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Romans 1:27-32 - Corps - January 16,1979

Topic: Rom 1:27-32,logospedia,lp
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Publication Date: Jamuary 16. 1979

ROMANS 1:27-32
January 16, 1979
Perhaps just a little review is in order for the Corps tonight that I set last week which we
need to do as a springboard to get into the record in Romans we’ll be covering tonight.
Romans 1:18-32 capsulizes for us the idolatry of the satanic system and shows it to us in
all its naked horror, and it indicates what happens to individuals who do not like to retain
God in their mind. Verse 21 spoke about they knew God, but glorified Him not as God,
neither were thankful. They didn’t want to retain God in their mind. They didn’t glorify
God. The word glorify stems off from, or is right in line with, the root “worship.” Nor were
they thankful. Verse 26 was the last verse we closed with last week.
Romans 1:26
For this cause – Because of this. Because they worshipped idols and not the true God. God
gave them up, which is the same as in Verse 24. It’s the Greek word paradidōmi which
literally means hand over to the power of another. They did not like to retain God. They
didn’t keep the true God, so God gave them up because they gave Him up. He just had to
allow them to be taken over by another power. God gave them up unto vile affections. Vile
affections literally is passions of infamy. Another word is lusts. The word “into” is eis,
meaning for. It happens to be the accusative case, which literally means they changed the
natural use reaching out unto that which is against. “Against” is the preposition para,
meaning beside or beyond nature. God gave them up because they walked away from God.
Then their women changed the natural use, reaching out unto that which is beyond or
beside that which is natural. I think everyone of us should know what the natural use of a
woman should be. It certainly never is lesbian. That’s not natural use. The reason they
went this way is because they worshipped idols, not the true God.
Romans 1:27
And likewise also the men – King James. The text reads “And likewise the men also.” We
have a publication on the bock table entitled “Also.” I think you ought to get a copy of that
and mark your Bibles. It’s out of order here, won’t fit the text. And likewise the men also.
Not also the men, but the men also.
Leaving the natural use of the woman – God made man for woman and woman for man.
God never made woman for woman or man for man. They left the natural use of the
woman and burned in their lusts. I handled that a while ago as passions of infamy. Vile
affections in verse 26. Passions of infamy, lusts.
Men with men working that which is unseemly, working that which is not like it should be.
It’s not right on. It’s messed up.
And receiving – “receiving” is the word meaning back in full. And receiving in themselves
back in full that recompense. “Recompense” means retribution. Of their error. “Error” is
weakness. Receiving in themselves that retribution of their error, their weakness. So far,
that’s all the further I can go. I have no text to document it beyond this. I just know from
working the Word and the great heaviness of this, it’s not just error or a weakness. It’s
deeper. Next year when Walter Cummins will be back in Germany for a year doing
research for us, here’s one that is an assignment for him. I want to see if there aren’t some
old ancient texts that will give us a word that is much deeper than error or weakness,
because I know from the context that they themselves and receiving in themselves back in
full that retribution of their stupidity. The damnableness of man allowing himself to get
worse than a beast. Worse than a cow or bull. You don’t see a bull riding a bull too long, or
a cow riding a cow. You’ll see tonight in Romans that the beasts have more sense than
man does when he walks away from God and starts serving other gods, because the lowest
thing in the whole world is the greatest thing God ever made, mankind. But when man
walks away from God, he is worse than any animal. You’ll see it tonight before I finish
this chapter.
They received recompense of their error, weakness, which was meet. Which was what they
logically deserved is the text.
Romans 1:28
And even as they did not like – The words, “did not like” is the Greek word adokimazō.
This is a verb and it literally means they refused to accept. This word if you look at its
spelling, later on in this verse you have the word “reprobate mind.” The word for
“reprobate” is adokimos. The first one is a verb, the second one an adjective. Same word.
But you don’t see that in King James. Did not like is adokimazō, and the other word for
reprobate is adokimos. Same root.
If you translate did not like as refused to retain or accept the true God in knowledge, God
gave them up over to a reprobate mind. And the play is upon beautiful words. When a
person refuses the true God and refuses to be thankful, to worship Him, he, that man, ends
on the refuse pile. They refused and God gave them up to the refuse. That’s Greek, that’s
text. They refused to retain God in knowledge. They refused to accept the knowledge of
the true God and live that way. Why? I think John 3:19 makes a statement that would be
very apropos here.
