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SNT 0205 Acts 2

Acts 2

June 6, 1965

A full scriptural backing on the ‘who, what, when, and where’ of Pentecost and the boldness of the same apostles who had been ‘behind closed doors’ fifty days before.
SNT – 205

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Topic: draft, Pentecost, gladly,
Format: audio
Publication Date: 06-06-1965

Victor Paul Wierwille was a Bible scholar and teacher for over four decades.

By means of Dr. Wierwille's dynamic teaching of the accuracy and integrity of God's Word, foundational class and advanced class graduates of Power for Abundant Living have learned that the one great requirement for every student of the Bible is to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Thus, his presentation of the Word of God was designed for students who desire the in-depth-accuracy of God’s Word.

In his many years of research, Dr. Wierwille studied with such men as Karl Barth, E. Stanley Jones, Glenn Clark, Bishop K.C. Pillai, and George M. Lamsa. His formal training included Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Mission House (Lakeland) College and Seminary. He studied at the University of Chicago and at Princeton Theological Seminary from which he received a Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. Later he completed his work for the Doctor of Theology degree.

Dr. Wierwille taught the first class on Power for Abundant Living in 1953.

Books by Dr. Wierwille include: Are the Dead Alive Now? published in 1971; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today published in 1972; five volumes of Studies in Abundant Living— The Bible Tells Me So (1971), The New, Dynamic Church (1971), The Word's Way (1971), God's Magnified Word (1977), Order My Steps in Thy Word (1985); Jesus Christ Is Not God (1975); Jesus Christ Our Passover (1980); and Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed (1982).

Dr. Wierwille researched God's Word, taught, wrote, and traveled worldwide, holding forth the accuracy of God's "wonderful, matchless" Word.

Act 2:1-6

Act 2:6-14

Act 2:13-22

Act 2:23-38; Rom 10:9, 10

Act 2:38-41



snt-0205 Acts 2(vpw)

Well now seem to have your Bible opened Acts chapter two, perhaps one of the greatest chapters in the Bible and the least understood. Men and women have read it for centuries and can't remember what they've read from one paragraph to another from one verse to another. Therefore, when you read the Word of God, you put on your bifocals or trifocals, your for focals, or whatever it is, you put on your spiritual eyes, and you really look because the word of God is plainly written. And it's as simple as ABC. And they're always just two things that come up when you read the Word of God. Number one, you either believe what's written, or you don't, it says simple as all those who believe it, they receive the benefit. Those who do not believe it, they receive the consequences. So, God is no respecter of persons, ladies and gentlemen. God loves every person just as much as he loves any other person. God is not a respecter of persons. He's a respecter of conditions. He is a respecter of his words, he was that which in His Word which is promised, He is not only able, but he's willing to do what perform, you'll carry it out. And in Acts, chapter two, you will have the record of the founding of the church, to which you and I belong, the Church of Jesus Christ, the Church of the Redeemer, the church of the saints. And this occurred on the day of Pentecost, some 1900 years ago. Now, by sheer logic, it seems to me if, as all the major denominations maintain that their churches began on the day of Pentecost, then, if it began, on the day of Pentecost, we ought to read what occurred on the day of Pentecost. And if we belong to that church, it seems to me we ought to carry out what the Lord says, right? Amen. The whole record, and I covered this last Sunday night, the whole record of that which occurred on the day of Pentecost, as far as the outpouring of the Holy Spirit was concerned, that is all recorded in four verses of Scripture. God puts this tremendous experience, that greatest thing that had ever happened in the history of civilization, he put it in four verses of scripture. We begin tonight by reading those four. But then the teaching will begin with the verses after that, chapter two, verse one. And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they that 12 were all with one accord in one place. And suddenly, there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting, and there appeared under them cloven tongues, like as of fire, and it sat upon what each of them, and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with tongue. as the Spirit gave them, what quatrains there is the record of the original outpouring all of it in four verses. Last night is the Mid American Conference on speaking in tongues. I began the teaching session, by answering those four great questions that you always ask, when you are writing something or preparing something for writing or for publication, you always ask yourself, well, who is it? Or what is it? Or when did it occur? And where did it occur? When it comes to the Holy Spirit field, you say, who were present at the original outpouring? The Bible says that there were only 12 apostles who received what was it that came on the day of Pentecost, it was power from on high, it was to be induced close with a raid with spiritual ability, spiritual power from on high. When did it occur? It occurred at the first hour on the day of Pentecost, at an hour of prayer corresponding to our 6am. And where did occur, it occurred in the temple, not in the upper room, there were never 120 Present. And this is why we need to come to the word as we've spent these last few weeks, culminating the teaching tonight with the second grade, the second chapter of Acts, having taught Acts chapter one completely, having taught the last chapter, last few verses of the chapter of Luke putting this all together tonight, we see the greatness of that which occurred and the response in the area where it occurred. And this response begins with verse five of the second Chapter

