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Romans 1:13-15 - Corps - December 1,1978

Topic: Rom 1:13-15,logospedia,lp
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Publication Date: December 1, 1978

ROMANS 1:13-15
December 1, 1978
One of the greatest favors you can do for yourself after. I teach Romans is to get your
Bible and if the tapes are available, sit down and just drive your head into it. Listen very
carefully and follow it very carefully. With all the junk that’s going around the country and
world right now and the stuff they are throwing at The Way Ministry because we are
considered a cult, perhaps Sunday night I’m going to teach on this, the psychology of fear.
Look, if you freak this easily, what would you have done in the first century? Nobody is
going to freak who has made up his mind to stand on God’s Word. The people who cop out
wouldn’t have stood anyway, so it wouldn’t have made any difference. You got your mind
made up that the Word of God is the will of God and that our ministry represents the
greatest amount of that which is available in the world today, you will have no problem
with all the criticism and baloney, etc. You just make up your mind. The people that get
full of fear and get excited and nervous about the whole thing haven’t made up their mind
that God’s Word is God’s will. That’s all. We better take the first session of Power for
Abundant Living.
You can’t stop people from talking and from being negative. Somebody once said that you
can’t stop somebody from kicking you but can determine the direction you are going to go.
This is what we can do in The Way Ministry. I can’t stop people from criticizing The Way
Ministry. All I want to do is help people and teach people the Word to the best of my
ability. Those that believe God’s Word will manifest and the rest of them you couldn’t
change. So I’m not too disturbed. I pay very little attention to other religious stuff that goes
on, because it’s usually far below the caliber of the integrity and accuracy of the Word that
we are concerned about. And the Word of God still says that we stand approved before
God if we rightly divide the Word of truth.
We’re right here in a section of Romans where this is building up to one of the great
apexes, synthesis, the great foundational truths of all times. As far as I’m concerned there
is no failure. Disappointment at time, yes. But failure, never. That’s why I’m totally
convinced of God and His Word. There are times when I’m disappointed, yes, but failure,
never. I was thinking about some of this. True education ought to prepare people for living.
True education is preparation for living. Today’s education is basically nothing but
preparation for making money. In The Way Corps I’m particularly interested in
preparation for living. If you have the preparation for living, then I think God will supply
all your need according to His riches and glory through Christ Jesus.
I finished Verse 12 with you last time.
Romans 1:13
“Would” is same as “will.” The Greek word is thelō. This word thelō means a natural
impulse. I would not have you ignorant. My natural impulse is that you would not be
“Not” is ou meaning absolutely not. My natural impulse for you is that you be absolutely
not ignorant. This “not ignorant” – “ignorant” is the word spelled hagnoeō. This word “not
ignorant” is used six times in the Word. That will speak loudly to anyone who has ears to
hear regarding numbers in scripture. Six is always associated with man, with evil. As I see
the Word and I see life, ignorance is man’s long suit. It is his chief infirmity. Even the
common animal is smarter than most men are. Yet, man has vaunted himself to the
position where he makes everybody believe how really intelligent and smart he is.
Isaiah 1:2-3
The ox is smarter. That’s why I said ignorance is man’s long suit. He will try to tell you
how absolutely brilliant he is and how smart he is, but the Word of God says that without a
knowledge of the Word and understanding God and His wonderful son, Jesus Christ, the
ox is perhaps a little smarter than you are. That’s a sad commentary.
“Not ignorant” is the first place it’s used here in the epistles. Used also in Romans 11:25.
Romans 11:25
Ignorant of the mystery. Then God doesn’t want us stupid. If you’re ignorant of the
mystery, you’re going to act like you are smart in your own proud ideas or hardness,
It’s used in I Corinthians 10.
I Corinthians 10:1
If you want to see a great explanation of it, read through verse 10 of Chapter 10.
I Corinthians 12:1
II Corinthians 1:8
I Thessalonians 4:13
Those are the six usages in the Word of God. Those men and women who really work
these six in the light of which I’ve set it for you, you will be amazed at the amount of
learning there is regarding what God does not want man ignorant of.
I Corinthians 11:3
The positive side of “would not have you ignorant” is real significant.
Colossians 2:1
II Peter 3:8
The other text says, “But beloved be wise concerning this one thing.”
Paul says as he addresses this letter to the people in Rome, “I would naturally, absolutely
not have you ignorant brethren...”
“Purposed” is the Greek word protithemi. I checked this out and it’s in the middle voice,
which makes it sort of significant to me, indicating that the action is back to yourself.
Oftentimes, I purposed the action back to myself. I wanted to come. He didn’t want them
ignorant that he didn’t want to come. He wanted them to know that within himself, time
and time again, he purposed to come unto the brethren at Rome, unto you.
“Let” is hindered, forbidden.
“Hitherto” means until this time, or up until now. Man can purpose, but only God can truly
will. It says the action back to himself, the middle voice. I would not have you ignorant.
Many times I just wanted to come so badly I could taste it. I know what he feels like,
because I go through the same stuff. He really wanted to but he was hindered. It was not
the will of the Lord for him to go. He really wanted to get to those brethren in Rome, but
up until now he had been hindered. It’s really a fantastic thing.
