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SNT 0207 Speaking In Tongues

Speaking in Tongues: Acts 2:1ff    February 21, 1965

Expounds God’s will for our lives concerning speaking in tongues and what speaking in tongues proves to us, the Body of Christ.
SNT – 207

Topic: draft, speaking in tongues
Format: audio
Publication Date: 02-21-1965

Victor Paul Wierwille was a Bible scholar and teacher for over four decades.

By means of Dr. Wierwille's dynamic teaching of the accuracy and integrity of God's Word, foundational class and advanced class graduates of Power for Abundant Living have learned that the one great requirement for every student of the Bible is to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Thus, his presentation of the Word of God was designed for students who desire the in-depth-accuracy of God’s Word.

In his many years of research, Dr. Wierwille studied with such men as Karl Barth, E. Stanley Jones, Glenn Clark, Bishop K.C. Pillai, and George M. Lamsa. His formal training included Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Mission House (Lakeland) College and Seminary. He studied at the University of Chicago and at Princeton Theological Seminary from which he received a Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. Later he completed his work for the Doctor of Theology degree.

Dr. Wierwille taught the first class on Power for Abundant Living in 1953.

Books by Dr. Wierwille include: Are the Dead Alive Now? published in 1971; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today published in 1972; five volumes of Studies in Abundant Living— The Bible Tells Me So (1971), The New, Dynamic Church (1971), The Word's Way (1971), God's Magnified Word (1977), Order My Steps in Thy Word (1985); Jesus Christ Is Not God (1975); Jesus Christ Our Passover (1980); and Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed (1982).

Dr. Wierwille researched God's Word, taught, wrote, and traveled worldwide, holding forth the accuracy of God's "wonderful, matchless" Word.

A: Act 2:1-4; Joh 4:24

Act 2:4; (Eph 3:16); 1Co 1:1, 2; 14:5, 18, 37

(Joh 4:24; Act 8:18, 19; 10:44, 46; 19:6)

(Act 19:2)



snt-0207 speaking in tongues Acts2:1ff

We turn into Acts chapter two tonight. And over in First Corinthians old So in chapter 14, I want you to get your finger in there someplace. The reason I'd like for you to turn to chapter two and x tonight is not because this scripture is unfamiliar to most of you people in training center and the Bible Research Center here tonight. But because it is familiar to you, but I'd like to again go over it with you in sections in Corinthians because of the urgency of the hour in which we live. All over our nation today. Ministers and lay people from various denominations have been an honor receiving the power of the Holy Spirit into manifestation and they are speaking in as a matter of fact, it has become so many have received, that the heads of almost every major denomination has had to set up a fact finding commission to find out whether it's really some spinraza Right. In other words, we got fact finding commission set up in almost every denomination to see whether God is really doing this thing. Or whether he's a big liar. course we've all considered he's a big liar all along. And then the think is happening. And it's happening at the most unlikely places. It's happening among the Episcopalians for instance, these died in the low people who are you know, like somebody described a Presbyterian once you put a chunk of ice behind his collar when you sit in church, so he doesn't budge, you know, he can't smile or laugh or do anything else. I lost the Episcopalians on that trip. But the point still is that the Episcopalian have been speaking in tongues, the Lutheran, I know a Lutheran minister, who was the Lutheran minister in Missouri Synod, who got filled with the Holy Spirit, who speaks in tongues. Now, of course, he's a minister in the Dutch Reformed Church. But that's all right. I know others. I know a man who were in the Presbyterian church filled with the Holy Spirit who speak in tongues, in the Baptist church. Some of you people know that by the grace of God. One man who was president of the Board of Trustees of Bob Jones University, received the Holy Spirit under our ministry, and also in turn that others received people who are at the head of Christian Life magazine. Others across the nation. One man who was the head fundraiser for this Sudan interior mission, which is the largest mission on foreign mission work in the world, born again, filled with the Holy Spirit and speaks in tongues. all over the nation this is happening. This is why article upon article upon article has appeared in all of your religious periodicals of every denomination represented here in our Bible Research Center tonight. Many of you who have been in the classes I have shown dozens of different articles from different denominations. This week, the Associated Press Release, add an article on speaking in tongues. And he told in the article The article was written by George W. At Cornell, I have a copy up here. The article was written by this religious editor for the Associated Press and it's entitled, speaking with tongues phenomena is spreading.