that which had occurred in verses one to four was the historic outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Now we get the results, the manifestation, the thing that happened in the community of Jerusalem upon this occasion, verse five, and there were dwelling at Jerusalem, Jews, devout men, out of every nation under heaven. It was called to my attention by Rachel, that this word said there were dwelling at Jerusalem, the word dwelling means permanently resident. They were permanently resident in Jerusalem, Jews, devout men, out of every nation under heaven. This under heaven means in the area represented, it doesn't mean of every nation, every place in the world. It's a figure of speech. Like you say, you use the same thing. Like in the meeting last night. In Columbus, you I heard people say, Well, boy, everybody was here tonight. Well, not everybody was there, we couldn't have got him all. It's not even from the city of Columbus. But it's a figure of speech. So it is here. But there were many present because it had listed and lists here in the chapter, some of the names from some of the places that some of these people came from very sick. Not when this was noised, abroad. What was noised abroad? Well, you have to go back to verses one through four, which we just read. And that was that here were 12 apostles, they were all Galilee, and they spoke northern Aramaic. And here, when they were born again, filled with the Holy Spirit, they began speaking in tongues, and what they spoke in tongues, days, the speakers didn't understand. But out there, there were people who understood it, who understood it. And as they understood it, they scratch their heads and they said, My goodness, that's impossible. That's impossible what they're doing. But they're, they're we're doing it. And so this caused a great stir in the city of Jerusalem and in the temple. And when this was noise abroad, class, let me ask you something. Had the receiving of the Holy Spirit been in an upper row? Behind closed doors? With about 120 receiving, how would it ever have gotten noised? abroad? Give be able to be noised. Abroad, ma'am. For it to be able to be noised. Abroad, it had to be someplace somewhere that it couldn't be noised. Abroad, right. I just plain sense isn't. The only place this could possibly have occurred? is in the temple. Why? Because the next phrase says that the multitude came up together, how could you have had a multitude in an opera room? Isn't that something? We read this thing first centuries? Well, we don't believe what we read. So we got an upper room 20 by 30. And Upper Room, let's say make it 50 by 60. And I doubt if there's a person in our audience here tonight, or anybody listening by radio, who has an upstairs Upper Room, that's 50 by 60. Well, if they have, they've got a lot of money to spend on they spent a lot to build that house. And I want to ask you something. Could they get a mala tattooed in the upper row? Nah, shoot 50 by 60, how many people you've put in? Well, depends on how thick you layer them as you stack them up. But let's say you put 300 in 300 Isn't Amala two, we had that many that last night, I guess. That's no longer two molecules is a multitude. Andrew, that's Ramallah to try. And they got together. When this was noise abroad, the multitude came together. Every one of these people heard them that 12 Apostles in his own was, right. That's what comes out of them. Because they knew that the 12 apostles could not speak all these different languages. And yet here they were filled with the Holy Spirit and they were speaking in tongues at 12 apostles making in tongues.

illustrated to hear what Peter Peter was speaking in tongues. Here were a group of people from another country from another area who were permanently dwelling in the city of Jerusalem but they understood that when Peter spoke Peter didn't understand It was tongues. It's Peter. But it was unknown language to that other group. Here was here was Thomas Thomas was speaking in tongues. And over here was another group of people. They understood everything Thomas said. But Tom didn't understand what he said, because Tom was speaking in tongues. But what he hoped, if you'll go back to verse four of Acts two says, they speak as the Spirit gave them utterance. They did the speaking but what they spoke was God's responsibility. And the miracle of Pentecost is that they spoke in tongues, which couldn't be understood by some of the people that were present from these various lands. And this flabbergasted of this shuffle. Try. But this thing still occurs today. You can't legislate it. You can't walk in and say, well, Johnny, jump up speak in tongues in German. It says, you speak in tongues, as the Spirit gives what the after as God gives it, you don't tell God you to do so. And so who is a bloomin blazes, who people think they are. God runs the show. He is a prime mover, he is the one who gave it right. While by a stop, then we carry our orders from him. He gave it so you carry it out. But it still occurred. I have ministered the Holy Spirit to people in a manifestation where they spoke in perfect High German. They did not know any High German at all. They couldn't speak High German if their life depended on it. Yet, when they were filled with the Holy Spirit and started speaking in tongues, they spoke in perfect High German. It was tongues to the speaker. But for those of us who understand how German which I do, it was a no language to me. This has occurred in our teaching ministry where people have spoken in French. And it was tongues to those people speaking the one doing the speaking, but our people listening, some of them understood that you think you can't legislate for God. But this is how it occurred on the day of Pentecost, the miracle of Pentecost was that they spoke in tongues, the people, the 12 apostles did the speaking they spoke in tongues, but what they felt God had given and the thing that God gave is that they was that they spoke in tongues that were able to be tongues, which were able to be understood by certain segments of the people who had come from all these different lands, and were dwelling in the city of Jerusalem. That's why was a multitude came together. They were confounded. They were flabbergasted. They were shocked. Why? Because they heard every man in his own language. And they were all amazed, very seven. They were amazed. And Marvel's saying one to another, behold, are not all these which speak lots. Isn't that some of the about 120 disciples, they weren't all Galilee. There were galleons in there. There were Judeans. In there, there were Koreans in there. They came from the various states, so to speak, of Palestine, but the 12 apostles, the 11 plus plus Messiah, who was elected to take Judas Iscariot place of the 12 apostles, all 12 of those were was Galilee and, and the record says, the record says, Oh, my goodness, this is wonderful. The holes are not all these which speak up. Galilean. You know, who said that? The people in Jerusalem, who heard these men speak in tongues. They said, why it can't be? It just can't be they were amazed, they marveled. They said, it can't be said Galileo. They can't talk these languages. And yet, here were these Galileans failed with a spirit, that first original output on the day of Pentecost, they were speaking for, and as they spoke in tongues, the people out here heard it. And it was a known language to be here.

