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Romans 1:1 - Doulos - Corps - September 26, 1978

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Publication Date: September 26, 1978

September 26, 1978
I brought in this evening a copy of the Englishman’s Greek Concordance of the New
Testament. One of the reasons I brought it is because there are discrepancies in Young’s
Analytical and Bullinger’s concordances relative to a word that I used last week with the
Corps. That word is the word logizomai. I had letters this week saying I was really wrong
in what I said. I think I was wrong in what I said, because I have the script in front of me
and it says in the script that the word, “imputed, reckoned, counted,” is the Greek word
logizomai, and it’s used twelve times in Romans. What I meant to say is that it’s used
twelve times in the first four chapters of Romans. The real thing I wanted to say was that
it’s used eleven times in the fourth chapter alone. Its first usage is in Romans 2:26.
One of the mistakes that we made is that I said that it’s translated “imputed, reckoned,
counted.” Just those three words are all I gave you in those chapters. It’s translated other
ways in other places in the Book of Romans, which I will handle when we get to it. The
reason I stated this is because I was getting ready to show you that in this fourth chapter, it
shows God as the active one and the believers in the passive sense. To be used eleven
times in one chapter is really significant. So I apologize to all of you for not being more
accurate in what I said. I do want to thank you for immediately sending me the notes
reminding me that I was not accurate.
I discussed reckoned, imputed and counted. Tonight I’ll give you all of them. Here are the
records from the whole Book of Romans. The word logizomai, completely in the Book of
Romans is used nineteen times. Eleven of those are in one chapter, and only one precedes
the fourth chapter to make the twelve that I was talking about.
It’s used in Romans 2:3 as “thinketh.”
Romans 2:26 as “counted”
Romans 3:28 as “conclude”
Romans 4:3 as “counted”
Romans 4:4 as “reckoned”
Romans 4:5 as “counted”
Romans 4:6 as “imputed”
Romans 4:8 as “impute”
Romans 4:9 as “reckoned”
Romans 4:10 as “reckoned”
Romans 4:11 as “imputed”
Romans 4:22 as “imputed”
Romans 4:23 as “imputed”
Romans 4:24 as “imputed”
Romans 6:11 as “reckoned”
Romans 8:18 as “reckoned”
Romans 8:36 as “accounted”
Romans 9:8 as “counted”
Romans 14:14 as “esteemeth”
Logizomai is an interesting word.
I also said to you last week that the more you become a slave for Jesus Christ, the more
10 Romans 1:1 "Doulos"
freedom you have, which I described as a paradox. It’s true. Freedom is not determined by
where you are but by what and in whom you are. Paul was in jail, yet he was totally free.
Others are not behind bars in jail and are totally in bondage, enslaved. The more you
become a slave of the Lord Jesus Christ, the greater freedom you will have in your life.
The second word in the Book of Romans is this word “slave.” The first word is Paul. The
second word is the indefinite article, “a.” The third word is doulos. That’s the word
translated “servant,” which means a branded slave.
When a child is born, that person is born to live. For an individual to be born again, he is
born to serve. Anyone who is ever called to be an apostle will have to absolutely be a
servant, a doulos, a marked out one, and that by self-will and determination, a slave to the
master by his own will and by his own choice because of his love for the master where his
whole heart is.
Tonight I’d like to set for the Corps all the great principles from the Word on doulos. I do
not know how many more verses there are than those I’m going to cover tonight. But I do
not know of any more principles in the Word.
First of all, Jesus Christ was a doulos, and Jesus Christ is the primary example to every
born again believer.
I Peter 2:21
Philippians 2:5-8
To me it’s absolutely significant that the second word in the Book of Romans is doulos,
telling me that we are beginning to unfold the church epistles. And the first thing for that
man or woman is doulos. If you don’t have that, the rest of your life is just going to be
messing around. That’s why I believe it stands first in Romans, so you never forget it.
“Form of God” has caused no end of confusion. “Form” is the genitive of origin. It
literally means “who being in an eternal appearance given by God.” That was because he
was conceived in the womb of Mary by God’s creation. That’s how he got the form. God
created that seed within Mary. Mary nurtured that baby within her.
“Equal” is agree.
Our example, Christ Jesus, equal or agreeing with God. (Number one quality)
No reputation is number two quality of a doulos. No reputation means empty of self, place
your life under by your will, by your self-determination.
Jesus Christ made himself of no reputation. That means he placed himself under, emptied
himself. He humbled himself.
