did not live in the city. He lived on the outskirts beyond the city limits. And it gave you the answer in that verse when it said he was a tanner. He tanned high and the tanning of hides stinks. And they they had zoning in Joplin. Right. We think we're modern with zoning, you know, they had us over there. Because whenever a person was a tanner, he had to build his factory outside of the city limits. Because it was a stinking outfit. Well, anyways, no matter what the business smelled like the man must have been a good man spiritually. I must have smelled right spiritually. God as Peter was staying with you. It's like teaching in a god Now wonder what is it? It's the spirit on the inside. But this angel said to Cornelius, you sent down there to Joppa. And when you get over there, don't ask everybody just go to the house of Simon, the tanner, on the outskirts of town and you'll find old Peter right there. And he shall tell the verse six last part, he shall tell thee what thou autists. To do. That's wonderful. It's wonderful to have a man of God around who knows the answers, so that when you have a desire for God's word, and for the knowledge of God, that that man or God, or that woman, or God can still teach to us, Thor is not like Peter was called on to come to the house and ternium Cornelius was sincere. He was honest, he had all those qualifications, but you can have all those, but he still lacked one thing, the knowledge. And in order to work on a greater abundance of God's word, you have to be taught the Word. And so this is where Peter comes in verse seven. And then when the angel which fake undercurrent hideous was the party, he called Two of his household servants, and a devout soldier of them that waited on him continuing, when he had declared all these things, and then he told it to his servants, and to the soldier, right. These men must have been very close to it must have been men, who in whom he had implicit believing and faith, because he shared with them what God by this vision had shown him. He told it to the two household servants, and the and when he had declared all these things unto them, he sent them to Joppa. on the morrow, as they went on their journey, and drew nigh on to the city of Joppa, Peter, who was staying at the household of Simon, the tanner, went up on the housetop. To pray at about one, the six hour the six hour is an hour of one hour simply tells you that Peter, even though he was converted, still was carrying out the hours of prayer. And here staying in the household of Simon, the tanner, when it became the sixth hour about 12 noon, he went on the house top to pray. And the house top is exactly what it means. And it means what he says, but you got to understand, I mean, it's not the crazy house tops like we have here, you fall off of those things. As a flat roof, completely flat. They got up to the house top by crawling up the ladder, through the little hole in the roof. They crawl up through there, and then the whole space was flat on top and wide open. This is like in the Old Testament. When these spies came, wasn't it Rahab rehab, who hid the spies on the road, she put car and fodder over.... Yeah, heavy tracks like corn fodder, big stuff. She put the spies down, she hid this over the top, because they would dry their flax, they dry that stuff on top of the roof. And so when these FBI came in to find these two men, they couldn't they didn't work for him on there, because just naturally laid out to dry. But this is the flat roof. And these roofs are all flat and one house is built right next to the other. So you can walk from this roof over to this route, or this route or this route. That's how things got noise about the city. It says in the Bible. It was noise about the reason it got noise, Tabasco, there was a woman on his roof and a woman on the top of this room. Well, the men were pushing them up the ladder to get them up there to get the news out. But this is really literally it's it's true, biblically speaking, this is how the news traveled through town. They didn't have a telephone. They couldn't get on the telephone for a half an hour and, you know, yet all the way around. So all they did is got on top of the roof. And they told the next neighbor who was on the next neighbor on the roof, so it was around and when it was an hour of prayer, if you wanted to get away for a period of time, you just wind up on the roof. And that's what Peter did is just as not thrilling just as human and wonderful. As if you said well I came into the wave biblical Research Center tonight for The service and I sat down in a Teaching Chair. It's just as natural as as Peter was on the house top, it was about the sixth hour. And he became very hungry. He got hungry, and what a beat. But they didn't have their meal prepared as yet. And while they were preparing the meal, he fell into a walk. And my spiritual his friends, like the stories, because they take this now, and they teach that Peter, God possess that A, he became the medium for this thing, which is now going to be that's not true at all. This is a true God in operation and not the devil. And this word trance. If I ever made the translation accurately, just to avoid the spiritualist usage of terms I drop it entirely because the word trance does not mean at all what the spiritualist say it means. I had Mr. Chamberlain to check this in Aramaic with me this afternoon. And I had checked it as a matter of fact that some of you here in the auditorium tonight, I may have given you the this what it should have been years ago because I know I gave it out. But I checked with my combis friends, they didn't have it in their Bibles. But some of you may have it in your Bible, that when he fell into a trance does not mean that he lost consciousness. It does not mean that he gave himself over to the Spirit, and the spirit possessed him. He was mentally real sharp. To fall into a trance means that he he was in a dormant state of mental receptivity. That's the word transfer. His mental activity was in a dormant state. I for fear of being misunderstood. I perhaps shouldn't use the word but in one sense, if you understand daydreaming with a purpose, have you ever daydream or the purpose? Where your mind has been so stayed on one thing that everything else just didn't affect you. Something could have been happening on the outside and perhaps was and it never disturbed you at all because your mind was real sharp, real alert. But you were thinking just one thing. Thinking does one thing. That's what this word transmits. While they were making ready, he fell into a dormant state of mental activity. He's he was praying was me. On a world can you pray and be out of your mind? Right? How could you be praying and not have the possession of your faculty? Do you see? The spiritualist have taken this verse and they're still taking it the church plays right in their hands with