It's a tremendous thing. These all these would speak our Galilee in verse eight, then how here we every man in our own language, that word tongue should be the word language. We're in we were born Parthians Medes Elamites. dollars in Mesopotamian God and Cappadocia punches in Asia, firsthand. Phrygia and Pamphylia in Egypt, and in the parts Olivia about 3d and strangers of Rome, Jews and proselyte crease and Arabian. We do hear them speak in our Hola, Tong, Tao wonderful word of God. Class. Let me ask you, what did these people say about the speaking in tongues of the Galilean? Did they say just speaking in tongues was of the devil? Or bless God, I hope you've never said it's of the devil. If you ever hear anybody say it's not the devil, you just be sure that the man who's saying is of the devil, that God speaking in tongues is to speak, don't wonder for us. And if we want to do God's will, it seems to me we ought to be able to be willing and anxious to speak the wonderful words to God. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a declaration by the Judean who were present that they who despise the galleys. They didn't like the galleons at all. They wouldn't even give them a place at the Passover, in the city, lemon, they had to live on the Galilee and hill on the Mount of Olives. They wouldn't allow the galleons in town until the day when it comes to Temple, so on and so forth. But boy, when it came to living, they had total segregate. You live out on Galilee and hill. But that day when they were speaking in tongues, these people who despise the Galilean said, of that which they heard that these men were speaking, so wonderful, what. So when a person speaks in tongues, the Bible says, He's speaking the wonderful words. And when men and women say this is not true, then men and women are liars, because the word of God is true. And if you want to speak the wonderful words to God, we're going to have to speak in tongues. They spoke in tongues, and it was the wonderful work set up. Verse 12, and they were all lots. Those fellas sure got amaze, often didn't they? flabbergasted. Confound verse six that got confounded. In verse seven, they got amazed. And in verse seven day Marvel, then when he got down to verse 12, they're still amazed. And not only were they amazed, but they were in question. The word doubt is the word question you see down to us represent a total negative. They weren't totally negative, they were just questioning. There's a difference doctors between a doubtful negative and a question. A person can question something and be sincere and really want an honest answer. But if you are doubtfully negative, then you already know the answer. You just doubt you don't want any of these people were all amazed. And they were in questions. And they said one to another, what Venus's? What's the meaning of this? What's the purpose behind it? What's it for? How come these galleons are doing this? What's the meaning of it? Verse 30. Others mocking said these men are full of new wines. That sound like people just as human as they are today. Some people will honestly question and other people say, Well, they're off their rocker. They're out left field. They're a bunch of screwballs ever heard that? Ever heard him, say of you that you've got the religious bog fanatic on religion? Yeah. Well, you see, if people haven't got it, they always got to criticize somebody else who has because they somehow or other feel that they can pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. The only thing that ever happens, you're not supposed to get both of your feet dirty doing it that place. So what did they say? Others mocking said these men are loaded. They got the wrong spirit. They've been to the line shop loaded with new line.

That was the argument. And boy right then and there, they change color. Because right then and there. Peter was scared to death, you know, with the 12 apostles. And they got out of that temple and hid themselves behind closed doors and locked through all up and insulated. Got their machine guns in case anybody break in us? Not and yet, class, if you'll remember your Bible, this the days before this, on the day of the resurrection appearance of the Lord Jesus Christ. Where were these 12 apostles behind closed doors for fear of the Jews and now here they are right out in the open and now Peters going to do something that's almost unbelievable. He is going to preach to people he's going to teach some of who he was afraid people of whom he was afraid 50 days of our what changes a man From being full of fear into being a man of great courage. It wasn't. It wasn't the resurrection that did it. Because on the day of the resurrection of parents, they were behind closed doors. It wasn't the teaching for 40 days before the ascension that did it. It wasn't the 10 days between the ascension and the day of Vedic gods, but this week just heard that they when they were born again, and filled with a spirit that they heard themselves speaking in tongues. That's what put bowls and sent him back to Carla Pirata them, but they knew they had it. Because they had the proof in a sense of world that they had the real McCoy on the inside. They had the proof in the world centers world that Christ was on the inside. You can't see smell or touch Christ for your spirits. But you can hear speaking in tongues, you can see people when they speak in tongues, and having it in the census world. It was in concretion, it was proof that they had the real McCoy on the inside shore. Bless your heart. So Peter, standing up with the 11 1111 and one may Kameni 12. Still back to the 12 apostles, who received in the original outpouring in verses one to four. And now they've been speaking in tongues. Now Peter stands up with the 11th. And Peter preaches the first sermon, or teaches the first message in the history of the Christian church. And this is our markable thing to me. Because how in the world could Peter preach this message without going into his study and working on it for a week? That's right. Without being able to bring your little notebook and write out his sermon in longhand first and then get it typed out, so it doesn't occupy quite so many pages, and bring it in on the pulpit on Sunday morning, and start reading his sermon. That's right. You know why you have to read the sermon, because you don't know him well enough. You're not in contact, perpendicular wise. So we have to read the junk. And it's just about as dead as we are, because we have to read it. Peter didn't have time to go into his office and get out his commentaries and other research books and figure out he's sermon. He was here in the temple, born again of God's Spirit, just an hour or two before and he had been speaking in tongues ever since. And these people who heard this a multitude that boy, something's going on here, what Mina says, but there were a few of them around like there always have to be a few around him gumbo. You know, you know what an income booth is? I'll tell it to you sometime, but not to the night. They said these men are full of up. And then Peter stood up with the 11. And he lifted up his voice and he said unto them, Ye man of God, he didn't say we man. He said, you man, the man of our duty. And I was taught in my courses on homiletics that you never tell the people you You always say we that puts you in later, you know put you in with the rest of the flock. Or Peter didn't say we? He said you right?

