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Romans 1:18-26 - Corps - January 9,1979

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Publication Date: January 9, 1079

ROMANS 1:18-26
January 9, 1979
We’re still in Chapter One of Romans. We finished verse 18 last time, so we’ll begin with
a review and then move into same of the other verses in Romans 1. I believe the people
who gather here with us tonight at The Day in the Word will greatly appreciate this
particular section that we are dealing with in the Corps, because of what I taught you in the
session this morning on John 1:1 and John 1:2.
Romans 1:18
That’s the nature of wrath. The nature of the wrath of God is against all ungodliness and all
unrighteousness, who suppress the truth. The day of wrath is referred to in Romans 2:5.
Romans 2:5
There’s a day earning, and it’s referred to as the day of wrath, which is the apocalypse, the
appearing, when God through Jesus Christ will do the judging. It’s a righteous judgment of
God. The first time Jesus came, man did the judging. It was they who condemned him; it
was they who crucified him, God’s only begotten son. But when the Lord returns, the
apocalypse, he’s coming back not as a child to be born in a stable or manger, not as one
whom they will spit in his face and curse him, not as one that they’ll say ye are of
Beelzebub. But he’s coming back as king of king and lord of lords. He’s coming back in
righteous judgment. A man who does not break the law never needs to fear the police
siren. It’s when you’ve broken the law, when you’re living contrary to what you know
you’re supposed to live, then when you hear the siren and see the police, then you freak.
People are like that regarding God. There is nothing to fear regarding the return of Christ
unless you are going to be in the day of wrath and be in that judgment when he cones as
king of kings and lord of lords, because you did not accept him as your lord and savior
while you had the privilege.
The word “wrath,” and “God’s wrath,,”and “the judgment of God,” falls particularly on
Babylon. Babylon is used figuratively at times as the great city of all wickedness.
Revelation 16:19
That’s the day of the judgment of God, particularly on Babylon. Why Babylon? Because of
idolatry, which is extreme uncleanness.
Revelation 14:8-11
Fornication – immorality; the immorality was idolatry.
The nature of wrath bringing in the day of wrath when it conies is Biblically against
idolatry. Idolatry is extreme uncleanness.
Romans 1:18-32 capsulizes for us the idolatry of the satanic system in all its naked horror,
indicating that they are worthy of death, having pleasure in the deeds of evil.
Romans 1:32
Romans 1:19
Because of this, turning to other gods, worshipping other gods than the one true God.
Because of this, that’s why you have the wrath of God against all ungodliness and
unrighteousness of men in Verse 18. Because of this, that they turned to other gods.
“Because of this” is used five times in this chapter: Verse. 19, Verse 21, Verse 24 –
“Wherefore” is “because of this,” Verse 26, and Verse 28 –”Even as” is “because of this.”
Five times in the immediate context you have the result indicated because of this,
worshipping of idols, worshipping more than the one true God. Because of the
unrighteousness of men, because they rejected the truth of the one God. Because of this,
you have it five times.
II Thessalonians 1:7
Romans 1:21
Romans 1:28
II Thessalonians 1:8
That’s the wrath we talked about in Romans 1:18.
Romans 1:25
You have to work at II Thessalonians 2:10, 11.
II Thessalonians 2:10, 11
The lie is the great truth that the Bible states about Babylon, the religious whore, the
spiritual whore, the great wicked city.
Romans 1:32
You have to look at II Thessalonians 2:12
II Thessalonians 2:12
I Thessalonians 1:9
“True” is one God. When the ministry of the Word came to the Thessalonians, they turned
the people from idols to the true God.
That’s why when I put all this wrath of God together for you and work this thing in
Romans, you will see that the basic thing God is dealing with is idolatry.
I Thessalonians 1:10
We’ve been delivered, because we’re not worshipping idols.
I Thessalonians 4:5
Romans 1:19
Because that which may be known – The text reads, “Because that which is known.” Not
nay be, it is known of God. The Greek word en autois. These words do not mean among
them, but in them as a habit pattern because of their believing. It’s an internal
manifestation. They had it.
For God showed it unto them.
Because of this, turning to other gods, which is known of God, was manifested to them, for
God showed (same word in text as manifested), God manifested, showed it, unto them.
People, ignorance of the true God is willful sin, because light is available. Therefore, all
ungodliness is without excuse.
Romans 1:18-26 83
Romans 1:20
For the invisible things of him – Him who? God, Who is Spirit.