it, not understanding it. And so they take it and say, well, we see he went into a trance, he became a medium. He became professor doesn't say that. You know why? Because if you'll read the 19 First, the 19 verse of the same chapter not get your eyes in the book and stay put. While Peter thought that he wasn't possess, it was a watch to him. That's what it says that's what it means. That's why the word trance first pan must be understood in the light of it's used in verse 19. Right. So this trance was to him a lot. If I am entirely out of my mind, to entirely possess, like these mediums they come when they are taken over by the Spirit and they get their information. Then it is not a vision to them in the sense in which they are mentally alive. They get this vision and when it's over with They can't recall it. That's right. They don't recall it at all. Somebody else has heard it. They tell us that but the person who is possessed he doesn't have a retention of it or a recall of it. So watch this thing developed. Verse 11, he saw heaven dolphin and a certain vessel descending onto him as it had been a great sheep was it it was like a great sheep. It was a lot they should a Bayesian to him. Now, this being said here was this phenomenon No, no, not for theater. That's the difference. And I want to tell you, Salma 1000 people can read that word until they have a knowledge of the operation or the manifestation of spirits. They do not know the difference between the things that Carnegie has had. And this the they couldn't say to them if he's a saint. Now the the outcome is the same to get God's work done. But nothing's mechanics involved, the spiritual mechanics involved to bring it to pass. The first one was phenomenal. The second one was a vision given to him because Peter was filled with a spirit that scripture says so and we'll read it later on again. That's right. First, well, we're in we're all manner of forefoot, a beast of the earth, wild bees, creeping things and files of the earth. And there came a voice to him, writer, rise eater, Hill and to us, right. But Peter said, not so large, for I have never eaten anything that is common, or what I'm pleased. And the voice speak unto him again the second time. What God has plans that call not thou common, the word common is the word defiled, unclean. The files are 16, this was done a third time. And the vessel was received up again, into what? Right now I can only remember on two occasions where anything was ever done. The third time. This is one. The other one that comes to my mind is after the resurrection when Jesus appeared, and he said to Peter, feed my, my lambs, my female lambs, my male lambs, and feed my adult sheep three times. I know of no other records that comes to my mind now, three times. All right. Okay. But boy, when that when something occurs three times it's unique, you know, why? Twice, establishes the third time? You know what it says, when it tells you the third time, we'll get on a ball and do it quick. It's not only established, but do it. You'll get out and pronto do it. Take care of it right now. That's the essence.


And it has nothing to do with the Trinity. just happens to be three. Verse 17. Now while Peter doubted, the word doubted in the text is deeply thought about it. Not doubt. You know, when we use the word doubt we question with a negative, this is not a negative point. It is a positive action. He he thought about he he thought of good gravy here. I've seen this. What about it? While Peter was saying, Well, what can I do about it? What am I to do? All he has seen was the sheep in which were all these animals. And he got it said to him that which is so and so and so and so. But Peters said, Well, what am I gonna do about it? While Peter thought, while Peter doubted in himself, what this vision which he had seen should mean, at that very moment. Behold, the man which was sent from corneas had made inquiry for Simon's house and they stood they follow up. Isn't that wonderful? You talk about God's timetable. Oh, God gave us two revelations of hernia, and Cornelius immediately carried it out. And when I met Scott there, they were not one second or they never disturb the revelation. Peter was heavy. But as soon as the regulation had terminated, there there were standing at the door, calling, not knocking. They were standing at the door calling. So as in the east, you don't not go door on the place which you're not going they stand outside of the gate. And they call Irma Herman below an old Herman he hadn't do any good to knock no door on the place. So that's why they call met remember when Peter was in jail, it gets to the house of Rhoda and Reuben, and he gets over there, and he says outside of the door, and he calls that's what why I know all this is in here, same thing. Behold, the man sent from Colonel stood before the gate, and verse 18, what to do and call and asked whether assignment, which was surname Peter was lodged there. And while Peter thought, on the law, the Bayesian second time, it's mentioned in verse 17. What this vision would you seem to mean? And while Peter was still thinking about it, these men stood outside of the gate called him. And at that moment, at that moment, does spirit said unto him, was Peter in his right mind? Okay, and no spirits, then no devil spirits was talking to him. It was God's Holy Spirit. God who is holy spirit talking to the Spirit of God, which was in theater, does spirits said the beater didn't say it to his mind, he said it to is what? Spirit. So first, he had a picture. Now it's just Revelation where God says, The Spirit said unto him, the Oh, three man. Isn't that wonderful? Well, when you put all this together, how come God didn't show him all this stuff on the sheet. Because basically, what you can know, by your senses, God expects you to know revelation begins where the senses could cease. And so here but didn't have to tell him that, that there were three men coming because God knew they'd be there just just the time I needed him. Though the Spirit said on him, Behold three men 60 arrives, therefore, and get these down and go with them, dousing what for I have what is now Wonderful. Now you gotta remember Peter was a walk in background, a Jew, and here Cardinal do is they want, and no Jew would touch a Gentile with a 20 foot pole, he wouldn't even get close to his premises. Because if he stepped inside of his house, he would be contaminated, he wouldn't be defiled. So God in His mercy and grace, understanding Peter, and understanding that Peter was able to receive it at this time, big enough to believe to receive, he showed him this vision. But three times he did. And then in addition to that, he said to him by the Spirit, go with them. Or that's really been good if God is taking Peter right down the line, giving him all this information, and then doing it so wonderfully in so many different ways.