Romans 1:13-15 67
Remember in Acts where it says the Spirit said separate Barnabas and Saul to the work.
The will of the Lord. At another time the will of the Lord was for this same man not to go
to Jerusalem, but he what? He wanted to go and he went. But here in Romans he didn’t go.
He wanted to go. He wanted to be with those brethren in Rome so badly but he didn’t go
because he had revelation. That’s what is written in the words, “but was hindered, let,
hitherto, until this time.” He was not free to go. The doors hadn’t really opened for him to
go. So he didn’t go. He just wrote them a letter at this time.
Why did he want to go? The reason is given in the latter part of this great thirteenth verse.
“That I might have some fruit among you also, even as among other Gentiles.” That’s why
he wanted to go so badly. He wanted to get to Rome to share with them the greatness of his
heart, the greatness of his love, the greatness of the abundance of the revelation, the
intricacies of the greatness of God’s Word which only Paul really knew. He wanted to
share that with the people in Rome so he could have some fruit among them. You can’t
have fruit until you first plant. That’s a tremendous thing. I know exactly what he felt like.
That I might have some fruit. That’s the reason he was so concerned about getting there.
You can write a letter like he did, and that’s wonderful. But if you are there in person, you
can unfold that letter, expound it bigger. That’s why he wanted to go.
Romans 6:22
Fruit unto holiness.
Romans 7:4
I didn’t put these in the order that I would ordinarily teach them. I put them in the order
they appear one book of the Bible after another.
Romans 15:28
This fruit was the offering, the abundant sharing.
Galatians 5:22
Ephesians 5:9
“Spirit” is omitted in the Greek. But in essence of Verse 8, “For ye were sometimes
darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of light.”
The fruit of light (Verse 9), and I would put the word “light” in there if I were doing a
literal translation according to usage.
“For the fruit of the light is in all goodness and righteousness and truth.”
I think the R.V. has the word “light” in the margin. It’s in the verse, right in the text.
Philippians 1:11
Philippians 4:17
All together we have eight usages of fruit, a new beginning.
If you really walk on God’s Word you’re going to have some fruit. It’s just axiomatic.
Romans 1:14
In his heart he had really wanted to go, but God had hindered him. His reason for going
was so he could have some fruit among them. You can’t have fruit until after you have
planted. He said the reason he wants to come so badly is that I am a debtor to the Greeks
and to the barbarians, both to the wise and to the unwise.
Romans 1:5
Grace made available the apostleship.
Here in Verse 14 he shows why, therefore, because of the grace and apostleship he has, he
is indebted.
There are two sides to the coin. There are two sides to truth. One is grace. One is
indebtedness. Grace, which emanates in liberty, is never a release from obligations or
responsibility. Grace should so burn itself in our hearts that we know we are forever
indebted to God who so loved that He gave. It is not a freedom or license to sin, to do as
you damn please anytime you damn want to. Baloney! That’s right. If God so loved that
He gave, then I should so love. That doesn’t give me the freedom to live like the Devil and
to do as I fool please. Grace has written within it obligation and responsibility.
This damnable idea that has permeated so many minds of The Way people that they are
saved by grace and now they can. live any damn way they want to, it’s a bunch of crap. A
bunch of baloney. If you understand grace, you’ve got to understand responsibility. We
who have received the greater abundance of the grace are obligated before God with a
greater responsibility. A man who would not know the alphabet would not be responsible
to teach you the alphabet. He couldn’t. But once you know the alphabet you ought to be
responsible to others who don’t know it to teach it.
In The Way Ministry so many of our people have swung the pendulum all to grace and
they forget they have to work. They have to produce some fruit, good fruit. You check out
the ones I gave you tonight. What kind of fruit? That’s what ought to be coming off the
trees of our lives. Sorry, but you know it’s the truth what I’m telling you.
Some of this responsibility was written in Galatians Chapter 4.
Romans 1:14
Paul says I’m a debtor. Debtor implies or has as its basic meaning one who must expiate
for his guilt, which simply means in another word to atone for his guilt. It is always in the
essence of what I’ve said that I have no trouble with forgiveness, because all I have to
remember is what God forgave me for. Then I have no problem forgiving you. If you
remember what God saved you from, many of you if you will remember the Foundational
Class when you sat through it for the first time and saw the inevitable greatness of the
inherent and inerrant accuracy of God’s Word, what happened in your soul? The night you
learned what new birth is, eternal life, the first time you spoke in tongues, what did you
feel like? If you just remember that. It’s by grace. Then you’re going to start producing
some fruit. That is how you must atone for your guilt. As far as I’m concerned, the one
requirement as the Word says is that a steward be found faithful. My years of teaching you
the Word, you can’t ever repay to me. The only way you can ever repay for it is by this
atoning. That is your indebted, you are responsible. You are a debtor.
Galatians 4:15
In Verse 14 Paul is talking about the infirmity (Verse 13) and in Verse 14 it says they
received him as an angel of God. Verse 15, “Where is then the blessedness ye spake of?”