“Took” is lambanō.
“Servant” is doulos.
He wasn’t born; he took it. He had freedom of will, self-determination. He deliberately
took upon him the form of a slave. He had the form of God. Now he took upon him the
form of a servant, slave, doulos.
You become what you look at. Jesus Christ looked at God’s Word. He looked at what
God’s son was to be and he took upon him the form of a doulos. Jesus Christ took the form
of a doulos. A man who had at his command legions of angels, all the power, the authority.
Made in the likeness of men – That is item number four. He looked like a man; he acted
like a man. Men who are real men have to be doulos; they have to stand.
Romans 1:1 "Doulos" 11
“Fashion” is schēma.
Humbled himself – opposite of being proud.
Became obedient is number seven. He was obedient all the days of his life. Obedient to the
end that if he had to die, he still was going to be a doulos by being obedient to God.
Hebrews 12:2
Philippians 2:8
Philippians 2:9
Because he was a doulos God exalted him.
Those are the eight great principles that I see in Verses 6-9 of Jesus Christ as a doulos.
Romans 1:4
“Declared” is marked out, a doulos.
Jesus Christ was not only our example; he was a doulos. He was the son of God but you
are a son of God. And you must become a doulos.
Hebrews 3:1
Jesus Christ was not only our example; he was not only a doulos; he was an apostle.
Hebrews 3:2
Appointed – chose; That’s what, a doulos is – faithful, steadfast, trustworthy, even unto
death. He’s one that agrees with God. How can I agree with God? I have to know the Word
and I have to believe the Word and speak the Word that tells about God.
Hebrews 3:5
“Servant” – slave; Moses was a doulos.
Joshua 1:1
Servant – doulos
Joshua 1:2
Servant – doulos
Numbers 12:7, 8, 9
A doulos is faithful.
So not only was Jesus Christ an example, a doulos, an apostle, but Moses was also a
doulos. To a doulos God said He was going to talk mouth to mouth. That’s fantastic.
If you’re a doulos, committed, sold out with these characteristics that the Word or God
sets, God will speak to that man or woman mouth to mouth.
The first usage of this word in the New Testament speaks loudly also.
Matthew 8:8
“Servant” is the word for child, pais.
Matthew 8:9
12 Romans 1:1 "Doulos"
The man under authority was the centurion unto whom Jesus had said that he would come
and heal that child in Verse 7.
Mark 13:34
Servants – doulos; a doulos is a man or one under authority.
Matthew 8:9
That’s a doulos. The Word of God says something and you just do it.
A man under authority is a doulos. That’s its first usage in the New Testament.
Matthew 10:24
Disciple – follower
Servant – doulos
No slave; doulos, is ever above his lord. The master is still the master. You and I are never
above the Lord Jesus Christ.
John 13:16
Servant – doulos
Sent – apostle
Who sent the Lord Jesus Christ? God. The slave, doulos, is never greater than his lord. Nor
is an apostle greater than the one who sent him. No person will ever be an apostle without
being a doulos.
John 15:20
Servant – doulos
Matthew 20:27, 28
Servant – slave, doulos
A principle of a doulos, one who ministers. So if you are going to be a leader, you have to
be a doulos. No great leadership will ever be resident in a man or woman who is not a
Mark 10:44
Acts 4:29
Here’s a principle of a doulos. Boldness. A doulos who speaks the Word with all boldness.
Romans 6:16, 17, 18
Servants – doulos
Romans 6:20
I Corinthians 7:22, 23
The more you become a slave to Jesus Christ, the more freedom you will have. That’s
what this verse is saying.
Servant – doulos
Christians, for the most part, have not been doulos of the Lord Jesus Christ; they have been
doulos for religion.
Romans 1:1 "Doulos" 13
You’re bought with a price.
Putting that together with II Corinthians 4:5.
II Corinthians 4:5
Servants – doulos
Galatians 1:10
Servant – doulos
You can’t please men and be a doulos of Christ.
Galatians 4:7
Servant – doulos
That doulos as a son – You are no more a servant, but you have become a son. We are sons
of God by birth. [The Children of] Israel were sons of God by adoption. But we are no
longer doulos, but a son, means we have been brought into the family. Now we are closer
than we’ve ever been before. Now by freedom of will being a son, I choose to serve him as
a doulos to the uttermost.
Exodus 21:2-6
“Plainly say” means by freedom of will. This is not a cruelty. The master doesn’t do it to
hurt because this individual has chosen to serve the master, to be his doulos, willfully. So
the master puts his brand on him.