Then Peter, verse 21, went down to the men, which were sent down to him from continious and said, Behold, I am he whom you see, what is the cause where for yarn come, and they said, cardio centering, adjust man, and one that fear of God and a good report among all the nation of the Jew, was warned from God by an holy angel. The same for the, into his house, and to hear words of the then he calls them called he's mm. And he loves Peter called them in and he loves them, those three men, and the next day on the moral, Peter went away with them. And certain brethren from Joppa did what a wonderful is. That's why I know this revelation, where it said, The Spirit told him whatever verse that was, the Spirit told him to go. He also told him other things. And one of the things that Spirit told him was that he was to take with him, other men, when he went to the household occurred, because God already knew what kind of trouble this would cause back in Jerusalem Finally, when the boys back in Jerusalem, heard about what was going on. And so God arranged the whole program, and he said to Peter, you take certain fellows with you, your witnesses your proof, in the lemons chapter, verse 12, where Peter later on reports in Jerusalem, he says, and the spirit Badme go with them, nothing doubting. Moreover, these six brother in what company me, six brothers, he took six, born again Jews, whether they hadn't been Jews before. Now they were born again of God's Spirit. He took six up with him. That's why verse 23, and certain brother from Joppa, accompanied him how many? Six and and the moral, verse 24 After they entered intercessory and Cornelius waited for them. That summer. When God told training us to send a job, Peter is going to come and tell you something, you know what to do. any asset? Well, I don't think it's ever going to happen, Lord, it couldn't ever come to pass. Now that's what you say in America today. Not when you really believe God, when God wants tells you, he's gonna do it, that settles. And so well, the men were over there looking for, for Peter to bring him back, Cornelius was getting things right. He was getting all this dinner ready and food and got the care set up in an auditorium and everything swept out, Song sheets out, ready to roll. And he called to gather his kinsmen. And even his was near a friend, when he was lucky. He had called his near friends, the relatives. Verse 25, and as Peter was coming in, Cornelius met him, and he fell down at his feet and worship Him, worship Him. Him is in italics, I don't know what you're gonna do with it. You know what it simply means? This business, the usage of the word worship, falling down at a man's feet and worshipping simply means that you give him due respect. Great respect. The day we do you know how we do it here in America, we shake hands with people. And we simply say, I'm glad to meet you. But if you're, if you shake hands, with an important person age, like the President of the United States, you'd shake hands, you'd even bow and you say, I am most delighted to make your acquaintance. Now, does that mean that you are are referencing Him as God? When you do this to a man, neither does this. Theater did not worship him as an idol. A god I mean, continious worship Peter as an idol or God, he simply did the Oriental custom. When you want to show the greatest respect, the greatest humility on your part, you just lay down flat on the ground, you just lay down a flat on the ground, and you touch the foot of the party. That you're I saw this happen by the 1000s. In India, when the Ashanti Ah, sweet, toasty, the greatest positive writing of Hinduism in the world today. When he would go down from the place where he was sitting to go out of the tent, the pando.