Well, it's about time, Thompson spreads. But the thing that intrigued me in the article was something I knew this summer and I related to people I wrote to government officials about but nobody does anything about but he hid it in the article. And I'd like to read you the paragraph from his article which says the following. A federally supported research project is the project you know what it means federally, that means US government, Washington. Now before I read this, I better remind you so judges are they called Supreme Court judges ruled that there you weren't even to have any Bible reading where In school, and when you pray, be careful. They ruled that I tell you that story is a story about the school teacher. And I tell you this story, who came upon a group of very students shortly after this release was given by the federal judges. And here they were in a circle at lunchtime, kneeling down. And he came up and she said to him, What are you doing? All the boys said, We're just shooting crap. Well, he said, Thank God, you weren't praying. Well, anyways, he said in his article, a federally supported research project, to investigate the psychological and linguistic aspects of tongues speaking, has been started at Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York, the Lutheran church, at our okay to do it, federal funds to assist them in research. And ladies and gentlemen, assistance in the breaking of the Constitution of the United States, you name it. I can already tell you the answer, they're coming out with the cause they don't believe before they start, if they believe they wouldn't have to have an investigation, they'd have the proof. That's right. If you're believed God's word, you don't need an investigation. The only reason you need an investigation is to try to get to other people who believe so you can chop them the beat, so that you can come out and say, well, they're paranoid that something in psychology, I think, or something else a matter was, right. But the point is that federal funds coming out of our taxes used to investigate God, and the things that God we're in our world does that the state gets the right to stick its nose into this stuff. You know why to get the right because the church has just been asking for it every denomination, taking more and expecting more federal stuff. So they're getting, they're getting it because we're dead. As though other article from the United Press says we're dead on the greatness of God's word. This is where we did. I'd like for you again to read the Word of God tonight as to what God says not BP, where will but what does God say about speaking in tongues, and so forth? Let me ask you, when did the church start? On one day, any cause? Why every denomination believes this? All the denominations teach this. It started on Pentecost. Well, their record of Pentecost man is enacts to. It's written here, as this is where everybody says it started when it's written as plain as day. Why don't we read the record and believe God's word? Acts chapter two, verse one. And when the day of Pentecost was was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. That's right, verse two. Suddenly, there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing what? mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were was sitting, they were not dancing in the Spirit. They weren't hanging from the chandelier. They weren't shouting glory, hallelujah, praise the Lord pass the ammunition or something. No, they were doing what's sitting, because ladies and gentlemen, anything that's a true God ever does, is always decent, and always in order. It's never out of order, never. The moment it gets out of order. It's got to be from Satan. It cannot be from the true God. These people had everything in order. It filled all the house where they want.

Verse three, and there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them, verse four, and they were all filled. They were all filled with do my heart God, the Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, and began, they began to do what be with us, other tongues as the Spirit gave them up. That's what's the word says that slot is me. It has nothing to do with what I think or you think has everything to do with what says the word say? And then I have to condition my thinking, to agree with a word. I have to work the Word of God to the end where I understand what sword says. Not to try to bring in from the extraneous points of view resident within my own soul, my ideas as to the background of this, but what is it say? It says on the day of Pentecost, they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, they were filled by the power of God. And when they were filled barn and of God's Spirit, what did they do? What was it in a census world that they did, which was the proof in the census world that they had spirit on the inside? It says they did was both in tongues they say, with tongues. Can you see spirit? God is what? Spirit John 424, God is Spirit, you can see spirit, you can't smell it, you can't taste it, you can't touch it. Because it's spirits. Anything that you can see, hear, smell, taste, or touch has to be in concretion, as a material senses world in which we live. And when they were born, and of Gods spirits, they could not see the birth understand. They couldn't see the birth. But they did something. They had a manifestation in the census world, which was the proof in the census world of the internal reality and presence of God with. And the Word says, They fake with tongues. They did the speaking not their grammar. Right. Not some other person. They did it. They did the speaking by the power of God, that sentence. And the proof in the sentence world that you've got the real McCoy on the inside, that you're really born again of God's Spirit is that you can speak in tongues. Wow. What they have said, well, this is what they did on the day of Pentecost that we know the church started on the day of Pentecost. But later on, they didn't need this business anymore. They call it a business, you know, because everything God ever did is derogatory to the Census name. We have to send knowledge wise, push it to the side, because it's degrading. To me. This is what they see. Now Don't kid me. And because I've been through all these schools, so I know exactly what not to do in this category at all. So we have to teach, and we teach that it died. Later on. They didn't need it. They needed on the day of Pentecost, because there were so many people present there from different nationalities. So those 120 Had all speak in tongues, you know, so that these, all these people from these different denominations could understand in their own language, what was going on. I could be wrong on every town. That's what I don't understand. First of all, there weren't 120 presidents on the day of Pentecost. As far as the receiving was concerned on the initial outpouring, the Bible says there were only 12. Furthermore, it says it was not in the upper row. It was were in the temple. That's what's the worry that God said. But you see, we've been fed all this other stuff. And we are tonight where we are because of what we believe. And we believe what we believe because somebody taught us, taught us and if they taught us wrongly, we are believing wrongly, and you can be stubborn about it. You can be dead set, even if you're wrong, you can fight for what are the wrong. As a matter of fact, most people who are wrong and have to fight the hardest.