Why should he say we? He had nothing to do with it. He said gee man of Judea less than the rest. Boy that takes boldness right? Peter didn't have it 50 days before he behind locked doors. But he had it now because he was born again filled with the Holy Spirit and he had heard himself speak in time. And he had boldness he lifted up his voice and said you manage Judy and all you that dollar Jerusalem. These are sewn unto you and the heart from Iowa. Verse 15, or these are not drunken, as he suppose seeing is but the third hour of 1/3 hour of the day. The third hour of the day corresponds to nine o'clock our time. There were five hours of prayer. The first hour, that's third hour, the six hour, the ninth hour and the 12th hour. This is the third hour it's documented it gives you the time Peter says, It is not the third hour of us. That third hour is an hour of prayer. Nine o'clock in the morning, and an hour of prayer that people as it says in Luke, were in the temples, the apostles daily in the temple, praising and worshipping and praising God. They were there at the hours of prayer when they were supposed to be. How come you people are here now? Why won't you be sitting in here tomorrow morning at 430? Because it isn't, it is not an hour of Teach. Tonight, you're here. Yours came at seven o'clock. And we're still here, because this is the hour. When we sing when we pray together. When we believe God when we study, Lord, this is our hour, right? What was an hour of prayer? Was it was it worth it supposed to be at the temple? Some you fellows aren't on the other 50 on the other side of the hill? No, it's no teaching going on out there. This is an hour of teaching. So they were it was an hour of prayer, the third hour of the day. Verse 16. But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joe. And right there, you've got a very carefully notes, it's correct. Verse 16, literally from the Greek text reads as follows. But this is like that, which was spoken by the prophet Joe. Why? Because this, which occurred that day, was not a fulfillment of that which was spoken by the prophet Joe. that which was spoken by the prophet Joel has as yet not been fulfilled now. But it will be fulfilled someday, for it is God's word. And it relates itself specifically to Israel. But this which occurred that day of Pentecost was like that which was spoken by the prophet Joelle, it compares a great deal to it, look at it, it just come to pass in the last days that God, I will pour out my Spirit upon all flakes. And your sons and your daughters shall prophesy. Your young men shall see vision, and your old man shall dream dreams. Now here he's quoting from Joel, and on my servants and on my handmade, I will pour out in those days of my spirits, and they shall prophesied Verse 19 And I will show wonders in the heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath God and fire and vaporous smoke, the sun shall be turned into lust, has it come to pass, therefore, it could never read accurately, this is that which was spoken by the prophet because the sun has not been darkened. Yet, if you're worried, you're worried that God you'll find out there's a date coming in the prophecy of Joel and another places when the sun will be darkened, when it will not give its light, the moon in the blood before that great and notable days of the Lord come, verse 21.

And it came to any chump come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord at the time that Joe was writing about, if they'll call on the name of the Lord at that time, they're going to be saved. But today, if you people will turn to the Lord Jesus Christ, but if God raised Him from the dead, you are going to be paid. That's what Peter's talking about. Let God now wonder. Right, it's 22. He Men of Israel, he Men of Israel, let us out again, Ye men of Israel is talking to them 50 days before he scared to death. Hear these words, Jesus of Nazareth, our man approve of God. Why was Jesus of Nazareth approved of God, the rest of the verse tells you, among you by miracles, and wonders and signs, which God did by him, as Jesus believed, God did it, in the midst of you, as yourself, oh, so no man is approved of God if the Bible is writing in only a twofold ways, number one, by rightly dividing the words. And number two, by carrying out the job of Rightly dividing, to see that science, miracles and wonders are rough in this world. The proof that God is a real God, and that he is alive are the signs, the miracles and the wonders which are wrought under the hands of men and women who believe by the power of God. That's the proof. And if you do not have signs, miracles and wonders in your life or in your church, you haven't got the Power of the right God. That's not proof. You know, anybody can talk, anybody can get your gun, anybody can borrow your gun, preach a beautiful sermon with all the great wonderful English words and everything else, but no signs, miracles and wonders, you may stand approved before the congregation, you may stand approval for society and the people of your community. But the word of God says, you we do not stand approval before who? God the only way a man can stand approve before God is to carry out the work that God that signs, the miracles and the wonders by the power of God the city that he stands approved. And as he rightly divide the Word, Jesus of Nazareth, a Man Did you see the word a man? You know what? The theologians to a God? God, one of the three, you know? My Bible says he was a lot, man. What is the man word man me, man. Even man, God, you know what it says? God. Right? Da da da da, you just sit tight. That's what it says. That's what it means. That theologians teach Jesus of Nazareth, God, the Bible Jesus, Jesus of Nazareth, a man. And you have to make up your mind whether the theologians are right, whether the Right Reverend is right, whether denomination is right, or whether they're right or God is right. And ladies and gentlemen, it doesn't take me long to make up my mind who's right. Or if I'm going to go down with any ship, I'll go down with the Word of God, not with men. And I'm pretty sure that the word of God has stood a lot longer than the men who criticize it and who say the opposite of what the word man will come and go, but that word of God, live with and abiertas forever the book says, and you know that? Boy, there's a terrific lever in there for you. If I were you here tonight, I'd mark those words demand, can God be born? Let me ask you a question. Can God be born? No, God is eternal. He is from the beginning. But that the the the Hindus take all the Eastern religions all teach gods are born. You know, Venus, or somebody and Neptune I forget them all. Used to know all these gods were born. No, no, no, no, God is forever He is eternal. God cannot be born. Jesus of Nazareth was however, was born, conceived by the Holy Ghost. Born out of the Virgin Mary, You Bet Your Life Class boy, you talk about Peter. Hey, he didn't have time to write this sermon in his little old office. How do you get all this info? 50 days of force care together the people today stand up and he says you man listen to me. You people listen to me. You made a duty.