1000s of would fall down 1000s, not just hundreds, 1000s of people, they just fall down one right after the other, just if they couldn't reach him, at least they could lay their hands out toward it. They worshipped Him. That's exactly what this verse means. Y'all understand that? Now, what verses Alright, verse 26. But Peter talking about safe stand up. I myself, oh, so I am but a was, man. That's wonderful. And as he talked with him, he went in. And Peter found many that were what did they have to have a newspaper campaign to get the revival row? radio or television? No. Why? Because one man had believed God's word Colonel. And he got his kinsmen and his friends together. And he says, boys get in here. Because I got a man coming, who's going to tell us the Word of God, and I want you in here. And Cornelius was a man of authority. Sometimes today, you invite your friends to come and shoot, you don't speak with authority and say, Look, I'm going over to hear the Word of God. Wouldn't you like to come along? You know what I'd say? No. No, no push. Why Good gravy. If you've got something to sell, you say come on along. I don't know if you've ever had the problem. Get the company just about the time you really want to go. You got to make a decision. Do you ever sit home go anyway? It's good. It's good. That's right. Because you've got to make up your mind where the you and God are right on what you're doing or whether the days that come in the last minute are going to draw you away from the things that you make up your mind. And if your friends are so unkind as to come on, you're scheduled to go someplace you go if they don't want to go along, let them stay there. Give them an extra pot of coffee and stay stay warm until we get home. Or do some that trust no courage today, because you've all been taught that you're supposed to lean over backwards. Let the devil run over you all the time. And just All it's good. It is. That's right. If God wants you a certain place, and the most important place for you to be at God place, no matter what the neighbors are, who comes in are your friends, you go God's place. Alternating us was a man of authority. And he said to his kinsmen, and his near friends, he says, boys get in here. And when Peter got there, those men and women were there. They didn't have to have a publicity campaign and spend 20 $30,000 to get all the denominations to cooperate. For the campaign. No, sir. Because the Holy Spirit was in operation, and I love man, but he God's word. Got the job role. I thought, this thing's Angelin in me since last Thursday, that's why I got a lot to say about it. So I hope you brought your pillow. All of this work. A lot of the greatness of this work started a month in the northern area of Ohio because of one woman who heard me teach the Word of God and took it back to her relatives and her family. And her friends enter New York kinsmen. All of this, which occurred here last week, is still a carry out of some of that which originally started and one woman again, in cooperation with her husband, get in there and teach people God's word. And when I got there, all I had to do was lay them in. Right? He found many that were coming together. Verse 28. And Peter said unto them, you know, how it is unlawful thing, or a man that's a Jew, to keep company, or come unto one of another nation?


But God, God has showed me that I should not call any man defiled or unclean. Isn't that some. And I want to tell you, as I think you understand from the story, had God not shown him the vision of the sheep, had God by the Spirit, not told him to go had the three men not just been there, and all of this thing makes synchronized perfectly Oh, Peter never would have gone to this place. And you know, it was sure it's right. Peter only went because God had opened the hallway. And the theme fit just perfectly. And it was so synchronized, that there could be no further question about and had Peter had too much time to think about it, he most likely wouldn't have gone yet. But boy, oh, this thing happened just like that. Therefore, verse 29, came on to you without gainsay without arguing about it without thinking about it. I just think as soon as I was sent forward, I asked therefore, for what intent you have sent for me, isn't that something? Why didn't God show him all this and so he could get his sermon prepared. Because what God wanted done, Cornelius could tell him because God adult show and Cordelia said, four days ago, I was fasting until this hour, as the ninth hour I prayed in my house and behold, a man stood before me and bright closing. Now putting this together with the opening part of the chapter will give you out of life, and said Cornelius died, prayer is heard, and dine arms are having remembrance in the sight of God sent there for the job and call Heather's Simon, whose surname is one. Peter, he has lived in the house of one Simon a tanner by the seaside, who any comments shall speak on to us. Hey, if those two soldiers how many soldiers one soldier, one soldier and to serve Hey, did those three men know that start? Yes, sir. Because we read a while ago that turgidity have discussed it with these before he sent him right. how strong they didn't tell Peter. That's right. Peter never asked. Peter never asked. Because this thing was all synchronized. And when this revelation came and everything else, Peter just said, Come on Ian Fellows is what God wants. And they go all the way back to accessory and theater never asked those three men. Now just what happened? What do you want me to do? Isn't that something and those men never volunteered the information. You see why there are times when you're Shut up? You're gonna have tremendous knowledge. You could have information, but unless God wants you to tell it. What do you do with it? Keep quiet. These three men knew but they didn't volunteer. Here's the information. Peter didn't ask for it. But when he gets home the household our current NAS, he says the current is, well, what do Lanata mean? What did you bring me for? Why did you want me to come? First 33 immediately, therefore I sent to the current ideas didn't wait a day or a week or two years. After the revelation came, he acted on it, how? He immediately when he a lot of things from God to get revelation, you act immediately, I sent to thee and thou hast well done that our tongue. Now therefore, are we all here present before God to hear all things that are commanded the of your denomination of your theological school? No. He could have said this. You know why? Because Peter had been a Jew. Peter had been among the head of the Apostles in Jerusalem, right? He could have said to him, there were four. We're all here. We want to hear all things that are happening in the church, among your denominational arguments in Jerusalem. And boy, by this time, they're already happening. Oh, grenadier. Acetic. We don't care about any of that. We don't care about your denomination of background or anything else. All we want to hear is what God's got to say. Boy, wouldn't this make a difference in our lives today in our churches? If our people in the pews would simply say, We want to hear what guts guts to say, not what the Reader's Digest like look or time or Saturday Evening Post, or the denomination has to say what has got? You got it all. So mixed up. You can't tell the difference between your denomination, the Reader's Digest life look for time, Saturday evening posts are gone. And so when you got it all hashed up, are you expecting?