(Example of Tick Jr.)
The word for “master” is lord. When you confessed with your mouth the Lord Jesus, did
he put a hole in your ear? But what did he give you? You spoke in tongues. Speaking in
tongues is the external manifestation that you are a doulos. You’re marked. You’ve got the
brand. That is the Holy Spirit’s marking of a doulos. Old Testament, ear lobe. Book of
Acts, speaking in tongues.
Deuteronomy 15:12-17
Nailing him to the door meant that he was forever his, not to misuse but to bless. Not for
the master to get him to do tasks the master himself was not willing to do, but because of
love. He became a doulos. The master loved the doulos.
Acts 2:4
The Hebrew doulos, what was the evidence when he moved among the people that he was
a doulos? What was the evidence in Acts 2:4 that they were born again. They plēthō.
That’s the Christian’s mark that God puts on him. Like the master put the awl through the
ear to the door. It was the master’s mark upon him.
I John 4:19
The Old Testament doulos loved the master because the master first did what? We love
God and His wonderful son, Jesus Christ, because He first loved us. That’s why we
become doulos and love Him. Isn’t that wonderful?
Ephesians 6:6
Servants – doulos
Doing the will of God from the heart because as doulos that’s the least we can do, because
14 Romans 1:1 "Doulos"
God so loved that we love, because He first loved us we love Him. And we deliberately
allow Him to nail us to the door. By the freedom of our will we are sold out.
I Peter 2:16
Servants – doulos
The more you become a doulos of Jesus Christ the more freedom you have because Jesus
Christ is your savior, but God is our Father. By way of His son, Jesus Christ, we are free.
You are not free to sin, but you are free to live with the love of God in the renewed mind in
manifestation. You’re a doulos. That’s where the freedom is. There is no freedom in sin,
only enslavement. People use the freedom as a cloak of maliciousness to draw other people
See why I told you the Book of Romans started with doulos?
Colossians 1:7
fellowservant – fellow doulos; now in a different category. So far I’ve only been dealing
with doulos, but I saw on the horizon the fellow doulos. I saw it where Christ is my savior
but God is my Father, so I am a fellow doulos with Christ for God. But here is the scripture
that defines a fellow doulos. Epaphras was one who heard the Word from Paul and he was
a fellow slave, fellow doulos to Paul. Like Paul, he too was a doulos of Christ, his savior,
walking for him to glorify God, his Father.
Colossians 4:7
fellowservant – fellow doulos
We are fellow doulos in the lord. Yet, these men were fellow doulos to Paul who taught
them the Word.
Someplace in the epistles it says you are not to forget the man who taught you the Word.
Galatians 6:6
Galatians 6:7
That’s the fellow doulos.
Philippians 1:1
Timothy was also a doulos.
Colossians 4:12
Now you understand the difference when the Word speaks of a fellow slave? A fellow
slave is a slave of a slave. Paul was a slave of Jesus Christ. He taught the Word, then those
men became slaves of Paul. That’s what the Word means when you read in Acts that they
ministered to him. Here it says Epaphras was a doulos of Christ.
James 1:1
Servant – doulos
Paul was a doulos, Moses, Joshua, all those men doulos. Paul, Timothy, Epaphras, James.
II Peter 1:1
Servant – doulos
Jude 1:1
Romans 1:1 "Doulos" 15
Servant – doulos
Romans 1:1
Paul, doulos of Jesus Christ. Let’s watch that doulos.
Acts 9:5
The first thing on the road to Damascus when Paul was born again, the first’ thing, in
Verse 5 is, “Who art thou, Lord”? The first thing is to know the Lord. The way you know
the Lord is through His Word.
The second thing he said was “Lord, what wilt thou have me to do”? (Verse 6)
Acts 9:15
a chosen vessel – doulos
That is Paul, Romans 1:1, Paul a doulos.
Who are thou? What will you have me to do? It all starts there for a doulos.
Acts 27:23
Moses, remember? Mouth to mouth. Paul – There stood by me the angel of God.
Here’s the reason. “Whose I am and whom I serve.” It’s God whose he was and God
whom he served.