From the creation of the world are clearly seen – Those words, “clearly seen,” really have
an impact. It’s the Greek word horae plus kata, meaning down. It literally means to look
down upon and see clearly. It’s like standing on top of something and you scrutinize that
below it minutely. That’s that word, “clearly seen.”
Being understood by the things that are made. Scratch “even.”
His eternal power and Godhead – His eternal – “Eternal” is the Greek word aidios.
“Power” is dunamis. “Godhead” is the Greek word theiotēs.
Even his eternal dunamis and Godhead, one God, head God.
Colossians 2:9
God is the head of Christ. It says so in the Word. He’s the head God.
The head is divine. Head God. How many heads do you have? One. There is one God.
He’s the Godhead. Most people, when they think of Godhead, they think of God the son,
God the holy spirit, God the Jesus Christ, and God the Virgin Mary or something. No! One
head. He is the one God, head God. He’s the head of Christ. Christ is the head of the
That’s the integrity and accuracy of the Word. His eternal power and Godhead, head God.
Eternal dunamis of the head God.
So that they are without excuse. You have no excuse for your unrighteousness. Light is
available. The only answer you can possibly have is what the scripture says, you’d rather
walk in darkness than the light. You make the decision yourself. You would rather walk in
unrighteousness than righteousness. You’d rather walk in darkness than in light, the Word
says. Light is available. Every man is without excuse.
The words, “so that they are,” literally translated according to usage are “to the end of their
being” without excuse.
“Excuse” is the Greek word anapologētos. Just take a look at that word. Drop the an. What
English word would you come up with? Apologies. That’s what the word comes from. He
is without any apology. He has no excuse. It’s all over with. You can’t pray to God that
you’re sorry you screwed up the works. No apologies. You talk about the accuracy and
depth of the Word.
That’s fantastic.
Colossians 1:8
Thought I looked this up. It’s not there.
Ephesians 1:22
Colossians 1:18
God is the head of Christ. He is the head God. Christ is the head of the church. What do
you run your physical body by – your tootsies or your head? You head makes your tootsies
run. Your physical body is entirely under the operation and the control of your head. The
church of the body is entirely under the direction of the head, who is Christ. God’s only
begotten son. Not V.P. Wierwille, not the president of a denomination, not the president of
The Way. The church of the body has only one head, Christ. Who do you take orders
from? The head. That’s right. That’s why we study to show ourselves approved unto God,
the head, God, not a man.
Every man is without excuse. God has removed every possible excuse for man to be
ignorant of Him. No man needs to walk in darkness unless he wants to. The light is
available. Therefore, don’t let anybody ever tell you what about the poor people in Africa.
What about those poor heathens who have never heard? I’ve found that most of the poor
heathens live right next door to you in the United States.
Psalm 8:1-9
Fits in beautifully with Romans 1:20.
They are without excuse because the invisible things of God can be clearly seen and
understood. How? By the things that are visible, that are made.
Romans 1:21
Because when they knew God, they glorified him not as God.
“Glorified” is the word doxazō. It’s a verb form. To glorify means to set in a position of
highest honor, highest praise, highest esteem. Because when they knew God, they did not
continue to set Him in that position of highest honor, highest praise, highest esteem. That’s
the word glorified.
Glorified and worship are interrelated. If you glorify God, you’ll worship Him. If you
worship God, you’ll glorify Him. They are real closely aligned. That’s why I gave you the
literal of it, to set in a position of highest honor. If God is in the position of highest honor,
who do you worship? Who do you glorify? God. Understand?
Romans 15:6
One God. That is righteousness. It is the righteous judgment of God to worship one God.
Glorify God, worship God.
Romans 15:9
The noun form of this verb is the word glory. Glory is in the Greek doxa.
I was going to read you all these verses, but my hour is gone, and I’ve got other things to
teach. So I’m going to give you the references. You can check them for yourself and put
together the greatness of what I’m sharing with you.
Because when they knew God, they glorified Him not as God. They did not continue to
give Him the’ position of worship. I am the Lord thy God. I’m a jealous God. Remember
that one? Jealous doesn’t mean jealousy as the green-eyed monster. God desires to be
worshipped. The god of this world, the Adversary, desires to be worshipped. They knew
the true God, so they are without excuse. Light was there, but they chose to not glorify,
which is to worship.
In Luke 14:10 this same word is translated “worship” in the King James.