Right, you all know it. Maybe don't like it. But you know what, anyway, you ought to like, because people if there's ever been a time, we better hear what God's got to say this, this. People are gathered here at the weigh international headquarters. We're concerned about what God has to say from his word. I don't give a hoot what your denomination says. Nor do I care about what mine said. I want to know what God's got to say. Cornelius, hadn't been in the church like you and I have been since we've been born. But he had a lot more sense. Because we've been so in unbraided, with unbelief and all the rest of this junk. You could sit there year after year, many times and never say to ourselves, well, let's get what God's got to say. We just go along with the machinery. Alternately, I said, I want to hear what Scott got. Oh, if people think of what Scott and I, if we can get what God's got to say, then we're no longer piddling around. We're no longer mess. We've got God's word that I want to hear what God's not beefy where we'll not Johnny jump up or snowball Pete. But I want to hear what God's got to say. That God says, Only through men and women who know God and know God's Word. God still has to have men and women who speak for him, for God is we want to hear what God's got to say. Boy, that's something. If I was a preacher, I'd six out 33rd Verse and have the assertive, good, which stir up a little dandruff and get them walk in for the low. Do something with them. I sit we hear and die. Sure. And then Peter offered his luck. They wanted to hear what the Lord had to say but who has opened his mouth? Here of all, Peter dissapear, with his mouth pulled in never heard what the Lord has to say, because God is spirit, right? And God has to have a mouth dedicated to him, who knows the word who's speaking, man could know the word and still not look at it. On the other hand, he can know nothing about the word and still yak all the time. Peter open his mouth. And he said, the truth, I perceive that God is no respecter of luck. Boy, he had to see the sheet and all the rest of the stuff. Oh, Peter could have said that because Peter was a hard headed old Jew and Peter thoughts the sun rose and set to do Sure. But first things Peter said when he got that meeting started. He said I perceived that God is no respecter. Why would you and I get to that place we started. God's no respecter of persons, these respective conditions but not and I tell you, you can be the son or the daughter of the most influential man in the world, but unless you are tracking God is no respecter of the person. On the other hand, you could be born out of the most ungodly family. But God loves you, or God is no respecter of life. Isn't that wonderful to find out we've got a God like that's why you never need to salaam any person person. You must always be gracious, loving, so forth, but never to the end where my isn't that person much more wonderful than I am. That's a lie from hell, Oh, buddy, you better nobody's any better you are, if crime are the same price in you as the same price in the US. He is the one who makes us words. We say watch, body and everyday. He that feareth. God is reverence for him and work as righteousness is accepted with him. That the word which God sent unto the children of his preaching peace by Jesus Christ, he is Lord of us. That word I say you know, which was published throughout all Judea, and began from Galilee, after the baptism, which John preached. How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth, with new Maha Gil, Holy Spirit, and with power, there is no article preceding holy. In the text. The King James Mann added the article the.


Oh God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with Numa, hog young, me the words are capitalized in a critical Greek text here that capitalized both the word holy and the word, spirit, calling it ghost. I've got an idea Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost, he ignited him with new Maha do that gift which God gave. And that gift, which he gave his power. These are not two separate things. Holy Ghost, and with power. No, no, no. No, you don't understand English. You don't understand grammar. This is a figure of speech, where two nouns are used, but one thing is meant. And the second noun is used to explain the usage of the first and put the whole sentence. He baptize them with new Maha guild, which is her. It's a grammatical figure of speech, which is a legitimate thing to do. The tremendous figurine here, nodded him with NUMA hockey on with power, who went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed of us. So all oppression is from Oh, that's what he says. That's what it means. Is sickness, oppression. From whom is his death and oppression? From whom is that try? Now people I didn't write the word? Well, when I say anything contrary to what the Word says, Could I be speaking God's word? I might be speaking my denomination, man's word. But I couldn't be speaking God's and Cornelius had said to Peter, we want to hear only one who has to say God was ready. Verse 39. We are witnesses all things which he did both in the light of Jews in Jerusalem, whom they slew and hanged on across a tree. Because not cross was a was. That's what it was. It was a tree. Not something like you're made out of four by fours or six by sixes. It was just a tree. Here, very sporty. God raised up what day? third day, He raised Him up what? And yet he was three days and what and yet God raised him I couldn't raise him on Easter Sunday because that was the fourth course if you died on Friday, as we teach, couldn't get him up then to about Tuesday or Wednesday the next week. This is going to get all the days but now we don't pay any attention when it says three days and three nights. God didn't mean anything. So he died on Friday and got up on Sunday morning. And we are intelligent college grads you know, PhD DVDs. The last of those DS is done with The first one starts with a D two. Great, Greg, man we are, and can't even talk to three, can't even count to three. And you want your children and your young people to believe God's word. So we teach you died on Friday and got up on Easter Sunday, Friday, at three o'clock, he died. And he got up Easter Sunday, long before daybreak. And ladies and gentlemen, if you get three days and three nights out of that, you've got to be better instead of Oh, hi. I know who they were. But you got to be better. Right. And, you know, some last fall or last winter when I was this spring, I guess when I was teaching one night, on the day Christ died. We had a person in this auditorium and I spent a whole night talking to three. And she left this auditorium and she still couldn't come three. And she was a college graduate. That's what it sounds. Again, it doesn't because I know the Scriptures, Satan has lied in our that's what it says. Satan's blinded our eyes. Satan blinded him, man. And you can read this and you never see because you've got hooks over your eyes or some blinders that sit. But when God takes the blinders off, remember the scripture where Jesus was walking along, talking to the two men.