All of you. You might have Israel. Jesus of Nazareth, a man approved by God, because of the signs, the miracles and the wonders which He did. By the power of God that was on him. All I want a Peter. Ladies and gentlemen, you know how he did it. That old boy was inspired. He had tapped the resources. God had filled him with the power of the Holy Spirit. And Peter had been working the words before. And now since he was filled with a 30 had an effervescence and enthusiasm, a glow. He had a well, he had a spark. He wasn't long faced, like a cow. Boy, he had enthusiasm. He believed and he was ready to do. That's wonderful. Sure. And so he just talked from the bottom of his heart as God gave a damn Oh, Peter gave it out. You bet July, things happened to verse 23. Him being delivered by the determinant console and foreknowledge of God, he has taken notice that he didn't say we he said you did it. He said you do the incident. And by wicked hands up crucified and whom God has raised up having loose the pains of death, because it was not possible that he should be hold on Avi, various 25 For David's speakers concerning him, I first saw the Lord Ali before my face, for he is on my right hand that I should not We move, therefore did my heart rejoice and my tongue was glad. Moreover, also, my place shall rest. In what? Boy? Isn't that something? You know what that last phrase means my fret place shall rest in hope. It means that with depth, that place rests in hope, not saying, faith is because of what you can have now, but hope is that what you expect? And ladies and gentlemen, does place rest in hope. The only hope of the place is the return of Christ. If Christ does not return, then we're above men and women most miserable. But the word says that the place lies in hope of the retired class. Where did Peter get all this information? He must have had a connection. He must have been plugged in real good. Right? Surely he was filled with the Holy Spirit and he spoke in tongues because I will not leave my soul in hell. Verse 27, the word Halley's Hades grave, neither without suffered died, holy one. That secret, though is made known to me the ways of life, thou shalt make me full of joy with sight countenance, Men and brethren, let me freely speak unto you at a patriarch David, that he is both dead and buried. Hey, David is lost that Anwar he's dead. How can he be alive? The Bible says he was dead. The theologians teach isn't that he's up there heaven circling around smoking quarters, the guards are doing the house.

I used to watch that. What did that show once you know the states play green pastures or something. And here they were floating around on those clouds. You know, the guys that made it up there and float around our cloud. Yo fellas was never allowed to smoke down here. You know? Nobody got up there. And that heavenly place? The first thing you got after you made it was a 50 cents to you is that a puppet away? Hey, people, isn't that wonderful? David dead, taught the people teach that he has been dead, that he is alive. Somebody is wrong, right? Either the Bible's wrong or the people who disappear. Right? It says it's plain as the nose on my face, that Abraham is dead. He's married. And that even there that his separate car was right. Tombstone was set in there. He can walk over to it you can see he was sure ruins a lot of theology in this chapter does a lot of wrong he. He just takes it apart. Therefore being a prophet. Verse 30, knowing that God had sworn with an oath to him, that is a fruit of his loins are going to place you would have raised up Christ to sit on his throne. He's seen this before. Make of the resurrection of that his soul, Christ soul. The person should not be left in Hades in the grave. Neither his place, did the corruption, had Christ stayed in the grave. What would have happened to his place and would have seen corruption. But God raised Him and therefore it did not totally corrupt had he saved there it would have totally gripped this Jesus, as God raised up. Did you know that verse 3031, and 32 are just tremendous in the usage of the word, Christ, and hardly anybody ever seen that? So I guess I better show it to this, verse 31. He thinks that before, think of the resurrection of Jesus. Now, when it talks about the resurrection, it's always the resurrection of Christ, the Messiah, because the word Jesus is always associated with humility, with defeat, with getting beat. That's why in verse 32, it says, this, Jesus has God what? Why does it use Jesus because they've done what? crucified Him, then crucified Him? And because they have crucified the Jesus, God, Ray had to raise him up. And what he raised him up, he resurrected the Christ.