If you have truth, real truth. It's not a matter of fight. It's a matter of presenting the accuracy of it, reading it, saying ducks that the Lord that settles it, then I don't have to fight if you don't want to believe it's all right with me. You don't want to believe it's all right with me. It is still God's word. And on the Day of Pentecost, the Word says that they were all filled with us. And they did one thing not only were they filled with the Holy Spirit, but they did something they say in tongues. And ladies and gentlemen, if you belong to the church, you ought to be speaking in tongues, right? Amen. Every born again believer but they say oh, it died. You know what the Apostle they didn't need it any longer. Speaking in tongues was never given if the Bible's right, so that somebody else can understand what I'm saying. That's not its primary purpose at all. Speaking in tongues is given for the reason that the Bible says it's given that the inner man may be edifying. Evasion fails. So building yourself up on your most holy faith, that the inner man, the inner man, which is Christ in you may be edifying. Let me ask you something. What do you feed the physical body on? Physical food? You feed it mashed potatoes and gravy and bologna and steak, horseradish, beans, everything else. You can feed this to the physical body right? But how you're going to feed the spirits. Somebody says, you read the Bible, read the Bible, the Bible feed the spirit. No, no, no. The Bible is in a census realm. You can smell it. You can taste it, you can touch it. It's in the census category. And there's a law involved in life. That things in the senses world can be known by the senses, but things in the spirit or can only be known by us, or by way of the Spirit, they never overlap. God is what spirit. God is Spirit. And God can only be known by spirits. But things that are in the census world. Those things you can know by your senses. The physical man, the body of man is in the census words, therefore the body a man must be fed on physical foods. The Bible feeds the mind. It makes possible our believing it feeds the mind the mind is in the physical category class, right? Sure. So we feed this to the mind, but the Spirit spirit on the inside, how are you going to feed the spirits, you can't feed the spirits, mashed potatoes and gravy and onions and soap and doughnuts and Cracker Jacks and peanuts can. This spirit can only be fed by a lot spirits. And the Word of God says that when we speak in tongues, we are edifying the spirit. And that's what it means. And therefore on the day of Pentecost, when they were born again of God spirits, they manifested something in the senses world. But that manifestation in the sense of world even though it's in the senses world, when you speak in tongues, it still edifies the spirit, it builds up the inner man. It makes this spiritual man, big and fat, so to speak. This is why we can receive revelation, you can operate word of knowledge where the wisdom discerning of spirits, faith, miracles and healing because you've built yourself up spiritually. Now, look at first Corinthians chapter one. I want you to read to this varies from chapter one, but we're going to vary chapter 14, running First Corinthians chapter one, verse one, Paul, Paul to be an apostle of whom, Jesus Christ through the Lord's will of God, and such the knees our love, our brothers burst to, um, to the was the Church of God, to who is Corinthians addressed to the church? To do you belong to the church? Sure you do. You're born again of God's Spirit. Right? Then you belong to us, then is this address to you? Definitely has your name on it right door. Now looking at chapter 14.