I know something, yes, it was. And then all at once they recognized that taking the blinders off. The Word of God's like this, this word of God is because Satan blinds her eyes, until some man of God or some woman comes along, and they start giving a story. And then this word will take the blinders off, provided we're willing, and then we'll see some light. So light was beginning to dark, were witnesses. God raised him the third day, or is 41 not to all the people, but on the witnesses chosen before God, even to us who did eat and drink with him after he rose from the dead. And he commanded us to preach unto the people and to testify that it is he which was ordained of God to be the judge of the living and the dead, the quick means alive one and the dead at His return, or 43. To him give all the prophets witness, that through his name, whosoever believes in Him shall Lombardo shall receive. Remission of sins, that is to manifest for that do not remain. And yet how many people are born again, a God Spirit ever manifest that the GOP remission, they're still bound by the sins they committed 510 15 years ago, this week, last week, while I was teaching in Wisconsin, I learned again, the greatness of this ministry and the teaching in the class, when we go through the fight, the minute details of the difference between the forgiveness of sins and the remission of sins as accused in the scriptures. Because this summer, there was a person here at at the at the headquarters of the way, who had been condemned for 25 years for something that was done 25 years ago. She was a faithful member of the church. She went to the church week after week, but all those years, for 25 years, she lived under that common condemnation. And when she learned here this summer, through some of you people teaching in the classes in camp, that God when He gives remission, oh, so give forgiveness and the whole thing's over with it made a new person out of a new person. That's a tremendous thing. I tell you, our gods are good gut. And it's bigger than the both of us are, it's a tremendous thing. And very sporty for wild Peter yet steak, these were the Holy Ghost, the Numa the hobby or the Holy Spirit's the gift fell on them. Which her though, isn't that some? Peter never got to say amen. He never got to the conclusion of his sermon. While Peter was yet speaking, while he was yet talking, all at once, while he was still talking. This spirit, the gift, the Holy Spirit fell on them which heard the love. How does faith comes by hearing and hearing times by law, the word and While Peter was preaching the word they were hearing it and why they were hearing it What were they doing? They were believing. And while Peter was preaching there, they were getting filled with the Holy Spirit. And to be filled with the Holy Spirit is to be born again. God's Spirit Boy, this is a shocker today. Hardly anybody knows that when you're safe, you've got all you're ever going to get. Hardly anybody knows that when you're safe. You've got the wholeness of the Holy Spirit. Isn't that something? But that's what it is. When you're God's saying to God, Christ, did you Well, isn't that enough? Could you get any more? Christ is a Spirit of God in you, which is holy, which is spirit, which is his gift to you, Christ in you the hope of glory. And while Peter was yet preacher Cardinia, some of the rest of them as they believe, there was they got spiritually they were born again of God's Spirit. The Holy Spirit fell on verse 45. And they have the circumcision, how many, six of them we read about him a long ago, which believed they were believers born again or God's Spirit, but they were astonished. They were flabbergasted as many as came with Peter, because that on the Gentiles was poured out the gift of the Holy Ghost. That was what they were. They were first shook at the reality that Peter even went to preach there. But once Peter started teaching there, that was nothing compared to what's now happened here with these Gentiles without anybody laying hands on him without anybody praying for them, without anybody calling to the altar to cry their eyeballs out. without going to any of these shenanigans we go through so many, many times today, while Peter was preaching the word they believe, and as they believe they started to receive and those six brothers who company Peter, to the householder, were astonished. They were flabbergasted that on the Gentiles also the key is also the Gentiles also also means that it had first happened to them. That's the key to the Gentiles also. Because these six brethren who accompany Peter were believers, they had already received the Holy Spirit. They were already speaking in tongues doing this and now they were shocked to death that are the Gentiles. Oh, so was poured out the gift of the Holy Spirit. Can you see? Can you see the spirit? No, then how did they know that they had received there must have been something in manifestation, right? You can't see spirits. You can only see manifestation. Next verse tells you why they were so flabbergasted. Or they heard them speak with tongues, and magnified. Boy now that's the only way you know anybody has been born again or God's Spirit, if the Bible's right, is that they have heard them speak with love. You can't see spirits. But you can see the manifestation of speaking in tongues. And look what the church has done with it. We've laughed it to smithereens. We've thrown it out. We've even called people who speak in tongues of the devil. What Sanada was 10 Yeah, be so far off of God's word. Yes, you can. You can be so far off God's word. You think you're right, and you're dead wrong. If Bibles. Ladies and gentlemen, if this isn't right, you