The Wonder wonderful teaching people. This Jesus, what very Samurai 30 This Jesus has God raised up where we all are What witnesses we all hope that not all the about 120 had grabbed seen him in the resurrection, but the 12 had been verse 33, therefore Being by the right hand of God, Jesus Christ being by the right hand of God, exalted, and having received of the Father, the promise of the new Maha God, Holy Ghost. He, God has shed furthest, which you now see. And what class? Can you see spirits? No, no, you can't see Spirit. Therefore, whatever they could see, whatever they could hear had to be in the category of the natural world, in the census realm. Or you can see, for instance, you can see this beautiful dove here that you can see. Why can why can you see it? Because it's in the center is where it got in this room. God is Spirit. God is Spirit. Can you see it? But, but tonight, when people spoke in tongues, could you see the speaking in tongues? Yes. Could you hear that speaking in tongues? Yes. But you could not see the spirit that was the power behind the speaking in tongues our the interpretation, right? Sure. It's right. Look at that. Jetport, this would you now see Anwar, amen. And that's something for David, verse 34. Is not ascended into heaven. But he sets himself the Lord said unto my Lord sits on my right hand, until I make nice bows, they put various 36 Therefore, let all the house of Israel and on the Day of Pentecost, only Jews were a minister do household of Israel. Jews by religion, as we call it, vernacular speak. Only on the day of Pentecost, they're the only ones that receive no Gentiles involved here at all in the original outpouring. There is a reason for all the house of Israel know assuredly that God has made that same Jesus home you have crucified, He made Him both Lord and was. Now verse 37. When they the multitude heard this, they were pricked in their heart. They were pricked in their hearts. And they said to Peter, and to the rest of the, the whole, apostles, not the about 120. But to Peter and the other 11. They said, Man, brother, what must we do? What shall we do about it? What shall we do about it? We crucified Him, God raised Him up, we know he's alive, because we've heard you speak the wonderful works of God, what can we do about it? And ladies and gentlemen, verses 38 and 39, are written so accurately that they just flabbergast people when you read it. Peter said unto them, Repent, re pants, why didn't he ask them to confess all their sin? Because that doesn't get you saved. You don't get saved by confession and sin. You get saved by confessing the Savior from sin, the Lord Jesus Christ, right? Shore. And so he used the word repent, to repent, to repent is to do the will of God. And the will of God is that we confess with our mouth the Lord Jesus Christ believed God raised Him from the dead, Romans 10 Nine, and thou shalt be what saved for what the heart, man believeth under righteousness, and with the mouth, confession is made under what? Salvation. So whenever we confess the Savior from sin, that is repentance. And when these men said to Peter, that day, Men and brethren, what must we do? Peter said, Repent. All But Lord, I don't want to repent, I'm a good boy, I'm heaven bound, oh, Lord, I do all good works. I take good care of my neighbor and my mother in law too. And Lord, you know how good I am in pay in my time. You know, Lord, I never heard anybody. I'm not such a bad man, Lord. The Lord's word says, repay, except the man is born again of God's Spirit, he has no eternal life. There is no way of getting inside, then the way of the Word of God. And if men and women want to get born again and filled with all these spirits are going to have to do it according to God's rulebook. And God rulebook is the Bible and God's word was to these men that they repent. God here, don't go out and confess all your sins to Johnny jump up or Henry Bullock or a rest of them. That's not it. Just repent. How God, confess the Savior from sin, the Lord Jesus Christ, REPENT and be BAPTIZED IN WATER. No, but boy, we should try our best to get water in that verse. And I've never seen a denomination a leader who wasn't all wet get the water in it. Just everybody wants to put water in it. It doesn't have water in it, ladies and gentlemen, had God one of the word water in it, you know what he'd say? Water, you can put it in. He's done it at other places in the Bible. Why didn't he do it here because it's not his word. And when you add to the Word of God, you no longer have a lot less. No or You Bet Your Life has nothing to do with water whatsoever has a lot more to do with a lot of other things. I'll tell you that. Because you can be water baptized until you're just drowned. That wouldn't help. You must be born again. And just to be immersed or sprinkled or dipped or dry, clean, doesn't do the job. It's got to be an inside job. Star Daly said this he was a prisoner and things seem to be an inside job. I like Peter said to them, Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ. Ferrars a lot. So when you repent, you get remission of sins, not forgiveness, you get remission. And when you get remission, you are baptized, it says, In the name of home, and everything that name represents your and you shall absolutely receive the that gift of the Holy Spirit of the Holy Ghost. And people. Last night hearing some, some people talk at this Mid American Conference on speaking in tongues, who had never sat through the teaching class of mine on receiving the Holy Spirit. Here they were using the word talking to each other. Have you been baptized with the Holy Ghost? House come Peter on this day of Pentecost says, doesn't say in the 38 remission of sins, and you shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost. Why do you say because it was wrong. It's always wrong. It's not to be baptized with the Holy Ghost. It is to receive the gift, the gift, the gift, not the giver but the gift of the givers to receive it into manifestation. And whenever you receive the word receive it the word llamando to manifest it, when you manifest the gift. The gift is the God given ability. It's Christ in you when you manifest it, which they had just done an hour or two before they spoke in what and here he says when you repent you get remission and you shall absolutely Lombardo receiving the manifestation, that gift from the giver. At some, he doesn't say are you baptized with the Holy Ghost? No. He said, Receive it. Receive it in a manifestation you've got it in here. You're born again. I've got Britain I do something about now speak in tongues. Thou interpret now prophets I operate operate. Sure. Verse 39, for the promise, the promise, the promise, the promise a lot, that when you repent and are baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, you received the remission of sins, and you manifest the gift. The promise is under you. Does that include us tonight? No, Israel, Israel Jews only and to your children. Does that include us? Nope. Still Israel. And verse 39, tail end and to all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God, show us how to cause you. If he's called us and promises under you to be burning in repent, be filled with the Holy Spirit and manifest it right for the promise to all who are far off even as many as the Lord our God shall call. If he has called us we are his right. Not wonderful. Only thing you have to ask yourself you have been called if you're call it your ladies and gentlemen, is our show. All people it's wonderful.