In verse five, in verse five, now he's talking to the church. I recognize this. Or in verse five, he says, specifically, the apostle Paul says specifically, I would that G all was back with what, Tom? All right. Is it the will of God, then that people speaking done? They must pay. And it seems to me that if the apostle Paul, who received the greatest abundance of the revelation that any man ever received, woking done, then I as a minister, certainly ought to want to speak in tongues, let alone any other members of my congregation. If I am a man of God, following the pattern of the church, where you Paul was a man of God, Paul's focus was, then I as a man of God, a minister ought to want to do what? The Kingdom that sheer logic, Rachel, why that's all it's just sheer logic. That's all. And therefore, the goal on here, I want you to note, I'm coming back later to pick up some of this. But I want you to note that if you read through the whole 14th chapter of Corinthians, it deals only with tongues interpretation and prophecy in the church. And when he speaks of the things, he says here in chapter 14, not only what we have just said in verse five, I would that she all was fake with tongues. But in verse 18, I thank my God either was big with tons more than what did the Apostle Paul speaking done? And I suppose they had a United Nations investigate No, they call it in the early church. Whenever they were born again a god spirit. Everybody, when they were born again spoke in tongues. But we've gotten so far away from the things of God and the Word of God. That today, we got to have an investigation when God does something like so matter with us. We all investigate the people that aren't speaking in tongues. I think we ought to get her get to get a campaign together and get a united funds from the federal government investigate the people who aren't speaking in tongues. The ministers who preach in your churches, sunlight, people who sit in your churches who aren't speaking in tongues ought to be investigated. You know why that Scripture said? I would try to, or I would investigate it if I had the time because I don't give a hoot. But I am concerned about the accuracy of God's words. I'm concerned about the fact that this is God's word. And the scripture says I would you all speak with tongues. And for those who disbelieve in our unbelievers, why don't they ever read the 37th verse of the same chapter, If any man thinks himself to be a prophet or spiritual, lead him to us? Acknowledge that things that I write on to you are was, Hey, man, that's what it's there's a commandment of God, then is it the commandment of God in the church that everybody's speaking down? Is if I can read? It is if you could read, then it should be who've us instead of criticizing it, to find out well, what is it? How can I do it? What's involved in it? We ought to study Acts chapter two again, and eight and nine and 10 and 19, the only five records in the Bible talking about speaking in tongues, we ought to study the we ought to study these to make sure as to exactly what's happening. These are the commandments of God. Right. And he said I would y'all speak in tongues, anybody who's spiritual them, or considers himself to be spiritual? let him acknowledge that the things that I have written are the commandments of love. That is no longer a command, but a Paul or BP where will or Johnny jump up in command, whatever. And if people do not receive the Holy Spirit, and they do not speak in tongues, they are being disobedient to the Word of God for the words as I would that G or was bacon done, that my people, I think, tremendous. I think it's wonderful. Now the way ministry represents one of the greatest moves in America, along the line of receiving the Holy Spirit and operation of the manifestations of the Spirit, not only speaking in tongues, but interpretation and prophecy, operational word of knowledge, wisdom, discerning the spirits face miracles, and he's this is why we've got something to say, we've got something to tell. We don't need a federal money to make the investigation we've already investigated. We believe the Lord we operated. That's why we've got something we've got to share. We've got to teach. We got to get the cracking with this thing. While the rest of them out here having an investigation, or they're out here in Dayton passing out other leaflets, what are we doing? We're afraid we're gonna offend somebody. We're afraid the next door neighbor might not like you. We're afraid the minister in our church will disapprove. Or our denomination will stand up again. Well, ladies and gentlemen, you and I have only one life to live in. Make up your mind, whether God's right or not. And if he is right,

for God's sakes, get off of your family and do just move. I suppose you didn't like the last sentence. Well, may not be good English, but good practice. People. Some of us have stood for this ministry and pioneered and work this thing.