have no hope, Heaven. In the future. You have no return of Christ, or anything else. You tell me you believe God's word. Only if you'll believe all of it. You can't take one verse and throw 10 out. You either believe God's Word or you don't. So either get on or get off. Either come to God's word and believe what it says, or just have it all over with. Wild Peter was preaching, these men got born again. And the proof that they were born again was a spoke Anwar. And that's what astonished these brethren who also had common that they noticed that these Gentiles also had been baptized with the Holy Ghost the same as we. I tell you people, you could have taken these Gentiles out, immerse them, sprinkle them, dry, clean them, baptize them 150 different ways forward, backward, sideways on top of their head, shaved their head, their hair off of their head, that never would have convinced those Jews that the Gentiles Oh, so have received. There had to be something people, something that nobody can deny something that you can't dispute, something that is so plain and so simple, and so accurate, that once you've seen it, you can declare upon the authority of God's word. Yes, they out receive that gift. Oh, The Holy Ghost that was they heard them speak with tongues and you know what he says when they spoke in tongues what it is they magnified and when you speak in tongues you magnify who and you tell me you're a Christian Why are to magnify and God His way not George his way and the Bible says that his weight was they spoke in tongues and as they spoke in tongues state magnifies that something are you talking about this story here we are. This is how you people got in you know, there is a Jew in this outfit tonight that I know some of you when you're buying stuff a little Jewish background your Gentiles in here tonight, people here's your background, this is how you got in to begin with. Because no Gentile until this time ever walked in like this. Because every time they want anything to become possible, but here they were household agenda. Hello, Peter preacher, and they just reaching up in believing, oh, sure. Oil. Or they heard them speak with tongues magnified God, Then answered Peter, Can any man forbid was that these should not be baptized, which have received and the word received is law final manifested the new law hug God, the Holy Spirit as well as Wait, isn't that wonderful? Peter knew that manifested as well as we put Peter in background was there was and one of the things that he had come under was water up. And I personally thought about after he saw the real McCoy. He didn't say to that one I will put them on probation for six months to see if they want to chop you off the line. That is modern song or something I walked the line. It didn't say to them, we'll put you on probation. He heard them speak with tongues. That voice wants to stop us immediately given them a dose of water. We just got to give it to him right now because they got the same parently sure, because they have lambano. They have manifested the Holy Ghost is well in repose. They have spoken in watts. And therefore Peter said let's dump water baptized I have a wonderful day. I wouldn't have so much against water baptism if we got the results. I don't mind if you want to baptize the whole Baptist denomination. You just let me hear him speak in tongues. I want to hear him first in tongues like Peter hurried up here. Dad up Daniel gonna water baptize them.


I don't want to crawl. But just don't get the water baptism. They don't get to speaking in tongues.


Some of the rest of you get into baptism. Some of you get it dry cleaning some you get it in immersion. All the pants in your background doesn't help you one bit, not one. Because you could be water baptized 100,000 times and still be without Christ dead in trespasses and sins without God without hope in this world. You could act real religious therapy's not guaranteed you must be born again. And I want to tell you Peter was way out of line. If they don't only if they've only known, but they don't know a Satan sign of their eyes. So if you belong to a certain denomination of background, so your water baptized so you get all the arguments from the Bible to build up your theology ever fit the Word of God. But you know, Peter was a wandering background. Let's go over it again. So you understand it. He was doing background he'd been brought under up under on the law. And one of the things that he's had he had seen under the John the Baptist was this immersion letter baptism deal, right? And so when the church got on again, God's pretty immediately those fellas carrying over the law, they were zealous for the law. They immediately wanted to go out to water baptize. And here Peter Psalm speaking in tongues, he said, Well, you got wonderful Gentiles without anybody laying hands on him without anybody praying over January speaking in tongues. He said, Boy that got the same thing we've got. We better seal it with water baptism. But just about the time you got to leave them out of the door. I don't think you got quite that far. The Lord said, hold all that. Where'd you get that idea? Water baptism theater. Recently knew that because it says so in the 11th chapter. Yes, sir. Let's read it. So you don't think this is just my ID what verse As I began to speak, verse 15, the Holy Ghost fell on them as on us as a lot. Then remembered i, the word of the Lord, how he said, God, he'd be baptized with water, but he shall be baptized with us. That's what he remember. The first thing Peter thought about after they were speaking with tongues was a lot of baptizing. But then the Word says, After I got to thinking about then remembered I the LORD.