The word glory, doxa, is used the following times in Romans: 1:23; 2:7,10; 3:7,23; 4:20;
5:2; 6:4; 8:18,21; 9:4,23; 11:36; 15:7; 16:27.
Romans 1:21
Two things – They glorified Him not as God, nor were they thankful. Thankful for what?
Romans 1:18-26 85
For God’s goodness to them. When people do not glorify the true God, when they do not
worship the true God, they will not be thankful for God’s goodness. They’ll think they did
it all. I am the savior of my soul, they will think. That’s what that verse is talking about.
They do exactly what Genesis 3:5 says when the Adversary said to Eve, Ye shall be as
God. When men quit worshipping the true God and are not thankful, they always make
themselves God. Science has been a god for most people.
Matthew 19:17
There’s only one good, and that’s God.
Acts 14:8-15
There’s only one God. Neither were thankful for God’s goodness. Paul wasn’t God. The
true God whom they served and worshipped, He is good. That’s why Paul and those boys
told them to cool it,
I Thessalonians 5:18
Neither were thankful is what Romans says. Thessalonians says in all things give thanks.
There’s only one good, God. They had just forgotten this. They had suppressed it. They
had suppressed the truth in unrighteousness. They pushed it down. Light was available but
they didn’t want it. The knowledge of the true God was available, but they refused to
accept it or believe it.
Romans 1:21
But became vain in their imaginations. “Vain” is the Greek word mataioōmai. It means
literally “useless to God and themselves..” They became vain, useless to God and to
themselves. People, when you reach that stage in life, you might as well commit Hara-kiri
and have it over with, because you are useless to God and yourself. It’s interesting that in
the Hebrew the word is habal. In the Old Testament this word is used regarding idols.
“Neither were thankful; but became useless to God and themselves.”
There are two words in the Greek also for vain. One word is kenōs, which is the content.
The word mataios is the result. The result when you don’t glorify God nor are thankful, the
result is uselessness to God and yourself. Ignorance of God is willful sin, because light and
truth are available, so that every man is without excuse.
Vain in imaginations, or reasonings. The old boy can no longer add two plus two and cone
up with four. He no longer can handle three days and three nights, except he come up with
good Friday, good Saturday and bright and early Sunday morning. His reasonings are vain.
In plain language the Bible says he is mentally deranged, nuts. He is insane. That’s what it
says if you have eyes to see and earballs to hear.
The Greek word is very defining. It is the word diologismos. Drop the “o” and you have
dialogue. We get our English word dialogue from this. Imagination is a dialogue of self.
It’s ego reasoning.
And their foolish heart was darkened. Foolish is undiscerning heart. He no longer can
make a proper discernment, because he is senseless.
Romans 1:31
Without understanding is the same word as “foolish.”
Romans 1:21
And their foolish heart. Without any understanding. They are darkened. They are living in
the night time of life. “Darkened” is spiritually dark. Their foolish heart was spiritually
dark. Their senseless heart, without understanding, was spiritually dark.
Optomologist’s tell me that the human eye looses its power of seeing when deprived of
light. I’ve always thought that man really looses his power of seeing when he does not
glorify the true God and be thankful.
Psalm 36:9
Psalm 106:19-21, 23, 28, 29
In Verse 29, inventions were what they set up, phallic symbols they worshipped, etc.
Romans 1:22
They became senseless. The ability to reason logically and truthfully became impaired
when the true God is or was abused. The ability of man to reason logically and truthfully
becomes impaired when the true God is abused.
Psalm 111:10
Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools. The Word of God says the fear, the
reverence, the awe, the respect of the Lord, that’s the beginning of wisdom.
Proverbs 2:6In Romans the people professed themselves as the wise ones, the men with
all the wisdom. Reminds me of Job saying to his three miserable comforters, I guess you
fellows have the cornerstone and seal up all the wisdom.
Romans 1:23
And changed the glory of the uncorruptible, which is incorruptible, Old English. When
they changed from glorifying the true God and being thankful, they exchanged one for
another. See, the incorruptible God cannot be changed. He’s still incorruptible no matter
what man does. Man takes that incorruptible God and he builds himself an idol. When they
do not worship the true God or remain thankful to the true God, they change from the true
God and in His place they exchange something, because every man, every woman, is
basically spiritual. He has a heart. He needs something. He’ll either worship the true God
or he’ll worship himself, or he’ll worship the state. He has to have something. That’s the
way he’s made, just like you’re made to have physical food. Your body will have to have
physical food.