And very sporty says and with many other words, did he testify and exhort, saying save yourself from this untoward, lousy generation is what it means. Verse 41, Then they that gladly received his word. Those who gladly received it the not the doubters not The fella who said These fellows are loaded with new wine, but those who gladly received the word those who are open, those who are open. They received his word. And they were what? That ties in water, no cherries or no water in that verse either. You know what it was? They were baptized with the presence of Christ. It's Christ in us a hope of glory. It's a one time deal. And it's called to be baptized in his name, because in him, well, look what else it says. And that same day, that same day, there were added on to them about 3000. So, you know, my critics have said, from time to time when they hear me teach on the multitude of the here that I've said something about multitudes couldn't get up in the upper room. And those poor stupid people say, Well, maybe the Bible man 50 or 60 people, the multitude, you know, I never say too much until I get him cornered. And I chopped three years off. How can 50 or 60 people equal 3000? I tell you there it says there were 3000 saved that day, then there must have been 3000 people that's me, right? I couldn't get 3000 saved in this auditorium tonight. With all of believing in the world, because they're not here. Right. So a 3000 God saved or at least had to be 3001 there. Because one of them was that doubter? You know? At least 3001. Right? And ladies and gentlemen, it's a proportion is the same then as it is today. I'd say they had a pretty good sized gang at that meeting place in that drew slip that day, right? About 10 to one or 20 to one gets saved. Well, I don't know if you had 20 to one How many would have 60,000 that make pretty good Mala dude, wouldn't. Sure. You know what, why I like that word molecule. Because at the Indianapolis rates, I got this crazy thing stuck.

Most likely costing you new shirts, the broth the broadcast, I can take it off now. Ever get it off? I can't go to bed with air. We got it. You know. I'll leave it on there get off later. Last week at the Indianapolis race, I got tickled at the state about it. You know what they said? They said that there was a great multitude present for the Indianapolis race. I liked that. And I think they had, what was it? 200 or 250,000? Are there any of you remember reading the figures? Oh, that's a multitude. And on the Day of Pentecost, it said there was a multitude. And they were able to meet at a place where they could meet. They couldn't got into an upper room. Isn't that wonderful? is a trick of how the Bible really says. And that day when Peter preached this message, and he was bold.

Boy, he stood up and he told him, but he loved Oh, sure. But he laid his cards on the table, spiritually speaking. And he said, ladies and gentlemen, isn't this what you're going to do about it? And they said, Well, what do we have to do? He said, You better repent. And when you repent, you'll get remission of sins and be baptized with everything that that name represents. And then you're gone a long bottle, you're going to manifest the good going to show it for it. And the only thing he knew about showing for it to get so far the only thing he knew was that they had done was spoken in law. Therefore, when he was talking sense knowledge, why I am sure that he was thinking of what he said you shall absolutely Lombardo manifesto. He said, You're going to speak to dumb. Down through the history of the Christian church, ladies and gentlemen, every time anybody was born again, in the church. The evidence in the census world that he was, always was that they spoke in tongues. Oh. This carried on in the early church to about the tail end of the first thing and by that time, the pressure had grown on circumcision so much as a Christian. That circumcision started took over the speaking in tongues. And by the time 250 ad came around, the church was go organize, centralize, you know, with a branch in Babylon, Whina desktop, and 12 different major branches, one within row level and others besides Rome, Alexandria, short, Antioch, all of these. And by the time this occurred, there was no baking in done. Because the church had become organized, centralized, and they lost the power. And down through the centuries of our civilization, there have only been individuals here, there and yonder who have studied the word and believed the word had gotten to the place where they have carried out what the word I think the way ministry represents one of these lights in an A, which I think is one of the last times in our civilization. And that's why people, we must be bold in our teaching. We must be courageous. We must just be gloriously happy that we have a chair and opportunity to be a part of this ministry at this time. Does anyone have a question on anything here that I've taught tonight from Acts chapter two? Well, I don't see how you could add not that I'm such a good teacher but it's your written plainly isn't it? It's real simple. People who make stuff complicated, difficult when they that gladly received this worried rebaptised I'd like to look up that word gladly. I forgot what that word was in the texts, but it's a real interesting word. The word gladly means those who are wide open those who you know didn't fight they those who said Boy, I want to learn I want to hear I don't want to ask a question to show that I want to fight I ask this question because I want to know that's the word gladly guiding light on that order there in the text.

near me, but you got their great fears and Stevens. What judgment period? Which one does it not? aperi bossman. Okay, lucky but he's flipping over here on this word, because it's a tremendous word if I remember correctly.