beyond anything that you could possibly think with your human mind, there must be a reason for it, there must be a purpose behind it. I think what I teach in the foundational class is absolutely biblically accurate, that no man can say that he's made Jesus Lord in his life except the speaking. First Corinthians 1214, someplace where the second verse or the wrote this song about worship, I didn't listen to watch he would say and I was thinking something else, because we'd already talked it over. I took the word still here, something not in that verse. Or I'd say one of these verses. I'm looking for the song. I got one year wrote a glorification to him, I bring as I make known his gifts to me, worship and pray, how are you going to reach this God? Does God need anything? If we bring him a bouquet of flowers or a candle, or if we bring an offering, are we worshiping God? God is what? And you can't worship a spirit with things made a man's hand. God is Spirit. He can only be worshiped by a lot. They that worship Him, must worship him in spirit. And it was for that to figure the emphasis is the word and in truth is given, meaning figuratively, the figures speak truthfully, spiritually, They that worship Him, must worship Him, truthfully, in the spirit, spiritually, truth. Spiritually, which is the only way worship, I marvel at these things on Sunday nights, because even while I teach many times, you people sit back there, you speak in tongues, while you're speaking in tongues, what are you doing? worshipping Him in spirit and in truth, the only way you can worship I can glorify God, by my walk, by my teaching ministry, by what I do, I can glorify, but I can't worship Him. They that worship Him must worship him in spirit. And in truth, the only way you can worship Him is via the spirit, speaking in tongues, and prayer, he said worship and praise. He couldn't get speaking in tongues, and, and, and believing in that line because it didn't fit the music. So she said, worship and pray. But she meant worship, speaking in tongues, and prayer, believing because to pray is to do us. Therefore by speaking in tongues and believing, listening, listening to what he has to say, we were three received by word of knowledge, where the wisdom is learning a spirit, listening to the revelation, and then saying it saying, all that He has revealed to me Isn't that wonderful? That's exactly what the scripture talks about on the day of Pentecost when they were born again. They spoke in tongues in Acts Eight. Don't look it up, but enact eight. The second record in some area when they received the Holy Spirit, it doesn't say they spoke in tongues. But it does say that Simon saw something as a W. Can you see spirits? You can only see what manifestation therefore there must have been a manifestation of the spirits which he saw because they immediately afterwards he said, Boys, I'd like to buy this I've got the CIF cash in fifth the seller to me remember that X eight in x 9x. Nine. Paul, barn again, have God's Spirit on the road to Damascus receive the power No, yes, power. The Holy Spirit in Acts nine is Paul. And it says in Corinthians here I speak in tongues more than y'all I would God speak in tongues. So did the Apostle Paul speak in tongues?

The third record, the fourth one, the household a current hideous inax. Tim, while Peter was yet preaching, while he was yet preaching, the Holy Spirit fell on them who heard the word and as they believe they got born again. And they did was they spoke in tongues, the Scripture says, and it was this speaking in tongues, in Acts 10 that convinced these Jewish believers that the Gentiles without the facilities or the operation of Judaism, had for the first time received something from God, and that it was the real McCoy. No counterfeits. There was really genuine horror they said, For we heard them speak in tongues. Yes. But the point I want to make is they said, who also said this word also is the key. And I remember that scripture, who also have receipts and who also spoke in tongues like we did on the day of Pentecost. Therefore, it was the speaking in tongues, which was manifested in the central world that was the guaranteed a proof that they had the real McCoy within. You don't have to put people on a probation list in order to see whether they're good boys or girls. Whether they're ever going to make it to heaven, you know? You hear them speak in tongues, you know, they're born again and sealed on the day of redemption, right? That's why an X 10 Even those Hard Corps, circumcision, boys, or again, but they need a no further proof. Or they said, we hear them speaking on the wonderful works of God. Well, it's magnifying God tremendously. This was the early church. That's the church we say we belong to, if we belong to it, then our people ought to be doing it right. Either that or get out. X 19 is the fifth directors emphasis, policy administered the Word of God there, it gone as far as he knew, and that was John's baptism. When Paul came there, he taught them further, he laid his hands on, and it says they spoke in tongues. Only five records in the whole Bible. Only 505 either specifically states, they spoke in tongues, or it implies that like in Acts as that jazz to be suits, but then super then stupid domestic. For Simon saw something. And it's like I teach our people in the class, if you've got a ball game rolling a baseball game, and the score at the last of the ninth inning is five to nothing, you've won the ball game. And the worst score you could get on this as a rank unbeliever is four to one, you're still in the bowling game four to one. But as far as the Word says, it's playing enough written that you know, all five of them manifested something in the senses, where that's why people. Here we are, that under these classes, teaching other words, meet with our prayer group. So on and so forth, that's all wonderful. But we've got to move faster, and harder. And out further, more greater outreach. We're sitting at home to close. We've got to get out into the outlying areas with a word with and the only way it's going to get there is by every man or woman talking about every boy, every girl, every young person back in college is this week, your most barrel back on the job given both barrels. That's all we can do. Because you see, that government, the organized denominations, they have to get government support to investigators. When they get through with all the government support and investigation. It's not gonna be born again or speaking, done. But you don't get this with money. You get this with believing, right? And there are people in your community in my community, where we're going this week, down in Florida, California, we're going to be with people who need rock we've got ladies and gentlemen. They need a knowledge of God's word. They need to again hear what God has to say. And no backing off. The reason so many of our people do not speak up when they should, because they're ashamed to say this, but it's true. down deep, God, if You're real honest, this is exactly what God tell you. You say, Well, you're ashamed.