I Corinthians 7:22, 23
I Corinthians 6:19, 20
In 7 it talks about an individual being bought with a price. Individuals bought with a price
make up the body. The individual is the tabernacle. The individual is a doulos of God. The
individuals together make up the temple. All the tabernacles together make up the temple
that it’s talking about in 6:19. That temple we have of God, you are not your own, because
you are bought with a price. Therefore, glorify God in the body of the temple. No one is
ever a doulos until you know what he, Christ Jesus did FOR you. Nor will you be a doulos
until you know what he, Christ Jesus, did IN you. How he gave remission and forgiveness
of sins. How He made you His son.
You have to have the great knowledge and recognition of whom you really are, to whom
you really belong, not only as an individual but as a body. That’s why the word says to be
especially good to the household, because you can be a member of a household and
extricate yourself by your walk, by your broken fellowship. You are still in the family but
you are outside the household. You have split off from the temple, the body, because you
are doing your own trip. We are no longer of one mind, same opinion, same judgment. But
true doulos are of that one body, the temple, and we are especially good to the household
of faith.
I Timothy 1:15, 16
Grace is unmerited favor. Mercy is his deliberate withholding of judgment. Merited
If you are a doulos, you are going to be longsuffering to those who are about to believe on
him to life everlasting. (Example of baby)
Romans 1 – Paul a doulos. From the chief of sinners to a doulos. From the road to
16 Romans 1:1 "Doulos"
Damascus, from the stoning of Stephen to a doulos is quite a trip.
I Corinthians 15:8, 9, 10
From being the chief of sinners persecuting the church to Romans 1:1 where the Word of
God says, “Paul a doulos.” That’s not Paul talking; that’s God talking. Paul’s vocabulary
but God’s Word. Paul, doulos, sold out, committed, branded, marked, slave. Really
Luke 7:37, 38, 47
You never have any problem forgiving others as long as you remember that you were the
chief of sinners. You won’t have any difficulty as a doulos to remember to be kind and
longsuffering with new children in the family if you’ll remember how longsuffering God
in Christ Jesus has had to be with you.
Luke 8:2
Matthew 28:1
You don’t have devil spirits in you unless you have broken fellowship someplace along the
line. Jesus had said to the woman with many sins that she had loved much and was
forgiven. Here is Mary Magdalene. Who do you think went back to take a look? Mary
Matthew 27:55
Women who were doulos. Women who were sold out. Paul, chief of sinners, a doulos.
Mary Magdalene, woman with seven devils, a doulos.
Acts 2:18
Servants – doulē (women)
Acts 2:22
Who do you think God would be the doulos to? Who do you think He’d be the apostle to?
Jesus of Nazareth, example, doulos, a man, approved of God.
Acts 2:23
determinate – marked out, the doulos counsel; The doulos will. Jesus had been all marked
out, all staked out, all bonded, by his own will and because of His foreknowledge. God
knew that Jesus of Nazareth would be a doulos. He knew that he would study to show
himself approved by rightly dividing the Word. He knew that even though he would be
tempted in all things, yet he wouldn’t sin. He was the example of all examples, the doulos.
That’s the meaning of “determinate.”
II Corinthians 4:10
I do not believe that Paul when he held up his hands had the forms of a cross in his palm
with the blood running out of it. Paul was marked out. Paul was a doulos. Paul was
branded. He had the insignia. What right does an unbeliever have to touch the brand of
God? They do it all the time if they can. None whatsoever. The Adversary has no right to
put his dukes on God’s branded people. We’ve been bought with the price of God’s only
begotten son. And we’re branded.
Galatians 6:17
II Corinthians 4:5
Romans 1:1 "Doulos" 17
Servants – doulos
II Timothy 1:3
Paul, a doulos, an apostle. I thank God whom I serve. Forefathers served. Paul also served.
Why? Because he was a doulos.
A man is born to live. A man is born again to serve. Except a man is born again, all he can
do at best is just live, which means exist until the end comes. When you are born again,
you have eternal life. Having eternal life, the least you can do is to serve. When you are
Way Corps, sell out. Sell out to serve, because you have a greater knowledge of God’s
Word, you must be a greater doulos. That’s the Word. If you want to bring stuff on
yourself and live below par, then just do less when you’re a Corps grad than when you first
got born again.
Here are some of the characteristics.
II Timothy 2:22-26
A doulos of the Lord has to be apt to teach. Able to teach. Patient in humility or meekness.
Reason? That people may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, and that people
will come to the acknowledgment of the truth (Verse 24).
Romans 1:1
Paul, a doulos. called, separated unto the gospel of God. Romans 1:4, 5, 6 Jesus Christ,
marked out the son of God.
People, I know nothing greater than to be a doulos.