John 3:19
I think John 3:19 should be put in the margin here at this great truth in Romans 1:28.
It says God gave them up. If you go back to verse 26 it says God gave them up. Go back to
Verse 24, God gave them up. Three times. This is the third time it’s used in Romans 1.
The word “up” is the word “over.” God gave them over to the refuse. He gave them over to
the junk pile, the stinky place outside the city limits where the refuse is burned. They
refused to put God in their knowledge and worship the true God, so God had to give them
up, and they ended up on the refuse pile. It means literally men and women devoid of
judgment, reprobate. It means they have an unsound mind. In plain language, they are
insane, nuts. If you don’t agree with it, argue with God and His Word. Most people do. Not
me. This is God’s Word.
That tells me that when we get to the homos and lesbians, we’re dealing with insane
people. They have an unsound mind. They are devoid of judgment, which literally means
they cannot make a true or right judgment. And you want me to have them teach my kids
in school or any other place?
Verse 28, devoid of judgment, reprobate mind. I’m dealing with the most difficult thing in
our country, because if there’s any one thing being pushed on us, that is, the homos and the
lesbians. That’s what is being pushed. The second thing being pushed on us is roots. One is
as bad as the other almost. My roots are not France where my ancestors came from. We
came from rural France. D-Day, you tore up my town and blew it all away. My ancestors
were all Huguenots under the French governors and rulers. Then they persecuted us
because of the Edit of Nance and a lot of my family were killed, so they moved out to
Romans 1:27-32 91
Switzerland, England and Germany. The Switzerland side I don’t know anything about, for
they are all dead. The Harcourts of England are Wierwilles. The rest of our clan moved
into Germany and into the Muenster area, and that’s where my grandfather and
grandmother came from. You don’t hear me talk about my roots back in Germany. I’m a
citizen of The United States. I love this flag. I stand for it. I don’t stand for everything the
government does, but I stand for the freedom that that flag stands for. That’s why it flies
every place I teach. Today you had a man here who took the flag and dropped it on the
floor. You never do that when I’m around. If I had seen it I would have hit the ceiling, I
guarantee you. I’ve been at places where I’ve seen the flag trampled under foot. I’ve seen it
burned. And I don’t like it. I’ve got men in the military here tonight who don’t like it, and
other people here who don’t like it. We’re going to make that flag continue to stand for
something if you believe God’s Word and you walk on God’s Word and you’ve got an
ounce of steel in your soul. But if you’re all sold out to letting the Adversary take over and
you no longer care, you no longer want to get involved, your children and your grand
children will pay a miserable price. I don’t want my children or grandchildren to pay that if
I can help it. I want God’s Word that made our country great. I don’t talk about roots. My
root is The United States of America. This is where I live. This is where I hold forth God’s
Word. It has nothing to do with where I came from or the color of my skin. It has
everything to do with my being a citizen of The United States of America, and I’m damn
proud to be one. You bet your life.
Generally many times when I’m in a place we salute the flag of The United States of
America. We salute it by putting the Bible on our heart, not our hand, because a man’s
hand doesn’t mean anything. The Word, this is what we believe keeps the freedom of The
United States. If you’ve ever read the first ten amendments and a few other things about
our Constitution, that’s the law of the land, as the Bible is the law for men and women. It’s
the Word of God for men and women who want to know the will of God. This is God’s
textbook, like the Constitution and the first ten amendments basically of The United States
are the law of the land.
A reprobate mind to do those things which are not convenient. “Convenient” is kathēkō.
“Not” is mē, meaning absolutely not. Do those things which are absolutely not convenient,
meaning the way it was meant to be. This same word is translated “fit” in Acts 22:22.
Romans 1:29, 30, 31
Having just read of those things that were not the way it was meant to be, Verse 29 says
“being filled with all unrighteousness.”
Romans 1:29
Being filled with all unrighteousness. They have a reprobate mind, devoid of judgment.
That’s why they are filled with all unrighteousness. “Being filled with” is the accusative
plural. It’s masculine, perfect participle passive. It can literally be translated “having been
filled,” or “filled to capacity with.” Filled to capacity with all unrighteousness. Overflowing
into the results which are then innumerated.