To say I speak dumb. April, I want to tell you those others who don't ought to be ashamed. Because the Scripture says it's the commandment of hope. The Lord God, I am not ashamed. I'm only sorry that I was so stupid for so many years. And the reason I was so stupid was not because I didn't want to learn. But the theological cemeteries that I attended, were dead couldn't teach it to you. You know that. And most of you people in here tonight, wouldn't be filled with the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues, if it wasn't for the way ministry. That's why people we've got a wonderful opportunity. And we work. Sure we work but God's given us strength. He's given us health. He's given us life. He's given us lights. He's given us knowledge. So we work. While I'm gone, running around California working our people here at headquarters aren't going to be sleeping. They got to work. I see the way magazine has to move this week. Someone else has to move have forgotten what it is. Oh, yeah. The catalog. Working on some more publications, is he we all are doing Different places different things, but we can all move. And the thing we need not do is ever be ashamed of the gospel. We ought to be ashamed of the shame we had of ourselves. Or if God so loved that He gave His only begotten Son, and by His mercy and grace, we are saved and ready. What do we care what the world says, As long as we know that we've got it? We ought to be proud, we ought to be happy. We ought to work for us, as young men and young women, fathers and mothers, with our shoulders back in our head held high, because of what God has wrought within us through Christ Jesus. Or the Word of God is the power of God unto salvation to all who do one. Believe. That's why the church, born again, sons of God, every one of them, should be speaking in tongues. And if they're not, we ought to have an investigation. Why not? That's what Paul did. In essence. He said, here you are born again. Why aren't you speaking in tongues? So have you received since you've been a yes. As you know, they ought to be speaking in tongues. We got a horse in front of the cart backwards or something. We're trying to investigate something we keep our nose, we ought to investigate. Well, here's a neighbor doesn't speak in camera light doesn't. Arizona fellow doesn't speak in tongues. He says, he's a Christian. Well, why does? The vast majority do not because, number one, they do not know the word, right. And I can tell you one thing, you can't go walking down the street tomorrow and say to your next door, neighbor, you speak done. That's not the method either we got the word of wisdom using. But people you can start in the word and start teaching the Word. And in a matter of a short period of time, if you know the words, you can teach them far enough that they understand what speaking in tongues is, and then they want to receive at all. That's how you were. But we've got to speak about, you've got to get it back into the church. As people it is the power of God. The Gospel is, and speaking in tongues is the only way whereby we can edify the new creature in Christ Jesus. This is the only way whereby we can prove in the senses world that we have eternal life. It's all of these wonderful things. Well, do you want to ask anything about what I've said tonight, or add anything to it? I know it's real simple for most of you people here tonight, but this thing's been burning in my heart. It's been a concern in my soul. Because all over America I see nothing but derogatory things happening to the greatness of the ministry that God has set within our dots. He told me this I'm glad I didn't hear this last night because I wasn't in a good mood. But I wouldn't have been along this line. You said we had some people at that meeting last night would said to her that their daughter had received the Holy Spirit a few weeks ago or something and laid on the floor I think, prophesied for an hour. You krones will know who I'm talking about most likely if not somebody else does. And if you do or don't don't bother me one loves you. But anyway. It says that's exactly what's wrong. Because how in the world can it be decent in ordering somebody lay on the floor all night? My god watch no matter what people that I heard that last night, I most likely been down their throat with both feet and the Suttons that Crohn's and everybody else been mad at me? Because they just said I was out of alignment, the harmony. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm never out of high alignment harmony when I'm on the Word of God. Either, you know, make anyone's watch chrome say Sutton's, where will Johnny jump up? Or the red screws or the blank for the banks or the Lindsay's or anybody else? Right. That's what you have to come to. Because everybody always thinks you're mad when you stand on the Word. And I'm mad. You're just got to stand on the word, right? I just wouldn't have anybody picked that word to pieces. If I know where I'm heading. And if I'm cognizant of what's going on, right. Now, just think prophesying for an hour. What good is it help anybody is everything that the church does has to be for profit. This is why the speaking in tongues has been lightly looked upon, right? Spin ridicule, because all they know about it is the wrong stuff. Why doesn't somebody come and sit down and really work towards get the right stuff. And I think ladies and gentlemen, this is the responsibility of the woman to give whatever time, effort, strength it takes to work the integrity of the words on the Holy Spirit field and the greatness of God's Word and teach it. If anybody ever believes that, Jim are not not important, important we teach. That believing is the responsibility of the people. Talking about last night, I'd give anything to have that couple. You know, I don't know if you knew them or any Crohn's. He's gone and go in the ministry, I guess. Or the sister was the Brunette or blonde. No, she was a blonde, wonderful people. But you see, these are deluded. And they're convinced they got the real McCoy. And ladies and gentlemen, if you're convinced you got the real McCoy, you aren't going to remember Oh, Rufus Mosley said once, twice as hard, he said, You think you've got a Ewing of the look. And that's right. A boy wouldn't be something. You see, this is exactly why we need to teach the Word. If you can show me one place in the strip, where anybody was ever out of order. And it says that's the way God wanted it. I'll eat the book. It cannot be out of order. If it's of the true God, it has to fit perfectly like a hand in a glove. That's why ladies and gentlemen, I thank God I speak in tongues. I thank God that I'm failed with the power of the Holy Spirit. I'm only sorry, became so late in my life. And that many times I don't live up to the greatness of it, or which I'm sorry, but probably neither here or there. It's still within. And all of us have fallen short of the things that we many times know better and we ought to do. But it is still God's Word that all people must be born again and filled with the Holy Spirit and must speak in tongues. Well, I think that's enough. Bless your heart. These Sunday night. I real tremendous a time I'll be missing. miss the people here on Sunday night. No more wonderful place in the world than the way headquarters to the greatest people in the world come here to hear people with keen minds is like Professor Buxton said, we're not a bunch of stupid jackasses. That's right. We're men and women who can think will have the ability to reason the ability to be logical.

Right? This is why I believe the way ministry like these Sunday nights the greatest fellowship this side of heaven. We don't always move as big one week as another but the need varies do. I know last Sunday night from the service last Sunday night, all week long we heard from they had never seen anything like we saw last Sunday night and where to go to I didn't teach you one blit new last Sunday night. Everything I taught last Sunday night I've taught dozens of times before. Maybe it's just a different way in which we handle it. It was new, maybe the way we worked. But Sunday night after Sunday night, it's the same word of God. But our need is different. Our people's understanding is different. Sometimes you sit through the first class, you miss so much of it. The second time you sit through it you say well, what was I the first time you must be teaching stuff it never taught before? This kind of thing. And after you sit through it seven times, you still ask yourself the same question. You see people these are great Sunday nights and when I'm gone I won't forget you don't you forget me or the ministry. And Jack when you're here next Sunday night, our people will be lifting you will have a tremendous Sunday night for the next free Sunday night.

And I'm just sorry you're teaching here. I'd like to teach your next I didn't I didn't hear what he said but it must have been good.