That’s how indebted they felt to the Apostle Paul for having taught them the greatness of
God’s Word originally. Then they turned against him (Verse 16).
Romans 1:13-15 69
Galatians 6:6
“Communicate” is to share. Every man bear his own burden is in the essence of the grace
of God that’s been given to you. You are indebted, you are obligated, so you bear that, you
carry that. It’s in this whole section in through here talking about these things. The
mocking that people do to God is to forget that they are indebted to Him. I am a debtor,
because I’m saved by grace, I have a responsibility. I have the liberty of obligation.
Here he says in Verse 14 “to the Greeks.” The word for Greeks throughout the Word is
hellēn. In history you read about the Hellenists. The word simply means Gentile. But it
was because they were Gentiles and they were so fantastic brains and civilization. The
word “Gentile” was replaced by the word “Greek” later on.
He says he is not only indebted to the Gentiles but also to the barbarians. A barbarian, the
word barbarian, is anyone who cannot speak the foreign language that is generally being
spoken. For instance, the French could say of me tonight that I am a barbarian because I
cannot speak French. That’s what barbarian means, anyone who speaks a foreign language.
You can’t understand me, so I would be to you a barbarian. That’s its meaning.
Both to the wise. “Wise” is the Greek word sophia which means learned, wise, intelligent.
Both to the intelligent, the learned people, and to the unwise. The word for unwise is the
Greek word anoētos. You could read this in context as a repetition. I am debtor to the
Greeks and barbarians, both to the wise, Greeks, and to the barbarians, unwise, because
unwise, the Greek word, means unlearned, unintelligent.
John 7:47, 48, 49
“Knoweth not the law” – “Knoweth” is unwise, unlearned, unintelligent. The Pharisees
despised those people.
Romans 1:15
He was indebted to the Gentiles, the intelligent and the nonintelligent. This is sort of neat
when you realize that Rome was the intellectual center. Everything centered in Rome. All
the great scholars were there. All the brains were there. All the great art work, all the great
So he says I’m debtor to the Gentiles, the intelligent, as well as the nonintelligent. That just
simply means that he hadn’t graduated from Harvard, Princeton, or The University of
Indiana. So he was indebted to both the brains, all the cultural people, as well as the
“So as much as in me is, I am ready to preach the gospel to both the cultured and the
uncultured.” You don’t stop holding forth God’s Word because you have a brain in the
class, or someone who is high up on the worldly totem pole.
As much as is in me, whether you are from Boston or the back alley. Why? Because he is a
debtor. If you find out you are a debtor, then you pay no attention to who is in the
audience. You just teach the truth of the greatness of God’s Word.
“As much as in” is only the word kata, a preposition. It’s real significant that it is this
preposition because the word kata appears in the accusative case, which means horizontal
Bullinger in his appendix #104-X-2 gives it to you. Horizontal motion, this way, man to
man. With purpose and intention. That’s its meaning, kata.
So, as for me (is how it reads, as much as in me is).
“As much as in me is” literally reads “So, as for me.” Horizontal motion, purpose and
intention. I am ready.
I am ready. The Greek word is prothumos which means willing, eager. Like an athlete
ready for the finals. He is eager to get into it. So as for me, I am eager, I am willing, I am
ready to go. To do what? To preach the gospel.
“Preach the gospel” – one word in the text that is singularly significant. Evaggelizō from
which comes our English word, evangelism. Evangelism is the preaching of the gospel.
The word evangelizō means to bring one to the relationship. He was indebted to preach the
gospel to bring people into the relationship with God so the fruit would come. That’s why
it is used this way.
If this is a true definition of an evangelist, I think some so called people who are called
evangelists ought to take a look at their ministry. You cannot be a true evangelist without
speaking in tongues, without teaching speaking in tongues and the rest of the
manifestations. You cannot be an evangelist. Someone may call you one, but you can’t be
if the Word of God is right. Don’t tell me how good you are. The Word stands. And here in
the Word it’s speaking about this. I’m ready to preach the gospel. To preach the gospel, as
you will see, is the mystery. And enfolding within the mystery of Christ in you the hope of
glory, all the manifestations. So how can a man be an evangelist and deny the great
teaching that God has set in His Word. Sincerity is no guarantee for truth. Popularity is no
guarantee. Truth is what the Word says. That is truth.
To bring people into the relationship, not only of Romans 10:9, 10 but of everything that is
involved with the greatness of the revelation to the body of the church regarding the
So, as for me, I am eager to bring you into the relationship that I’ve brought others into
also you that are at Rome.
I’ve often wondered how a night would have been with Paul. I sometimes think I feel it, I
sense it. To sit in an audience where Paul was unfolding the greatness of God’s Word and
heard it for the first time among them, and it brought the people into the relationship of a
greater walk with God that produced the fruit, that turned the world upside down in the
first century. You will never turn the world upside down by rightly quoting the Word of
God. You will only turn it upside down in our life time by rightly living it. That’s all.
“Also” follows the gospel to you. “The gospel to you also who are at Rome.”