Gladly, readily Joyce not good enough. It's bigger than that. Walder. You know what it is? What it is, is people who are hungry you know, it's about that meeting for for three days. And you're not fasting like maybe where it was explained? Where it was gone down to 139. You know, been working on it for three days now. And she took off last night at the dinner. Today she's back on it that means one grape fruit a day and one piece of toast. She's just wither in a wait

How'd that get on you, mommy? We're talking about gladly something that was hungry. What I thought about my dogs. I have to beat the average fella for three days. Did you bet a chicken dinner before him? He would gladly receive that. Where is that story? I don't know anything. But that's the word. These people were just hungry for it. They just wanted it so bad it says that Eric fears John and heard him gladly. i Not that the same word or not? Thank you. Not same word art. Same English word but not the same route request.

Meaning I don't know. I don't know. Might anyone else get tickled to death duck. That thing just radiant. Just like some of us have been. You know when a little bit of the word starts living we just like baby.

We just hungry and boy we just take it we say thank you Lord God, Mr. Lord. Now we look for more and we just radiate and a little kernel Truth from the word just mix sets us all makes us effervescent glow. It just thrills our souls. That's why I know people come here on Sunday night. You come here because you love the word. And that word blesses your heart. And it does something to your soul because you gladly receive it. Dude, if you didn't gladly receive it, you wouldn't drive all these miles many of you people drive to get here. So shoot people live in a cross street half mile away, they never come. Try. We got others driving, Newark, Ohio. And boy, I got real blast at this couple came all the way from wherever it was in Wisconsin, Marinette. And Milwaukee all the way to be in the mid American Conference are speaking in tongues in Columbus. That took a little effort. And you know what he told me I wrote back with him from where we were today, someplace eating. I forget. From there on back. I rode with him. You know what he told me? He said, I'm coming up with a Sunday evening services and drive home to Milwaukee, through this Sunday night services during the summer. Somebody is playing nuts in that something, can you imagine them coming up here and staying for the service till 930 or 10 o'clock and driving all the way back to Milwaukee and going to work Monday morning. You know what this did mean? I didn't say it but it sent chills up and down my spine. You know why? Because, boy, if a man is going to drive that far, He better get his basket filled when he gets there so he doesn't have to go home hungry. And you bet. Boy, you see water responsibility that puts upon my teaching ministry upon our song leading our organist our pianos to people and all the rest of it. Because when men and women like you come and others come, they want their basket filled. They don't mind driving. They don't mind taking off and going through all this Laborde. They want something they can put their teeth into it. You know what else he told me? He said a year ago, he said I never believed that God was realizing it. He said even six months ago, he said, if somebody has said to me that I'd be able to get prayers answered, and be filled with a spirit and be able to do things like we're doing today. He said I said you're alive.

And he was born and raised in the church went through parochial school for 12 years. That means he did a Roman Catholic or Lutheran. But he didn't know the word. But God set him free in the class.

And he's one of the few men that ever took the class and took it one week which was the second week of the class he never made it for the first one but there's more to it than that. More mild hearts who went out to them today. And the first Sunday night I see them or the first Sunday night I see them in that service having driven all the way from Milwaukee to be in here. If I have a lot of tie call it if I get a little misty get a few tears in my eyes you'll know why. Because I think that's tremendous. But you know something you get hungry and Nothing satisfies but the Word of God and you see it in the times in our life all of us have run for not I used to be able to go to dances and stay out till three four o'clock in the morning when dogs he left me out sometime make it back just in time for milk we haul hay all day long. That never said too much. Have we stayed out too late as long as we could put in a good day's work. I think basketball I used to go on trips, college as well as professional. We'd never get into four o'clock in the morning. And yet at six o'clock we'd have to be on the job. Well let me ask you something if I can do that for my dancing. For my athletic days can't I do it for the integrity and the greatness of God's word I just have to get on and said so. So whenever somebody says to me, Well, I just can't do this. I get too tired. Always think of some of the things we have done. We didn't get too tired them so we liked them. All my dad used to say many times he said well you could work as hard as you can play basketball. He said you'd be an awful good Why, you know, we complain about working so hard in the field, you know, that we'd come back we have little suffering, they'll call the college and by that time we'd have a basketball and play till dark you know, but we'd already been tired at four o'clock all of the Hey. Well, people said tremendous thing I'd like to pray. Father, you know our hearts and you understand the things we are trying to accomplish and the blessing we try to give to the Lord God here again, and I say headquarters I've done the best and no harm. done this all day, father last night, I talked the words the best I know this morning, I thought, the night I taught him, But Lord, only this word can live. When men and women really put their teeth in it, and they believe it and they accept it. As their father left this word of God again live not only in the hearts and lives of our people here tonight, but those who are hurt the broadcast. Those who were a part of this service our radio tonight, fathers just left this community and out from this community around the word or less this word live father are the sites thank you and praise and may just be a wonderful week for our people. That the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, maybe back to five years or but this we praise the sanctity that's nice. And if anybody's here in the auditorium who came because they specifically came to the ministry, I wish you'd come forward for God's still honors his words and God will meet journey I'd like for you to come if you came for that.

Right now the rest of us just keep believing God and thanking God speaking tongues pray in the Spirit. As the people ministered, as they pray or as their guidance to do, or our God is not only able but willing, that we should have his abundance manifested in our life. Therefore Father, in the name of Jesus Christ has our people lay hands on these, to pray for them or to minister to them as their guidance Father, I thank thee is prayed that the needs of the hearts and lives of these people will be met according to their believing as we believe with them this night through Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen.

Discussion about the word "gladly," ministering to people.