The root of these words is plēroō, which is to be filled to capacity.
With all unrighteousness – Filled to the full.
Fornication – There is not another manuscript except for the one they translated King
James that has this word in it. So we delete “fornication” from the text.
Filled to capacity with all unrighteousness, which overflows into wickedness. You have
wickedness, covetousness and maliciousness.
“Wickedness” is ponēria. It is the word from which you get the English word
pornography. That is the word here. Wickedness. It means utter depravity via an act of the
mind. That’s the word. By my act of the mind I have not retained the true God, nor
worshipped the true God, so I have worshipped something else. And that is this word
ponēria, act of the mind. Total depravity.
By the way, there is a complete run down now of twenty-one words that is given, and
everyone is downhill, total defeat.
“Covetousness” is pleonexia, which equals a desire for more. It comes from the word
ponēria, the one I just taught you as wickedness. Covetousness is fraud, extortion.
Colossians 3:5
Covetousness which is idolatry.
Ephesians 5:5
Whoremonger is idol worshipper.
See how this all ties in with idolatry? Worship and serve the creature, the body, more than
the Creator. “It’s worship.
This word covetousness, wickedness, all center around idolatry. Idolatry which is
pornographic idolatry. All pornography centers around bodies, generally.
“Maliciousness” is kakia, a noun, and it literally means moral evil. Moral evil which is
vicious depravity in all forms. “Full of envy” – Wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness
– all come off of ponēria. Now after that we move to full of envy. “Full” is not plēroō or
pletho. That word for “full” is mestos. “Envy” is phthonos. Mestos phthonos, full of envy.
It literally means the mind is stored with envy. The mind is full of, stored, with envy. Envy
is same word as jealousy. Jealousy in the senses world is many times referred to as the
“green-eyed monster.” I have never known of a murder being committed where a person
willfully murders unless he’s possessed, and there’s another devil spirit there besides
murder, and it’s always this envy. That’s the other spirit always there. Their mind is stored
with. “Stored with” can be translated “possessed.” Their mind is possessed with envy.
That’s jealousy.
Galatians 5:19, 20, 21
Quite a listing there. Envy is among that group.
The word for envy is phthonos. The word for murder is phonos. This could be a figure of
speech, which means rhyming words. I’m not sure, but I am sure that envy and murder
package in the same cellophane.
Romans 1:29
“Debate” is strife. The Greek word is eris, literally meaning wordy wrangling and
contentious rivalry.
The next word is “deceit.” The Greek word is dolos. It’s a very interesting word, because
that word is used in Greek literature regarding the bait that’s used to catch an animal. So
this word “deceit,” literally is used here relative to the adulteration of the truth used to
deceive and catch men. That’s what deceit is.
Romans 1:27-32 93
“Malignity” is literally mischief, mischief with a punch. The Greek word is kakoētheia. It
is the same basic root as the root for malice. We had it a while ago in maliciousness.
Kakia. This word kakoētheia is from the root kakia, which means deliberate evil intentions
to others.
“Whisperers” – The Greek word is psithuristēs. This word literally means secretly
conveying detrimental information about the character and welfare of others. Secretly
whispers, secretly conveying detrimental information about the character and welfare of
Romans 1:30
“Backbiters” – The Greek word is katalalos, meaning evil speakers, publicly, open evil
speaking, about you or the true God or the greatness of God’s Word. Openly backbiters.
They don’t hide it. They are evil speaking openly.
“Haters of God” – The Greek word is theostugēs. Literally they hate anything that is truth.
“Despiteful” – The Greek word is hupristēs, meaning insolent, injurious, injury done by
word or deed.
I Timothy 1:13
Despiteful, literally ought to be translated outrageous in personal insults.
“Proud” – the Greek word is huperēphanos. It means haughty.
II Timothy 3:2
It’s associated with boasters here. It means haughty or proud, associated with boasting,
conspicuously so. That’s the text.
“Boasters” – The Greek word is alazōn, literally meaning loud mouth, imposture, quack,
false pretender.
“Inventors of evil things” – The Greek word is epheuretēs, and “things” is kakos. They’re
inventors of evil things, embracing every form, moral and physical.
“Disobedient to parents” – The Greek word is apeithēs. It literally means they would not
be persuaded by the parents. They do not listen to true parental guidance.