Before that it was Peter, Peter was an idiot That said, we want to hear what God's got to say.


That's wonderful. But the action on the water baptism was not what God wanted. Say it was what Peter wanted to do. The other things out alive. And then God reminded him, God reminded, as Peter never took them out in waterbed. It says, So, then remembered i The word of the Lord.


How that the Lord says, John baptized with water, but he shall be baptized with your Holy Spirit. Boy, that's the only way to walk. You know why we want same we have all of us have a lot of denominations, most vaccines.


Some good, some bad. It's not a question of what we have. There's a question of walking by the Lord. And if you walk by revelation, give us online, you'll always bring up sorry, you're watching on Revelation, and make it living in real time. Get you all the soup like you did. Peter. Here got Peter on the soup on this one. Wouldn't that have been a dandy if that thing could have sat there? Without God, I wouldn't bother me very much because I can get rid of it anyway. No problem and get rid of the water. Just the difficulty and get rid of the people who've got their mind stayed on so much water and got water on the mind. The brain was wondering your problems as far as the accuracy of the word is concerned, no problem. And in verse 47, when he says, He commanded them to be baptized in the name of the Lord then prayed they him to carry certain days and the apostles and the brothers that were in Judea heard that the Gentiles had also received dekho Mize the Word of God. And when Peter was come up to Jerusalem, they that were of the circumcision. contented was nice. They should have been glad that the Gentiles God saved but were they? No, not unless they could come in under our play. That unless you come in under my denomination or my sis, I'm not planning to get saved. You'll grant that definitely. We'll definitely that's why they had a 1010. Save when it's in demand uncircumcised, and it's easy. But Peter rehearse the matter from the beginning. He told them all about it from the beginning, and expanded it by order 123 telling how it was in the city a job of prayer. And in a trance, he saw patients, a certain vessel defendant has been a great cheat, let down from heaven by four corners. And it came even to me a bomb that way. When I had fasted my eyes I considered and saw four footed beasts of the earth. Who did the fasting of his eyes? He did, who did the considering? You could do that if you were possessed. See how this thing is not sold that spiritualism into a cop? I heard a voice thing under me, right? He hurt, slay and was when I said not so Lord for nothing common that again is undefiled around please, at any time entered into my mouth with a voice answered me again from having a goddess plan that call my style. Comments are defined. And this was done three times, and all were drawn up again into heaven. And behold, immediately there were three men already come into the house where I was sent from sensory enemies, and the spirits that me go with them nothing was more over these six watts. Rather and accompany me we entered in the man's house. And he showed us how he had seen an angel in his house which students sent unto him send men to Java and call for Simon who certainly the speakers who shall tell the words, whereby thou and all thy house shall be saved. And as I began to speak, the Holy Ghost fell on them. As on us, so was anybody lay hands on the 12 apostles at the beginning? No visit did anybody lay hands on the men, as the household occurred, then remembered i The word of the Lord that He said, Johnny the baptize with water, but he shall absolute temps. Not he will he shall absolute, be baptized with new Maha do Holy Spirit. For as much then, as God gave them the life gift to give her the gift, as he did unto us who believed on the Lord Jesus Christ? What was it that I could walk? Amen. Hey, Who am I that I should withstand God. That's why I don't care how you get it, just get. If you've got to go to the altar and cry your eyes out to get it, you go the otter and cry until your eyeballs flip out and flip back. I don't care. If you've got to stand on your head and walk backwards. They fall nothing, nothing has stopped you from getting the best God's God for. I don't care how you get it just by this getting a great deal depends on your background, your upbringing, and what you have for somebody. Because we are all products of our civilization of our age and of our culture of our environment.


If you're brought up, for instance, in a church where they have all their calls, the only way you're ever gonna get saved is to get downfield. If you brought up in a church where they have nothing but confirmation takes you to 12 years or 13 to get around to it. About the only way you're going to get saved is Todd for me. If they're handing out the words, if not your last hump away headquarters and get saved after 40 years. When they heard these things, they held their peace and they glorified Oh, God saying then if God also to the Gentiles, granted rape, paste, and Allah so when they received the Holy Spirit, were they born again? It says so. And when they were born again, they were granted repentance. And when you get repentance, you get remission of a man. 90 questions. It's all it's one of the greatest chapters in the world.