Changed the glory. Would be beautiful if you read, “And exchanged the glory of the
incorruptible God,,” which it is.
Into an image made like – Exchanged one for the other. The incorruptible God they
exchanged for an image. The text reads, in the likeness of an image to corruptible man.
And to birds, hawks, and fourfooted beasts, bulls and cows that are worshipped. Even to
this day a cow is sacred in India. You can slug your wife, but don’t slug a cow. When a
cow walks on the street you put your hand on his butt and gently go along it. The cow is
the mother of life, sacred. You talk about this verse. Take a look at it.
You have a polysyndeton here, many ands. Corruptible man, AND birds, AND fourfooted
beasts, AND creeping things.
Creeping things, the asp, the serpent, also discarbious eagle, which is the emblem of the
devil spirit world. The serpent, the emblem I think of the AMA [American Medical
Romans 1:18-26 87
Let’s compare II Timothy. Boy, this is just fantastic.
II Timothy 3:1-7
Romans 1:24
“Wherefore” – Because of this Scratch “also.”
Because of this God gave them up. Why? Because they willfully gave Him up. God gave
them up. The second usage is in Verse 26, because of this God gave them up. Its third
usage is in Verse 28.
The Greek word is paradidōmi, which literally means hand over to the power of another.
God gave them up to uncleanness. God gave them up because they willfully gave Him up.
They were serving other gods. Hand it over to the power of another, to uncleanness.
Through – remaining within, continuous. They deliberately continued in the lusts of their
own hearts.
This is not an irretrievable condition. In Romans 1:16 it says it’s the power of God unto
salvation unto everyone that believes. Therefore, this condition is not an irretrievable one.
But I want to tell you, it’s on pretty skinny ground.
Through the lusts of their own hearts.
To dishonor their own bodies between themselves. “Between” is en. With a collective
noun it must be translated “among.” Dishonoring their own bodies among, not between
two people, but among a whole bunch of people. That’s how accurate that Romans is.
Romans 1:25
Since they changed. Why? For they had exchanged the truth of God, worshipped, glorify
and be thankful of Verse 21, into a lie. They had exchanged the truth of God worshipped
for the lie, is the text. They exchanged it for Satan, who is the father of lies (John 8:44).
And they worshipped him. They worshipped and served the creature, that which was
created, the Adversary, Lucifer. They worshipped and served the creature, that which was
created, the Adversary.
To worship is to hold in reverence or in praise, to glorify. They worshipped and served the
creature more than, instead of, the Creator, the true God, who is the blessed one forever.
“Forever” means throughout all ages.
Then comes “Amen.” When man uses it, it means “so let it be.” When God uses it, it
means “it is and shall be.”
Romans 1:26
Because of this God gave them up. Because they worshipped idols and not the true God.
They worshipped the creature, the Adversary, Lucifer, and everything along with it, more
than the Creator. God gave them up. Same as Verse 24.
Unto vile affections – passions of infamy, lusts. Lust is lust when need ceases. Lust begins
where need ceases. They didn’t worship the true God. They began lusting after other gods.
They worshipped other gods, and God gave them up, because they gave Him up.
To passions of lusts, infamy.
For even their women did change the natural use into. “Into” is the word eis, meaning for.
It’s the accusative case here, and means reaching out unto. They gave up their natural use
and they reached out unto that lesbian, homo quality, that which is against…
“Against” is para, meaning beside, or beyond, nature, the natural use of the woman.
That’s all we’re going to do on this tonight. But you can sure see where we are. And they
want me to stand with the homos and lesbians, give them freedom to teach in our schools,
to take our kids home. I don’t know. All I know is the Word. I know that when you serve
man and man is the idol, he starts downgrade, he is senseless, he is useless, his mind
fashions all kinds of evil inventions. And in action, the lowest man can go is homo,
lesbian, which is Romans Chapter 1.
A man was made to have intercourse with a woman, and vice versa. No woman was ever
made to have intercourse with a woman. No man was ever made to mess with a man. The
woman was made for the man, and the man for the woman. I wish I could teach you the
rest of Romans tonight, but I’m tired and we’re going to close. There it is. If you want to
live in darkness you have the same privilege. But you are without excuse. The light is
available. That, I know, is the right dividing of Romans Chapter 1 as far as we’ve gone.