Romans 1:31
“Without understanding” – The Greek word is asunetos. Literally a fool.
II Timothy 1:7
Sound mind. So if we’re without understanding, we have to have an unsound mind.
“Covenantbreakers” – This word is basically the same word as “without understanding.” It
is spelled asunthetos in Greek. It means trustless, faithless. You cannot trust them.
Agreement breakers would be another, but not as strong as trustless.
“Without natural affection” – This is very tremendous. It is the word astorgos. They don’t
have natural affection. An animal has natural affection. This word is referring to love for
children and family. They are without natural affection, don’t want children. Homo,
lesbian, don’t want children but they want to play. You’ve heard about the old stork story.
Everybody laughs, but sometimes it’s not good to laugh until you are smart enough to
know what you are laughing about.
The word “stork,” the animal, comes from this word astorgos. Storge is the Greek word for
stork, because the stork takes such beautiful care of its children. Of all the animals they say
that none is any better than the stork. And it has that love, that tenderness, that natural
affection for its children. Now maybe you understand why parents say the stork brought
you. It’s not as far off in love and affection. It’s a figure of speech meaning the love, the
affection, of mommy and daddy who wanted a child to love and to bring up in the nurture
and admonition of the lord. The opposite is without natural affection. Even a monkey
doesn’t forsake its kids. It takes a degraded human being to do that.
“Implacable” – The word implacable in this particular Greek text from which the King
James was made is the Greek word aspondous. It means without respect for treaties or
agreement. You might as well quit wasting your time signing a paper because they will
never keep any of their promises, and neither treaties nor agreements will they keep. This
particular word, however, is deleted by some of the major manuscripts, so I do not know
what to do with it. I’ll leave it set as is.
“Unmerciful” – The Greek word is aneleēmōn, which means pitiless, cruel, not desirous of
relieving pain of others. Lets you lay there if raped. (Example of woman in New York who
people just let lay.)
These verses, Romans 1:29, 30, 31, leave a sensible man almost breathless. Being filled
with all unrighteousness, and then it gives 21 of them.
Romans 1:32
“Who knowing the judgment of God” – “Knowing” is the Greek word epiginōskō, to know
thoroughly, who knowing thoroughly the cause or the evils.
“Judgment” – The Greek word is dikaiōma, which equals righteousness in Romans 1:17.
Who knew thoroughly the cause of the evils, the righteous ordinances of God. They knew
it, but they chose not to believe it. They chose to worship idols rather than the true God.
“That they which commit” – “Commit” is the verb prassō which means that they which
continue to practice such things are worthy of death. Not worthy to teach in the schools
and to run your life and mine and to dictate the program of government under the
Constitution of The United States. It says they are worthy of death.
Deuteronomy 18:9-13
Any one that maketh his son or his daughter pass through the fire—that’s the next thing
you’re going to see in your community. Fire walkers. Sons and daughters walking through
white hot coals without getting their feet burned. Don’t any of you try it tonight, for you
might toast your feet. But I’ve seen it done, any it can be done. But it can only be done by
someone who is being described here tonight who has to get possessed by the Adversary
and worships an entirely different god than the one we worship.
“Lord” is Jehovah, God in relationship.
“Perfect” (Deut. 18:13) meaning one God and not other gods. That’s what the Word says.
Romans 1:32
They that practice these things are worthy of death, but they not only do the same, they
continue to practice and have pleasure in them that do them.
“Pleasure” is the Greek word suneudokeō, literally meaning to express a hearty approval.
They openly expressed a hearty approval of what’s going on. Perhaps it could be translated
Romans 1:27-32 95
consent. The reason they do that is because their mind is calloused, because they’ve been
out of fellowship with the true God, and have substituted man as god, and man’s
devilishness as god. Therefore, their mind is calloused.
So they express a hearty approval.
I Timothy 4:2
Express a hearty approval in them that do the same. Not only do the same but have
pleasure in them that do them.
After I finish all this detail work, what I did for you tonight I did fifteen years ago and
threw it all in the waste basket, which I’ve done to thousands of pieces of paper through
the years, because I never knew we’d have a ministry like we have today. I was born and
raised in the church, educated in the church, college, graduated from a church seminary,
and I never knew there would ever be a day when we’d be doing what we’re doing today.
So for maybe 10-12 years, every time I’d work the Word and get it to fit like a hand in a
glove, I’d throw it in the waste basket, because I wasn’t preparing to teach you. I was
preparing to learn the truth myself. Once I’d seen the integrity and accuracy of the Word,
I’d throw it away. Perhaps I’ve thrown away more good work then most men do in two
lifetimes. But it doesn’t make any difference. I can still work it out when I make up my
mind. I made it up pretty good, but I didn’t go as far as I’m going to go in the Advanced
Class. In the Advanced Class I’m going to tie together Galatians, Ephesians and Timothy
with it, and we’ll put the whole thing together by God’s mercy and grace. It has never been
done in the history of Christendom that I know of, except in the Word, but never has it
been packaged in” one little three to five hour teaching. But we’ll try to do it, if we can get
any of our Corps to work.
After I finished all of that today, I wrote the following.
If the true God is not honored, worshipped and man is unthankful, man starts down the
downward course to utter destruction. And he again establishes for himself what the first
man did and what the Adversary told him in Genesis 3:5. If you’ll put something else
ahead of the true God, ye shall be as gods. Man making himself God. Separation between
God and man is the infallible sequence of cause and effect. It is broken fellowship. And the
first thing is the loss of purity. Genesis 3:10 he said, I was afraid, I hid myself, I was
naked. The first sin in Genesis is repeated in all sin in all men who sin. You may take a
look at Psalm 8.
Psalm 8:1-5
God made man just a little lower than Himself. But from what I read to you in Romans,
man sunk a long way.
Psalm 8:6-9
That’s man place where God wanted him. But man, because he didn’t retain God in his
knowledge and worshipped the true God, he got other gods. Today Christendom has at
least three. That’s idolatry.
And down the run goes man and reaches the pathetic state of Romans 1, which we read. In
Romans 1, is set the worship of the image like man. Man is worshipped. The dominion is
placed in Genesis, God places it under man’s foot. Now man replaces his God with man,
and the very god that man sets up he places under that God’s feet.
In Genesis, it said to make one wise. In Romans 1, it says professing themselves wise. Man
thinks lower than any beast ever goes; into the degradation, the dishonor and the shame.
There’s a fantastic record in Isaiah.
Isaiah 1:3
But Israel doth not know – “My people do not care” is the text.
You’ve never seen a bull on top another bull with an insertion. Sorry, you know it’s true.
It’s regurgitating for those of us who love the true God. It’s unbelievable that man, whom
God so loved that He gave His only begotten son, that man can sin so low.
Today’s issue of what’s going on in your city has a beautiful picture. It says, “The most
beautiful man in the world.” And he’s a complete woman in the picture.
That man could sin so low is almost unbelievable, but that’s man.
Romans 1:21, they became vain in their imaginations. Vanity entered in and it ruled.
In Romans 8:20 it says the creation was made subject to vanity. Ephesians 4:17, 18 says
they walk in the vanity of their own mind.
Jeremiah 2:5
II Kings 17:15
Psalm 14:1ff is in part quoted in Romans 3, that will be coming up with the Corps
sometime later, but I can just see and feel it back here in Romans 1. Departure from the
revealed truth of one God, the revelation of Himself and His will in the scripture, they
changed the glory and thankfulness of the true God and were given up to uncleanness.
They changed the truth, they were given up to passions of infamy. They changed the
natural use and they were given up to reprobate mind, possession.
There are perilous times ahead for us in this administration. I will not go into the book of
Revelation tonight. But II Timothy 3:1-8 and II Thessalonians 2:3, 4, 10-12 speak very
The mystery of iniquity that it refers to is the lie, which is idolatry, which is the great lie.
Ephesians 2:11
Romans 1 dealt specifically at that moment with Gentiles. Next week when I meet with the
Corps we’ll go into the Jews, which start with Chapter 2, and you’ll find that they’re just as
lost as the Gentiles.
Ephesians 2:12-15
Where believing is in the assent, the mind gets clearer. All the false grounds and
understanding become clarified. That’s why Psalm 107:20 says He sent His word and
healed them. Psalm 119:130 says that the entrance of thy word giveth light. Until we come
back to the Word, there is no light. It’s the entrance of the Word that dispels darkness
because the Word introduces light.